Chapter 65






Looking up at the map in the situation room, as he had done every morning for the past two days Aaron saw someone had changed the colors. California and New York were in a light lavender and the rest of the country in blue, while the ten states he more or less demanded as part of the cost of attacking him were in a brilliant purple. Moving around the room and stopping to chat with several of the Shaolin to get updates he smiled hearing their reports. The only casualty on his side during this crisis so far was a sprained ankle, and the Marine was still cussing up a storm for tripping over the stool. So many dead he thought as he walked back to his office, every bio-tube on all twelve of the stations were full of those that had entered puberty from the enemy of humanity, and in the original timeline they had caused the destruction of the human race.



Walking to his office the roundabout way, Aaron gazed into the long lines of bio-tubes holding the male teens of parents that belonged to the North American Holy Land and the Army of God. Every male teen that had entered puberty was in one of the bio-tubes, and that included the ones at the Altare island and Altair Minor med bays, it was no wonder they were able to field an army in the other timeline so quickly. He was force resequencing a total of one hundred and twenty five thousand teens, not only that, he had enabled the brain modifiers so when they were released they would, in a sense, be brainwashed, or retrained with Alteran ideals. The problem was he had at least that many filling every bio-bed as the longer and slower alteration procedure was initiated, the only reason they were in an artificial coma was to re-educate them. Then there were the females, not many of them actually, as the Army of God scorned girl children and gave them up, they wanted sons, fighters for the cause. They filled every available bedroom on one deck of the station as they were re-educated. Eventually as they were woken they would end up on one of the new colony worlds, with a loving family one that would treat them right and teach them the proper way to love.



The Shaolin and Mind healers had modified the memories of those five and under, a number that still astonished him, easily three times the other two groups put together so they would fit in with the Alteran race. Entering his office Aaron looked around as saw most of the clan there and smiled in greeting, “Hello my loves…you know even after going through with it, it is very disconcerting what we are doing to those teens. I know we’re doing what we have to do, it just sits funny right now, I guess what freaks me out the most is how easy it is to reprogram their minds and give them new memories.”



Pulling some of the cushions off the couch he piled them around and sat down with his back to the couch, opening his arms up he invited his lovers to cuddle with him kissing Kenny and Doug who had come over to snuggle he flashed back briefly on last night when he fulfilled their wishes and went all the way with both of them fulfilling their deepest desires, David had made sure that Kenny would not go too far in his desire by acting as a depth gauge.



Once everyone was circled around, Andrew smiled, “Tyler and I were talking. We decided something, we want our son to be born Alteran, and now with the original reason gone we would like the changes to be made now.”



“I can do that,” Aaron grinned; he wondered if they would broach the subject with him, “I’ll program in the changes when I come home tonight.”



Richard grinned over at his cousin as he crawled carefully over the pile his lovers created, giggling at the fondling he was getting as his body passed within reach of the others, finally at his goal he looked at Kenny, “I also thought things through Kenny, not today, or soon, but I have a list of the four other fathers I want for my sons, and I want you to be one of them.”



Wide eyed, Kenny looked at Richard in shock, “Really…” getting kissed when he tried to say something else he giggled when his lips were released before getting serious, “I…Yes, but not right now I’m not ready to be a father yet,” he grinned as Richard was picked up and passed around so everyone could kiss him.



Laughing, Aaron hugged Kenny and Doug closer and winked at Kevin, “So does this mean the next few nights when I get home, I will busy working with some of you in the incubatory?”



Mark hugged Fred close and smirked at Aaron, “For some of us, I think so.”



Seeing some obvious considerations on his lovers' faces, Aaron smiled, “Alrighty, now that our next few evenings of fun are planned out let’s talk about the prospectives, I think we have each spent time with them. Talking with them so we could get to know them as we included them in with our lives, so shall we do the easy ones first?”



Damien snickered, “I can give you an easy one, Ru and Donny have really connected, and Donny is determined to be a clan leader not a guild leader. He asked for my advice this morning while we were doing chores, so expect him in your office before lunch.”



“Oh, and what was he asking you for?” Aaron was curious were this was going, and pleased that Ru had found a home.



“He took the Shaolin Charter and changed it slightly, he fell in love with the crest Ichiro drew from your description, so that will be the clan crest and tattoo,” Damien was dragging it out and grinning as Aaron stared at him. “Fine be that way, spoil my fun,” he giggled as Aaron snorted, “he wants two children with Clan Stranton blood running through them, both Donny and Ru would have a son, with you having a son with Donny, and me with Ru.



”Um…Oh,” Aaron stuttered in shock for several moments, “Okay I hopefully will have a better answer than that by lunchtime,” Aaron chuckled, while we are on the subject of Beastmasters, how many so far have signed up and are working with you?” he broke into giggles as Damien’s pup, Lady, jumped up from her chew toy and jumped into the pile of them trying to get to Damien, licking everyone in the way first.



Laughing as lady attacked his face and he found out she needed to visit a bush, “Thirty, five of which are looking to bond to cats when we alter the Panthers for them, I’ll be right back, Lady wants a bush,” Damien ported out while everyone else chuckled.



“I think the Beastmaster's are going to be a very good thing,” Aaron chuckled, a very good thing indeed he thought, “So Ru is taken care of…I think as a Clan we should witness their joining. It will seem more important that way and the ritual aspect of it will give Ru a boost of esteem,” Aaron thought about it for a moment with a smile on his face, “And I know just how to do it too, we can use the couple of days he is being resequenced to set things up properly.”



“Oh this is going to be good; you’ve got this evil glint in your eyes,” Kevin laughed, “What do you have up your evil sleeve oh leader of the most incredible sexy ones?”



Snorting, Aaron raised his eyes, “Yes well now if the incredible sexy ones would bend over I would not have time to come up with evil ideas,” having timed it just right Aaron got the desired results as Kevin sprayed everyone with the juice he had just sipped and wiping his noise he glared at Aaron.



“We are going to build a clan compound for them and when Ru is released, they will undergo the ritual Ru needs to finish healing, we will do it in their new compound, the question is who are going to be the other three that will be joining them as lovers for Ru’s marriage to be included in the new clan ceremony?” smirking at Pete who was looking thoughtful, “I’m sure we will find out when Donny stops by this afternoon.”



Waving at Damien who ported back in with Lady, Aaron looked around, “So since we are starting with the easy ones, how about Rolph, now frankly he is behind from everyone else by five days, but still any thoughts or feelings?”



“He’s nice and all, but he seems sad more than anything,” Kenny said from his comfortable spot on Aaron’s lap.



“He jumps right in if he sees we need help or even just because, but I agree something is bothering him,” Derrick moved over so Lady could lay between his leg and her Alteran.



“Okay let me see if I can find out what is bothering him, maybe he is considering other options, which is fine as Jens was very open to the idea of donating genetic material. Has he been outside the Sol system yet?” Aaron asked wondering if that could be part of the problem, maybe he fell in love with one of the dozen planets they had visited in the past week.



“He was with me yesterday when I visited Banard to check on the new colony infrastructure, we visited several of the new cities and farms run by the Shaolin and some of the other Alterans.” Derrick told them before thinking on it, “he seemed sad though before that visit.”



“Okay I’ll make sure I ask him what is going on then when we meet with him, I’m going to do it privately one at a time except the Russians, we will do this together as a group,” Aaron then thought about it, “What about Ton, I know his cousin Toshi wants his place, and Morimoto has asked questions and has been thinking about things, have any of you had feedback from Ton so far?”



“If Toshi is thinking about trying for one of those spots he is going to have a fight on his hands,” Mark leaned forward and adjusted himself so he wasn’t as crushed before settled a smiling Fred back in his lap.



Seeing nods of heads from almost everyone Aaron though they were right, and truth be told he would chose Ton over Toshi right now, but they didn’t know Toshi either, “So we get to the ones who I had hoped they would all find other people, the Russian candidates. Before I forget of the nine left we can count Victor out, he is going to be joining Scott and John,” laughing at the memory of the next morning when Victor came into his office bubbling in joy, “His exact words were ‘We bake the most beautiful sex last night’, then he realized his mistake in choosing his words and got all red,” Aaron broke into laughter as he sent the picture to them, “He was tomato red.”



Settling down Tommy smiled, “I have spent a lot of time with Igor and Ivan, they are the fisherman of the group, Igor is eager to get his hands on the sturgeon and the aquaculture farm there.” Leaning back against brain he grinned, “They both want to be Alteran but I think the whole thing about only one of them being able to be Clan is getting in the way, they secretly love each other, I just need to get them to see it.”



“Anton wants to work with the horses full time,” Mark smiled, “he’s been giving me a hand on choosing bloodlines and breeds for Middle Earth and he does know his horse flesh. He’s another one that wants to be altered but I am not sure he wants us, he’s too wrapped up in the horses, maybe he needs to go to the Beastmaster’s.”



“Uri has been spending a lot of time studying,” Kenny looked up, “He’s friendly and all and I think he wants to be Alteran but he reminds me of Tyler when he first came to us.”



“You mean like he was studying everything he could to find something to prove himself to us,” Aaron asked and received a nod to the chest in reply.



“Alexi is space happy,” Xon smiled as he cuddled Ichiro to his front as the teen purred in contentment, Pete looked his way and just chuckled as Ichiro was staring at his crotch licking his lips.



“Foma is nice, always trying to help me and smiling at me, he likes hugs,” Ichiro shyly added and then cringed thinking he was going to be hit and when he felt the pride and love he puffed up slightly.



“Not to put a damper on this but when are we going to find time to resequence the prospects that want to stay, we’ve kind of used every available bio-tube,” Fred wondered out loud.



“Those that are going to try for the Clan or one of the other clans will be resequenced in the Clan Med Bay, those that just want to be Alteran will be resequenced in the Prime Med Bay, one little fact not known is that the med bays are shielded from the intruder sensors, so if we port them directly into the med bay we can pop them in one of the bio-tubes safely,” Aaron looked at the clock, “Ru is first and if I’m not mistaken outside the door right now.”



Fang happy to see his playmate ran across the room yipping several times as he tried a stealth attack on Lady while his master stopped just inside the room in shock.



Laughing Aaron waved at Ru, “Come on over Ru, we are talking, not having an orgy like your mind is screaming and hoping to see.” Chuckling as Ru shuffled over totally embarrassed if the red body was anything to go by, Aaron pointed to the chair, “We’ve been talking, today is the day we are supposed to ask what you wished to do, I understand from Damien what your true wish is…you wish to be with Donny and join clan Beastmaster.”



Ru was shocked, “How…” he looked away scared for a moment before whispering, “And the other part of my wish?”



Aaron smiled as Damien moved over and looked at Ru, “I am honored by your request and when the time is right, I will sire a child with your clan to solidify the clans,” reaching down and lifting Ru’s chin he smiled into the face shocked in wonder, “We decided if you say yes, if you say yes you will be made into an Alteran and on the day of your release the new clan will be formed and we will be there to witness and assist in the joining between you and Donny. You will be Alteran…And clan Beastmaster,” Damien leaned over and whispered in his ear, “And the other father of my son, all you have to do is say yes.”



Standing up Damien was almost knocked off his feet as Ru launched himself out of the chair screaming, “YES…YES…”



Chuckling, Aaron smiled, Ru was truly happy, “Ru, come visit me around three, that is when we will be taking all those that wish to join our people to the new home world to be resequenced, make sure you and fang are here at three.”



Ru kissed Damien and grabbed fang off the floor and almost ran into the door in his haste to go tell Donny the good news.



A minute later, Ton walked through the door looking over his shoulder, “Ru seems more than a little excited,” blinking at the pile of bodies on the floor Ton took a seat in the chair Ru had vacated and let his eyes wander, not seeing any erections he sighed, no orgy then. “I have a question before I give you my answer, I have thought about this ever since Toshi talked to me, do his wishes reflect or influence your decision?”



Shaking his head no, Aaron smiled, “No, we have worked with you daily, interacted together as you helped and followed along as we went about what we needed to do, if any of us had to choose between the two of you right now, Toshi would lose.” Aaron saw the shock on Ton’s face and picked up on a sad bit of information, “You truly did not expect that did you, you’ve not been picked over your cousin before have you?”



Shaking his head, Ton looked at the faces around him, “I want this, not for Japan, not for my uncle who wants this for other reasons; I want this because you are the first to want me for me, not my cousin or uncle.”



A quick glance around the room, Aaron pathed openly, “A fight indeed if Toshi tries for that spot,” he grinned, “Ton, be back here at three, we’ll be leaving for Altare Prime. We will get you resequenced and you have your chance,” grinning as Ton bowed and walked out with a spring to his step Rolph soon replaced him and smiled shyly as he sat in the chair.



Kenny, seeing Rolph sit down, made his way over Aaron’s shoulder and went around the pile so he could look into Rolph’s eyes, staring for a minute he climbed into Rolph’s lap and looked back up at him, “Why are you so sad?”



“What…How…” Rolph looked around the room.



“Relax Rolph, your thoughts are your own, besides being telepaths, some of us are empaths and that means picking up on your emotions. There is no way to turn that gift down or ignore it,” Aaron told him gently as he smiled when Richard took Kenny’s spot on Aaron’s side.



Rolph sighed as he looked out the window, “This reminds me of my brother’s dreams, we would lie in bed at night and he would tell such wonderful stories about traveling to space and other worlds, he would hold me when I was scared, then as the storm rushed through in the middle of the night, he would hold onto me telling me these stories of other worlds and wonders so I would not be scared of the storm. I knew I was safe and as he told me these stories I would fall asleep, waking the next morning in my brothers arms, he having protected me for another night, from another storm.”



“It was his birthday this past week, I missed his birthday because I was being healed, and yet I have been given the chance to live his dream, to live and go to all those wondrous worlds he would tell me about in the middle of the night to chase away the fear.” Rolph let the tears he was holding back go, “I miss him so much and I have never missed visiting his grave on his birthday before.”



Kenny looked over at his brother and smiled as David got to his feet, getting off Rolph’s lap Kenny pulled on his arm, “Come on we need to go get dressed, we need to visit your brother so you can tell him about the dream coming true.”



Aaron smiled and nodded when Rolph looked his way, closing his eyes briefly he sent a message to the head of David’s team, “Master Lo, David and Kenny are taking Rolph down to Denmark, it seems Rolph missed the day he visits his brother's grave, his birthday, they’ll need a discrete escort please.”



Aaron hugged Doug and Richard as they waited for the Russian candidates to assemble; it was a short wait as half of them were already out in the hall waiting. Smiling as each of the teens walked into the room and found a place to sit down, Aaron noticed Igor and Ivan holding hands and smiling as they found a place on the floor near Tommy, while Foma walked around the pile touching each of the clan members he passed in greeting until he reached Xon and Ichiro and snuggled up next to them, most of the others found seats separate from the Clan. The looks they were sending to their comrades had a slightly disapprovingly look towards those that did not keep separate.



“Before we begin, are there any of you that wish to go back to Russia, or even to one of the new colony worlds, remaining as you are now,” Aaron almost added human, he had come to really believe they were not human anymore. “Unlike the other countries candidates, there were ten of you, and now there are eight, so you don’t have the worry of having to decide about joining my Clan or giving of your genetics to seal the deal, consider the deal sealed already.”



Aaron misdirected their thoughts, he wanted them to act with their true nature and feelings, “So time to tell us what you truly want to do, you have several choices in front of you, you can become Alteran and settle into the kingdom, finding a way to chase your dreams. You can go to one of the colony worlds and chase your dreams to become Alteran or not as you do this. Or you can chose to become Alteran and try for the Clan, live and sleep with us to see if you can love us and we can love you…and notice I did say make love, sex is the easy thing, love is so much more than mere sex.”



“But sex with love can take you to new levels you never dreamed you would ever reach,” Tim told them with a dreamy smile on his face.



“One last choice, you can join with one of the other clans,” Aaron smiled as he looked around the prospects and getting confusion from some of them he simply misdirected them, “Victor fell in love with others and all of them hit it off and he is truly happy, in fact he started his resequencing yesterday and will be released tomorrow to go back to his lovers.”



Pavel glanced around on how all his comrades grouped themselves and slid off the chair, being closest to the pile of Clan member all he needed to do was slide off so he was sitting next to Kevin, Aaron had been watching everyone and noticed Pavel moving down to the floor and wondered why, “I see you decided to join us,” getting the edge of panic from the teen he smiled, “I’m just curious on why you left your chair to sit with us?”



Pavel looked around, feeling slightly trapped he resigned himself to being sent away, “I saw Foma curled up with your Clan, I know he wants to join you. Then I saw Igor and Ivan sitting next to Tommy, I have heard them discuss what to do about joining the clan as there are two of them, and then I saw the others sitting around on the chairs, I too wished to try for the Clan so I sat on the chair closest to all of you. Then I realized those who wanted you were sitting as you sit and I slid off my chair, the ones still on the couch do not wish to join with you, but wish to join your people and I did not want to be lumped with them.”



“Okay, just asking,” Aaron smiled and turned back to the Clan and looked at each of them, “I find it interesting that you saw that, not only that you made your intentions known without me asking.” Catching the shocked look on Pavel’s face, he smiled, “I guess the question is, do any of you wish to join with one of the other Clan’s?”



“But how do we know if they wish us to join with them?” Uri was frustrated; he had been watching the ones who worked with animals as team mates walking around, they intrigued him, and he noticed Ru had been chosen by them, as he now had a dog team member.



Aaron picked up Uri’s thoughts and stared at him for a moment, “Uri did you ever stop and ask if you could join in like Ru did?”



Uri shook his head as he looked at the carpet, strangely he wondered why they would have carpet in space, he looked up in shock as he heard the stern tone being directed his way before smiling.



“Uri, with all these choices being laid in front of you; you never once asked, if you had asked you probably would have been included long ago,” Aaron sighed as he looked at Damien who was grinning and then nodded as he told him, “He spends every free minute watching us, Donny and the others have just been waiting for him to say something.”



“Uri did you know they were waiting for you to even say hi to them, you need to tell people what you want, even though we are telepaths we don’t look into every mind we see, that’s rude!” Aaron rubbed his temples as he glanced at the clock, “Go down the hall to the security office and ask them to get someone from the Beastmaster’s Clan to talk to you,” seeing Uri was frozen in his chair he made a motion with his hand, “Go on, scoot.”



Glancing around one last time to those still sitting on the furniture, Aaron looked at each of them, “If you truly don’t want to try for my clan, but want to be Alteran, be back here at five with any belongings you have and we’ll take you to Altare Prime to start the resequencing, then you can get on with chasing your dreams.”





David stood next to his brother with his arm around Kenny’s shoulders as he held him close, a short distance away, Rolph sat near the headstone that marked his brother's final resting place, they were trying to give him some privacy.



Kenny glanced around at the Shaolin that made up his brother's team and looked at the young Shaolin standing near the tree, staring for a few minutes he seemed different than the others he thought, moving over slowly as he felt for him, Kenny noticed he was different than the others he was not in awe of them, instead he felt of respect and…he finally decided it was pride of belonging and a touch of sorrow of knowing a great burden that could not be shared. Kenny was confused at the last emotion until he realized it was not internal but the sorrow he felt was directed to them. Eyes wide in understanding Kenny tilted his head from side to side as he examined the Shaolin as he stared, finally he asked as he picked up on the uncomfortable feeling the Shaolin was beginning to broadcast, “I’m Kenny, who are you?”



Looking down at the young Dragon who seemed to be able to see directly into his soul, Darren bowed slightly, “I am Darren Tonaka young Dragon, how may this one help you?”



“You are not like all the other Shaolin I’ve met; you have respect for us, but are not in awe of us…Why?” Kenny stepped back as his mind thought over possibilities, “You also hold sorrow when you look at us, I get the feeling as if the sorrow is linked to a great burden.”



Darren let his eyes show his shock, “I respect all of you greatly, what you do and give up for our people is incredible, not many would do what you do.”



Shaking his head like he was trying to shake the water off Kenny looked at the Shaolin with a funny expression on his face, confused and like he was hearing another language for the first time, “I don’t agree with that, not really, we don’t do anything special. Why do you feel of sorrow and the burden then?”



“I respect all of you greatly, all of you at times carry a great burden, to face the ordeal as all of you do without flinching…No Young Dragon, you have my respect for who and what you are, and you are wrong, you are special. All of you are special, without you the rest of us would not know what to strive for, what we could do to be happier and better than we were before, you show us that by being you,” Darren told him firmly.



Kenny frowned in thought before looking back at his brother who was looking at him curiously and he thought really hard asking him to link with him, smiling as he felt his brother brush his mind he welcomed him in, “Could you do me the favor of letting me call Aaron to ask him something?”



OF course Kenny,” David smiled as he felt his brother’s mind merge closer and touch him as he called out, “Aaron…”



Kenny??” Aaron sounded surprised as he stopped before telling the ones wanting to try for the Clan to be back at three, “Is something wrong, Love?”



Wrong no, but I think I found someone that would be worth letting them be the second father to Lee’s son, A Shaolin that respects us and would even argue over a point, telling me I’m wrong,” Kenny told him slowly as he picked up on the four teens who had remained behind wanting to try for the Clan, “Oh Foma is nice, he would make a good father, he has a mothering streak in him that would make him a good person to raise our children. Igor and Ivan they like us, but are scared of losing each other.” Kenny felt Aaron bring the rest of the Clan into the link as he told them that, “Pavel…Pavel wants us not for us but for what we stand for, at least right now, and he could learn to love if shown what love is.”



Feeling the amusement from Aaron and the shock from some of the others Kenny looked back at the Shaolin and opened his mind so they could see and feel what he felt, after a moment he asked, “Darren do you like children, have you ever thought about having a son?”



Darren stepped back in shock, not knowing where the question was leading to, hesitating, he reached out with his mind slightly, not to link but to hover to see if Kenny was broadcasting and stumbled back as the energy that was coalesced around him was incredible, “I always thought I would have no child as I would refuse to sire a son the way the outsiders do, though with the technology at my disposal I do find myself considering it, why?”



Darren was shocked as the sounds of multiple voices came out of Kenny’s mouth, as if a large group was speaking in unison. Glancing around frantically he heard it coming from David the Young Dragon Lord also, he heard the words and he was shocked and did not know how to respond.



Shaolin. We are the Clan…We find you suitable to be the father of Lee’s son, a burden we lay at your feet to be picked up by you if you so wish…A son of the Clan rejoined and reborn into the Clan of Shaolin…”



Kenny blinked as he felt everyone’s love caressing him as they fell out of the link one by one, clearing his throat Kenny smiled impishly, “Only if you truly want this that is, if so, show up at the compound at supper time.” Kenny smiled and bowed his head slightly before walking back towards his brother to wait for Rolph to finish.



Darren looked around in shock and asked his team leader after he walked over, “Master Lo what just happened, and what are they talking about?”



“They have found you worthy…And have offered you the choice of being the other father to one of their sons, a son who will bring their Clan into ours once more, as our charter demands,” Master Lo examined Darren critically, wondering what was different about him that made him stand out.



Darren stood there gasping like a fish out of water, trying to wrap his mind around what he was being told, “But why me?”



“Truly I do not know, but the many mind that the Clan can become found you worthy and have spoken their approval, now it is up to you if you will accept.” Master Lo placed a hand on the young Shaolin’s shoulder, “This is something only you can decide, after all a young life is being talked about. Go meditate on this, I release you from this detail for now, you might find the answers in the system,” placing a hand on Darren’s chest he smiled, “But those are only answers of the mind, you will also need answers of the heart.”



Smiling and waving as the last of the Russian teens walked out the door, Aaron looked around at his lovers, “Kenny’s empathic abilities are getting stronger, if this keeps up, he will easily be a class one in that talent. Not only that he retains the wonder of childhood, yet can be as serious as any adult if needed, the only reason he has not been classed as passing his ordeal is because of his gifts not showing, but now with the empathy breaking out, and he is fully Alteran besides...”



“You might have to rethink that Aaron, I agree that if one was not born being Alteran, it might be a factor, but he is Alteran and he is having his gifts emerge,” Kevin looked at Aaron thinking about it, “If he had found himself in the spot of having to stand in judgment, because of who he is, would you take the fact his gifts are not fully emerged against him?”



“No…” Aaron was quick to answer, “He seems to be at the other end of the extreme, Damien had a rough and painful breakthrough, and I’m beginning to wonder if Kenny might end up with a hiccup so to speak, his gifts are emerging slowly and in a very controlled manor, the gifts increasing over time to full potential.” Smiling at Damien as he said this, “You're right, Kenny has more than earned the right to be called Stranton and Lord.” Laughing, Aaron wiped the tears as everyone looked at him, curious about his thought, “I can’t wait to see his face the first time the Shaolin call him Dragon Lord when he isn’t paying attention.”





Hugging his brother again, Kenny smiled at Rolph as he walked over towards them, “Thank you for bringing me here, I am going to miss coming here,” Rolph smiled at them, a lot less sad than he was before.



“Why,” David pulled Rolph into a hug along with Kenny, “You do know once you gain our gifts, you will be able to come here as often as you like.”



“Really?” Rolph looked at them in wonder; he had thought once he left with them he would not be able to go home again.



Chuckling, David nodded, “Really, Richard goes back to England at least once a week to see his grandmother, Andrew goes back every other day. Just because you join us does not mean you have to cut the rest of your family out of your life,” David smiled as he sent a message to Master Lo that they were going back up to the station, once Master Lo acknowledged him he ported all three of them back up to Aaron’s office and smiled as the group was still all piled up, “You would think we were a bunch of puppies the way you all are piled up with each other.”



“Your just jealous,” Derrick laughed at his lover.



“Damn right, as soon as I get those clothes off I can relax and join you,” David smiled as he started to strip and sighed as he pulled off the over robe, “I understand about the built in shield generator in this thing, but damn I always feel so funny when I am out and about in this getup.”



“Rather be silly than ending up shot…or dead,” Kenny glanced at Aaron before staring at his brother.



“You're right, Kenny, I’ll try not to complain too much, it is just my way of blowing off steam, after all, we’re now surrounded by guards and all the rest that goes along with it, just to go out and about, I got so used to being able to do everything without all this crap,” David leaned over and kissed his brother with a smile.



“I’m sorry guys, but if…” Aaron started before being interrupted by Pat who spat out angrily, “Don’t you dare go there, Aaron Stranton…You just wipe that though from your mind permanently.”



Kevin stared at Tim before looking at Aaron and smiling, “Pat’s right, if we are demanding protection around you because we fear for your safety and love you and don’t want you hurt, well, it goes both ways…End of subject, Love.”



Holding up his hands and waving them as if fending off an attack, Aaron smiled, “Fine, maybe what we all need is another day off; I don’t think I’ve introduced you to a special section of Altare Prime, a small cove that has a hot spring, it’s incredible.” Smiling at the memory, Aaron glanced around, “How about we all go there tonight, I’ll show you the secret cove and we can unwind, tomorrow will be a rest day then.”



Friedrich groaned from the doorway, “Nuts…”



Fred giggled, “Exactly, and yours are nailed to the wall if we are disturbed. If something happens down there just bomb them and be done with it,” the others laughed at Friedrich’s pained expression. “I thought I would warn you that your visitors are starting to arrive, in case you wanted to put some clothes on.”



Groaning, Aaron pushed off the floor, “Do I want to? NO. But to keep them from being embarrassed to death I will suffer,” he sighed dramatically before looking down and out of the corner of his eyes. “Too much do you think?” Chuckling at the nods of yes and no Aaron went over to his desk and picked up his polo shirt and started to get dressed.



Rolph walked over and laid a hand on Aaron’s shoulder, stopping him from dressing, “Thank you. I never got around to answering the question you posed earlier, I would be honored to join your Clan, and truthfully, I can’t wait to try for one of the spots, for my chance to join you.”



Shorts still in his hand, Aaron pulled Rolph into a hug and kissed him, letting him go he smirked at the glazed expression on his face as Kenny giggled and grabbed Rolph’s hand and started for the door, easily steering him around as he was in a daze.


Laughing, Tommy stopped Kenny from leaving with a comment, “I would like us to consider Igor and Ivan as one person, it’s the only fair thing to do with them. They are that joined, it would destroy them if they had to separate.”



Kenny stopped at the door, blocking it as Rolph stopped with this glazed grin on his face, “Agreed,” he giggled as he looked over at Aaron who was tucking his shirt into his shorts, “You know your kiss should be labeled as a dangerous weapon,” turning Rolph slightly so everyone could see his expression, “See,” he pointed as Rolph started to come back to life as Kenny giggled as he pulled him down the hall.



Hearing voices coming down the hall, most of the Clan got up and made their way to the bathroom door, they would make their escape through the conference room to avoid the dignitaries.



Jens walked into Aaron’s office, looking over his shoulder, “Was that Rolph, he looked happy and yet funny at the same time.”



Edward snorted as he walked into the office, “You kissed him didn’t you,” laughing at Jens' expression, Edward leaned over and whispered loudly, “His kisses are lethal to anyone’s ability to function,” lowering his voice, he giggled, “been there done that.” Edward then mumbled low enough not to be overheard, “Got shagged into oblivion by the head Satyr himself.”



Picking up Edward’s comment Aaron laughed as he snapped his shorts closed, he always got a good laugh being compared to the legendary being known for its sexual prowess, “Greetings, welcome to the umpteenth meeting about colonization and positive things for change,” Aaron chuckled as he looked at James and Edward, “Victoria not coming today?”



“Mother sends her regrets; she is dealing with a small…unpleasant matter involving some of the more,” looking at the ceiling James chose his words for effect, “more scatter brained politicians and their incessant need to control every aspect of people’s lives.”



Edward grinned, “What father means to say is grandmother is dealing with some old ruddy bastards that want to tax those immigrating to your worlds. All in the name of capturing lost tax revenue, but in reality, it would keep them from being able to afford to immigrate.” Leaning forward Edward smiled as if telling a huge secret, “I even learnt some new swear words.”



That was funny, Aaron thought as he laughed, “Alright let’s start with the good news, the capital cities or villages depending on where you were raised, will be finished this Saturday, meaning that next week we can consider starting to move some of the first colonists there so they can pick out the land for their farms.”



Activating the plasma behind him, Aaron smiled as several of them started to take notes, “What we are going to do, at least for the first waves, is to open certain sections of the planet for colonization.” Glancing at the corner of his desk he traced the picture there zooming in on it, “we will provide survey hover craft, and the means to get to a certain area, the colonist then would depending on financing and or abilities be allowed to lay claim to at least one square of land to build on. A square is equal to two hundred forty seven acres or one hundred hectares, the minimum size that one can build a home on will be a single quarter square. That should give even those who do not want to farm the means to grow food for themselves, the maximum land allowed for a holding will not be more than fifteen squares.”



“Each colonist will have the chance to go out and lay claim to the open land and plant permanent markers, these markers will synch to the central computer core and register the land as theirs, for each square that they buy or are awarded, they will get an additional two markers,” Aaron paused to show the map and draw a square on it and place two more dot showing how it would work. “The next question will be how much or what they have to do to get more land.” Sighing as he saw the grins and nods, “We don’t use money like all of you do, frankly we have no use for it, but I understand trade is important,” Aaron opened his drawer and pulled out four small coins and set them on his desk top. “Our monetary system has been up to now, based on gold, as it is easily accepted all over the world, well Earth that is.”



Pulling a small thin flattened rod out, he placed it by the coins, “For the most part, we use debit cards linked to one of the many banks where we have accounts, we do have a few coins and such, but they are bulky and heavy, but we each have a few of these laying around somewhere, more of a novelty.” Aaron touched the smallest one, “All of our money is still based on gold, but we encased them in a clear material that can’t be counterfeited, so it is also easily identified by its quantum signature. The small round one here is worth five American dollars or six and a quarter Euros, I know only two of you are on that currency but between the dollars and Euro you should be able to convert them easily to something you are familiar with.”



“The one with the four points is worth ten dollars or fifteen Euros,” Aaron placed his finger on the coin before moving it to the next one, “Six points worth Fifty dollars or sixty two and a half Euros, the eight pointed one is worth one hundred dollars or one hundred twenty five Euros.”



“Which leaves the small rod shaped one here,” Aaron pointed to the small rectangular case with the flattened rod, “This is a Cubit. Unlike the coins, it is one troy ounce of gold and worth four hundred fifteen dollars or five hundred and fifteen Euros.”



“That price is now locked in and if your gold standard would fluctuate it will not affect ours, this is the new galactic standard currency we came up with, and we backed it with the gold that is in each of those coins.” Aaron looked at the five of them before grabbing a handful of coins from his drawer and placing them on the desk, “if you want to take a couple of the coins to test them, so you know they are as impervious to tampering as I claim,” Aaron grinned challengingly, “Go for it.”



Letting them take a couple each Aaron leaned forward, “Personally I like the idea of a debit card, so much easier and ours have a built in DNA scanner function in them so they cannot be used by someone that they are not assigned to. We’ve strayed pretty far from the original point, so I’ll get Tyler to get the information to you on our processing equipment later. If a person wants to purchase another square they may buy it from the crown for the sum of fifty cubits.”



Leaning back in his chair Aaron waited until they had taken any notes before continuing, “Because of our technology and how easy it is for us to build things, we will build the initial homes and barns, by now with what has been plastered all over the media networks I think you know part of our capabilities the initial square will include us building the initial home from one of the designs picked from one of those five folders of designs I gave you the other day, folder one through five corresponds to the number of squares a person has, folder five being for those taking five squares and up of land.”


“Once open immigration to the world is closed, immigration will still be possible, but from that point on, everything will come with a cost, and the tradesman on those planets will be contracted to build the new buildings or what not,” Aaron looked over at Edward who was staring at the Cubit as if trying to remember something.



“I remember now, Pete left one of these as a tip in that pub,” Edward put the Cubit back on the desk, satisfied he remembered where he had seen it before.



James looked at Edward, “Bloody hell a five hundred and some Euro tip, and to think he placed it on the wall for the world to see. The barkeep is going to have a heart attack when he finds out what it is worth.”



“What will you use to determine when open immigration is over and the new colonist must pay for everything themselves?” Jens asked as he examined the Cubit before handing it to Chairman Woo.



“One half million squares of ground being granted, that will not include any squares bought instead of being granted,” Aaron figured out that would be about three million families, after that they should be self sufficient, at least he hoped so.



“I see, by doing this, if someone wants to run a tavern in town and only gets a quarter square of land, it only counts as one quarter so the possibility exists for four families to immigrate on one square of land. Ingenious…” President Gorbivonovich muttered as he made a few more notes.



“You mentioned other ways to gain square grants,” Morimoto leaned forward pen poised to take more notes.



“Service to the Crown or humanity.” Aaron shrugged, “There is a list around somewhere with all that on it, I can get it to you if you want it, but it all comes down to getting the land grants as a bonus for service rendered. I can’t see most of the first in colonists doing something to get awarded them, not yet anyway.”



“This brings us back to the fact we need to start bringing the first hopeful immigrants up to Sol Station for the classes being started, so they are clear on our laws and the procedures of what needs to be done to qualify for a land grant.” Aaron looked at his notes on what needed to be covered, “The other thing we will do while they are up here is to run them all through the med bay to give them a full complete physical.”



Ticking another mental section off his list, Aaron smiled, “We need to get the medical people up and trained first, so let’s schedule that to start this Sunday, they should have good grasp on some of our medical equipment by Wednesday when we start bringing the colonists up to start their classes, once we’re sure they know what they are getting into they can finalize their arrangements back on Earth before being allowed to the planet of their choice the following Wednesday the 16th. I would think by then they would have a good idea of where they want to set up their farms, and they can begin to move on the 21st their new homes should be done by then.”



Glancing down again, Aaron smiled, only one more section to cover and then if there were no more questions he could relax, and after the prospects were in the bio-tubes being resequenced they could have some fun at the secret cove.



Morimoto looked at the plasma and saw the last line of things to be covered and asked, “One of the items I noticed on the list that is troubling is that there is only one facility listed that livestock may be purchased from, can you explain why that is and what needs to happen so there are more, or will the farmers be required to sell their livestock and buy new.”



“I would be more than willing to have more than one facility to procure livestock from; Gene Corp is on the list because we bought it out. We also installed an advanced quarantine center there so animals can go through quarantine and have things like parasites and such removed and flushed out of their systems. I’d rather not have any of the Earth based pests transported off world. I think you’ll notice there’s a long list of pets that can’t leave earth, and a list just as long of the ones that can, but the pet must be neutered so they cannot reproduce. Exceptions will be made for quality breeding animals, but they will have to be strictly controlled.” Aaron leaned forward as he stretched slightly; his shorts were riding up making him uncomfortable, “I will be more than happy to set up quarantine facilities in your countries and to set up something similar to Gene Corp there as well. Livestock would need to be at the facilities seven days before moving off world, and pets the day before, after the procedures they can go with their owners for the night, and make the trip after recovering, of course I would think the colonists would show up and spend the last night in one of the centers, though that will not be required.”



Glancing at the clock, Aaron wanted to wrap this up, “We’ve covered the money, and the land and how that will be determined, then finally livestock and pets, is there anything else we need to talk about on these issues,” Aaron chuckled, “I would say something about being right on schedule, but I won’t curse myself, every damn one of the plans I start and begin to implement gets trashed quickly when I do.”



Edward and James found it hilarious while the others chuckled politely because it was funny but they had not dealt with it as long as Edward had, he thought it was fabulous because Aaron was spot on.



Aaron smiled and waved the teens in, seems they were right on time, pretty eager to get started on their new lives.


Chairman Woo’s eyes widened in shock as Ru Kang came in with a large breed puppy at his side, he was walking in with two others that also had pups, he noticed right away Ru was wearing a shirt with an elaborate crest on it, and it was different than the one the Kings Clan wore, “Greetings Ru, may I ask whose clan your shirt belongs to and if this means what I think it means?”



Telling Fang to sit, Ru calmly walked over to Chairman Woo, calmly on the outside, on the inside he was trembling in fear, “Donny, clan leader of the Beastmaster clan, gave me this shirt a short while ago.” Taking a deep breath and standing tall Ru looked at the Chairman with determination in his eyes, he was to be Alteran shortly he would not bow down to anyone outside his new people ever again, “I shall be married to Donny and the Beastmaster clan, I also shall be taking my Aerie and birds with me.”



Woo was surprised and sat back, Ru was not asking, he was telling. Such a change in the child he thought, finally he looked at the teen who was looking not quite defiant, he smiled, “You have done well. I shall have your house packed carefully so you may take it to your new home, I will also have the falconers from the national zoo work to carefully prepare your birds, you bring honor to our country.”



Slightly shocked, Ru smiled and bowed before walking slowly back to his seat, sitting next to Donny and snuggling up next to him, his hands tracing the pattern of the shield harness sewn into the leather pants, the feel of the soft protective leather was exciting.



Morimoto watched the event unfold with interest, he was still undecided about what to do with Toshi, that morning Toshi had made his views loudly known. Watching his nephew walk in the room relaxed and truly happy, he considered his options, “Ton a moment, please.”



Walking over to his uncle, slightly confused, Ton bowed in respect, “You wish to talk with me, Uncle.”



“I have been talking with your cousin, he seems to think he should be allowed to join the Clan, to be given your spot,” Morimoto was surprised to see the hint of anger in his nephew’s eyes, “What would you tell Toshi if he would ask me for this?”



“I would tell Toshi he would have to earn his place…as did I; I would tell him that he would have a fight on his hands as I will not give up the chance I earned to belong, to secure the spot with the Clan.” Very angry, Ton glared at his uncle for even suggesting this, “He will not get his wishes in this, Uncle…if it came to just the two of us I know which way it would end, and Toshi would not like the results, he comes to this with the wrong frame of mind.” Looking at Aaron who had tilted his head slightly to watch the exchange, “All are equal in the eyes of the Clan. And Love is what will win their hearts, not Duty or Orders.” Glancing back with a defiant look on his face, Ton stared at his uncle, “Tell Toshi he must earn his place, his chance, on his own merits!”



Glaring at his nephew in anger, and seeing he refused to back down, Morimoto smiled, “I approve, very much so.” Seeing the slight hint of shock, Morimoto nodded his head, his speculation confirmed, “I only wish your cousin, my son had your fire and determination, I realize now that you were never meek around me…us, only respectful and biding your time.”



“I shall tell Toshi your words…but in a more calming way, if he wishes to do this, he must earn it.” Morimoto grinned, “You are right, beloved nephew, Toshi must learn this lesson, both these lessons, honor has been upheld.” Standing, Morimoto bowed to Ton before smiling, “I think it is time for us to go home and put the new information to good use.” Facing Aaron, he bowed again, “If this one may be so bold, I suggest that we meet again on Sunday for final walk through of the plans.”



Aaron looked at his terminal, seeing that he was planning to be here anyway to welcome the new healers and staff, he nodded, “I’ll be here after lunch, so I can be on hand as Fred gives the healer candidates a tour of the facilities, we can meet then to go over things a final time and to answer any other questions that you think up.”



Giving everyone a few minutes to say goodbye to their candidates, Aaron laughed at the strut in the Russian President's walk as he left the room, he was extremely pleased that four of his candidates were in the final selection; the pride in the man’s mind was amusing, he thought.



Once they were alone, Aaron smiled as Kevin closed the door, “Originally I was going to port you directly into the Clan Med Bay, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I think you deserve to see the home world from orbit, and to allow that I need to place a masking device on your arm so the defenses around our home do not destroy you.” As Aaron explained, his lovers took out the masking bracelet and snapped it around the wrist of the closest candidate to them, lightly linking with his lovers Aaron smiled as he fed the power he was pulling from the gestalt generator to each of them and then, after they had enough power, they ported out.



Grinning widely as he appeared in the observation dome, Aaron pointed to his left, “To the left you can get the first look at your new home, Altare Prime.” Giving them a few minutes as they stared out of the domed observation lounge in wonder, “On the other side you will see the other planet in this system, Middle Earth,” chuckling at their questioning looks, Aaron shrugged, “I let the youngsters name it, so blame Pete. He let them watch the whole movie trilogy before asking them to name the farm planet and the continents.”



Picking up on several confused thoughts, Aaron moved behind them, “Middle Earth is a complete Terra formed clone of Earth. This system Is more unique than just having two life bearing worlds in it. Neither of those worlds ever developed animal life, the only life on these two worlds is what we have imported.” Letting them spend a few more minutes looking at both worlds, “Alrighty, time to get a move on, let’s get all of you into the med bay and get started.”



Prepping the seven teens went extremely fast as the Clan pitched in, so all Fred and Aaron had to do was insert the breathing tubes before initiating the cycle, taking the last bracelet from Brian, Aaron kissed him soundly. Placing three of the masking bracelets in the replication nook, Aaron reclaimed their mass for future projects, “All right, I’ll be back shortly after getting the last four, as soon as I get back and we’ve had a chance to eat, we can have some fun,” Aaron leered at them suggestively.



Aaron turned off the plasma and looked around his gathered lovers, “Are we in agreement then?” Eyes stopping on each of his lovers Aaron smiled as he counted the yes votes along with their smiles. Looking over his shoulder as Lady and Fang growled and barked he saw a confused looking Shaolin wander in, Seems Darren came after all, he thought as he went around the side of the kitchen.



“Hello Darren, welcome to the Clan compound…our home,” Aaron smiled as he waved at the young man; once he was close, he pulled him into a tight hug shocking him. Catching a scent from the kitchen Aaron smiled, “Come on, it’s almost time to eat.” Arm across Darren’s shoulder, Aaron steered him into the dining area and handed him a plate as several of the Clan finished putting the steam table pans into the holders, “Help yourself to whatever takes your fancy, there is plenty, so make sure you eat as much as you want, no one ever leaves our table hungry.”



Watching Darren out of the corner of his eye, Aaron got up to wash his dishes, going into the kitchen he was really not surprised when a minute later Darren walked in behind him and stopped next to the sink, following Aaron’s lead, he started to wash his dishes, “Why me?” Facing Aaron the leader of his race, the King and leader he had pledged himself to, he asked again, “Why Me?”



“Why not?” Aaron replied as he steered the young Shaolin out of the back door of the kitchen, sitting him down on one of the built in couches, “You have almost all the qualities we would look for in the father of one of our children.”



Sitting on the floor across the room from Darren, back leaning up against the couch, Aaron stared at the young man for a moment, “You respect us for the right reasons, and are not bogged down in awe,” smiling, Aaron closed his eyes remembering what he learned by linking with Kenny. “You would disagree with us if you felt we were wrong about something, as you did when Kenny told you we are nothing special. I think almost everyone agrees with you, but you had the courage to tell it to our faces, are there others like you in the Shaolin?” Aaron opened his eyes so he could see Darren’s expression, “More than likely there are, but we found you first…And you understand more than the others the burden we carry, so you would understand the burden you would be asked to shoulder, a joyful burden, as a son can be the source of incredible joy, but a burden nonetheless because of how you would be perceived.”



Seeing that Darren was seriously thinking about what he said, Aaron offered, “Darren if you need more time, or you need to talk to us before making a decision you may stay in any of the empty bedrooms until you have come to a decision you feel is right for you.”



Darren was staring at the clear roof panels and the clouds passing by and never noticed that the Clan had gathered and made themselves comfortable, “I accept,” Darren smiled as he looked down and was startled, the Clan had settled around him and he never knew it.



Standing, Aaron looked around at his grinning lovers, “Who stands for Lee?”



Pete started to stand but stopped when he saw Derrick stand up and move to the center of the room, “I stand for Lee, as I feel he was like me.”



“I don’t understand,” Darren was confused as he looked at the Clan, hoping to find an answer.



“Have you read up on what it takes to create a son the Alteran way,” Pete asked, as he smiled at Kenny, not about to get into the talk again, he would have to come up with something to top the Nakodo, it just would take time.



Blushing, Darren nodded before finding his voice, “I looked it up before coming here, but I thought that because I was not Clan, I would just be donating cells.”



“While it is true we do not have sex outside the Clan, a son needs to be created out of an act of love.” Aaron smiled at the Shaolin’s shock, “Derrick will make love to you, and when you are at the pinnacle of orgasm, cells will be collected and eggs will be created. Tomorrow after breakfast you will make love to Derrick and while we will not use his seed to fertilize your egg, I have a feeling it will not be wasted.” Aaron laughed at the grinning faces nodding back from his lovers. “Do you still accept, Darren Tanaka of clan Shaolin?”



Gulping, nervous, excited, Darren nodded his head and when nothing was said and the stares just intensified he whispered, “Yes, I still accept.”



Grinning, Aaron motioned for Ichiro to come over and after he launched himself out of the couch Aaron cupped the back of his head and pulled him close, kissing him passionately, “Ichiro, would you take Darren and prepare him, clean him out real good and then meet us near the hot spring.”



Nodding his head eagerly Ichiro received one more kiss before going over to Darren and leading him away, once Ichiro had dragged Darren into his room Aaron went over and captured Derricks lips and put everything he could in the kiss, as Xon liked to say, a kiss that could set ones blood on fire and awaken the need to mate. Hands roaming around Derrick’s body as he kissed him, Aaron ported both of them to the hot springs, doing everything in his power to awaken Derrick’s arousal to a point he was lost in animalistic lust.



A very naked and blushing young Shaolin walked into the small clearing with the vine covered hot spring, letting his eyes roam around on all the flowers instead of the highly erotic scene in front of him, he was drawn to the scene though when David pulled him close and kissed him, melting into the kiss he felt something brush his special place, between the cheeks of his butt and groaned as he felt the slick finger touch him. Lifting a leg so that the finger that was making him feel so good had an easier time of it he got lost in the sensations and never realized how close Derrick had gotten to his body.



Moving behind Derrick as he left wet trails from his tongue, Aaron whispered in his ear as Derrick's eyes fell on the aroused Shaolin mere inches away from him, “Listen to me, Love,” Aaron nibbled on Derrick’s ear, hands playing with Derrick’s very red taut nipples  “bury yourself in him Love, fill him with your seed. I want you to cum four times, not stopping until you do,” Aaron let his hands roam down lower as of to tease the outline of the jutting hardness, “He must cum three times before you are allowed to finally cum for the fourth time.” Gently pushing down Derrick’s hard cock he leaned around Derricks head to capture David’s lips as he leaned around Darren’s head as he pushed him back onto Derrick slowly.



Darren felt something large and wonderful slowly slide inside him, and as it passed the secret spot, his prostate he screamed out in pleasure as he climaxed for the first of many times.



Taking the lube from Kevin’s hand with a kiss Aaron lubed David up before pushing him around so he was standing behind Derrick, luckily David was not lost in animalistic passion and took the time to lube up his lover first before Derrick became the filling of the sandwich that was created.



Glancing down at the part of his body demanding attention Aaron hid his sigh as he picked up the cell harvester and moved around to the front of Darren. Pushing the mechanism against Darren’s abdomen, waiting for the climax that was building so he could activate it.



Fifteen minutes later Aaron stood in the incubatory processing the cells he had harvested, while outside the med bay the Clan had for all intents and purposes started a massive love fest, not quite an orgy as they were careful to only allow Derrick to touch Darren. Process started, he locked the controls down and moved over to gaze up at his son, trying to ignore the pressing need of his body demanding in no uncertain terms to mate, to deposit his seed in another. Senses in super sensitive mode he felt a presence enter the room, “Hello Andrew come to look at your son, like I am at mine?”



Happy and fulfilled, with the seed of three of his lovers in him Andrew walked over to look up at his son on the monitor, “I can’t wait for him to be born, I’m glad Tyler talked me into not putting our son into stasis.” Looking over at Aaron he noticed a small pool of fluid at Aarons feet and the slow steady stream coming from the end of a very hard willie, a willie that was very red with a ball sack so tight against Aaron’s body it looked painful. “Bloody Hell, you’ve not cum yet, do you want me to help with that?”



“Maybe later Love, I’m going to wait until we get to the secret cove,” Aaron pulled Andrew close and steered him out of the incubatory, “Lets grab the others and port over and relax a little, we’ll let Ichiro Put Darren to bed. By now I’m sure he’s shagged out,” Aaron grinned at Andrew’s giggle and nod.



Looking around the clearing where he could have sworn he had left most if not all of his lovers a short time ago, Aaron looked around and then thought about his lovers and found them all over the place; evidently they had fulfilled their needs for now and were working on their projects. Spotting Ichiro coming out of the guest house, Aaron held back his disappointment. Placing it under strict barriers; he smiled as Ichiro saw him and walked over.



“Darren was tired, so we set him up in one of the guest rooms,” Ichiro smiled as he received a kiss for a job well done.



“Thank you Ichiro, I’ll check in with you later after I’ve had a chance to relax and unwind,” Aaron watched as he took off radiating contentment before pulling Andrew over and kissing him, “I guess we’ll go to the cove tomorrow. Why don’t you go find out from everyone what time will work best for them, I’m going to soak my tired body before it gets too much later.” Giving the worried Andrew a pat on the behind Aaron watched him walk away and waved at him, shooing him on when he looked back, sighing he walked into the hot spring and used his hand to relive some of the pressure for now, before leaning back near the water fall and letting the hot water cascade down his neck.



Andrew worried, looked back over his shoulder and when he saw Aaron make the shooing motions felt terrible that he had been left out of the fun, they all had gotten so involved they forgot about him, and like always he put them first. Once he was out of sight of Aaron he rushed into the Living area, quietly without pathing anyone he started to gather everyone, telling them they had a problem and to meet in the common room pit.



Pacing around the pit until everyone showed up he looked at each of them, “We have a problem, a big one.”



“Would not it have been faster to inform us of this problem by pathing it to us all at once,” Xon asked as he sat down, he was the last to arrive.



“Faster maybe, but then Aaron would have overheard it and told us it was nothing, that it didn’t matter, even when it clearly did and does,” Andrew sighed as he sat down. “We were supposed to go to his secret cove after finishing up with Darren, and I don’t think it was supposed to evolve into a mini orgy now was it.” glaring at the floor he didn’t look up when he asked, “So tell me who tonight has not got off?”



“Andrew we were all there, just a little bit ago, you were there. I think even Kenny and Doug had more than enough fun,” Mark was confused, no one missed out, but he sat back at the glare directed his way.



“Is that what the rest of you remember, if so we have a bigger problem than I thought,” Andrew snapped out as he closed his eyes and mimicked Aaron for a moment by rubbing his temples in frustration. “So tell me then which one of you helped Aaron out?”



Kevin tried to remember who was with whom and looked to Derrick he remembered Aaron doing some pretty heavy kissing with Derrick to get him all hot and bothered.



“Don’t look at me the only one that was inside me was David, Aaron never came when he was with me,” Derrick wilted down at the end feeling terrible.



Seeing everyone looking back at him Andrew looked crestfallen, “I found Aaron in the incubatory, where he had been after collecting the cells needed to create the eggs from Darren, he was so hard and he had been standing long enough by his son looking at the screen to actually create a small puddle on the floor.” Upset at this part and wondering why Aaron wouldn’t let him help out, “I offered to take care of it for him and he brushed me off, telling me that after we got to the cove someone would take care of it. When we got out of the med bay and back to hot springs everyone was gone.”



Snuggling next to Richard, Andrew sighed, “He looked around for a moment as if he was finding each of us like he does when he wants to know where we are, and then told me to tell all of you that we would go sometime tomorrow then shooed me away so he could go relax in the hot spring…” snorting “Right, if I looked like that relaxing would be the furthest thing from my mind.”



Tim groaned as he looked at Pete and Kevin, “Thank you sex…”



Kevin nodded frowning, getting to his feet he started for the three steps leading up to the ground floor, “I’ll go check on him.”



Andrew watched Kevin walk away, “I don’t understand what is ‘thank you sex’?”



Kevin slowly stepped into the warm water and made his way over to Aaron, “I’m sorry Aaron.”



Opening his eyes Aaron looked at Kevin, “Whatever for?” Opening his mind up, he was picking up a sense of guilt and remorse from Kevin.



“I broke my promise, we forgot all about you when we got lost in taking care of what we wanted, that we forgot about your wants and needs,” Kevin sat down next to Aaron and moved his hand to where he thought Aaron’s erection would be and met nothing but water, shocking him. Aaron was soft, and he felt worse than he did a few moments before, because he took care of it himself or willed it to go down.



“I don’t remember you making that type of promise to me!” Aaron was more than slightly confused over the whole conversation.



“Pete, Tim and I made it to each other,” Kevin looked up at Aaron’s confused face, “We vowed you would never sleep alone ever again.”



“How does this have to do with sleeping, it’s not even bedtime yet, I still have no clue what this conversation is supposed to be about,” Aaron was well and truly confused and it showed in his face and voice.



“Because,” Tim told him as he and Pete ducked under the flowering vines covering the hot spring, “When we said sleeping we meant sex and more.”



“We got caught up with what we were doing and overlooked the fact you were busy and never did get off, you never came, not then,” Pete looked him in the eyes as he reached down and found Aarons soft cock, “But I bet after you hid your disappointment that we had all gone off forgetting about the Cove you took care of it yourself…didn’t you?”



“It’s not that big of a deal, not really, so don’t worry about it,” Aaron leaned forward and kissed Pete, before leaning back and letting the hot water fall onto his neck again, intending to relax and close his eyes so he could rest a little bit longer.



“Our word is important to us Aaron, before you rescued us it was all we had,” Tim kissed Aaron’s cheek, near tears.



Aaron frowned, he had no idea what or why they were upset, opening his mind up he noticed right away the rest of the clan were hovering outside the vines. Calling out to them, “All of you might as well come in, maybe then I will know what is going on.”



Seeing Andrew was in the same state as Tim, Pete and Kevin, it started to dawn on Aaron what they were talking about, the problem was he could not lie about being fine, that it didn’t bother him, because it did bother him. So, how to do this without creating problems, “I finally think I know what you are talking about.” He said, as he stared at Andrew.



“I have no answers for you except your forgiven and it was a little thing for the most part,” Aaron looked around and saw they were not buying it, “How about I talk Kevin into giving me a massage so I can get a good night’s sleep, that can be his way to make it up to me since he is the one asking for forgiveness.”



Aaron winced at the looks he received and the ones passing between his lovers, “I’m not going to win this one, am I?” Sighing, he was getting frustrated, standing, he smiled, “I’ve soaked long enough why don’t we go in and settle in for the night?  No matter what I say I don’t think you’re going to feel less guilty about it…though you should not be feeling guilty in the first place.” Stopping on the top step, Aaron glanced back at the sorrowful faces, “Look guys, this is not going to get us anywhere, except lead me to believe sex between us is a duty or something you really don’t want right now, sex because you feel guilty. So let’s go to bed and forget this ever happened, tomorrow is a rest day and I for one want to spend part of the morning riding Thunder and having fun, we can all visit the cove and have fun while relaxing.” Smiling as he reached out with his mind, he let them all see and feel the love he held for each of them and ducked to get past the vines as he left the hot spring.



Standing there, Kevin felt like crying, “With all of you as witnesses, this will not happen again, I will never forget about making sure my partner and lover has his needs fulfilled at the same time mine are.” Making his way to the steps slowly, “I forgot that once, not again…Now I have a massage to give.”



Aaron woke the next morning and started to stretch, touching someone, he opened his eyes and noticed how crowded his bed was, glancing at the foot of the bed he noticed heads sticking out and counting them, ending up back where he was he saw the whole clan was in bed with him, shaking his head he slid up into a sitting position before carefully standing he found there was no way to get out of the middle of the bed without stepping on someone, resorting to porting to the floor Aaron shook his head, half amused half frustrated before walking towards the bathroom, he had to go and a long hot steam before his shower sounded good.



Cracking an eye open as he heard the tell tale snick of a bottle of lube being opened he looked down and saw the top of Tommy’s head as he felt a warm wet mouth engulf his half hard member, quickly rising to the occasion, he grinned as he felt lips on his, groaning into Kevin’s mouth as he felt a tight warmness replace the mouth on his cock and start to ride up and down the shaft.



Carefully getting to his feet, Aaron really started to pound in and out of his lover, not bothering to stop as he fired his first load deep inside Andrew, keeping to the same pace, he grinned as Andrew spasmed as he went over the edge and filled the eager mouth working his own hard cock. It was after Aaron had filled Tommy for the second time and he was wobbling from his third orgasm that Tommy snuggled into the bench seat where someone put him as he tiredly watched Aaron slide inside Kevin and start all over again.



Andrew looked down the row of tired faces, counting up six he stared in awe as Aaron stiffened while inside Mark, Edward was right he thought, if you looked up Satyr in the dictionary the picture you would find stating back at you would be of Aaron, “I think we should make sure he does not go without again, otherwise we are going to be worn out.”



Pete lifted his head off of Tim’s shoulder and looked at Andrew, trying to ignore the groans of pleasure coming from Mark, “And this was because he only skipped one day, I’m hiding with pants on if he misses two,” he broke into giggles as Mark stumbled over to the bench with a satisfied expression on his face, the water started to replace the steam and a grinning group of their lovers walked over holding bottles of soap.



Walking out of the living area with Derrick, David, Doug and Kenny at his side Aaron spotted Darren walking around, grinning he nudged Derrick, “Go on and collect Darren and we’ll finish what was started last night, we’ll meet both of you in the incubatory.”



Grinning, Derrick kissed Aaron before choosing a path that would intersect with Darren, catching up with him he smiled, “Good Morning Darren, did you sleep well last night?”



Startled, Darren smiled shyly, “I slept hard, until just a few minutes ago, what we did must have really tired me out, more than I thought it would.”



“Not too tired, I hope?” Derrick smiled as he laid a hand on Darren’s butt, before sliding it around to the front to find something starting to rise in anticipation.



Drawing in a deep breath, Darren felt a hand touch him again, “I thought we would be finished already.”



“Not yet,” Derrick whispered as he gave a gentle tug, “Only halfway, come on Aaron is waiting for us so we can finish creating Lee’s son.”



Allowing himself to be guided to the med bay, Darren was surprised as they entered a room off to the side and he saw several people standing around a workstation with the monitor showing a cell on it, a cell he realized must be one of his eggs, “What is left to do?” Darren groaned as the hand changed, he felt a body brush by and move behind him.



Smiling, Aaron looked over at the Shaolin who was rapidly being aroused, “Just like if we did not already have Lee’s sperm collected, Derrick is standing in for Lee and this morning you will make love to him, burying yourself deep inside him as you plant your seed and doing your best to make him fire his load by the movement of being inside him.”



Standing and moving over to Darren, Aaron kissed him, kissed him with passion causing him to be fully aroused and whispered, “But instead of Derrick Cumming into the collection equipment we have two volunteers to harvest his offering, so it is not wasted.”



Moving to the side, Aaron watched as David gently pushed the rigid and unwilling to move erection that belonged to Darren down enough so that Kenny who was kissing Derrick could guide Derrick back onto it. Once Darren was inside Derrick, David moved his hand and a slight push on Darren’s butt started him thrusting in and out, as he was groaning in pleasure from the feelings of tightness and warmth.



Aaron moved back to the workstation to prepare the sperm sample, Once Derrick groaned in orgasm for the second time, Aaron added the sperm sample to the fertilization chamber and watched as Lee’s sperm came to life, actively seeking out the egg.



Kissing Doug as he offered him Derricks load, Aaron caught the screen flash as one of Lee’s sperm won the race and made it into the egg, thus creating a new life, trying to ignore the mouth that moments before was sharing Derrick with him, licking the end of his own hard cock Aaron finished the sequence, watching the egg split once, he moved it into the incubator and embedded it into the artificial womb's wall before flushing the insemination chamber. Turning slightly, Aaron let the feelings wash over him as he heard David coaching Darren, telling him not to stop.



Kissing Doug and tasting the last remnants of his own load, he chuckled as Doug looked at him wide eyed, “I watched you cum twice in seven of us this morning, but I almost drowned with the amount you came.”



“I’m a prime, Love, and Alteran to boot. We don’t need that long to recharge, not like those outside the kingdom,” Aaron pulled Doug close as David held Darren up as they moved him over to the incubator and the extra chair there, after depositing him in it he went over to his brother, kissing him as he was horny and needing to cum and Derrick looked well and truly shagged. Giving Doug a final kiss, Aaron whispered, “Go give Kenny a hand, I think he would rather have his brother cum inside him, he could use your hand to control the depth.”



Aaron glanced at Darren who was recovering, “Darren, he does not look like much now, but come look at your son.”



Remembering biology class, Darren looked up at the screen at the cluster of cells and saw them start to divide once more, slowly over the next half hour; he watched the two cells turned into four before his very eyes. He looked on in wonder and turned to face the Prime when Aaron started to speak to him.



“The rooms you stayed in last night, they are yours to use until your son is born, because it will make it easier on you when you find yourself drawn here so you can check up on your son. The other reason to move in here is that we can start to teach you some advanced techniques, techniques that you will have to learn because your son will have my bloodline running in him.”



“As you command, Prime,” Darren turned and bowed.



“No Darren, not Prime, never again Prime, unless we are in a formal setting, I’m Aaron, you’re family now, Darren,” Aaron hugged the young man as they walked out of the incubatory, stopping by the metal plate near the door, pointing it out as he touched it, thus closing the wall up, “I have added you to the security list, you have access to open this room up, so you can visit your son.”



Walking out into the sunshine, Aaron smiled, he needed to get a move on so he could get to hug patrol, turning, he spotted Kenny looking their way with a calculating expression, “I think I'd better warn you, it looks like some of the Clan are thinking of finding you a lover of your own, I’ve seen that look on some of their faces before.” Feeling the young Shaolin stiffen, Aaron laughed before whispering his way, “as long as they see you considering it, they will leave you alone, if you want their help though, just ask.”



Throwing a mock glare at Kenny who ducked behind a bush, Aaron left Darren and moved to the corner where the gestalt point was, giving one last glance at the sky through the clear ceiling before porting to the city so he could hug the youngsters.



Darryl's  Notes: Well it seems the love of and from the Clan is spreading like wildfire. I think the guys might have learned not to forget about Aaron. Aaron may have learned that he needs to communicate with everyone.  The new recruits have been taken in and will become more than before and they will be able to chase their dreams.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher