Chapter 74






So far so good, Aaron thought as he sat in the steam.  This week had been quieter than expected after the rough start on Tuesday.  Chuckling softly he thought part of that was because he had not been back to Sol station all week.  Instead, each day, he used one of his other offices and it soon became a game of hide and seek for those visiting for whatever reason to find him.



Hearing the door open Aaron wondered who would be first this morning, he was slightly on the horny side even for him.  Grinning, he slowly stroked himself, as the steam parted and Ichiro stopped, his eyes were riveted to him slowly stroking up and down, “Good morning, Ichiro.  I take it you want to be first this morning!”



Nodding, without taking his eyes off the prize in front of him, Ichiro whispered out, “Yes Prime.”



Rolph looked over at Brian, “Dear Gods, he’s still at it.  I would have thought he would have been rubbed raw by now.’



Grinning, Brian reached over and fondled Rolph bringing back to full hardness, “Forget everything you ever learned about sex.  You’re Alteran now and you recharge faster, and have a higher sex drive…though I think Aaron woke up horny for some reason this morning.”



Rolph watched Aaron slowly slip out of Fred and kiss Kevin, while his hand went around behind Kevin’s back, “Yes, but this is not normal is it?  I mean if he came in each of us twice like he did me, well he’s about to start for the ninth time…” he trailed off as he watched Aaron move around and slip inside Kevin, “Edward was right…he is the definition of a Satyr.”



Half an hour later, Aaron grinned as he moved over to Rolph.  He had been listening to him the whole time.  Making a quick lunge he captured the sweet offering before it had a chance to spill to the floor, swallowing Rolph’s seed and hardness at the same time caused Rolph to yell out in passion.  Grinning, he waited from him to come down from the high, tongue licking around the tip of Rolph’s still hard cock in his mouth.  Letting him slip from between his lips when he noticed Rolph focusing, Aaron stood and kissed him, “Satyr…really now, give you self some time to practice and get rid of those old ideas of how many times is too much.”



Rolph smiled as he felt hands start to soap up his back while Aaron was soaping up his front, “I don’t think I understand.”



“You’re used to thinking twice in a row is incredible, three times he’s a beast, four times you bow down to their prowess,” Kevin giggled as he finished washing Rolph’s back.  “I know you came at least five times this morning, I came six times myself.”



“And you’re not sore, or doubled over in pain, as I fondle your testicles.  In fact you’re leaking and ready to go again,” Aaron smiled as he felt Brian wash his back.  Kissing Rolph’s shocked face Aaron chuckled, “You really aren’t human anymore; our bodies recover faster than humans.  If I bring you off right now, your sixth time this morning, you will cum as much and as hard as the first time without the ache or pain a human would feel.”



“Oh Gods YES…” Rolph moaned out as his body stiffened and he climaxed again.



Kevin, holding the teen up, grinned as Aaron started the rinse cycle.  He felt Rolph start to stand on his own about the time the drying cycle started, and laughed as Rolph was shocked by the blast of air.





Aaron waved at the last youngster who ran to the carrier after being hugged by him, so they could go to Middle Earth to get their chores done so they could get their tutor done before this afternoon when Xon and some of the Clan were going to meet with the Kathat.  Aaron glanced at Kevin and Pete, “I have the visit to Nagasaki this morning to look at that island to build a hospital on.  What are the two of you going to do until it is time to leave?”



“Pete convinced me to help him with one of his projects.  We’ll be spending the time in the core researching fold space transmitters.  Pete wants to build a fold space engine, or something like that.” Kevin smirked, pushing Pete’s buttons in jest.



Mock glaring at Kevin, “Yes…l don’t plan to build an engine as you well know, but a gate,” Pete giggled when  Kevin jumped to the side expecting to get hit in the arm and twisting around so he could stick his tongue out at him.



“I’m almost afraid to ask why a fold space gate,” Aaron chuckled when Kevin danced behind him to use him as a shield.  “With your love of all things Star Force replacing Confederation I thought you would be building jump gates like the ones in the television shows.”



“Been there, done that, way too slow,” Pete sighed as they appeared back in the Clan compound so they could get breakfast done.  “The problem is,” he started to explain as he started to break the eggs into the mixing bowl, “while it is faster than trans-warp drive, it is still not as fast as I want it to be.  A destination one week away in trans-warp still takes two days to traverse in hyperspace.  If I can link the idea of the jump gate into a fold space gate then it will only take as long to move from start to finish as it does to move through the gate.  We already do something like that with the spy eyes; we’re getting a live feed from Katha’ after all, or Earth.”



Bringing the first bowl full of beaten eggs over to Kevin to dump the bread in for French toast Pete glanced at Aaron, and saw he was lost in thought as he flipped the hash browns.  “There are a lot of places we could go if we had a prime porting us around; otherwise it is too draining on the crews, plus without seeing it first, could you port us to the Andromeda galaxy in one port?”



“We’ve barely touched exploring this galaxy and you want to go off exploring another one, and not one of the closer ones,” Aaron started to chop up some of the sausage so he could make gravy to go with the biscuits he put in the oven.  “Why are you so interested in…” he trailed off as he turned to stare at Pete and thought back to some of the other projects he found his lovers working on.  This reset was affecting them more than he thought, “I see.  First, Richard comes up with new technology that he had to have been working on longer than the Kesol were even thought about; Tim and Xon building and manning bigger and better warships; David and Derrick planning and fine tuning faster more efficient colonization projects; and now you, wanting to gain a foot hold in another galaxy.”



Glancing at Kevin to see if he made the connections he was making as he placed the potatoes in the warmer, “All of you, consciously or subconsciously, are dealing with the latest reset.”  Aaron sighed, “Or even my back up plans of shifting dimensions if something would happen like that virus, or we were attacked and losing.”



Shocked Pete dropped a whole egg still in the shell into the bowl full of half beaten eggs and had to fish it out, “I…You really came up with a way to shift dimensions?”



“If it came to it, yes…” Aaron went over to the counter Pete was working at, “if we had to I would use the same technology the version 1.0 group did, to replace Middle Earth with the Earth of another dimension, to move all of our colonized worlds to one of the dimensions where life never got a foot hold in.”



“They left the technology they used for that?” Pete went wide eyed, “I would have thought…No, they would have brought the technology back in time for the reset to move the planet, otherwise it would not have made the move.”  His mind started racing with possibilities.



“The ultimate life boat, the entire planet,” Kevin nodded in satisfaction, “Though Pete’s idea of fold space gates is still a good one to pursue and build.  Once we make contact with other races, well I expect Earth to eventually have their own fleet and to explore the galaxy;  technology will eventually fall into their hands, even if they are deep inside our empire.”



“True,” Aaron placed the last of the sausage in the gravy and added a touch more salt after tasting it. “Actually, with what we have released so far, they could put a pretty good space craft together.  I suppose it won’t be long before they hit on a better drive, and with the resurgence of interest and funding for what was considered science fiction, someone is bound to hit on an interstellar drive at some point.”



“Good morning,” Edward grinned as he entered the kitchen and started to remove the pitchers of juice from the refrigerator, “Do you know how bloody hard it is going to be to concentrate in school this morning knowing that Xon is going to be meeting with the Kathat Ambassador?”  Checking the label of the one container to see what the blend was he looked at Aaron, “Is this for real? I mean it doesn’t sound like it would go together at all.”



Grinning, Aaron brought a glass over and poured a small amount out and handed it to Edward, “It’s not what you think; there is no dairy in it even though it says milk, coconut milk that is.”



Taking a sip Edward frowned.  It was good, very good, refreshing actually.  Watching Aaron place it back in the refrigerator, “It’s good, different but I’m not sure if I would drink a lot of it.”



Laughing Aaron smirked, “Well it’s a good thing you eat it instead of drinking it.  It’s for a dessert type gelato.”



Grinning in surprise Edward smacked his lips, “Now that is something I can see myself eating a lot of.” Chuckling, Edward double checked the labels of the front of the pitchers and placed one back in the refrigerator after spotting a notation saying dessert on the bottom.  Taking the first of the pitchers out to the dining area he heard the excited voices of their sons coming back from morning chores.



After breakfast was over Aaron told the youngsters he would see them at lunch and gave them all their morning hugs before kissing his lovers.  Getting to the end of the line he laughed when he spotted Calvin peaking around from behind Pat’s belt, “What do we have here?  One kiss goodbye before I start my day not enough for you?”  Reaching around Pat he grabbed hold of Calvin and picked him up and kissed him noisily on the cheek.”



“Sator,” Calvin whined as he giggled, “Altor Pat is going to take us swimming this morning after math.”



“Ah, I see now,” Aaron chuckled as he looked at Pat with a smile, “You decided since your Altor said he is taking you swimming you would make sure he doesn’t leave your sight, is that it?”



Handing the giggling youngster back to Pat after he got a too serious nod as his answer, he grinned as he moved down the line and laughed when he thought he had gotten to the end and found Titus sitting there, head gazing at him.  With a mischievous smirk Aaron noticed how much taller he was now, Titus sitting down topped out at almost five and a half feet to the top of his head, so he was up to Kevin shoulders, who just happened to be laughing as he stood next to him.  Two can play at that game, he thought, as he leaned over and kissed Titus’s snout and hugged him just like all the others causing his lovers to fall all over themselves laughing at the shocked expression on Titus’s face.



“Didn’t think I would do it, did you Titus?” Aaron laughed as he hugged Kevin and kissed him, “Or was there something you needed before I set off this morning?”



I wish to go with you this morning,” Titus told him as he tried to think of a way to broach what was on his mind. “I would take two of the pups yet not pups with us to test them.”



Aaron stared at Titus for several moments as he tried to figure out what was on his mind, and what in the world would he be testing two of the older pups in, “I don’t see any problem.”  Grinning he looked at Titus, “You realize that Morimoto and Woo are unsettled being around you?”



Snorting his equivalent of laughter Titus walked over to the group that was going, stopping near Derrick, “Yes he smells of a rabbit noticing the wolf for the first time and afraid to move for fear of being spotted.”



Chuckling, Aaron hugged Richard to him.  He was going as far as Sol Station to finish installing his invention.  Seeing the two that Titus wanted to go with them standing quietly next to Ton and Derrick, Aaron nodded.  “Alrighty, let’s get moving.”  Touching Titus, Aaron ported them to Centauri Station. Glancing around he smiled as his lovers appeared, and then ported to Sol station with Titus.  Arriving in his office Aaron hugged and kissed Richard, “I’ll see you, hopefully, before lunch.  If not I’ll meet you back at the compound for lunch.”  Giving Richard a grope to his bare butt, Aaron chuckled as Richard jumped and waved as he left.  Eyeing up the clock before looking at the two Titus wanted to test, they ported over just fine, so he was still clueless in what Titus was going to test them in, “Friedrich and his teams should be ready for us outside the Asclepius triage bay.  We’ll port to the bridge and work our way down and out.”



Derrick laughed, “You just want the chance to play doctor again…” Seeing the longing in Aaron’s face he sighed as they ported out.  Arriving on the bridge Derrick hugged Aaron, “You miss it, you miss playing in the emergency room and healing those that need it, don’t you?”



Holding Aaron at arm’s length Derrick looked at him, examining his face and feeling for his emotions and thoughts, “You helped each of us reach and grab onto our dreams and run with them, and yet you had your dream, and you gave it up…Being King was never your dream, healing people was!”



Ignoring the truth that hit too close to home Aaron smiled, “Come on, we better hurry otherwise Friedrich is going to come up with something new to bog me down if I give him the time.”



Narrowing his eyes after accepting Aaron’s kiss Derrick glanced at Titus and Ton before following him out and down the corridor, staring at the over robes billowing behind his lover as he walked off the bridge.



Ton smiled as he hugged his cousin and kissed his cheek, “Hello Toshi.”  Grinning as Toshi stared at the three Kesol he whispered over, “I think Titus wants to practice intimidating people by teasing Uncle Morimoto.”



Laughing, Toshi gazed at the three large Kesol and his father who had just come around the corner with Chairman Woo.  He had not seen the group yet because he was still in deep conversation with the Chairman.  This should be funny, he thought.



Spotting his son and nephew Morimoto smiled before stopping in shock as he saw the three huge dogs. No, his mind whispered to him, Kesol; his nephew told him they were called Kesol.  He had to wonder why they were here, “Greetings Aaron,” Morimoto bowed slightly.



Bowing his head back Aaron grinned, “And greetings to both of you.  I noticed on my way down from the bridge a large percentage of the medical staff working hand in hand with mine happen to be your people.  Thinking ahead, I see.”



Smiling, Morimoto looked at his Chinese counterpart who was smirking, “Yes we are making an assumption you will find the island to your liking and will agree to our request.  It is our hope, if you build one of your hospitals, we could have healers familiar with the equipment so you may open as soon as it is finished.”



“Thinking ahead,” Aaron mused as he watched Titus move through the mixed security forces, “but the true question is, is this island going to be too far away to be truly useful?”



“For all except emergency patients it should work,” Woo answered as they walked out onto the docks, “We can easily transfer patients by helicopter or plane.”



Aaron frowned as he stopped next to the picnic area and saw the helicopters.  Scowling, he glanced around and saw Friedrich smirking at him, “No way…No how!”



Woo glanced around not sure what was going on.  He noticed the stiff posture and glares on Aaron’s face and wondered if they had insulted him.  Quickly going back over the conversation in his mind he was not finding anything, “I am sorry, is there a problem?  Have we unintentionally given insult?”



Derrick grinned, “Well that depends.”  Seeing he had everyone’s attention and Aaron was scowling at Friedrich and his P.A.D.D., “If those helicopters are supposed to take us where we are going I have to tell you now, it’s not going to happen.”  Seeing the puzzled looks on their faces he was enjoying himself, “To say Aaron hates…no, loathes flying is like saying a thirsty man in the desert craves water.”  Pointing to the helicopters, “It’s bad enough getting Aaron on one of our planes, let alone something like that.  Not going to happen.”



“Oh,” Morimoto glanced back at Aaron to see what he wanted to do; they did not have any other way to get to where they were going unless they used their teleporter system.



Grumbling under his breath Aaron looked at the maps of the area, and occasionally threw glares at Friedrich who had to have known how they planned to get from here to the island.  Building a hospital several hours away from either country was no better than what they had now at Altair Minor.  “This is not going to work,” he mumbled to no one in particular.



Hearing Aaron mumble as he looked at the helicopters Morimoto froze, afraid their attempts were over, before glancing at his nephew.  He started to relax as he heard him ask what he meant.



“We can port wherever you need us to go,” Ton moved closer to Aaron smiling serenely.  Peaking at what was being displayed on his P.A.D.D. he realized what he truly meant seeing the distances and flight times listed there.  “Ah, I see now.  The island is unacceptable because of its location.  What are you thinking, Love?”



“I’m thinking about making Friedrich’s life difficult,” Aaron laughed as he moved to where Titus was scowling at the helicopter. “We need to rethink this whole thing.”  Hand touching Titus he whispered, “Not going up in that death trap not today, not ever.  Come on Titus, let’s take a walk and think this through.”



Staring at Aaron for a moment they realized he was walking away, towards the road that led to the city, and quickly ran to catch up.



Friedrich was still smirking as Aaron turned around and walked away, that is until he noticed where Aaron was heading.  “Well shit, he’s not heading where I think he’s…fuck!”  What was it about his carefully planned and checked out travel arrangements that they always got screwed up when Aaron got involved he thought as he called his team and told them to move out ahead of Aaron.



“Having to travel three hours to the hospital is fine if the patient is on one of our jets, but it’s ridiculous to expect it for what vehicles you have available to your country ,Toshi,” Aaron sighed as he noticed Cain and Abel take off for the gates and the road beyond.  Glancing down at Titus next to him he shrugged, Titus didn’t seem fazed.



“Yes, but it is too much to have asked you to build two hospitals.  This way the two countries will be able to share one large hospital,” Toshi glanced at Ton to see if he could help him figure out what Aaron was thinking.



“But that is the only way it is going to work, Toshi,” Aaron looked around after walking through the gates.  He was looking for a pub, or tea house they called them here, somewhere they could get something to drink and a snack or five.  Unfortunately everything was in Japanese and he could not read Japanese.  “We need somewhere we can get a snack and something to drink as we pick new locations to look at.”



Ton looked around and noticed down the road red lanterns showcasing one of the fast growing Izakaya, and across the street an internet café a short walk away, and pointed them out.  “We can go to the Izakaya and find a table, or we can take the vehicles to a more formal tea room in the city.”



“Is it open this early in the morning?”  Aaron looked around.  The internet café would not do at all.  If they had to they would find a restaurant.



“Since it is right outside the docks I believe it would be, after all they would be open to serve the third shift,” Toshi looked at his father to see his reaction.  He was eager to visit, not having ever been to one before.



Well, this should be fun Aaron thought as he walked towards the Japanese version of a pub.  Secretly grinning at the reaction of the people as Cain and Abel led the way down the street and they hugged the store fronts or quickly went back inside.  He did grin when he overheard Friedrich’s broadcast thoughts grumbling about not having time to check the place out. “Cain…Abel, the place with the red lanterns hanging out front, is it open?



Cain stopped near the place his Prime asked about.  Looking up at the red hanging things out front he moved closer to the window and peered inside, coming face to face with one of the patrons sitting near the table.   Grinning when the man threw himself to the floor screaming, “Yes, it is occupied. Cain tilted his head as he watched the man scrambling away, “What is a Shisa? The drunk one who crawls keeps referring to me as King Shisa.



Aaron stopped suddenly in the middle of the road, “King Shisa?” looking blankly at Ton who started laughing.



Getting his laughter under control, Ton smirked, “King Shisa is one of the Kiju in movies, and he, unlike Godzilla, has always been a guardian of the Japanese people in the movies.”



Titus grinned as he chuckled as he sent the explanation to the two not pups and watched as they stood taller, “A good name.”



Aaron stopping in shock was just the time Friedrich needed to get his teams into place, and he slipped around Aaron and opened the door to the establishment letting Cain and Abel in shocking the patrons and causing the hostess to stutter in shock.



Titus followed Aaron into the pub and looked at the red eyed drunk on the floor who was gibbering and projected into his mind, “Disgusting, acting like a pup who chased his tail to many times.”  Titus moved off and glanced at the flustered hostess, who led her guests to a free table in the corner, picking up that she did not know what to do having the Emperor and his son along with the distinguished visitors in their humble establishment.



Nodding his thanks at the hostess after she handed him a hot towel Aaron smiled, “Ton, please make sure she understands that I want juice without alcohol in it, please.  Same for you, Love.  Alcohol and Alterans do not mix well; and let’s start with tempura vegetables and lots of meat skewers.”   Pulling his P.A.D.D. out of his pocket he set it on the table and looked across to Woo and Morimoto, “Normally I would say we will build the hospital in the center of your countries, centrally located making it equal for all outlying districts to access it, but I know that if I did that in China it would be in the middle of nowhere and not where it was needed most.  So what we are going to discover is where the best locations would be to build them that has access to the sea; in case the Asclepius would ever need to make an emergency docking.  If we ever get past the initial first hospital and build others we can move them inland.  I suppose the question that should be asked is if you have any problems with me buying up half a square of land in your country and turning it into embassy grounds to build the hospital on.”



“I have no problem with that.  During discussions we did not believe you would agree to build two of your hospitals,” Woo had asked for tea to be served and poured everyone a glass.



Tasting the appetizer, Toshi followed Aaron’s gaze to see two young boys each struggling to carry a too large bowl of water over to their table, placing them on the floor near the Kesol.



Titus stared at the pups as they placed the bowls near him and bowed, picking the thoughts out off their minds as they spoke to him.



“King Shisa…honored guardian, please drink,” the older of the two boys spoke formally, trying not to fidget or rush over and run his hands through the long fur.



Thank you Pups…” Titus read their desire to pet him, and after taking a sip from the bowl, or in his case a lap or two, he tilted his head and looked at them, “you may approach and pet me.”  Hearing the shocked squeal from just past the counter, near where the food was cooked, he looked at the young female and projected to everyone, “Well behaved pups do you honor,” shocking her and her husband further.



Aaron sat back and watched Ton go through the different real estate listings he had pulled up on his P.A.D.D. from somewhere, and went over it with his uncle and cousin until they had come to an agreement of property that would work; and then seamlessly switch over to Woo and work with him on finding the best location and property for sale outside Shanghai.  The shock and the pride his uncle was sending towards his nephew was amusing.  He only had half of his mind on the conversation, the other half was watching the youngsters that had gathered outside the shop to sneak a look at the King Shisa, something they had only until now seen in the movies.



Getting permission from his Alpha, Abel moved over to the window so the pups could get a better look. He was enjoying himself and their delighted giggles and thoughts, the pictures in their minds of this King Shisa was interesting he thought.  He would have to request that they get the movie so they could watch it.  In fact he had turned to Titus to ask that very thing when a small street urchin was knocked over on his way to look at the whispered guardian Shisa.  Grinning at the eagerness from his alpha to watch this movie, he looked back out the window and growled out in anger seeing a kick about to be delivered to a young boy, “NO…PUP…You dare hurt a pup.”



Aaron whipped his head around at the anger in Abel’s voice and linked with his mind and saw the kick on the way to the young tot’s ribs as he tried to ball up protecting himself.  Without further thought he ported Abel and Titus to the boy’s side as he jumped to his feet, energy ghosting around him as his anger sought release.



The pub went silent when the large Kesol affectionately dubbed Shisa disappeared and they heard a blood curdling scream outside.  All eyes followed the Dragon King as he stomped over to the door and gazed out across the street.  Quickly jumping to their feet to look out the window they saw a small boy being protected by the larger Shisa, while the other held his jaws so close to the man’s throat on the ground one would think he had already sank his fangs deep into his throat the way he was screaming; a man who was bleeding from a terrible wound on his leg.  The blood on the Shisa’s face left no doubt on where the wound came from.



Aaron stood looking down at the man on the ground who was screaming in pain as he invaded the man’s mind.  He was drawing a crowd, including the local police as they gathered around not sure what to do.  Frowning, Aaron stopped digging in the man’s mind.  It seemed that the youngster was a street kid, one without family or a home, and seen as rightful prey to anyone older or stronger than he was.  In fact the man saw nothing wrong in delivering a kick to push the urchin out of the way, like he was about to do before being attacked, so he did not have to step around the boy.



Gazing out in the crowd Aaron felt several minds of those who were part of the local gangs.  They too preyed on the street children, using the older ones as playthings.  If they survived they turned harsh and joined the gang, and the cycle continued.



Morimoto knew Aaron was beyond angry; the ghostly image flicking in and out around him was one of an angered dragon lashing out.



Aaron made his decision, “Abel…Leave him alive…His punishment shall be to spend every spare minute, when not at work, finding those youngsters that have no home or family and bringing them to us.  Only when his soul changes to one of compassion for those not his family will I allow him to him to be healed, other than to make sure he does not get infected and die.”  Gazing at the crowd who became restless with his judgment, “Only when he learns true compassion will he be made whole once more.”  Catching the anger from one of the Yakuza members.  Aaron narrowed his eyes and allowed the dragon to become a little more visible as he pulled energy from around him, unnoticed to the gathered crowd.  “The Tong, or gangs, no longer will prey on children or they will answer to me.”  Staring directly at the street tough that was thinking about moving his toys he growled out in anger and ported the street tough so that he appeared right in front of him.



Extending his mic Ton tapped it, “Sol Station trauma, this is Ton of Clan Stranton.  I request a Shaolin healer to my location, we have an injured…” Ton looked at the child curled up between Titus’s legs, “and scared toddler that needs our help.”



Pulling his imager out of his pocket Aaron inserted the crystal.  Tilting his head, he looked at the frightened young man, who was no longer defiant, and grabbed his hair.  Pulling the young man’s head back he placed the imager on his temple and released him.  Stepping around him, where he had fallen to the ground as if the strings from the puppeteer’s rods had been suddenly cut, Aaron searched the surface thoughts of those gathered.  Finding most of them had looked the other way, not wanting to get involved, he shook his head in frustration.  “You change from this day forward.  If the children are not wanted, they will be brought to us where we will give them homes and show them love.  We will raise them as ours…you will no longer look the other way.”



Master Lo followed the healers down, curious about what was going one and came face to face with one of the guardians of the clans.  Bowing his head at the Kesol, he watched and listened to the youngsters’ excited whispers and reenactment of their saviors coming to help.  King Shisa was here and they would be safe, they were telling each other.  Staring at Titus he could see how the youngsters could make the connection, but more importantly, “Titus, some of those youngsters are saying you are here to save them.  Maybe we should find out if they need help.”



Titus tilted his head as he looked over at the youngsters and projected to everyone, “Who is this Godzilla they speak of as they look at the Prime?



Ton laughed, “I can see we need to have a movie marathon.  I’ll explain later Titus.  I can get copies of all those movies, and we can watch them tomorrow with the youngsters.  I think you’ll enjoy them and they will answer a lot of your questions.”



Sensing the pup’s fear of the healer Titus nudged him out from under him, “He will help you, not hurt you pup, trust him. Glancing at Aaron and getting permission, Titus moved over to the youngsters and examined them, “Who among you needs protection…needs a new home…a father who will love you as they should. Sitting down and glancing at Cain and Abel as Aaron placed his hand on his neck, “Come to us and be safe!



Four youngsters made their way through the crowd towards them, and Aaron’s nose could tell these youngsters were in need of a good shower.  Smiling as the youngsters cuddled with Titus, here the Kesol were the bigger draw, “Master Lo, the one on the ground has a group of children hidden that need rescued.  Would you be so kind as to see to it personally?”



“Of Course, Great Dragon,” Master Lo gazed down at the young man and invaded his mind ruthlessly, quickly finding the location, “and those who are guarding the youngsters, what are your wishes?”



Porting the imager to his hand and removing the crystal as the man twitched violently before going still, as his brain was unplugged and turned to mush, “Take your place as the left hand of the dragon and let justice be done.”



Wanting to laugh as the youngster, who had struggled to bring water to Titus, walked over so seriously and bowed before them and told them, “Thank you great King Shisa.”  Standing up and turning to bow to Aaron, “Thank you Godzilla for saving the children…just like movies told us you would.”



Slowly pulling two cubits out of his belt pouch Aaron motioned the little one over and handed them to him, along with one of the coins with eight points.  “This one goes to your parents to pay for our meal with thanks.”  He placed the coin in the youngster’s hand before placing the two cubits next to them, “And the Cubits…the long ones; one for you and your brother, save them for school.”



Watching the little one rush over with his finds Morimoto quickly whispered what the coins were worth to the shocked parents, and had to steady the young woman as she swayed finding out that the cubits were worth almost eighty seven thousand and some yen at any bank, while the coin was worth over twenty one hundred yen.”



Feeling a tugging at his pants leg Aaron looked down and saw the small boy that started the rescue looking up with hope in his eyes.  Reaching down he quickly picked the child up and hugged his grime covered body tight to him and received a kiss to his cheek. Holding his other hand out so the other children could move over for a hug Aaron looked at Ton, “Find us a place, Love.  I’ll leave this in your hands.  Call Derrick in as soon as the properties are bought and signed over so we can get the hospitals built.  I’m going to take the little ones to the med bay to get a checkup, a shower and something to fill their empty bellies.”  Using the energy that was still ghosting around him Aaron ported away with the youngsters and the Kesol, leaving Friedrich looking at Ton in amusement as his cousin and the two leaders stared at the large indentation of a foot print Aaron had burned into the pavement when he left.





Xon stood on the command deck of the Volosh Nine station and watched the long range sensors show the lone small craft leave warp outside the system.  The Kathat craft was on time.



Sesek stood on the bridge looking at the view screen as they came out of warp and saw the massive station that dwarfed the vessel that was stationed above.  It was the second of the larger ships, the one that was larger than the Talvath.  There was no sign of any other ships but logic told him they were there, waiting and watching, hidden in the dark background of the starless void.  “Open a channel after coming to a full stop.”



“This is Ambassador Sesek representing the people of Katha’.  I come in peace and offer the hand of friendship.  Those in power that had all logic desert them have been removed and punished,” Sesek stated calmly before adding, “The Nest Mothers have also ordered I bring the crew of the Timur to you, so your mind healers can do as you ordered, to ensure they never again arrogantly disregard warnings that logic would have told them they should obey.”  Finished, he remained calm knowing his message was being received and most likely thought about.



Xon lifted one eyebrow as he listened to the transmission, “Vindicator, reverse magnetics and prepare to port the Kathat ship to docking area seven.”  Touching the terminal Xon replied in Universal, “Alien vessel, prepare to be transported to docking area seven.  Clearance for docking with maneuvering thrusters is granted.  Atmosphere is well within your species’ tolerances and gravity will be reduced on the order of 0.2859 of Katha’ standard.  Upon testing of these facts you will await escort in the docking lounge.”



Sesek raised both eyebrows and, before he could reply, the view outside the bridge viewer changed to show they were now within  docking distance to the station.  Sesek would have sighed if he found the logic in it.  Instead he simply raised an eyebrow, “Do as ordered.  Dock with the station, have bio-sciences run the standard tests.”



“I am unfamiliar with this type of vessel, so I do not have any idea of where we can port the SE110 in so we can monitor what is happening.  Did they include a video portion to the signal you can bring up?” Xon studied the plasma, “If they weren’t crude telepaths I would tap their minds so I could see out of their eyes.” He sounded frustrated before noticing the windows of the craft and smiling. “Well if we can’t do it the normal way we shall just have to peep inside.”  Porting the SE110 over to the outside of the craft he grinned as the video feed showed a standard Kathat mess hall.  Not seeing anyone he ported the spy eye onto the ship before directing one of the Shaolin to map the ship, eventually stationing one of the spy eyes on the bridge.



After their first encounter Xon was not about to trust the Kathat, even after replaying the video feeds from the guild council chambers where Sesek was ordered to form the alliance.  The order to do what was needed to make the alliance possible troubled him.  More so than it would if he was not a father; the youngsters had changed him.  He acknowledged that fact as he ported every MCA that was onboard out of their cradles to surround the Kathat ship causing several indrawn breaths.  “At the first sign of treachery do not hesitate…activate the recycler and remove that ship…do not wait for me to order it, the youngsters will be protected at all costs!”



“As you command, Dragon Lord,” the station commander snapped to attention as he motioned for the Marine Commander to get his men moving.  Those simple words changed this to a serious and deadly encounter, or the potential to be deadly.



Giving one last look at the command crew effortlessly and efficiently doing their duties, Xon ported to Aaron’s office and activated the terminal built into the desk bringing up the image of the guild council chambers.  Early this morning he had replaced the SE110 with an SE114.  Once the second plasma came to life with the image of the command deck of the Kathat vessel Xon activated the projection abilities of the SE114 as planned.  If this meeting caused war to happen he wished them to know that their end was coming and why.



Allowing himself to be seen and heard on Katha’ in the Guild Council chamber, while at the same time to the entire Alteran empire, Xon stood tall as he looked into the pickup.  “Sesek…Son of Skon, first hunter of the nest of Enethe of the planet Katha’, enter and be recognized,” Xon told the ambassador as he was escorted into the office.  He watched the normally stoic Kathat ambassador become truly flustered as he noticed the video feeds on the side wall.



Sesek froze as he noticed the monitor screen on the side wall; they showed the high council chambers with Oboxa looking at him in shock, and the bridge of the long range shuttle, “How is this possible?”  His gaze was wrenched back to the figure standing in the strange formal robes and head band when he heard the words he spoke.



“I am Xon Stranton of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom and Empire of Altare,” Xon gazed at the Kathat coldly, his need to protect his children paramount in his mind.  “I stand in judgment of you and your race on this date…I speak for the Prime of Clan Stranton and the King of our people in this matter.”



Oboxa froze as an image flickered to life in the center of the Guild Council chamber.  It showed the bridge of Sesek’s shuttle and then a second image joined it showing an office with a single humanoid gazing coldly at her son; and his words caused her hearts to skip a beat as she leaned back in her chair and gazed at the other Nest Mothers on the council, feeling true fear for her peoples survival.



Sesek looked at the humanoid in shock, “Logic deserts me in my time of need,” he whispered before tilting his head to the side, instincts screaming at him this was a predator the likes of which he had never seen and could not hope to win against.  “Logic indicates it is not wise to judge my actions and hold my race to them.”



“If I held your actions, or the actions of your Tenef, against your people they would already be a fading memory in the annals of the universe,” Xon stated the fact coldly as he sat down, motioning for Sesek to do the same.  “The crew of the Timur are having their minds modified of the defect that would allow them to disregard warnings.  Their arrogance alone is what has brought us to this point; that and the duplicity of a member of your own high council.  Speak truthfully and from the heart, Son of Skon.  Your words and actions are what I shall judge your people by.”



Sesek stood there stiffly before slowly and carefully moving to the seat offered and lowering himself in it carefully.  The seat was comfortable part of his mind told him, while the rest was still screaming at him to run and hide, a situation that was illogical and troubling.  “I shall endeavor to speak the truth with logic guiding me.”



Xon decided to go for shocking his guest, keeping him off balance and not giving him time to allow his logic to rule.  It was the emotional illogical Ophikoch side of the Kathat race that was the danger.  “Seven point two four standard days ago your military commander Oboxa, the Nest Mother of your own bloodline killed Tenef for his treachery in causing the elimination the of Tijin race.  Why should we trust you now?  Your race has shown that the fires of war run strong in your people, and that you cannot be trusted.  Why do you feel you can have peaceful relations with my people?”  Xon sent his mind out to hover near Sesek’s so he could watch his thoughts.  He was careful as he did not want to initiate a bond link with him.



Confused and still off balance, Sesek retreated into his mind as he tried to come up with a coherent answer and noticed a presence near his own mind. “Khai,” he shouted out in shock as he felt the presence watch every one of his thoughts as he examined them and discarded them trying to find out what to say.



“Indeed,” Xon smiled, his grin mistaken as a feral one. “And unlike you race’s crude gift we are true telepaths.  Your mind can not lie to me.  Tell me, Son of Skon, why does your race desire an alliance with mine?”



Listening to the thoughts running through Sesek’s head Xon turned to face the pickup as he gazed at the Guild Council chambers.  “And you, Nest mothers, why do you desire this alliance so greatly, to the point that you Oboxa ordered your son to do what it takes to secure it?”  Xon’s voice became cold, “And tell me, Oboxa, what you meant exactly by that statement?”



Oboxa opened and closed her mouth several times as her mind worked out that their whole government and military were compromised.  For once in her long life she did not know what to do or how to react.



“I have spent countless hours examining every aspect of your culture since the first time your people entered our space,” Xon stared for a moment longer before facing Sesek.   “We had planned to ignore your people; that is until your ship invaded our space and then in their arrogance they disregarded our warnings.  Even after their probe was destroyed they continued deeper into our space and disguised the next probe they sent into one of our systems as a stray bit of rock.  When that happened we were forced to take notice of you and sent our own probes into your system and what we found was disturbing.”



Getting nothing back but silence, Xon hid his sigh as he looked from Sesek to the monitor showing the Guild Council chambers.  “We can go no further until I have an answer of why you wish this alliance, and what you were ordered to do to ensure the alliance was gained.  What was the meaning behind the statement of 'do whatever it takes'?”



“Thee would do us dishonor…” Oboxa bristled before deflating, “Our own actions have done the dishonor.”  Rubbing her forehead Oboxa looked down, “No dishonorable intentions were behind my order to Sesek to ensure this alliance happened.  My order ensued he had the authority to bind my people to any alliance agreement that was made.”



Sesek could see how, logically, one could come to the conclusion they had.  After all, so far all contact with his people had been duplicitous in nature.  “Khai,” he muttered louder, “How…Is you gift strong enough to search my mind for the answers you seek?”



“Compared to us, you are crude and weak.  We are true telepaths, we do not need touch to initiate a link.  If I so wished every thought, every memory, your soul, would be open to even the weakest of us to read.”  Xon stared at Sesek.  He would not do the unthinkable by his peoples standards, would he?



Gazing at his mother Sesek tried to convey his decision through his eyes, “I would have you search my mind.  I would have you learn the answers to your questions from my memories…I would have you judge my race not on the actions of the past, or the words spoken so far, but on what you find in my Aeraeli.”



Xon widened his eyes in shock; he would do the unthinkable.  “You might suffer the fate that non-telepathic races do, and it might be painful.  If you would fight this it would be painful and damaging to you.”  Xon stood up and moved around the desk sparing a quick glance at the gestalt point on the wall. “Knowing this, you still wish to be judged…for your people to be judged by your Aeraeli, your soul alone?”  Glancing at the shocked Nest Mothers on the plasma, “Your races very survival hinges on your Aeraeli being found commendable if this happens.”



Looking up at the young man Sesek nodded, mouth suddenly dry as once again his instincts which he squashed screamed out danger, predator. “Yes, I will do this, even knowing what will happen.”



Xon looked at Sesek for several moments; the silence would have caused a lesser man to fidget.  Aaron had given him full authority to make the decision; to do what he felt was necessary.  And after several long conversations with the elder lovers of the Clan, Kevin, Pete and Tim, they had come up with a way to impress the Kathat on an instinctual level.  Fred, you are needed, Love, to make sure I do not damage him too much,” Xon did show his sigh this time.



A very naked Fred ported in holding his scanner as he walked over to Xon and kissed him passionately; they wanted to know if the Kathat hybrids that were in this dimension were phobic.   Skimming Sesek’s thoughts, Xon picked up he thought Xon was the Nest Mother of the two, the female and as Fred released his lips and moved back Xon allowed his robes to show that he was very naked under them and aroused by his lovers kiss. “You think loudly, Sesek, son of Skon, and you come to the wrong conclusions…my race only has the one gender.”



Seeing the shock, Xon lifted his hand palm up as if reaching, and pulled power from the gestalt in a long arc hitting his open palm.  Letting his dragon ghost around him briefly, he ignored the frightened whine from Sesek, his whisper of “Sirshos’im” declaring him to be the legendary soul eaters.  “Fear is the mind killer…Sesek, you must control it, not allow it to control you.  This will hurt, Son of Skon, your fear guarantees it.”   Xon reached out with his mind as he stopped pulling energy, not needing it as the show was over, “Judgment begins!”



Fred moved closer and started a detailed scan, well, as detailed as he could with a hand held scanner instead of the bio-bed.  The problem was, even with the research he had done in looking at the Confederation section of the medical database dealing with the Kathat, he pretty much could only interrupt Xon if it got to the point the damage that was about to be done would be permanent.



Xon went past the current history and questions needing to be answered and continued deeper, to an earlier time, whispering with his mind to the faded image that was of a younger frightened Sesek, “Show me your childhood.



Xon watched Sesek growing up, from his earliest memories through his rite of adulthood, his first hunt. Slowing the memories down as they came to the Tijin conflict he carefully examined the thoughts and actions of the Kathat people seen through Sesek’s eyes, the mental image of Sesek stronger now as he stood next to his own mental presence as they watched events unfold.  Glancing over at Sesek, Xon stopped the memory they were watching together, “And here is where the downfall of your people started, this single point shows it clearly.  You have not mastered emotions, or even embraced them, so logic can guide you.  Instead you ignore them in your arrogance as being trivial and when they rise logic is thrown to the side and all reasoning is gone, leaving a dangerous feral race.”



Moving forward through the memories, Xon slowed them down again and watched the fear grip Sesek as he watch the Talvath disappear.  Once again you let your fear control you, but it is commendable on how quickly you brought yourself under control.  Not being taught early on to identify, embrace and then learn to control your emotions is a hindrance.  Though, in your defense, your race has mostly outgrown your war like nature.  Interesting …” he trailed off as memories flashed before them of the female of his species being in absolute control of their emotions.



Memories over with, Xon stood in the desert scene that was the mental landscape of Sesek’s mind as Sesek tried to gather his control.  He started to feel the pain that was promised, “Can you teach me the control I need?”



Gazing at the fading image that was wracked with pain Xon nodded slightly, “I could easily, and if an alliance is formed, I shall make time to do so…rest now.”  Disengaging himself from Sesek’s mind Xon moved, he stretched as he looked at the concern on the Guild Council’s faces.  “No permanent damage has been done, though without samples of your pharmacopeia we cannot give him a painkiller.”



I think if I get him on a bio-bed I might be able to help at least block his neural receptors for pain.  I really can’t tell without finishing the detailed genetic workup,” Fred frowned as he stared at the sweating Kathat.  Can’t he put himself into a healing sleep?”



“They never learned how,” Xon replied in Universal without thinking, before pathing the answer, “He does not know how.  They never learned to utilize their gifts, or to control their emotions.   They ignore their emotions, that is why they are so dangerous.  When their emotions surface all reason and thought disappears and a feral animal is left that utilizes the power of intelligence, not the other way around.”



“I’m taking him to the med bay, at least I can use the soma unit to put him to sleep and let his body recover; he was doing some pretty harsh twitches during your mind probe.”  That was as close as Fred was going to get to telling Xon that Sesek had been seizing in pain.  Touching the exhausted man he ported them to the med bay.



“Fred informs me that he can only do supportive therapies,” Xon stared at the plasma and the pickup. “Did you include a healer on your shuttle so he can administer a painkiller allowing Sesek to function once more? Otherwise we will have to adjourn until he wakes.”



Oboxa stared at the screen and the alien as he moved around the desk and sat back down; controlling her need to lash out at the one who hurt her son, her rationale mind telling her loudly that he warned them ahead of time it would be painful.  Though that did not prepare her, or the others, for the visual proof of how painful it was.  Voice strictly controlled she replied, “No, the long range shuttle does not have room.  Not unless we can bring one of our ships closer, but even then it would be a full day away.” Blinking back her shock the image split once more and she could see her son laying on some strange bed, and the naked boy calmly placing something on her son’s temple, and after opening her son’s tunic top, on his chest.  She was truly shocked though when the screen flared to life behind them with all the medical detail of her son’s condition.



“Call a healer to the guild council chambers.  Have them bring the needed medicines with them and they will be transported to Sesek’s side to administer them and to check that he is indeed undamaged.”  Xon stared at them.  He saw more control on their part than on Sesek’s, or the other males he had seen. “Maybe then the final question could be answered; on why the female of your species seems to have more control over your emotions than the males.  Without that control your race will eventually come up against someone like us, more advanced than you are, that is unwilling to give you a second chance.”



Oboxa made a motion with her hand and a clerk rushed away.  Eyes narrowing she looked at the alien, replaying his words in her mind.  Sitting up straight in her chair she stopped her memory on his words to her son, ‘incorrect in his assumptions, his race only has one gender’.  “How can this be? All races need two sexes to reproduce!”  Suddenly aware that she had spoken out loud she looked down trying to come up with a way to change the subject.



Xon raised an eyebrow in typical Kathat manner, “Indeed, then I shall inform my sons that they should not be, and to cease existing immediately because you say they cannot exist.”



“Our race’s reproductive abilities and habits are not open for discussion here.  What is being discussed is your race’s lack of emotional control, for without it this alliance you seek will be doomed to failure.”  Xon noticed the newcomer walk in carrying a small case, “Is this the healer you sent for?”



“It is. Opoku is my personal healer,” Oboxa wondered how they were going to get her over to them, even if it was only twenty light years away, that still was a full day at maximum warp.



Eyes going unfocused Xon smiled as he felt Tim’s mind on Star Scout thirteen, “If you push I will grab and pull, so you don’t need to bring the gestalts to full power Love.”



Someone has been reading from that series of books again, and not the tech database,” Tim’s mental voice was amused as he linked with Xon and ported the healer to the office, and like Xon said, halfway into the push he picked it up and pulled. “We need to try this out with a few more people; it took hardly any energy at all.”



Indeed, I don’t feel any drop in energy levels or hunger.  If others can do this it will be an enormous breakthrough, maybe we should read more of that series to see what other tricks they can do we have not bothered to try out. Xon smiled as he looked at the shocked healer, “Your patient is in our medical facility.   Our healer states he is in need of a pain blocking agent, please follow me.”  Glancing at the pickup, “We will pick up the conversation in a moment once I deliver your healer to our med bay.”



The three minute walk through the station was done in silence as Xon escorted the healer into the pod.  He watched her carefully, the shock and surprise was very noticeable.   He now had enough information, he believed, to form an opinion.  These Kathat were nothing like those from the dimension he was trapped in, or like the ones in the television series or books.  Checking the monitor behind one of the empty bio-beds he noticed the council chambers had gone quiet.  Skimming the healer’s thoughts he hid his smile by looking at Fred as he read her desire to understand the equipment and what was being displayed.



Amidi was the first to jump out of her seat and go to where Opoku was standing moments before; she stepped back in shock as she saw the healer appear next to the alien aboard the huge space station. Glancing back at Oboxa she saw she was just as surprised and disturbed as she was.  The threat of destroying their sun was not a bluff.  “We are like infants next to them and their technology.  Is there nothing we can do to prove ourselves?”



Oboxa stared at the holographic display, eyes following the image up until she saw the small round device that was the projector floating above the image soundlessly, so small she thought.  Going back to staring at the image with her son on the bed along with the young healer, a healer that looked like a child yet competent and familiar with the equipment used.  She stood up as Opoku started to exam her son and moved to stand near the image, “You examined my son’s Aeraeli, and yet you still have questions.  Logic tells me that your questions might be answered by an elder of the opposite sex of my race.  I offer myself up to be examined, I am the eldest of my nest and a Nest Mother.  Also I am a warrior, my son is a diplomat, male to female, diplomat to warrior.”



Xon hesitated thinking about what was being offered.  Tim, Fred, she wants to be examined like Sesek was, what do you think?” he pathed as he replayed the conversation for them mentally.



Do it,” Fred said as he watched the healer scan Sesek after opening the med kit, “Part of it could be to see for herself her son is alright, and this gives her the excuse needed.”



Do you have enough information from Sesek alone to make a recommendation?  If not we can port her over, that’s not a problem,” Tim pulled power from the gestalt; he knew Xon would be thorough and ask him to port her over.



Both valid points.” “ Prepare to be transported,” Xon noticed Oboxa prepare herself, and two blinks later she was standing near her son.



Oboxa blinked as she looked around the room, “Opoku, what is his condition?”



“I cannot find anything wrong with him except an elevation in the cortex indicating pain,” Opoku  stared at the plasma, “though if I could read this language…” she trailed off.  “The diagnostic functions of this technology is fascinating.  That looks like a report of genetic mapping.” Opoku  pointed to the lower left hand corner of the plasma where twin twisting strands was being displayed.



Nodding once, Oboxa steeled herself before walking over to the one who seemed to be in charge, “Opoku, if you would administer the pain killer as asked.”  Gazing impassively at Xon she noticed he seemed much more in control of his emotions than anyone she had ever met, ”I am ready.”



Waving to one of the empty bio-beds, “Please sit and make yourself comfortable, and remember to relax and do not fight me.”  Waiting until she sat down Xon skimmed her surface thoughts and made his presence known in her mind, “Exceptional control!  If you do not fight me in this you should only experience a brief moment of disorientation.”



Seeing the alien and Oboxa were busy Opoku looked at the naked one who had been treating Sesek and tried communicating.  Getting frustrated she pantomimed, trying to get her point across.



Fred stared at the weird woman for a moment before it dawned on him, she was trying to ask him something.  Skimming her surface thoughts he slowly picked up on what she was trying to ask and tried an experiment, “Can you understand me if I speak mind to mind with you?”



Watching her closely he noticed her jump and look around before trying again; this time instead of words he sent her images, watching closely as her eyes widened in surprise before slowly nodding her head that she understood.  Sending another series of images, this time of her injecting Sesek with the pain killer after he turned the soma unit off, Fred smiled when she nodded and prepared an injection, uncapping the needle and poising to inject it.



Staring intently Opoku waited and, when she saw the healer touch the section he showed her, she plunged the needle into Sesek’s arm injecting the painkiller.



Sesek was startled awake by the pain that suddenly started to lessen, feeling the dry mouth that indicated a strong painkiller.  Cracking his eyelids open, eyes focusing on the face staring at him, “Opoku …what is my condition if you had to be brought all the way here? How many days have I been unconscious?”



“Fifteen minutes, no more.  I was brought over from the guild council chambers soon after you collapsed.”  Opoku moved out of the line of his vision so he could see Oboxa and the alien staring at each other.



Attempting to get up so he could find out what happened, he found himself getting hit on the arm by what appeared to be a naked child who gestured for him to lie back, the words spoken harsh and commanding though he could not understand them.



“Sesek, return to a laying position or the healer will bind you to the bed.”  Opoku tilted her head before smirking, “Fascinating…the images I am receiving, which allows me to slightly understand the healer, assures me that if you do not lay still until released he will chain you to the bed only allowing you to accept nourishment through a small tubular device as you will be unable to move.”  Eyes widening in shock she looked at the healer with new respect and whispered, “He also assures me that all excretory functions will be accomplished through the insertions of tubes into orifices of your body…it looks…uncomfortable.”



Immediately laying flat as ordered, Sesek stared at the naked humanoid.  The healer, he noticed, was the same one that had kissed the one known as Xon.  Glancing down it was obvious that the alien was indeed male, “Opoku, how is it possible for a race to have only one gender and still be able to reproduce?  It is obvious that they have secondary sex organs.”



Both eyebrows flying up Opoku looked at Sesek as if the painkiller had done something unforeseen, “Elucidate.  I know of no species that only has one sex, unless it is plant based or reproduces through fission.”



“During conversation it not only became apparent that they only have one gender, but it was verbally confirmed by the one who is examining Oboxa.  They are humanoid yet my logic does not allow me to speculate on the possibility, unless they are hermaphaditic?”  Sesek looked again at Fred trying to find another opening to validate his hypothesis.



“Visually I cannot verify that conclusion.  Were you able to establish a common language base so you can translate my request to be allowed to scan the healer?”  Opoku  pulled her scanner out and mimed running it over Sesek as she looked at the readout, and then mimed running the scanner over the healer.



“Unfortunately no, the one called Xon speaks our language fluently.”  Sesek flinched in shock as the young male disappeared when Opoku mimed running the scanner over him.  He appeared on the other side of the room shaking his head in a negative fashion, “It seems that your curiosity will not be satisfied.”



Xon’s mental image stared at Oboxa.  She had done her best to help every step of the way, even laying bare her memories of the war with the Tijin.  “I shall attempt to give you one of the common language sets that we use, if you wish that is.  It might leave you with a mild headache and dizzy, but it should pass quickly if you lay still and do not force the information to assimilate.”



Remembering the strange writing and words that she did not understand, “I thank thee for the gift, if you are able to do so.”



“Yes…it is similar to the way I learned your language,” Xon concentrated as he brought the language package he had been working on up in his mind and inserted it carefully in hers.  Opening his eyes he stepped back, “Please lay flat so Fred may check you to assure himself that no damage has been done.  You will come to understand our spoken language momentarily.”



Spotting Fred on the other side of the bio-bed, Xon looked over his shoulder noticing Sesek was awake. Switching to English Xon smiled at Fred, “Love, I inserted a language package like we do to teach the youngsters how to use their gifts.  Can you check to make sure Oboxa came through without damage? I do not think she would but it is a chance to get a scan of the female of their species.”



Walking over Fred quickly initiated the scan before slowly kissing Xon, relieved that he could have an interpreter around.  “I’m glad I don’t have to try communicating through images anymore.  I think she wanted to scan me though, and I’m not about to allow that.”



Oboxa lifted an eyelid.  She started to understand the language being spoken, and interrupted in the same, “I shall inform Opoku to curb her curiosity, young healer.”  Glancing at his naked form her own curiosity got the better of her, “Do you not normally wear clothing?”



Fred frowned as he looked down, before thinking about it and porting in a pair of shorts from Aaron’s bathroom.  “Sorry about that, unless we need the protection we do not wear clothing.  We live on a tropical planet, in fact, from what I see from your scans, you would not be able to survive on our world because of the amount of humidity in the air, not without help that is.”  Changing the subject back to the original question, Fred looked at her after seeing the warning on the plasma, “What I have on now is my normal working outfit, unless I need to be formal or I’m with outsiders.  I wasn’t planning on anyone else but Sesek showing up on Volosh 9, so I didn’t bother putting anything on.”



Seeing that Sesek and the healer were looking at them in shock Fred looked at the thoughtful expression on Xon’s face, “Do you have a recommendation or is your decision something that the Clan needs to deal with?  Do we need to bring in a third to hold a tribunal?”



Breaking out of his thoughts, Xon looked at Fred wondering why he was asking instead of pathing the question and noticed the red warning messages on the plasma, “I shall recommend an alliance with caution.  Would it be helpful if I inserted the language set into the healer to assist you in the repairs Oboxa needs to have done?”



“If you want,” Fred shrugged ignoring the display, “I’m not going to do anything today.  I need to run several simulations and then have the replicators do a quantum scan of their pharmacopeia; even then I would want to do the first run through with an analog before actually doing the procedures needed.  Until then Oboxa will just have to be careful and not injure her legs or lower spine until we do correct the damage.”



Nodding, Xon moved to the healer and gazed at her for a moment as he switched gears and dropped into Universal,  “It is possible to give your the same language skills I have given Oboxa.  Fred informs me that his initial scans indicate damage he wishes to correct after preparations are complete, most likely in seven days.  Logic would dictate it would be beneficial to have a healer from the same species being treated on hand that can converse and read our language as this goes on.”



“Your logic is flawless,” Opoku stated as she moved to one of the empty bio-beds and laid down, “I shall prepare myself…should I anticipate pain?”



“Dizziness and disorientation for a few moments, as long as you do not fight my mind touching yours,” Xon replied as he reached for her mind.  He smiled as the plasma behind her lit up as Fred activated it, most likely to get a second female scanned to compare with Oboxa.  Finished he looked over at Sesek.  If they were going to interact more often it would be through the males, “I am offering you the same language package, you should realize any interactions between our two species at first will be done through the males of your species.”



Quickly inserting the language set Xon, after Sesek’s eager nod, looked back to where Fred was checking the results of the genetic scans done so far.  Deep in thought, the question about what to do now was on his mind as he watched Fred move around, while Opoku watched Fred like one of Donny’s hawks seeking its next meal.  Closing his eyes Xon concentrated on reaching out with his mind to contact Aaron.



Opoku was watching the young healer work the equipment.  She was intrigued by the information displayed on the monitors, the longer she stared the more of the alien writing became legible.  Concentrating she switched to English as the healer came back by her examination bed, “I am Opoku, healer to Oboxa.  Can you explain to me what problems you have…”concentrating in thought she finally settled on, “discovered with Oboxa?”



Startled, Fred jumped ever so slightly not expecting her to get a handle on their language so quickly.  Glancing her way he looked at her for a moment, already knowing the answer from the data they had mined from their data banks, but wanting to keep up appearances, “Do both sexes of your species share the same skeletal and internal structures?”



Opoku looked at him for a moment before glancing around the room, noticing the one who had up to now been the only one who could communicate with them with his eyes closed, head tilted as if listening to something far away, “Your assumption would be correct.”



“Then you can get off the bio-bed and I’ll show you what our scans found.”  Fred motioned for her to follow before catching a glimpse from where Sesek was laying, “Sesek, please lie still until our scans are finished so I have a good baseline of your race to compare with Oboxa.”



Xon opened his eyes after linking with Pete to relay to Aaron.  He needed to wrap this meeting up so they could go home and discuss what had happened.  Spotting Fred talking to Opoku in English next to the bio-bed with Oboxa laying back, he stared at Sesek for a moment, “Ambassador, I have been discussing the situation with Aaron, and he feels we should hold off for now any further negotiations until we assimilate what has happened so far, and I am able to pass on to him my thoughts and experiences of this meeting.”  Waiting for the nod of agreement, Xon glanced back at Fred who was showing Opoku  something on the plasma.  Catching a glimpse of the Guild Council chamber on the plasma Xon faced the pickup, “A section of the station that leads to the docking arm has been isolated for your use.  You may stay on the station or your ship.   Your crew is also welcome to use the visiting accommodations.  One of our parks has been readied for your use, though I must warn you that the humidity in the park is four times higher than that of the rainy season of your world.”



“I thank you for your generosity,” Sesek bowed his head slightly, not sure how much movement would cause the scan to halt.



Nodding, Xon looked over to where Oboxa was laying holding a conversation with Opoku and Fred, the surprise was evident on her face as Fred described his treatment plan.  Clearing his throat he spoke louder so everyone could hear, “Oboxa, Opoku, you are welcome to stay on station until your treatment is concluded, or you may be transported back to the Guild Council chambers and return when treatment will commence.  I shall leave Mike, the head of my security detail with you.  He can make arrangements to return you if that is your wish.”



Smiling at Fred as he walked over, Xon noticed Mike move away from the wall and stand near them. “Mike, Aaron has allowed them access to the terminal in the lounge.  It has been isolated from the net with general cultural information.”  Glancing over his shoulder at Sesek after kissing Fred lovingly, “I shall return after breakfast, which will allow you the time needed to assimilate our cultural differences. We will leave you in the capable hands of Mike until then, he shall see to your needs.  Until tomorrow.”



Mike looked at Xon and Fred for a moment before pathing, “Are you sure it’s a good idea to let them have run of part of the station, and access to one of the terminals?”



Xon smiled, “It is their first test.  Hopefully they pass it, if not…” Xon shrugged, “if not well…” Xon sounded lost, not able to comprehend the possibility of Kathat without a sense of honor and logic.



“I understand, Dragon Lord.”  Mike nodded, seeing the curiosity from the visitors, he smiled, “Your sons are probably driving Titus and the others mad by now.  I can handle things from here.”



Xon watched for a moment as Mike went over to the bio-beds and introduced himself before holding Fred tight and porting both of them out.