Uncle Silver Wolf's Forest Lore

Silver Wolf

Book 2


By Christian Martin 2013 - 2016

Table of Contents

Galactica - Book 1 - Via Lactea Chapter 18 The Interstellar Amoeba
Chapter 1 Knocking at the Door of a New Galaxy Chapter 19 Life is a Constant War
Chapter 2 The Magic Hunt Chapter 20 Mandarins: the Bane of Administrations
Chapter 3 Meetings of a New Kind Chapter 21 Brewing Troubles
Chapter 4 Frustrated Trio Chapter 22 Here She Blows!
Chapter 5 Communication Issues Chapter 23 Clean-Up... Again?
Chapter 6 An Empire of Slaves Chapter 24 Some Memories Are Stains
Chapter 7 Sorrows of the Damned Chapter 25 Brain Map
Chapter 8 The Dust Bowl Chapter 26 Ghettos and Their Dangers
Chapter 9 Readying an Invasion Chapter 27 Droids
Chapter 10 Assault on a Cloud Chapter 28 Wake Up, Wake Up, Little Dinosaur!
Chapter 11 Corrosive Atmospheres Chapter 29 Contact of the Fourth Kind
Chapter 12 Battle of the Mages Chapter 30 A Side Trip
Chapter 13 Fights and Flight in the Darkness Chapter 31 Condensing a Star Cluster
Chapter 14 Shit Flies Chapter 32 Red Dwarf Nightmares
Chapter 15 Bring the Ghosts Back to Life! Notes
Chapter 16 Solarius List of Names in Use
Chapter 17 Hidden Treasures Book 3 -


In order to fully enjoy the music that comes with some chapters, it is best to install Apple's Quick Time Player. Most music are in the .au format.