Uncle Silver Wolf's Forest Lore

Silver Wolf

Book 1

Via Lactea

By Christian Martin 2012 - 2013

Table of Contents

The Prophesy - Book 1 - Cave Lupus Chapter 17 The Insects' Wild West
Foreword Chapter 18 Rebuilding Worlds
Chapter 1- Reanimate! Chapter 19 Diplomacy Sucks
Chapter 2 Wake Up Call Chapter 20 Planet Evacuations
Chapter 3 The Upstart and the Has-Been Chapter 21 The Cleanup
Chapter 4 Life Is... Chapter 22 Adamentium
Chapter 5 The Hive Chapter 23 Colonies
Chapter 6 Dying Is Living Chapter 24 The Origins of Magic
Chapter 7 To Bee or Not to Bee Chapter 25 Dealing with Leftovers
Chapter 8 How Far Have Things Gone? Chapter 26 The Last Atlantean Colony
Chapter 9 Nestor Chapter 27 Ghosts From the Past
Chapter 10 Ian's Fury Chapter 28 The Lost Armada
Chapter 11 The Caterpillar Ship Chapter 29 The Founders’ Descent in Hell
Chapter 12 An Investigation and a New Species Chapter 30 The Diamond Planet
Chapter 13 Hurricane Thebes Chapter 31 The Wraiths
Chapter 14 Slavers! Chapter 32 The Intergalactic Jump
Chapter 15 The Icy Planet Notes
Chapter 16 We, the People Figures and Illustrations
List of Names in Use Book 2 - Andromeda


In order to fully enjoy the music that comes with some chapters, it is best to install Apple's Quick Time Player. Most music are in the .au format.