Asantian Empire

                                                                                                    By Kale




The Ancelestirre galaxy, home to the Asantians and the Oranians. My name is Sariel, I am 17 years old, I’m 5’9”, I have long white hair, and deep Sapphire blue eyes. My eyes show that I am a royal family member, particularly the prince; only members of the royal family have the deep sapphire blue eyes, the rest of the race have light blue eyes like that of the sky. The other thing that shows I am royal is the mark on the back of my neck. The ‘royal’ mark is of three crescent moons intertwined together and is black with a hint of blue on the tips of all the crescents. The mark appears on every royal a few days after their halo rite; which welcomes them into this world. I live in the crystal city Ameos along with our allies the Oranians.



Although the alliance has started to decay, we hope it will last, even though there is evidence to support it is decaying rapidly. We’ve started to see the Oranians becoming more and more secretive, along with hostility levels beginning to rise among the people. The monarchy is keeping up with the situation in order to better handle it, but sadly even the Oranians government isn’t speaking very much with the monarchy. My father Alares is the current king with my mother Euryale at his side.



My mother is going to have a child here soon; the doctors say it will be a girl. When they heard, they knew exactly what to name her. They wanted to name her Thalia after my grandmother. I hope that she never has to go through what I have gone through. A week from today, my sister will be born; my only hope is that she will be happy in life. We will be preparing her room for her so that when she arrives it will make her feel comfortable. When I woke up, my father and mother had already started working on her room. I began to eat my breakfast; some eggs, bacon, pancakes and some fruit. After I had finished I went into Thalia’s room and helped them set up. We worked all day and even then we still weren’t done. I believe that her room was a bit to lavish, full of things she couldn’t use, like a rocking horse, a toy ship and many other things she couldn’t use until she was at least 15 months. I was so tired after having done her room, I didn’t understand why my mother wanted us to do it ourselves she could’ve brought someone in to help her.



So I went down for some lunch and then went back to my room ignoring my training session I had. When I laid down to take a nap my pet Akveru jumped up on my bed. Akveru are little furry things that look like a cat but have huge black pupils with a blue background instead of white. Their ears stick out about a foot and are very rigid. They have great hearing and live a long time, the oldest one ever was about one hundred years old. When she came up to my side she began to purr and laid down next to me.



 “Where have you been Marena?” She just looked at me set her head down and closed her eyes.



“Yeah sleep sounds good to me too,” I sighed, as I fell asleep a few seconds later.



I woke up to my father pulling the covers off me, telling me we had to go: my mother was in labor. I was shocked and excited. I ran into to bathroom and changed quickly and met my parents in the hanger. We flew off to the medical center as fast as we could when we arrived they rushed her into the delivery ward and got her ready to deliver my sister.



A few minutes later the doctor said he needed everyone that didn’t need to be there out, which was me, so I walked out and sat down in the hallway. I didn’t know why he needed me out but I soon found out why. Stuff began to fly out of the room with her screaming in the background, I was sure that I didn’t want to go in there, until my sister arrived. That might not have been the whole reason but I was sure glad I was out of my mom’s throwing range.



It was only a few hours of labor but it seemed eternal. Eventually my sister arrived. When I went in and saw her, I immediately wanted to hold her. When I got to hold her she looked exactly like my grandmother. Her high cheek bones and very prominent facial structure also looked nearly identical to my grandmas.



Just by looking at her it brought back to my memory of the tragic event that took her and my grandfather from us. They were returning from the planet Valoel that was widely known for its huge beaches and oceans perfect for a vacation. Their ship was showing malfunctions when they left Ameos, and the mechanics said that the ship would last until they got to Valoel. When they arrived they informed the mechanics of the situation, they said it would be fixed way before they left the planet for home. They stayed for only a couple of days because they soon had to return to handle things in Ameos.



When they took off, they noticed the inertial dampeners weren’t functioning quite right, but the mechanics had assured them that it was only because of the repairs they had done and the computers should reset once they got up to orbit. When they engaged their slipstream engines, they noticed a jolt when they entered, they thought it was the inertial dampeners malfunctioning, they were wrong. A few hours later when they were about to drop out of slipspace their hull started to buckle, they tried to slow down the ship, but they couldn’t. They decided to drop out early to save the ship, but when they did their hull started to buckle causing the ships power core to overload and rupture. Nobody would forget the tragedy. My father had barely turned of age to take control of the empire, and he wasn’t ready for this responsibility, even though he had been training for all of his life. He soon realized that even though he was scared he had to be brave for his people.



 He took succession of the throne the very next day. Even though we lost great leaders and family members that day, our empire stayed strong. Long enough for me and my sister to be born and live in somewhat peace. The day my sister was born, the entire empire was celebrating her birth. The city was alight and shimmering like it does when the sun hits it. There were magnificent fireworks, and carnivals. I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw such as creatures from newly discovered planets, rare flowers I had seen only in the palace gardens. Although it would be quiet at the palace for the next few days, the celebrating would begin soon enough.



The day after Thalia was born, we held a Halo rite. Riding through the city seeing the buildings shimmer, the towers high above with Asantian flags flying high showing the joy the people had for Thalia’s birth had brought a feeling of happiness that is indescribable.



As we began to get closer to the temple the people were throwing flowers and confetti towards us out of joy. When we were in view of the temple I could feel the energy flowing from it signaling its presence. The building looked like a huge domed building made of the highest quality of crystal.



Walking up the marble steps towards the huge doors, I started to remember all the times my mother brought me here to learn about the gods and even meet them. As we walked closer to the ante chamber to conduct the ritual it seemed as if all the priests were there to usher us along. Statues of Artea and Rihald lined the path depicting them in all of their grace. When we were in the chamber they closed another set of heavy doors behind us.



 The High Priestess and Priest were standing there in their white robes waiting for us to arrive. We greeted each other and began the rite. 



My mother placed Thalia on a bed of blue silk and stepped to one side of the altar and my father took the opposite side. They motioned for me to move behind the altar and take a third place to watch. I stepped closer as they turned their attention to the priestess who began to recite the words of invocation.



“There has been a new birth of royal blood.”



“We call on the great ones to see the child and welcome her into this world,” the Priest announced.



 After he spoke there were three glowing balls of light floating down from the ceiling. I knew there was only Artea and Rihald, but I didn’t know who the third was.



Artea takes the form of a young woman. She is short and has a lithe build. Her garments are of thin white silk in a dress that is connected over her shoulders with a gold strap. Her arm cuffs are the same material, it starts above her elbow with chain wrapped around the end and the cloth is cut so that her arms are able to move freely. She has silver hair down to her waist. And her deep set ivory eyes light her face. She has gray skin covered in writings that looked like swirls and curves forming patterns.



Then there was Rihald; he takes the form of a young man. He’s tall and has a graceful stature with obsidian eyes. His clothing symbolizes that he is a teacher. He can impart or take away knowledge. But it didn’t make any sense, they were the only deities I knew…except for the oracle. How could I forget about her? She was our link to the gods here in Ameos.



She takes the form of a young woman. She has an athletic build. She has straight, red hair. Her slitted eyes have a slight bluish white glow to them. She has white skin. Her garments are made from the primeval material of the universe, and resemble a scholars robe. I don’t know how I could’ve forgotten about the oracle, she resides in the temple of Artea the matriarch of the gods. Not long after I realized this they took form and began to walk over to Thalia.



“Alares, Euryale, you have a beautiful daughter.” Artea said in a voice that rang of power. My mother was the first to respond.



 “Thank you Artea she looks like her grandmother.”



“Yes I do see her grandmother in her, don’t you Rihald?”



“Yes I do,” he answered.



“Now let us begin the rite,” Artea said in a commanding, but gentle sweet voice.

 My parents backed away from my sister and I moved with them. When they formed a perfect triangle around her they placed their hands on her in different areas one at a time speaking an incantation to bestow my sister with a gift from them.



“I, Artea, bestow upon this child agility and grace,” While placing her hands on her chest. Next was Rihald.



 “I, Rihald, bestow upon this child an intellect worthy of the gods,” she replied while touching her head. And last was the Oracle.



 “I, the Oracle, of the gods bestow upon this child the gift of sight,” she replied while touching her eyes. After each time they spoke a flash of light came from their hands showing the gift being given to my sister. Once they were done, Artea turned back towards me.



“Your children are special, Euryale, we will always watch over them, may they live a bountiful life in the arms of such great parents.” She then turned to me.



 “I remember your halo rite, the gifts we gave you are unique not unlike your sisters.”



“I have always loved them and have continued to learn more about them and how to use them properly.” I responded while bowing in respect.



“I am glad to hear that, but remember, there are gifts that have not yet manifested, always trust yourself and your instincts, all you have to do is think of the answer and it is there.”



 Artea and the others then bowed to me and my parents. We responded in kind. They then returned to orbs of light and floated back to the heavens. The priestess picked up my sister and turned to my mother.



 “The gods have given great gifts to your children.”



After that she gave Thalia to my mother. The priestess and priest bowed and turned away towards the temple archives, to enter the ritual and its proceedings into the archives.



When we returned from the palace, it was time for us to have a celebration, and afterwards I would go to a rave. The formal party was how they normally were with the classic instruments playing and the ballroom dancing, with the boring aristocrats. Ugh, I hated aristocrats; they were only focused on themselves. I avoided them at all costs, especially Fasae. He was only 35 years old and he was about four foot six, so compared to me he was short. He had long black hair down to his shoulders, and Bluish-green eyes. His eyes symbolize that he is part Draco, the guardians of the royal family and elite units. His mother is a prestigious Draco Commander and his father is an overseer on one of the outposts.  He wasn’t very athletic or muscular; he was actually quite scrawny, which is surprising because of his mother. I could pick him up and throw him a good ten feet if I wanted to. As soon as he saw me, he ran up to me and practically yelled my name.



 “Sariel!!! Aren’t you excited about your sister?”



 “Yes of course I am why wouldn’t I be?” He stood there thinking for a couple seconds.



 “I don’t know really, kind of stupid to ask huh?”



 I laughed and replied, “Kind of but your still young and didn’t realize what you were saying cause you were so excited.” He shook his head yes and looked around for something, I wondered what it was.



 “Fasae what are you looking for?”



 “My mother,” he said.



 I spotted his mother a couple seconds later and pointed her out to him. He jumped up a couple times to try and see past all the people and when he finally saw her, he thanked me and ran off to be with her. He always annoyed me, and now I just wanted to get out there and go to the rave my friend Caleene was throwing.



While I was walking around trying to calm myself down my father noticed how jumpy I was so he came over and spoke to me.



“Son, I know how much you want to go, but for the time being, try to get along with the others here, this is for your sister you know.”



“I know dad, I will try to be patient, but there’s supposed to be the biggest rave at the Vault, and Caleene is throwing it,” I said. He looked at me with an understanding face.



 “As soon as the party here is over, you may go.” I smiled and gave him a hug thanking him.



“Now, why don’t you come over to your mom with me and hold your sister, she misses her brother.”



“You know father, I think I miss her more than she misses me.”



“You may be right Sariel.” When I got back to my mother, I spoke with her for a short while.



 “How is Thalia doing?”



 “She is wide awake taking in all the sights and sounds, just as alert as you after your halo rite,” she said.



“May I hold her for a while? I miss her.”



“Sure Sariel, just remember to support her head.”



“Don’t worry mom, I remember.” I then took her carefully from my mother and held her for the remainder of the party.



After the party was over, I left for my room to try and find loose clothing I had so I could move around a little more comfortably, rather than wearing the tight fitting clothes that I normally wore to family events. The formal clothing is so dull and tight, black pants with a grey shirt and a blue cape like coat with gold trim that touched the ground with three silver straps that extended across the chest and with sapphires attached on both sides.



 The clothing I could live with because sometimes I like tight clothes, but the shoes and cuffs I couldn’t. The boots had a sapphire on each tongue of the shoe along with the silver interlacing; there was no room for my feet to breathe. And the cuffs went from your wrist to the middle of your arm and had a black background with silver overlaid on it with intricate scrolls and markings on them. So when I got to my closet I saw my sparing outfit, it wasn’t really meant for partying but it worked. It was a tight black tank top that stopped right below your chest, but above your abs. With a pair of tight black fingerless gloves that went past your elbow. The pants that had one solid white button on your left side, with a sash you wrapped around your waist and tied off to the side so it hung down a little. The shoes I almost always wore because they were a loose fitting shoe that only came up to the base of your ankles but were tight enough to not be flung of when you kicked, like most of the shoes I owned. As soon as I was dressed I left the palace with great anticipation of the coming rave.



I went to the hanger in the palace and saw my ship sitting in dry dock ready to go. I loved the design; it was made especially for me.



It had a streamline body with wings that folded forward for slipstream travel. It had two levels one for sleeping and one for piloting the ship. Altogether it had a four person capacity; that’s just for comfort. The back had a hatch that came down to be a ramp and you had access to the living quarters but right next to the archway to the living quarters you had a flight of stairs that went to the cockpit. It had a few armaments on it but not a lot. I didn’t intend to go into battle with this thing, it was meant for transport. I went to the cockpit and booted the ship up and began my flight to the rave. The Vault didn’t look that big on the outside, and it had every right to look like that. It was a pair of doors about forty feet wide and sixty feet tall buried in the mountain side. When you got close you had to send a signal to have the doors opened for you. When the doors opened you would fly into a huge hanger that held about a thousand ships but for the people that walked there was a maglift to get them there.

When I landed and got out, I headed for another set of doors about four feet wide and eight feet tall I knocked. A second later a view screen came up with a guard asking me for my name, but when he saw my face he didn’t need to ask and apologized and opened the doors. The pathway leading to the dance floor was small I knew it could easily hold 10,000 people inside its walls.



 As I walked up the foggy path, I could feel the base thumping under my feet. I could see the laser light and strobes flashing. When I exited the tunnel leading to the dance floor, I was blinded by a flash of light. When I reopened my eyes, I saw people were everywhere dancing around the DJ in the middle of the room. I smiled as I looked at the DJ, my friend Caleene.



 She was the one who put the rave together. I was happy for her; she must’ve finally been able to get her ideas through to the owners of The Vault to let her try her new music.

It had undulating tones and huge bass booms. There were also voices in the background that sounded like chanting, but was faint and just barely able to hear. Her music seemed to pull everyone into a frenzy, It was getting to me too cause all I wanted to do was just dance, and dance I did.



When I started to get tired I went to the bar and order a Parin fruit cocktail, and calmed down. When the bartender came back with my drink I savored each sip. It had a taste of strawberries with peaches and passion fruit. I know that’s what I could taste but I don’t know all that is in it. It was the first drink that I had ever had that I just fell in love with, Caleene got me addicted to them a few years ago when we were here for another party that she heard was going to be huge. I knew this was important to her so I stayed a little longer but when I started to get really tired around twelve I went back through the tunnel to my ship and flew home. When I landed I walked ever so slowly to my room and hopped in bed and passed out cold.



When I woke up, it was about four in the morning and my comm was beeping like crazy telling me I’ve missed some calls. I just stared at it for a while afraid of what my trainer, Dai’lo, had left me. But I decided it was best to listen to it and get it over with, when I activated the screen I had two messages. One was from Caleene and the other was from Dai’lo. I watched the one from Caleene first.



 When I tapped the picture of her another one came up but darker. Her hair was stark black and her face looked nothing like the green eyed heart shaped face I was used too, it looked more fatigued. There was loud music in the background which meant she was still at The Vault.



“Sariel where are you? I thought you were coming to the party? Well get back to me I want to see you it’s been too long, the rave should be going on till sunrise so get your bony butt back here mister!” At the end of the message, it went back to the other messages that I had not seen yet.



Caleene always knew what to say, she had been my best friend for years, she knew everything about me and I knew everything about her. We couldn’t hide anything from one another. Since it was still dark and dawn was about three hours away I thought I should go back and hang with her. But I had one last message to go…Dai’lo.



I tapped the screen and Dai’lo showed up with the training room behind him, his face was hard from anger and him having short black hair didn’t help at all, not to mention the tribal mask marks he had all over the right side of his face. I prepared myself for the coming lecture but instead his voice was cool.



 “Sariel, I expected you to be here a half hour ago where are you? If you’re taking care of your sister that’s fine but you need to tell me these things so that I can keep up with you. It’s not easy being your teacher and bodyguard. I can’t even find you sometimes. Just get back to me okay?”



I was relieved to hear him being calm. But I knew he would make it hell the next session I had with him.



 I was still so tired from partying I didn’t want to go back so I went back to sleep and decided to wake up at dawn. When I woke up for the second time, Marena was on my chest and the sun was shining through my window.



 “Out of all the places you sleep you choose my chest why?”



As soon as I said that she looked up at me and sneezed and hopped off me, I laughed and got out of bed. I went into my bathroom and got undressed. I couldn’t believe I fell asleep in my sparing clothes, shoes and all. I turned on the water making sure it was hot and then hoped in the shower. After I was all clean I got out and dried off. I got dressed in some loose pants and a short sleeved top.



 When I came down into the dining hall for breakfast, I noticed Dai’lo talking to my father. I thought something bad was going to happen but when I walked up to my father to tell him good morning. Dai’lo looked at me.



 “So you went to The Vault last night? How was it?”



“Yes I did, it was fun Caleene was the DJ for the night,” I said as I hugged my dad.



“Oh, Caleene finally got the owner to let her be music mixer for a night eh? Well I hope she did well. But if you would excuse me, I have my squad to attend to. Good day, your highnesses.” He got up, bowed then exited the dining hall. I took a seat next to my father and began to get some stuff to eat.



 “Sariel, we need to talk.”



 “What about dad?”



“You commanding a ship,” he said. I sat there frozen midway into grabbing a pomma fruit with my mouth hanging open. I looked at him straight in the eye.



“Are you kidding?! I get to have my own ship?”



“Yes, I think it’s time you had command of your own, perhaps the Aurora?”



 I was even more shocked, the Aurora was the first ship of its kind. A Nova Class flagship that had the fastest slipspace drives known, two hanger bays, and a cloaking drive that could work with the shields on at the same time. I wanted to say something but my mouth wouldn’t work I just kept making noises. He chuckled and then took my hand.



 “I know you’re shocked, and with good reason, but I think it is the right time for you to have a ship. Pretty soon you will have an entire armada to command so best to start now.”



“Thank you!” Was all I could say in my shocked state, he just laughed and told me I would do fine.



 “Sariel, you’re going to take her out of dock for a spin today, Dai’lo is going to be with you he’ll help you, should you need it and so will his squad, take good care of her, Son.” And with that he got up and walked out of the dining hall.



 I sat there for a good minute or two before it hit me, MY own SHIP! Not to mention one of the most advanced ships we have built to date.  I jumped up and down for joy and didn’t know who to tell first. I decided to tell Caleene. I pulled out my comm scrolled to her picture and tapped it. A few seconds later her message box video came up of her smiling.



 “Hey, guess you got me at a bad time, leave a vid and I will hit ya back, lots of love Muah!” Her message vid always made me smile. I waited for waveforms to show and then began to leave my vid.



 “Guess what my father just told me? I get to command a ship, but that’s not all guess which one…the Aurora!!! I couldn’t believe it, I get to fly it today I’m so excited. Oh by the way, your mixing was awesome last night I loved it, I just couldn’t stop dancing but hey, I’ll get back to you tonight as soon as I am free.”



 I was just too excited to wait; I ran back to my room and began to look for some clothes that would fit for the occasion. I looked and looked until I found the perfect outfit: my outdoor jacket that is about the same as my overcoat except it has no coat tails and it only covers the chest and arms. The pants I picked out were my grey ceremonial pair. They look exactly like my sparing pants except the sash on them is silk and is a deep sapphire blue. I chose to wear my sparing boots as well. The only difference between shoes and boots is how high they come up on your leg. After I decided what I was going to wear I hopped in the shower.



As soon as I got out, I was practically running around my bathroom getting ready. I couldn’t find my jacket that I had just laid out. I looked in my closet too, and it wasn’t there. It perplexed me how it could just disappear. But then I noticed a small lump on my bed, the lump was Marena curled up in my jacket. I snickered to myself as I began to walk to it.



 “Come on girl, you can’t sleep in my jacket now, I have to wear it.”



 As I began to pull her out of it she started to grumble, probably about me waking her and taking her comfy pillow. I thought nothing of it and began to get dressed. As soon as I finished putting my jacket on my comm started to beep. When I looked to see who was calling, I wasn’t shocked to see it was Dai’lo. He was probably calling to see if I was ready yet. I activated the link.



“Yes Dai’lo? I’m almost ready.” He only chuckled in response along with a few words.



 “Alright, alright, I’ll see you in the hanger soon…oh and by the way, Sariel were taking your transport up to the Aurora.” The link terminated as soon as he said that. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted to get up there on the command deck. I was ready to go, but my feet just wouldn’t move. I had to get going I had a ship to get to, my ship in fact. I told myself that everything would be fine; my father had confidence in me and in telling myself that my feet carried me to the hanger bay.



 When the doors opened, there stood Dai’lo and his squad ready to take me to the ship. Now that they could see me they all stood at attention and Dai’lo bowed to me. I walked up to him and returned the bow.



“Hello Sariel, it’s good to see you again,” he said.



 I knew what he was talking about; I was always avoiding him. He was always watching me making sure I was safe. I could take care of myself, I wasn’t an infant anymore, but to him it didn’t matter. I was still his charge until my father released him.



“Dai’lo, I’m happy to see you too.”



He just laughed again and escorted me into my ship. Once I reached the controls, I powered up the core and began my pre-flight checks. I normally never did those because I knew my ship was fine, but whenever Dai’lo was around he always made me do them just in case.



After I finished my checks I just looked over to Dai’lo in the co-pilot seat and gave him a questioning look. He just nodded without making a sound a looked out the window. I took it as a sign to go so I deactivated the docking clamps and took off towards the space dock. Upon lift off I sped out of the hanger in anticipation of the coming day, and I was caught off guard by Dai’lo yelling at me.



 “Calm down Sariel, the ship will still be there.”



 I just laughed and increased the speed. When I was able to see the dock I slowed down to the max speed that was allowed. I radioed the command deck.



 “This is royal transport S-013, requesting permission to dock.” I only had to wait a few moments for a response.



“Access granted transport S-013 land in bay one, welcome aboard.”



 It didn’t take me long to land and get ready to inspect my new ship. Once the clamps were in place I took of the safety harness off and started for the bay door when Dai’lo stopped me and gave me some words of wisdom.



“Sariel, you are royalty, so act like one and not a child, this is your ship, be a good leader for these men, like I know you can.”



 I don’t know why he always thought I acted like a child, sure there were times that I acted like a child but today was not one of those days I was just really excited. I opened the back hatch to see the nearly entire ship in formation awaiting my orders. I walked down the ramp amazed, trying to keep my composure. As I walked further towards the center of the hanger the captain and command crew were in their own formation. I walked up to the captain, and we both bowed to each other.



“Welcome aboard Sariel, I’m Commander Koror,” he said.



“Thank you Commander feels good to be here, I assume we are ready to depart?”



“You assume correctly my lord; we will leave dock as soon as you have looked her over.”



 “Very well Commander let’s get started.”



 We walked around the ship, making sure that I was familiar with everything. When we got to the engineering section I stayed a little while longer to look at the power core and engines. I just couldn’t believe all that I was seeing. The power core was a different design than any other ship in the fleet, and the engines were just about the same except they were slightly bigger along with giving off an indigo light rather than a blue one. Marveled by everything, I lost track of myself. Dai’lo had to snap me out of it. When we finished with our tour, we headed to the bridge to take her out of dock. When we reached the bridge everyone stood at attention when the comm officer yelled.



“Royal on deck!”



“At ease.” I went to the side of the Commander and looked out the windows.



“Are we ready to take off Commander?”



“Yes my lord, awaiting your command.” I smiled a little and looked down at me feet and took a deep breath.



“Take us out Commander”



“Yes my lord. Engines at fifteen percent ease us out of here Galen.”



 “Sub light engines at fifteen percent captain we will be out of dock in fifteen seconds.”



 I just couldn’t believe it; I was on the deck of my ship about to take her out for her maiden voyage. When we were out of dock and on our way out of the system I just couldn’t help but look out at the planet seeing it pass by. In the middle of my daydream, I was yanked out by the pilot’s voice.



“My lord, where would you like us to go?” he said. I stood there for a few seconds thinking when the perfect place came to mind.



“Achelon, let’s see how fast this ship really is.” I picked the farthest planet I could think of, it was pretty much on the outer rim of the galaxy, one of the few outposts that is there.



 “Very well my lord, set coordinates for the planet Achelon,” he ordered. The navigation officer Galen was typing on his screen for a few seconds when he turned towards us.



“Coordinates locked sir, slipspace drive prepped and ready to go.” The captain nodded in acknowledgement. Just a few seconds later he turned to me.



“Would you like to give the order my lord?” I wasn’t surprised just honored.



“Yes I would, thank you.” I stood there a little longer took another deep breath and looked out the window.



“Engage slipspace!”



A moment later I heard the faint hum of the engines engaging, I continued to look out the window when just in front of us what looked like a tear in space seemed to be forming; it was a slipspace rupture.  It grew slightly larger and I barely felt anything when we jolted into the rift and began our journey to Achelon.



 “Lieutenant Galen, am I correct?”



“Yes my lord, is there something I can do for you?”



“I would like you to get us there at maximum speed; I want to see how fast she really is at full capacity”



“As you command” I sat there for a little bit watching the colors of slipspace when I was stirred out of my thoughts by a hand on my shoulder.



“Come on Sariel let us retire to the captain’s office and discuss the matter at hand.”



Of course my dad wouldn’t just send me out to take a look at my ship; I had a mission to undertake. I just hoped everything went smoothly with what my dad had planned.  We walked into the captain’s office and as soon as the door closed the captain spoke.



“Aurora, seal my door, we are not to be disturbed unless it is a dire situation.”



Doors sealed and the room is secure captain’ echoed the voice of the ship’s AI.



“Thank you Aurora, now Sariel let’s talk about what is planned for you and this ship.”







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