King Coven

                                                                                                    By Kale




                We all sat there and talked, getting to know Connor a little more. I was hoping I could get him out of his shell and hopefully get him to my aunts tonight so that I could figure out what was going on at home that made him so afraid. I cared for the kid, even though I wouldn’t date him, I had a feeling I needed to protect him.



                “So Connor, I take it you know Sylls’ secret?” Kiva questioned.



                “Ye..Yeah…it still kind of sends me for a ride whenever he talks to me, but I’m getting used to it.”



                “Well that’s good, he doesn’t want you to be uncomfortable I’m sure, Right Syll?”



                “Of course not, why do you think I brought him here? He seems like a good kid who needs friends.” I responded.



                “How did you know I didn’t have friends?” he asked as the sadness was rolling off him.



                “Connor, you radiated the need for companionship while you were drawing, you were in the library at lunch and I feel the need to protect you, that’s why.” While explaining this to him I put my arm around him and drew him into a little sideways hug to try and comfort him.



                “Nobody has really paid attention to me at all, they think I’m some dumb 14 year old freshman, but you guys accepted me as if you had known me for a long time, I just don’t understand.” More sadness kept coming off him, I pushed calming thoughts towards him so that he wouldn’t cry and embarrass himself. I had made up my mind that I will get him over to my aunts even if I have to compel his father to let him.



                “Connor, we are accepting of everyone, if anyone of us had noticed you were alone all the time we would have stepped in just as Syll did,” Blaise said trying to help.



                “Hey I have an idea, why don’t you come over to my aunts with me tonight? We can go swimming or watch movies, plus everyone will be there later on at night.” I offered hoping he would say yes.



                “My dad wouldn’t let me; he doesn’t really let me do anything.”



                “Just leave that to me and my aunt to handle, together we can get parents to do anything,” I replied in a chuckle. My instincts were going in overdrive telling me to take care of him and that something wasn’t going well at home.



[Guys, why don’t you give us some space while I talk to him and figure out what’s going on. I’ll see you all tonight.] I broadcasted to everyone but Connor. Just a few seconds later they all came up with some excuses to get going, homework and chores mainly.



“Connor, look at me”



“Why do you want me around Syll? I’m nothing special; you made your point when you said you wouldn’t date me.” He muttered as his eyes were downcast.



“That wasn’t what I had said. I told that you weren’t my type that’s all man, that doesn’t mean I don’t want you as a friend. I also told you I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you, meaning I like you as a friend.” I gently told him as I held his chin so I could look him in the eye.



“Thanks, but I still don’t see why.”



“In time you will, right now you’re just a little shocked I think. Let’s see what we can do about your dad okay?”



“Okay Syll, I don’t think he will but I hope you can convince him, I don’t want to go home to him” Once again a massive amount of fear swept through him. That steeled my emotions even more to get him to my aunts.



“No worries, I’m good with parents.” I told him as I hugged him sending soothing and warm energy as best as I could.



As I was hugging him my phone went off with my families’ rings tone.






                {I’m here; I’m parked out by the schools’ pool}



                {Okay I’m on my way just give me a few, a friend of mine is coming with, do you think we could give him a ride home so that he can pick some stuff up from his house so he can come over?}



                {Sure, not a problem, I’ll be waiting} And with that our conversation was over. I told Connor what the plan was and we started walking to my aunt’s car. On our way to her car I let her know telepathically what was going on.



                [Sora, I have a feeling things aren’t going well for him at home, he put off massive amounts of fear whenever he brought it up. I would like you to help me in getting him over to your house.]



                [I can tell you feel strongly about this, I’ll do what I can, but we should be courteous as well.]



                [Thank you Aunt Sora.]



                I could see her black Subaru Tribeca as we finished talking. I led Connor over to the car and hoped that we would be able to get him to stay. As we climbed in my aunt Sora introduced herself.



                “Hi I’m Sora Moradin, Sylls’ aunt, I hope you had a good day at school you two.”



                “Hello Mrs. Moradin, I’m Connor Brandt, it was a pretty good day, thankfully I wasn’t given homework.”



                “Oh please call me Sora, makes me feel old when people call me by my last name.” she chuckled out.



                “Now where is your house so that we can get you home and so you can grab what you need.”



                “I live down Van Buren on Rancho Escondido. Do you know where Suttles is?”



                “Yes I do, it’s not too far from my house.” My aunt told him, and with that she drove off. I thought I might try to talk to Connor a little about what he likes to do.



                “So Connor, what kind of things to do you like to do at home? Do you have an Xbox or PS3?”



                “No I have a PS2, but I like to read or watch TV if I’m not able to play my PS2. I used to be in martial arts, but I haven’t been able to do it since my mom died.”



                “I’m sorry to hear that man, how long ago did she die?”



                “Four years ago, that’s when things started getting bad at home, my dad drinks a lot, and I do all the house work.” I was appalled at what he had told me, he was only 14, he should be out having fun, not slaving away for his drunk father.



                “I’m really sorry to hear that man, I wish there was something I could do.” He didn’t say anymore the entire drive there, and I just held him, not wanting to press for more information.



                As we were driving down Rancho Escondido he told us his house was just up ahead, so my aunt slowed down so he could show us which one it was. When he pointed it out we pulled into the driveway of an older looking house that had an older green Ford Taurus in the driveway, I looked like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. We all got out of the car and started walking towards the door when all of a sudden we heard a loud noise inside, my aunt just turned to look at Connor but he just sighed and opened the door.



                “Dad I’m home, I brought a friend!” He hollered.



                “Get your ass in here!! You know better than to bring a friend over and not ask for permission!” His father yelled back in a drunken slur. We followed Connor into the living room where his father was sitting in a lazy boy, beer in one hand and remote in the other.



                “Good afternoon Mr. Brandt, my name is Sora Moradin I apologize for any intrusion we have caused, it just my nephew here asked if I could take his friend home and I had no problem with it since it was on the way. I was also wondering if your son would like to come to our house tonight, as we are having a little party celebrating my husband’s promotion at work.”



                “I don’t give a rats ass who you are, my son also knows better than to take rides from strangers and he certainly knows better than to try to have someone else ask for him to go out…think you were sneaky eh? Get your ass in your room now you little faggot before I beat you!”



                “Excuse me Mr. Brandt, but that is no way to treat a child. I’ll have you know I work for Child Protective Services, and I see you are in no way shape or form a proper parent for this young man. As of this moment I am placing him in protective custody of the State of California.”



                “You can’t do that!! He is my son, I will see that you’re fired from your job!! I told you to get to your ROOM!!” Before I could even react he had slapped Conner across the face which sent him sprawling to the ground only to slam into the cupboards in the kitchen and be knocked out cold.



                “I’m calling the police, Syll take Connor to his room and lock the door.” I moved as quickly as I could to take Connor to his room. My aunt could handle herself if she ever had to go to blows with the man. Once in his room I laid him on the bed and started to gather up some things of his he might want and put them into a suitcase I had found in his closet. As I was finishing putting his stuff in the suitcase
Connor started coming to and groaning.



                “Unh…What happened?”



                “Your father hit you, after he did that my aunt called the police and told me to bring you in here, she is out with your father right now and I’m sure there is a cop there too as I heard someone knock on the door.” I responded as I went to his side to hold him. He immediately latched onto me and started crying his eyes out. I just held him, gently rocking him. No child should ever have to endure this. Just then there was a knock on the door which caused Connor to jump in fright.



                “Son this is the police, I need you to open the door so we can speak with you okay?”



                “I need to hear from my aunt Sora in order to open the door, otherwise I will leave this door locked and treat you as a threat to my friend Connor.” I replied readying myself for a fight.












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