Uncle Silver Wolf's Forest Lore

Silver Wolf

By Christian Martin 2009 - 2012

The Prophesy

Book 1 - Cave Lupus

A nuclear war has ravaged the Earth, and, six thousand years later, the consequences are dire. We follow the emergence of a new species, its battle to survive against nature and life itself. They have something to do, and there is precious little time to do it. Will they find the things they need in time, understand the numerous tips and tools left behind? Follow the saga and see their first steps. Meet a plethora of mutant species, consequences of the use of the nuclear bombs, the regression of society and life, where death by the sword is as common as car accidents today.

Who is Silver Wolf? Well, that, dear reader, is for you to discover as the Saga progresses from book to book!

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Book 2 - The Right Hand of Destiny

The saga continues with further battles against orcs and crocodile priests. Additional enemies will join the frey, but also unexpected allies. The Elves and Legionnaires will fight a battle against huge armies and magic will be used on a scale yet unheard of. So much needs to be rediscovered, and time, everyone admits, is running short. Friends made, friends lost, betrayal and justice are in the making.

Book 3 - The Hammer of Atlantis

They now know what lays ahead and why they need to rush. The question remains: Will they succeed to do what must be done on time? The balance of Life is on the line, and many enemies will try to stop them, some old, some new; but their worse enemy is time itself, that ticks away with indifference. See how Ian, Harp, and their brothers and friends will become ever closer in the face of adversity.

Book 4 - Armageddon

Time is running out! Will they succeed in saving all that can reasonably be saved? Old enemies resurface and allies come from unexpected quarters, the final battle occurs, and problems abound. New enemies show up, old ones rear their ugly heads, and enemies of old become allies of the day. Atlanteans learn new lessons. Nothing is sure, even when you can see the future.

I am currently thinking of pushing the story line in two directions: one would explore the arrival of the Atlanteans on Earth in more detail, and the other would be a follow-up trilogy to this one. Either way, it will be a while before anything grows out of these musings.

* I made my pick! Foreward ho! The Galactica saga focuses on our universe, and the next series (if I live until then!) is Universalis, where the Atlantean ship tackles inter-universe jumps and other unsavory issues! Also in preparation are Atlantis One - First Empire; Atlantis II - Second Empire - The Angel Wars. *


Book 1 - Via Lactea

The survivors of Armageddon have begun their long, eternal task: rescue life through time and space to insure it will survive the destruction of the cosmological bubble they of which they are an integral part. This book focuses on their first efforts, as they scour the Milky Way for intelligent and sensitive life. It talks of their despair and hope of finding traces of advanced life orbiting varied star systems.

Book 2 - Andromeda

The Atlanteans left the Miky Way in their quest to save more life from the apprehended disaster. Will it be the Conquest of Paradise or a Descent in Hades? Who knows?

Other Writings

Harry Potter - Hellion!

Petunia goes nuts when she discovers Harry Potter on her doorsteps, and she and Vernon decide to get rid of the Hell Spawn. What happens? It is a totally different take to the classic Harry Potter universe. As can be gathered from the title, Harry will not be Mr Nice Guy.

And, after a clamour from readers, the follow-up to that story...

A Little Devil at Hogwarts

Disclaimer: By the way, if you think I own Harry Potter, send me a cheque!

Naruto's Revenge

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Naruto... but it's only a wish!

Short Stories - Poems - Plays

Herein you will find a collection of short stories, poems and plays already published elsewhere, that I decided to regroup for your convenience. I do not pretend to organize them by date of writing or publication; some will be written in French and others in English. Translating generally damages a text, even more so a poem or a play. I hope you will forgive me for the lack of rhyme in the translations from French to English, as I have tried to convey the idea not the literal translation so typical of modern translators.

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