Chapter 61






“Welcome love, I am proud of you Tyler Stranton, “Aaron smiled as he opened his eyes and saw to his horror something had gone horribly wrong, a black and silver Dragon launched out of the hole in the courtroom towards the sounds of fighting and he saw the MCA’s busy removing everything from downtown. Tyler’s pathed, “What the bloody hell?” summed it up perfectly Aaron thought.



“What the hell?” Aaron got out before Judge Johnson yelled out, “On behalf of the judicial system of Bixby county, I surrender, for the love of God, I surrender.”



Aaron’s head twisted to the side as a sheriff called out on the tail end of Baxter, “On behalf of the Bixby County Sheriff’s department, I surrender.” Looking at the form in the opening in the wall, an enraged Pat who was once again pulling energy into plasma and it was taking shape; he thought, oh shit, before rushing over and grabbing Pat’s shoulder draining the energy into his own body. “Pat, control yourself love, before you incinerate everyone in sight.” As Pat was startled out of his rage, Aaron thought to himself, anger management classes for all his lovers would be needed if this kept up.



Shuddering as he felt the energy and rage drain away from him, Pat turned, trying to capture the last bit of righteous anger that was being drawn away and found himself face to face with Aaron, then his words registered, and he slumped in the arms of his lover, “Sorry had a slight flash back to when you were hurt, I hope I didn’t hurt any of our people, I don’t think I could handle that.”



“They had the good sense to port out of the area, “Aaron told him, as he looked out the hole in the side of the building before looking into the center of town and the empty buildings, “Whoever is releasing he MCA’s please place them in standby.” Shaking his head in amazement, Aaron turned to face the frightened people. Scared shitless was more like it, he thought, facing Baxter and the sheriff he tilted his head, “I was going to go on this long rant about this is the third time someone from my Clan had to come to this part of the state and do an intervention or rescue, what the hell is wrong with you people?”



Pointing to the judge, Aaron sighed, “I know there is good in this state, in the people here, Judge Johnson is proof of that…But damn the bad is really outshining all of you.” Still sighing on and off, Aaron looked back at the hole in the wall. “Dammit, now I have to fix the wall.” Looking at the ceiling  he extended his mic but did not activate it, instead pathing at the same time he spoke out loud, “Tim, Pete could you port over one of the MRB’s we have a hole in the wall to Judge Johnson’s courtroom that needs to be fixed.”



By this time, all the other judges including the ones from superior court the next floor up were standing and gawking at the wall or lack of it as they gathered to find out what the hell was going on. Baxter approached Aaron hesitantly as he watched this strange device appear and start to close the hole up from the outside in, and the wonderful thing was the areas being replaced looked like they belonged. “I’m truly sorry Aaron; this whole thing blew up out of proportion too quickly, on everyone I think.”



“Baxter, if the good decent people of this state don’t take it back and soon, this whole place is going to look like Iraq does now, or a lake, one of the two,” Aaron looked at the hole which was almost gone as a second MRB appeared inside the courtroom and started to replace the wall.



“Baxter, did I hear you right you surrendered to his Majesty,” Frank walked into the room and looked around, the window that used to be in the wall as back now, the things, whatever they were, had replaced the window for some reason, glancing along the wall, it is more likely it was because of the architecture, the spacing of the other windows.



Baxter rounded on Frank incredulous and pointed out the window at where the towns square and police station used to be, “Are you going to argue with someone who can do that?”



Holding up his hands as if fending off an attack, Frank smiled, “Oh hell no, I just wanted to make sure I did not put my foot in it, when I asked for advice.”



Aaron closed his eyes, rubbed his temples and turned around, “Advice? Most sane people after seeing what we do to those attacking us run away screaming.”



Frank laughed before leaning against the table and realized the prosecutor was not breathing and no one seemed too worried about it as he jumped off the table, “Yes well,” he started now really off balance. “Yes well, Baxter, I expect you will get the kids from the defendant upstairs in my court. She was arrested again, for the third time this month for stealing, and the politicians in their infinite wisdom and their three strikes and you’re out laws leave me no choice if she is convicted again, and I feel she will be.”



“What did she steal?” Aaron wondered why he would be asking for his advice, maybe the kids were gay he thought and he wanted him to take them hopefully on that order.



“Food to feed her kids, she was caught stealing food again. The bad thing is it was from a dumpster, she has tried everything to get help, and the CPS and other services keep rejecting her, or want to take her kids instead of actually helping her out," Frank explained, wondering what happened to the prosecutor as he settled down on the other table.



“I’m not sure what kind of advice I can give you, or what you want really,” Aaron looked at the judge, half listening to him as he was listening to the reports from Clan security and Friedrich who had responded with the Marines.



“Because if he surrendered, I have a window of opportunity to do what is right, Hell, every time she has been in my courtroom it is for the same thing, digging for food out of a dumpster, but the law says it is stealing. We’ve failed her and many others and if we, however briefly, have suspended the state laws, I can do what is right and keep that family together and order some real help to be given instead of having my hands tied,” Frank’s speech was intense as he looked at Aaron.



Aaron chuckled, “Well, what are you doing sitting here, go do what is right, my people probably will be here at least until dark.” Rushing out of the room, Frank grinned, finally he would be able to do what he knew needed to be done.



“Does that go for the rest of us, including borrowing some of your telepaths?”



Aaron looked around to see who had asked that and saw an elderly formidable looking woman step forward, “Yes, I guess it does.”



Baxter smirked as his fellow jurists rushed back to their courtrooms and glared at the groaning man in the doorway who was protesting.



“You can’t do that, STOP…you’ll screw up my record.”



Pat looked depressed in Tyler’s arms and Aaron could feel his downward spiral, moving the few steps over to Pat’s side, Aaron pulled him into a hug and linked with him, “I’m not mad at you, and none of our people got hurt, it seems you inherited my temper Love, without my experience dealing and controlling it. We’ll get you there, don’t worry.” Kissing him as he smiled he felt Pat sigh and feel slightly better, knowing that Aaron was truly not mad at him, “Why don’t you and Tyler head home, or at least to Sol Station, use the conference room if you need to shag each other silly,” he mentally leered at him causing Pat to giggle.



Once the two of them had ported out, Aaron looked around before starting for the door, “I think it is time I find out what the hell happened. Do you want to join me Baxter?”



Rushing to catch up, Baxter ran past the bailiff and caught sight of Aaron going down the hall and entering the stairwell. Once out on the street, he followed along next to Aaron as he approached the crowd of Marines and saw firsthand the empty town square, along with the missing police station, well partially missing as the jail cells were the only thing still there.



“Friedrich,” Aaron asked, as he said his head of security’s name.



“P…Your Majesty,” Friedrich quickly switched over seeing someone by Aaron’s side dressed in judicial robes.



“Steven…Steven Miller,” Baxter yelled out in shock, causing the person in question to look up through the bars of the jail cell and respond with a sneer, “So come to look at your work? I should have known you were like all the others, locking me up instead of finding me a home.”



Aaron held up his hand, not that it was needed as Friedrich was captivated by the spectacle off to one side.



“But…Steven, how long have you been in here, I had a meeting this morning with your case worker who told me you were loving your new family,” Baxter looked so confused.



Steven, seeing the confusion and real emotions on the judge’s face, paled, “You didn’t know,” he whispered as he sank to the floor, looking up through the tears he shook his head, “I’ve been in here since I left your court with CPS a month ago, at least, unlike some of the others, I haven’t been used.”



Baxter turned, tears streaming down his face, he was about to plead with Aaron to get Steven out of the cell. Thinking he would have to find him, he stared as he came almost face to face with Aaron and Friedrich, “Please,” pointing to the cell door, “he is not supposed to be in there.”



Friedrich nodded and went over to the door and stared at the lock for a moment to get an idea on how it was put together before kinetically moving the cylinder and popping the door, he looked back up with shock as he heard the judge tell the teen to seek their help.



Kneeling in the dirt, Baxter looked at Steven, “Steven look at me, I’m more sorry than you can imagine. I want you to do something…” once he saw he had the teen's attention he jerked his head backwards towards Aaron, “I want you to walk out of that cage and go to the King, he is standing behind me and tell him your name and ask for asylum, we failed you, he won’t.”



Steven stared at the judge he had spent the last month cursing as a liar, he heard the words, but his trust was gone, he felt lost and more alone than when he asked for help in the beginning, staring at the judge, not moving, he just cried as he heard the judge plead with him.



“Come on Steven, you need to say the words…Please, they can give you a better life,” Baxter pleaded before sighing; Steven was well and truly lost right now. Standing up, he came to a decision, he had lost one of the ones he was supposed to protect and now it was time for the system to pay, moving around so he was facing Aaron, he cleared his throat, But Steven interrupted him.



Looking up, Steven was willing to give it one last try, if all else failed he would take his own life he decided, looking up with pleading eyes at Aaron he stumbled over the words and shrugged they would do or not, “I Steven Miller request sanctuary, Asylum, whichever works.”



Aaron looked at the teen for a moment and smiled, “I am Aaron Stranton, Prime of Clan Stranton…and all the other nifty titles that go along with being me.” Smiling at the shy smile on Steven’s face as he pulled himself up off the floor, pointing to Friedrich, Aaron grinned evilly, “That is Friedrich or walking weapon storage unit number one, take your pick.” Getting a small laugh from the teen along with a scowl from Friedrich and a wink, “Friedrich is going to escort you to Sol Station, the space station in orbit to get you checked out in the med bay. From there, you can either ask for directions to my office or a place to sleep for the night until you find out which of the options that will become available to you you’re going to pick.”



Aaron smiled as he watched Friedrich hold out a hand after opening the door and when the teen touched him he ported them both out and up to Sol Station, looking around he found Kyle and motioned him over, “Kyle, mind telling me what the hell happened and who was hurt?”



Sighing as he would rather have Friedrich do this, nevertheless Kyle looked around, “Well most of the guys shooting at our people were taken out with whatever the hell Pat did. The rest folded pretty quickly once their weapons and shelter disappeared. Until we take a good look at their minds, we are thinking they are part of the shadow government that is getting desperate, losing more and more power as the President and Governors take back their rightful control.” Glancing around as most of his forces were gone with the prisoners now, “on our side, William was injured, his hard head and a glancing trajectory saved his life, though I expect he will be plunged into one of those horribly confining bio-tubes you are so fond of, the rest of the injuries are flesh wounds for the most part, one broken bone, I think from a bad twist. Another five minutes and we will be done and gone,” Kyle looked at Aaron who looked distracted.



Chris, how soon can you and Joe and Otto get to my office?” Aaron pathed as he looked around, it was time to take some preventative action he thought, as he let his eyes settle back on Kyle and Baxter, “We’re done here for now, I think.”



Baxter was nervous, he wondered how many of the other cases the CPS woman lied about in his court, “I really hate to do this to you…” stepping back at the intense stare suddenly directed his way he gulped, “Can I borrow some telepaths while you are still in charge,” pointing to the now empty jail cell, “Steven was not supposed to be in there, in fact according to the report I received this morning from the case worker, he was happy and loving every minute of his new foster home, yet he told me he never made it to the foster home I assigned him to. He said after leaving my courtroom he spent the last month in here…and he mentioned something about at least he wasn’t used like a lot of the other guys.”



Staring at Baxter, Aaron narrowed his eyes as he thought about what was not being said, “Kyle…”



“Yes your Majesty.” Kyle stepped forward already knowing what Aaron was about to say, and he was right for the most part.



“I’m tired of all this shit, Marines and telepaths, bring them in and blanket this area, get with Judge Johnson here and run every single CPS worker through the telepaths and if found wanting, drain them dry then find the kids and rescue them. Place them in one of the crèche’s for now,” Aaron stared at the jail cells, some full of people, and then at the Sheriff who was standing looking awe struck at the fact the building was gone, “Run the telepaths through the prisons around here, same rules as New York.”



“Yes you Majesty,” Kyle told him as he snapped to attention, once Aaron had ported out; he looked back at the judge and the sheriff, “how much trouble are we going to have with the prisons and the guards?”



Aaron did not even acknowledge the extra people in his office, instead going right to his desk and looking at the three military commanders he had asked to meet him, “Right, this is what I want you to do. The US is fracturing, at a slower rate than before, but it is still happening, I don’t want to have to deal with several problems I think are approaching. So I want you all to find every single nuclear missile and use the MCA’s to remove all the fissionable material, I want those things to be nothing but semi dangerous projectiles. While you’re at it, clean out all the places they make the material for those bombs, breeder reactors I think they are called.” Sitting down, Aaron looked across his desk at the stony faces, “if you can insert a fatal flaw into the launch mechanism at the same time do so, I would be happier if those missiles never flew.”



Propping his face on his hands, Aaron stared for a few minutes as he thought things through, “I hate to say this but it looks like as the country starts to unravel, we might be able to save parts of it by bringing them into the two territories we already have in America, so I need plans thought about, the best ways to do that, I’m sure it will be a chaotic time and a lot of people are going to get hurt.” Bringing up a list of governors that he had met with, the window behind him darkened and a map of the US appeared with the sixteen states in brown, examining it, he saw several states in the brown areas still white, “If this happens…” he thought out loud as he stared, “Not if, more likely when it seems…” he continued to stare and think as Chris and Joe shared looks while Otto sat taking notes.


Touching several states so they turned yellow, Aaron looked at the map again and nodded, “This will work,” pointing to the map, “Start making inroads with the states in brown, talk to the governors, or have Bill do so quietly. The states in yellow if worst comes to worse plan on a fast hard invasion to secure them, if the US unravels like I think it is going to. Now that the shadow government is coming out into the open more and more,” pointing to the map, “Well, the U.S. will, if we are lucky and prepared, fracture into three sections, with two of them merging with our territories, we can go in and shore up the rest of the country later if we have to.” Looking back at Chris and Joe, “the real question is, do we have enough people, and do we have enough resources to be able to pull this off without putting our people at risk?”



Otto looked up after studying the map he downloaded to his P.A.D.D., “NO, not if we have to go and secure the area’s in yellow,” staring at the map he frowned, “The only way this is going to work is if we get a foothold in those states in brown and clean them up before the shit hits the fan, the problem is that at some point, word will get out and if the shadow government is smart, they will start the shit storm before we are ready.”



“What if we fire off interdiction barriers and surround each of the states, then go in and clean them up one at a time and merge them with the territories once validated as clean, if we send the spooks in ahead of time to take notes, it can go pretty fast once it happens.” Joe pointed to the map, thinking about how the Reliant was able to enclose Israel in a short time.



“And if the spooks find kids being abused and endangered?” Chris snorted, as he looked over his shoulder at all the people staring at them intently, “I think we can go back to our offices and plan this out, we can come up with several different ways to do this and let Aaron get on with his day…and guests.”



Blinking in surprise, Aaron turned his head and saw a room full of people and blushed, he had forgotten Victoria and James were still here, but he had not counted on all the others, ‘shit’, he thought, as he nodded, “Get me an update sometime tomorrow to let me know what you’ve come up with as problems and we can go from there,” Aaron stood, letting them know the conversation was over. Once they had ported out, he quickly turned off the plasma and plastered a smile on his face as he made his way over to the couch and sat down.



“Hello, I never expected to see all of you,” waving his hand towards his desk area, “Sorry about all that…So what brings you here?” Aaron asked, hoping to change the subject quickly, but no go it seemed.



Chairman Woo very carefully picked out his words, “Do you have plans in place to conquer the whole planet?”



Sighing, Aaron shook his head no, “No, I don’t have plans to conquer anyone, and I don’t plan to now, this is a just in case plan, that I hope never to open up and use.” Looking over his shoulder at the Earth in all its glory, “No, let’s be honest with each other at least. We all know that half of all nuclear weapons are under the U.S.’s control, the problem is, they are on a downward spiral, they’ve slowed somewhat, but the honest truth is they are still fracturing. And the scary question is who will end up with the nuclear weapons and will they push the button.”



Glancing around the room, Aaron decided to be utterly blunt and honest, “Two weeks ago, if something would have gone majorly wrong, I could have just safely grabbed my people and moved to one of my other planets; in fact that was the plan for the past hundred or so years,” Looking at Andrew he pathed, “Well it was the other versions plans, he never wanted us to come out in the open like we have, and only after we were off planet.”



“Then I met the Brits and even included them in my plans, for if the worst happened, I could have kept them together long enough to transplant them to one of the worlds being opened up, and save almost all of Edward's people,” Aaron then pointed around the room to each of them as he ended up looking at Woo. “Now though, together, we will be announcing an open immigration policy with each of your governments and things have changed again, instead of just up and leaving the world to its own devices if the worst happens…I have made a commitment. All of you have made a commitment, in flesh and blood.” Looking back at the Earth and sighing, “So, if the worst would happen, instead of going off to forget about this world and all of you, I have to make plans to step in and invade parts of it to stabilize the U.S.…stabilize the world.”



Chairman Woo sat back thinking briefly about the honesty they were being shown, “If the worst happens before you are ready…My countries armies are yours to command.”



Blinking several times, Aaron smiled weakly, “I thank you…hopefully this will not happen and all the planning my people do will not be used.” Looking at the Russian who was clearing his throat with a sheepish smile, Aaron tilted his head questioning.



“You, of course, will have command of my country's army also, I know that the way you would work it would be for a very short time before they would be home again,” President Gorbivonovich smiled, “I was also wondering something, you mentioned something about using your devices to remove nuclear material from the Americans' missiles, can this technology remove the material from other areas?”



“Very easily, why?” Aaron was curious as he had not skimmed any of their minds in several days; they had been open and honest with him, so he had stopped doing it as a matter of principle.



“We have several areas where accidents have happened. Our Chernobyl is only the most damaging one to my people, destroying so much valuable farm land,” President Gorbivonovich leaned forward, “What do we have to do to have you use your technology to remove this material.”



Pete, how easy is it to decontaminate an area using the MCA’s, say for radioactive material from fallout?” Aaron pathed, as he got an image back of Tim and Kevin filling both ends of Pat while he and Tyler watched, having already taking their turns.



If I had a pure sample of the material you want removed, so I can get the quantum signature, very easy, why?” Pete replied as felt fingers distracting him by reaching between his butt cheeks.



Laughing, Aaron sent his thanks and told them to enjoy themselves; he would have to take a rain check as he still had people in his office at Pete’s invitation to join them, blinking as he focused on Gorbivonovich once again, “I have been informed it is very easy, especially once we get a sample of what needs to be removed, as for what it will cost…”



“May I make a humble suggestion,” Chairman Woo interrupted, “A question first, the plan to remove the nuclear missiles from the American arsenal, this will take place no matter what happens in the future, correct?”



“They will be gone before tomorrow night, I’m not willing to take any chances,” Aaron stated as he skimmed Chairman Woo’s mind and smiled as he saw the suggestion.



“Then may one suggest that if no one has these weapons, it will be best for the world, and in the interest of saving time, if the honored comrade happened to move the mobile missiles his country has to the sites needing clean up it would be very easy for you to widen the area of removal,” Chairman Woo said slyly, as he glanced at his Russian counterpart.



“That would only work if all nuclear weapons were removed worldwide,” President Gorbivonovich mused, as he looked down at the Earth, standing, he went to the wall and looked out and down at the Earth. Muttering to himself, “Standing here changes one, maybe it is past time to move past…” turning around he looked back at Aaron, “My vision of a new world security council, you would not be comfortable doing this after the way the old one treated you, but just this once, if you look around the room, between us we have thirty five percent of the world’s population in the countries that look to us for leadership, if we add the countries we are allies with, I believe we can easily increase that number to fifty percent. What I am getting at is, the leaders of the most developed nations in the world are in this room right now. We comprise three of the five open nuclear countries, and if you take the US out of the picture, we represent three of the four, with France being the other.”



Moving back to the couch, President Gorbivonovich glanced around to the other leaders, “There are four other countries that we know have nuclear weapons, and of those four, Israel is behind your interdiction barrier.” Looking at Aaron he leaned forward, “What I am being long winded about is, if we agree to remove our nuclear missiles, we would ask that you remove all nuclear missiles worldwide, those that have them and refuse to admit to them will be angry but without recourse. The only one who would have a legitimate reason to get nasty would be France, and they are compromised as you told us the other day.”



Aaron leaned back in the couch and looked at them, the question in his mind was whether he should share with them the fact that he had already removed the nuclear threat of France, their missiles had the fissionable material removed and a flaw inserted in the drive chamber that would cause them to blow up if launched, just like he planned to do to the US missiles. After being ignored by the French President, he felt justified as he knew that there was an active plan to use those missiles to destroy his Kingdom.



Edward watched Aaron as he thought about what was proposed and in a strange insight he figured out France was already out of the picture, smiling with the secret knowledge of figuring it out, he glanced around trying to tone down his grin as the others started to look at him questioningly.



Finally after several long minutes, Aaron decided on discretion for now, “Alight, I agree. I also agree to clean up your damaged areas and to remove the spent nuclear fuel rods of your power plants while I am at it. The last will be a little on the tricky side as I don’t want to expose the spent rods to the air, but I can get them done easily enough.” Pathing back to the shipyard where his lovers were resting and talking after their lovemaking session, “Can you guys start a new project for me? I need to use the MCA’s to remove all the nuclear missiles worldwide, that, and use the transporters to remove the spent nuclear fuel rods from some of the electric plants before dematerializing them, or maybe it would be better to use several of the MCA’s and then cannibalize them, faster that way,” he thought as Pete picked up on the idea and ran with it.



Holding up a hand to stop the question being asked, Aaron listened in as Pete told him, “We can easily do that and I take it you want to clean up the Chernobyl site, that is the only place I can think of where your earlier question would come into play. Do we need to do this covertly?”



No, well not in China, Britain or Russia, and it will be an easy full removal of the missiles in those countries,” Aaron told him, as he saw that they were powering up the system, and to his surprise, a map popped up that he saw through Pat’s eyes with every nuclear weapon on it. “Start with the countries we know will be safe and schedule the others to be taken out just like the Americans are going to be, and the French were, starting once it gets dark wherever they are.”



What do you want to do with the mass we get, like for the ones taken from the ones willing to give up the weapons and such,” Pete asked as he then asked, “And when do you want to us to start?”



Start with those countries that are not supposed to have them anyway, covertly if you can, the rest, give them an hour to let their military’s know what is going on. As far as the mass goes, can you keep track of it, or do we need to create separate blocks, I was thinking maybe use the mass to create items on the immigration list,” Aaron told them as he felt a metaphorical hand caress his crotch and sent this laughter, “Enough of that, I am not about to pop wood here in front of all these people, I still have Edward to talk to and then I can go home and all of you can try your best to take care of it, I’ve been saving up all day.” Laughing as he broke the link Aaron smiled.



“Sorry about that, but I was talking to Pete and some of my Clan,” Aaron kept the smile on his face as he looked around, “here is what we are going to do. Right now, Pete is starting with the nuclear weapons in countries that say they don’t have any, well if it is night time there that is. In about an hour, he will be ready to move on to your countries and remove your missiles. Once the missiles are gone, he will go back and start with the spent fuel rods and end up tomorrow afternoon cleaning up any contaminated sites, you just have to get a list to him so he knows where to look and what for.”



“By breakfast tomorrow, our breakfast that is, there will not be a single nuclear weapon left on Earth,” Aaron grinned at their shocked expressions. “France will have their nuclear missiles made harmless, they’ll have the fissionable material removed, and a flaw inserted into the drives that will cause them to fail if launched, by the time we go to bed tonight, America and France will be at the same stage.”



“On a separate subject, all the mass we recycle will be used towards creating items for those wanting to immigrate; I’ll just have to check to see how much mass ends up being taken and what item off the list we can recreate.” Aaron smiled before standing so he could say good bye, “I told Pete to give all of you an hour to get together with your military and warn them what was going on, so they don’t panic.”





Lying back on the couch and closing his eyes as he rubbed his temples, Aaron opened an eye when he heard the door close, turning his head he saw Toshi standing there nervously staring at Edward as he started to get undressed. Chuckling, Aaron closed his eye and relaxed, “Make yourself comfortable Edward.”



Chuckling as he folded his clothes and moved over to Aaron and started to unbuckle Aaron’s pants so he could undress him, “I plan to. I never imagined how uncomfortable clothes are until I started being around all of you lot…budge up so I can pull your shorts off.”



Doing as asked, Aaron pulled his polo up and over his head before kicking his deck shoes off and sitting up, looking over at Toshi who was staring intently at him, he grinned as Edward went over to one of the chairs and curled his legs under him as he grinned over at Toshi challengingly.



Pointing to one of the chairs across from the couch, Aaron smiled, “If you are not comfortable without clothes on that is perfectly fine, sit and relax.” Looking at Edward he smiled, “Is there a reason that you brought Toshi with you for your talk?” What he really meant was, is there a reason you brought an outsider into his office when he planned to ravish your body until you passed out from Cumming so many times.



Gulping as his body reacted to the look Aaron gave him, Edward nodded his head with a grin, rearranging his hardness so he was more comfortable and grinned wider at Toshi’s indrawn breath, seeing him hard and very erect. “Toshi and I have been discussing things; mostly he is very good at putting together small bits of unrelated information and coming close to the actual facts, he was secretly hoping that his cousin would be unacceptable so he could fill the spot.”



Aaron looked over at the other chair and noticed Toshi had gotten undressed and was also very hard and shyly gazing at both their naked bodies. Groaning in frustration, Aaron looked at Edward, “You know, for teasing me like this, knowing I can’t do anything about it, I should declare you bottom as punishment. If we did not have a guest, I would throw you over the back end of the couch and exhaust you.” Shaking his head as Edward's grin just got bigger he looked at the straining and twitching Toshi’s leaking cock was doing, “it is not fair to Toshi, what you’re doing, Edward,” the last was said sternly wiping the grin off Edward's face.



Aaron skimmed Toshi’s thoughts and found him to be lost in need to be touched for the second time in his life, this time he wanted the touch to actually get him off instead of just measuring him. Glaring sternly at Edward which caused him to fidget and look down, Aaron sighed, getting up, he moved over and stood to one side of Toshi’s chair and gently captured his face and kissed him, making sure he kept turned so Toshi could not grab him. Kissing Toshi with all his being, he smirked as Toshi stiffened and screamed into his mouth as he fired off his load.



Moving over to Edward, Aaron reached over and placed a hand on Edward's chin and brushed his mind lightly against Edward's, “That was not fair to Toshi, Love, it bordered on being cruel.” Seeing he did have the best intentions, Aaron sighed as Edward let the tears out, he felt miserable after looking at it another way. “I know you did not mean for it to be that way, but you need to remember to make the decisions with the big head not the little one, remember all my lessons on thinking things through, Love,” Aaron leaned over and kissed Edward gently before pulling him out of the chair and taking him back to the couch, snuggling Edward in front of his chest tightly.



Toshi finally came down from the incredible orgasm, the first thing his mind screamed at him as he was able to think again was he came that hard and intense from a simple kiss, glancing down, he was covered in seed, his seed, more than he had ever produced before. Smiling and looking up, he noticed the towel in front of him and the sad look on Edward's face as he was cuddled from behind, it was evident that Edward had not had release, unsure what he was supposed to do, he asked, “Do you not wish to find release? Should I be the one kissing you now?”



Aaron smiled round Edward's head, “I’m fine Toshi, I can wait until I get home one of my lovers will help me out.”



Not understanding, Toshi looked at Edward, “Should I help you out, Edward? But…you’ve gone soft did I miss it or…something is wrong.”



Edward smiled and shook his head no, “That’s alright Toshi, I owe you an apology, I’m really sorry for starting something that was not fair to you.”



“I do not understand, I truly enjoyed what happened, I have never had such an experience to fire my seed so hard and so much by a simple kiss,” Toshi shook his head, “You have nothing to apologize for, do you?”



“But I do, Toshi, I started something that you could never truly be part of…and that is not fair to you, I should not have teased Aaron like I did, not with you in the room…it put both of you in a bad position,” Edward felt Aaron grip him tighter and melted in his arms knowing that he had just been foolish, but was still wanted, he knew that because Aaron was still hard and holding him so tight, he could feel the love from him.



“I truly do not understand, Edward,” Toshi looked at his counterpart and friend then to Aaron.



“No sex outside the Clan, Toshi, and being an honorary Clan member, those who are allowed to share themselves with us, as we share ourselves with them, the rule affects them also,” Aaron smiled, “What Edward started could have resulted in the two of us having sex and the possibility of you being drawn in, thus breaking the Clan law,” he decided phrasing it like that was the best way of Toshi understanding why it was wrong.



“Oh,” Toshi said, as he looked around the room thinking about what Aaron said, “I truly want what my cousin is being offered the chance of gaining; my father would never entertain the idea of me taking that spot, unfortunately. But I desire the chance to join with you.”



“Both of you were talking about this and looking at it from different cultural perspectives,” Aaron hugged Edward, “You see, if Edward did create a clan, a clan that would give him the best of all worlds as far as he is concerned, our gifts, his kingdom and our bodies, as he already has our hearts.” Aaron felt the burst of love and pride coming from Edward, “But the thing is, you have no idea about our culture, Edward does, and is more than willing to not only adopt it, but has in a sense been living it, you, on the other hand, have no true idea what it means to be Alteran.”



Sensing Toshi was about to argue with him, Aaron held up Edward's hand to stop him and giggled quietly at Toshi’s expression, “One of the reasons why the candidates are spending the next few days with the Shaolin on the Station, after Wednesday they will interact with the Clan for the rest of the two weeks, while in my Kingdom, they will get to know us and we them. One thing we noticed with Ichiro was a cultural problem; tell me Toshi, you have a long tradition of the ruling class, any noble class really, of having a mistress, and going so far as having children with them. How do you plan to handle that when you are confronted with the new culture you want to join that tells you it can never happen, how are you going to deal with connecting to a female as you are one of those genetically that likes both, how will you deal with it when you are married with no hope of divorce…ever?”



Sensing Toshi’s confusion, “Remember when Edward scanned you the other day,” getting a slow considered nod, he smiled, “There are a total of eight gene clusters that determine one's sexuality, all eight you are gay, at five you can go either way easily, anything less than four and you would experiment most likely but would truly be happier with a female.”



“And this test Edward ran on me, how many clusters came back?” Toshi asked, stiffly.



“Four of the eight came back positive, so you are in the midpoint as far as sexuality goes, we want to make sure you are going to be comfortable with the life changing decision you are going to make if this happens like you want it to. And I want to make sure you are going to be comfortable with our culture that you would be asked to follow,” Aaron picked up on the slight thoughts of rejection and smiled as he held Edward, “This is not about accepting or rejecting you, this is about making sure you come to ask for this with the full knowledge of what would be required.” Changing the conversation, also confusing Toshi in the process, “have you talked to Ton, your cousin about this? For all we know, he is being asked to do something he does not want any part of, or he hates, he might even already have someone in mind that he planned to spend his life with.”



He had never considered that, Toshi looked out the wall to the earth below and thought about things, he needed to speak with Ton, turning back, he noticed the surprised expression cross Edward's face and heard a soft moan, suddenly he realized Aaron must have found his way inside Edward, most likely by accident by the way both of them looked, glancing at Edward he noticed that he had suddenly become very hard and moist. Reaching for his clothing he picked it up, if he was going to visit with his cousin, chances were great that he was without clothes, “You have given me a lot to think on, before I can go further with my questions, I need to take your advice and talk to my cousin.” Smiling, Toshi stood and bowed his head before going over to the door slipping out, making sure the door was closed behind him.



Aaron, picking up on the panic from Edward, whispered in his ear as he started to thrust in and out, “I know it was an accident, but now that Toshi left us, I plan to shag you silly.” Grinning as he reached around and ran a finger across Edward's leaking cock head, applying pressure and stimulation to the sensitive head, he grinned and lightly brushed his mind against Edward's as he groaned loudly in pleasure.



Cleaning the cum off his hand with his tongue, Aaron grinned as he looked at Edward who was catching his breath after shooting his third load, Aaron had stopped after Edward came the third time, not wanting to tire him out too much, after all, they still had to talk about things. Smirking as he walked into the bathroom and got a wash cloth to clean Edward up with, Aaron went back and gently washed him before sitting back down and pulling Edward around so his head was laying on his own washed lap, “Able to think clearly again, without the need for sex clouding your judgment?”



Edward rolled over and felt the still hard cock brush his cheek, knowing better than to comment on it as he had firsthand experience that Aaron was more than ready to go again, “I think so, is there something wrong with me? I mean, I have never acted so blatant before, not around someone like Toshi who I know is an outsider. Bloody hell I would never have gotten naked with him in the room before and stripped you like that.”



“Being oversexed, according to the outside world, is one of our traits,” sighing, Aaron looked down at Edward, “How much have you found out about your grandfather’s family history? Did they share any of what we discovered last Wednesday?”



Scrunching up his face, Edward shook his head no, which ended up whacking his cheek against something still hard, “They mentioned a few things about the crown and I came to my own conclusions, nothing else, other than having some health issues quietly fixed that is.”



“Do you remember my interest last week in your grandfather's crown?” Aaron asked staring into Edward’s eyes and seeing the slow nod, “The mystery that is that crown starts around two thousand years ago, roughly, that is.”



“Roughly two thousand years ago, there was the start of a great famine in parts of China, a place where twelve of Clan Shaolin had settled to prepare and build an army. An army to be used by the kKing of Altare in times of great need,” Aaron noticed Edward staring at him intently before sitting up so he could face Aaron. “During this time, they had to come up with a procedure to lock away our natural born gifts to save their sons' lives. This was the only way they felt they could save their sons and keep with their mission to build an army to be used by the King when the time was right.”



“Both of us had lost track of each other, and what was common knowledge, faded away, to be discovered by accident when I got curious about the Shaolin, there was something about them that just did not sit right with me.” Aaron got lost in thought, “I spent some time in the Core and discovered that the Shaolin were actually the descendants of twelve Alterans from clan Shaolin going back over four thousand years ago. I listened to the first Shaolin as they recorded their words and their plan in the archives, and I listened to them tell me that after their plans had been set and everything was running as it should, they would kill themselves for their crimes.” Aaron faced Edward with a haunted look on his face, “I held one of our own in my arms as he died, he had refused treatment as was his right, as a descendant of my Clan.”



“His last recorded request as the keeper of the Shaolin Chronicles was to welcome our lost sons home, and we did as he asked. We welcomed our own back home,” Aaron finished the first part of the explanation as he turned and let his eyes focus on the Earth outside the station, “To make a long tragic story short, during the time they tried to lock away our gifts, without damaging themselves too badly so that it would be a simple matter for us to repair what they did to themselves, they experimented several times until they got it right. And those seven people that were damaged and survived, eventually made their way out into the world. They had volunteered to be experimented on, but still, they felt that instead of staying where they were a constant reminder of what they had fallen to, they would leave. After the procedure was perfected they left and eventually one would assume, they married and had children your way.”



Looking back at Edward, “What this all boils down to, Edward is simple. You are a descendant many generations removed from the Shaolin, that crown was the key to my curiosity.” Aaron smiled, “We’ve gotten very far off topic for your original question, let’s leave the answer to your question of being oversexed as a natural part of what makes you…well you. But it does give me the opening I needed to talk to you about your options, I have been putting you off because I thought you were doing all the research on clans and were leaning in that direction, come to find out it was your father and grandmother,” Aaron laughed. “That is what happens when you make assumptions, and the reason why I’ve been putting off having the conversation with you about having a son with you and the rest.”



Edward stood and started pacing, “I’m confused, I was beginning to wonder what was taking you so long to talk to me. Then I overheard father scheming about starting a clan with me as the leader and thought the reason you had not talked with me yet was that you were preparing plans, plans that would allow me to join you,” stopping and sighing, he chuckled, “And you thought I was the one coming up with the plans…So where do I go from here?”


“If you could keep your kingdom, be a king to your people and be Alteran at the same time,” Aaron pulled Edward back down onto the couch, “Is that something you would truly want?”



Without any hesitation, Edward smiled, “YES…” before laughing in happiness, “Do you even have to ask me that?”



“Well, actually, yes I do,” Aaron grinned, “Now that that is out of the way, we just need to come up with the answer to what we are going to do about the clan proposal your grandmother and father came up with…Hmmm…”



“You’ve had a thought about that,” Edward looked at Aaron, wondering what new miracle he would pull off now, all he cared about was that he was happy and his mind was screaming in joy.



“Yes…” Aaron slowly said, as his thoughts settled down, “We are going to have to do both, that is the only way to keep your kingdom from being absorbed by mine. This would allow your son to inherit the title.” Smiling, Aaron nodded it would work he thought. “Your sons Edward will be the beginning of the new clan…not you. That way, the linage is not broken and gives us time to create the clan numbers needed.”



“We still need to work on the clan charter because it will need to be done and finished before your son is born, as it will go into effect with his birth. So we have some time, not a lot, mind you, but we do have time.” Aaron frowned as he looked at the door, “Now the question is, what is up with Toshi and what do we do about him…Do you know why he is so set on having sex with you and forming a clan?”



Edward glanced at the clock and sighed, moving over, he started to get dressed, “I think the major part of it is his whole life has been controlled, he has not been allowed to truly be himself or make a decision on his own.” Puling his shirt over his head he stuffed it in his trousers thinking about what he knew, “I think he is feeling lost and unloved, from what I have gathered, his whole life has been about duty, and there does not seem to be any love in his life at all.” Slipping on his shoes he frowned, “I think he is desperate for love, even more so than I was before I met you.”



“Unfortunately, I have to go, as much as I would like to stay here or even go back home with you, I have things I have to do,” Edward smiled, “How much of this should I share with my grandmother?”



“They only know part of the history of how you are connected to the kingdom, you can share the part about the new clan and whatever you feel comfortable with sharing about Toshi,” Aaron smiled as he got up and went over and kissed Edward gently. “I’ll see you Wednesday for the announcement.” Hugging Edward on the way to the door he opened it and waved as Edward started for the security office and a ride back to the palace.



Moving back to his desk, he brought up the gene maps of the pups so he could get some work done on them before the meeting after supper, he had not gotten very far when he heard a hesitant knock at his door. Looking over, he smiled at the nervous teen in his doorway, “Hello Ru, come in, we can move over to the couch, I think we will be more comfortable over there.” Setting the simulation to run with the changes he made to the genome, Aaron left his desk and settled on the couch next to Ru, pulled him close and hugged him, “So what’s on your mind?”



Ru smiled as he felt loved and wanted as he curled up next to Aaron on the couch, “I was wondering something. Tomorrow we are to go down to Altare for the next part of our orientation, we have been told when this happens we can expect to spend our days outside of class with members of your Clan as they get to know us while we get to know them. What will we be doing during this time?”



Aaron felt there was more behind the question than was being asked, “Well, all of you are going to be given the opportunity to spend part of your day tagging along with one of the Clan, so you can see firsthand what we do, how we do our jobs and interact with the people in the kingdom. I would think most of you would use this time to evaluate our lives to see if you feel you would fit in.” Smiling, Aaron chuckled, “I think most of you have no idea of what we do or what opportunities will be open for you now. Most of you will also get the opportunity to walk on one of the other worlds, to look up into the sky and truly know you are no longer on Earth.” Hugging Ru tightly, Aaron grinned at him, “after another week of being around us day in and day out, we will sit down again, this time I will be asking if any of you wish to go back to Earth, and for those that do, a genetic deposit would be made if needed, for those that don’t, we will sit down and discuss what will happen next, and after a visit to the med bay all those left will be taken to our new home world. Those of you wanting to join with us, to try for the chance to be Clan will then be moved in into the Clan compound and you will eat sleep and work with us side by side, only then will the evaluations start.”



“I noticed that there are only nine Russian candidates left, sometime this weekend one of the Russian teens went home, was that at his request?” Ru asked, the true reason he came was to make sure they were not going to send him away early.



Picking up on the thought, Aaron smiled, “The boy in question, Stefan, went home yesterday. It seems he had a boyfriend at home and only volunteered because he thought they had broken up, and he found out they had not broken up and realized he would not be happy with us.” Chuckling at Ru’s relief, he wondered if Ru would choose the Shaolin over his Clan, after all it was something very familiar to him in a way.



“Thank you for telling me this, I was worried we were being tested and found wanting," Ru smiled as he looked over at the hologram of a DNA strand above Aaron’s desk, “May I stay and watch what you are doing, I promise not to bother you.”



Giving Ru one last hug before standing so he could move to his desk, Aaron grinned, “I have no problem with that, you can even sit in on the meeting that I’ll be having in a few minutes, it might peak your interest to see some of what we are doing.”



Halfway to his desk, Mark, along with Damien and his pup walked in, Aaron took the time to greet his lovers properly, with several long kisses. Giving the pup a scratch behind the ears he grinned as they settled around the desk, Aaron pointed to the first simulation, “The simulations is almost done, did either of you bring Donny with you, what about Bruce?”



“Donny had to stop at the station park with Dante so he could lift a leg on one of the bushes,” Damien smirked, Lady took care of that before we left, he giggled when his wolfhound pup licked his face as she scrambled to get under his chin to look over his shoulder.



Laughing, Aaron waved at Donny as he and his Mastiff walked in, “And Bruce? Has anyone heard from him since he went to the tribes to make the offer and line up some tutors?”



“Did I hear my name being spoken,” Bruce laughed as his older pup walked at his side calmly, once he sat down on the small couch near Aaron’s desk Ooljee climbed up and settled down next to him.



Grinning, Aaron looked at Damien having fun and smiled, “Damien if you would link with Lady and have her settle down in your lap we can get started.” Once all the pups were calm and settled down, Aaron started, “I have looked at the canine genome and found eight areas we can safely tweak, these eight areas are the same, no matter what the breed.” Pulling his list up and placing it on the monitor he smiled as they looked behind him, “The first thing is there is a way to easily double their life spans. The next three we will defiantly do is to increase their stamina and strength and after that, give them the ability to see in all color ranges like we do. These four are definite, besides correcting the DNA damage from centuries of inbreeding, the question is do we want to tweak them any more than that?”



Mark looked at the DNA profile and the list Aaron had come up with, “How about increased resistance to disease, that would be handy, this group here you have highlighted looks like it handles the immune system, so it would be beneficial to have a stronger immune system, especially if the Beastmaster is on a long range patrol, out of touch with the beast healers.”



“Good point,” Aaron touched several places on his desk and started to change the DNA string hovering above his desk, once the changes were in place he smiled, “I forgot to mention that once the changes happen that they will be dominant replacing the gene clusters on any offspring with the changes we make.”



Bruce sat back and smiled as Donny looked carefully at the list then back at his pup deep in thought, he was planning on acting as advisor for the group, he wanted Donny to shape the new clan, he already knew there was no way it would not be a clan, modeled on the Shaolin most likely.



“If we do these changes, are we locked in? If in the future we find a problem that needs correcting?” Donny asked, as he considered the changes being discussed, the last three did not look like they were really needed, not if they could correct all the inherited genetic flaws.



Considering the question and the thoughts behind it, Aaron made a decision, “If we, or in this case, the three of you would find a problem that one of the final three alterations would fix, we could do them…But only if they’ve not gone and sired pups, otherwise we start getting into constant alterations on top of alterations in differing generations.”



Nodding he understood, Donny looked at Damien who smiled at him, “Then for now, unless we find a problem, this list is more than I hoped for and good,” sitting back next to his pup he smiled as he scratched between Dante’s ears.



“Tyler came up with an idea while visiting a pet shop the other day; he stopped to look at the puppies and his mind flashed back at the Beastmaster movie we all watched.” Smiling as he had their attention, Mark explained his conversation with Tyler, “He suggested instead of the annoying rats that Dar had, that we keep it simple, there are plenty of toy breeds of dogs for the canine side, and for those who eventually chose cats, there are mini house cats. He thought it would make things simpler if the Beastmaster teams had only three main animals to worry about, horse, bird and dog is what he was thinking.”



“Birds…” Donny trailed off as he stared out the wall, “I never gave them much thought but I can see that they would be helpful as scouts…eyes in the sky.”



Aaron leaned back in his chair and gave it some thought, “Don’t get your hopes up yet, I agree it might work out, I would have to study the genetic maps of the predatory birds first to find out if they are even possible to tweak or control, as I’ve never had any experience working with birds other than poultry.”



“Hawks and falcons are very easily trained. I have done so and have my own, even my own Aerie or at least I did have before I volunteered,” Ru popped his head up over the end of the couch where he had been listening in fascination to what they were discussing.



Aaron turned to Bruce and smiled as Damien looked startled and stared at Ru, not knowing he was in the room, “Dogs or Cats?” Damien asked finally before motioning him to come over.



Shyly walking over thinking he had done something wrong, Ru looked confused, “I don’t understand, what about Dogs or Cats?”



Sighing in frustration, Damien slowly tried again, “Which do you feel more comfortable with dogs or cats, we already know about the birds…” thinking about it he thought he'd better ask, “Do you know how to ride a horse?”



Still confused, Ru took the empty chair, “If I had to chose, then dogs, and I don’t know how to ride a horse, though I know there are special saddles falconers use if they ride.”



Damien looked at Aaron for a moment, then to Mark, “Is he planning on trying to join with the Clan or something else?”



The Clan, I think, though he is and has been fascinated by what we were discussing, has Donny asked you anything about clans, is he still thinking he wants to build a clan not a guild,” Aaron asked as he smiled at Ru before asking out loud, “Ru, would you be willing to work with Damien tomorrow to go arrange for genetic mapping of several species of birds of prey?”



Smiling, Ru nodded his head, “I would be honored,” he sat there grinning.



“So should we stop on our way back and pick up Ru a pup too?” Mark grinned at Ru’s shock.



Laughing, Aaron pulled out the clan card from his desk, “If he wants one I don’t see a problem with it, you might want to make sure he knows what he is getting into first. Why don’t you take him and Donny to the park and let him know about the project. We need to head home in about half an hour, that will give me just enough time to talk to Bruce about his recruitment attempts, Loves don’t push him towards the Beastmasters, if pressed, tell him we could use another clan member that is willing to train the Beastmasters, and whisper in his ear that this would be a way to show leadership skills.”



Once the three happy teens and bemused candidate had gone, Aaron glanced over at Bruce, “How was your trip to the tribes?”



“Interesting. I met with the elders of several tribes, I have another meeting set up where the elders of the nations will ask questions, more likely after that they will ask to meet with you." Bruce settled back as Ooljee moved so he could put his head ion Bruce’s lap, “I did get the agreement of several of the best trackers in the nations to teach our students and the price was not so much steep as interesting. They agreed to fifteen students each for first choice of land on the new world you are willing to set aside for the nations to move to, that and the inclusion of six horses and one hundred head of livestock of their choice.”



Aaron stared at Bruce like he lost his mind; tilting his head, Aaron felt like sticking his finger in his ear trying to clear it out, “They want what??”



Chuckling, Bruce enjoyed Aaron’s expression for a moment, “What they want is first choice of land on the new planet, and the livestock and horses to work the farm, they don’t want money or anything like that, just a new home and a new start.”



Aaron stared a moment longer before pulling up one of the worlds on the terminal and glanced down at the desktop, “Are they wanting first choice of the five worlds I’m opening up or were they thinking that the people of the nations should get their own?”



“What did you originally plan when you told me to ask them about moving, I left it open ended,” Bruce shrugged as Ooljee looked up at him.



“Alright, I did have another world I was thinking about when I mentioned that so I will leave it up to them to ask about it after my announcement in two days,” Aaron stopped as Bruce’s pup got up and stared at him.



Smiling, Bruce placed a hand on Ooljee, “Will do, this little guy wants to go visit a bush, so I will talk to you later after dinner,” staying long enough to see Aaron nod he ported out to the park and the handy bushes.



Aaron closed down his terminal, pathing a general call to the Clan that he was making his way home, he closed his office door and ported to Centauri station on his way home.



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