Chapter 60




Aaron grinned as he walked into the shower Monday morning; it had been a fantastic weekend not involving a single thing going wrong. He felt refreshed and shortly he was going to go over to the med bay and release Andrew. Feeling a hand caress his shoulder he grinned, “Good Morning Love,” Sensing more of his lovers in the shower stall he added, “love's.”



Turning and facing Kevin, he kissed him deeply and when he felt the hand start to stroke him, he smiled before gently grabbing it, “none of that, as soon as I finish cleaning up I’m planning on releasing Andrew, I’m saving it for the orgy that will commence as soon as he hits the pit in the common area.”



“Damn,” Pat whispered before grinning up at Aaron, “Maybe we should move the orgy to the hot spring instead,” smiling at the murmurs of agreement he got for that suggestion, he leaned closer to Aaron’s ear, “Speaking of hot springs and special times, are we going back to Earth to the spring or is there somewhere here that we can make our special place?”



Moving so he was facing Pat, Aaron did not have to lean over anymore to kiss him and smiled into his face afterwards, “Whichever you prefer. I know of a spot here, or at least the other me used it and liked it, or we can go tonight and hit the topside hot spring back on Earth.”



Arms across Aaron’s shoulders as Kevin and Tim washed both of their backs Pat smiled shyly, “Would you consider me greedy if I wanted both, I expect Doug and Kenny would want the same thing, any new guys to the Clan can just deal with the new place, but we want what everyone else had.”



Kevin smiled as he washed Pat, slipping a slickened finger inside him to further excite him, “I think that is a wonderful idea, that way we can each have a special night with Aaron to remember, in both places.”



Groaning into Aaron’s ear, Pat nodded before finding his voice, “Much more of that and I won’t be able to save it,” then he groaned as the finger was gone and he was empty, but on the other hand his mind was telling him soon, soon he would be filled and fulfilled.



Hitting the rinse cycle before he could not hold himself back, Aaron quickly hit the dry cycle and kissed each of them soundly, “I need to go start the cycle before this gets out of hand, meet me at the hot spring with the rest of the Clan in ten minutes,” he quickly ported out of the shower and into the med bay meeting Fred looking just as horny as he felt.



“I see you have the same problem I do, had help in the shower also?” Aaron asked, as he pulled Fred around and kissed him, being careful to keep both their bodies from touching each other in that certain area.



“Damn…” Fred moaned, “You’re as bad as Pete and Mark this morning, we'd better get Andrew out of this thing before they start without us.”



Chuckling, Aaron released Fred at the same time as the lid unsealed and he removed the breathing tube while Fred started with the other tube and sensors. Once Andrew was completely free, ready to be stirred from slumber, Aaron placed his hands on either side of Andrews head and implanted the standard gift instructions before looking up and seeing Fred had already gotten started. Fred was doing his best to relieve some of the pressure Andrew had built up with his mouth.



As Aaron’s lips met Andrew's he arched his back as he fired the first of many offering of the morning into Fred’s eager mouth, chuckling into the kiss as Andrew opened his eyes and grabbed onto Aaron’s neck so he could pull himself out of the bio-tube. Once on his feet, his eyes were still lust filled and he grabbed onto Aaron as he smashed their crotches together thrusting into Aaron with the overwhelming need to cum.



Fred smirked as he grabbed onto both of them and ported all three of them to the grassy area near the hot springs, grabbing onto the bottle of lube someone handed him, he quickly applied it to Andrew and himself before handing it off to someone else and sliding slowly into Andrew, once he was fully inside him, he started to thrust eager to fire of his first load of the morning. As soon as Fred slipped out, someone else slid in, they were doing their best to tire him out and for once Andrew was giving as good as he got.



Aaron decided to trade places with Tim and slid inside as he nibbled on Andrews’s ear and neck, feeling Andrew climax once more as he slid all the way in, he started thrusting in and out as Andrew moaned in ecstasy from sensory overload as every erogenous zone on his body was covered by a mouth doing their best to drive him wild.



Very close, Aaron felt a hand pull his head around and kiss him, sharing the sweet offering from one of the Clan and it was enough to send him over the edge as he added to the loads already planted deep inside Andrew. Slipping out of Andrew so someone else could take his place, he moved around to the side and captured Andrew’s lips which were free as Xon had moved to take his place, smiling as Andrew groaned once more as he fired off again into a waiting willing mouth, Aaron saw that his loves were starting to pair off to finish off the orgy, there was not that long of a line to make their deposits as everyone was so turned on they were coming quickly.



An hour later, Aaron sat in the warm water of the hot springs hard shaft buried in Andrew who was slowly bouncing up and down on him, “So much more enjoyable now that you can keep up,” he whispered in Andrew's ear as he let his hand roam around to play with Andrew’s nipples.



“Bloody wonderful,” Andrew purred out as the first rays of the rising sun hit the opening of the hot spring, causing the flowers to shimmer and start shedding their intoxicating scent.



Placing his hands under Andrew’s butt, Aaron started to thrust in and out in earnest before firing off his third load of the morning, eventually stopping and letting Andrew sit on his lap as he softened and slipped out as Andrews hole closed up around him.



Smiling, Aaron ported one of the Clan medallions to his hand and let it fall from the chain in front of Andrew’s face, showing the rest of his lovers the medallion before releasing the clasp and slipping it around Andrew’s neck, “Welcome, Love, to the Clan,” Aaron told him as he turned his head far enough to kiss him soundly before holding onto him as the rest of the Clan moved through the water to kiss him, welcoming him into their family.



At the sound of the gentle chimes, the Clan started to get out of the hot spring, it was time to start the day, before anyone got too far, Aaron called out, “Before we get on with our day and I have to go to Sol Station, I learned something interesting from the Core this weekend that I want all of you to keep in mind.” Handing a towel to Andrew, he grinned as he saw everyone looking at him, “The energy dragon that David did first and we copied…well it seems they are a Clan specific trait and now that we have used them, well some of you have seen it used. Now it is almost instinctive, the appearance is triggered by strong emotions, like anger,” Aaron glanced at Fred as he said that, “it seems the previous King used it as a battle weapon, so we need to control our anger so we don’t accidently unleash it.”



Smiling, Tim came over and kissed Andrew, “Andrew, it is time you learned the race's secrets, after that I will get you settled into your room so you can hit the tutor.”



“I plan to come back for Lunch; Shoji is planning something new he wants to try out, Monday is going to be his day to experiment in the kitchen, and he will be gone from now on, on Wednesday and Thursday’s at lunchtime, so you all are on your own those days for the foreseeable future, I’ll grab something on Sol Station,” Aaron informed them as he finished drying and placed the towel in the basket.



Kevin glared at Aaron as he said he would grab something to eat, more likely it might be a cookie as he walked by the next set of problems, looking over at Tim and Pete he saw the determination on their faces and knew that they would make sure Aaron ate lunch on those days, even if they had to tie him up.



Sensing impending doom, Aaron looked over at the three schemers and decided he really did not want to know, before grabbing power from the gestalt point near the entrance and porting to the tropical farm for hug duty.  In the midst of hugging the youngsters, Aaron heard one of the horses scream and snort and looked up to see Thunder standing near the fence pawing the ground. Laughing at her antics, he concentrated and ported her to the empty spot behind them as he hugged the teens who had let the youngsters go first and watched as she threw her tail up in the air and gently pranced in half steps to his side, being careful not to step on anyone, so she could get in on the hugs.



Laughing as Thunder's huge head came from behind and almost pulled him off his feet as she hugged him, “Well hello girl, I take it you felt left out,” grinning as the teens giggled and scratched her withers and nose as they hugged Aaron to start their day, neither willing to give up their hug time to the other.



Bruce, who had come over with Damien and Donny and their pups, watched in amazement as Aaron ported Thunder out of the paddock and she got in on the hugs and seemed so alive and aware, more so than the horses he was used to dealing with, “I see it, and yet I don’t believe it. You were right Damien, he has an almost spooky connection with his horse.”



“I wonder if it is because he has linked with her so much, or if he has tweaked her just that little bit,” Damien whispered back, as Aaron, now free of teens, he ported to Thunder's back who whirled around and took off at a gallop and after half a dozen steps the two ported away.



After an hour, Thunder finally settled down and was happy to go back into the pasture after a good brushing. Smiling, Aaron took a quick shower with some of the other teens and youngsters that had been horseback riding, before porting back to the compound for breakfast.



Throwing some shorts on, Aaron looked through his closet trying to decide on shirt or not, finally he pulled one of the white silk shirts off the hanger and buttoned it up before attaching the two pouches containing his P.A.D.D. and scanner, ready to face the day, he left his closet and glanced at the clock before going out in the common area to give his lovers a kiss goodbye, glancing at the clock, he noticed it was just now eight o’clock, he had two hours before having to meet with Victoria and James.



Entering his conference room on board Sol Station, Aaron smiled at the gathered Healers, these were the best of his residents along with Theo and the other department heads. “I want to thank you for all coming up this morning, some of you I know are just now getting off shift and want to go home and relax before catching some sleep. Walking to the end of the table, he traced the id code to activate the terminal and brought the plasma behind him to life as he sat down.



“On Wednesday at Noon, the four duplicates of Elswick trauma that we built are going to go live, on top of the Hawaiian med bay going live, which means that we now need to consider staffing them,” glancing at Trevor and the other eight Residents in attendance, Aaron smiled, “Which means for you eight, we need to assign each of you one of those hospitals as yours. You will be in charge of the new staff and overall, you will be doing the same thing Theo is at Altair Minor. You eight, next to Carl and Gordon, are the best. The only reason Carl and Gordon are not being considered is they are still a little green around the edges and are being assigned to Prime trauma and will still cycle through the other hospitals with the rest of my residents until they get a little more experience under their belts.”



Aaron chuckled at their shock and nodded, “That’s right, we all agreed, all eight of you, when you walk out of my office today, are no longer residents, you are now fully trained healers, so congratulations.” Aaron clapped lightly along with everyone else, “Colin, if you would stay after.” Getting a slight nod, He started the meeting.



Moving over to the couches once everyone left, Aaron looked at Colin, “Are you going to have any problem finding another forty people for your department? Short notice I know, in filling slots in five brand new hospitals, maybe you can steal a few of the Brits to help out at Elswick, the problem is, you are on the cutting edge and leading your field now.”



Colin sank back into the cushions, “I know and I have several people I am mentoring back on Prime, and like your Fred they have made amazing leaps in knowledge and skills. I’m still amazed that Fred is working at a second year med student level, hell, I’m amazed Drew and Eric have progressed as far as they have and what they have done with Rolland is amazing. I’m glad I was able to talk Eric into my field, he is going to be an amazing mind healer one day, my replacement even.”



“Between the two of us, and only between us, there is a reason for that.” Aaron smiled, as he kinetically closed the door, “One of the side advantages of being Alteran is an increased mental capacity to learn  and cognation is through the roof, it is built into our new genetics. We think faster and comprehend at a rate not seen in unaltered people, one of the biggest reasons all the new rescues are flying through the tutor and their studies.”



“I had wondered about that,” Colin glanced back at the closed door, “One of the things I noticed was after a few weeks, those that had been on the street the longest, had not only caught up with where they should be academically, but flew right by, and they did this only studying half the time they would in their old schools.” Leaning forward, Colin smiled as if sharing a secret, “I knew something was up, I could understand if a few individuals blossomed under the new academic structure and incentives, but not every single teen and youngster.”



Colin was shocked with a sudden insight, “You’ve turned every citizen in your kingdom into a genius, and then gave them the tools and incentives to run with it.”



“Yes,” Aaron simply told him, “take Kenny for instance, he is not atypical of his age group, he will have his first masters behind him by the time he gets his first pubic hair in a year’s time easily.”



“Dear God, do you know what this means?” Colin tried to imagine the things they could do and discover.



“It means we’re a thousand years ahead of everyone else and are advancing at an incredible rate, leaping centuries at a time. It also means that as the guardians of the human race, and the leaders of our race, we will succeed.” Aaron stared at Colin before changing the subject, “How is Denny doing and Matt, his boyfriend?”



“I was wondering if that was why you asked me to stay back,” Colin closed his eyes and sighed before looking out the window at the Earth. “Matt has a few memory gaps we are working on filling. Thankfully, the memories are mostly skill type, like how to swim and open boxes and the like. He’s frustrated as hell, but making a fast recovery, and he is Denny’s anchor right now.”



Aaron noticed Colin looked sad before smiling happily again.



“Did I mention Eric was going to take my place some day,” Colin finally smiled, “It was not looking all that good for Denny until Eric found out I was having problems and looked at me with an 'are you stupid' expression and explained what could help with Denny’s treatment, by linking the temple sensor into the neural imager to reinforce and solidify the memories we uploaded. He should be back to normal in another month or so, if we try to link more than a half hour at a time it becomes painful for Denny.”



“That is great news,” Aaron was relieved and sighed as he made the right decision of not bombing the hell out of New York then, “I have one hundred interviews, starting tomorrow. I think most of them, if hired will end up at one of the new hospitals, but if you have any residents you want to sneak in during the interviews, let me know. There might by one Neuro resident that if he passes muster, I would send your way, but he is the only one to apply so far.”



“I might know of a few more Neuro guys that might work out, never gave them a thought, but it makes sense,” Colin sat there for a moment thinking about who he could get and then realized he was taking up Aaron’s time, “I can do this on my own time, I’ll get back to you later this afternoon, most likely by email.” Standing, Colin looked lost in thought, “um do you mind if I port from here?”



Laughing, “Go ahead,” Aaron waved as Colin ported out and walked into the bathroom, after taking care of business, he moved into his office and smiled at the six Shaolin masters sitting waiting for him, unexpected, but he was wondering when they would get around to asking. “Greetings Shaolin,” Aaron walked around to his desk, sat down and gazed at their faces, “I expected you to approach me before now, actually.”



Master Yu let his eyes widen as his only sign of shock the Prime's words had surprised him, barely, just barely he was able to control his face, “Indeed Prime, we had to take care to check the archives and the original charter of Clan Shaolin before coming to a decision to go ahead and ask.”



Leaning back in his chair and looking at the ceiling for several moments, Aaron considered options, “I take it you wish to have Clan Stranton blood running through Clan Shaolin, once more binding us, as intended?”



“Yes Prime, though we do not and did not know how to ask,” Master Li bowed.



Thinking back to the ceremony, Aaron reminded them of it, as he had a solution that would work, “I want you to remember back to the day on Altair Minor, the day the Clan came to you after losing Lee.” Aaron replayed the event on the plasma, that moments before was a window behind him.



They watched as Kenny walked to the group of students and look at them as they looked back at him in reverence, holding out his hands to his side, they were taken up by Doug who held Pat’s hand and Damien and they all gazed without smiling, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those with hatred for others different from others have no place in your new home…we have lost a lover who we will never know his touch.”



The four turned to face the teachers among the Shaolin, and Damien examined each Shaolin for flaws, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those who put themselves before others have no place in your new home…we have lost a brother who will never hug us in comfort.”



Facing the three Shaolin masters, Doug glared at them to see if they would flinch, “We speak for Clan Stranton. Those who will not protect those needing protection have no place in your new home…we have lost a son and shall never smile in pride at his achievements.”



Pat took a deep breath, “We speak for Clan Stranton…you will OBEY…” he glared at all of them in turn, “A son has lost one of his fathers and will never know the loving touch from one of his fathers.”



“A son has lost one of his fathers, that is more than a ritualistic word. We have Lee’s genetics in our gene bank, I cannot find anything more fitting than the son of both of our Clans rejoining your clan. We had planned to eventually use his sperm as one of the fathers of one of our children…and we will still do that, but I find it fitting that his first born son once again represents my Clan…My Family in yours,” Aaron smiled at their shock, the stoic faces had been utterly destroyed with his revelation.



“You…You honor us, Great One,” Master Li finally got out as he bowed along with his brethren.



“I give you a great burden, Elders of Clan Shaolin; I give you the burden of a son who will never know his father’s touch…or his father’s smile as he looks at his son in pride over his accomplishments.” Aaron leaned forward as the plasma became clear once more and the Earth was visible in the distance, “Those that are the best of your clan between the ages of eighteen and twenty six, chose the ones that best exemplify my Clan and we shall pick from them the best of the best and we shall create a son together.”



All six Shaolin stood and bowed deeply, “You honor us, we gladly accept the burden and as Clan Stranton told us…We will OBEY,” one final bow of respect and the elders filed out of Aaron’s office.



Glancing at the clock, Aaron smiled as Edward walked through the door, came over to his desk and kissed him. “Well, good morning to you too, Edward, but I would have thought you would be in school right now.”



“I have five minutes before I have to be back, one of your security types brought me up real quick so I could have a word with you before you talk to grandmother and father.” Edward sat on the corner of Aaron’s desk, “I think we both know what this meeting is about, all I would ask is that you do not make any commitments until you have a chance to talk to me this afternoon.” Seeing Aaron was about to protest, Edward smiled, “I know you would not have done anything without talking to me, but this afternoon, I am meeting with Toshi again, this time without Kenny around, please.” Glaring at Aaron he smiled at his grin, “I am attracted to Toshi, lust wise, and until I figure out if it would be worth it, creating a sub clan, I wanted to ask you to wait. There has to be more than lust between Toshi and me along with the other three people he is supposed to be approaching. After all I have an out now in a way, the people, the House of Lords and the Church are all clamoring for me to marry into your Clan.”



Standing up, he placed the chip he was holding on the center of Aaron’s desk, “I ran a full genetic scan on Toshi yesterday, well as much as I could with my scanner, I know it is not to the standards of the bio-bed which can do genetic mapping, but at least you can tell me if he is truly gay or just willing to do what it takes for his country, if possible, could you send me an email before I log off and leave to meet with him at half past one.” Edward glanced up at the clock, “I have to go; father and Grandmother will be here soon,” leaning forward, Edward kissed Aaron again, “with my whole being, I love you and each of the Clan…do not doubt that.”



Before Aaron had a chance to say anything, Edward was out of the room and he was left with the single Isolinear chip as proof that he had visited. Placing it in the slot, he pulled up the scan data and started to study it as his mind went over what Edward had said. A few minutes later after making several notes and firing off an email to Edward telling him the scans he had done on Toshi showed he was at the low end of being BI, meaning that while he could handle being with a guy and eventually love him. He would not be happy, truly happy, eventually wanting out, if he met the right female, unless he was modified. Closing the email before sending it, he warned Edward that Toshi’s culture allowed for mistresses and not to decide anything one way or the other until they talked, on the other hand, Toshi’s cousin, his father’s brother's son was truly gay.



“Hello James, Victoria,” Aaron greeted them without looking up until he finished the email and sent it off. Done, he looked up and grinned as he saw the two of them standing there and pointed to the couch and chairs, “Shall we move to where it is a little more comfortable.”



As Victoria sat down in one of the comfortable chairs, she smiled, “Before we begin, I want to thank you for letting us stay on Sol Station while your people filled the holes in our security, that is the pleasant personal business this morning. Being able to wake up in the morning and turn one's head and look at the breathtaking view is one of the most precious memories I will carry with me until my end, I’m sure Richard feels the same since he came up Saturday night and spent the night with his wife Angelina.”



“You’re welcome, it was a little thing really,” Aaron smiled at her and frowned as he gazed at the stack of tabloids James placed on the table. “Do I really want to read those things,” Aaron pointed at the rather large stack.



“Most probably not,” James told him, as he sat back in his chair. “I can summarize for you. Every single one of those papers are full of letters to the editor and columnists all saying the same thing, that Edward should marry into your clan, he should have a son by your means, and he should do his duty to his people thus tying our two nations together.”



Closing his eyes and looking in pain now, James pointed towards where he had placed the papers, “The top two have leaked information about Andrew's kidnapping and subsequent rescue, and why he was kidnapped, I think the girl’s father’s barrister leaked the information, most likely in an attempt to embarrass the crown into burying the charges quietly.”



“Which WE will not do, after all, WE will point out to the press that if such a thing was even contemplated, you would be within your rights to step in and hold a trial of those responsible under your court system.” Sighing, Victoria did not look happy, “It isn’t enough that Andrew had to go through all that, and the girl was punished in a way, and now should face jail time…the only reason I believe that those two papers are even carrying the same message unlike the more respected ones is they think it will embarrass the royal family, that it will hurt us.”



Aaron reached over and picked up the first two papers and looked through them for contact information, something he knew magazines in the states had to publish, “Who owns these papers?”



“If you trace back all the shell companies, you will find a nasty character, that won’t sell and likes nothing more than to ruin people and get paid to do it,” James spat out in disgust.



“You called, your Majesty,” Friedrich smiled at Aaron’s frown as he entered the room.



Handing the two papers to Friedrich, Aaron had a predatory smile on his face, “Friedrich, can you use some of our spooks to trace these papers back to the owner, and compile a report on the people involved, on the quiet, if you would.”



“Why that sounds like a fabulous idea, your Majesty, some of the boys are looking a little pudgy around the middle,” Friedrich grinned as he took the papers before walking out of the office.



“Is that even legal,” James asked, as he watched the head of Clan security walk out



“Well, as we don’t have media or reporters in my Kingdom, and they are not going to actively search people’s minds. Why, I don’t see anything illegal in overhearing someone thinking too loud, do you?” Aaron smirked, while Victoria smiled.



“I see,” Victoria hid her laugh by pulling one of the spare Isolinear chips that he had been trading back and forth with James out of her pocket and placed it on the table, “The real reason we have come to talk to you today, I hope we have not overstepped our bounds by doing this.”



“If after you go through this, you find the general idea acceptable, we will then talk with Edward about it to see how he feels about the whole thing, then it will be up to him to finish the deal or find another way. But the ground work will have been completed,” James told him as he shyly smiled, “We, in a sense, overstepped our hospitality by doing so much research on his terminal, you see, it gave us far more depth and greater access to your general records than we had.”



“I know,” Aaron sat back as he looked at the two, “I thought Edward was doing the research, and had left off talking to him about some issues that were brought up, because I thought HE was doing the research. I even gave him greater access to those areas than anyone not Alteran would ever get, so he could do the research and make an informed decision,” Aaron had no expression on his face as he picked up the chip and looked at it.



Finally, as the silence grew thick he quickly traced the activation string, inserted the chip into the table, brought up the file and started to read it off the side wall. Starting with the title, Clan Charter for Clan name yet to be determined, reading down the standard opening charter describing duties, he skipped the next section and stopped when he read the section on Clan Leaders responsibilities, “I can already foresee a problem when you get to the clan leader section, paragraph two and four, you have the duty of the clan leader to be married to my clan and then you further state he must have a child by the clan leader of my clan.” Looking, Aaron tilted his head, “The problem arises in the future, you would have half brothers marrying and having children…not wise.” Seeing James scribbling a note in a small book, Aaron held in his laughter, after all, they were trying to help out Edward.



Half a dozen problems spotted, Aaron sighed as he sat back, “I think one of the major premises you have worked under is incorrect, a clan charter is written in stone, the Shaolin clan charter for instance is over four thousand years old, and has not and can not be changed or modified, the only way to modify a clan charter is to dissolve the clan, not something to undertake lightly, too many people could and would be hurt by doing that.” Smiling at James, “Granted this is a rough first draft, but when the time comes or should I say if the time comes, and Edward goes this route, it must be right the first time, because once a son is conceived, it is set in stone.”



Turning the terminal off, Aaron stretched, “Your assumption that almost all clans have Clan Stranton blood running in them is very correct. Most of the time, it is our children who form a clan or marry into a group that has a purpose to support the Clan and our people.” Pointing at the chip, Aaron frowned, “The only way that outline would work, as written, is if the clan you propose was set up to be Earth's territorial governor with dual duty to the Kingdom and ruling their own kingdom.”



Seeing the frowns and sensing the unhappiness, Aaron smiled, “I’m not saying it can’t be done, it just needs to be written differently, not as open as you left it. More like this…the clan leader of clan, well insert a name, primary duty is to the crown and Kingdom of Altare, he is to rule his people of the territory…in this case Greater Britain, to the standards set forth in the clan charter, and by the laws and wishes of the Kingdom of Altare and the King.”



Looking up from his note taking, James frowned back down at his notebook, “This sounds like Edward would be a puppet ruler, not what we are after.”



“True, but then you don’t have access to some of the other data you would need, that involves planetary governors, I’m assuming you are getting hung up on the part that says the wishes of the Kingdom and King?” Aaron smiled at Victoria who was leaning over the edge of her chair, reading her son’s notes.



“Yes…I am making an assumption that a lot of this could be set forth in the clan charter, the duties of the clan and each of their members,” Victoria looked up at Aaron’s smiling face and when he nodded, continued, “So the question is what does the section mean by the wishes of the Kingdom and King?”



“That section refers back to a section of the Kingdoms charter, along with the reference of the current King's rulings. For instance, if the King, being me, would rule that all Iraqi citizens were to be denied treatment at one of our hospitals, he could not overrule me and treat those Iraqis at any of the ones in his territory,” Aaron stared out the window for a moment before looking back, “It is set up in such a way that a clan leader may never overrule the head Clan, and the King.”



“Not ever, that seems…strange,” James searched around for a better set of words to use, “What would happen if your heir would happen to go mad or homicidal?”



“That can’t happen, for one thing, the system Core that controls the line of succession could lock him out. All our technology is based on DNA locks, if he was unstable, it would lock him out,” Aaron fudged the truth a little, the Core would do whatever it took to ensure the Clan survived, including a restart.



“And since we did not gain access to your Clan's charter or Kingdom's charter, we have no way of knowing what…” James stopped and looked at his mother before looking back, “I assume Richard and now Andrew will have access to that information, but they will refuse to tell me, won’t they?” he sighed.



“But if I asked them if the Kingdom and Clan charter is likely to cause problems with our family governing?” Victoria asked, trying to think of a way to get some information so they were not working in the dark.



“Then I would answer that the secrets in those documents as you called them are worth dying over, I would gladly give up my own life to make sure that what the Kingdom and Clan stands for does not fail,” Andrew told his grandmother, as he and Tim walked into the room, they had come to collect Aaron as it was almost lunch time.



Victoria stared at her middle grandson for several moments, and when he did not back down, she asked, “I thought you would be in school like your brother is?” she was still trying to process the difference in Andrew, she could not quite put her finger on it, but there was a difference.



Looking at Aaron and testing the waters by pathing a question, Andrew sat down after getting the answer, “I had the most important class I could ever have as an Alteran this morning, I learned and studied the race secrets, those documents you were referring to as we walked in. Grandmother, they change you.” Then looking at Aaron he pathed, “And I accept the burden, Gods above, how do you handle it knowing what will happen if you fail?”



I remind myself we can not fail, at the first sign that it is going wrong, I have to be prepared to do the unthinkable,” Aaron held his arms open so Andrew could get his hug.



Victoria was usually a very good reader of body language; she realized that they just had a silent conversation, and unlike most people, theirs was telepathic.





“All Rise…Family Court is now in session, The Honorable Baxter Johnson presiding.”



Baxter walked into the courtroom and scowled as he saw it was once again full of reporters and people, he had to wonder what was happening this time. Sitting down, he banged his gavel, sending an extra glare at the audience, “Charles, what is first this morning?”



“Judge, we have the state versus Kyle Scotts, the charge is rape in the first degree, even though the defendant is fifteen, the state is asking that the case be moved to superior court and the defendant be tried as an adult.” Charles looked over at the prosecutor and scowled at the man, he was the most hateful of all of them in that office.



Taking the papers from Charles and looking them over, Baxter scowled before dropping them on his desk, this was not going to be fun he thought. The prosecutor's office assigned the most homophobic prosecutor to this case, “Mr. Prosecutor…”



“Your honor, the state intends to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the accused is a danger to society and children everywhere, that his perversions…”



Banging the gavel down hard, Baxter glared at the prosecutor who stopped talking in shock, “Mr. Prosecutor, in the future, kindly wait for me to ask a question or make a comment, otherwise you might find yourself in contempt…have I made myself clear in this?” Baxter glared at the man who was still defiant, when he finally nodded his head he sat back, “Good.”



“Now then…Mr. Prosecutor, can you please explain to me why the defendant is in that condition, seeing that he has been in custody for two weeks. I find it hard to believe he could get this way from your added charge of resisting arrest,” Baxter was incised at the condition of the teen in front of him, in fact, eyes narrowing, he noticed the trickle of blood from one of the wounds, so this was recent.



Looking at his client with some distaste, the defending attorney at least made a token effort to get his client off, “Your honor, when I last visited my client in Trakser he was not in this condition.”



Baxter stopped and glared, gavel halfway to the desk as he looked back at the prosecutor and really got angry, “Are you telling me the defendant was in the adult prison while waiting for trial, not the juvenile facility where, by law, he was supposed to be?” incredulous, Baxter looked at Charles, “Charles?”



“Paramedics are on their way right now. I will also call for the sheriff to stop by and explain your honor,” Charles had been Judge Johnson’s clerk for a long time and knew what the judge wanted and when.



Kyle slowly wobbled to his feet, hanging onto the desk to stay upright and his slurred words caught Baxter’s attention, “I…speak…”



His attorney leaned forward and hissed out loud enough for the microphone to pick up, “Sit down you stupid boy, I already told you…you are not allowed to speak so sit down and shut up.”



“I object!”



Banging his gavel down several times, Baxter glared, “I am the only one who is allowed to say who can and can and can not speak in my courtroom, I find Mr. Wallings that you are doing a grave miscarriage to your client, and that remark just cost you five hundred dollars.” Turning his glare to the prosecutor, he snarled, “As there is nothing to object to yet, another word out of your mouth until I get to the bottom of the defendant's injuries will find you fined also.”



Kyle was getting very dizzy, but when he saw the concern on the judge's face, he finally had some hope, “De…Demand…tel…” he coughed up some blood before wheezing out loud enough to be heard, “Telepath prove innocent.”



“I object!” came from both attorneys at the same time, causing Baxter to bang his gavel once more in frustration and anger.



Coming from behind his desk, Baxter rushed over to the swaying teen and helped him to the witness chair before he fell over and damaged himself further, “Son, are you sure about what you are asking, I mean after all, you would face death if the charge was proven, if they are called in it is their laws you would be tried under, not ours, and then you would have to still deal with the laws here.”



Shaking as it was getting very fuzzy, Kyle shook, “A…Ass…Asylum,” he finally got out before another coughing fit wracked his body.



Seeing Baxter look up at him, Charles dialed a long number into the internet while activating the web camera on his computer, after a moment the logo of a dragon rearing appeared on his monitor and then it cleared.



“Security office Altair Trauma,” Kyle said as he looked up from the schedule he was working on to see what looked like a courtroom, that couldn’t be right, he thought.



Charles turned the video camera around so it was pointing towards Judge Johnson and the defendant and spoke low, “This is Judge Johnson's courtroom. The defendant is requesting a telepath to prove his innocence and unless I miss the mark totally, someone from the police department worked this teen over to keep him from talking.”



Kyle was about to reply when he heard the judge look up and yell, “Where are the paramedics this boy is dying, we need help now.” Then he heard from somewhere else, “Good, all faggots deserve the same for what he did to my boy.”



Kyle leaned over and touched the terminal and spoke “Trauma team to security, emergency extraction to commence,” looking at the clerk he smiled, “I need you to turn the camera to a spot where we can teleport in without getting in anyone’s way.”



Charles quickly turned the camera by picking it up and pointing it at the hallway from the judge’s chambers and sighed in relief when several people appeared in the hallway and rushed past the desk.



Master Tzu rushed into the courtroom and scanner at the ready, started to scan the injured teen before he got near enough to touch him, “How did he come to be this way?” He winced, as he kept picking up images of being betrayed and of innocence as his apprentice opened the trauma case and stated to apply the chest sensor after ripping the teen's shirt. Glancing at the screen he became angered, “This much damage is too much to have been done by one or two individuals, or individuals of his own age,” he said out loud, as he determined the bruising pattern came from adult fists.



Baxter moved back as he tried to control his anger, and replied through gritted teeth, “We are still trying to determine that, he showed up in court this morning looking like that.”



Pathing an order his apprentice to port the teen back to the trauma center, Tzu stood, after they were gone and glared around the room, the hostility in this room was palpable, “what was he accused of?”



Kyle who was standing at the judge's desk looked down at the paper work on the blotter, picking it up he read it quickly, “Rape of a fourteen year old boy, though something does not seem right here,” Kyle said, as he went through the rest of the paperwork.



“What do you mean,” Baxter moved around to stand near the man behind his desk and glanced at the paperwork.



“This section here, AK01A, last time I looked, you lot were too up on yourselves and used long strings of numbers to confuse people, but if this is not yours and it is ours, that means someone was playing games, trying to pull a fast one, if he was convicted of a crime with this heading included, all someone had to do later was to mention that you convicted him of a crime under Alteran law, and he would be executed for crimes against humanity.” Kyle looked around and noticed the pale prosecutor; “I would be very interested to know if you had a law on the books referenced by this number.”



“So would I,” Baxter muttered, as he went over to his computer and tapped on the keyboard for several moments before pulling the paper over and entering the number. Getting the result of his search back, Baxter turned around with anger evident on his face, but his voice controlled, “Mr. Prosecutor, would you like to inform me why the defendant was being charged with kissing a married woman not his own kin on Sunday, in public?”



Getting no answer, Baxter walked over to the prosecutor table and stared at the man, “A law I might add that was enacted in 1961 by the Alaskan legislature…we certainly are not in Alaska the last time I looked.”



Kyle was actively skimming minds and was disgusted, “Master Tzu does Clan Shaolin claim jurisdiction in this case?”



Tzu tilted his head to one side as he considered Kyle’s words, “This case should not go forward, the accused was innocent of the accusations, this truth was at the forefront of his mind as I examined him, along with the feeling and events of his betrayal.” Tzu said, as he looked around the courtroom and saw a teen boy slump over in his seat behind the prosecutor, “Where are the accused's parents?”



“He was placed in state custody after being arrested. His parents gave up all rights not wanting to have anything to do with him,” Charles read off his computer screen, trying to be helpful.



Tzu considered his options as the crowd stared at them, not finding one that would work to the facts as he had them, “I can not at this time claim Clan rights to the accused or for the accused, I will claim healers rights for the accused, if he survives.”



Kyle nodded his head as he noticed a sheriff walk in, or at least he thought it looked like a sheriff’s uniform, “At this time, I must ask you to seal this courtroom until such time as someone from the Clan gets here to stand in judgment.”



Scared beyond belief, and livid at being found out, and angry, the prosecutor slammed both hands down on the desk and rose screaming, “ON WHAT GROUNDS?”



Feeling a little bit disorientated, Baxter glared at the prosecutor and paled as he turned to face an angry security guard whom he thought was one of Aaron’s clan.



“On the grounds of someone using Alteran law to commit murder,” Kyle snapped out, before closing his eyes and pathing in general “I need a member of the Clan on earth to contact me immediately…”



Tyler being on gift duty this week, buying small gifts and things for their birthdays of the youngsters and teens the Clan had rescued, had just finished buying the last one a few moments before and was looking at the pet store and the puppies, wondering if he wanted to buy one of these or go for one of the bigger breeds. He was thinking that instead of those ferrets in the beast master movies Damien had shown them, he thought a toy breed of dog was more appropriate. His musings were cut short as he heard a general path, just barely heard it as the person evidently was not as strong as some.



Tilting his head to the side which caused his guard detail to go active, he sought out the originator of the message, “I hear you, barely, what do you need?”



Secretly sighing in relief when he felt contact, Kyle welcomed Tyler into his mind as he felt the link solidify strongly and sent him the information about needing someone from the Clan to make a determination on what to do next.



Pat, still feeling somewhat silly dressed in the new Clan uniform for those going outside the Kingdom, adjusted his circlet as he noticed Tyler go stiff and took his change from the clerk and rushed over, he had bought several chew toys for Damien’s pup Lady. Placing a hand near Tyler’s face he closed his eyes and felt for the linkage and easily slipped inside and listening into the conversation, picking up a visualization of a spot to port to.



Tyler opened his eyes and smiled, he had felt Pat had picked up on where to go, but the limiter he was still wearing would not allow him to port by himself, grinning as Pat kissed him and sent the visualization at the same time back to him, he looked around at the small scene they were causing and the guards. “We are being called, William, we will meet you in the courtroom and…” he did not get to finish as William and half his men ported out ahead of them to make sure the scene was secure. Laughing, he looked at Pat, “I guess he wants to make sure we are safe, even if there is security already on the scene…” sighing, Tyler looked around, “shall we?”



A moment after several more security just appeared in his courtroom, Baxter moved over towards Charles as two young teens dressed in fancy robes moved into the courtroom, but the interesting thing was they were wearing something that looked like crowns, or miniature versions of a crown.



Tyler looked around the room and felt the hostility and glanced at Pat who was wincing at the thoughts he was picking up on, asking softly as he looked up at the judge's desk and the head of Altair Minor security standing there, “Kyle why do you need someone from the Clan here?”



“Sorry to interrupt your trip, but there has been a development in the request for intervention and telepathic verification of innocence we received.” Kyle wanted to fidget; Tyler had the Stranton stare down pat, even the look that was unreadable. “Someone from the prosecutor’s office tried to slip in our law code into one of their trials, if pressed; I would say it was for the sole purpose of murder of the innocent defendant.”



“The bastard is guilty and deserves to die as the freak and faggot he is, the perverted mother…” the man got pulled back down into his seat before he could finish as someone placed a hand across his mouth.



Master Tzu stepped forward and bowed, “Young Dragon…Dragon Lord…the accused was innocent of the crimes brought against him, he is currently in the trauma center in the hopes we may save his life, as he was on the verge of dying from his injuries.” Seeing the confusion in Tyler’s eyes, he added hoping to make it clear, “The accused was, or is, fifteen, he is accused of rape of a fourteen year old boy. I examined his mind as I tried to stabilize him as it was screaming out his innocence and betrayal.”



Understanding a little better now, Tyler nodded as he looked around the room and stopped on the man in the judge’s robe, “How did he get injured, or should I say beaten half to death, you chaps are not usually portrayed as this violent?”



Baxter stepped back at the emotionless gaze on the young man’s face, “I have yet to find that out, I asked the sheriff to come answer the question of why a fifteen year old was not sent to the juvenile facility to wait for his trial.”



Standing in the rear of the courtroom and listening to his deputy fill him in on what had happened so far, Billy stepped forward, glaring hatefully at the prosecutor he told them, “Begging your honor’s pardon, but I did not accept any juvenile into my facility, The city tried to bring me a prisoner, but I refused him knowing damn well he was under age and not the twenty year old they portrayed in the paperwork, I can easily bring over the video footage to verify this.”



“Son of A Bitch,” Baxter swore, “The city police department is really crossing the line now, and it means the mayor is a lying sack of shit.” Baxter clapped his hand on his mouth as he realized where he was and shook his head sadly as the court reporter was happily tapping away recording everything said.



Does Aaron need to do this or can we handle it, do you think?” Tyler asked Pat as he looked around the room and saw one teen flinch in pain and collapse, tracing back the pain filled eyes he looked at Pat, “That was a little strong, Love.”



He was using Kyle for relief, and when he was found out, happily blamed him for everything, at his parents' urgings, so he would not be found out as being gay. He planned to use Kyle in the future if his parents found out about his other affairs, pleading Kyle had perverted him,” Pat looked away and at Tyler, “how could anyone be so selfish and hurtful to one of our own kind?”



Placing a hand on Pat's cheek Tyler sighed, “But the thing you must remember Pat, is not all gay people are our kind, not all of them are good and willing to be better.” Standing up straight, with a serious smile on his face, he turned to face the judge. “I am Tyler English of Clan Stranton of the Empire of Altare…I stand in judgment.”



Placing his hand on Tyler’s face, Pat smiled at him before stepping back, “As an adult of Clan Stranton, I recognize your right to stand in judgment…as the only elder of Clan Stranton here at the moment, I offer you the choice,” Pat began the ritualistic words each of the Clan faced at one time or another, and he changed it slightly to better grandstand, to better create and build on their mythos, “To take a life should never be easy. To hold a life in your hands as you stand in judgment is a heavy burden, an ordeal you do not have to undertake if you do not wish.” Pathing the rest as it was not for outsiders, “You may, without losing our love or respect, hand them over for judgment to the Kings Bench or ask another to bring the verdict down at any time Love, please know that and keep it in your heart.”



Nodding, Tyler looked at Pat grimly, “I understand, elder of my Clan.” Glancing around the room at the security detail, he finally focused on William and decided two could play at the grandstanding game, “To approach the test of life is a frightening experience. To stand up and accept the test when offered shows courage beyond measure, the only failure is not to accept the test out of fear of failure itself.” Stepping forward with his eyes piercing a very still William, he asked, “William, as I face my ordeal do you stand by my side and accept the ‘TEST’.”



Shocked, pleased, confused, but only slightly, as each of the Clan asked the question differently to those they chose to be theirs, those they thought were the best, William stepped forward, “Young Sir, I accept the test.”



Aaron having been informed of what was going on by Pat, nudged Kyle to one side and sat in the judge’s chair, dressed in full battle gear, including a glowing crown, this was the third time one of his Clan was involved in something in this part of the state and he was going to send a message.



Tyler stared at the prosecutor as he looked at the man’s mind gently, trying not to hurt him if possible as he sought the information on whether he knew what he was doing. The further he went into the man’s mind, the more disgusted he got, not only did he know what he was doing and planned to justify the execution, using their laws. He was hoping it would work so he could use it again until someone caught on and changed the laws of the state. He never imagined that they would be upset over it as they killed there criminals all the time. Stepping back as the man slumped over in pain, Tyler shook his head in disgust, “upon telepathic examination, I find you guilty of planned premeditated multiple murder, using our laws to commit these acts. If it were not for the fact your first attempt was against a gay teen, I would have to address this issue with the King’s Bench before giving my verdict, as it is, I do not have to do so as there is a clear cut case against you and the City of Bixby police department that caused the injuries to the teen in question; your own mind stands as witness to your crimes.”



Glancing at William who had moved behind the prosecutor with his weapon drawn he swallowed hard, “You leave me no other recourse but to remove you from the gene pool…I find you guilty of the crimes brought to my attention and the sentence is death.”



William had the trigger of his weapon half pulled back and as Tyler said the word death he pulled the trigger, to the outside world, the word and the action came simultaneously.



“I hereby order you William to take your teams to the Bixby police department and to telepathically examine each officer for the same flaw as found in this one,” Tyler pointed to the corpse cooling on the table, “All found to be as flawed, to be found as criminally guilty as this one are to be removed from the gene pool.”



Stepping around the table, Tyler walked over towards the boy who was sobbing as an act, inside the boy was seething at his plan gone awry. Sensing movement, Tyler kinetically stopped a fist from connecting to his head from the boy’s father and mentally threw him across the room into the wall so he could stand in front of the teen. Staring at the teen who was screaming in pain as he invaded his mind, he stepped back, how to handle this one he thought. He was just as guilty, but to kill a kid, he did not know if he could, and then as he turned to speak to Pat, asking him to take over, he remembered the trial Aaron stood in judgment on, those four kids’. He gave a different sentence than death to two of them, looking at the teen again, he sent his mind inside to find out the information he needed to pronounce judgment and frowned in thought. “Sandy Cresthall, not only are you guilty of the betrayal your lover accused you of, you planned this from the beginning as a way to keep your secret of being gay from your family. You kept it as a way to always have someone to blame if something went wrong and you were found out before you were ready.”



Stepping back in disgust, as he tried to decide what to do, what would be just, “You sought out and initiated the sex you had with Kyle, proclaiming your love for him while using him and planning for the day you would betray him so you would always have someone to blame for what you wanted anyway.” Death of personality he thought, but how far back, diving into the teen's mind once more, causing horse screams, he found what he needed, “I sentence you to death of personality, your mind shall be returned to an age that you were kind and giving…I sever all ties to your birth family and to your birth government and remand you into the custody of the Shaolin…if they so chose to accept the burden of teaching you how to love and how to have a safe and proper loving relationship, I remand you into custody until your twenty fifth year, or until you are in a true loving relationship with honesty.”



Glancing over his shoulder, Tyler’s eyes widened as he saw Aaron sitting there behind Pat who was standing in front of the podium, “Master Tzu, I remand the prisoner into your care and the mind healers guild to carry out sentence, he is to be returned to the age of nine years old mentally. If the Clan Shaolin does not accept the burden of this teen gone awry, please remand him into the custody of the King for final disposition.”



Master Tzu bowed before walking over to the teen in question, after picking him up off the floor he porting out over the protests of the teens mother.



Tyler turned around and glared at the boy’s father, before walking over to Aaron and bowing his head once he stood near the chair Aaron was sitting in.



Aaron smiled gently as he reached up, placed both hands on either side of Tyler’s face, closed his eyes and merged their minds together so he could help him deal with what he had done.



Kyle paled as he listened to a report by Clan security and walked over to Pat, “Our security team is meeting resistance…there have been injuries.”



Nodding that he heard, Pat closed his eyes and caused every telepath to wince in pain as he pathed out, “Who among the Clan is near the shipyard and can release the MCA’s.” pulling on the mic and extending it towards his mouth he activated it, “Officer of the Day, set condition Red…I need Marine backup to Bixby, Clan security is under attack.”



I’m still here with Andrew and his family, what’s going on, Aaron ported out of here a little bit ago,” Tim sent, as both he and Andrew went stiff and looked out the window.



Tyler stood in judgment in Bixby; he also sent Clan security to the local police department to scan them, they were using our laws to commit murder of gay people. Our security forces are taking injuries, I’ve called for the Marines, but I want that area leveled, I want it gone before more of our people are hurt or worse.” Pat informed him as his anger grew and the thing Aaron had warned them about started to happen, a plasma Dragon was forming around him, and the dragon looked pissed.



Tim felt the rage coming with the pathed conversation and instantly ported to the shipyard and activated the MCA weapon. As the third group of MCA’s was being ported down to the city and removing everything in sight, Kevin and Pete showed up and joined in porting the MCA’s down to the planet.



Enraged, Pat’s eyes flashed with pure rage as he felt his people, his security being injured, and his voice while soft, shook the windows of the building, “I condemn you,” his eyes went to the side wall that blew apart with his gaze, “I condemn all of you that attack us, to death.”



“Welcome love, I am proud of you Tyler Stranton, “Aaron smiled, as he opened his eyes and saw to his horror, something had gone horribly wrong, a black and silver Dragon launched out of the hole in the courtroom towards the sounds of fighting and he saw the MCA’s busy removing everything from downtown. Tyler’s pathed, “What the bloody hell,” summed it up perfectly he thought.



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