Little Richard's Halloween Night

By Christian Martin 2007

It was the night of Halloween,

Not a ghost was yet to be seen,

Little monsters were roaming,

Threatening trick or treating.

Little gangs of witches or wizards,

Descended on flamboyant houses,

Like little packs of buzzards,

Asking for candy or face mouse!

Little Richard was walking

With his friends along the Cemetery;

All small, scared and weary,

When he heard the ghost whispering!

All his friends froze in their prowl,

They too had heard its sound,

All the ghost stories cast around,

Came back when they heard the growl!

In the dark shone a whisking green light,

Hissing as with darkness it had a fight,

Growing ever so brighter

As it rose ever so higher!

Little Richard came home running

Told his dad of ghosts fleeing

Out of the old cemetery escaping

With all the green things following!

Naturally Dad took the story lightly

Because it was Halloween day,

But what was he to say,

As the sky was lit brightly!

Then came a sound so grisly

From where the cemetery lay,

That he fell on his knees to pray

And keeps shivering to this day.

The townspeople converged on the noise

Wondering what were the Devil's ploys,

To break their kids' Halloween fun,

And make them come home on the run!

They stood looking at the alleys once dark,

As between tombstones and flower beds

Where before lay at rest the deads,

Appeared cobwebs of light so stark!

Ever wider cracks appeared in the paths

Vapors escaped from the devil's baths,

And, setting plants and bushes ablaze,

Flames sprouted as far as one could gaze.

Green, red and yellow flames popped

Satan's fork danced as the fire hopped

Spreading gasses smelling of rotten eggs, sulfur and hell,

As the chapel called for help with its alarm bell!

The preacher came to assist, powerless,

To his parishioners misery and distress,

God was here to lay evil to rest,

And their souls forever repossess!

Claiming it was the day of Last Judgement,

That sinners would live eternal torment;

This did not help their predicament,

As all knew they were no angels in the firmament!

The big Oak, the pride of the place

Shook, trembled, to the ground fell,

And everyone saw the Red Mouth of Hell,

Open wide to swallow the cemetery's grace!

Immediately it bust to flames,

Its trunk expressing pain in its wailing,

To all lamenting its failing,

As the Devil played its scary games!

Next appeared two Eyes, ablaze and Reddish,

Bellowing defiance at God's Police,

Carved out of the rock by fires so nightmarish,

That they seemed to spear Heaven with malice.

The portrait was completed assounder,

When the central statue vanished in a thunder,

Adding a triangular nose to the Devil's face

Completing the cemetery's disgrace!

Then began the most horrendous of all,

Coming from the throat of Hell's Hall

A groan tickled the witnesses' hearing,

As the Mouth, ever widening,

Began gurgling and swallowing

Tombstones like Halloween candy, grinning!

Biers popped open, bursting aflame,

Kings and pawns pieces of the Devil's game,

The Cemetery a land of war not peace,

Stinking of decayed corpses and deadly feast!

As this last event occurred,

Every witness concurred,

Was felt a rumbling sound so deep,

From sole to soul it seemed to seep!

Testimony say the Mouth took breaths

Flames erupted as it exhaled fumes of deaths

Only to stop as a whistling sound was heard

Coming from the lungs of the Devil's herd

When it took an inhale and swallowed fresh air,

And rekindle the flames of the Evil's lair!

Thunder was heard as stars vanished,

As if even the universe had perished,

Lightning struck the Cemetery's gate,

Melting the locks to seal it's fate!

All night long the ugly Mouth grew,

Illuminating the night sky sickly green,

In a light never before seen,

The Devil's grin became ever so wider,

It's filthy breath ever so deeper,

As seeping water completed the Devil's Stew!

By morning, where once stood the burial ground

Was a gaping hole glowing, hot and smelling,

And not a corpse would ever be found;

The scenery and stench were so rebelling

The mayor asked the state to relocate his town

In a place a little more healthy and sound.

The State wanted to know what had happened,

The Governor not believing in God or Hell,

And sent some specialists to the site of the Fell,

So they could explore the Well,

Before preachers could make a sell,

And plan visits to Hell for a stipend!

They found that it was a vein of coal,

Set ablaze by workers in an abandoned mine,

That had been the demise of a graveyard so fine,

As air seeped into the underground galleries

And fed the fires of Hell all its calories

That had swallowed the place whole!

The irony of it all, can you guess what it was?

The cemetery was dedicated to the workers

That had died mining its rich chambers,

Brought back under the shade of the Tree

For their family to visit and see;

In the end, none escaped its claws!