Chapter 66






Giving the last youngster a hug Aaron watched him board the carrier before it was ported out; leaning against the wall for a moment he watched some of the thousands of youngsters walking around having fun before spotting Colin walking his way. Once he knew without a shadow of a doubt that Colin was seeking him out, Aaron smiled, “Hello Colin, were you looking for me?”



Stopping so he could lean against the wall and watch the youngsters walking around town, Colin finally asked, “I have examined and talked to hundreds of those we rescued, before and then after whatever you did to them, they are not the same people, not really, how did you do it?”



“I didn’t, not really…well you remember about the whole reset through time travel right,” Aaron glanced over at Colin and saw him nod, “those previous versions found a way to really reset someone’s mind, and then reprogram it. To tell you the truth I had hoped never to use that function or that I would have to do what I did, I left half a million kids without parents, how morally right is what I did to them.”



Looking back at the youngsters, Aaron motioned Colin to walk with him, once they were a good distance away, he started talking again, “I suppose I could go into the Core and find out how the process worked, or even why they felt it necessary to come up with it in the first place. But to tell you the truth I don’t want to remind myself of what I did. We killed a lot of people, granted, they were religious fanatics that would have liked nothing more than killing all of us, slowly and as painfully as possible, but it was my order that sent them to their deaths, not only that, my order is what caused the modification and memory replacement of half a million kids.”



“I don’t think anyone would condemn you for what you did Aaron.” Colin sighed, “war kills people, at least you made sure that only those actually guilty or planning to kill and enslave others were the ones that suffered. I ended up talking to a lot of the troops that were involved, and I found that they were more upset that they weren’t more upset, I think it has to do with the fact they were able to examine the prisoners thoughts and feelings.”



“You did save so many others, and if you watch and listen to the histories you will realize that far fewer people died, even by your order, than the first time around, hell we are talking thousands versus billions Aaron,” Colin had no real answers for Aaron.



“What I find interesting and wanted to ask about is how the system reprogrammed the kids, they know who they were and some of the family information, but it has been changed seamlessly, even to the point that they know they are gay. Every single one of them believes they were saved by their parents who were undercover operatives, tasked with infiltrating the zealots, they think their parents died saving them or that they were not with their parents but other family when their parents were killed and they escaped to us for safety.” Colin stopped as they entered one of the large parks, “I just wished I knew how it was done, so I could use it with brain damaged patients, being able to program someone to the level the system did would be a powerful tool in healing their minds.”



Aaron leaned against one of the large flower stalks, it was as hard as a tree trunk and easily supported his weight, “I don’t know what to tell you, Colin, I will check into it to see if there are any notes or even information on what area of the brain the reprogramming takes hold through. But to tell you the truth it might be a week or so, I’m still trying to deal with what I did.” Waving his hand around, “Oh I know I did not really kill them, and they are still alive and will be healthy, happy and be able to chase their dreams in a way they never would have had before, but I did in a sense kill off who they were and made them into something else.” sliding down the stalk so he was leaning against it while sitting on the ground Aaron looked up at Colin, “If I had to do it over I would not hesitate to do the same exact thing, I would in a heartbeat, even go so far as to do it again if I was ever confronted with the same situation, and I would again have to take several days to get over it and reconcile it in my mind.”



“And that is why you are a good leader Aaron,” Colin dropped down to his heels so he could look into Aaron’s haunted eyes, “it makes all of us know we can trust you, because even doing this bothers you, and you would do it again if you had to, knowing that it would still bother you.”



“Not all of us lost everything you know,” a voice came from behind the flower trunk.



Aaron looked up to see a teen wearing a limiter walk around the corner, “I guess you not having programmed the thing or going through it, you didn’t know this. But when I first fell asleep an image appeared in my mind and we were given a choice, well those of us that were not filled with hate, I expect.”



Sitting down so he could look at the two of them, Andrey smiled, “An image appeared and I was given a choice, it told me I was being converted, that I would be gay and no longer human. It gave me the choice on how it would alter my memories or whether it would leave them alone. And it truly searched my mind for the answer to make sure I was truthful. More of us than you realize have all our memories with only a few things altered so we could fit in easier with our new lives, my parents were not the nicest of people, and I knew that, still do.”



Leaning forward Andrey grinned, “You see, there was an underground within the shadows, we, that is the children of the Army of God,” Andrey thought for a moment, “I would guess roughly two thirds of us went along because we had to, but secretly, we planned for the day when we were older and had our own network and we could stop the madness.”



“I bet, you on purpose chose to look at the most hard core children, so you could find out the differences after they came out,” Andrey laughed when Colin got a sheepish look on his face and nodded, “Well, for me at least, the only thing that was changed in my mind was being able to deal with and embrace being gay…” looking over at Aaron and grinning, “That and I think the eagerness I hid over learning new things and my secret love of Science Fiction and Fantasy was increased, but I get to live what I only secretly dreamed of.”



Aaron noticed how happy the teen was and brushed his mind and was welcomed in, glancing around Aaron found that there was a difference between his mind and those that were hard core as Andrey put it. “Thank you for allowing me in Andrey…” he smiled at the grinning teen, “You’re right there is very little that was changed, as a Prime, I can…I guess the best way to describe it would be, taste a difference in your mind. You’ll eventually get this in your orientation class, but when you try to describe certain things taste seems to be the sense that is closest.”



“Andrey?” Colin looked at Aaron in disgust, “Leave it to you to be able to pick up the name on every person you’ve never met with a glance.” Glancing back at the teen, “What now Andrey?”



“Do you know how liberating it is to be able to walk around naked? If I was found outside my room without a shirt on I would have gotten beaten half to death,” glancing at Colin he answered, “Now? Well I suppose I meet up with my brother, he’s twelve, and he jumped at the chance to go over to Middle Earth and take a look around. The Shaolin, early on  in their sweeps of the Army of God families, found out about the shadow network so they contacted everyone involved, our older brother will be released from resequencing tomorrow. After that, I guess we’ll sit down as a family for the first time in so long and look at all the options and choices before us.”



“Personally, I am going to vote for staying here where we are safe; Robert will probably want to see if he can continue studying to be a doctor and Jarred will want us to move to Middle Earth.  I think he will spend the next few years hunting Hobbits,” Andrey laughed as he stood up, looking back down at Aaron, he smiled, “Let me be the first of many of us that you rescued your Majesty, to thank you for giving us another life, even if it means being changed slightly, as much as I liked kissing girls in my old life, I can’t wait to find a guy to kiss, or for the day we can bring a son into the world,” waving, Andrey walked off leaving them behind.



Standing and brushing the dirt off his bare butt Colin grinned, “He’s right in several things though, I did only examine the hard core cases, and you did a good thing.”



Getting to his feet, Aaron saw the carrier appear on the other side of the trees; they had walked around the park and were back to the beginning. Brushing the sand off his butt, Aaron smiled as the youngsters saw him and screamed out his name as they rushed over to get an extra hug. Laughing and enjoying the chatter, Aaron noticed several new faces that that were looking at him shyly.  The others were pushing them closer for a hug. His mind finally let go of the unease he felt over the whole forced alteration as he picked up on how truly happy most of them were, happier than they remembered being and they were still the same person, just with a slight difference.



Porting back to the compound, Aaron smiled as he saw Darren along with several apprentices carrying his belongings into the guest house, walking into the main living area, Aaron quickly saw Mark and the others filling their plates; grabbing his plate after filling it up, he stopped by the table, “Hey Mark, how are the new AG bots working out, and the four times a day milking schedule?”



”The cows are happier,” Mark laughed, “The system is working out well, and we went to a six, twelve, six, twelve schedule and it seems to be working well.”



Taking a bite of his bacon as he moved off, “Glad it’s working out then; do you have any more ideas for improvements in the farms?”



“I’m working on a few; once I get the idea worked out on the one I’m working on, I’ll go to Pete or Xon for help designing it,” Mark smiled as he went back to playing footsie with Brian and Tommy, with Fred egging them on.



Setting his plate down next to Xon, Aaron sat down, “I’ve been thinking.  I think we could use one more of those RS series ships, and while we are on the subject, Pete, how soon before the first of your newly designed scouts are ready?”



Putting his fork down on the table, Pete looked at Aaron, “You don’t ask questions like these unless you want things sped up; what’s going on?”



“I want to investigate each of our systems quickly, and then I want to build stations so each of the sixty five worlds empty in our Empire has a station manned at all times, sooner or later, we are going to get visitors if we continue to expand like we are, and I want each of those systems locked down tight as ours.”



Picking up Aaron’s plate while he was talking, Kevin returned it piled high with hash browns topped with biscuits and sausage gravy; he was surprised and pleased when Aaron pulled him close into a deep lingering kiss as a thank you, moving off slightly dazed, pointer leading the way Aaron grinned at him.



Making noises of delight, Aaron dug into his food and glanced up at the clock, “Hell with it, I can be slightly late this morning.” Playfully glaring at his lovers' laughs, Aaron kept eating. Finished, Aaron took a drink and looked around. His lovers had stayed behind, waiting for him, “Ah I remember now, you probably want to know about our candidates being released,” chuckling at the glare and Pete’s, “Like you really forgot something important like this.”



“True, but I was hungry this morning. Okay, Damien whispered to me last night that the new clan compound is done, so the Beastmaster’s have a home, and training facility on Middle Earth.” Grinning, Aaron sat up, “Which means our plan to give Ru a proper christening will go into effect tonight after dinner, We need to get Donny along with the other three and separate them this afternoon, then after we bring them here for supper we’ll take them to their new compound and show them around; afterwards, those five will be married off in the ceremony all of you horny, horny people came up with.”



Placing his empty glass down, Aaron grinned, “Which means that I will release the candidates right after lunch, hand jobs all around are in order, I’ll tackle Ru, and then Damien If you would, I need you to keep him occupied elsewhere until supper time.” Seeing all the grins and smiles, Aaron looked around, “Does anyone have anything else to add? I should be bringing Edward back with me at lunch time for the weekend.”



“Ok then I’ll be off as soon as I wash up my dishes, kiss’s start on my way out, line forms on the right,” Aaron laughed as Kenny jumped up and ran over to the kitchen door.



Strolling through the station, Aaron stopped in the situation room and glanced at the map briefly, Hawaii, New York, and California were in purple along with the states he had seized after invading the US, staring for a few moments with a grim expression on his face, he finally walked out into the hallway towards his office. Once he got halfway down the hall, he saw several people stand up at the end of the hall, the visitors lounge, and let out a soft groan of frustration. Reaching out with his mind, he found it was Edward and his father, which might not be too bad other than the fact Edward was supposed to be in class, and his mind brushed up against about a dozen people in the lounge, now that, he decided, was bad.



“James…Edward, I’m almost afraid to ask what brought you here,” Aaron told them as he met them at the door to his office, “Or who is down there in the visitors lounge waiting and if they are waiting to see me.”



Chuckling, James sat down in front of Aaron’s desk, “Yes, well don’t blame us; we were here first.”



Chuckling, Edward smiled at Aaron, “Relax, only two of them are waiting for you, the others are here visiting with their kids, they were brought up from Altair Minor Trauma, relatives of the staff there.”



Sitting down with relief evident on his face, Aaron glanced at the chip that was slid across his desk, picking it up he glanced at Edward out of the corner of his eye as he inserted it into the slot on his desk. Opening the file up, he noticed it was a list of names, along with nationality and job description, “I see you were elected delivery boy,” he smiled as he dumped the contents of the chip into the system before popping it out and handing it back. Throwing the file of healers and their staff on the plasma he looked at it for several moments, not as many as he thought, and mostly younger doctors that had not established themselves yet, “Okay, at least in the beginning this should work, if all else fails and something drastic would happen, there are the healers on the station…So Edward,” Aaron looked over at the teen who would be King someday, “What brings you up here today?”



“The vote,” Edward grinned; as he mentally undressed Aaron with his eyes, now that he was having sex on a regular basis, he found on those days he missed out, he was horny and easily distracted until he got shagged silly.



Aaron heard Edward’s thoughts, he was broadcasting it seemed. Mind reaching out he found Xon on the Sol shipyard programming the construction of the fourth RS series ship, he smiled as he asked him to come to his office, he informed him that Edward was having a concentration problem and needed shagged so he could be able to function.



“James, I take it Edward is trying unsuccessfully to say the vote is at ninety percent, so how favorable is it?” Aaron asked, as Xon strode through the bathroom door after donning a pair of shorts.



“Edward, I could use you help for a moment, would you come with me, “Xon smiled as he entered Aaron’s office kissing him hard and fast.



Curious, James watched his son walk out through the side door before turning back to Aaron to answer his question, “It was running at sixty percent; that was until Sunday when the world listened in on your conversation with Edward, it was at eighty one percent when we went to bed last night. That reporter that started everything has been on talk shows constantly since then, and while she has not been as demanding, she has kept this at the forefront of people’s minds.”



James looked towards the closed door that Edward had gone through, hoping he stayed out of the room long enough that he would not hear the next part, “The Church of England has sanctioned any marriage between you and Edward, the problem comes in with Rome and the Catholic Church, they are condemning Andrew and Richard. They sent a warning to mother, if Edward did go through with this, he would be condemned to hell.”



“Just what I need, another religious conflict, I assumed they would have learned their lesson with what I did to the U.S. because of their religious fanatics,” Aaron stared at the terminal for a moment before emailing Otto to have one of his spook squads check out The Vatican. “To get back to the conversation of Edward and the news media, when would you like to make the announcement, or should I ask how you wish to make the announcement.”



“Would you agree to announce it in an interview with the reporter that started all this, maybe somewhere neutral…” James trailed off at Aaron's grin.



“Oh, I have the perfect place to the do something like that,” Aaron pointed to the couches between his desk and the wall, “Right there with my back to the window, they can ask their questions with the Earth as the backdrop.”



Glancing at the door that opened, James watched Edward walk back in, more relaxed and in control than when he left, eyes narrowing he wondered what happened as Edward sat down.



I think Edward should be able to concentrate now Aaron,” Xon sent as he folded the shorts he had donned for the few minutes he needed them to retrieve Edward, “He should now be able to hold off until tonight,” Xon sent him images of Edward shagging and being shagged. Smirking at the thank you he received back from Aaron, he ported back to the shipyard, he had a few experiments to run.



“While you were gone Edward, your father and I were talking about both of us sitting down for an interview with Hilde, the reporter that started all the hoopla around you marrying into the Clan, possibly several others, I was thinking of doing it from my office here with the view behind us as the backdrop, what do you think about it?” Aaron asked him as he sat back in his chair watching Edward frown.



“I hate reporters,” Edward mumbled, as he looked over at Aaron with a frown and a ‘do I have to?’ pout on his face. “I suppose. When would we do this?”



“Sunday morning,” Aaron smiled at Edward’s pout, “Don’t worry, we’ll be doing the interview right here in my office, a place I have total control of and we’ll use our pickups to transmit the interview back to Earth so we will have total control.”



“James, did your mother ever get the politicians straightened out?” Aaron faced Edward’s father after winking at Edward, he looked resigned before blushing at the mental caress Aaron sent him.



“Yes, though from what the staff told me, it was not the calmest conversation,” James grinned, “I’m just sorry I missed it, mother has had a lot of frustration building over the past few days with all the ruddy politicians sneaking in, trying to get answers or promises. I was going to ask if we could spend the weekend at Altair Minor, getting away will do wonders for mother’s temper.”



“Anytime James, your family is welcome to use that bungalow anytime you want,” Aaron sat up after thinking of who would be available to port them over, “What time do you want to take off, we can port you over right from the palace.”



“Really, that would be grand, we can leave right before supper then, we can pop over to the atrium for supper before we relax,” James stood and placed a hand on his son's shoulder and squeezed, “Edward, have fun, I’ll see you Sunday for the interview,” giving a wave, James walked out of the room, leaving Edward sitting in his chair looking thoughtful.



“Let me get the other two that are waiting out of the way first Edward, then we’ll talk about what is on your mind,” Aaron glanced over at Edward now that they were alone, brushing up against his mind he picked up that he wanted to talk about Toshi.



Activating the pickups in the lounge area, Aaron saw several people and to his surprise, Toshi was one of them, spotting Bill and another person talking and looking at the hall every now and then, he activated the pickup on his side, “Bill, if you and your guest want to come to my office now,” Smiling as they stood and started down the hall, “Toshi, if you don’t mind waiting, I think I’ll be about an hour, of course you can go to the park level and walk around or wait there, as soon as I’m finished with Bill, you're next.”



“Do you want me to leave, I can go into the conference room,” Edward made to get up as Aaron waved him back down.



“No…sit, this will be a good learning opportunity for you, you’ll just have to make your tutor session up sometime tomorrow,” Aaron smiled as Bill and Steve, from Davies and Associates, walked into his office. “Have a seat gentlemen, and tell me what brings you up here this morning.”



“Good morning, your Majesty,” Bill smiled as he pulled one of the chairs back out of the way so he could stand in front of Aaron’s desk, glancing Edward's way, he gave him a polite nod of recognition, “We don’t plan to take up much of your time.” Setting one of the Isolinear chips on Aaron’s desk he moved back, “I could have emailed the immigration information to you, but I wanted to take a trip into space,” Bill was grinning as he looked behind Aaron and the Earth below.



Picking the chip up, Aaron glanced Steve’s way as he slotted it into the desk, “Good Morning Steve, did Roger need something or are you just here to escort Bill up?”



“A little of both actually,” Steve smiled as he laid his own chips down on Aaron’s desk, pointing to the one on the left, “This one has all the request for appeals, the things that would have made it to the U.S. supreme court, Roger summarized each case for you; this one,” he smiled as he tapped the middle chip, “is a request from all those convicted of crimes that are requesting telepathic scans to prove their innocence.” Tapping the third chip, “Finally, this one is an updated list of your holdings.”



Aaron stared at the chips with distaste, “All of you have been busy I see,” after a few moments he finally looked up at Steve, “How many cases are being referred to the Kings Bench?”



“Fifteen,” Steve pointed to the chip, “Everything is on those chips, including original trial transcripts, evidence and in several cases the trial video.”



Going back to staring at the chips, Aaron sighed, “I’ll review it and schedule a time, just for future reference, I only hold trials in front of the Kings Bench on Friday mornings, unless it is an emergency.” Sliding the chip over, Aaron slotted it into the desk before grabbing the second one, “I’ll see about getting some telepaths on this group next week, they do know if they are found guilty of the crime, they will be punished under our laws, right?” he asked as he looked up and saw Steve nod his head. “Alright, we’ll get to them as quickly as we can.”



Picking up the third chip, Aaron thought about Tyler and received an image in his mind of him sitting in his office back at the compound grinning as he looked over something on the plasma, “Before I forget,” Aaron looked back at Steve, “I need to introduce all of you to Tyler, he will be the Clan contact from now on that will deal with finances and such,” leaning forward and grinning, “He likes playing with numbers.”



Steve chuckled, “I’ll let everyone in the office know, Friedrich has been pretty good about keeping us informed about who is who in the Clan and we will start forwarding this to him then.”



Nodding while still grinning, Aaron looked over at Bill, “Okay, Bill, I hope you have a copy of this list, I would like all the medical people that want to immigrate brought up to the station Sunday morning around nine, they will get an orientation tour and then start to learn how to operate our equipment by being teamed up with some of our healers.”



“I’ll get right on that,” Bill smiled as he moved back, “If you don’t mind, I would like to come back up with the medical people on Sunday, bring the wife and kids so they can see that,” he pointed out the window.



“Not a problem,” Aaron nodded, as he merged the data from Bill’s chip with the other applicants, nodding at their wave he thought of something before they were out of his office, “I almost forgot, there is a box of Isolinear chips next to the door, take what you need to replace the ones you dropped off.”



Once they were gone Edward moved over to the couch, “Do you want me to go in the next room while you talk to Toshi?”



Glancing up at the plasma which had the picture of the lounge on it Aaron frowned, “Do you have any idea why Toshi is here this morning?”



“Not a Clue,” Edward shook his head, “I’ve not talked to him in,” thinking about it for a moment, “It’s been since Sunday.”



Kinetically angling the couch Edward was sitting on so only the back could be seen from his side of the room Aaron nodded, “Why don’t you lie down on the couch, duck your head, that way you can hear what is going on, if he needs privacy or wants to talk to you I’ll port you to the other room and you can come back in or stay depending.”



Edward grinned before lying down on his side and pressing his body into the back of the couch so he was hidden from view.



Activating the pickup, Aaron smiled, “Toshi, if you want to come back now,” he saw the wide grin plaster itself on the face that moments before was staring out of the window in thought.



“Hello Toshi, what brings you up here this morning,” Aaron asked as he slid home the second chip that Steve dropped off and created a notice to place on the system, so that anyone wanting a little extra cash or something to do could sign up to scan those wanting a telepath to confirm their innocence.



Glancing around, Toshi saw Aaron was working and pulled one of the chairs closer to his desk before sitting down, “I wished to talk to you about earning the right to be considered for you clan.”



Looking around the room again, Toshi finally asked, “Did Edward go already? I was wondering if he would be available to talk over lunch.”



“He’s in the next room, do you want me to bring him in or do you want this talk to be private,” Aaron reached out with his mind preparing to port Edward to the couch in the next room.



Toshi was thoughtful for a moment before telling Aaron, “I do not mind if he is included, he might be able to give me insight, after I explain what I wish.”



“I can do that then,” Aaron picked up that Toshi had a serious crush on Edward, well besides the crush he had on himself. Porting Edward to the couch in the conference room he acted as if he was contacting Edward by the system, then he mentally warned him, “Edward he is seriously still crushing on you, and now he has added me to the mix.”



Edward walked out of the bathroom and Greeted Aaron with a smile before sitting down on the couch across from the one he had been lying on before being so rudely ported above the one in the next room, “Hello Toshi, Aaron mentioned you were here and wanted to talk to me.”



Beaming in delight at seeing Edward again, Toshi flashed back to seeing him hard the other day and when Aaron had accidently slipped inside him, glad he was wearing confining clothing Toshi carefully got up and walked over to Edward, so he could give him a hug in greeting like he watched Aaron give out so frequently.



Removing the three chips from the slots on his desk, Aaron got up and moved over to where Toshi was snuggled at the opposite end of the couch near Edward and took the couch opposite of them, “What do you want to know about earning the right to join my Clan Toshi?”



Sighing as the grin left his face, Toshi stared out of the window, “I had an argument with my father; so many things were said and came up during the yelling.” Toshi thought back to last night when he made his demands, “Father has run every aspect of my life for as long as I can remember, lately it has gotten worse and when I informed him I thought I should be given Ton’s place, we fought.” Looking at Aaron as if he was trying to understand something, “Father informed me that Ton refused to even consider it, that I would not be given the place Ton had been offered and that Ton had told my father that he would fight me over it, that made me angry and I took my anger out on several pieces of furniture.”



Looking ashamed, Toshi glanced up before looking back at Aaron, “It did make me think and realize how Ton had always been considered second best, he had few friends as they only wished to use him to get to be my friend before not bothering with him anymore. Growing up we were more like brothers than cousins, the past couple of years though, we had not been as close and I did try in the beginning to recapture the closeness.”



Toshi sighed, “Sometime in the past few weeks, as we interacted and I wished to be where Ton was, I forgot that closeness and became jealous. Luckily I did not interact with Ton as this happened, as he was here with all of you. If I had I most likely would have lost him and any hope of us reconnecting, being as close as we once were.” Leaning back into the cushions, “Father was right, and I realized something, the older I got the more ordered and controlled my life became, not because I thought my father did not love me, but because he wanted me to finally stand on my own and rebel against that ordered life, he wanted me to be strong and stand up for myself, not take everything in stride like I had.”



Toshi let out a pained laugh, “All this time, all I had to do was stand up to my father before he would grin and welcome me as a man, able to make my own decisions. This morning he told me he was proud of me and mentioned it was about time I stood up for what I believed in, he even gave me his blessing to try to join with you. Under the condition that a son would be sired first to be the heir of the Japanese throne. He left it up to me for the way it would happen, the normal old fashioned way or using your technology, as long as a son was ensured, I could then try for your clan.”



“It almost sounds like your father wants your son to be born with someone not Alteran before you are allowed to chase after us to see if you would fit in,” Edward finally entered the conversation, he had listened to everything Toshi had said and wondered if it was a cultural thing, if his father had gone as far as Toshi’s did he would not be happy about it, let alone forgiving.



Looking back out the window in thought, Toshi considered what Edward just said, “The wording does make one think that, this brings to light another problem then, I would not be able to come to the trials as untouched.”



Toshi sounded slightly upset Aaron thought, “You do know that I never placed a requirement for those being considered to be virgins, or as you put it untouched.” Lost in thought Aaron filled the silence with, “Of course with our technology, you can have a son easily, but if your father is asking for you to have a son with someone that is not one of my people, then you will also have the other father to consider or would you be thinking of having a female donate an egg?” staring at Toshi, he skimmed Toshi’s surface thoughts, trying to figure out what he was thinking, “Before I say yes or no on you trying to see if you can try to win our hearts, I think you need to sit down and have a frank and open discussion with your father. I am not familiar on what is needed for your line of succession, and to tell the truth, if you would have a son the old fashioned way like you mentioned you would never be considered for the Clan, you would be having a female carry your child which means a commitment in our minds.”



“I am unclear on what you mean,” Toshi said slowly, as he replayed Aaron’s words again in his mind trying to figure out what he meant.



“Simple,” Aaron leaned forward and stared at Toshi, “If you wish to have a child with a female, it must be by our technology, our incubator will carry the child. If you have a female carry that child after being impregnated, even if it is by in-vitro you have made a commitment to her and that child. As such, you will be denied any hope of joining any clan in my empire. If you chose another male to be the other father of your child, we will assist you.” Seeing Toshi sit back in shock, Aaron toned down his voice somewhat, “It is simple, your seed may not touch a female or the embryo may not be implanted in a female, to do so means you will not be allowed to try to see if you would be a fit in our world. To us, that would mean you are making a commitment to a female and together you would raise the child.”



“I…I understand,” Toshi frowned as he looked back out the window, “you have given me much to think on,” he left off the 'once again’.



Smiling, Edward got to his feet, “Come on Toshi, let’s take a walk in the park and grab some lunch, maybe I can help you think of a way to ask your questions.”



Aaron watched Edward lead Toshi out of his office and sighed, going back to his desk he thought he could at least look over the summaries that Roger had sent on the cases for the Kings bench.





An hour later Aaron sat back after reading the last brief and made a few notes, catching Edward walk in with Andrew, he smiled when he saw it was almost time to go back home, and have some fun, “Get Toshi sorted for now?”



“For the moment, at least I think I have convinced him your restrictions were only in regards to making an heir, not that he could not have sex with a female before he decides to try for a place in the Clan, once he does try though, there would be no sex outside of who we approve of,” Edward sat down, pulling Andrew into his lap so he could fondle him after unsnapping Andrew’s fly.



Aaron grinned as Edward pushed his brother's shorts down far enough that he could have plenty of room to stroke the rapidly hardening stiff toy, “You know Edward, you’re playing with fire. Being unaltered like you are you just don’t have the stamina the rest of us do, and if you get both of us all aroused…well, you might sleep through the afternoon and let’s not even talk about this evening’s festivities.”



Edward grinned and before he could reply, Andrew leaned back and grabbed Edward’s head and kissed him as he thrust in and out of Edward’s hand.



“Too late,” Aaron chuckled as he kinetically closed and locked his door before standing and dropping his own shorts as he pulled his shirt off.



Bodies mashed together as Aaron tried his best to remove any lingering taste of Edward from Andrew’s mouth, hands roaming he decided he was good for one more before taking the edge off and slipped back inside the half conscious Edward while Andrew climbed up so he could sit on the back of the couch, thrusting in and out of Edward, Aaron swallowed Andrew’s hard cock causing him to groan in pleasure.



Andrew smiled as he looked down at Aaron swallowing around his stiff willie as he thrust in and out of his brother, truth be told this was one of the hottest things he had ever witnessed and every time he had sex with his brother and Aaron it did things and drove him to higher levels. Groaning out as he was close Andrew stiffened as he fired off another load and in the back of his mind he had to wonder why the fourth time was just as intense and massive as the first, must be some Alteran thing he thought as he went over the edge as he remembered before he was altered at this point he would have just dribbled out what little bit was left.



Swallowing the offering eagerly, Aaron smiled as he heard the panting groans from Edward and let himself go over the edge as Edward’s hard cock twitched, pulsing, firing off nothing as he was truly spent. Slowing down as he deposited his seed deep inside his lover Aaron eventually stopped as he leaned up and kissed Andrew, staying inside Edward who was breathing hard and pretty much out of it. “Well this should hold me over until later,” he giggled in between kissing Andrew.



“Damn…You know I feel sorry in a way for Edward, though he did last a little longer this time, he came what five or six times?” Andrew giggled.



“The question is, do we count the sixth time since it was dry,” Aaron chuckled as he was finally expelled and glanced down to see Edwards hole was still a little lose, brushing against it kinetically Aaron tightened the sphincter thus sealing their seed inside. “It’s almost time to be home for Lunch and then releasing the prospectives; might as well port out from here,” Aaron grinned as he wiggled his eyebrows before laughing, “I’ll port us to the common area, we can leave Edward sleeping on the couch there while we eat.”



Slipping off the back of the couch Andrew went and collected all of their clothes before touching the gestalt, “I’ll see you there in a minute or so,” giving one last look at his exhausted brother he grinned before porting out.



Reaching for the gestalt with his mind Aaron let his mind search for the couches in the gathering pit, pulled power form the gestalt and ported them in one massive port. Chuckling as Edward rolled over and curled up into the cushions, Aaron went around to the steps and walked into the dining area. Peeking over a the steam table area he saw Shoji, along with Riku, happily placing the pans in the steam table.  Waiting until both of them came out of the kitchen, Aaron captured them both and drew them into a hug, “Smells wonderful you two, I take it Shoji has been showing you how to find your way around the kitchen.”



Nodding rapidly as he melted into Aaron's embrace, Riku looked over at shoji and got the courage to ask, “May one ask for your help in something?”



Pulling both of them over to the side out of the way of the steam tables, so if his lovers started to show up, they would not be disturbed, Aaron smiled at them, “Of course you can, and hopefully I can help you out.”



Turning red from embarrassment, Riku was glad Aaron could not see how nervous he was, “Shoji and I wish to go that last step in sharing with each other and would ask that you help us, so we do not hurt each other in our haste to join.”



Aaron glanced over at Shoji and saw him smiling shyly, Shoji was broadcasting, they both considered him helping as formalizing their marriage to each other, thinking about it, he wondered if there were others of Asian descent that wanted a ritualistic aspect instead of just registering in the system that they were now a couple. “Do you wish to have witnesses to your joining?”



“Witnesses?” Riku asked before realizing that they would get their wish, Aaron would be marrying them to each other, grinning, he eagerly nodded, “Oh yes, I have three people who I would like to witness my joining with Shoji and his joining with me.”



“I only have my brother,” Shoji looked at the vines with flowers blooming on the ground, saddened to know he only had one person to witness for him.



Reaching over, Aaron gently lifted Shoji’s chin so he could look into his eyes, “You have the whole of the Clan that would witness your joining Shoji,” smiling at his shock and shy smile, Aaron thought about it, “Right after lunch we are releasing those in the med bay, so why don’t you ask those who you want to be there to come over in two hours.” Placing a kiss in each of their foreheads, Aaron grinned, as he whispered, “Make sure both of you are cleaned inside and out, in fact right after lunch I will ask two of the Clan to prepare both of you so make sure you make your calls beforehand.” Hugging each, one more time, Aaron released them just as Andrew and the rest of the guys started to walk in.



Picking up his plate, Aaron filled it with several selections and was slightly surprised at seeing fried chicken and took one of the bigger pieces; he wondered what Shoji did different with it. Sitting down, he watched as Shoji went around to several of the clan members after talking to his brother before stopping near Doug and Kenny. Smiling at the intense stare Kenny started to give him, he brushed his mind against Kenny’s, “Yes love?”



Um…Shoji wants Doug and me to prep him and Riku for their joining…What’s a joining and what do we need to do?” Kenny was confused and was listening to Shoji’s excited chatter.



A joining is what we are doing for the new clan tonight, the Beastmasters, Shoji and Riku asked for my help by overseeing their joining,” Aaron smiled as he watched Kenny quickly tell Shoji yes before bringing Doug into the link so he could finish, “What you and Doug need to do is start off with both of them in the hot spring, let them relax and unwind, but not close enough to touch each other, than after say twenty minutes or so, take them back to your showers and clean them out really well, like we all do, then wash them real good, making sure they stand there. You may gently tease them with your hands but don’t let them cum, finally we will meet you at the clearing behind the hot springs, I’ll have it set up by then.”



Kenny thought about it as he stared at Doug, then he finally asked, “How horny do you want them?”



Grinning evilly, Aaron sneaked a peak at the two in question, “As horny as you can get them without letting them cum.” Seeing their evil grins, Aaron chuckled as he went over to get seconds, sitting back down Aaron kissed Kevin before working out a new recipe in his head that the chicken sparked an idea for.



“So, I hear Shoji and Riku are going to join this afternoon,” Kevin smiled as he looked over at the two, "I’m glad he found someone. Are you going to do something similar to what we are going to do for Ru tonight?”



“I think so,” Aaron smiled as he pulled out his P.A.D.D. to make a few notes before his idea got lost, “I expect that the joining will spread like wildfire through the Shaolin and the rest, Riku is going to invite several of his friends and probably one of the masters. Soon someone will pick up on what was done and volunteer to record it and place it on the system, after that, a new marriage ritual will be born.”



Snorting, Kevin looked over at Aaron, “You know I think you will be in demand once word gets out,” smiling as he finished his drink, “honestly, I can’t think of a better thing to be in demand over though.”



Gathering his dishes, Aaron grinned, “Neither can I, and to tell the truth I can’t wait.”





Walking into the med bay with Damien and the two pups at his side, Aaron looked around and noticed Fred setting the limiters on each cart, Tim and Pete were talking near the door of the incubatory and as he walked over, he noticed Andrew and Tyler gazing at their son, smiling as Darren walked past; on his way out, he walked back into the med bay and started the release cycle on Ru, before moving to Rolph. Meeting Fred in the middle next to Igor he chuckled and kissed Fred before moving back over to Ru, “Hand jobs all around, Fred, do you have the training packet ready or do you need me to implant the instructions on their new gifts?”



Removing the breathing tube from Ton, Fred smiled, “I got in a lot of practice helping release those we force converted, so I’m good,” he told Aaron as Tim moved up after he was finished.



Glancing around, Aaron grinned as each of the seven had someone ready to wake one of the prospects up, turning off the soma unit, Aaron whispered as he laid his hand on Ru’s chest and teased Ru’s nipple which caused him to explode, “Ru, time to wake up.” Smiling down at the teen, Aaron pulled Ru into a sitting position when he opened his eyes and smiled up at him.



Standing on his own, Ru faced the other candidates, realizing right away that all of them were within reaching distance and stroking their hardness while leaning back into one of the Clan as their hands roamed around driving their passions higher. Hearing the moans and grunts of passion from around him, Ru had his hand captured when it went towards Rolph’s body and climaxed once more.



Last to leave, Aaron smiled at all the puddles on the floor and set the controls to clean the med bay, meeting up with everyone outside the med bay Aaron grinned as Damien was steering Ru towards the opposite corner, where the entrance to the cliff face was, there was a small terrace where one could stare out over the city in the distance. Looking back at the six eager faces Aaron waved for them to follow him, “Alright let’s get all of you settled.”



Making his way into the main section where the living quarters were, “Right now you are in the Clan compound, I’ll let you explore it later on, but this section contains the dining hall and kitchen along with our relaxation area, or gathering pit. Feel free to explore any of the bedrooms that have not been claimed and to chose one for yourself. All of them are slightly different,” pointing to the dining area as they entered, Aaron took them behind the kitchen area, “This is the common area or the gathering pit, we hang out and relax here, but we can also get group work done here.”



Sitting on one of the benches, Aaron stopped and thought, “Let’s try to make some sense of this, this is our inner rooms,” pointing to the rows of arches leading to rooms, “The bedrooms all around us have a small private office in them along with a library and the standard closet, bathroom and bedroom. At the other end of the compound, on each side of the security offices and quarters, are the public offices each of you will be assigned one.”



Spotting Kenny and Doug leading Shoji and Riku to their bedrooms Aaron smiled, “I have a small joining to perform, so while I’m doing that, why don’t all of you find a bedroom to claim as yours for now, all of your belongings are on the second floor common area over there,” Aaron pointed up to the large landing with couches, “You can unpack and settle in, if you need help in unpacking or finding things or using the replicator to create furnishings let one of the Clan that will be around know and they will be glad to give you a hand.”



Giving them a moment to start looking around, Aaron kissed Mark and Brian and thanked them for staying here to be on hand for the prospectives while he was busy, ”I’ll be recording the ceremony, feel free to watch it on the plasma, I’ll be back shortly.” Stopping and looking back at the two, Aaron pointed to the couch where Edward was still asleep, “You might want to see if you can’t wake him up and get some food into him, I swear one of these days I’m going to meet the person who came up with the saying about youth having staying power and laugh in their face,” grinning at their chuckles Aaron left them to wake Edward.



Making his way to the clearing behind the waterfall, Aaron looked around smiling, it was perfect he thought, very much keeping with imperial gardens. Checking that the cushion was secured he ported a full bottle of lube from the storeroom and placed it on the small pedestal near the foot of the cushion bed. Preparations finished, Aaron smiled at the Shaolin apprentices along with their Shaolin teacher as Ichiro led them into the clearing behind Xon and Tommy. Activating the recorders around the clearing, Aaron smiled as he heard Kenny and Doug bringing the two guests of honor into the clearing.



Smiling happily as he noticed how aroused both teens were, and smelling faintly of salt and the oil Kenny and Doug had rubbed into their bodies, a nice touch he thought. Moving over so he could stand in front of them Aaron held a hand above their faces and reached with his mind for theirs; checking the strength of their minds before porting a braided wire band to his hand, a band that had a small red diamond in the center. Placing it on Shoji’s head with the diamond centered he smiled in satisfaction as the diamond glowed before porting over the second one and fixing it on Riku’s head. Leaning forward Aaron kissed each of them, both were leaking and extremely aroused.



“I am Aaron Stranton; who comes before me wishing to be joined, mind, body and soul?” Looking over at Kenny, Aaron nodded for him to begin.



Kenny led Shoji to the end of the bed and placed him on the side opposite of where Aaron had moved to, “I present Shoji Lee, he comes before you to be joined to Riku Tan of his own free will.” Kissing him, Kenny moved to the foot of the bed and waited as Shoji was glassy eyed with lust.



Ichiro looked at Xon who nodded with a smile and stepped forward and kissed his brother on the lips, “I am Ichiro Lee, elder brother to Shoji, I witness this joining for the Family.”



Placing a hand on Ichiro, Xon smiled in pride causing Ichiro to beam as he stepped to the foot of the bed on Shoji’s side after kissing Shoji, “I am Xon Stranton, I witness this joining, I stand for the clans.”



Tommy noticed the diamond glowing brighter and he moved to the head of the bed after kissing Shoji, “I am Tommy Stranton, I witness this joining, I stand for Shoji’s friends.”



Moving around behind Shoji as the three took three steps back, Aaron smiled and nodded at Doug who led Riku to where he was a standing a moment ago, “I Present Riku Tan, he comes before you to be joined with Shoji Lee of his own free will.” Kissing Riku, Doug smiled at him and moved to the head of the bed and grinned.



Aaron gazed at the Shaolin and thought he would have to prompt him before he stepped forward and kissed Riku, “I am Lei Wan, I Witness this joining, I witness this joining for clan Shaolin, his true family.”



Nodding, Aaron looked at the apprentices and smiled as one walked to the foot of the bed, stopping to kiss Riku soundly, “I am Steve Wu, I witness this joining, I stand for the apprentices and friends.”



The final person walked over and kissed Riku and noticed both gems glowing brightly, “I am Yong Zan, I witness this joining,” getting a prompt as he looked at the Prime he smiled, “I stand for the children to be born in love.”



Moving around to Riku’s side as the three stepped back like Shoji’s witnesses did, Aaron held out his hand taking the lube from Kenny, kinetically lifting the two, he placed them on the bed, “Kneel and face your future bonded.” Once both were kneeling, faces bare centimeters from each other, Aaron felt for their minds and told them, “In love…link your minds as you kiss with your entire being, your souls shall touch and merge.” The sound of wind rushing through the trees was heard as Shoji and Riku kissed, activating the gestalt link Aaron drew some of the power and started to feed it to the two lovers and their gems brightened as if searchlights had suddenly been turned on; above them energy swirled about the two and slowly as if slapping each other, playfully danced about.



Finally as the kiss dissolved into passion and heat of physical lust, the energy slapped against each other a moment longer before merging to swirl around both teens as one bright red energy mass. Reaching behind Riku, Aaron started to lube and loosen the tight hole as he prepared him to be entered for the first time by his newly bonded.  Once Riku was ready, Aaron reached over and lubed Shoji up and reading from his mind the way he wished to enter Riku for the first time, Aaron pulled Riku down so he was on his back and kept his hand on Shoji’s hard erection, keeping it from rubbing on Riku’s flesh, and as they were lost in the kiss, he positioned Shoji and slowly let the hard tip of the hard cock slip past the inner ring before holding both teens from letting their need move too fast.



“Your minds are joined as one,” Aaron told them as he moved back after Shoji was all the way inside his lover. “Your souls are joined,” Aaron smiled as the energy pulsed in time to their heartbeats, “Now let your bodies join.”



Shoji barely registered the words being spoken as he kissed his lover, as he kissed Riku and felt a hot rush caress his skin, he and Riku’s minds merged deeply with each other and as he kissed Riku, he felt his lips kissing himself, as he felt his hard taught stiffness enter his lover he felt it enter him, all thought was gone as the feeling coursed through both their bodies, as he started to thrust in and out, slowly at first before picking up speed, not stopping as he reached climax and fired his load deep inside Riku, his climax only caused him to pick up speed.



Aaron smiled as he felt Shoji and Riku create the bond as Shoji fired the first of many loads he would before it was all over. Taking the bottle of lube back that he had given Doug, Aaron poured some on his fingers and slipped one inside Shoji as the young man groaned out his passion as he came once again. Having to wait until Shoji was finished Aaron continued to work the spasming hole, stretching in preparation for his lover to finally enter him, completing the bond. Prepared, Aaron touched his mind to the merged mind to find out how Riku wanted Shoji and got back a picture of Shoji riding up and down.



Ignoring the tingling from the energy on his arms Aaron slowly pulled Shoji out of Riku and moved him up before bending up Riku’s hard cock and guiding Shoji down on it, once he had sat down fully with Riku inside him, Aaron smiled, “Mind, Body and Soul…We witness your joining.” Reaching out with both hands Aaron grabbed at the energy and kinetically forced it inside the two teens causing Riku to scream out as he climaxed inside Shoji, while Shoji fired his seed all over Riku’s chest.



Ritual finished for the most part, Aaron let the two do as they wanted and grinned as Riku maneuvered Shoji so he was on his back and really started to pick up the pace. Letting his fingers trail through Shoji’s cum as it ran down Riku’s chest, Aaron fed it to Riku and Shoji, “A true joining of mind,” Aaron placed some of the cum on both their foreheads, “of body,” he placed some of the cum over both their hearts. Before scooping up the last of the cum he could find and placed it on their lips, “And joining of souls.”



Reaching out with his mind, Aaron ported the two to Shoji’s bed so they could finish in the privacy of their own room; they looked like they would be several hours yet. Grinning as he looked around at the smiling faces of his lovers, he peaked down and saw how hard they all were, “Shoji Lee and Riku Tan are now joined.”



Getting a nudge from Xon, Ichiro stepped forward, and looked over at the Shaolin who stood for Riku’s family and his voice challenged him, “So witnessed.”



Grinning at the challenge Lei repeated the words, “So witnessed.”



Holding the bottle of lube Aaron gave it one last look before making sure the lid was closed and ported it to the two lovers, so they could have something to keep things going before going over to the small fountain and washing his hands as he tried to control the urges he was feeling, it would not be nice to throw one of his Lovers on the bed and ravish them in front of guests. “I expect the two of them will be at it most of the day,” Aaron laughed as he walked out of the clearing, grinning at the two teens that had accompanied the Shaolin he noticed the problem they were having, “If the two of you want to borrow the clearing to take care of those be my guest, or one of the spare bedrooms in the visitors lodge, you look uncomfortable like that.”



Steve stopped and looked over at his friend who was having more control issues than he was, “Go ahead use the clearing I can make it to the lodge.”



Lei watched in amusement as his two students separated before bowing, “I thank you for your hospitality…and the use of your lodge.”



Grinning, Aaron pulled Tommy close as he steered his lovers to the clearing on the other side by the waterfall and pulled Xon and Tommy into a kiss, letting his passion arouse his lovers, glancing at Xon he smiled as he pulled him over to kiss him. “Go to your knees Ichiro, we are going to take turns filling you.”



Doug rushing back from the towel cupboard with a bottle of lube knelt down next to Ichiro and started to lube him up, as Aaron got behind Ichiro while Kissing Doug in thanks. As Aaron slid inside the submissive teen Doug moved around front and shoved his hard willie between Ichiro’s lips and started to thrust in and out.





Rolph sat on the couch staring in awe at the plasma, what he had just witnessed was incredible, swallowing hard, he looked over at Mark and Brian who were smiling, ignoring the raging erection between his legs for the moment he asked, “Is this what is in store for us if we are chosen?”



Grinning, Brian looked around at the prospectives who had their eyes glued to the plasma, “No, the Clan has something different, more intense and special.”



Walking along the ledge between the backs of the couches in the gathering pit and the plantings, Pat started dropping towels in the laps of each of the six prospectives, “You might want to take care of those before they become a problem.” Giggling, he walked down the steps and over to Brian before kissing him, as he released Brian’s lips he pushed on his head, offering his stiff willie for Brian’s enjoyment and his release. Ignoring the sounds of flesh stroking flesh from behind him, Pat closed his eyes and got lost in the wonderful wet warmth that was surrounding his hard willie.



Half an hour later, Aaron and the rest of the Clan gathered around the couches and he noticed all the bunched up towels near the prospectives and grinned, “I see you guys thought that was as hot as we did.” Glancing at Tim who was smirking he wondered what he had planned now, “Before I let you all go with Tim to view a presentation on our race's secrets, I want to mention a few things.”



“Up from our nap I see, welcome back to the land of the living, Love,” Aaron had spotted Edward walk over, freshly showered and felt like teasing him.



“Bloody Satyr’s,” kissing Aaron, Edward plopped down on the couch next to him, “The least you could have done was to get all sweaty.”



Laughing, Aaron kissed Edward as he pulled him into a hug, “Yes, well do you think you will be up for another round or six tonight?” seeing Edward’s horrified expression, Aaron broke down into laughter.



“Tonight after supper, the Clan will be gone for a couple of hours, and unfortunately we will be leaving you here, with Ichiro and Edward as your only company,” Aaron paused as he smiled at the six, “but I think it might be a good time for you to settle in and decorate your rooms, making them yours. I’ll have Pete show you how to use the replicator to create items to make your room more comfortable,” sensing the confusion over what a replicator was, he smiled, “A replicator is what we use to create items, it builds everything from the clothes we wear outside the kingdom to the ships we travel through space with, including the couches all of you are sitting on, once you see it work and have it explained to you, it will make sense.”



“Over the next week, all of us will work with you so you can master your gifts, the bracelets all of you are wearing are what we call limiters, it limits your ability to teleport, for your safety until you learn how. Right now they are set to stop all teleportation but as you begin to learn how to port we will change them, finally after you reach a certain level of competence they will be removed.” Grinning at the smiling faces, Aaron wondered how many would turn red, “now let’s work on removing your embarrassment factor over talking about sex, does anyone here not know what a hand job is?”



Chuckling softly at all the blushes, Aaron decided he was going to enjoy this, “No, good, right now things are about to get interesting for all of you. As you live and work with us side by side, one of the restrictions of no sex with the Clan is going to be relaxed. Kissing and hand jobs are now allowed between all of you and the Clan, you may sleep alone or share your beds at night with any of us or amongst yourselves,” holding up his hand as he lost his smile, “Remember though, even amongst yourselves, hand jobs and kissing is as far as you can go, which means no sucking on each other or placing that wonderful toy from between your legs inside each other. I don’t think it will take long before you get in the same routine we do, not if you start showering with us in the morning and sleeping with us.”



“I know the next couple of weeks will be a struggle for all of you as you see us sharing our bodies, or having great sex with each other,” Aaron silently counted red faces and two that he thought would have been embarrassed were grinning instead, he would have to keep an eye on Rolph and Ton. “It can be just as hot for you to join in, sticking with only getting off by our hands as we make love to each other. Some of you will start to stand out right away and we will accept you directly into the Clan. Which means to rest of you have a better chance to gain one of those free spots, any questions you want to ask before Tim takes you over for the class on our secrets? Remember that I will be around all weekend and after I get back, my room is the one right there,” Aaron pointed to the largest arch across from the gathering area, “Feel free to stop in and talk or even ask any questions as they come up.”



Standing, Aaron started to hug and kiss his lovers and included the prospectives which shocked several of them and pleased several others, grinning as Tim motioned for the prospectives to follow him, he ported out, looking to talk with Donny.



Finally finding Donny sitting gazing up at the sky on one of the small islands off in the middle of the southern bay, Aaron stood on the island behind Donny and watched him for a moment, Donny seemed to be staring up into the sky at the sight of Middle Earth as both the sun and Prime’s sister planet started to set.



“Hello Donny,” Aaron smiled as he called out so as not to startle him before porting over to the small island, sitting down next to Donny and scratching Dante between his ears when he jumped up to sniff him. Pulling Donny into a hug, Aaron looked up at the view, “It’s amazing to be able to sit here and see a clone of Earth so clearly and watch it in the distance like this.” Glancing Donny’s way he saw the smile on his face, “Are you excited about tonight?”



Hugging Aaron back Donny kissed him on the cheek, “Frightened out of my mind, at the same time, excited beyond belief,” chuckling, “nervous and if I was not wearing my leather right now you would see how horny I am.”



Laughing with an arm around Donny’s shoulders, “You’re not the only one, poor Ru is a nervous wreck, one of the reasons I wanted all of you occupied with something to do was so you would not think over what is going to happen. I thought of keeping it a secret of what we built for you, but now I think it will take your mind off of things,” Aaron ported all three of them to the new Beastmaster clan compound.



Blinking as the scene suddenly changed Donny looked around and saw they were in a small park under what looked like a greenhouse, all around them outside the walls were thick pines.“Where are we,” he whispered in shock as Dante jumped off racing around sniffing the bushes.



“Middle Earth and your new clan compound, back on Earth this would be the northern edge of Alabama abutting next to Georgia,” Aaron stood and pulled Donny to his feet, “This side is the canine side of the compound, you have an indoor park, which we are in, a place your dogs can run about and visit a bush or two. Over that way is the main section of the compound with all the apartments, med bay and offices and such. I think Derrick modeled the main compound of the beast master clan house after ours.” Leading Donny into the compound, Aaron looked around grinning at seeing the large hot spring in the center of the compound, “Seems Derrick took to heart your comment about our hot spring, and he built you one of your own.”



Walking to the end of the compound, Aaron looked through the glass wall into the huge glass greenhouse, a three story tall greenhouse for the birds, “Your, or should I say Ru’s Aerie. And at the other end is the stables for the horses, there is plenty of fenced pastures out there and we’ll import some rabbits that all of you can raise to use as hunting aides for your birds. There is another section just like this one for those that bond with cats on the other side of what would be the guest lodging in my Clan’s compound.” Aaron grinned as he led the awe struck teen into the house, “Come on let’s check out your apartment and bedroom.”



“When did you do all this?” Donny was floored, all this just for them; he looked up at Aaron and knew what it was to be loved for something other than sex.



“I think Derrick started it right after Ru started to be resequenced, we want you to succeed, if you are going to be a clan, you need to have a clan compound and Middle Earth is the best spot for it because of your animals, here they will thrive.” Aaron led the way into the main building and pointed to the elaborate crest over the far arch, “The clans crest, it leads into the clan leader’s apartment, there are twelve bedrooms in there, the biggest is yours, it is modeled on my old one, and it has its own library off of it.”



Grinning, Aaron pointed to the large hall leading off to the right, “The clan kitchen and dining room,” steering Donny into and to the back of the dining room, he led him through another hall into a large complex, “And here is quarters for your apprentices.”



Shaking his head Donny looked around, “This is too much.”



Aaron pulled Donny into a hug, “This is not too much Donny, and this is just the start. Once you get off the ground and really running, you will need all of this and more, it’s going to take you days of exploring to find everything that is in this compound, but eventually you will know where everything is, until then link your P.A.D.D. to the system here and you will always have a map,” Aaron chuckled. “Come on, time to look in your bedroom and get you out of that leather, I think a long hot soak in the hot spring will be just the thing we need to do before supper time.”





Aaron looked around at the nervous teens, Donny and Ru had been led in by Damien and Kevin, both were naked and aroused, so far so good he thought, as the other three members of the new clan, Matt, Running Bear and Corey were being led in by Mark, Tommy and Brian. Glancing around Aaron stepped forward, “Tonight we witness the birth of a new clan, a clan that is created in service to our kingdom and Clan Stranton. Sometime in the next six months, after the clan has a chance to settle down, two sons by blood to Clan Stranton will be conceived, thus cementing clan Beastmaster into the clan halls.”



Glancing at each of the teens, Aaron smiled as he sensed they were aroused yet not lost in sex lust yet, “Donny Scram will be invested as clan leader tonight, and it is my honor to ignite the fires of passion in him and to assist as he makes love to each and every one of his new clan. Of the four of you that come here tonight to be part of the birth of this new clan, only one comes to you untouched in the ways of love, as such, Ru Kang will be the first that Donny enters and plants his seed into as he merges mind body and soul with his lover.”



Ru started to interrupt but Damien leaned over and whispered in his ear, “What happened to you was not done in love, remember that, what will happen here tonight is done in LOVE!”



“I thought long and hard about your emblem and your clan tattoo,” Aaron moved to stand in front of Donny as he pulled a small nanite injector out of a pouch, he had designed the nanites to create a spectacular tattoo, “Your choice Donny on where we place the tattoo, this cannot be counterfeited so it will serve the dual function as emblem and tattoo, as our medallions count as ours.” Smiling as Donny looked at each of his lovers and silently asked with his eyes.



Ru was the first to move and he tapped his temple, Donny seeing the thoughtful looks on the rest of his lovers faces he asked, “How big or small can this tattoo be?”



“As small as an 8 star coin or the size of a dinner plate,” Aaron smiled as he waited; this was a big decision for them.



Holding pathed conversation with the others, Donny smiled as he looked back at Aaron, “Left temple and the size of the coin please,” he grinned as Aaron placed the device up against his temple after making an adjustment to it, this was so cool, now everyone could see that he was Beastmaster as soon as they saw him.



Adjusting the nanite injector and placing it against Donny’s temple, Aaron activated it and waited for the light to go green before moving over to Ru, once he was finished he grinned at the indrawn breath s he heard from the others as Donny’s tattoo started to show up and come in looking life like, porting over a small mirror he held it up so Donny could see it, “The tattoo injector will be kept in the med bay here so your healers can place your emblem on your new clan members, until you have your own healers either Fred or I will do this for you.”



Kissing Donny, who was crying silently as he gazed at the symbol on his forehead, Aaron put the mirror next to the injector and nodded to his lovers, the sounds of five caps being opened off of lube bottles was loud in the quiet, “Each of you have been chosen by one of the Clan, they shall prepare and guide you tonight as Donny makes love to each of you with me inside him, then after he has left his offering in each of you, you shall leave your offerings in him.”



Seeing the wide eyed stare from Donny, Aaron chuckled, “Don’t worry Donny, I shall not cum inside you, but since this clan is not an offshoot of mine through blood, in a sense, together we will mate with each of your lovers, and once you have gone through your lovers, I have mine to help me with my needs. After tonight our two clans will be very close, we will be family, for tonight and tonight only, the rules of sex outside of the Clan are lifted. At least until it comes time for you and Ru to have a son with us, though none of us will add our seed to yours, unless each of you have mixed your offerings in each other first.”



Grinning as all five of them nodded eagerly in between their moans of pleasure as his lovers stretched them, Aaron kissed Andrew as he lubed up his hard cock.



Kevin inserted the third finger as he searched for Donny’s prostate and finally found it, causing Donny to hiss out his pleasure, “OH…YES…” grinning as Donny was ready he nudged him forward enough so Aaron could capture Donny’s lips and felt the passion as Aaron kissed Donny before turning him around and slowly sinking inside him.



Fully inside Donny, Aaron whispered in his ear, “Link up with your lovers, all of them, pull them in one at a time,” slowly thrusting in and out as Damien finished preparing Ru who was already panting in excitement. Mind hovering as Donny pulled each of his lovers into the merge, Aaron smiled as he was not needed to help out and reached around and pushed the very hard cock jutting out of Donny’s body down so Damien could back Ru into it. Guiding the speed and initial entry, Aaron slowly let Donny start to thrust before letting go and doing his best to time his thrusts to heighten the stimulation to Donny’s body.


Damien kept his hands on Ru’s head and tried to control the need he was feeling to Cum, he needed him to wait until Donny finished Matt, then he could pair Ru up with him, that way no seed was lost.



Mark led Matt over now that he was stretched enough, stopping close enough to Donny that Matt could kiss him and smiled when halfway through the kiss he heard the screaming groan Donny did as he fired his load inside Ru. As Soon as Damien pulled Ru off of Donny Mark turned him and removed his hand as he felt Aaron guide Donny into Matt slowly.



Kinetically tightening the sphincter muscle slightly, so Donny’s seed was not lost, Damien kissed Ru and kept the tight control he was holding over Ru’s need until Mark was guided over and he guided Ru inside his lover so he could fire his long held off load.



Aaron pulled out of Donny as Corey took his place, glancing around he zeroed in on Tyler in his need and moved over as Tyler bent over to show his lubed and ready hole so Aaron could slip inside, eager to finally reach release. Feeling Tyler’s ass clamp down hard on his shaft, as Tyler filled Richard’s eager mouth Aaron stiffened as he pushed the seed firing out of his hard cock deep inside Tyler. Sharing and trying to suck Tyler’s offering out of Richards mouth Aaron smiled as he felt Kevin slip a finger inside him as he turned Richard around and slid inside his tight hole, becoming the filling of the sandwich.



Coming up for air an hour and a half later, Donny stroked Ru to hardness as he watched Aaron enter yet another one of his lovers and groaned in pleasure as he felt a tongue lapping at his hole trying to remove the mix of his lovers, looking over his shoulder he saw Running Bear on his knees behind him. A lot of kissing and heavy petting had gone on between his lovers and the Clan, but the only one who had entered one of them was Aaron when he had entered him.



Andrew chuckled as he looked at Aaron, “Wait until I tell Edward you finally broke a sweat, of course, when he finds out it was only after you came for the eleventh time after being inside someone else while he came four times before you allowed yourself to cum will only drive him mad.”



Chuckling Aaron held onto Fred now that he had cum, standing still so he could wilt and slip out, leaning over Fred’s shoulder to kiss him, Aaron grinned at the newly initiated clan, “You guys are more than welcome to come back with us for the night, staying in one of the spare bedrooms, or if you spend the night here in your new home, I would like you to stop by for breakfast, your kitchens are empty, we’ll spend the weekend helping you set up and move in.”



Still linked with his four lovers, Donny smiled at Aaron, “I think we’ll stay here tonight, we can have some fun, but we’ll take you up on your offer for breakfast and the help to move us in.”



Nodding, Aaron looked around and contacted his lovers, “All right then, see you bright and early for breakfast, have fun, oh the standard energy drinks and energy bars are fully stocked in the apartment kitchen, if you need something and don’t want to go out.” Giving one last wave, Aaron still inside Fred, ported the two of them back to their Clan compound near the edge of the hot spring, careful to stay inside Fred, he walked the two of them into the warm water and leaned back against the waterfall as Fred purred in contentment.


Editors musings;

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