Chapter 56






“Sir could you take a look at the screen,” Marine Private Jameson asked as he stuck his head around the corner towards the OOD’s office.



“What do you have Rick?” Officer Of the Day, Nelson jumped up and rushed out of the office, he remembered very clearly the discussion with the CAG over what should have happened because he did not read into the situation and his orders regarding Berkley house.



“Well I’m not entirely sure, it looks like an old destroyer retrofitted to be a fisher. The problem is, it is making for our outer shield and should be getting a warn off any minute. The curious thing is the water is to deep for fishing over where that thing is coming from,” Rick explained as he brought the image up on the monitor.



Picking up one of the SE110’s off the rack Nelson pushed at it kinetically like he had been taught and was satisfied when it activated, thinking carefully as he stared at the monitor he ported it to a spot just above the bridge of the advancing ship. Moving back he smiled as Rick had already brought the scan images up on the other monitor. Glancing at it as he saw Middle Eastern crew on the bridge the image changed so that they could see multiple cargo containers stacked around the deck. Pointing to one of the groups of cargo containers, “Rick can you get me real close to those containers, I need to see what is inside them if possible.”



“Can do Sir,” Rick smiled as his finger moved around the terminal and he brought the SE110 over to the cargo container and frowned as he tried to read the writing, moving the spy eye around the containers he spotted one that was not secured properly and carefully slipped the SE110 inside where the image came back of long canisters that looked like torpedoes. Glancing over his shoulder at the OOD he saw he was pale and trembling, he was not really surprised when Nelson jumped back and slammed his hand down on the alert button sending the base to condition red.



Nelson stood in front of the plasma at the side of the room staring into the pickup, “Sorry to bother you Sir, but we are now at condition Red, there is a disguised destroyer approaching our outer boundary. I can confirm nerve gas on the deck in missile canisters, I can only assume that there is more.”



Otto put his coffee cup down on the table and glanced over at the CAG and Chris, “It is finally happening then,” looking back at Nelson, the officer of the day, “Leftenant, activate Bravo 99.” They had designated the plan after the code 99, just without the meltdown of the equipment in the end. If it came down to it the Kingdom would be bombed from orbit after all Alteran's had ported out, of course there would be nothing left of the Earth afterwards, but hey that’s war was their feeling.



Nelson, shocked at his orders jumped, becoming ramrod straight as he saluted the pick up before moving to the terminal touchpad and entering several strings of numbers and then placing his finger over the DNA sensor to be recognized.





“Hello Kenny, fancy meeting you here,” Aaron smiled at his Love as Kenny rounded the bend before going back to the reports and checking them to see where Pat was in the growth cycle, so far he had grown a good eight inches in a week’s time and it looked like he was settling down so tomorrow, it looked like. “No more nightmares, I hope?”



Shaking his head no, Kenny looked down at his friend and lover, “No more nightmares, he’s still asleep,” cocking his head to the side as he watched fascinated as Pat suddenly became erect and a moment later fired off his load, “Whoa…”



Glancing back at the bio-tube, Aaron laughed, “Well, I can definitively say he is not having nightmares, a wet dream on the other hand,” he pointed, while Kenny went all wide eyed. Glancing down when he noticed Kenny go wide eyed, breathing fast and hard, he noticed that he had gotten very hard and his cock jumped several times as if pulsing, curious, Aaron sent his mind towards Kenny and brushed the outer layer of his mind and was slightly shocked to find that Kenny was developing his empathic gift, and he wondered if it was only Clan members he was empathic with, or if it would be everyone.



Moving over to the small replicator cove that had been installed in the med bay, Aaron searched for recorders and replicated the one designed to record empathic gifts and telepathy and picked it up off the pad before moving back to Kenny’s side, “Kenny, can I see your right arm please?” Smiling as Kenny looked at him, eyes wider yet, as he snapped the blue bracelet around his arm, he told him as Kenny played with the bracelet in wonder. “This is a recorder, it records the emergence of your gifts, I think you might be empathic, and this will let me know, I imagine the first gift that will eventually show up after the empathic ability would be Telepathy.”



Sitting down and pulling Kenny into his lap, “Pat will be out of the bio-tube tomorrow, as a healthy thirteen to fourteen year old, as far as his body is concerned, so I want you to wear this for the next little while so I can find out how the two of you are sharing your dreams and such, nothing bad, I promise you that.” Hugging Kenny as he nodded his head and smiled at him, “David told me he started puberty at twelve, or that was the first time he noticed hair growing around his penis, so I imagine that means you are about a year away from starting stage two yourself.”



Tapping the recorder, Aaron smiled, “This will help me document how your gifts first manifest and at what point in your development, I’ll give one to Doug later. There is not a lot in the data banks about our children entering puberty, and how the gifts first manifest. So I’m going to use the two of you to find the answers as we have about two hundred some plus youngsters that will eventually be going through breakthrough and it would be nice to know what to expect.”



Kenny looked at the bracelet and smiled, this was something that would help others and gave him a sense of being one step closer to sharing his body, finally, with Aaron, in the way he wanted, “I can give Doug his, if you make another one.”



Looking into the serious expression on Kenny’s face, Aaron laughed and glanced at the replicator and kinetically activated the cycle, creating another recorder, “Sure thing, Love, it’s on the replicator pad over in the wall, go for it, I’ll see you at breakfast,” he called the last out to Kenny’s back as he rushed over and grabbed the recorder and ran out of the med bay.



Laughing, Aaron walked out of the med bay and started walking around the compound, stopping every now and then to examine another odd plant or flower, he felt really good, relaxed, like everything was going his way for once. Taking one of the paths that led through the center of the compound, he stopped to gaze at the climbing flowers over the hot spring, all the new growth was encouraging and the flowers were fantastic the way the changed colors as if they were lit from the inside with LED lights., besides starts, there did not seem to be anything in the data base that told them how the plant propagated, yet it had flowers, so one would think it would have seeds, but so far no way had been found to induce that yet.



Realizing it was getting close to time for breakfast, Aaron made his way into the residence section, smiling at all his lovers gathering around the dining area as Kevin and Richard started to put the pans into the steam table. Coming up behind Mark, he pulled him around and kissed him passionately, not letting go until Mark was not only aroused but had a glazed look on his face before handing him over to Damien and moving over to Fred to kiss him good morning.



Halfway through breakfast, where they were talking about what needed to be done yet on the farm or in the city, and how everyone was happier than they had been, more assured of themselves and relaxed, Master Lo walked in looking pensive, and stopped near Aaron’s table.



“Prime, I am sorry for interrupting, but Centauri Station has passed along a message that Sol Station is now squawking Bravo 99,” Master Lo bowed after informing Aaron of the change in his peaceful day.



Placing his fork on the table, Aaron wiped his mouth as he looked around the table and saw the determination on the faces of his lovers, “Alright, this day had to happen sooner or later.” Standing up, Aaron started for his bedroom, telling his lovers over his shoulder, “If you plan to come with me, then battle dress is mandatory.” He had long ago given up ordering his lovers to safety, he knew better than to even try, knowing they would refuse.



Walking toward his room, Xon tapped his communicator, “Joe, bring the Reliant to battle stations and prepare to port to the Sol system as soon as I’m onboard, Sol Station is squawking bravo 99.” Not bothering to listen to the confirmation, Xon started to dress in armor, around the clan residence, all the adults of the Clan were donning their armor and preparing for war.



First one to the common room, Aaron noticed the worried yet determined looks on Kenny and Doug’s faces and the fright on Ichiro’s. Moving over and pulling Kenny and Doug tight to him, he leaned over and whispered, “Loves, Ichiro is freaking out, try to calm him down. I’m leaving you in charge Kenny, if need be, hold an orgy with Tyler and Richard, just remember Derrick and Ichiro are submissive, so you will have to control their actions. To help ease your minds, NOT a single one of us will be going Earth side so we will be safe and the Reliant will protect the British for us, so Andrew and Edward will be safe.”



Kissing each of them before releasing them, Aaron smiled as the Clan had assembled, “Xon, report to the Reliant. Tim, Kevin and Pete, report to the shipyards and prepare to use your MCA surprise when I figure out who to target.” Glancing around and stopping on David, “Report to Centauri Station, the bridge is yours David. Fred, report to Sol Station, the med bay. Brian, report to the bridge of Sol Station.” Looking at the last three dressed in battle armor, “Mark, Tommy, Damien, report to the core, you are to prepare for a reset if it comes to one of us being killed and you are to monitor the nuclear arsenal on Earth.”



Sensing Tommy was not happy, Aaron looked into his eyes, “Your job is the safety of the rest of us, and you have the frightening duty of determining if a restart is warranted, if I am taken out.” Seeing he had frightened him he smiled, “I plan to take them out first…let's go. Remember, stay safe.” He smiled at each one of them and sent his love their way before porting out.



Hugging his brother one last time, David kissed him, he kissed him the way Kenny always dreamed he would, with passion and love, “Be strong for me and Aaron, and keep Ichiro occupied,” waiting until his brother nodded and grinned back at him, he ported to the bridge of Centauri station. Appearing on the command deck, he let his gaze wander around before stepping forward, “I am David Stranton of Clan Stranton…” when all eyes were on him, some with relief, he stood taller, “Battle stations.”



Brian and Fred appeared on Sol Station, right outside the bridge and Fred kissed Brian before laying his head against his lover's, holding it for a moment, he smiled up at Brian and ported away to the med bay to prepare for wounded. Brian stood there for a moment before standing tall and walking onto the command deck; stopping once he reached the center, “I am Brian Stranton of Clan Stranton…Battle Stations. Weapons officer, target all off world satellites, at the first sign of them going active or if you detect targeting systems coming online and pointing towards us, destroy them.”



Xon and the Reliant appeared in the Sol System near Earth, entering the Mesosphere while releasing the Screaming Eagles; they took up station above the British Isles, protecting it.



Aaron appeared on the newly redesigned bridge of the shipyard and moved to the Command chair, while his three lovers moved to their stations, “Pete, how many MCA’s can we handle and how quickly can we move them when I find out who was behind this attempt,” he asked as he logged in, connecting to the command center on Altare.



“One hundred and sixty five, you don’t have to worry about porting those in use somewhere else, we created duplicates to be deployed if this ever happened.” Pete pulled up the launch bay where the MCA’s were neatly racked in one section and smiled as his surprise was unveiled as the hanger bay he had built at the bottom the shipyard was brought up on the screen and another couple hundred Screaming Eagles were shown nestled in their cradles.



“Otto, report?” Aaron fired off as he sent a mental thank you to Pete for the information, staring at the command center down on Altare and the bustle of the command crew in the background.



“Your Majesty,” Otto jumped up, hearing the voice from the side, staring into the pickup he swallowed, “The disguised destroyer is almost to the first warn off marker, as soon as we noticed the ship was carrying nerve gas missiles, I dispatched sub fighters to its location and ordered scans of the rest of the border. And we found three more of the disguised destroyers steaming towards our border. Each seems to be carrying lethal cargo and they have made no attempts to change direction so far.”



“Search alpha to Altare Command…initial scan indicates this vessel is a biological bomb, scans confirm three versions of nerve gas along with viral and bacterial weapons on board.”



“Search Theta to Command, Scan indicates each crew member is outfitted with a dead man’s switch that will trigger the release of weapons, the trigger is the cessation of the signal.”



“That complicates things slightly,” Aaron mused, before finding a solution, “here is what I want done. Otto, this will require a dual action teleport, I am going to port those vessels into high orbit and at the same time I do that, I want your people to port the command staff off those ships. Once the ships are in orbit we will hit them with the MCA’s so they don’t become a hazard. I don’t want to take a chance some of those bio-weapons will escape,” Aaron brought the gestalt generator online at full power and was pleased that it was one of the battle generators and he had more power than he knew what to do with at his disposal.



A few moments later, Otto smiled with a feral grin, “We are ready on our end, your Majesty, anytime you are.”



“I am ready as well, Love,” Pete smiled as he released the MCA’s from the docking bay and as they floated out into space, he prepared to move them to the vessels and test out the new rapid dematerialization sequence.



Staring at Otto, Aaron snarled, “Porting in three.”



“Your Highness something is up with the Alteran’s,” the Queens aide rushed into the room interrupting her meeting with the representatives from the House of Lords. “They have ringed the country with their fighters and they have one of the biggest ships I’ve ever seen high above us, it looks like the smaller fighters are patrolling the borders as if fending off an attack, not looking to attack us.”



Edward, who had been sitting behind his grandmother's desk, listening in to her talks with the Lords as he did his homework assignment for Aaron, looked up at hearing the aide’s report and pulled his P.A.D.D. out of the pouch on his leg and synched it into the terminal back in his room and tried to pull up information on what was going on, he remembered they did not have news networks and relied on just posting stuff to the system for anyone to view, “Bloody Hell!!!”



“EDWARD,” Victoria turned and looked at her grandson, glaring his way, because of his language.



Looking at his grandmother, Edward did not feel like backing down or apologizing, “Someone is attacking the Kingdom of Altare with four destroyers loaded with nerve gas and biological weapons.”



“Bloody Hell,” Victoria muttered, as she looked at the Lords sitting there.



Edward stood and moved to his grandmother's side and handed over his P.A.D.D. so she could watch what was happening. As he watched over her shoulder he picked up the phone and dialed security, “Institute a lock down of the family section, Captain.” The sound of running feet caused Victoria to look up and she smiled in relief when Andrew rushed into the room.





Aaron looked at the screen as Pete’s MCA’s rapidly went to work on the four destroyers; being attacked by the full one hundred and sixty five of the arrays, had the four ships reduced to their component atoms within minutes. Removing a chip he had grabbed from his armory shelf he slotted it home in the command chair, unlocking the DNA locks on the restriction to inorganic matter for the array’s, Aaron watched as the second time, the MCA’s activated, the cargo and biological weapons were resolved into mass for their use. Expression unreadable, he looked at the monitor with Otto’s face on it, “Information please, Otto, did we get them and where are they from?”



“Weapons detection…Satellite powering up and moving…”



“Fire…” Brian told the weapons officer, as he gazed at the screen, to the outer world he looked cool and collected, inside he was seething in anger at the attack.



“Iraq…”Otto looked up from the report he was reading, to see the glint of anger cross Aaron’s face, before he went stone cold once more, “The order to attack came from the Iraqi leader himself, backed up by the oil cartel, this was their answer to the release of your new electrical engine.”



“I see…” Aaron looked over his shoulder at his loves, before turning back to the screen, “Stand down from Bravo 99. Otto, stand down from battle Stations, it’s now our turn.” Changing the settings on the MRA’s back to original setting of inorganic matter after popping the control chip back out, Aaron brought up a live video feed of Baghdad and the surrounding part of the country. “We will start with the capital and move out, deploy MCA’s,” Aaron told them, as he pulled power from the gestalt once more and started to port the arrays down. The array's started to appear by the dozens above the city and Tim and Pete set them to work, starting with the gilded palaces, as more of the MCA’s appeared, more of the city started to disappear.



“Aaron, I’m really sorry, but you have an important call from the President, its urgent.” Tim’s voice carried to Aaron where he was watching Iraq being dissolved before his eyes, not knowing what to think about it, just knowing that the people were still alive and he had not harmed any innocents yet.



Sighing, Aaron looked back at Tim before bringing the terminal over and making the connection, glaring up at the plasma and seeing the long table from the UN general chambers meeting room, his mood darkened still further, “I’m here and this had better be good.”



“Sorry to bother you, but the UN called an emergency meeting to deal with the crisis in Israel. There have been rumors of not only sanctions, but outright retaliatory strikes.” The President rushed out, as he huddled off to one side as ambassadors started to wander by, and Aaron saw Edward’s father take the British seat at the permanent Security Council table with one of his security officers, William, standing behind him, blending in as an aide it seemed.



“What crisis? Israel is safe behind an interdiction barrier, I placed it there at the request of the lawful government,” Aaron was confused, what the hell were they talking about and why now.



“Yes, well that is the crisis, there are too many governments not liking what you did, or what the Israeli’s asked you to do to help them out. Plus, a lot of the governments are looking to find a way to pay you back for embarrassing them the last time you were here,” James entered the conversation as the rest of the main members of the security council sat down around the table.



“I still don’t see the problem, Israel’s government was attacked, instead of retaliating like they had in the past, they asked me to place a barrier around their country to protect them and in fact did not counter attack, this solution results in no lives lost. Unless they attempt to breach the barrier or come within the one kilometer no weapon zone with weapons,” Aaron shook his head. “How in the world could that bring about a crisis that needs to involve the UN security council?”



“Frankly, they’re running scared right now," the President offered, “You have upset their ordered views on the world and for some of them, if they can’t control you, they want to destroy you. It doesn’t matter much as the United States will be pulling out of the UN, in fact I will be proposing to dissolve the UN.”



“Who is behind this emergency session, who called it?” Aaron wanted to know, as he noticed the Russian ambassador sit down along with his Chinese counterpart.



“The Algerian’s,” James replied, as he nodded to something the German Ambassador said.



“Not the Iraqi’s?” Aaron wanted to know, he was trying to wrack his brain to see if Algeria was part of the oil cartel, and for the life of him, he could not place the country at all.



“No, James leaned forward as he noticed that Aaron was dressed in armor, “Has something else been happening? I find it odd that you are dressed in the same outfit that you wore when you visited the UN, last time, Battle Armor, I think Edward called it.”



“Yes, four destroyers carrying nerve gas and biological weapons attempted to cross our shield, but were removed and made…” Aaron searched for a good word to use, “They were made into mass for our reactors, safely.”



The Russian and Chinese ambassadors looked at each other in concern. They had been fully briefed by their respective leaders about the pending agreement for colonization, they had been ordered to back the Alteran’s in anything they proposed. Glancing around the room, the Russian Ambassador Petrovolich leaned closer to the P.A.D.D. and lowered his voice, “I have been instructed to follow your lead your Majesty. If you wish to dissolve the UN, my government shall support the motion.”



“As shall the People's Republic of China,” The Chinese ambassador leaned over and asked, “Do you have any idea of who is behind the attack?”



“The Iraqi government. They are being dealt with as we speak, I am using a more advanced version of the compost heap your people saw in action, Mr. President. In fact there is nothing left in Baghdad that is man made inorganic, including the buildings.” Aaron looked at the monitor and saw the MCA’s had broken into four groups and were moving out of the city, the surprising thing was, two groups were actively still dematerializing mass as they left, even though he did not see anything structure wise.



A knocking of wood against wood sounded as the Security Council was called to order.



Touching the terminal, Aaron muted the sound pickup in the room as the Security Council was called to order, “I’m really starting to get ticked off,” he pointed to the group of people arguing on the plasma monitor. Staring at Tim for several moments, “Tim, you mentioned something about wanting to relocate the former FBI offices, how about the UN building, it’s only four stories tall.”



“ENOUGH!!!” The President stood and glared at the ambassadors, as they glared back at him, “this is ridiculous, Israel being an independent country is well within their rights to ask another country for assistance. So I want an explanation of why all the cries of condemnation. They would have been well within their rights to retaliate for the military attack against school children, instead, they opted to place an impenetrable barrier around their country so they would be safe. No civilians were even killed or injured with Israel’s response, and yet a good third of you are calling for sanctions…ON WHAT GROUNDS?”



“This shield of safety gives the Israelis the ability to attack us without us being able to retaliate, not only that the shield encloses land that belongs to my people.”



“And how are they supposed to do this attacking, as the shield works in both directions? There is a very narrow doorway in or out of the shield. Plus they still have the same restrictions everyone else does, no weapons within one kilometer of the shield boundary,” James pointed out, as he noticed that most of the middle eastern delegates where the ones up in arms.



“Well, I for one have had enough of this upstart ordering us around like serfs, I propose that we not only sanction the Kingdom of Altare, we seize all assets and technology. We can have an international task force ready to go within hours if everyone cooperates,” The French ambassador stood and glared at the American President amidst cheers from a good third of the delegates.



Getting up from his seat, the Japanese ambassador made his way to the floor and stared at the French ambassador, “Hear me…”raising his voice he bellowed again, “HEAR ME…” now that there was silence he glared at those who, moments before, were cheering, “At this time, the Japanese government pulls out of the United Nations, no further military or financial support shall be forthcoming. The Japanese government no longer recognizes this body.”



“You can’t do that,” the French man was flushed with anger, as he stared at the Japanese ambassador and stuttered when several other ambassadors joined him. “All of your countries will be subject to sanctions; do you really want that to happen, to see your countries suffer trade embargos and isolation?”



“And just who are you, to decide to impose sanctions? I don’t believe the Security Council will approve those sanctions. You need a majority vote of the security council, which I do not believe you will get.” James looked at the man as if he had lost his mind, where did he think he was going to get the support he needed. Glancing up at the Middle Eastern contingent, he realized where the money and support was going to come from.



“It is time to put an end to this circus,” Petrovolich stood and looked at the Security Council, “All those in favor of sanctions to the breakaway countries along with the Kingdom of Altare vote now by raising your hand.”



Only four hands were raised, and the French ambassadors eyes narrowed in anger, “It does not matter, you will be overruled by the rest of the voting body.



The Chinese Ambassador stood, “It is past time for this body to be dissolved.”



“Oh no you don’t, I won’t allow it and the UN guards will stop you,” the French ambassador picked up his microphone, “Now…”



James saw fear in a lot of the delegate's faces as guards rushed into the room, eyes narrowed in recognition as he saw these guards were dressed and armed exactly like the ones that attempted to seize the Asclepius. “I think you’ve made a grave error.”



Laughing, the French man walked round the table, “And why is that, I have the heir to the British throne and the President of the United States in this room, the Americans wont dare attack us, we will settle this once and for all.”



“Well…for one thing, this is not the United States, the state of New York is an Alteran territory.” James smiled, as the shock rolled across several dozen faces and some of them looked around worried, “And the other is, I’m not the heir to the son is.”



Aaron saw all three of his lovers had the same cold expressions on their faces as they stared at the proceedings; fingers flying across the terminal, Aaron brought up the New York safe house monitor and ported the patrolling WD758 into the Security Council assembly chamber. He stared as the drone went into action and fired red pulses of energy, killing every single person carrying a weapon.



“Oh dear, did I forgot to mention the person you wanted to vilify was watching these proceedings,” James smirked, as William walked around and stunned the French ambassador.



“So, not only did the Iraqi government launch an attack against my Kingdom moments ago. With support from the oil cartel, they arranged for the U.N. to be invaded with the same type of uniformed guards that attacked me and the tried to seize the Asclepius,” Aaron’s voice carried around the chamber, and the delegates could feel the anger in his voice.



“The country of Iraq at this time is no longer,” Aaron’s announcement met with silence as the Middle Eastern delegation looked scared. “I used one of my newly developed toys to remove every inorganic man made item in the country,” looking at the side screen he smiled, “Well in twenty nine more minutes that is.” Aaron’s voice carried around the chamber, “In an orderly fashion, you are to leave the building. Do not attempt to go to your offices and remove anything. I rescind the right of the use of this building to an organization that no longer is in existence. One other thing you might want to keep in mind, while you are leaving. You planned to take action against a country that not only has a ship in near Earth orbit, but has a space station at the Lagrange point. are you that foolish to start something against someone who controls space?” Aaron watched the shock register on some of their faces, “One final thought, as you leave, keep in mind the lesson of Iraq, if you wish to cross me again. If you are an ally of Iraq, you might want to consider sending them food and aid, so the people don’t starve to death”



Aaron looked over at Tim, “I think I need to see that ambassador, so I can find out what the hell the French are playing at, have fun retrofitting the building, Love.” Smiling for the first time since this started, Aaron looked at the ceiling before looking out the window and the large number of dense matter blocks being created outside the station, pulling up the reports, he noticed the MRB”S were going at full capacity building the hospitals and finishing the other temple in California. Silently counting the blocks, he wondered at what number they would actually start to affect gravity.



Twenty minutes had passed and nothing further happened other than Tim’s security force storming the U.N. building in glee. Standing and stretching, Aaron turned around, “Okay, I think it is over for now, so let’s stand down,” knowing this was going out live to the entire Kingdom, Aaron smiled at the pickup, “Well, that was fun, Xon, if you would port over here for a quick meeting, I think everyone can go back to doing what they were doing and planning, before we were so rudely interrupted.”



Disconnecting the live feed, but leaving the military channel open, Aaron glared at the window for a moment, calmer now, he turned, “I want all commanders in my office in two hours for a meeting, if any of our allies or those we are in negotiations with contact us, port them up after lunch.” Switching off the video pick up, Aaron stared at Kevin and now that Xon had shown up, Pete and Tim, “I have a feeling that the problem from yesterday is coming back to bite me in the ass will be showing up after lunch, as planned. Do any of you see a way out of this problem?” Seeing negative shakes but amused looks, Aaron sighed, “Great, just what I need, four more of you to keep track of,” Laughing, Aaron hugged Kevin who was closest, “maybe I need to bar Kenny and his measuring stick from the meeting, otherwise he and Doug might vote for the two Asian offerings, most likely from them being on the smaller side.



Snorting, Pete grabbed Tim and whispered in his ear, grinning.



“Can you not just agree to let them earn the position as one of the four, and as they are competing in good faith that would earn their countries option for colonization, we can chose amongst them after knowing them for a while, to know if they are the type that would make good Clan members. Or even take genetic material and enter their bloodlines into ours by having children with them if they would not meet our standards or capture our hearts,” Xon asked, causing Aaron to stop in thought.



The more he thought about it, the more it might be more feasible to add their genetic uniqueness to their own, Aaron smiled, “That might work for the Russian or Danish candidates, giving us breathing room.”



“Before I leave and go deal with the after action reports, which should not be much, as calling this an action is questionable,” Aaron laughed. “Xon, if Tim agrees with it, send six of your MRB’s to refurbish the U.N. building, that way he can get his people moved in quickly, use the Reliant’s transporters to move what needs to be moved so they can get settled in.”



Motioning Xon over to the window, he pointed at the several hundred dense matter blocks floating out in front of the shipyard, “You might want to think about what you can build with those, if you need to move them, go ahead,” Aaron kissed him as he laughed at the shock on Xon’s face, “Yes, those were the extra mass that the MRB’s could not keep up with.”



Hugging Pete close as the secret about Xon’s project was still a secret, he kissed Pete’s check, “And no Pete, you can’t build starships with all that lovely mass.”



“Darn, you never let me have any fun,” Pete pouted, before grinning as he looked at the moon and started to scheme.



“Alright, I will see all of you for lunch, and if Kenny and the guys back home want to show up early, that would be more than fine with me, maybe we can have an orgy before the prospectives show up, let off a little steam.” Aaron grinned lewdly as he scanned his lovers with his eyes, letting his eyes rest on each of their crotches before porting out.



Tim looked and Kevin and Pete, “How in the world does he do that, with one look at me I’m horny as hell?”



Kevin chuckled as he pulled Pete over and kissed him, letting his hand roam south he found he was as hard as he was, “Let’s go back home and change into something more comfortable and pick up the rest of the guys, I like Aaron’s idea of a way to burn off stress.” Giggling he and Pete ported out, leaving Tim and Xon standing alone, Xon looked like he was trying to decide something.



Finally Xon turned to Tim, “I require you to hurry with your design concept,” Smiling at Tim, he moved close so they were chest to chest, “I have decided that the concept of Aaron’s stress relief activity excites me.”



Laughing, Tim pulled Xon over to the console so they could get the redesign done.



Aaron had time to place his armor over the end of the couch before people started to show up, Otto, along with the OOD, Nelson was his name Aaron remembered, were first through his office door, followed by Chris and then Joe, a minute later, Friedrich closed the door and took his place at the table.



Pulling on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt, Aaron glanced at those assembled, “Well, let’s start with the prisoners and move from there.”



Otto deadpanned as he watched Aaron get dressed, “Prisoners your Majesty? I’m sorry to say that after telling us everything they knew, the prisoners committed suicide.”



Pulling his shirt up enough, that he could see Otto’s face, Aaron looked at him a moment before pulling the shirt down and tucking it into his pants before snapping them up, “How convenient.” Pulling his chair out form the table he sighed, “well, at least I don’t have to hold a trial now.”



Glancing at Nelson who was looking more than a bit nervous, Aaron smiled, “Relax Leftenant,” smirking at Otto, he looked back, “Nelson, you did the right thing at the right time and for that, I thank you, we of course would have been safe, but some of those bio-weapons on those ships would have ended up devastating the world. You have my thanks Commander,” Aaron smiled, as it took a moment before Nelson caught on to what he had been told. “Anything else you want to add, Otto?”



“We seemed to pull this one off in record time, but I think we need to consider the next attack, if there is one, might come by sub,” Otto looked over at Chris as he said this.



“Does this mean I’m next,” Chris groaned before looking at Otto, “I suppose you want me to come up with some futuristic detection device?” Seeing Otto smirk and nod, Chris pointed back at Aaron, “Take it up with Pete, then.”



Otto looked confused as Chris grinned and Friedrich laughed and nodded in agreement, “Oh yes, if you want some futuristic gadget, you talk to Pete.”



“O…kay, if you say so,” Otto looked at Aaron who was looking amused.



“Does anyone have any comments on the attack today, before I order the neural image of the French Ambassador, so I can find out what the hell is going on.” Aaron looked around the room, before taking the neural imager out of his pocket and sliding it and a blank crystal over to Friedrich. “I want his brain emptied, so I can take a look at it right after lunch, that way if any of the other leaders show up, we might get an answer or two.”



Picking up the imager and the crystal, Friedrich got to his feet, “Right away, your Majesty, the only thing I need clarification on is what would you like me to do with William, his cover has been blown?”



“Assign him to Clan Security if he is willing to be called for testing, he can be a huge asset. He can head up Andrew and Richard's detail, for when they go off world or outside their country for now.” Aaron told him, before remembering, “That reminds me, I need to know who we have in the general pool that have yet to be tested so some of the guys can pick them to head their details, only list those that have not already been co-opted for the other teams.”



“Well, before we break up, the only thing I want to mention is, if France is involved in some way, other than to have people suborned that is, I want you to scan and find their military and nuclear bases so we can take them out first, if we need to. We’ll start with their military and then their capital and call for their unconditional surrender. From there, we will knock them back to the Stone Age if we have to,” Aaron stood glaring at the table; it was obvious the meeting was over.



As his commanders started to leave, his Lovers started to enter in various states of dress; those that were not dressed had their clothes in their arms as they entered Aaron’s office.



An hour and a half later, Ichiro lay on one of the couches exhausted, he had been busy playing feeder, but the thing was, none of the Clan would allow him to collect their offerings unless he came for them first, needless to say, he was asleep on the couch while Aaron was busy directing Derrick in topping David, to David’s moaning delight while snacking on Tyler.



Getting frustrated, Aaron grinned before diving down on Tyler’s hard cock, applying massive amounts of suction as he swirled his tongue around the head, doing his best to bring him off as quickly as possible in retaliation for using that toy as a distraction when he was trying to play director.



Tyler moaned so loud it was almost a scream as he came from the intense action Aaron was giving him, in the back of his mind he cursed himself for interrupting Aaron, causing him to retaliate by making him get off so quickly, as the climax hit and he fell into the intense feeling, he decided he would have to try this again sometime.



Swallowing the last little bit, as Tyler slid down the back of the couch, Aaron went back to nibbling on Derrick's ear as he readied him for entry. Once he felt he was loose enough, he moved around behind him and slid deep inside Derrick, causing him to moan out in pleasure, shooting volley after volley deep inside David. “Don’t stop, keep going,” Aaron whispered into Derrick’s ear, as he picked up the pace, thrusting in and out of Derrick who threw his head back in ecstasy as he followed the order not to stop.



Not being able to come down from the high of his orgasm, Derrick felt it start to build again with that hardness brushing against his prostate, Aaron was doing his magic again, that last thought left his mind as he picked up the pace to compliment David’s moans of pleasure, as he felt Aaron quicken his thrusting and pull his head back to capture his lips.



Aaron released Derrick’s lips and spotted Kenny in front of his brother, thrusting several more times as he felt Derrick spasm sending his seed deep into David again. Not wanting to hold back any longer, Aaron stiffened as he increased his thrusting against Derricks clenching ass and planted his own seed inside his lover.



Holding still to let himself soften and be expelled slowly, Aaron grinned as he looked around the room and saw his lovers in various stages of afterglow, slowly slipping out of Derrick, finally, Aaron went over to the closest group, comprised of Mark being sandwiched between Damien and Tyler with Fred laying on top of all of them and kissed them in passing, on his way to the side door to his office and the hidden shower installed there.



Chuckling when he found Brain and Tim washing each other, he was pulled round by Kevin and Tim a hand on each of his arms, as they warred over his lips, feeling fingers touch him from behind, he grinned as he looked over his shoulder as Tommy slid inside him, while Kevin grinned and grabbed the soap from Tim before starting to lather Aaron’s chest erotically.



Feeling something spurt inside him Aaron grinned as he waited for Tommy to pull out before turning and kissing him deeply. Rinsing off, the five of them stepped out of the shower to smile and kiss in passing the next Five led by Xon, getting dressed Aaron chuckled, it might be a good idea to hold the meeting in another room, this one smelled strongly of fabulous sex.



Last out of the room, Aaron touched the environmental controls, hopefully by rapidly replacing the air in the room, it would be safe to hold a meeting in it after lunch; that is, if anyone showed up, he thought it was more than likely to happen, after the disbanding of the U.N. this morning. Sighing as he smiled at his lovers as they made their way to the Conference room where they were to meet the hopeful candidates.



Walking into the room, Aaron grinned as the eight Russian lads along with their escort were plastered to the window, gazing down at the Earth below them. Feeling a tapping on his shoulder, Aaron saw Jens off to the side and moved closer so he could talk to him without being overheard.



“I am really sorry about how this blew out of proportion Aaron, I took your teasing comment the first time I met you as being serious,” Jens whispered, before smiling as he watched his son with his distant nephew enthralled by the view. “It has long been a tradition between the monarchs to cement alliances and major treaties by an exchange of family, if you will. So your innocent comment made in jest, made sense to me and to the others when they overheard me discussing the conversation, as we replayed the event.” Leaning back against the wall, Jens glanced at Aaron who looked amused, “I saw your face the other day when we mentioned bringing prospects up with us, so I knew then, your first comment was said in jest, but now…”



Aaron smiled as he whispered back, “Now my comment comes back to bite me in the ass, and while we may have come up with a solution to satisfy honor, as it were, I am looking at adding lovers to the Clan, and Friedrich, my head of security already makes comments about me having Satyr DNA,” he chuckled at that admission as he watched Kevin greet two Japanese teens that entered.



“And what solution did you come up with, Aaron,” Jens smiled as he watched the last of the teens walk in alone, the Chinese nephew of the premier along with Toshi’s cousin.



“Our Clan has a way for us to test others, to see if they are compatible with us, to see if we can see ourselves as their lovers and they, our lovers. The problem is there can never be more than four of those individuals at one time, and right now, two of those places are already filled.” Aaron looked at Jens out of the corner of his eye, “Xon suggested that we allow those candidates brought before us to compete, as it were, for those two spots, and for those not wishing to be included, or those that find out that they are not cut out for our family, the option of donating genetic material, so that we could have children with them as one of the parents.”



Jens thought for a moment as he looked at the group of teens interacting and laughing at the other end of the room, “And what would they be competing in to win those two places?” Jens was not sure he would be comfortable with competing for spots without knowing more.



“Leadership, they would have to prove to us that they take to heart my Clan's motto, Gens Stranton Ducit Alius Senquntur, they would have to prove to us they would lead from the front,” Aaron skimmed the man’s thoughts, and finally told him, “And they have to truly, with their whole heart, want to join us, not out of duty. If they come to us only out of duty, they can deposit their genetic material as what is required for the colonization treaty and leave with our thanks.”



Jens was secretly relieved and seeing the look on Aaron's face, blushed, he forgot he was surrounded by telepaths and they could pick up on his every thought before it was finished.



Aaron grinned, “Only when you are thinking about it so strongly that we can’t ignore you,” watching the interaction, Aaron saw that there was one Russian teen who was glued to the window still, either in fright or wonder and he sent his mind out to see which it was and smiled at the wonder he found there, “Relax Jens, your mind is your own, unless you really think hard about something, or like right now, when I listen for the answer, to make sure it matches your words.”



Aaron turned and faced him and smiled as he held out his hand, “Either a donation of genetic material from your son or nephew to seal the deal, or your nephew truly wants what we have to offer and wants to strive to gain our love. That will seal the colonization deal as far as our two kingdoms are concerned.”



Smiling, here was something he could agree with, he never felt right asking Rolph to do this, but knowing he was gay and would do his duty, he had asked and Rolph had agreed with a heavy heart, “Agreed.” Smiling, Jens shook Aaron’s hand feeling relived as Aaron walked away, towards the lone lad next to the window.



Stopping next to the teen, Aaron smiled as he kept his voice low, “It is a wondrous sight, isn’t it, being able to gaze down at the planet you were born on. There is even a place on the station where you can gaze down on Earth while floating in zero gravity.” Picking up on the lad's startled thoughts, Aaron grinned as the teen blushed as he moved back from the window, “Come on over and join in, get to know the Clan.” Placing a hand on the teen's shoulder Aaron steered him from the wall and brought him over to the group where everyone was getting to know each other.



Smiling as Tyler pulled the teen down on the couch next to him, Aaron went around the room greeting the teens before slipping out to the kitchen to finish preparing lunch. A few minutes later, Jens walked into the kitchen along with Victoria. Victoria, being an old hand by now on how Aaron operated while in the kitchen, pulled out one of the chairs and settled onto it before glancing over to see what Aaron was preparing.



“Hello Aaron, I hope I don’t mess up your plans, sneaking along when Edward and Andrew came up for lunch, if so, I can always send Edward out for lunch and eat his,” Victoria laughed, and patted the chair next to her for Jens to sit on.



Chuckling, Aaron glanced over his shoulder, “Well, I suppose I can find it in my heart to pop an extra portion on the grill,” Laughing at her grinning expression, he pulled several pans out of the warmers and moved them to the grill where he had placed a large amount of sliced onions that were sizzling. Pouring some more gee on the onions, he dumped the pans of pirogues onto the grill top and mixed them together with the onions, “Afraid it is not something really interesting, I planned several home style favorites for the teens, just in case their systems are not ready to handle food they are not used to eating, so we are going to have a few samples from each country so everyone has something to chose from. Which means Shoji should…” he was interrupted as Shoji came into the room pushing a large warmer full of steam table pans of Asian style food.



Stopping next to Aaron working at the grill, Shoji stared taking mental notes before asking, “What dish is this, some of it looks like pot stickers?”



Aaron smiled as he flipped the pirogue again, “It’s a Polish Ukraine dish, caramelized onions with pirogues, a slightly different dough than your pot stickers use, and the filling is almost always potato based with a little bit of seasoning. Then you fry them up with the onions and serve it with a large amount of fresh sour cream as a dip,” finding a few that were finished, Aaron pulled a plate off of the above rack and placed them with some of the onions and a good dollop of sour cream from the cold table behind him before handing it to Shoji to sample.



Hearing the impatient huffing from behind him coming from Victoria, Aaron laughed before plating several more as samples before adding the sour cream and placing it between Victoria and Jens with two forks, “There you go; now you won’t feel left out.”



Smiling and ignoring the jibe, Victoria cut one of the pirogues and took a bite after running it through the sour cream, “I must say this is a treat. Levels higher than the last time I tried this dish at some embassy function.”



Grinning, Aaron started to scoop the dish into one of the steam table pans, “Yes well, I might have tweaked the recipe five or six times.” Checking that all the things were ready, Aaron placed the two steam table pans full of food in the serving warmer and pushed out into the room where the stream table had been set up. Grinning as Jens and Victoria followed him, he looked at Jens, “I picked two dishes your Rolph would feel comfortable with for sure, and of course, Edward and Andrew are familiar with most of the foods we eat, so they should not have a problem.”



Placing the last pan into the steam table, Aaron turned around and ran into Kenny who was right behind him with a full plate, grinning up at him, “Well, I guess I don’t have to let everyone know lunch is ready.” Laughing as he pushed the cart out of the way, Aaron kissed Kenny before moving out of the way as his lovers steered their guests through the food line.



Jens stared at the Clan as they walked by with plates that were in danger of having their contents fall off as they moved back to the lounge to eat and talk, glancing at the steam tables and the sheer amount of food, he wondered when the rest of the guests were going to arrive.



Victoria leaned over and grinned secretly liking being on the other hand for once, whispered, “Don’t worry, this lot will finish all this off before it has a chance to get cold.”



Handing Victoria and Jens each a plate, Aaron chuckled at the expression on the Dane’s face, “Better hurry up, before my Clan comes through for seconds.”



Jens stared in amazement, along with all the others as the Clan not only went up for seconds and brought back the same amount of food as before, but a good portion of them went up for thirds before asking on their way back about desert.



Grinning, Shoji brought out a small container full of his cookies, the same type he had made last time and offered one to Victoria and Jens before handing the container over to Aaron.



Looking up at Tim who asked the question about dessert, Aaron ported the desert selection to the table by the wall and pointed over to it, “It’s being served over there, all of you, help yourselves.” Grinning as he distracted Tim at the right time, as Shoji brought out his cookies he hid them next to him on the couch and placed one of the pillows over the top to Victoria’s giggles.



Victoria looked over at Shoji, “These are very good, it was hard to imagine you being able to make the last batch better, but you certainly have done that.”



Shoji beamed in pride as he thanked her, “Aaron helped me…” searching for the right word he settled for, “he helped me tweak my original recipe so it would be more intense than before.”



“Oh my,” Jens exclaimed, as he tried the cookie finally, “this is sinful and quite good.”



Watching and listening to his loves interact with the guests who were prospective mates, Aaron noticed the Chinese premier and the Russian President walk in, once they got close, he smiled, “I think there still might be some desert left, I’m afraid the steam tables are mostly empty.” He laughed, as Jens did a double take, looking behind him at the steam tables.



Victoria chuckled, “I did warn you, didn’t I.”



Shaking his head in wonder, Jens leaned back in the couch as Toshi sat down at the other end while the two newcomers to the meeting, Chairman Woo and President Gorbivonovich, found seats on the spare couch.



Sneaking another cookie out of the container before porting the container to the bottom drawer of his office desk, Aaron quickly finished it, “Before we get into any discussions, let me get the prospectives off to the med bay for their physicals, then we can talk without worrying your people or putting them under any pressure.”



Standing up, Aaron went over and stopped when he stood in the middle of the talking teens, “Before we get to the reason why all of you are here, I would like you to go to the med bay and get your physicals out of the way, while I talk to the old folks.” Aaron whispered the last so it would not carry, causing some of the Russian lads to giggle. “Fred, if you would make sure they undergo the genetic search for the target groups please.”



Pulling Fred over as he passed and kissing him with more than a little passion, so the rest of the Clan could see how the prospectives handled it, Aaron released him with a smile and waited until the room was clear, except for the leaders of their respective nations, before moving back to stand by the clear wall to gaze at the moon. “Before we get to that farce that was the security council meeting,” Aaron’s posture radiated anger as he said that, calming down, he sighed and moved back to the couch and looked at each of them, “Jens brought up an issue I think we need to have clear, between us.” Holding up a hand and smiling slightly, “it is not a problem, more of another way in case things do not work out, all of you being here tells me you are very serious about the colonization proposal for your people. What I need to do is offer another way, in case your prospect does not fit in with the clan, so on both our parts, if there is not a match we are not in limbo while another set of candidates is found.”



Sitting back into the couch, Aaron closed his eyes, “One option is if things don’t work out between the candidate and my Clan, we can collect genetic material and cement the deal by using the material to bring a child into the Clan with one of us. Another option would be that one of the other Clans would be a better fit for your marriage candidate than we are, there must be love between all of us if this will work.” Sighing, he looked at each of them and especially Toshi and Woo, “if each of those you have brought with you pass their physicals, I will talk to them, and if they truly, in their hearts wish to try for this, they will be given the opportunity to marry into my Clan. Each candidate must prove that they can lead,” looking at Jens he smiled, “Each must prove they can be the gentle lover as well as the one loved.”



Looking at Toshi, “Each must prove they will lead by doing, they must be willing to set the example that others will be willing to follow.” Aaron then looked at Chairman Woo, “they must also prove they are willing to put our people first.” Grinning now, “these are some of the things we will look for as we get to know the candidates, but most of all, they must be willing to freely give their hearts to us, marrying into my Clan out of a sense of duty to your government is not the best way in my mind of ensuring loyalty to my people.”



Glancing back at the two Asian leaders, “If any of those you have brought are not chosen, we will choose to bring their genetics into our family, thus ensuring that the deal is sealed.” Aaron smiled at Jens as he started to skim their minds, “If, for instance, your heir would be the one to decide to donate to us, we will make sure children would not be born until the primary heir has had his first child, thus not interfering with the right of succession.” Sensing everyone was comfortable with the three options, “Do any of you have any other questions or concerns about this part of the negotiations?”



Glancing around the group who were relaxed and smiling, Aaron leaned back into the couch again, “Are there any questions about any of the information on the chips you were given?” sighing as he rubbed his temple and softly groaned, “Which means that besides stopping by to see if the first candidates were acceptable, you really want to talk about what happened to Iraq and the UN.”



Victoria chuckled as she leaned forward and patted Aaron’s leg, “It’s all right, dear, we’ll try not to add to your stress level, but if you get too stressed out, we will step outside so someone from the Clan can come in here and snog you silly.”



Snorting, Aaron looked at Victoria before laughing, “Alright…let me start with what I know so far, then what was done and we can go from there, I guess.” Tapping the pillow as he thought about where to start, “The French ambassador was in the pay of the Iraqi government, as is a certain portion of the French government, hence the hostile attitude. There are several disturbing issues that were brought up after mental examination, and I have a call into the French President, to explain several of the things that were found, the most troubling being that the Iraqi government had planned to follow up their attack against us this morning, by launching the French nuclear arsenal, somehow, they had gained access to the launch codes.”



Seeing the shock on their faces, he followed it up with, “The four destroyers they had sent towards our borders carried not only three different types of nerve gas, but biological weapons as well. The most troubling of them were two that would have decimated the entire world, as our scans confirmed that zooanosis was possible with the Tuna that use our waters as their breeding grounds. That would have led to the death of most people in the world, as Tuna is the single most widely eaten seafood.”



President Gorbivonovich glanced around the room, “Before we go further with this discussion, there is one person missing from this conversation that should be here, as much as I do not like dealing with him, he is the other major player in the world today…the President of the United States.”



Chairman Woo looked uncomfortable before sighing and agreeing, even though they did not get along at all and there was an uneasy truce in the world right now, he had to agree, “Unfortunate, but I must agree, after much thought, I am surprised he is not in these negotiations for colonization.”



“Not really, Aaron has a long, well placed, distrust of any government that is not a monarchy,” Victoria sighed, “Shall I call Sid and see if he is free?”



“You all are very well aware of what is going on in the US right now, the President was not invited for the simple reason that I don’t trust his country, not really. And to tell the truth, I expect those that want to immigrate off world from the U.S. to make their way to one of the new Alteran territories and apply from there.” Aaron sighed before tracing his fingers in a certain pattern on the table top turning on the terminal function, logging into the system, he brought up his email folder, pulled one of the numbers out of an old email and had the system dial it.”Not a word about colonization while he is here, but I unfortunately have to agree he needs to know what is going on and maybe he holds a piece of the puzzle, or the cause of my next headache,” he muttered the last, causing Victoria to hide her smile with her hand.



“White House situation room, Corporal Night.”



Staring at the table top acting as a monitor, Aaron sighed, “Connect me to your President, tell him Aaron Stranton, King of the Kingdom of Altare, is contacting him, and when he gets there, enable the video capabilities of your system please,” Aaron told the corporal as he sat back after changing several settings causing part of the wall to change and mimic the monitor in the table top.



“UM…Hold on a moment, Sir, I will see if I can get someone to talk with you.”



“That someone had better be the President, Corporal, or I will disconnect and he will be left in the dark,” Aaron told him sternly, as he leaned forward and tapped in a few more commands, bringing the monitor to life, showing the situation room and the occupants before sitting back and pulling his feet up under him on the couch so he was more comfortable.



“Hold on Sir…” the sound of a click came over the speaker as they watched the corporal press the mute button and then to their surprise they heard the conversation. “General …Sir, the King of Altare is on the situation channel asking to speak to the President.”



They watched a gray haired man move over to the corporal's side, “Wonderful, tell him to call back later, the President is busy, or better yet tell the fucker to make an appointment by calling the regular number.”



The corporal looked stressed, “Um, Sir I’m not sure that is the wisest move, are you sure you want me to tell him to make an appointment?”



They watched the general walk away and the corporal nervously look around trying to find someone to help him, only to be met with stony stares or turned heads; it was obvious he was on his own. Banging his head against his hands in frustration, the Corporal hit the mute button one more time, “I’m sorry sir, but we can’t seem to find him right now.” He gulped as he looked over his shoulder and saw the glare by the general directed his way.



“Well, I suppose we can always have our meeting without his input, maybe one of the others will inform him of what happened and was decided, not likely mind you, but there is an outside chance,” Aaron’s voice was cold and emotionless.



“We…Meeting?” the corporal squeaked out, sweat beading on his forehead.



“Why yes, young man,” Victoria’s smile did not quite match her voice, “If the President is too busy to talk to us, I’m sure he will eventually be given the information, though I highly doubt it will come from my kingdom. after all, not many of my military would go against our wishes.”



“Or my father’s empire, no one would dare go against the Yamamoto’s whishes, not in imperil Japan, at any rate,” Toshi said with venom in his voice.



“Of course the Russian government will send our regrets over this tragic misunderstanding at being left out of this most important conversation,” President Gorbivonovich watched the monitor with glee, as the American general started to pale and sweat.




“The Peoples Republic agrees with our Russian comrade, and eventually I am sure your President will hear about the meeting," Chairman Woo added with narrow eyes, holding back his anger and being treated poorly, yet again.



“Do tell your President that he can contact Jens Rosencrans, the King of Denmark, I will be willing to confirm that a meeting took place. But unfortunately, that is all I can confirm as this meeting needs to be private, oh…thank you for your time and have a nice day,” Jens sounded cheerful, though it certainly did not match his expression as Aaron disconnected.



Looking around and seeing the expressions on several faces, Aaron sighed, “I can see that this is not the first time you have gotten the run around or have been refused to be put through,” closing his eyes as he pathed to his lovers asking them to give them another half hour he opened them back up and took a deep breath, “Well, that was fun, I left off with the bio-weapons.”



Frowning, Aaron continued as he looked at the clear wall, he had turned off the projected monitor when he disconnected, “We teleported the vessels into high earth orbit and not willing to take the chance of any of the bio-weapons not being destroyed by solar radiation, atomized them. The crews were transported off at the same time so their radio collars would not trip the dead man switch activating the release of the weapons and nerve gas, they were allowed to die after having their minds emptied of all pertinent information, it is listed in the reports as being by their own hands.”



“The only officer on any of those four destroyers that did not have one of those radios on him, gave the most information, including the memory of the Iraqi President as he ordered his people to attack us, and this person was involved in stealing the launch codes and determining the targets for the nuclear missiles.” Aaron frowned, as he turned back to the room, “All of you know what happened at the UN Security Council this morning, the only thing you don’t have information on is the closing of all Middle Eastern embassies, along with the French embassy in the territory of New York.”



“Victoria, the security guards who seized the Asclepius wore the same uniform and had the same style weapons as those that replaced the UN security forces,” Aaron finished the explanation.



“And the weapon you used on Iraq?” Chairman Woo asked slowly, hoping he was not overstepping the friendly working relationship that had been building between the two countries.



Laughing, Aaron smirked at him, “What weapon? As I did in Hawaii when the yanks overstepped their bounds, I hit them with our recyclers, our version of the compost heap. The Americans were quite hilarious in their expressions when they found out I had not transported out several billion dollars worth of equipment, instead I turned it into recycled material for our assemblers.”



Toshi looked at Aaron with a calculating look as, Jens laughed.



“We, of course, sent several of our jets over Iraq to confirm they were not a lake and there is nothing man made left in the country, as of yet, none of their neighbors have moved to help them as you suggested, do you have any plans for the country?” President Gorbivonovich asked, as he leaned forward.



“None. If any of you want it go ahead and take control; I am about at the end of my patience with using non lethal means of persuasion, “ Aaron sighed as he stood and moved over to the wall and pointed down at the Earth. “It is fool hardy to attack someone that controls space, but I have a feeling I have not seen the end to the attempts, especially to steal our technology, sooner or later, they are going to slip up and one of my allies or my Clan is going to get hurt and then I will be making a large lake out of their country and a lot of innocents are going to die, if it wasn’t for one of my Captains using a unique solution to the Hawaii situation, I would have relied on lethal means as my first response.”



“You have been most patient, more so than i would be in your position,” President Gorbivonovich told him, as he moved next to Aaron and looked down at the Earth, “I never believed I would one day stand here looking down at our planet, it changes you in a way does it not?”



“It does, and standing on one of my other worlds and seeing the incredible life is another,” Aaron grinned as he turned around to face the group, “On a much more pleasant note, let us touch briefly on the colonization proposals, I believe we can plan as if everything was settled and we are going ahead with the projects. If nothing goes wrong, which I don’t foresee at this moment, next Wednesday, I will make my announcement to the world from the territory of Hawaii. If you wish to be standing next to me as I make the announcement, that can easily be arranged. I know it only gives you anther six days to prepare your key people, but once the announcement is made, all of us are going to be swamped with requests and it will take some time to prepare housing as the immigrants put their affairs in order before making the move.”



“If you are agreeable, we can meet here after lunch on Sunday, if we need to meet sooner, you all know how to get in touch with me, and unlike the yanks, you will be put through, it just might take a few minutes. So if you are asked for a brief overview it’s so it can be passed on to me,” Aaron laughed, as his next words caused several blushes, “If it is not an emergency and I’m with one of my lovers, I will finish before taking the call, so be warned.”



Hearing voices, Aaron smiled as his lovers started to come back in the room, along with their guests, sniffing the air, Aaron moved away from the wall, sniffing all the while causing some confusion amongst the world leaders until he spoke, “Alright hand it over and no one gets hurt.”



Everyone stopped and looked around, trying to figure out what Aaron was talking about, that is except Kenny, who backed up trying to hide the container behind his back.



“What are you talking about?” Tommy looked around and then noticed Kenny scooting backwards, hiding something.



“I’m talking about the chocolate. Someone has chocolate, and they had best hand it over and share if they know what is good for them,” Aaron eyed each of them like a hawk searching for a mouse and zeroed in on Kenny, “Kenny…”



“Strangest thing, here I was sitting in your office, doing some work on the tutor, and this loud thump came from out of nowhere. After looking around I found that it had come from one of your drawers,” Kenny smiled, and tried puppy dog eyes. “Well, I opened your bottom drawer and this container had appeared, so, of course, I had to check it out.” backing away still, trying to make his way to the door unnoticed, “Good thing I did too, there was a ton of suspicious looking cookie like things in the container.”



Kevin was the first to snicker as he looked at the empty container behind Kenny’s back and when Kenny told Aaron, “I of course had to get rid of them for safety’s sake, I wouldn’t want you to get sick or anything.” Kevin broke into giggles, which was infectious and had the rest of the Clan near tears as they laughed at Kenny, tying to do puppy eyes and the stunned expression on Aaron’s face.



Kenny, sighing in defeat, brought the container around where Aaron could see it was empty, “There might be a taste or two left,” he finally broke down and giggled, before dropping the container and taking off through the door.



Aaron, amused but still stunned, shouted, “Kenny…Come back here!” as he took off after the cookie thief yelling about his cookies. The last thing anyone heard as Aaron disappeared and his voice trailed off was, “Stop right there…COOKIE THIEF…!”



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RadioRanchers note: OH my God, Chocolate, how could he let Kenny get away with stealing his precious chocolate without some serious punishment?  I mean it seems to me that it comes awfully close to the magnitude of using nerve gas on people. I do have to wonder what kind of punishment Aaron has in mind for such a heinous despicable crime. I guess we will just have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

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