King Coven

                                                                                                    By Kale




My name is Syll and the week started out like any other week…hectic.  I woke up at 6:00 put on a loose pair of long pants and a muscle shirt, which was my normal workout gear at home. Changed and ready to go, I started my workout:  a fifteen minute run and ten minutes of nonstop muscle movement i.e. pushups pull ups and crunches.  I usually finished around 6:30-6:40, I checked my watch and sure enough 6:35. I had been training for so long I never got tired, I could run for ten miles nonstop and not have to catch my breath.   I walked in the door and into the kitchen and grabbed a glass of fruit punch from the fridge. As I chugged it down my mother came in.



“Morning sweetie, how was your run?”



“Fine mom, same old same old.”



She smiled and went back into her room to finish getting ready for the day. She had long blonde hair with light crystal blue eyes. She was about 5’4” and had a pretty good body, I thought, for a forty two year old. Anyways, I walked up the stairs and down our boring white hallway to my room. I began to rummage through my closet looking for something to wear that day. I found just what I was looking for. A pair of blue denim Jimmyz pants, a white t-shirt with a button up t-shirt that was light beige with some red Japanese kanji and a dragon on it that I would wear over it.



I grabbed it all and took it into my bathroom. I changed out of my gear turned the shower on to a pretty hot temperature and got in. I washed everything to make sure I got all the dirt and grime off from my work out that morning. I hopped out and started to dry myself off. As I was nearly done drying off I took a dry washcloth and wiped the water off the mirror in my bathroom. I always thought I was lucky for the looks I had; my deep sapphire blue eyes and short dirty blonde hair that barely covered my ears. I never had acne in my life, it was just good genes I guess. The rest of me was pretty much the norm for a 15 year old living in California, 5’11”, 135 pounds with a well-tanned and toned body. Not to mention the fact that the only hair on me was just above my pelvis.



I never had facial hair; neither did any of my uncles. I was lucky I never had to shave at all. When I looked at the time I realized I took too long in the shower it was already 7:00, me and my mom normally left the house at 7:10 to go to school. I had to rush just to make it into the kitchen to pop a hot pocket into the microwave. By the time it was done I had put on deodorant, gelled my hair into a pixie looking style; you know the kind where it sticks out in the back and kind of messy on top. And I brushed my teeth to get the hot pocket smell off my breath.



“Ready to go?” my mother called out.



“Good to go” I replied. We hopped into our Scion TC and sped off to my school.



Normally you would see a black or maybe even red Scion go by but no, ours was different, and my mother made a point about it every time. It was ‘black cherry Micah.’ She would always add the Micah to the end just because that was what the salesmen said. I didn’t care, to me it was black cherry, and it was just a normal Scion, no mods or anything.  I can’t wait to drive in a few weeks when I turn 16.



 “Have a nice day at school, and don’t forget your circle tonight!” She shouted as we pulled up to my school.  She normally stopped for only long enough for me to get out.



I just put my headphones in and listened to Hollywood Undead till I got to my friends, my circle. My family is a bunch of witches, being raised in magick it helped me develop psychically, giving me abilities, inherited and not. The ones I inherited were empathy, slight telepathy, and precognition (The ability to dream the future.)



I loved my abilities it helped me get by in the world; the only one that bothered me was my telepathy. Whenever I used it I always got a headache and light headed also if someone was yelling a thought my head would throb. Don’t get me wrong I like it but sometimes it gets annoying. I didn’t have any abilities that I developed on my own yet.



 I started making my way to the quad walking to the beat of my music, letting it wash over me. I let out a sigh and told myself ‘here comes another Monday’. When I got in sight range of my group I paused my music and let my headphones dangle out the front of my shirt. When I got closer my friend Blaise saw me, she ran up to me and gave me a hug. I hugged her back.



“Morning Blaise, how was your weekend?” She let go of me beaming with her usual smile.



“Great! I have some ideas to share at the circle meeting tonight.”



“Great can’t wait to hear them” I said.



Blaise was a good friend; she had long black hair to her shoulders a dancers figure and the face of a porcelain doll with light brown eyes. Don’t get me wrong she looks fabulous, but I’ve known I haven’t liked girls since I was 7. She was just a good friend of mine.  I walked over to a table near us and set my backpack down, greeting another friend of mine.



“Hey Lyra, how are you?”  



“Hey Syll, not really wanting to be here, but oh well.”



She never did like coming to school. She was a short half Mexican half white girl that wore glasses. She was about 5’4” like my mom, so to me that is short. To me she was tiny. The only reason why she came was because her mother said so, and just to piss the teachers off correcting them all day.



 I struck up a conversation with them and waited for my other friends to get there. It was about 7:20 when I got there and normally they all started arriving shortly afterwards cause school started at 7:50. Not long after I started the conversation with Lyra I saw my friend Kiva come walking up.



 Kiva was the best friend anyone could ask for she was always there helping with any problem you had. She was the true friend that if you messed up she would be right there with you saying how much fun you both had. I loved her to death. She dropped her binder down on the bench and we just stared each other down for a moment then ran up and gave each other a huge bear hug. When I picked her up she squealed like a little girl.



“Put me down, your crushing my boobs.” I dropped her and just stood back with my hands on my hips.



 “Well they were in the way, not my fault they were getting squished.” She just laughed and gave me another hug. She had long dirty blonde hair that went to about the middle of her back and light blue eyes, with a body any girl could kill for; she always was in good shape no matter what. We all started talking about how our weekend went when the bell rang.



“I wonder where Sophia is,” I said. We all started to look around but saw nothing of her. We decided she was just running late again. Hopefully her mother got her here in time for school. We parted giving each other hugs and kisses on the cheek.



 I walked off to my first period hoping I wouldn’t have to take notes, I already knew it all thanks to my last school but sometimes the teacher even got things wrong, I mean this was physics you can’t get them wrong. When I walked up to the door I noticed we had a sub…Mrs. Georgeovich, the meanest sub here at my school.



 I smiled as I walked to my desk and put my iPod away. The second bell rang telling students they had two minutes to get to class or they would be late. I sat there waiting for people to stop groaning about the sub so we could just get it over with. The last bell rang and she walked up to the lab desk and started speaking.



 “Good morning class, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!” she said in her thick German accent.



“Today your teacher decided you are going to be watching a movie on black holes and what causes the gravitational field around them, he wants a page of notes due at the end of the period.”



Everyone groaned at the remark. I just sat back and started writing before she even put the movie on. On occasion I had a few people asking to copy off me but I said no, if they wanted to do well in the class they had to work for it. As the class neared the end I walked up to the sub and handed her my paper. She just looked at it and said thank you. I walked back to my desk and put my headphones back in so I could listen to some Enya that had a techno theme to it. I stood up right as the bell rang and walked right out. I had a knack for knowing when things would happen always have just one of my other gifts I assume.



Second period was just as dull working on an apple computer using Photoshop. I hated Macs, I was a PC guy, always will be. The fact you had no right click and just the design and thought of them all drove me mad. I loved the program and was pretty good at it, but the people around me were loud and obnoxious. They would always mess with the volume keys so that after a while it would play the tone that tells you the volume had been adjusted over and over and over in a sort of droning beeping that was really fast.  They always did it at the end of the period just to annoy the teacher.



As soon as the assignment was finished I asked if I could go to the library to study. She said yes and knew exactly why I asked. The kids next to me were laughing hysterically about the game they loved playing called double wires. Never got the point of the game and never will. I grabbed my bag and walked out of the class. When I reached the library there was a TA cleaning who asked me if I had a pass.



 “No, the librarian knows I’m allowed to be here she was sent an email by my teacher.” The TA looked skeptical.



 “Hold on let me check with Mrs. Hampton.”



 I waited patiently and a few seconds later, she came out smiling and apologizing telling me the computers in the back left were offline.



“It’s all good, thank you though.”



 I walked over to the padded alcove I normally went to and set my bag down. When I hopped up onto the shelf I started to put myself in a meditative trance, everyone here at King knew I was a witch and had a circle here; some people didn’t care and some got all scared  or when they came near me they would always say ‘I’ll pray for you!’ or ‘You’re going to hell Satan worshipper!’



 I just looked at them smiled and continued on. If they really knew anything about me they would know I don’t worship ‘Satan’, I worshipped a goddess and didn’t believe in a hell. It didn’t matter to me I just shrugged it off. While I was breathing I could hear the thoughts of the other kids in the library; I never got headaches when I was meditating, I never understood why but I think it was because I could concentrate my energy flow well enough. Some of them were quite normal, like worrying about their boyfriend or what the test in the next period was going to be like or even them frantically trying to finish a project they had weeks on but was due today. But one stuck out among the crowd.



[Son of a bitch! How am I ever going to get the courage to talk to him? I mean he’s just sitting there...what am I going to say? “Oh hi, how are you today? I was just wondering do you think you would like to go out with me sometime? See a movie maybe?” Yeah right I mean he’s a junior, let alone a witch I don’t even think he’ll be interested in me.] The thought of this mundane freaking out over asking me to lunch was laughable but in my state the only thing that happened was me cracking a grin. He began to freak out even more.



 [Holy shit!!!! Can he hear my thoughts he just smirked……can you hear me?] I thought about it for a few seconds and finally responded.



 [Yes I can hear you, don’t be afraid I won’t bite.]



 I thought that would’ve scared him off for sure but like any other mundane he thought he was hearing things over and over we would tell himself he was hearing wrong. I just smirked again and broke my trance.  Slowly opening my eyes I saw whose thoughts I was hearing it was a small freshman sitting over in the corner trying to hide his gaze from me. I slowly got up and walked over to him. When I got closer he brought the book down from his face and blushed a deep crimson. I smiled and kept walking I could feel he was getting nervous.



“Hi, I’m Syll what’s your name?” I casually said. He just sat there with his jaw hanging open.



 “C...Co…Connor.” He was cute, with his short country style brown hair, freckles and baby face with perfect hazel eyes.



“Hi Connor, I couldn’t help but feel you staring at me is there something you would like to say?“ It looked like he couldn’t breathe; I slowly sat down next to him.



 “Why are you so tense? Are you afraid of me?” He shook his head. I just sort of chuckled and looked him in the eye.



 “You shouldn’t be, not everything you hear is true about me ya’ know.” He seemed to relax a little at this; he sat there for another second.



“Was that really your voice I heard?”



 “Yes, that was me in your head that you heard.” He blushed even deeper and looked down at his book that was now closed on his lap. I put my hand on his shoulder.



 “Don’t worry like I said before I don’t bite, but I would like it if you didn’t tell everyone about me talking to you in your head, only my close friends know about that.” He looked up and me with a sad face.



 “You’re not going to cast a spell on me now cause I know are you?” His eyes began to well up with tears and I kept rubbing his shoulder, which I could tell he liked.



“No silly, I don’t do that to people. Don’t listen to everyone I’m honestly a nice guy once you get past all the rumors people have spread around.” His eyes cleared up and he began to breathe normally. He took a deep breath.



 “Well since you heard me would you like to?” I smiled again and told him an honest answer.



“You’re cute and all but no, I’m sorry to let you down but you’re just not my type. I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you though.”  I could feel his heartache I felt so bad for the guy that I just had to cheer him up.



“Hey, don’t get all gloomy on me cause I said no, there are plenty of other guys out there that I’m sure would love to be with a guy like you, cheer up,” and with that I squeezed his shoulder and stood up.



“Trust me man with your looks you could get almost any guy.” I walked back over to the alcove and hopped up again only to be joined by Connor a few seconds later.



“Thanks for saying that; nobody has ever called me cute before.”



“Honestly I’m shocked, I would’ve thought you’d hear it all the time, just don’t ever lose confidence in yourself Connor, always be sure of yourself.” He smiled and thanked me again. He walked over to his seat and began to read where he left off.



I went back into my trance when I felt a tingling sensation telling me class was almost over; I don’t know how I feel it, I just know the class is about to get out. I snapped out of my trance again and prepared myself for the next class.



I hopped down and shrugged, ‘Just another hour and you get to be with your circle’ I told myself. I grabbed my bag and headed for the door as soon as I started walking the bell rang. I walked to my next class and realized it was third I was walking towards; I was so excited my next class was Engineering. I was building a small plane for our semester final. I was almost finished, since I would always take it to my family’s auto shop to work on it. We owned a huge shop that we used to modify and fix cars for people. It was full of all the tools I needed even a ‘Pyro Room’ full of chemicals and stuff to make nearly anything you wanted from a flash bang to a missile.



When I walked into the class I set my bag down on my table and walked over to my station and began to tinker with the wings of my plane. My teacher Mr. Taisen was extremely smart and helpful whenever you needed it. He walked up to my station and complimented me on my work and walked away. I sat there fixing the small flaps making sure they were perfect. Time always flew by in that class cause of how involved I get in my work. I even do it in the shop, I’ll be cleaning a car and soon it will be time to close up. I never worked on cars; I was always cleaning them because if they ever let me fix a car it would take me forever to fix it because it had to be perfect. It was the same way when I was building my rockets or anything else it had to be perfect.



I felt the usual tingling, I looked at the clock and noticed the class was ending soon so I put the wings in their foam attaché case and closed it so they wouldn’t get damaged; I cleaned my station and washed my hands. I went back to my desk picked up my bag and headed for the door. When I touched the handle the bell rang. I never did like leaving the class but at least I had lunch next. I walked to our usual spot for lunch; the F quad hill. It had a big tree at the base of it that me and my circle all sat together to eat lunch. It was the only place that had any trees.

When I got to the bottom of the hill, Kiva was just arriving and looked stressed; I could tell it was from her trig teacher, since that was her last class. I grabbed my mom’s Hawaiian chicken she made last night out of my bag with some white rice and a fork. She set her stuff down, slumped her head on my shoulder and sighed.



 “What did he do this time Kiva?” I said to her.



“Same as usual not helping me on my math problems and getting me lost making me go to that stupid tutoring thing that I supposedly ‘need’, I wish he would just sit there and explain it to me simply.” She said flailing her arms.



“Not every teacher is like that you know, you’ll just have to find somebody willing to help you that you know,” I said. She just grunted and went off to get her lunch from the cafeteria; none of us understood how she could eat that crap and still be healthy.



Before I took my first bite my phone went off to the song Our Solemn Hour by Within Temptation. It was my aunt Sora; all of my family had that ring tone.



{Hello?} I answered.



{Syll your mom wanted me to let you know that today after school Solrae will be picking you up.}



{Okay, am I going to your house or mine?} 



{You’ll be coming to ours, your mom will be working late, you can even have your circle meeting here, we’ll have food ready for them by the time they arrive.}



 {Okay thanks I’ll see you then, love you Sora.}



{You too Syll.}



I told everyone and they seemed pretty hyped up, they had never seen my aunt and uncles house. We just sat there gossiping for about five minutes till a group of SALT came up; the schools Christian club. They never liked any of us especially me since I came here from my old private school. Their minds were just screaming hate and pity. I shielded my friends from feeling their emotions and just looked at the club with a blank face.



 “Why can’t you all see that Jesus loves you and that you are all going to hell?” Sean said. I stood up walked up to him looked into his eyes and said while projecting soothing energy.



 “Sean just leave us alone. If we wanted to follow him we would but we have free will and we chose to follow the goddess.” Sean just snickered.



“Syll, we have guidelines to follow even with free will, the Bible is one of them, the ten commandments are the other, why can’t you see what you are is wrong, especially you being gay!”


That was the wrong thing to say to me; most of the time I was able to stay pretty calm but when people began to say that what I was is wrong then I start to get mad.



“Sean, you’re so closed minded, please leave before I do something reckless,” I replied, projecting slight anger. Once again he just snickered.



 “Oh no, the little Satan worshipper is going to do something, please hide me.” I looked him dead in the eye and projected fear into him, enough to make him cower.



“Leave!” I growled. He stumbled a little, I didn’t like how it made me feel to see him do that, but it was necessary.



“Wh..whatever you don’t scare me, you’re going to hell.” I waited till they were a few feet away and sat back down next to Lyra and finished eating my chicken.



 “Syll that wasn’t the best idea, they are just ignorant. You shouldn’t have wasted your breath on them,” she said.



 “I know but still, I’m getting tired of them doing that to us,” I said.



 “You don’t always have to protect us you know, we can do that ourselves,” Blaise said.



 “Alright fine next time they come up and harass us you guys handle it, I’m staying out of it,” I chuckled.



We all calmed down then the bell rang, but Sophia was still nowhere to be seen. We all said our goodbyes and went to our next class. As I walked to my lit class and felt a familiar presence from the library, Connor.



[Hey you get to class! Or I’ll spell your butt to be glued to the chair,] I projected while laughing in his head.



 [Syll that’s not funny, it still scares me,] he said.



 [Sorry Connor, I’m just kidding, I can’t do that anyways. But seriously don’t be late or I’ll kick your butt.]



 I smiled when he laughed in his head. When I walked into class I look up at the agenda for the day and noticed we were writing a district essay. I hated district essays, so strict on how we have to write them and hardly any time to write a proper one. Oh well essays are normally only used in school so might as well just live with it for the time being. The final bell rang and Mr. Barry quieted us down and started telling us what we were doing. I mean come on it was on the board was no one in here capable of taking the initiative to read it and prepare for the assignment?  It must have been because it took him awhile to quiet them down.



“Alright!! Quiet down, we have a district essay to write….and as juniors it will be a persuasive essay.” The class groaned in reply.



 “I know you all hate to write essays but it’s for a grade in the class, so let’s hope you guys do well. The essay you guys wrote last week was to help you guys for this,” he said.



 He began passing out the papers and when they were all passed out he said we could start. I looked at my prompt and saw that it was to convince the district to allow students to bring their laptops to class if they had one. I chose to be for the initiative and went with it giving the proper points and wordings to get me a 4 on it.



When I finished I flipped it over and pulled out my iPod. Unlocking it and turning on a playlist of a bunch of songs. In The End by Lincoln Park came through my headphones and putting me in my own world where I didn’t hear the thoughts or feelings of the other students in the classroom. This is the world where I could think about all sorts of things; Science, philosophy, languages, culture, magick, family, and the possibility of finding love. While I was thinking about the possibilities of a diamond computer chip my song changed to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Remix by Benny Benassi.  It was a song from Mama Mia!



 I decided to stop contemplating science for a while and just relax and breathe. I felt a presence I had never felt before, it was powerful; I had no idea where it was coming from. I opened my eyes feeling everything again and losing that new presence. When I have a chance I have to search for the presence again, maybe my cousin Oren could help, maybe even my aunt Sora could. Most of my cousins aren’t really cousins; see my family is friends with three other witch families.



 The Russian full-contact- magick family which pretty much means warriors or protectors, the French family comprised of healers and builders, and the Italian seers they were a small family of about five. Pietro, Marulia, and Feign, and my family the Moradins make up Summit a very large coven of witches. My family is known for its highly gifted members and their intelligence. Since we have been together for so long we are all like family, yet after all these years none of us have ever mixed family genes. I never knew why.



I was only a second degree, it would be explained when I have my halo rite on my 16th birthday. Then I would be told everything and have total freedom and access to the Moradin family account. Since Oren was a seer maybe he could help me figure out what this presence was. I felt class was coming to an end so I grabbed my backpack and waited about three seconds before the bell rang and I was headed off to my fifth period.



This class was the most boring out of all of them, it was only a TA class but it gave me credits. When I got there I had to grade some papers for Mrs. Martin, not a big deal since she never assigns much. After I was done I had nothing to do so I just listened to my music till the period was over. When the bell rang I went to my sixth, Sociology. It gave me a lot of insight into how we work together as a society, even made me think twice on some things.



Sociology was first semester and I only had about eight weeks to go till it was over. Mrs. Song was a great teacher, a neat freak but a good teacher. She hated the sight of her classroom being cluttered, so there was hardly anything on the walls. Today we’re taking notes on culture, how language effects how we grow up in society and how we discern how much something means to us as a society.  About half way through the notes her phone started to ring.



 “Hello?.........Yes he’s here, do you want me to send him down?.........Okay he will be there shortly, oh will he need his things?.......Okay thank you” she hung up and looked at me.

 “Syll you’re wanted in the discipline office.”



 I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door to the office.  When I got there I was told to sit down and wait for Mr. Aguirre to come and talk to me. While I waited to be called into his office the school nurse came up to talk to me.



 “Hey hon, how are you?”



”Pretty good, wish the day would be over though. “ She chuckled a little at that.



“Well it’s just a little while longer, do you know why he wants you?” she said motioning to Mr. Aguirre’s office.


“No clue I just hope it isn’t bad,” she smiled with a small shrug replied, “Let’s hope so.”



And with that she hugged me and went into her office. She was a nice lady. Her name was Debbie; she was about 5’ 6” with brown hair down to her shoulders, even though most of the time she kept it up in a bun, she also wore a pair of glasses with silver frames that compliments her face very nicely. I began to think about the meeting when Mr. Aguirre’s voice interrupted my thoughts.



“Come on in Syll.” I walked down to his office, took a seat and waited for whatever he had to say.



 “Do you know why you are here?”



 “No Mr. Aguirre could you let me know since nobody else will tell me?”



 “There was an incident at lunch with another student involving you correct?”



“In what sense do you mean incident? Because I never got into a fight if that’s what you mean.”



“You said something to Sean; he came in here scared out of his wits. “ I tried not to smirk, it just wasn’t right.



“Yes I did.”



“Do you mind if I ask what you said to him?”



“Not at all, he came up to me and my friends and started harassing us.”



“Us?” he interjected. “Who is us?”



“My friends, Lyra, Blaise, and Kiva…..would you like to speak to them?”



 “Yes I’ll have my secretary Mrs. Delane call them up here later, but for now could you tell me what you said to him?” I nodded.



 “Sean began by coming up to us and saying ‘Why can’t you all see that Jesus loves you and that you are all going to hell?’ after I had told him that we don’t believe in hell and we have free will he started to attack us even more, ‘Syll, we have guidelines to follow even with free will, the Bible is one of them, the ten commandments are the other, why can’t you see what you are is wrong, especially you being gay.’ “I couldn’t take anymore so I told him to go away before I did something, I didn’t actually mean it but he had no right to say those things to us.” He just sat in his chair for the longest time and finally after what seemed like two minutes.



“Well Syll this isn’t one of your best moments in life I’m sure, but you need to be careful what you say, Sean will be told he shouldn’t say those things and he will be given a detention.”



 “Thank you Mr. Aguirre, I just lost my temper is all.”



“See that you control your anger next time Syll, let’s get you back to class so you don’t miss anything.”



“Don’t worry Mr. Aguirre, I won’t,” I said as I walked out of the office.



 And with that I got my bag and slowly walked back to class hoping I would run into someone from the circle to talk about this.  Sadly I was unable to see any of them so I warned them all of the coming call slip.



 ‘Guys Mr. Aguirre will call you up soon to talk about Sean, meet me at the base of the hill after school.’



 I felt their acknowledgment and picked up the pace to the door.  When I got there I didn’t feel like dealing with my class due to a headache from the telepathy, so I just left to go to the library.  Getting closer to the doors I slowed my pace and tried to breathe.  I went to my alcove and went into a trance and felt the familiar presence of the minds in the library.  This time I just wanted to hear my own, so I blocked everything out till it was silent and black was all around.  Sitting there, I contemplated my actions and tried to understand why I did what I did. My aunt always said, ‘gifts used in anger can lead to negative karma and suffering, take care with how you use them.’ 



She was right, I felt horrible, I shouldn’t have done what I did, I’m going to apologize to Sean and make things right, maybe he might understand if he gets to know me.  I could feel something on the edge of my sense is coming toward me, but when I broke my trance it was gone, I couldn’t feel it anymore. I looked around but saw nobody walking.  Maybe I should tell Sora about it later, she might know how to help me. I went back into my trance and let myself hear the thoughts of the people in the library, always the same I thought; school projects, boyfriends or girlfriends, whether or not they should go to a party, what their hair looks like, the run of the mill mundane worries. I pushed out and searched for Connor, he was sitting in art class from what I could tell, and drawing really calmed him down. I pushed a little more and felt that he was bothered by something.  He was a good kid and shouldn’t feel so tense



[What’s wrong Connor?] I asked hoping it wouldn’t scare him, but sadly I failed and he made a dark line across his page.



[Syll I wish you could warn me when you do that.] I laughed a little.



[Hey! That’s not funny you know I’m not used to this.]



[Sorry Connor next time I’ll make my presence known so I don’t scare you. I tried not to this time ya know]



[Is that why it…sounded…felt I don’t know how to say it but different?]



[Sounded.] I chuckled. [Yes that’s why, I tried to change the tone but it backfired, sorry about your picture by the way.]



[It’s only pencil, I can fix it…how did you know I was drawing?]  I felt that he was scared.



[Don’t worry Connor I can’t see what you see only what you feel, and to have to see what you see takes a lot of energy and training, I can see what you picture in your head though……anyways, what’s bothering you?] He relaxed at that bit of information.



 [I’m just confused lately, especially today, since the library I mean everything about how I see you has changed, and I’ll never have a shot with you, it’s just a real let down, not to mention the fact I don’t want people to know and I think my dad might find out.] When he mentioned his dad I could feel a massive amount of fear pass through him.



[Connor why don’t you see if you can come hang out with me and my friends today at the base of the hill, we can talk in person there okay?] He was reluctant.



 [Don’t worry we won’t hurt you, you’ll be among friends.]  I sent as much happiness as I could towards him.



[Okay why not, I’ll be there.] He said after some thinking.



[Can’t wait.]



After that I sent him calming energy and broke my trance. Returning my senses to the library I looked around me and checked the time, I had about ten minutes before the class got out, so I went on one of the school computers and checked my mail. Even though we weren’t allowed to check personal mail at school I did it anyways there wasn’t a problem with it and they didn’t have a firewall against it.                



Logging into my MSN I saw the headlines and the national news bulletin caught my eye “Drug Cartel: What Areas of Mexico Are Under Fire.” My uncle was down there trying to help handle the situation with the ATF; he used to work with the FBI but now he works with a lot of three letter agencies and some that we don’t know about. I was worried, I hadn’t heard from him in a while, but I have to wait for him to call (blowing his cover and all), he was also too far for me to talk to him telepathically, I’m not that strong. The day was going by so slow I just wanted it over with; I only had about ten minutes left of school.



Maybe I could camp out at the base of the hill till the end of school; a little sun should do me some good. Talking with Connor gave me a slight headache, not as bad as it could’ve been but annoying. Walking out into the afternoon sun, I could feel myself warming up and the headache beginning to subside. I went to the tree we sat under sat lunch, I could feel the negativity from before, I pushed my own energy out in an attempt to cleanse the area, it helped but it would still be there for a while.



Soon the bell rang and the quad was full of students, but not the ones I wanted. Sitting there watching everyone rush to get out of here amused me, they were just going to get stuck out in front of the school; the first ten minutes after the bell rings it’s a madhouse and you can’t get out of the parking lot. I saw Kiva walking with Blaise from their anatomy and physiology class towards me so I stood up and hugged them.



“Hey guys how did the office visit go?”



“They didn’t call either of us up, seems they trust your word, I mean you’re never up there for being in trouble.” Kiva said. I just shrugged it off and steered the conversation in a better direction just as Lyra walked up.



“So guys the circle meeting is at my aunts remember? So bring a pair of clothing to change into for the pool and spa afterwards, it will be brief tonight just to see how everyone is handling everything so far, okay?”  I informed them.



 “Syll what about Sophia, I haven’t heard from her all day, have you?” asked Kiva.



 “No she said she would be here today, speaking of which let me see if I can sense her” I walked to underneath the tree and went into my trance. Pushing out my energy and senses I could feel student after student minds blaring loudly their plans for the afternoon.  Then in the ROP Animal health room I felt her.



[Hey girly we haven’t seen you all day what’s up?]



[Sorry Syll I had a lot of work to do today and I needed to stay in my classes to get it done, I have more work but I will be at the circle meeting tonight]



[I’ll let all your worried friends know, since you seem unable to text them back, by the way the circle meeting is at my aunt’s house, you remember the address?]



[My cell is at home, tell them I am really sorry, and yes I remember where it’s at, same time right?]



[Yup same time, see ya there.] And with that I broke my trance.



“Well she has just been busy catching up on some work she has missed and her cell is at home, she will be at the meeting tonight so you can quiz her then”. They all just gave their acknowledgements and we started talking about tonight when Connor walked up.



“Hey Connor glad you came, I would like you to meet Blaise, Kiva, and Lyra, guys this is Connor, I met him in the library, he was thinking just a little too loudly” I laughed at the last little bit. They all seemed to welcome him without hesitation, probably because I said something about his thoughts.






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