Harry Potter, Hellion!

The follow-up

By Christian Martin 2016

I do NOT own Harry Potter, however much I wish I did! This is a completelely alternate universe from the original. Only the NAMES are borrowed, not the story-line.

The Little Devil

A Little Devil at Hogswart

NanoWriMo 2016 Winner's Cup

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Minerva’s Nightmare Chapter 7 - Back to Hogwarts
Chapter 2 - The Demise of Ronald Weasley Chapter 8 - A Bookworm Has Character Indigestion
Chapter 3 - High Elves Meet the Devil Chapter 9 - Forbidden Forest?
Chapter 4 - The Queen, Magic, and Mundane Science Chapter 10 - Prank War
Chapter 5 - Code Red Chapter 11 - Learning to... Drive?
Chapter 6 - Harry at the White House Chapter 12 - A Trip to South America