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Dragon Lords - Book 2
Return of the King Naruto:
Aaron Stranton is the sole surviving human
from a war torn future. taking one last
gamble to set things right he goes into the
past to found a new race, and to save
humanity from itself.

Rated Mature: sex between teen males

Magic saves Harry from Vernon as the axe swings and
Dumbledore does the unthinkable, he breaks an active prophecy

Rated Mature: Sex between males
My take on a strong and intelligent Naruto. One whose parents prepared for the eventuality of their wishes not being carried out.

Journey to a New Start Heritage of the Ancients Legacy of Obligations
A powerful warrior, Harry tired and alone  after the final battle takes one last chance
to find happiness in another world and time

Rated: Safe


HP Stargate crossover. Ever wonder where magical folks really came from. Ever wonder why the Ancients never sent out a rescue ship for their brethren in the Pegasus Galaxy. Finding out his true heritage Harry found out and now it is time to do something

Rated Mature Minus: in some chapters due to mild sex between males.


It was supposed to impossible. They were not supposed to be able to follow their cousins in ascending to a higher plane.

Albus had plans. He was just waiting to see which of two boys was the one spoken of. It was really to bad Lily had plans to back up plans of her own and damn any one else's plans.

Harry grew up loved. With the help of those that loved him he was able to do something their cousins never wanted to happen. He was able to bring his people back to the pinnacle of their heritage.

Rated: Safe

Sidhe Rising Ancients Ascended Nexus Lord
 This little story I wrote in 2007 for Nano. It is one of the darkest things I have written to date and touches on non consensual sex and slavery. this story deals with Harry as a royal Unseelee Sidhe so his views and mores are different than humans. it is a dark tale about the Sidhe returning to the world and not liking what the Wizarding world has turned into.

A continuation of Heritage of the Ancients.
Now that Harry and his comrades have left Earth
and Arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy what is in store for them


Retreating to Nexus, a place where worlds touched. Harry planned to spend the rest of eternity searching new worlds for the one thing missing most in his life.

Searching for safety, Naruto let a bloody hand trail across a strange symbol on the cave wall the had taken refuge in, activating the gateway into Nexus.

What happens when a bundle of energy looking for what everyone else had meets the one who can give him his dreams, but is running from humanity.
Destiny's Split Betrayed Diary of a New Age
They started out as mankind's answer to Vampires. But when the truth came out a new path was chosen. And those who would serve mankind, would instead see mankind serve them.

Rated: Mature for sex between males and non consensual sex


There have been many betrayals over 600 years. The first was when the Normans convinced witches and wizards to attack their teachers, healers and magistrates.

Then came the betrayal that saw 2 young parents killed by a madman leaving behind an infant son.

Then came the betrayal of that infant by one who had no right to do what he did.


My attempt at a hybrid first person story.

What if the world had decided gay people were to be executed on sight. What if one of the most powerful young men had a secret that could get him killed.

What would happen if a mysterious energy wave hit the earth killing off 90% of the population in minutes.

What would happen if one person was prepared.

One Shots and Short Story's HP of Mars Druid Naruto
Where you can find my one shots and short stories

 Nano 2014 project 

Takes place in Harry's second year.

Oustracised Harry finds family in the last place he would look. With his family behind him he learns what it means to be a Potter and his station in life. Learnign Magic and skills long lost or known join him  as he shakes the foundations of the world.

Rated: Safe

A young Naruto finds a journal left by his mother. following the instructions leads him to a world he never knew existed and powers not seen since the First World.

Rated: Safe


Star wars crosses paths with Harry Potter verse.
Harry's Island Realm 

A one shot with a sequel being worked on.

A secret prepared by his parents opens up a new world of wonders and ways to do magic.



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