King Coven

                                                                                                    By Kale




“Son this is the police, I need you to open the door so we can speak with you okay?”



                “I need to hear from my aunt Sora in order to open the door; otherwise I will leave this door locked and treat you as a threat to my friend Connor.” I replied readying myself for a fight.



                “Alright son, just hold on.” I heard him walking down the hall presumably to get my aunt. I held on to Connor to try and shield him from anything that might come through that door, and so I could calm him down as best as I can. Not a minute later I heard a couple footsteps coming back.



                “Syll, open the door, Mr. Brandt is in handcuffs and everyone is safe now.” She said while projecting to me the same thing so I knew she wasn’t lying. I got up and unlocked the door backing up as I opened it.



                “Sorry officer, I just wasn’t sure of anything and didn’t want my friend to get hurt any more than he already has.”



                “I understand son, no worries. Connor is it? Would you mind coming with me so I can ask you a few questions?” The officer asked after he acknowledged me. Connor just looked at me wondering what to do; all I did was nod telling him it was alright.



                Connor got up and walked out of the room with the police officer and my aunt. I sat there continuing to pack up some things for him I thought he might want, assuming he would be staying for a while if I knew my aunt correctly. When I had finished packing a small bag I sat on his bed patiently waiting. It wasn’t long before my aunt came and got me telling me it was time to go. Connor was already in the car. I decided to wait until we got back to my aunts to talk to him and help him sort this out. When I got in the car I reached out for Connor and just held him the whole way to my aunts in silence.



                When we got to my aunts Connor was still shaken up and looked zoned out, I felt so bad for him. I got his stuff out of the car while my aunt led him up the walkway to the front doors and foyer. I don’t think he realized how nice of a place this was from the outside; it was hidden pretty well in the middle of an orange grove for privacy with vines all over the walls outside of the house making it look like a giant plant. I think he snapped out of it when we walked in, for one because he just started starring around at everything. We had a grand foyer with a domed ceiling and two seeping stairs going to the second story with a balcony at the top. There were paintings of castles and family members from long ago in renaissance era clothing, the ones displayed were members to create massive change or bring one of the other families to summit. My aunt noticed his stares and decided to get him out of his stupor, for now.



                “Syll, why don’t you take Connor to the Taurus room and help him put his stuff away; I think he needs to take a break from everything that happened today so do something fun after.”



                “Alright, I think swimming will help, maybe even a soak in the spa as well.”


                “Sounds wonderful Syll, have fun. Oh and Solrae won’t be home for a while, his work called him in, I forgot to tell you when I picked you up instead of him.”



                “It’s alright, I completely forgot he was supposed to pick me up.”



                I took Connor by the arm and led him to his room to help him put his stuff away. There are four main houses in summit. Each one has a certain elemental feel to it; Sora Moradin has the Earth house, Janae Marulia has the Water house, Natalia Pietro has the Fire house, Alessa Feign has the Air house. We have a sanctuary manor in the mountains of Washington State that the matriarchs own together and any member of summit can go there. But I will be the first patriarch of the Moradin family in 300 years because my aunt has not yet had a child, so that leaves me to take up the responsibility of head of the Moradin family.



                Walking down the hallway we passed the Virgo and Capricorn room. The zodiac rooms are guest rooms and more than likely Connor will have the spare family bedroom if my aunt adopts him like I think she will knowing her and how she reacted. When we got to the Taurus room I stopped and let Connor open the door. The room had carpet the color of sand and was designed with an earthy feel using browns and dark greens. The bed was a four poster king with dark green screens surrounding the bed for privacy or darkness when sleeping during the day. There is an en suite bathroom that connects through the walk in closet. There is also a balcony overlooking the garden on the east side of the house.



                “Syll, I’m staying in this room? I can’t believe how nice the room is, you’re kidding right?”


                “Nope, this is your room while you are here, I hope you like it. I’m staying in the Virgo room which is right next to yours. So if you need anything tonight I’m right next door. Why don’t we get your stuff out and put away though?”



                For the next few minutes we put his clothing away in the closet, it was pretty bare but I didn’t grab much, I’m sure my aunt will fix that though. He kept putting off sadness the entire time so I figured now was the time to help him get away from everything and relax tonight.



                “Hey I have an idea, when this is done why don’t we go swimming and soak in the spa? My aunt will be making dinner so by the time we are done it should be ready.”



                “Is there anyone around besides your family that would see us swim?”



                “No just my aunt, uncle and me. The orange grove surrounds the house and nobody would even see past the walls covering the grounds, so no one could see us. Why do you ask?”



                “Well I’m just shy, and you’ll see eventually anyways.”



                “Alright, why don’t you get changed and come to my room when you’re done.”


                “Okay, I’ll be just a minute.”



                I walked to my room and changed all the while contemplating his last words, I don’t understand what he meant by you’ll see eventually, I didn’t see anything wrong with him. I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts, I didn’t hear him come in and I was still in my undies.



                “Oh my god I’m sorry Syll! I knocked but I guess you didn’t hear me.”



                I spun around and looked at Connor without covering myself; I’m not a modest person.  But I could see the effect I was having on him so I decided to play it off and try to negate the situation.



                “It’s alright Connor, I’m not very shy or modest. Let me go into the bathroom and change real quick”



                I went into the bathroom and changed as fast as I could so not to make it any more awkward.



                “Okay, let’s get going out back.”



                He was silent the whole way down the stairs and out back. But as soon as he laid eyes on the pool he just stood there with his mouth open gawking at it. The pool is surrounded by palms, flowers, and stone giving it an oasis feel to it. It has a beach entrance where it gradually moves down to the deep where its 15 feet deep, and a three water falls on what would be a boulder wall encompassing half the pool in a crescent shape. One of them covers a grotto near the shallow that has a bar and the other covers a river like entrance to a cave with a raised spa. There are stairs to the right of the boulder wall near the grotto so that you can go up top to a railed plateau with a bistro set and further towards the center where the third waterfall is so you can jump off and dive or go down the slide that turns away from the pool and then back in a c shape. The grotto has fiber optic star lights and fiber optic spot lights with several colors that also match the lights throughout the pool and spa, and can be synced to music or cycle through the spectrum.



                “Wow! I have never seen a pool like this, do you swim in this all the time?”



                “Whenever I can, I love this place. Just wait till night when we can turn the lights on.”



                “Syll, do you think we could go swimming at night rather than during the day?”



                “Why? What’s wrong?”



                “I just don’t want you to see me.”



                “I don’t understand, do you mean without a shirt on? Connor, I wouldn’t be bothered seeing you without a shirt on, your body is nothing to be ashamed of from what I can tell.”



                “Yes…but…never mind…just please don’t freak out.”



                My mind was going a mile a minute trying to figure out was he was meaning and the entire time he was putting off fear and embarrassment. I wouldn’t look at him any different if he was hairy, no hair, deformities or something else. He was a friend and I cared for him, I just couldn’t understand what he was afraid of. Then I saw him take his shirt off, there were yellow and purple bruises covering his stomach and chest. I gasped audibly at what I saw and felt him start to freak out; I reached out to him and just held him.



                “I’m sorry I gasped Connor, I just didn’t expect bruises for some reason. I’m so sorry this happened to you, and I promise me and my family will do everything we can to make it right. I don’t see you any different, you are still Connor, a friend of mine and someone I feel the need to protect.”



                Hearing me say that caused him to let loose a torrent of tears. The sadness was just coming of him in waves and it was starting to make me cry. My aunt must have felt it and got worried but didn’t want to come out and check so she contacted me telepathically.



                [Syll is everything okay with Connor?]



                [Yes. But we need to take pictures of his chest, stomach and I’m assuming his back. He has bruises along with cuts all over, some new and some old.]



                [The poor thing, he must be in so much pain. I will get a camera ready and put it in his room so you can take the pictures. Be sure to take them of wherever there are injuries. I will also see if Janae can come and take a look at him to try and heal him, after I get him to see a doctor tomorrow.]



                [Yes aunt Sora, I will try to be thorough.]



                This had to be hard on Connor and I just couldn’t imagine what he must be going through. I just hope that my family can help get him past all of this. Maybe after dinner when my coven comes we can do a cleansing ritual for him, maybe that would help him to not have so much baggage. But I want his permission and hopefully he agrees.



                “Let’s go ahead and get in the spa. Are you sore at all?”



                “Yeah, I’ve been sore for a while but I try to hide it so people don’t notice.”



                “How about we go in the spa then? That should help with the sore muscles you have.”






                We walked into the pool and swam over to the spa, Connor was a little slow but he was bruised all over, so I’m not surprised. Getting into the spa is another story, I had to help in up into the spa so he didn’t strain or hurt himself. We just sat there and soaked for a while until he started to fidget and waves of embarrassment started coming from him.



                “What’s wrong Connor? Are you still sore?”



                “Yeah I hurt everywhere.”



                “Well why don’t you scoot forward a little so I can get behind you to give you a massage to help a little.”



                As he scooted forward I walked over and slid behind him to help work his muscles and help him relax a little. As I had expected he started to moan and say that it felt good, the other part that I expected was for him to put off emotions of arousal considering how he felt about me. I just couldn’t relate, I mean he was attractive but I couldn’t do anything with him, I had a need to protect him and I was going to do just that. I felt bad and didn’t want to lead him on, I had to let him know how I felt about him.



                “Connor will you look at me?”



                “What is it Syll? Is something wrong?” he said scooting so he face me, but the one thing I noticed he didn’t was a problem growing in his swim trunks.



                “I have to be honest with you so I don’t hurt you later on down the line okay?



                “What are you saying? Do you not even like me?”



                “No it’s not that you are a great kid, I do have feelings for you its jus…..”



                And with that and not letting me say another word he reached up and kissed me, not a shy kiss either but one filled with passion and need. He started to kiss harder and I couldn’t let this go on, I had to push him off me.



                “Connor, I’m sorry, I don’t have those kinds of feelings for you, I guess I should’ve said something else. I feel more protective over you than anything, you are a great kid and if I didn’t have this instinct and urge to keep you safe and help you I would not have stopped you, but I just don’t feel any kind of love or lust towards you.” The more I said the more sadness and feelings of rejection I felt.



                “Then what is it you want from me Syll? I mean you don’t want to date me, you say you want to be my friend and then you screw up my entire life, not like It wasn’t screwed already but at least I had a father……now I have nothing.”



                “I want you to be safe and taken care of, I want to be there for you when you need me, I can’t stand to see someone getting hurt and as I said I have this massive urge to keep you safe as if you were family to me. I don’t feel that for random people, you mean so much to me, more like a brother than a lover, even though I hardly know you I feel that is what you are.”



                “Do you even think I’m attractive? Wait…how could you…I’m damaged and not even worth a spare glance from you, you never even noticed me until I was thinking too loud according to you. How could you even want me around? Why do you care so much… don’t know me from anyone else and yet here you are treating me like a…..” I couldn’t let him go on he just needed to know how I felt and why, it went against all the rules and I knew it would give him a headache along with me possibly passing out. Moving in mid thought I kissed him and forced my mind into his hoping to show him how I felt.



                [Connor forgive me for what I am about to do but you must know how I feel.]



                [Where are we? I can’t see or feel anything] he said sounding frightened.



                [We are in your mind, nothing in the outside world can get in. We can also feel and think at the same time and share memories or feelings. I must warn you though, what I did goes against all the rules my family lives by and will give us both a headache, and more than likely make me pass out. So if I do pass out keep me above water and think my aunts name, help and spa as loud as you can and my aunt will come running.]



 After I explain what was happening to him I tried to build a simplistic environment where we could communicate, sadly all I could manage was a white room with a door and us just in our swim trunks.



[Whoa, I didn’t think I would be able to see you, how are you able to do this? I don’t even hurt or have any scars anymore.] He was turning around in circles looking and prodding at every spot which hurt him in the real world.



[Not very easily mind you, I am positive I will pass out now with all the concentration I am putting into this.]



[What did you need to show me then that was so important to do this?]



[This...] And I began to show him how I felt and why I did the things I did. How my family works, how we behave, the rules we live by. I even showed him how far I was willing to go to protect him. Considering I have a family that is friends with mine that has taught me self-defense since I was walking age he knew what I was capable of physically. I then showed him how much my mind has advanced since I was young as well and what most of my family was capable of. The last thing I showed him was the mental memories of some of my ancestors watching their charges die or loved ones and how badly it affected them. I needed him to know that I wasn’t kidding when I told him he was my charge and that I felt immense care for him.



Breaking the connection slowly to not shock him, I finally opened my eyes to see him in tears. With me smiling the last thing I was able to do was to call out to my aunt.



[Sora, help…] Then the world went dark and I felt myself falling.



But instead of the normal black when I normally pass out from my exercises I saw light. And then a form appeared; He seemed to have been about my height maybe a little taller, shoulder length blonde hair that seemed to glow from inside and a flowing white robe with a symbol of the goddess like that of the old high priests. I could feel myself taking a form, knowing that this was not normal, the clothing he was wearing and the situation I was in I must’ve been in Summerland. Bowing so as not to meet his eyes in respect I greeted him in the only way I knew how.



“Well met great one, how may this humble one be of assistance?”



“Haha, you need not bow to me, I am no deity nor am I human, and I am that which is in-between, even still you have no reason to not look at me.” And with that I could feel a warm hand grasping my chin to bring my head and face up to look upon him. He had the most piercing blue eyes I had ever seen and looked like he was Michelangelo’s David.



“Forgive me, I was only bowing, I would not have stayed that way for long, merely out of respect.”



“Of that I am certain, your family still holds true to the old ways, if not modernized a little, but still true.”



“Thank you great one, If I may, you never asked what I may do for you” Even his voice made me feel weak and heart flutter, a feeling I have never had.



“Nothing except know that you are doing a wonderful service to this young man that has disappeared from knowledge for a long time.”



“I do not understand, how has he disappeared?”



“His family is that of an old line long forgotten and unseen by the other families; the powerful druid line of Myrddin. He is known to me as Anwyl Llewelyn ap Myrddin; meaning beloved lion son of Merlin in English.”



“But how can he be the son of Merlin? The Druid lived hundreds of years ago.”



“The lineage was determined by blood in the days of old, but in the celestial realm we determine lineage by the life of souls. For every new soul that is born unto the world, it stems from an older one, creating a new descendant of that celestial family. There are thousands of family lines and all use a tongue older that what you would know that is from Summerland and the celestial realm itself, which has also been lost to the world. Myrddin comes from the Latulchar line, one of celestial royalty, though not high but notable, think of them as nobles. Summit has ties to the noble celestial lines as well as the warrior lines.”



“Why are you telling me this?”



“Because change is coming, and you need to be ready for it maenaro.”



“What did you call me? What change is coming? Who are you?”



“In time all will be revealed to you, and that is nearer than you think. I called you my love, for that is what you are my soul mate.”



I was shocked beyond recognition; I was in Summerland and talking to someone who told me Connor was celestial royalty, not mention I might be and that he was my soul mate. I looked down in thought and pondered what he had just said until he interrupted my thoughts.



“Maenaro I am Galbrae Norat Equious son of Monrafa Tular Equious, Son to the mother goddess and leader of the celestial realm. You have and always will be the one I love.”



This was all too much, my soul mate is a descendant of the goddess and not to mention everything I had already learned. But I had to wonder why now of all times, I know he said there was change, but what would happen to make this known to me?



“Why now?”



“To make sure you are prepared and not afraid of what you are.”



He reached out to me with his hand inviting me to embrace him. As I did I could feel this warmth spread over me and the presence I felt was flowing through me. He was what I had felt at school, but how come I couldn’t tell what he was.



“When we are joined, we can feel and hear each other maenaro, yes I was there watching over you at your school and you didn’t know me until now. The only way for you to remember everything is to bond with me in this form back in the earthly realm. Would you like to remember everything?” He asked as he kissed me.



As soon as his lips touched mine I felt like a bolt of energy hit me and my skin was on fire, I never wanted it to go away I had to have him near me all the time to feel the love and warmth radiating from him. But all too soon was it over.



“Why did you stop?”



“Because our time is almost over, but soon you will have me at your side again, and we shall not part ways again.”



“How soon though? I haven’t experienced anything like that before.”



“Not long, be patient maenaro and do not worry about Connor and his feelings for you, he understands now what you feel and is changing himself, but should the need arise tell him that there is love for him in the near future and he is family. Share this experience with Summit, you now have the power and knowledge to do what must be done, but be careful until I am there, you do not know how to control it yet.”



And with that I felt him and everything else fade away from me, I tried to run to him but it was no use, the dark was surrounding me and all I could think about was him. Next thing I knew I was waking up in my room to my aunts Sora and Janae and Connor standing over me.



“Syll Are you alright? You had me worried, I called your mother, she and your uncle Solrae are on their way.” My aunt said.



“There was no need to call her, but since you did you should call everyone else while I call my friends and tell them tonight has been canceled, I need to speak to summit.”



“Syll, why do you need to do that? Can you not wait a couple weeks for the next gathering?”



“It’s complicated, but what I can tell you is that Connor is family and that we have much to prepare for.”



“How am I family to you Syll? I never even knew you till I came to our school.” Connor had asked in a curious tone.



“I was in the celestial plane and was greeted by someone who knew me. He is from the line of Myrddin aunt Sora.”



My aunt looked at me then back at him, I could feel the energy ebb off her when it suddenly stopped and she stood up.



“I am going to call the others, Janae heal Connor should he will it and check Syll, I feel no pain off him but he should have a headache.” With that she left the room.



“Syll you gave us quite a scare, you know better than to do what you did.” My cousin finally spoke in the singsong voice of hers.



“I had to; it was the only way to show him.”



“I understand, but nonetheless you know better, now stay here while I go get some supplies.”



I then sat up and looked at Connor who seemed in a whole other world.



“Connor, are you alright?”



“Yeah Syll I am, I understand now and will learn look at you as an older brother, I’m sorry for earlier.”


“You have no reason to be Connor, you were only following what you felt and so was I. There is no need for apologies. I think you should know that I learned you have love in the near future.”



“Really? Do you know anything about him?”



“No I don’t, only that he will be your soul mate just as mine will come to me soon as well.”



“Thank you for everything Syll, you have given everything to me. You didn’t even know me, but I know now it’s how you are.”



He climbed up onto the bed and hugged me, this time it was not out of lust but out of kindness.



“Why don’t we lie down, my headache is starting to come on and I think we would be more comfortable that way until my aunt comes back.”



Connor just shook his head in agreement and we situated ourselves so I could hold him to my side. My mind never left the thought of Galbrae and who he was to me.






***Note from the author***

Hey there!



I sincerely apologize to my readers for the long delay; I work at a hospital that has understaffing issues due to some new policies put in place, so I’ve been working four to five twelve hour shifts a week. I do not want to make excuses, but things have calmed down since the holidays have hit. I hope you enjoy this chapter as I enjoyed writing it even though it took me so long, I promise to try and write more now that I have some free time and can breathe. Once again text in [brackets] means mind communication, "quotation" marks means verbal, {braces} means over the phone and, 'apostrophes' are quotes. I’m sorry for the no sex scenes, it just isn’t my thing. I am also looking into a mass email for the people who have contacted me to be updated when I have sent in a new chapter. I will send one out to see what kind of response I get, but don’t worry nobody will be able to see your email with how I will send it. I can be reached at









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