Chapter 54

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Rolling over first thing in the morning Aaron looked at the Clock and tried to think why he was up so early, rolling back over to the other side of the bed and seeing the entire clan in bed with him it finally dawned on him they had spent their first night in their new home, finally grinning as he realized why there were two times on the clock. Seeing that there was a seven hour difference between here and Earth, Aaron thought back to the discussion with the Core on why it was so important to port between systems to a place that had a clock so that some weird ass time dilation effect could occur, that way when you left one place at noon you did not arrive at your destination at the wrong time, in this case seven hours later than expected. As he was giving himself a headache trying to come up with something he could help train his people to use for long distance teleports Jeeves informed him in his blinking and shimmering way that he had the concept wrong from the start, when a person ported from one place to another they in a sense traveled through hyperspace, a place outside of time and the normal laws of the universe. That discovery in the previous timeline is what led to their present day ability to communicate instantly anywhere I the universe by mechanical means, it eventually led to the discovery of time travel.



Yawning, Aaron carefully stretched and changed the direction of his thoughts before he ended up with another headache, being on the edge he was lucky to sneak out of the bed without waking anyone else, making for the huge shower, he could not wait to have Kenny scream out hang on as this thing would literally lift the lighter ones up off the floor. Laughing Aaron entered the double airlock and hit the steam button and headed for one of the bench's at the back wall, relaxing back letting the steam do its work he had to wonder if Riku moved into Shoji's rooms last night, there was a small section of Apartments off to one side near the security center for visitors or those who worked for the Clan to live in. Hearing the door open he had to smile as the first group of his Lovers walked into the shower


“Aaron where are you?” Fred’s voice called out as he moved through the steam, it was as dense as a thick fog in here.



Chuckling, Aaron called out, “I'm back against the far wall sitting on one of the benches as I enjoy the steam, did I wake you up or was it that time?”



Having Damien appear in front of him through the steam, Aaron laughed at the shocked look on his face as he suddenly found him. Grabbing onto him, causing him let out a scream, Aaron laughed as he pulled Damien onto his lap, letting his hands roam around Damien's chest as the door opened again and he heard the rest of the clan come in, smiling as he played with Damien’s crotch as he heard Kenny chatting away he knew soon he would get to see Kenny’s expression first hand. Being brought out of his thoughts by a pair of hands reaching down to readjust his growing hardness, so it was between Damien’s legs, Aaron nuzzled behind Damien’s ear causing him to moan out in pleasure as he attacked the side of his neck with his lips while his hand was firmly stroking the hard cock jutting out from Damien’s body.



As Damien was getting close he started to wiggle around, giving Aaron the opportunity to thrust between his closed legs until Damien finally exploded all over his hand, trying to catch what he could, Aaron licked his hand clean as he grinned back at his lovers grinning at him. Feeling a mouth engulf the head of his hard cock he continued to thrust in and out of Damien’s thighs before he released his own load, but sadly another mouth swallowed every drop. Catching his breath, Aaron got to his feet and started to soap up his body, lathering up Doug’s back Aaron kissed him good morning and tasted himself before looking at the grinning face and shook his head, his lovers were starting to really get around his restrictions no matter what he did.



Spotting Kenny hitting the rinse cycle, Aaron chuckled as most of the Clan got the drowned rat treatment as Kenny tapped the sensor a little too hard, watching Kenny sputter out in shock and touch the sensor once more after glaring at it, he was prepared to laugh. Grinning evilly he watched as Kenny giggled and called out, “Hang on to something…” giggling madly before touching the touchpad once again and letting out a shriek as he flew into the air, “AAUUUGGGGHHHHHH….Son of A Bitch, Get me down…Get me Down…”



Holding onto Doug’s leg Aaron pulled him back to the ground and laughing, “Someone grab him before the cycle hits zero and he falls and gets hurt,”



Mark, being closest, reached up above his head and grabbed one of Kenny’s flailing arms, stopping the flying lesson, Mark pulled him down just in time as the drying cycle started to die down and Kenny half fell into Mark’s embrace.



“I wanted to warn you, but why didn’t you grab onto someone or something Kenny when you started to fly into the air,” Aaron asked, as he snickered at Kenny’s expression, “I think I need to make an adjustment or two to the dryers,” he turned away from Kenny so he could silently laugh.



“Ya Think…” Kenny, now back on the ground, looked at Aaron funny before finally breaking down and laughing, it was kind of funny, if it was not happening to him.



Now dry, the Clan broke up into small groups and headed out of Aaron's bedroom so they could take care of the other hygiene matters before meeting up for chores. While brushing his teeth, Aaron started laughing again at the memory of Kenny’s face as he flew up into the air, calming down and wiping the toothpaste off the mirror, he decided to get hug duty out of the way here in the city, before the youngsters ported over to the farms, that way, he could take his time double checking the aquaculture facilities with Tommy and his crews before breakfast.



Looking over the tanks one last time, Aaron frowned as he ran the scanner over the tank once again, the water wasn’t the problem, everything was where it should be and nothing leaked so to speak, in the creation of the tanks. It was frustrating but every single Cobia fingerling lay atop the water, quite dead. Initiating the flush and disposal sequence, he turned to Tommy and some of the youngsters and teens of his team, “Well, water quality wise, there is no reason they should have died, and a scan of the fish shows no illness, so I’m going to have Xon run a test to see if they were effected somehow by transporting, and we should port a few over to see if maybe they are susceptible to magnetic fields and we moved them too fast from one place to another.” Smiling at Tommy, Aaron shrugged, “For now, why don’t you see about ordering some eggs from the supplier and hatching them out yourself…oh, I just remembered, no one has been able to do that yet; they harvest fingerlings from the breeding grounds.”



Stepping away from the tank as the water started to drop rapidly as the bottom drain fully unsealed, “How about sending out an SE110 to the known breeding area, it should be similar in this world, and once you find a small school of fingerlings, port them into one of the spare tanks, after making sure you port some of the water over first, if they die too, then we know it is something to do with the fish and them sensing magnetic fields.”



Tommy thought about it for several moments before nodding his head, “Right, I can do that, I have a good idea of where the breeding grounds are on Earth, so it should be close in this cloned world. Do we have something more long lasting than the SE110?  That way, we can blanket areas for study, without having to deal with replacing an SE unit every six days.” Tommy was looking at several members of his crew that had told him they wanted to eventually be Oceanologists.



Grinning in the direction Tommy was looking and seeing several embarrassed teens, Aaron smiled, “Well, I think what you are looking for is one of the long range observation drones, one of the OB50’s I should think,” smiling at the teens again, “You know there are so many species in the ocean that scientists have no clue on how they reproduce or even much of their life cycle, there are plenty of discoveries yet to be made, and since this is a virgin untouched clone of Earth, I imagine there would be room for a lot of fantastic discoveries. Tell you what, if you truly are interested in this field, why don’t you do a small report of one species, one that you know is in cultivation, and I’ll look it over, then spend a couple of weeks pouring through the database from Earth, of what ones the scientists there are working on, or even pick something new and undiscovered. I’ll work with each of you to get you going in the right direction, and then later, if this is truly the field you want to make a career of, I’ll find someone to mentor you, someone I can trust to not screw you over.”



Suddenly being engulfed in a hug by six teens, Aaron laughed, picking up on the happiness they were broadcasting, watching Tommy grin at him he hugged them all back just as tight as they were hugging him.



“Alrighty, I need to get a move on. Once the tank is flushed, make sure you leave it empty for at least a week, I’ll see you at breakfast; I have one stop to make, and I should just have time,” Aaron grinned before hugging the youngsters that felt left out. Waving, he ported out leaving Tommy and his teams to finish their chores.



Finished with breakfast, Aaron smiled as he planned his day, “So Mark, anything to report? All the livestock still handling the move okay?”



Looking up around Fred’s head, Mark smiled back at Aaron and stopped playing with what he was playing with for a moment, “They all came through fine, not even a drop in egg production like there would be if something spooked the poultry. Though I’m thinking if we are going to really start raising broilers, I need to do it on the mainland of what would be Mexico on the old Earth…you know, we need to rename these landmasses so we don’t keep refereeing to them by a name that is not appropriate really.”



“I suppose you won’t let me get away with just numbering them, will you?” Aaron saw the scowls on Pete’s and a few other faces, “fine, let the youngsters do it, have them come up with names and vote on them.” Grinning at the chaos that could cause, Aaron turned to Pete, “how many of the youngsters have been perverted to the dark side?”



Pete looked confused, “The dark side?”



Laughing, Kevin pulled him into a hug, “He means how many have you infected with your love of SCIFI or Fantasy?”



“Oh…” perking up, Pete grinned, “I think I’ll tell them about the contest after watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.”



Grinning, Aaron saw the amusement in the whole thing, “I can live with naming the land masses on the farm after Middle Earth.”



Sighing after glancing at the clock, Aaron stood and picked up his plate and glass, “I need to get ready for my trip to California this morning. The last patient was released from the Asclepius last night, so the ship is well and truly dead, I need to direct the collectors to harvest it for raw material.” Moving around the open counter into the kitchen, Aaron looked back out into the dining hall, “Xon, if you could move the shipyards from the dark side of the moon to high Earth orbit this morning. After my meeting, I plan to lay the keel of the new Asclepius I’ve got bouncing around in my head, if you can make sure that a full replication command center is on board the shipyard docks, it would be appreciated. I really like the holo imagining that I can do with your new console, it makes it very easy to design what I want to build.”



‘”Of course Aaron, I will do that shortly, I can also start the reclamation of the Asclepius while Derrick does the final walk through of the Elswick hospital, it will give me a chance to program the MRB’s for finishing the treatment pods.” Xon crossed over and leaned against the breakfast counter as he looked at David, “Phase one of the Crèche in New York has been finished, along with the phase four section that will house the Shaolin, you may start to move the youngsters into the new apartments this morning.”



“Good thing I planned my exams tomorrow then, giving myself a free day, in case something came up after the move,” David smiled, as he ruffled his brother's hair, “Can’t let my little brother get too much of a jump on me, now can I?” pulling out his P.A.D.D. he typed at the small screen for a moment, “Alright, I’ve informed the Shaolin that the Crèche is ready for occupancy and hopefully some of them will meet me there this morning and we can get things ready for the kids to move over this afternoon. I might want to go ahead and port them over instead of busing, to save time and give them the thrill of seeing space for the first time, you know, give them hope of a good future.”



“Since California became a territory, maybe we should build another Crèche temple for the Shaolin, for the ones that were going to stay on the west coast, just in case something similar to New York happens with kids over there,” Tim placed his plate in the sink and started to wash it, after glancing up to Aaron to see what he thought about the idea.



Drying his hands on the towel, Aaron thought about it, “Well, it makes sense, as much as I would like to say that New York was an aberration, the abandonment of kids probably started Saturday morning after the vote was announced.” Looking at David, “if the Shaolin approve of the temple Xon built them, get with the California masters and find a peaceful spot to build a duplicate of What Xon is finishing in New York, use any state owned land to build on.”



Motioning Xon and Pete over, Aaron led them through the back door to the kitchen into the common room area, pulling up a visual image and schematic plan of the shipyard, Aaron studied it for a moment, “This thing originally was built to handle construction of six vessels at once, the question is, how many MRB sets would you need to construct an Ares Class vessel, and how big of a replication center could you build to handle the construction?”



Pete walked over to the screen and studied the schematics, while Xon pulled out his P.A.D.D. and pulled up some files, studying his notes, “I do believe we can build an independent replication center on each arm, I notice that each arm is on an independent swivel for construction purposes,” Xon stated, as he looked at the picture on the screen.



“Not quite,” Aaron pointed to the top gantry; these four arms are fixed, and the bottom arms will swing out to the side and out behind if needed, so they’re below the repair docks. The reliant was built in the middle of those four arms.”



“I think the maximum number of MRB sets that can be synched together would be four,” Pete looked up from the screen.



“Alright, so if you can install one replication center on the shipyard, you can then build the other five once at least one is done, I can start building the new Asclepius while the other suite finishes building the replication centers.,” Aaron pulled up an image of the earth, “I think we’ll put it in geosynchronous orbit above Europe, near the Middle East, once you come up with a working collector weapon, we’ll base it from the shipyard.”



“Anyway, I need to get dressed and get a move on, I’ll see you later, Xon and maybe you, Pete, on board, after I finish with my meeting.” Aaron hugged them both before walking across to his bedroom so he could get dressed.



Arriving on Sol Station, Aaron made his way to the security office to pick up Friedrich and his team. Not finding him back at the Clan Compound, he figured this was the most likely place, walking past one of the windows, he stopped, staring straight ahead down the corridor he had to wonder if he was losing it, taking several steps back, he glanced sideways and saw that he was correct the first time he looked out the window, the AMT101 was docked to the side the Sol Station.



Noticing the time, and the fact Aaron as late, Friedrich brought the security monitors to life and found Aaron around the corner from the office, staring out the window, smiling he and John walked out of the office to see if they could sneak up behind Aaron.



Not even looking behind him, Aaron waited until they got within hearing distance, “Would either of you like to tell me what the hell the AMT is doing docked to Sol Station, or how in the world you made an airtight seal with the station?”



Laughing at Friedrich’s expression, John walked next to Aaron, “It really is not docked, not in the traditional sense; you have to port on and off to gain access to the plane, easy enough if for you lot, being Alteran and all.”



 “O…kay I guess that works, though why you did it…” Aaron turned away from the window, “I suppose everything is ready and you are just waiting for me to show up.” Seeing them nod, Aaron nodded without saying anything, finishing his trip to the security office, he saw Tim waving back at him.



“I’m here for the FBI people, they want the same deal, as the New York Office, though I think around three hundred people this time around . Otto and his guys are waiting onboard the AMT for us to show up,” Tim smiled, as he pulled Aaron over and kissed him before letting him go.



Laughing, Aaron pulled Tim up from the chair and ported them both to the command deck of the AMT then sat down in the command chair pulling system status reports up on the screen so he could make sure nothing was being damaged by being in space, catching Friedrich sit down on the couch across from the command stations, he glanced over at the flight deck and asked John, “Do you need me to port us into low orbit?”



“Unless you can retrofit this beast with thrusters, I’ll need you to port me over the ocean, Friedrich vetoed my idea of installing thrusters on the AMT,” John replied, as he brought the plane out of standby.



After porting the plane Aaron faced Friedrich, “Why not retrofit the AMT, all the reports and structural tests confirm no problems with it being in orbit?”



“From a security standpoint, it makes sense, the only way to get in or out of orbit is by teleport, so it assures us that only we can control these planes,” Friedrich replied, showing he had put some thought into the question.



Aaron thought about the answer as they approached the coastline, from a security standpoint, he had to agree, but when thinking about it he decided by controlling space and everything around the Earth, he had the upper hand, which reminded him, “Before I forget, Otto, have one of your people scan all the satellites in orbit, if they’re nothing but weapons platforms I think I’ll let Xon and Pete’s toy loose on them to get rid of them before I have someone wake me one morning to tell me that what we thought was a satellite opened fire on Sol Station or the Shipyard.”



Otto was saved having to reply, as John’s voice came over the speaker, “Los Angeles International, Altare One approaching from Angels ninety, twenty miles out, request confirmation of clear air space above LAX for VTOL approach.”



“Altare One, you are clear for VTOL approach, all traffic has been diverted around until you land…Welcome, your Majesty, Territorial Governor Tides is awaiting you at concourse E as is Master Su Li.”



Watching the plane maneuver around to the terminal gate, Aaron stood up as Tim grinned at him, “Show time,” glancing at the monitor, Tim frowned as the gantry was being extended to their cargo hatch, “I think we need to build them a taller terminal?”



“Hopefully I don’t visit California enough on board the AMT to need to do that,” Aaron smiled as he disappeared down the steps.





Derrick finished his final walkthrough with the site foreman and the owner of ECC, the building company that had built the hospital for them, “I’m amazed and pleased with not only how fast you built the hospital, but in not finding a single thing wrong. My scans have reported you built it to our exact specifications,” He smiled as the group secretly preened as he led them to the offices next to the hostel.



Tapping his communicator after extending the mic, “Xon, phase two is ready to commence; Elswick hospital is good to go…I agree, hmmm…I can ask as I don’t see any problem with it…right, see you shortly.” Smiling again, Derrick turned to the group, “Sorry about that, but now the installation team will go in and do the final equipment install, in through here please,” Derrick held the door open for them to enter before him.



Going around the couches to the small desk, Derrick pulled several pieces of paper out and signed them under Aaron’s signature then he pulled an envelope out of the drawer and quickly signed the two slips inside. Sitting down on the comfortable chair in front of the desk, Derrick grinned, “Well I thank you for a job well done.” Placing the sheets of paper on the table and sliding them over to the owner of ECC, “Letter of acceptance and final approval of inspection.”



Seeing the man look at the documents puzzled, Derrick explained, “We do things a little differently. The top document is the formal acknowledgement of our Kingdom taking control of the finished building, the next page is the scan report and inspection, proving that it meets our standards and has passed. While the final page is a recommendation from us to be used in any future bids you wish with any other projects. The upside is that it will be entered in our database and any future project we outsource and you decide to bid on, puts you at the top of the list in winning the contract.”



Giving the men a moment to finish congratulating each other and praising the site foreman for a job well done, Derrick slid over two more pieces of paper, “The top one, of course, is the final draft to present to the bank for payment for the project, and the bottom one is a bonus of sorts, for completing the project ahead of schedule and for your crew's willingness to go out of their way at every opportunity to help others while here on the job site.”



Ignoring and waving off the protests that this was too much, Derrick looked at the ceiling for a moment in deep thought, standing and finding himself in front of the plasma he logged into the terminal, bringing up a picture of the base, including the airstrip, staring at it for a minute, he tapped the other side of the fence line in thought before bringing up the map of England and zooming in on Penwith.



Bryon glanced through the papers as the young lord in charge of the project looked up at the map, and finding a fourth paper, read through it quickly, “But…this must be a mistake…”



Grinning as he came to a decision, “No mistake, Mr. Thames, the top page is your company's certification letter, issued by my government stating that your company is certified to work with the categories listed on that certificate, and if you have all the men listed on the second page report to the guard shack over the next couple of days, they will be issued a certificate card, one that can’t be altered or forged, I might add. Certifying them to work as welders with Ionosin, the new metal we built this hospital with, something that will give your lads a step up in the world.” Derrick turned around and pointed to the map, “Penwith, home to one of your largest still active landfills, and home to a new project, well, this one is a simple one, really.”



Picking up a folder off the desk, Derrick went back to his chair and placed the folder on the table in front of him, before sitting down, “If you’re interested, this is a simple one as I mentioned, nothing more than digging a big hole in the ground and lining it with our stabilized concrete and erecting a roof over it, this is one of the many refuse centers we plan to build around the country. It should give you a little breathing room before you start your other projects, as I’m sure, once word gets around that you are Alteran certified, you will be in demand. Though if I were you, I would demand assurances that supplies will be delivered at least a full seven days before needing them, which will keep your reputation as miracle workers intact.”



Once the laughter died down, Derrick tapped the top of the folder, “Think on it, and let us know by the end of the week. It might be a way to train up some of your people as you use the next few weeks to get organized. One of our collector arrays, like the one that dematerialized those helicopters will be stationed at the land fill until this new facility is built, we’ll be able to recycle all inorganic materials from the trash, leaving behind something that can be bio-composted and used as fertilizer.” Tilting his head to the side, Derrick faked getting a call on his communicator; actually Xon had contacted him telling him the arrays were starting to dismantle the Asclepius, “If you want to see one of the collector arrays in action, just go out to the docks as they recycle the Asclepius for raw material.”



Standing to let them know he was finished, Derrick said his goodbyes as the men rushed outside to see the fantastic hospital ship disappearing under the bright beams of the fanciful new equipment, “Cor, it’s a good thing the Royals have worked hard to bring their business to the country for us to do, otherwise, we’d be without jobs,” Bryon whispered to no one in particular.





Xon stood on the bridge of the shipyard perplexed by the scans of the station arms, instead of the hollow passageways for movement of parts that he had seen in the plans; there was a jumble of small nooks and thin impassable corridors that led nowhere. Initializing a full power startup, he gazed once more at the plasma showing the construction arms and noticed the configuration of the spaces was changing. “Reliant, initiate replication of command center on pylon one, deck A,” twisting the dial one click on his communicator, “Joe, initiate tractor beam, you are clear to move the shipyard to high geo orbit as planned.” Xon stared at the screen as he watched the spaces change, finally he noticed near the end of the arm, a small hatch open and several of the blocks to the passageway flowed out, resolving into assemblers.



Mystery solved, Xon theorized that full power up must have started the initialization of the assemblers, as several were currently examining each arm, most likely for repairs or maintenance in preparation of shipbuilding. Returning to the terminal, Xon pulled up schematics of the shipyard, having brought with him in his scanner’s memory core the key unlock codes to the Confederation data base Pete had copied, he had been redesigning his research command vessel in his spare time, now it was time to build it.



“Xon, replication center 1A has been completed; do you want us to start with 2A, since we have time, we're not even half way to orbit?” George, one of Pete’s original crew, asked.



Brought out of his thoughts, Xon touched a control on the touch pad terminal, opening a channel to the Reliant, “Very good George, do so if you think you have the time, I shall relocate to the new replication command center on 1A.” glancing at the schematics next to the door, Xon made his way into the hall, heading for the lift after taking a left once he entered the corridor.



Passing one of the many assemblers that were packed onto the shipyard, Xon stopped, pulled his scanner out of its pouch and ran a detailed scan; the possibility was there to combine the two technologies since the assembler contained a molecular welder. Moving on as his mind went through the possibilities, he entered the lift and moved down the two floors to the replication deck, it was only when he had entered the command center that he realized he had been lost in thought. Sitting down behind the console, he powered it up and ran a test sequence to make sure it was working properly. Test complete, Xon initiated the construction of the MRB’s, along with their Collector array, bringing to life the outside monitors, he examined the six dense matter blocks they had ported over to the array for fuel and considered his options as the first set of MRB’s were complete and the terminal told him mass would be required before further replication could take place.



Staring at the collector array, Xon ported it outside near one of the dense matter blocks, before synching it into the replicator system and creating the next set of MRB’s.  Waiting for the next set to be complete, Xon sat waiting the for the cycle to finish, rolling a small Isolinear chip case between his fingers, falling back into contemplative thought as he gazed at the monitor at the approaching Earth. The question was if he could synch eleven MCA’s into the replication chamber, their first prototype, how many could he synch in with the new system and its six MRB’s?



Tabling the search for a solution when he realized the replication sequence had completed, Xon ported the other two arrays out to the dense matter blocks.  Controlling the MRB’s, he directed them to the two other areas he planned to install replication control centers at. Gazing at the chip in his hand, Xon programmed the system to build one of the other two replication centers at location 1A sub section beta, while the other set of MRB’s took the lift the to the bottom to section H and started to build the replication center there.



Spending a moment to watch the monitors as the system built the two suites, Xon let his hands travel over the terminal, entering his requirements for MCA’s, he decided to build at least sixty six of the mass collector arrays while he waited, once they were in orbit, he had an experiment he wished to run. He was going to use the MRB’s to create parts and let the assemblers that seemed to be several thousand strong, put the pieces together. It just might increase the ship building pace, touching his pocket again, he had the perfect ship to build as a first attempt.



Leaving the replication center and making his way back to the command bridge, the solution to Aaron’s inquiry the other day might be a specialized replication area off the bridge, one that only made dense matter blocks. Entering the bridge, the speaker came to life with Derrick’s voice, “Xon, phase two is ready to commence, Elswick hospital is good to go.”



“Acknowledged, we have achieved orbit and I shall relocate several of the Collector arrays to the Asclepius to start dematerializing it," Xon moved to the command station, changing the screen so it showed the hulk of the Asclepius.



“I agree, hmmm…” Derrick started to ask how soon he would be starting the outfitting, but was interrupted by Xon.



“I foresee a need for massive amounts of mass, how quickly can we get access to the landfills in Brtiain? Even going so far as to create a new dump area that you designed for Hawaii in the British Isles?” Xon asked, as he looked at the side screen and ported two of the finished collectors out of the room and down to the Elswick docks, slaving one of the secondary stations into the replication center so he could start the harvesting of mass



“I can ask as I don’t see any problem with it,” Derrick told him, already thinking of the proper areas that had large landfills they could harvest mass from.



“Thank you, Love, it will be helpful if you can port to my location and help me chose which landfills we can harvest from,” Xon glanced back at the replication suite and ported ten of the arrays to the corridor outside the bridge, doing it three more times, clearing the room, he waited for Derrick to arrive.



“Right, see you shortly.” Derrick’s voice cut out with a small hiss as the speakers went quiet as Xon rotated the lower arm ninety degrees.



Scanning the bridge and seeing a full six secondary stations, Xon went around slaving each station into one of the finished replication centers, once finished, he synched eleven of the MCA’s into each replication center. Finished, he received a request from Derrick to give him a visualization of the command deck, he was joined a moment later by Derrick and pulled him into a hug and kissed him with passion. “Impeccable timing, Love, if you can target landfills for the arrays to start salvaging mass and port them over, there are sixty six in total, eleven for each station,” Xon pointed to the stations around the room.



“If you could start with stations one and six first we can direct the MRB’s along with the ones from Sol Station into finishing up the Crèche in two days instead of the six currently needed,” Xon smiled at Derrick, moving to station two he pulled up the files for finishing the Elswick facility before porting the three sets of MRB’s into the hospital after locking in the programming. Porting the collectors to the Penwith landfill he activated the replicator before moving over to station three, fingers programming the terminal he ported the MRB’s to just outside the shipyard right before porting the collectors to another of the landfills Derrick had placed on the central plasma, dizzy for a second, he activated the system after releasing the DNA lock and started to create dense matter blocks for future projects.



Seeing Xon sway, “How much un-assisted porting have you been doing,” Derrick asked as he glanced around feeling for a gestalt link, not finding one he frowned as Xon finished what he was doing, “If we are going to use this place constantly we need to install a gestalt generator.”  Moving over to where Xon was standing he glared at him as he pointed to the chair behind him at the first station, “Sit down, I’m going to get some food so you can start replacing all those calories you burned off, you can tie in the Sol Station programming while I’m gone.” Pushing Xon into the chair Derrick ported to Altair Trauma outside the kitchens to grab some food.





Tim sat back in the chair glancing at the department heads around the table as they finished examining the new toys they would get to play with, letting his eyes travel around the room to the other three hundred some former FBI agents now hired on as Alteran security agents he thought what is up with government buildings looking so dreary.



Former bureau chief Rodney Templeton and newly hired section commander felt his pocket vibrate, excusing himself he walked several steps away from the table, after opening his phone he accepted the call, “Templeton here.”



“Sorry to bother you special agent but there’s been an incident, several rival gangs have tried to attack one of their counterparts near China town, it looks like a massive attempt to wipe out several neighborhoods. Local law enforcement has been pushed back and…well frankly we need help and your now listed as the state Alteran security contact.”



Templeton paled hearing about the attacks and then realizing they had not covered this yet rushed over to the table, “Right give me the area affected and I’ll get people there. I have one of the Clan here with me now and he can order the troops in.” scribbling down the address Templeton ended the call looking at Tim, “Right well I expect that the training would have covered what to do, but we have a massive gang war going on at this location,” passing over the paper to Tim he stepped back as Tim actually glowed in anger.



“Right…” looking across the room where Otto was chatting with several people to set up training schedules, Tim extended his mic and tapped the side activating it, “Odin…Battle Stations…set condition RED.”



Boris thought to himself it was a good thing he had been altered, with the meals they were serving aboard the Odin he would soon get fat otherwise, smiling as one of the stewards brought desert out he ported directly to the bridge when the klaxons sounded a moment before the battle station lights flared plunging the mess hall in a deep blue, “REPORT!”



“Odin by order of Clan Stranton you are to release your weapons drones and target the following coordinates at Z plus zero to fifty,” Tim glanced down at his P.A.D.D. where he had entered the address giving him the three sets of numbers and read it off to Captain Pushkin finishing up with, “I’ll have Otto start porting in Marines in three minutes.”



Hearing his name, Otto glanced back at the main table when his P.A.D.D. started to sound the alert tones, rushing over to Tim, “Young Lord your orders!”



“Marines and telepaths to this location, Weapon Drone’s have been deployed,” Tim glared with hate in his eyes as he passed the paper with the address on it over. “They started this shit, now all of them will suffer, get a list of all gang hang outs and take them out, hold them for trial if needed…a message needs to be sent since these gangs are not as smart as the ones in New York.”



Rodney looked at both the young man and the Marine commander as they closed their eyes, he had heard through the grapevine that was a sure fire way of knowing when telepath was communicating with others a distance away. He shivered as he remembered watching the news and seeing all telepaths stop and do the same thing, afterwards on the spot trials started around the state of New York.



Aaron…” Tim pathed as he closed his eyes seeking his lover.



Holding up his hand Aaron closed his eyes and all conversation stopped around him, “Yes Tim how goes your meeting?”



It was going pretty good until a gang war erupted near China Town, I’ve dispatched the Wd758’s and Otto’s Marines, they’re going to put it down hard and fast, after that they will work on taking out the rest of the gangs,” Tim explained what had happened and what he was planning to do about it, “Heck New York got the idea very quickly, are they stupid out on the west coast or something?”



Arrogant more like it,” Aaron pathed back before brushing up against Boris’s mind, once he was welcomed in the linked the three of them together, “Boris, report!”



Jolting upright in the command chair Boris looked at the monitor, “Majesty? Sir, the weapons drones report back they’ve fired forty eight times, at the moment they are quiet and patrolling the area.”



Aaron knew the weapons drones were one hundred percent accurate, one shot meant one death, “Thank you Boris, Otto or Tim will let you know when you can stand down.” Dropping Boris out of the link Aaron mentally kissed Tim, “I’ll be leaving my meeting a few minutes, we had almost finished up when you called, I’ll make one announcement warning people of the new rules after that I’ll let the Marines deal with them, are you planning to join us on the shipyard or go back home?”



Tim sighed mentally, “You’re about to tell me this is one of those times you give the orders and don’t stare down your people's shoulders aren’t you?”



Sending Tim his laughter Aaron told him, “Yes I am, let your people take pride in their jobs and the praise you give them for their accomplishments.”



I’ll join up with you later, I think I might hit a store or two after finishing up here, maybe go help Andrew pack, as school starts over there next week, check up on how everything is going,” Tim smiled as he opened his eyes and mentally kissed Aaron as he dropped the link.



Glancing around the room at all the tense people, Tim smiled, “The war is over, no casualties on our side,” after they relaxed and settled down, he told them, “Forty eight of the gang members will no longer hurt anyone ever again, they did not survive.”



Rodney was shocked; from report to conclusion was less than two minutes, sitting down at the table he was starting to wrap his mind around the fact that Alteran’s did not mess around.



Aaron stared at the ceiling for a moment, “Do you have the ability to preempt audio and video feeds from here, I need to make an announcement?”



Bill looked at his Majesty wondering what happened before moving over to his desk and picking up the phone, “Gertrude hit the Emergency Broadcast alert,” putting the phone back down he walked around his desk and motioned for them to follow him into the next room.



After entering the room, Aaron noticed right away the television camera and stood in front of the desk and waited for the light to go on telling him he was live. He watched the technician who had practically flown into the room count down and when he hit one he started to speak, “Twenty minutes ago, several groups of gang members attacked another group in an attempt that we will never know the true answer to, as every single one of them is dead. Minutes after the attack started the Odin released its weapons drones and every single person carrying a weapon in the target area was killed. As it appears that those who are gang members only understand power, I have given the following order,” Aaron glared at the camera, “In thirty minutes my troops will enter the areas of every known gang stronghold, with weapons drones for cover, all gang members will be stopped and held for telepathic examination, those guilty of crimes against humanity will be executed on the spot.”



“I don’t understand, in a sense we gave you a clean slate, and those involved in gangs instead of grasping that clean slate, decided to keep with the status quo. The only way any that those involved in gangs have of surviving the coming action is to make their way to the nearest police station and turn themselves in. If you have not committed any crime since Saturday when we took control, you will be scanned and released with a clean slate. After we have gone through the state rounding up the gangs, dealing with those who prefer violence instead of tolerance and acceptance, maybe then as a people, you will realize that you are not living under the same laws you were last week. The rules have changed folks, accept them or leave the territory,” Aaron motioned for the technician to turn off the camera.



Once the light went off on top of the camera Aaron leaned back against the desk, “Let's finish this up so I can get with my Clan and get some of this work scheduled,” seeing the Shaolin master had followed him in, Aaron frowned, “I think with this demonstration, a lot of people will wake up so to speak. The problem is, when this happened in New York, a large percentage of those with intolerant attitudes or criminal leanings made for another state, in other words they fled.”



“And as they fled, sixty percent of them left behind their children,” Su Li informed the governor who was shocked by the numbers, falling back into his chair, “In New York they had the example of both the incident in China Town and the riot, most did not want to do anything to attract attention where a telepath would have cause to examine their minds.”



“The only good thing about those intolerant and criminally inclined leaving is that for every one person that leaves, five wish to move in and take their place,” Master Li smiled as he gazed at the governor.



“When I leave, I will be having a Crèche temple like the one built in New York built at Turlock Lake State Park, “Aaron looked at the map on the governor's wall, “Master Li, I will divert resources long enough to get the first wing built, but it might be a full week before it is complete and I can build the trauma center we talked about.”



Glancing over his shoulder at the governor, Aaron sighed as he looked like he had pulled himself together, “Bill, you might need to use one of the universities to house the children that will be abandoned until the crèche is built. Oh, and you will get two hospitals, I plan on building a children’s hospital near the crèche, like the one planned to be built in New York across the road from the crèche we built there.”



Standing and moving away from the desk, Aaron turned to face the governor and the staff from the government he had been meeting with all morning, “Master Li will be my voice and your contact.”



Whipping his left arm around so his robe slid back, Master Su Li exposed his dragon mark to the room and Aaron, bowing his head, “As the Great Dragon commands, so shall it be.”



Aaron nodded in satisfaction as the others in the room were confused, “Governor, hand of the Dragon,” Aaron told them with a nod before porting out.





David had a productive morning so far, his tour of the finished crèche wing had left him feeling that the youngsters that would eventually live there would be happy with their apartments, a nice mix of two to five bedroom apartments on three floors, on his way into the wing he had passed the area where one of the sides was being built, someone had roped it off so that no one would wander into the construction area and possibly get hurt. Secretly he smiled as he knew the MRB’s were programmed in such a way that they would halt construction mid molecule if need be if something living crossed into their space, but this way was better. Walking outside, he noticed a group of apprentices frantically roping off another area as more MRB’s had arrived, starting construction on the other wing.



Derrick, I see there are more MRB’s down here, how long now before the project is complete?” David smiled as Master Kwan Tanaka; one of the Shaolin elders, who would be stationed on Earth, looked shocked.



Two days, unless you need it sooner, we’ve got three replicator centers working on it now and access to four more; if we had to, we could get it done by tomorrow,” Derrick responded sending his love and a thrill at being asked back.



Smiling, David mentally kissed Derrick, “We’ll let Aaron decide, he might have a better idea of schedules after his meeting, I’ll see you shortly, I’m going to stay long enough for the first of the youngsters and teens to show up, then I’ll port up to the shipyard.” Mentally laughing, David smirked as they made it as far as the center of the courtyard, “Good thinking, Pete is not up there, otherwise he would be building one of his starships, later, Love.”



“Good news Young Dragon?” Kwan asked, now that David had finished his conversation.



“The construction will be done in two days unless Aaron decides to finish it up tomorrow. If he decides he needs to move resources,” David smiled as they entered the main section of the temple, heading for the dining area and he hoped he could pick up a simple sandwich. Spotting a buffet line David glanced down the row and smiled, not wanting to insult any of the Shaolin, Aaron did not know what he was missing he chuckled as picked up a plate and stared to choose. Making it to the end of the line with a pretty hefty portion, David smiled at one of the Shaolin in the kitchen, “You wouldn’t happen to have a fork would you; I’ve not mastered using chopsticks yet like Aaron has.”



Laughing, the Shaolin reached through the window and picked up the last steam table lid revealing a pile of forks.



Grinning, David took one and followed Master Kwan to one of the free tables and sat down, “Aaron is going to be upset he missed lunch,” snorting in amusement, getting an inquisitive look from Kwan, he decided to explain, “Aaron loves Chinese and stir fry’s, and Shoji fixes meals like this back home for lunch because that is the only way we can get him to eat lunch instead of skipping it.”



“Yes, I can understand his love of stir fry’s, we have given it careful thought of course, the young ones who will make this their home, might not thrive on a diet of our normal fare. We have hired several student chefs on the recommendation of young Scott, he who, along with his brother, is in charge of the kitchens on Altair Trauma.” Kwan smiled as he looked over at the first of the many young ones that started to arrive and were met by apprentices offering them food or something to drink before picking out an apartment, “I believe they planned comfort food, something called pizza; I look forward to eating a slice or two,” leaning forward he grinned, “But of course, we shall not tell those who are more traditional in their eating habits.”



David grinned, “Of course not, you might have to share, if you did that,” laughing he went back to eating as he kept an eye on the groups being steered into the hall for lunch. “Half of them look scared to death…” looking closer it was mainly the older ones, the teens.



Standing, David went over to one of the groups huddled together and skimmed their thoughts as he approached, digging through the fear and finally finding why they were afraid he lost control, “Why those lying sons of bitches!!!” glaring his hate out the window as he gained some control he finally turned to the scared teen, “You are safe here, ALL OF YOU ARE SAFE, you will not be touched the way that lying sack of shit said, in fact, I’m going to take care of them right now…how dare they lie to you like that…”



Extending his mic as he stalked out of the hall David’s voice carried back into the hall, “Bruce I want a team at my side as I arrive at Ithaca College, I have some bigots to castrate.”



Kwan hurried over to the teens who were scared and confused, hearing the Dragon roar as he left, Kwan smiled gently and calmed the teens, “You are safe here, as the young dragon told you, please get something to eat and we will show you to your new apartment, after you have finished and learned about this place. We will not force you to stay, once morning arrives, you of course will be free to leave and make other arrangements for your housing needs. And as for the lies you were told if you examine the apartment you will be living in, you will see for yourself the first of the many lies told to you by those people of hate, your new homes do have locks on the doors, ones that you can lock from the inside, not by us, from the outside.”



While Kwan was comforting and trying to get through to the scared teens, David appeared at the Ithaca campus, looking around the campus, he noticed some teens going into one of the buildings with their belongings while a group was coming out, the ones coming out looked worried while the ones going in looked excited. Intercepting the group heading for the portation point where a group of apprentices waited while talking to some of the Marines.



“I say we run now, it can’t be that bad living on the street alone, at least then no one would be shoving shit in our butts.”



“I’m not sure, I mean come on, everything we watched on TV showed how they were against all the shit the guy in there told us was going to happen to us.”



David heard enough and interrupted, “What the hell were you told in there?”



“Some guy from the clan is in there telling us what we are expected to so once we get to where we are going, I thought by asking for help, I would be safe from being whored and used as slaves,” the oldest boy spat out.



Eyes wide with shock, David looked at the other faces and saw them nod in agreement, “Did this guy offer proof he was Clan?” getting more than a little mad, David glanced around for his detail, not finding any of them he pathed openly, “Who is ready to accept the test?”



Startled, one of the apprentices and several Marines looked around as they heard the pathed message and the apprentices grinned when a strong voice pathed back, “I am Young Sir.” It was the clear ringing voice they had heard often enough in class, Master Lo was stepping forward, and their pride soared as one of their own was accepted.



Master Lo walked over to David and went to one knee, “Young Dragon, I accept the test, I shall honor the ordeal and not let you down.”



Barely holding onto his temper, David stood taller, “Rise Shaolin, one inside that building impersonates the Clan, we will put a stop to his lies,” turning and ignoring the teens, David angrily stalked towards the building followed by Master Lo, and after a couple of quick looks amongst themselves, the teens wanted to know what was going on and ran to catch up.



Approaching the doors, David did not bother opening them as they were ripped from their hinges letting him pass, soon he was standing in a darkened auditorium, glancing around he noticed several adults walking around in the dim light and one man ranting on the stage. Spotting the light switches, David glared at them, using his mind he turned them full on before twisting them in a way they could not be shut off without being replaced.



Startled, the hundreds of scared teens sitting in the dim light hoping to be overlooked jumped in fright as the doors around the room twisted, locking all exits but the one the angry looking dude was standing in.



Porting down to the stage, David glared at the man with hate in his eyes as he jumped back in fright.



“DEMON SPAWN…” Fred cursed as he pulled a cross out of his pocket and brandished it at the boy, “BEGONE…Demon, our Lord will protect the righteous.”



David stared at the man who was wearing a badly copied picture of the Clan symbol. “Who are you?…Impersonating the Clan is a death sentence! To impersonate a Clan member to spread lies and hate is a death sentence!” stepping forward as the man brandished his cross as if he was protecting himself form a vampire, David demanded, “WHO ARE YOU!?!?!”



A large portion of those that a few moments before were frightened and trying to hide in their seats realized something, if this person was who he said he was, he would not be frightened of a true Clan member.



“ABOMINATION…” Fred yelled out, spittle flying as the demon spawn approached him.



“WHO…Are…YOU,” David demanded, as he stepped forward with each word mind driving into the man’s mind to find the answers.



Standing tall to be more imposing, Fred sneered, “I am God's servant here on Earth, I am the righteous Fred Felps of the Westboro Baptist Church,” pulling a bottle of holy water out of his pocket, he threw it at the demon before falling to the ground screaming in pain, grabbing his head as David invaded his mind.



Finding out who let the man and his associates on campus, David looked up as several Marines walked in holding prisoners, seems the rest of the Felps group had been rounded up, sending the picture and name to one of the Marines he turned back as the prisoners were roughly dropped to the stage floor.



Glancing at the teens and then ignoring them for a moment, he stood straight and took a deep breath, his voice carrying across the auditorium designed for concerts, “I am David Billings of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom of Altare…And I stand in judgment.”



The teens sat spellbound as they recognized the words that started several of the trials they had seen on TV, and they had a ringside seat to one of the Clan holding a trial.



Stepping in front of the woman on her knees, David glared at her as he skimmed her mind not realizing that someone had gone into the control booth, turned the cameras on and started to broadcast this to the world. “Your defense that you are doing your God's work, is not a valid reason that you may torture and use children as pawns in your perverted fight, your hatred of anything that is different than what you are told is God’s word is wrong.” Shaking his head in disgust, David stepped back, “I find you guilty of torture, and of intentionally lying, and of using children as pawns…I…I sentence you to death for your crimes against humanity and children.”



Master Lo struck faster than a viper, and as his hand came back from the woman’s chest she fell over dead, heart stopped from the impact. Standing up, he felt odd, repulsed at taking a life and oddly satisfied at her death…he would meditate later he decided as he moved to the next person and struck after David pronounced judgment.



Standing in front of the twitching man, David glared down, the hate and rage he had felt was starting to fade away, replaced with resolve, “Impersonating a member of the Clan means death…impersonating a member of the Clan to spread lies and hate means death.” David tilted his head as he looked at the trembling man, “I find your attack against youth to be troubling, I saw in your own mind that every child here was expendable if you could create a riot that you could use to demonize us. I saw in your mind that you used the fear of brimstone and hell fire to control those who looked at you for spiritual guidance.”



Stepping back and searching for power with his mind, David started to call raw electricity to his body in long bright arcs, “I find you guilty of hate crimes against humanity, and sentence you to the removal of your DNA from the gene pool, I sentence all those related to you to undergo the strictest of mind probes and all found wanting, to be executed.” Glaring as he stood up straight, lifting his hand that was pointed to the man his eyes followed as the man was lifted off the floor, legs dangling as David’s arm was now above his head he pronounced judgment. “For your crimes against humanity and children, I sentence you to death, for your crime of impersonating the Clan, I sentence you to death. For your crime of impersonating the Clan to spread hate and lies, I sentence you to death by what you preach…I sentence you to hell and death by the very hell fire you fear.”



David’s voice had lowered as more and more electrical arcs hit his body and danced around him as the man started to scream and redden, electrical energy was hitting the sparks and feeding off each other creating a larger aura of energy, a wild type of electricity. Mind on the verge of pain from the amount of raw energy being drawn in, David roared in pain causing the teens to duck in shock, and the Shaolin to fall to his knee, left arm bared towards the young dragon lord, as if his dragon tattoo would save him from the dragon fire being launched.



One final roar of pain, and David released the ball of energy hitting the man in the chest causing him to scream out in pain one final time as every cell in his body was disrupted and lost cohesion.



David staggered as he released the energy, “Justice has been done this day,” holding his head up, David searched with his mind for Aaron and ported out leaving a stunned crowd behind.



Master Lo slowly got to his feet and faced the scared children and pathed to the healers hall, “We need mind healers and those willing to offer comfort to my side,” sending a visualization of the stage at the same time; he started to move over to the teens as his brethren started to port in.





Stopping mid sentence, Aaron turned in the chair looking at the center of the command deck for a moment before launching himself out of his comfy chair. His hands around David’s head even before he finished appearing, closing his eye’s he touched his forehead to David’s and went about discovering what had happened and healing, helping the young man deal with what he had to do.



Several minutes went by before Aaron moved, lifting his hand he ported a syringe filled with painkiller into it, and opening his eyes as he plunged the needle home in David’s arm, “Whatever gave you the idea to create something every person is going to call dragons fire? But more important, how the hell did you do it?”



Chuckling tiredly as the pain killer started to do its job, David opened his eyes and even his smile was tired, “One of Pete’s books, or the picture on the cover,” he fell asleep in Aaron’s arms after finishing.



Smiling, Derrick moved over, and using some kinetic help picked David up in his arms, “I’ll take him home and put him to bed, maybe have Fred run a scan or two to makes sure he is okay.”



Glancing back at Tim and Xon after Derrick ported out, Aaron saw they had pulled up the news feed and watched as David judged the nut, moving closer, eyes narrowing in concentrations as David started to pull power from the electrical outlets, he realized what he had done.



Tim grinned as he watched the electrical storm surround David and take a shape, first wings started to form making him look almost angelic then a tail seemed to form at the same time a great head raised up from the center of the energy, as David pronounced the sentence of death the energy seemed to come to life as a great dragon with its tail lashing as it roared out in defiance. Tim lost his smile as he realized it was David crying out in pain before the energy dragon reared up and flew into the man, burning him up in white hot energy slowly from the point the dragon entered his body outwards, “SHIT…”



Stunned, Aaron stood there; the legend of the Dragon Lords had just been caught on camera for the whole world to see, and somehow, without meaning to, or knowing what he had done, David turned legend into reality. Seeing Shaolin start to port into the auditorium, “Come on, we need to go down there, looks like there are a lot of scared teens in there that need a hug.”



Appearing in the auditorium, Aaron, along with Tim and Xon, started to move throughout the crowd handing out hugs and holding onto scared teens. Letting his mind roam, he found most of the teens were more unsettled over being lied to than seeing the people executed, that and they thought it was pretty cool, or at least most of them were thinking that, when the dragon came down and saved them, looking at Xon and then Tim, he felt each of his lovers were thinking the same thing. Sighing, he made his way to the stage, thinking hard about pulling power up unobserved Aaron found several outlets in the floor and started to draw the power slowly out of the sockets.



Seen from above, Aaron was a spectacle as electrical arcs cascaded across the floor to gather and swirl at his feet, soon a glow became visible, “HEAR ME…” once all eyes were turned to him, he looked up at the control room and saw this was being taped, “So be it, let the world run in fear of us, if it keeps the children safe and happy, so be it!”



“HEAR ME… You are all safe and the lies that were told did not stand up in the light of day. A new home has been built for you, a place where you can reach for your dreams and are actually encouraged to be the best you can be. The very stars shall be yours if that is your dream; you have my word that you will not be treated any differently than my own children.” Sensing some of them were convinced, but a good portion were wanting to trust him but were still wary, he looked at Tim and Xon.



I sense your hesitance Aaron…My Love, they no longer believe in anyone or the reality they have lived…give them the fantasy to give them a reason to live again, “Xon smiled as his hand encompassed the crowd of teens.



I know you hate it Aaron, but Xon is right they no longer believe in the system, they do believe in the dragon though, it is in the top of all their minds, look for yourself. They need it to survive and grow, even if it once more makes the Clan larger than life and god like, “Tim told him, as he moved to the side of the room so each of them formed the point of a triangle.



Hesitating a moment longer as he skimmed the minds of the teens in the hall, he hoped and prayed that being only a couple of hundred, it would not spread too fast. Sending Xon and Tim the secret to making the energy dragon, a secret he instinctively knew how to do, after watching David do it on the replay, Aaron held up his arms, “As my lover and member of the Clan stood in judgment to bring the truth to the darkness,” Aaron started to feed some of the energy to his lovers who took it and caged it like Aaron told them moments before. “As my clan leads, I so order,” Aaron pulled the energy up off the floor, swirling behind him as it formed a large terrifying blue gold dragon and the wings spread as it reared in defiance, “You have the word of the King of the Dragon Lords…YOU WILL BE SAFE AND LOVED.”



Pushing the extra energy to Xon and Tim, the electrical screams of uncontrolled lightening echoed through the hall as the teens looked around in wonder and began to believe, surrounded by three great dragons, the teens became excited and the glimmer of trust started to form and the Shaolin bowed their heads as the Great Dragon and the Dragon Lords completed prophecy.



In a loud thunderclap that knocked out the cameras, Aaron linked with Tim and Xon and ported everyone at once to the Shaolin temple, or more exactly to the courtyard in the middle.



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