Chapter 69 






“How is your week going so far, Edward,” Richard smiled as he hugged his cousin after hugging his grandmother.



“Stressful, unbelievably so,” Edward glanced at Richard wondering why he was here early; after all it was only Wednesday.



“Aaron wanted me to stop by so I could bring you to him.  He’s visiting Tau Ceti today and wondered if you would like to come over and see it. He has a few things he wanted to talk to you about.” Richard watched his grandmother out of the corner of his eye, he really did not want to say much more with her in the room, it would not be fair after all.



Looking up from his homework Edward stared at Richard for a moment, “I am supposed to meet with Toshi in an hour and a half.  Actually we are supposed to meet up at Sol Station where we can relax without being bothered. He has questions about a few things and wanted a friendly ear to bounce things off of.”



“Hold on a moment,” Richard smiled at Edward as her looked up. “Pat, can you relay a message to Aaron for me?”



Pat looked up from his tutor session after putting it on hold, “Sure thing, Love. What do you need me to relay?”



Edward and Toshi are planning to meet on Sol Station in about an hour, so unless Aaron wants Toshi to follow along he should probably meet with Edward over here,” Richard told him as he jumped from the mental goose to his butt.



Mentally laughing Pat smirked, “Hold on, I’ll ask…”



Richard blinked as he looked at Edward who was grinning, “What?”



Chuckling Edward shook his head, “Just got pinched, did you?”



Nodding slowly Richard grinned as he heard back from Pat, “Alright Edward, Aaron says to meet him in his office after you and Toshi finish.  He will be there in about three hours.  I have done my good deed for the day now I get to visit with grandmother before having to go home.




Aaron looked at the conference room off of his office,.  It was remarkable that Pete and Xon had gotten each of them to be exact matches of his office on Sol Station, so the only thing they were missing were the cum stains on the couches. He laughed at that, causing Rolph to look at him funny, “I just realized that the only thing missing in this office from my other one was the stains on the couches.”



Blushing, Rolph glanced at the couch and let his imagination fill in the details on the type of stains Aaron was talking about, finally giggling as the image of Aaron and his lovers frolicking on the couches played out in his mind.



“You’re not far off,” Aaron smirked, “you were broadcasting.”  Moving over to the table he decided it would do, “I’m glad you came with me today, it gives us a chance to talk. How do you like living and working with us so far?”



Joining Aaron, who sat down at the table, Rolph sat across from him, “To tell the truth, it is beyond what I could ever think of; and even though I can’t have sex with all of you, the way all of you go out of your way to include me when you do have sex is incredible.  At times I’m afraid of what will happen when I am included; and then I remember it would be the best way to go,” he laughed at his own joke. “Actually, the only fear I have is that all of you will decide I’m not a good fit.  I have tried to be me and not put on any false facades, as I want you to want me for me…hopefully as much as I want all of you,” he mumbled the last quietly.



Picking up on the mumble Aaron smiled, he realized he was not supposed to hear that. Each of his lovers had made it a point over the past day to stop by for some fabulous sex and to talk over who they felt fit in, and three names stood out with each of them: Foma, Rolph and Ton. “I talked with Pavel this morning, well he and Darren. They have been spending a lot of time together and he is withdrawing from the running.  He and Darren want to bond. He says they feel a connection, they are talking about having a son so that Lee’s son will not grow up without a brother his own age.”



Rolph was confused. Looking at Aaron he was trying to figure out what was going on; if what he was saying was true then there were four candidates for three spots. But why was he telling this to him, and why now?



Rolph’s control must be slipping Aaron thought, he’s still broadcasting.  “Why now…Simple really…Tonight, if you wish, you will join with the Clan.  Ton will join with the Clan later on tonight, and tomorrow Foma will join with the Clan.  Igor and Ivan will be given the open spots as our lovers until they truly decide what it is they want.  All I need from you is a yes or no on if you want to…”



Rolph ported next to Aaron and kissed him in the middle of his question. He was so excited, and his dream was coming true. Releasing Aaron’s lips slowly, he looked into the sparkling eyes of his soon to be lover, “YES…” Blushing as he realized what that would entail, he looked out the window, “I’ve never been with anyone in that way before.”



“I’ve seen you follow the same cleaning routine we all go through every morning and night, so part of the first time uncomfortable feeling is out of the way. Most people don’t take that extra first step before their first time, and it makes a big difference. All of us will make sure you are properly stretched; that can be fun in itself,” Aaron grinned at his blush before kissing him, “And only when you are ready will I enter you for the first time. I’ll link my mind with yours so I make sure you feel nothing but pleasure.”



Picking Rolph up and carefully placing him on his lap, making sure his stiff cock slid between Rolph’s legs and wasn’t scrunched painfully, Aaron kissed him, “We have a tradition.  I will make love to you at our secret cove near the hot spring.” Trailing his fingers along the outline of the rigid cock that was pointing towards his chest Aaron smiled at the indrawn breath, “I will suck you off the first time and then after that I will enter you, joining our minds together as I send my seed deep inside your body.  I will continually draw your seed out of your body and feed it to you so I can remove it from your mouth with my tongue as we kiss.” Using his finger to spread the leaking pre-cum around the taut head of Rolph’s penis he grinned as Rolph arched his back in pleasure.



“After you can’t cum any more I will send my seed inside you one more time as I hold you up. Then, as you are half awake, mostly still floating in pleasure, I will move us to the hot springs and we will relax until I go limp and your tight hole clamps down, expelling me, but keeping my precious gift deep inside you.  Soon after that the rest of the Clan will kiss you in welcome,” Aaron started to stroke Rolph, his hand only making it up and down four times before Rolph fired off his offering in the cup Aaron had placed over the top of the pulsing head. Once Rolph had finished Aaron removed the cup and fed the contents back to Rolph before kissing him, fighting over the contents of his sweet offering.



“Gods…that was incredible,” Rolph panted out as he stared into Aaron’s eyes, getting lost in those beautiful eyes.



“And just think, it gets better,” Aaron grinned. “Tonight, after we get back, you will have the choice of who is next, and who you want to place this,” Aaron caressed the still half hard cock, “inside of for the first time?”



Shivering in delight Rolph closed his eyes and smiled at the first faces that popped into his mind, “Pat…I want Pat inside me as you hold my hands above my head and Edward rides me.” His breath hitching as Aaron started to stroke him again, Rolph wondered if he would be able to cum again, or have anything left for tonight.  Getting lost in the fantasy, Rolph groaned as he threw his head back, “Edward is riding me while Pat is filling me. I cum and then am covered by all of you with your seed; all over my face,” panting heavily as the stroking picked up. “You cum last and it fills my mouth…,” grunting Rolph came just as hard as he did a few minutes before, once again shooting his offering into the cup, though this time as he rode the high Aaron licked the cup clean himself not sharing it with Rolph.



Coming back to reality Rolph leaned on Aaron’s chest. Looking down at the end of a very red penis sticking up between his legs, pre-cum pooling in the V of his legs as it seemed to flow, “I want to suck you off now?”



“I think I want to save it for… Why not,” Aaron grinned as Rolph carefully stood and then moved around so he was kneeling in front of Aaron, licking his lips in anticipation.



Rolph flicked his tongue out and tentatively tasted the pre-cum pooling at the tip of Aaron’s hard penis. Rolling the taste around in his mouth he decided he liked it, in fact he liked it a lot; so much so he placed his lips around the end of the hard penis and sealed his lips while dancing his tongue around the head.  He was rewarded for his troubles with a new flow and a slight moan. Swallowing, he tried to remember what he had seen the others do, and slowly moved up and down the shaft making sure to roll his tongue around the top to cause it to give him his treat every time he pulled back off the hardness.



Enjoying himself, he moved his hand up and down over the shaft, causing the skin to flick on and off the top of Aaron’s hard penis. As he licked and swallowed around the hard shaft he was surprised, in a way, that he was not tired or his mouth sore as he worked for his treat.  Finally he heard Aaron whisper he was getting close and he quickened his pace and really applied the suction. Shocked as he felt Aaron’s penis get larger yet he almost choked as the first volley hit the back of his throat before he moved his tongue in the way.  Mouth full he swallowed several times.  Each time he swallowed his mouth would fill just as fast.  Finally after what seemed like hours he felt a slight dribble come out of the end of Aaron, and held the last taste in his mouth as he felt the penis stop pulsing.



Reaching down Aaron pulled Rolph off of him slowly before kissing him, trying his best to get any of the lingering taste of his seed out of the teen’s mouth.  Calming down slightly Aaron grinned as Rolph looked at him in wonder, “Enjoyed that did you?”



Not saying anything Rolph nodded slowly before he realized he had sex for the first…and he liked it…..A LOT! Grinning he snuggled up next to Aaron for several moments just enjoying the closeness.



Smiling as he ran his hand through Rolph’s hair Aaron held him close as Rolph broadcast his happiness and contentment. After several minutes, and his body going to an un-aroused state, Aaron kissed the top of Rolph’s head, “I think we added to the spots in this room. So now that my conference room is christened properly we should think about making it back to Sol Station. After all we still need to pick up Edward for tonight.”



Blushing Rolph slowly stood and looked down at his lower body, a shower would be a good idea he thought, “We can get a shower over there then.”



“I’m going to link with you and slow down the port once more. Feel how I initiate the teleport, “Aaron whispered as he came up behind Rolph and wrapped his arms around him, linked their minds and showed him what he was doing to port them. After pulling power from the gestalt point built into the table he ported them to his office at Sol Station, “Did you get that?”



“I think so,” Rolph closed his eyes and replayed what he saw happen, not being able to do anything he opened his eyes and noticed the limiter still on his wrist, “Oh…”



“Tonight I’ll reprogram the limiter, and then, as you practice and get better we’ll lower the threshold and increase the distance it will allow you to port,” Aaron smiled as he kissed him again. “Once you’re comfortable with porting we can do away with it all together and finish up your training.”



Rolph thought for a moment before giving a single nod of his head ending in a smile, “Is Xon going to be back soon?  I want to ask some more questions on protocol the Kathat follow.  I want to make sure I don’t do anything that would be taken the wrong way.”



Aaron looked at Rolph for a moment as he sat on the couch, patting the space next to him he waited until Rolph sat down before turning with his legs under him so he could face Rolph, “I take it you like diplomacy and meeting new people?”



Thinking about it Rolph frowned, “Not really, but I do find I’m excited to meet the Kathat.  I am hoping they don’t play the political games they do on Earth.  I really would like to see their culture to see how close it comes to the books we have.”



“Which begs the question of why we have books about Kathat in the first place, or even shows or movies.  If we go and find a race we refer to as Kathat then who or what prompted that writer to envision the universe he wrote about,” Aaron mused before sighing.  “Every time I go down to the damn Core I get another headache from the answers the thing gives me; and come away with more questions and problems than I went down there to get taken care of.”



Rolph was silent for a time thinking about what Aaron said, “You’re right.  Not only that, but the images in the books and the way they did the actors look exactly like the Kathat we’ve spied on and Xon was raised by in that other dimension.”



“I think the question should be how often Kathat have visited Earth,” Kevin said as he entered the room.  “Hello Loves,” he surprised Rolph by including him in the kisses.



“I had Corry correlate the data Xon brought back.  I asked how many times Kathat had passed through Earth’s system.  Seems they are very familiar with Earth,” Kevin sat down grinning at Aaron.  “I was able to get rid of the Jeeves program for you; I had Corry integrate the information so the annoying one is gone now.”



“Thank you,” Aaron sighed as he smiled at Kevin.  “I hated to go to the Core for information because of that damn thing.  I remember spending a lot of free time in the Earth based Core every chance I got. Here though I stayed away as much as I could.”



“I think he had that effect on all of us or, as Kenny likes to say, another dead guy with a vanity problem,” Kevin giggled as Aaron snorted the juice through his nose.  After all he waited to deliver that line until Aaron was taking a drink.



“As soon as we get home I’m declaring you bottom until after supper.  That will teach you!” Aaron smirked as Kevin laughed.



“What’s so funny?” Edward asked as he and Toshi walked into Aaron’s office, being careful to close the door behind them so the conversation would not leak out.



Rolph looked confused, “I’m not sure.  Aaron snorted his juice through his nose from something Kevin said, and in retaliation, Aaron is going to declare Kevin a bottom as soon as they get home until supper…whatever that means.”



“Damn…” Edward sighed as he sat down, “I am going to miss all the fun.”



“Not really Edward, that’s why I asked Richard to bring you to me. We have some Clan business to conduct tonight and first thing in the morning, and we need you to spend the night.  I adjusted the defenses so your masking bracelet will work again,” Aaron smiled as Edward sat up eager for the festivities.



“What happens to one declared bottom?” Toshi was confused.  He knew the terms, well roughly he knew what they meant, but the words did not make sense.



“To be declared bottom means the person’s butt is fair game.  We can make love to the person as many times by as many Clan members as wants to.  The bottom cannot get off except by friction of you moving in and out of them,” Edward grinned at Kevin.  “Damn, I really need to…it’s been a long week so far.”



Bouncing off the couch Kevin grabbed Edward and dragged him towards the bathroom, “We’ll be back in a bit.  Edward needs relief.”



Toshi watched the two go into the bathroom with a wanting look on his face.  Sighing he looked back at Rolph curled up next to Aaron, “Edward and I have been talking; I would like to apologize to you and to Ton when I next see him.  I am frustrated, but father was right.  I must earn my place as Ton did.  I came today to ask when I may have my chance to earn my place in your hearts.  At some point there will be an opening and I would ask you consider me, to tell me, so I can earn the place.” Bowing Toshi looked back at Aaron, “Until that day I wish to work with all of you side by side so we may get to know each other better.”



Seeing Toshi was more than sincere Aaron looked at Rolph before looking back, “Tell me Toshi, out of curiosity, is it the Clan you’re wanting to be part of, or a certain person’s life and bed?  Is it all of us you yearn for, or only the touch of a single person?”  Holding up his hand Aaron smiled, “Close your eyes Toshi, close your eyes and think hard about you lying in bed after making love.  What do you see?” Aaron gently brushed up against Toshi’s mind and slipped inside, skimming his thoughts…and to his surprise he found not Edward as he thought lying next to Toshi, but that he was inside Toshi while Brian and Damien took turns feeding him their cocks while several of the clan stood waiting for their turns. Only after he had moved off Toshi did he see Edward come in along with Andrew and Richard.



“So you truly want the Clan,” Aaron muttered causing Toshi’s eyes to spring open.  Staring at Toshi as if weighing his soul Aaron finally spoke, “I will tell you this Toshi, there will be two open spots in our beds, as the non Clan members spots will have only one of them filled, by tomorrow night.  The three other candidates will be Clan…And your cousin is one of those.”



“We have an extremely busy weekend scheduled, so if you truly in your heart wish to try to get to know us you can spend every afternoon with us as we go about our business.  You will only be barred from two planetary systems for now; all others are fair game as we work,” Aaron felt his surge of joy and hoped his next words did not dash it.  “What does your father think about all this?  After all I have no idea about how your line of succession laws work.”



“Father and I had a long discussion about this. He told me I may join your Clan only after a son is conceived, and as there is no sex outside the Clan ever. A short list of those acceptable before I would be allowed to join you must be put together, for me to choose who will be the other one to help father my child. Or since my father does not know what I do about the Clan, I would have to have a son before I would be allowed to be altered.” Toshi thought about it and smiled, “Though he did not say he had to be born; his words were conceived.  One would assume he would have to be able to visit his grandson as he developed before he would give permission.”



“The question is, would your father have to witness the creation of your son to be valid in his mind, which means watching you have sex?” Aaron held his laughter as Toshi blushed then paled.



“I…I…I do not know,” Toshi stammered, “I thought you would just take the cells and create a son like they do in our clinics, in-vitro.”



Smirking, Aaron looked at Rolph who was silently laughing.  The prospectives had gotten a firsthand look last night as Fred and Mark created a son, “Creating a new life should be through an act of love, so we collect the samples needed during sex, and it’s also during sex that the new life is created as the two samples are joined.”



Snorting at the bug eyed expression on Toshi’s face, Aaron faced Rolph for a moment to help control his laughter.  Once he had control he turned back, “I’m sorry Toshi, but I had to turn away.  Your expression was hilarious and I didn’t want to laugh at you.  Maybe you can discuss this gently with your father, and he might agree to watching only parts of it, or from another room.”



Too embarrassed to say anything Toshi just nodded as he looked at Rolph who was oozing happiness.  Luckily Aaron changed the subject, “Are you going to have problems with your school leaving each day at lunchtime?”



“I have private tutors so that should not be a problem.” Toshi smiled, “At least I don’t think so.”



“I’ll set up some time for you to be tested academically, so we know where you stand, just like we did for Edward.”  Aaron smiled at Toshi who turned to see Edward and Kevin walk back in.  Edward looked more relaxed, “Edward do you have to let anyone know you are not going to be home tonight?”



Grinning as he sat down next to Toshi, “I called grandmother from your conference room.  I told her there was some Clan business that would keep me here for the night, and I would see her at breakfast. She laughed and told me to have fun.” He mock pouted before glancing sideways at Toshi, “Kevin filled me in on the highlights.  Since I already did my duty to the bottom boy, when we get to the compound, I will catch up by watching the recordings.”



Standing, Toshi bowed. He should leave before they had to watch their words more than they were, “I will see you right after lunch on Monday then.”



“Actually Toshi, expect someone to stop by first thing in the morning.  You can get your placement tests out of the way tomorrow, one of the Shaolin will bring you over to the school we set up in London so you can take those tests.  If you need to bring your tutors with you so they can see your testing we can accommodate them.”



Glancing up at the clock Aaron stood and moved to the window looking down at Earth, “Edward, before I forget, drop a word in your grandmother’s ear that someone in the Canadian government is telling people who can and cannot apply to immigrate to the colony worlds.  We came across a young veterinarian that had wanted to immigrate but was told by his government that he was not experienced enough, and then slotted into a position with their animal services.  I’ll let your grandmother and you take care of it since they look to you.”



Looking back at the shipyard where two of the RS series ships were being built at a fantastic rate, Aaron looked over his shoulder at the knock on his door and wondered who would knock.  Nodding at Kevin when he gestured towards the door he grinned at the sheepish expression on the face of Morimoto who walked in.



“Greetings Aaron,” Morimoto bowed slightly as he looked around, “Is this a bad time?”



Turning around so he could face the Japanese leader Aaron smiled, “Not really, you just missed Toshi by the way.” Gesturing to one of the chairs or the couch, “Please sit, I have some time before my day ends.”



Choosing one of the chairs near the desk Morimoto waited until Aaron sat down, “I waited for Toshi to leave before coming to visit; I have a question or two to ask.” Looking nervously at Aaron he smiled, “I have been having discussions with your Master Tzu…a wonderful healer that has helped me understand your miraculous healing technology, and your ability to have sons.”



Collecting his thoughts Morimoto took the glass of juice Aaron poured with thanks.  Taking a sip he wondered briefly where it came from as there is no refrigerator around and it was not here moments before, “In his haste to join with you I fear Toshi would forget some very clear rules of our linage.  Our line of succession requires our children to be conceived by marriage to a commoner.  That fact alone would be cause for him to be denied what he has finally become a man and fights for.”



 “Toshi mentioned that he would have to have a son conceived before he would be allowed to join our Clan, but I think he was too embarrassed when he found out that we don’t just take the samples and create new life, but collect them during an act of love, as a son must be created during an act of love.” Aaron sat back sipping his juice.  This blend was slightly off his mind told him, it was lacking something, “I suppose my questions should be what do you consider a commoner?  That leaves Edward and his family out.”



“I do not know enough about your Clan structure to tell you.  You, for instance, would not be allowed, at least for the first son, the one that will be the creation of the Yamamoto clan to rule my country.  I have decided I too shall follow what Victoria has done.  On my grandson’s twenty first birthday he will be Emperor. I hope to live to see it; if not my son will hold regency for his son until his twenty first birthday.”  Morimoto sighed, “My son finally grows up and now I am in the position to deny what he has achieved if I cannot find a way around it.”  Remembering the question he thought about it, “Can you tell me about how you use your names; I feel I am missing something?”



“You already know that all members of the Clan are lovers.  I suppose what you are really wanting to know is why some use my last name while others don’t?”  Aaron saw him nod, “To be considered an adult in my Clan,” snorting in amusement at Kenny’s shocked face the other day, “my lovers are called by two names; Young Dragon and Dragon Lord.  By taking the Clan name it means they have passed their ordeal.  After a member of the Clan passes their ordeal they have the right to take the Clan name as their own, Stranton, and are called Dragon Lord.”



“I see,” Morimoto thought about it. “And how many of the Clan have yet to pass their ordeal?”



“That fit your definition?” Aaron saw the slow nod, “Four…But that can change quickly as the Ordeal is not something one can schedule.  It happens unexpectedly.”



“And one does not rush love,” Morimoto grinned.  “I have much to think about again.  It may be possible that Toshi might have a son with any member of your clan then; excepting those like Edward’s family members.  Which brings me to the second reason for my visit today.  I was hoping I could convince you to send your Asclepius to visit us, at least until you found property to build one of your hospitals at. Actually Chairman Woo and I have been talking and we might have a solution for you, one of the small islands between our two countries.  It has long been in contention between our two governments, but we are thinking it might be perfect if we hand it over to you to build your hospital on.  That way both countries will benefit from one of your hospitals being closer.”



Tapping a quick email into the terminal Aaron told Chris to send the Asclepius to Nagasaki, “Before the weekend is over expect the Asclepius to dock in Nagasaki.  We’ll start there and talk about the island next week.  Just have Toshi bring the details when he comes over for placement testing tomorrow.” Seeing the surprise Aaron laughed, “One of the last things I told Toshi before he left was that someone would be over first thing in the morning to take him to the London Alteran Academy for placement testing, to see if he was advanced enough in his studies for him to do what he wants.  He wants to spend the afternoons with us, getting to know us while we get to know him.  He told me this morning he wanted to do this so when a spot would open up he would have a chance.”



“After I agreed I then told him that Ton, and a few of the others, were being accepted directly into the Clan,” Aaron grinned.  “I gave him information overload. It will sink in later and then he will realize what was said; he’s going to panic as he realizes his knowledge and skills are going to be tested tomorrow,” chuckling Aaron saw the smile on Morimoto’s face.



“I shall leave you now.  I have much to think on and much research of the family rules to do.” Morimoto bowed, “Until later, Aaron.”



Glancing at the clock Aaron smiled, “Close enough, let’s go home.” Logging out of the system he noticed the meeting with Theo and the other department heads for tomorrow morning.



Gathering Edward into his arms while Kevin hugged Rolph, Aaron ported to his office on Centauri Station and then down to the compound’s med bay.  Edward followed Aaron out of the med bay and noticed something strange right away, the landscape in the center of the compound had changed. The flowering vines were no longer over the hot spring, “What happened to the calming flowers, the ones over the hot spring?”



“The Newfie’s did not like them; they kept sending pictures of predators when they looked at them,” Aaron sighed in confusion. “Everyone always thought this planet never developed animal life, now I’m not so sure.”  Stopping and looking at his nude hot spring Aaron tried to think of something to plant over it, “I did a gene mapping of the vine, and it does not fit in with the rest of the planets plant life.  I know the archives said they found it here, and after several hundred years they never got it to seed.  It might have been a very good thing we brought the dogs and altered them before the children were born, or the youngsters peed on it.”



Shuddering at the test he performed on the vine from a distance after running a model on the gene map, “A very good thing!  The vine would have skewered any animal that happened to trigger it, and sucked them dry quickly.  The small vine was relocated to a sealed greenhouse and the rest of the planet is being scanned for the vine.  When we find it it’s being destroyed.  I’m not taking a chance it can get a hold of any of the youngsters and eating them.”



Edward stopped and glared at the spot the vines used to occupy, “Damn, how many times did we cum so close to that thing.”



“I know,” Aaron shook his head.   “I need to experiment with the one in the sealed greenhouse, and then when I find out what triggers the seeds.  I need to scan them to make sure there are no more on the planet.”



Grinning as he saw Kevin joking around with Pete, Aaron yelled out, causing Kevin to yelp out in shock and run towards his bedroom, Pete right on his heels, “FOR DEEDS TOO EVIL TO CONTEMPLATE, I DECLARE KEVIN A BOTTOM UNTIL SUPPER TIME!!”



Edward stood wide eyed in shock as the Clan rushed from all over chasing after Kevin, “I…I thought that was a joke.”



Aaron hugged Edward close as Rolph fell over laughing while Ton looked confused; Foma smiled as he watched the chase before walking over to Kevin’s bedroom door and glancing in.  Pulling back in shock, he looked in again before he looked at Aaron, wide eyed at the orgy going on in the bedroom.



“Come on Edward, time to meet the new sons of the Clan.” Aaron steered him towards the youngsters’ wing.



Edward was shocked.  Andrew had told him the other day about them taking the youngsters in as sons, but this was the first time he was going to meet them and he could not understand why he was nervous.



Pointing to the group of youngsters working at their tutor Aaron whispered, “They have a real problem with calling someone father, so we looked up the Latin term, or Foma and Rolph helped them do it.  They call me Sator, and the others either Altor or Patris.  They overheard Richard and Andrew calling me a Satyr one too many times, I think.”   He ended it with a groan when Edward couldn’t hold it back any longer and his giggles turned into laughter.



“SATOR….SATOR,” called out seven excited voices as they put their tutor on hold and ran over, “You’re Home!”



Edward watched in amusement as Aaron was practically tackled by the youngsters wanting to be hugged and kissed, all of them chattering about something.  It was hard to understand with so many voices at once; the shocking thing is that not once did Aaron yell at them to quiet down, he seemed to be able to keep up with all of them.  Choked up at the memory of his childhood, it was nothing like this,  he felt once again what he had missed.  Feeling a tug on his slacks he looked down into the shy face, “Well hello there.”



“Are you Patris Edward?” Joshua asked shyly as he suddenly was picked up into a hug.



“Yes I am. I finally was able to get home,” Edward got out before he was swamped with hugs and chattering excited youngsters all wanting a hug with their Patris.



Joshua looked into Edwards face and kissed his cheek, “I’m Joshua, I’m seven.”



Feeling the slight push from Joshua, Edward let him down and let himself be led to the where the others were standing.  “This is Ryan, he’s eight,” pointing at the next youngster in line Joshua proudly started to introduce him to everyone.  He just hoped he could keep all the names straight.



“This is Jack, he’s seven; then Jay, he’s seven too,” pulling one of the boys out of the line Joshua smiled, “this is my bestest friend Todd, he’s eight.”  Pointing to the next three one after another he told Edward, “Ray, Calvin and Glen, all seven too.”  Pulling the dirty blond forward Joshua pushed him towards Edward, “Shane is eight and very shy.”



Lost, not knowing what to do, Edward hugged Shane to him and kissed his forehead, “Hello Shane,” spotting the bracelet he had on his wrist Edward tilted his head so he could look at it. “Breathtaking,” he whispered as he saw the dragon protecting the boy on the face of the bracelet.



Shane held up his wrist proudly and whispered in reverence, “It shows everyone I am a son of the Clan, that I have a real family that loves me.”



Wiping away the tear that threatened to fall Edward hugged him as he allowed himself to be led to the couch, “Yes it does, and yes you are, for now and forever.”



Smiling Aaron brushed his mind against Edward’s lightly, “I’m going to go start supper.  Get to know our sons, Love.  Someone will call you when it is time to eat.”



Walking into the kitchen Aaron smiled as he thought of what to fix, something simple tonight he thought.  Deciding on a pasta dish with a Ragu he set about pulling ingredients out of the coolers.  “Hello Igor, Ivan, why so nervous?” Aaron asked as he looked up from his chopping.  Waving the two to the chairs he continued working as they sat down.



“Um…Well…This is harder than we imagined it would be,” Igor whispered as he gripped Ivan’s hand a little tighter.



Putting his knife down Aaron looked at the two, “I imagine this is nothing like you thought.  Let’s not forget the fact that the two of you love each other deeply,” sensing their shock Aaron smiled, “I think the two of you need time to decide if we are truly what you want, or if it is only each other.”  Shaking his head Aaron looked at them, “the two of you have just now faced the fact you truly love each other, and now you’re scared.”



Moving around the counter Aaron hugged them both, “The Clan came to a decision after Pavel told us he wanted Darren, actually I expect them to talk to me soon, telling me they want me to bond them like I did Shoji and Riku.  We talked and Rolph, Foma and Ton will be joining the Clan tonight and tomorrow.  We had planned then to give the open spots to you.” Picking up on their mixed emotions he hugged them tighter “We picked up in the past couple of days that you just now realized your love for each other so we wanted to give you the time you needed.”



“You’re not upset or mad?” Ivan looked up at Aaron in shock.



“Why would I be,” Aaron hugged them one more time before moving back to his sauce, “This is all about love.  We knew long before either of you would admit it to yourselves that you loved each other deeply, that is why we treated both of you as one person.  Now the ban on sex, true sex is over, take some time to explore each other and as you make love to Igor for the first time think about if we will fit in your hearts.  If not we will set you up wherever you want, house and all.  If you think we can fit then it is time to share your bodies and love with us as we share ours with you.”  Stirring the pot Aaron glanced over his shoulder, “If it doesn’t work out, there will be no hard feelings; just a parting of close friends…Dinner is in half an hour, afterwards the two of you need to sneak off to one of your rooms and explore…” Aaron smiled as arms wrapped around him pulling him into a tight hug.



Pulling the garlic bread out of the freezer Aaron noticed he would have to spend a day making bread soon, this was the last of the garlic bread.  Filling the pans he popped the bread in the oven as his next distraction walked in, “Hello Love.”



Kissing Aaron, Xon looked into the boiling pot before going to the cooler and pulling out salad fixings to go with the pasta dish.  “I have gone over all the data we have copied and I have several conclusions I would like to share with you.”



Watching Aaron as he fixed several wire baskets with small thin pasta, Xon continued after Aaron asked him to share his findings.  “The first change happened at the time the war of separation occurred, it did not end in separation like it did in the dimension you found me in.  Instead, after a brief skirmish, both sides sat down and worked out their differences.  Because of this the Ophikoch split never happened, nor did the destruction of all life on Katha by nuclear war. “



Finished shredding the lettuce, Xon started to pull out the toppings, “Kathat in this dimension use the worship of logic and science to drive their society.  So much so that they have purged all emotions from their race.”  Putting the tray down Xon looked at Aaron, “the most troubling aspect is, in this dimension’s Kathat history, during their explorations, and during their conflict with the Tijin race, they destroyed the race utterly.  They are a true blending of the Ophikoch warrior and Kathat emotionless scientist from the dimension I was rescued from.”



Placing the baskets full of pasta in the boiling water, Aaron glanced at Xon, to see how he was handling this new information.  “Did you find out how they discovered us? Or whether they have any of the crude mental gifts like the books portray?”



Xon thought about it, and realized something, “Only half the population has the crude mental gifts I am familiar with, though most do form a mental bond with their mates; more so to call their mate during the breeding season.”  Considering it further, Xon decided his conclusions sounded right, “I think that the reason the Kathat I am used to are so peaceful is because of the split with the Ophikoch.  All those left after the split had a much more refined form of crude telepathy, easily allowing the transfer of knowledge.  This dimension’s Kathat do not have much of the mental gifts that the other dimension does.  For the most part they are weak and need the added boost of mating to increase their levels.  The other major difference between the two is, in the dimension I was trapped in they did not have to deal with the warrior aspect of their race as the Ophikoch actually left Katha’ and founded a new home world.  Here though they did not split, and have managed, somehow, to merge both aspects of the old society.  Here the race went in a different direction.”



Shaking the pasta baskets so the pasta didn’t stick Aaron considered Xon’s astonishing news, “You’re probably right.   Without the means to mentally attack each other, or to reinforce the will of the guild by mental force, the race took a different direction.”



“Tidov, the Kathat scientist who is the one who discovered our fusion generator signatures, is aboard the Timur leading the research vessel.  He found us by testing a new invention to detect impending solar flares.  From his research notes he assumed he had gone down the wrong path, and the more he refined the detector the more systems he picked up with our generators functioning in them.  It wasn’t until he watched the challenge response of our vessels arriving in Centauri he realized he was seeing something different, that his invention was not malfunctioning.  He would not have gotten as far as he did if they had not had an old science station outside Sol System.”



Aaron stopped shaking the pasta as he looked at Xon, “How old is their real time data they are receiving from this station, and is it manned?”



“At the time of discovery they were working with data that was two weeks old.  Now that the Timur is within the borders of our empire they are working with data that is four days old.”  Xon walked over to the steam table and set one section for chilling as he started to place the salad and toppings in their proper places.



“The moment we make first contact I want that station recycled.  Good, bad or indifferent, the station is gone.  Do they have any records of any others within our borders?” Aaron dumped the pasta and added the sauce before placing the pan in the warmer so he could do another.



“Grab the bread, will you?” Aaron pointed at the oven as he smelled garlic bread, it was ready.



“According to the data base I downloaded there is one last older station.  I believe it is non functional.  I have sent one of the new RS series ships to its location to recycle it,” Xon slid the hot pan on the counter and dumped the bread in one of the deeper pans.



Supper ready Aaron moved the warmer to the serving window and touched the chime since hardly any of the Clan were waiting for food.  Smirking he looked towards Kevin’s bedroom.  They must still be having fun, “Tomorrow if you would start researching with Pete the means to secure our borders.  I really don’t want to find out about an intrusion by the ship showing up and saying hello, or attacking us…If Kathat are real, then maybe some of the other races like Klexal are too.”





Handing a small box to Kevin with a kiss, Aaron’s eyes searched out Rolph who was talking to Pat and Kenny.  Moving over he placed hand on Rolph’s shoulder to get his attention and, when he turned to look up at him, he kissed him as soon as his lips were close enough, kissing him in a way to ignite the fires of passion.  Feeling his body respond Aaron gently drew him to his feet, and once Rolph was climbing all over him in passion, he ported both of them to the hidden cove.



Kevin peeked inside the wood box and saw two medallions there and smirked as he hit Ton’s hand as he slowly stroked himself, “Stop that…you’ll save that for later.  Trust me, you’ll need to save it.”



Ton looked confused but released his hold and sighed.  He was going to be uncomfortable.  As much as he wanted to finish, he had been warned so he would hold off…for now.  Glancing around he noticed the knowing looks on some of the Clan’s faces and wondered what was going on.





Grinning at the shrieks of pleasure bouncing off the cavern walls, Aaron unloaded for the second time deep inside Rolph as he felt Rolph dribble out his fifth load in a row.  Kissing the exhausted teen Aaron slowly walked them to the hot spring and down the carved steps into the water.   Rolph was all but unconscious as he stood in the knee deep warm water.  Aaron was still horny, “Kevin, all of you can come down now, Rolph has about had it.  After he wakes up I’m going after Ton and will join you here after I shag him senseless.”



Slowly the Clan started to arrive and walk into the warm water and settle down on the carved seats as Aaron held Rolph above the water, making sure that he did not slip under until he woke up.  Gently washing him after pulling almost all the way out until Rolph’s own body pushed him out.



After Rolph started to stir Kevin opened the box and took out one of the medallions and held it up for Rolph to see before he passed it over to Aaron.  Sensing that Rolph was awake, but not able to move much, Aaron kissed the side if his neck.  “Rolph, this is the symbol of our Clan.  Once I secure this is around your neck you are ours, and we are yours…forever.”  Kinetically opening the clasp Aaron held it in front of Rolph, so he could easily see it;  he felt the burst of joy from Rolph as he secured the clasp once more.  Kissing Rolph’s lips gently with passion, “Welcome Love!”  Turning him in his lap he smiled as Rolph’s joy increased as each Clan member kissed their lover in welcome.



Once Doug was finished, causing Rolph to groan once more, Aaron picked him up and slid him into Kevin’s lap.  “I’ll be back with Ton shortly.  Just ignore the moans coming from the front of the cavern when we return.”  Porting out he heard the disbelief from Rolph wondering how he could still be horny.



Arriving in the recreation area Aaron spotted Ton sitting alone looking around as if he was searching for someone.  Smiling, he was about halfway over when Ton spotted him, and Ton’s eyes zeroed in on his very erect pointer leading the way.  “Hello Ton,” Aaron stopped in front of Ton laughing inside as Ton’s eyes were glued to his hard cock.  Gently cupping Ton’s chin Aaron nudged it up, “Rolph just joined the Clan.  Igor and Ivan are being given the non Clan member spots to see if they will fit in.”



Sensing his confusion, Aaron continued before he could start to think he was being rejected, “and you, Ton, you will be asked tonight, right this minute, if you wish to truly join the Clan; to become our lover as we become…” Aaron trailed off as Ton’s head devoured the end of his hard cock.  Feeling the burst of lust and completion from the teen, Aaron gently slipped out of Ton’s mouth and pulled him to his feet, “Was that a yes, love?”



Nodding his head, Ton had not wanted anything more ever since he found out about the Clan and met and worked with them.  He wanted nothing more than to be one of them.  Seeing Aaron was still staring at him he found his voice, “With all my being, I want you, as you chose me!”



Running it over in his head Aaron decided it would do and smiled, “We have a tradition; I shall do my best to drain you dry tonight in our hidden cove near the hot springs.  I shall start by drinking of your offering before sliding inside you.  Once I am inside I shall,” Aaron ran his hands over Ton’s body as he lightly linked and felt the brittle control the teen was losing and shored it up as he deepened the link, “I shall cum deep inside you, forcing my seed deep inside your very being,” Aaron traced his finger along Ton’s hard cock.



Lips sucking on lips Aaron ported them to the front section of the cove, Ton’s back to the hot spring, as he traced his tongue down Ton’s neck before sucking on his nipples on his way down to the prize that was leaking and pulsing with need to fire; his mental control the only thing keeping Ton from cumming, his moans of passion bouncing off the walls and drowning out the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks outside the cove entrance.  Finally, on his knees, Aaron opened the bottle of lube he had left on the small flat rock and applied a generous amount to his fingers as he used his other hand to gently pry the clenching cheeks open.  Using one of his lubed finger he traced a circle on the tight pulsing hole before slowing slipping inside as he licked the end of Ton’s hard cock.



Tom screamed out at the top of his lungs, “OH GODS, YES!!!” as Aaron inserted a finger into his rear, past his tight entrance as Aaron’s lips sealed around the end of his hard cock and he fired off his load as some of the control Aaron had lent him relaxed.



Really applying suction and licking the end of Ton’s hard cock as it fired off, Aaron swallowed as his finger was alternatively sucked inside Ton and crushed as his muscles spasmed.  Nothing more being offered Aaron smiled as he made his way up Ton’s body as he swayed.  Kissing him and sharing the last drops with Ton, Aaron had lubed himself up while on his knees, and slid around Ton’s body.  Pushing his cock down so it lined up, he moved forward slowly until he felt a small pop and waited for Ton to get used to the feeling of something much larger inside him.  Feeling the hold Ton’s muscles had on the end of his shaft relax Aaron slid all the way in.



Ton, feeling something open him up and slowly slide in before stopping, relaxed around the wonderful feeling.  As the hardness his mind vaguely told him was Aaron slid past that certain spot he screamed out in passion again, eyes rolling up in the back of his head as he fired off another load; uncaring that it was not caught as the shaft started to slide in and out of him, touching, caressing that spot on each inward and outward thrust.



Now that Ton had stopped spasming from his climax Aaron started to pick up the pace.  Kissing the side of Ton’s neck as the teen moaned loudly, minds linked, Aaron finally let loose filling Ton’s tight butt, and driving his seed deeper inside him with every thrust.  Finished with his own climax, Aaron steadily thrust in and out of his lover before coming down from the pleasure high.  Reaching around he pushed the skin of Ton’s cock over the end of his hard cock before grasping the skin tightly as he applied pressure around the head, swirling the skin over the very sensitive head, causing Ton to scream out in pleasure, more guttural sounds now than words.



Rolph snuggled next to Edward and whispered in his ear, “Good lord, how can he still have something to cum with?” as he saw Ton stiffen for the third time as he screamed out his climax.



Andrew let his hands wander to Rolph’s crotch and the stiff bonus prize he found there, “We are Alteran.  One of the things we can do is recover very quickly.  You’ve had about an hour to recover, if I bring you off now you’ll cum as much as you did the first time.”



Rolph let his hand touch Edward’s stiff member, and as he thrust in and out of Andrew’s hand, slowly raised himself up.  He wanted Edward inside him, and he wanted Edward’s seed to mix with Aaron’s. Finally high enough, Rolph moved over and settled down on Edwards’s hardness and eased him slowly inside him.  Once he was fully seated, and felt the bush of hair on his ass, he started to ride up and down, thrusting into Andrew’s hand at the same time.



Reaching around Ton, Aaron was slightly surprised to find Ton was soft.  Nuzzling his neck he realized he was pretty much out of it.  Slowly walking towards the hot spring, Aaron thrust in and out of Ton with each step.  Warm water halfway to his knees Aaron start to feel the urge build, and holding Ton upright thrust in and out of him in earnest until he unloaded one more time, pushing the other two loads deeper inside Ton as he added one more to the mix.



Half an hour later Aaron now limp slipped out of Ton as he began to stir, “Hello, Love,” he chuckled as Ton started to look around and take in the Clan smiling back at him.



Picking up the last medallion, Kevin moved over so he was in front of Ton who was now aware enough to know what was going on.  Handing the medallion to Aaron he grinned as Ton’s eyes followed the glinting gold disk.



Kinetically releasing the clasp Aaron smiled as he held the medallion in front of Ton, “The Symbol of my Family, my Clan…once this is around your neck you belong to us, just as we belong to you,” snapping the clasp closed Aaron sealed it kinetically and kissed the silently crying teen, “Welcome, Love!”  Twisting Ton around so he was facing the front and the Clan, Aaron held on as the rest of the Clan moved over and kissed Ton in welcome.



Holding onto the crying teen Aaron kissed the back of his neck, “Ton, you’re home now.”   Whispering in Ton’s ear, “A place you belong and are wanted for being you.”  Waiting until Ton seemed to settle down Aaron noticed he had fallen asleep.  Shifting the sleeping teen into Mark’s arms, he kissed him one last time before Mark ported them back to his room.



Smirking as he gazed at Rolph, “Are you ready for round two?” Aaron chuckled as Rolph’s eyes got huge and Edward groaned out that he was cumming.  Chuckling Aaron grabbed both of them and ported them to his bedroom, where Pat was already waiting with lube in hand.



Leaving Edward and Pat in bed with Rolph, Aaron left his bedroom in search of the last person he needed to talk to.  Silently walking into the youngsters’ wing, Aaron peeked inside Foma’s bedroom and found it empty.  Double checking the bathroom he sent his mind searching and found he was sitting outside in the garden for some odd reason.  Returning to the dining area, Aaron walked into the garden and found Foma sitting near the hot spring looking up at the night sky, “You’re up late, Love.”



Hearing Aaron refer to him as love brought hope to Foma’s heart.  He had been feeling left out, but as he sat outside staring into the sky, he realized that there was still hope as two spots were still open.  Now, with Aaron seeking him out, he felt content.  “At first I was feeling sorry for myself.  You had taken Rolph away after kissing him, and you kissed him so hard even the youngsters felt the love.”  Grinning as Aaron joined him, “Then you came back for Ton, and I realized I was alone in the compound with the youngsters at first I felt lost, then sad.  When you did not come back for me I told myself it was because it was late and you needed someone to watch the youngsters.  Then, as I sat here staring out into the night, I realized there was hope still as there were still two spots open and I had more than a chance now.”  Feeling Aaron pull him tight he snuggled close, “Once my mind grasped that I was a single person for two open spots I realized I was being silly and was content.  You being here looking for me tells me that.”




“I never meant you to feel left out, Foma,” Aaron kissed him gently after turning his head, “but you’re right, there is a limit on how many people I am willing to tire out before bedtime.”  Chuckling, Aaron pulled him tight while his hands roamed Foma’s skinny body.  “Tomorrow morning I am going to break tradition slightly with you.  It has almost always been at night when I first make love to one of my lovers in our special place; but tomorrow, first thing after hug patrol, I will be taking you to our hidden cove.  There I will suck this beautiful hardness,” Aaron caressed Foma’s stiff penis. “Once you fill my mouth with your sweet offering I will enter you and do my best to drain every last drop from you as I burry my seed deep inside you.  Once you wake you will find yourself floating in my arms in our hot spring, and the Clan will be waiting to welcome you as one of our own.



Finger slowly circling Foma’s taut cock head, slick from the leaking pre-cum, Aaron kissed him as he started to stroke Foma to completion, surprising both of them slightly as the first shot hit the bottom of their chins, hard.  Using a touch of kinetics Aaron reached over and picked up Foma, and carried him into the house.  Instead of heading into his bedroom he turned to the right and entered the youngsters’ wing.  Entering Foma’s bedroom Aaron set Foma down on top of the bed after snagging the covers and crawled in behind him.  Pulling the covers over them he kissed Foma, “Good night, Lover.  In the morning you are mine, then ours.” Smiling as Foma snuggled into his side radiating contentment, Aaron fell asleep.