Chapter  88


  A quick authors Note: While it might not seem as this chapter or the following four chapters are part of TEEP Dragon Lords, they are. This chapter should be properly labeled Time Quake Chapter 1, but it won't be as it is part of the Dragon Lords.



“Everything looks good to go, Nate,” Chris smiled from behind the console at the lead researcher who was near the dimensional portal. Before he could say anything about letting the probe through to see where they had dialed in the sound of alarms and crashing of support beams interrupted him.

“TIME QUAKE,” the computer generated voice came brokenly through the speakers.

“Warning, TIME QUAKE Detected,” the computer repeated as several of the consoles exploded in sparks.

“NATE,” Chris yelled out in horror as the quake shook the facility and he spotted Nate stumble into the dimensional portal. He felt his heart skip a beat as his lover disappeared as the portal frame exploded.


Chris frowned, looking around he felt something was off. Looking up at Steven as he connected several fiber optic cables to the portal frame, he shrugged off the feeling of wrongness as he smiled at the memory of Steven making love to him that morning; his lover knew all the right places to excite him.

As he went back to running the diagnostics before powering up the portal frame he ducked as his console exploded in a shower of sparks.

"TIME QUAKE DETECTED," the computer screeched as the station shimmered.


"So," Drake said as he sat down behind the console that would hopefully allow them to break into another dimension in the hopes of escaping before the Earth fleet, with the last remaining humans managed to make it into their system. "Doug, do you think we can really find a dimension we can escape to before the last remnants of humans find us?"

"Actually, if this works like I hope, we can use it to drop the humans into that dimension," Doug smiled as he finished connecting the power lines to the portal frame. Standing up he looked around as if he was looking for something, "Something feels off, almost like Deja Vu." Looking at Drake he asked him, "Do you feel anything strange?"

"TIME QUAKE..." the computer screeched out as the portal frame exploded, sending Drake across the deck.


"I have a bad feeling about this, Shawn," Jason Escobar-Wilcott told his son as he stared at the desert scene on the other side of the portal.

"I am not happy with it myself, dad," Shawn said as he adjusted his stabilizer. "But if this works, we will be able to create a bubble that will stop the time quakes from effecting us so badly. When dad Aaron went back in time, each change he makes to the time line brings us closer and closer to being erased."

"I know," Jason sighed as his son picked up the anchor that would create the bubble around the station. "And I know we agreed, all of us, that the only way to make sure Aaron does not fail is to create a bubble so when the time line reset does occur we can re-create Altar Prime and all the infrastructure Aaron will need... but dammit, you’re my son, the only son of the clan left, and I don't want to lose you too."

Moving around the console, Shawn hugged his dad, holding on tight as he took in his scent, the feel of his strong arms around him. Eyes closed he memorized each and every aspect of his dad as he kept his greatest secret from his dad. He would not be coming back like he had told them; this was a one way trip. Once he activated the anchor, it would force the portal to expand and create a bubble around the station, the only thing was, it would also destroy his only way home. But he was alright with that because once the reset was final he would be born again, and this time he would have a happy peaceful childhood.

Releasing his father, he refused to meet his dad's eyes. Going to the anchor, he picked it up and started for the portal.  Turning to look over his shoulder he sent one last message before entering the portal and activating the anchor. "I'm sorry! Make sure dad Aaron has what he needs so I will be born again."

"SHAWN..." Jason collapsed as the portal expanded in a bright glow and disappeared.

"Shawn Escobar-Wilcott," The computer said over the speaker. “Lost in Dimensional accident this date. Logged...Pre-recorded instructions sent...”


Groaning as he struggled back to consciousness, Nate opened his eyes. Groggily looking around the room he noticed he was in some strange primitive field hospital, but for the life of him he could not figure out where, because he knew the research station was far out in deep space.  By the feel of things he was on a planet somewhere, but the only planet it could be was where they grew most of their food, and that was light years away.

“Good morning young man, back with us are we?” Doctor John smiled as he saw the young man wake up.

“Whe…Where am I?” Nate asked through all of the coughing and a dry throat.

“Mercy General Hospital, in Chicago,” Doctor John told him as he sat on the side of the bed.

Rolling over the name in his mind, Nate had no clue where this Chicago place was, he was interrupted from his thoughts when the man dressed in a white coat asked, “So what’s your name, young man?”

“Nate, Nathanial Stranton, of Clan Stranton,” seeing his name was not garnering any recognition he remembered the Time Quake warning and stumbling. Sitting up in bed quickly he realized what had happened; he had fallen through the portal. Fuck, he thought as he took in his surroundings with a new, horror filled understanding. He was not in his own universe any longer.  Seeing a female walk by with a little kid demanding that she take her out to eat, he recoiled as he realized he was on Earth.

Looking around frantically, his voice demanding as he sought answers from the creature’s mind, “Where is my stuff?”

“It’s safe. We locked up your fancy computer and fanny pack with security,” Doctor John smiled as he tried to reassure the young man. “Where are your parents, young man? We need to get a hold of them so they can come see you, they must be worried sick.”

“I’m thirty three years old as of last Wednesday,” Nate glared at the man and quickly added when he looked unbelieving, “I have a rare genetic condition that causes me not to age properly.  My family doctor knows all about it.” He pushed at the creature’s mind as he skimmed through the surface thoughts, leading the man to the possible diagnosis from his memories.

“That would explain some of the things we found in your blood work,” Doctor John said with a nod, not recognizing the silent commands being given, or how his memories were being modified. Blinking several times he went over to the phone and dialed security, and told the person on the other end when they picked up, “I need you to bring the belongings of the John Doe patient fifty nine to room seven zero nine, he’s awake and much older than he looks.” After he replaced the phone he fell silent as his eyes went into a rapid blinking.

Overwriting the man’s memories, and taking control of the human scum, Nate barely kept his panic under control. To wake up and find out that he had been transported to another universe was bad enough, but to find out he had landed on Earth with fucking humans was a nightmare he could not fathom.

Twenty minutes later, he had drained dry any and all pertinent information from the creature’s mind and gotten dressed in the clothes the doctor had brought to him out of the side cupboard.  Back in uniform once more he felt a measure of relief as the security guard walked into the room with a bag that held his belongings. Giving the doctor one final mental order, he turned his attention to the guard and took over his mind.

Feeling more confident now that he had his P.A.D.D. and toolkit, he ordered the man to hand over his cash. Reading in the man’s mind that this planet used a type of currency to buy all the needed items of necessity, he thought it prudent to make sure he had some so he was not looked on with suspicion. Taking the cash he walked over to the window and stared at the street corner across the way and down several stories, looking for a safe place to Port to. Finding an alley not too far away, he glared at the disgusting human; their kind destroys everything that was different from themselves, including his people’s home world of Earth in his dimension.

Blasting the memory of his being in the hospital from the guard’s mind he ported away from the hospital.

Feeling like he wanted to cry, Nate got a hold of his emotions. He would not break down surrounded by savages, he just wouldn’t.  After all, he was the second son of Aaron Stranton, Prime of Clan Stranton, and he would not show his fear to these things he suddenly found himself in the midst of.

Ducking into the alley, he found a place he could hide from passers-by and dug into the memory banks of his P.A.D.D., somewhere in there had to be an history account of the old world. Before humans blew it up, that is. Spotting the date on a piece of paper on the ground he stared in horror as it boldly proclaimed it to be June, 10th of two thousand and ten. Son of a breeder, he swore as it sunk in how far in the past he had travelled. He had been transported three hundred and some odd years into the past.

Closing his eyes he calmed himself by breathing deeply and concentrating on the meditative state his father had taught him. He would have to build the equipment to build the equipment needed to produce the technology needed to make his way back where he belonged. First things first, he needed to build a temporal beacon that would hopefully catch the attention of Chris and the rest of the Clan. After all, they would be frantically searching for him.

Plan forming in his mind, he decided that he needed the resources to get the hell off planet. Only when he was safe on Mars would he be able to relax enough to take the time to recreate the technology needed to get him back home. So first things first, he needed to port to somewhere he could build a sealed habitat. Then he needed to be able to get access to a metallurgy lab so he could create the equivalent to Ionosin so he could build his base; barring that he would need to create Ceramacrete. Glancing down at his P.A.D.D. he found the clue on where to get started as he looked at the map he had found on this city called Chicago. There should be a library close by that he could find out what technology was available in this world, and he should be able to find some kind of directory which would give him directions to the places he needed to get the tools to build his base.

Standing up and slipping his P.A.D.D. into his thigh pouch he pulled out the small stunner that would fit over his hand so he could protect himself from the creatures that inhabit this place. Walking out of the alley he shivered as he saw the sheer amount of humans infesting the streets. It was unnatural.

As he walked down the street he glanced into each window he passed until he spotted what looked like something he had seen in the history books. Looking up at the sign above the door he read the unfamiliar term and committed it to memory. Whatever an “internet café” was it looked like it had ancient terminals, and from those, that is if he could get them to work, he would be able to find the information he needed to be able to survive.

“Hey kid, we can’t allow you in here until school is out,” Tyson said as he spotted the young teen walk into the café.

Glancing at the human and locking eyes with him, Nate ghosted through the man’s mind and reinforced his words with his mental abilities, “I’m thirty three. I have a medical condition that makes me age slower than normal.”

Blinking rapidly, Tyson nodded slowly, “Sorry about that. You do look kind of young. I don’t want trouble with the cops for letting kids skip school to play games again.” Still blinking rapidly he told Nate, “You can use the end computer. Call me if you need anything.” Going back to cleaning the counter before the lunch crowd showed up he ignored the fact his eyes were tearing up as the continued blinking he was doing, as his mind was being sifted through, caused his body pain.

Taking the information from the guy’s brain, Nate logged into the computer and accessed the internet. Quickly finding the search engine he started to look up and make notes in his P.A.D.D.. It looked like he was going to need to port to somewhere called Detroit to find a small smelting factory that would be able to produce a version of Ionosin he needed to build the self contained module for habitation. Calling the base small being a relative term as he would also need the accompanying greenhouses and infrastructure for his future home to allow him to survive off planet.

In fact if he lucked out he would be able to find online what he needed to build a small fusion generator to power his complex also.

An hour later he had saved a lot of addresses of places he needed to visit that should be able to produce what he needed. And he found the perfect place from an online search of abandoned places to build his habitat, a decommissioned military base near the outskirts of some town in California. From there he would be able to assemble the habitat in sections and port it to Mars. The question, as he surfed through the NASA web site, was where to put it. Spotting a live feed from the Spirit Rover that was on Mars he hacked the feed and knew he had lucked out, he now had coordinates to port to. Staring at the image on the screen he used his teleporting ability to move a small rock that was rolling down the slope of a hill, disturbed by the rovers passing. Smiling as he was able to slow it down, he ported it to the table in front of him and let a grin cross his face as it appeared. None of his gifts had been damaged by whatever the humans did to treat him before he woke up, and that was a relief.

A quick port to the space agency to borrow one of their primitive space suits before a port to the Rover’s side would get him a private video feed so he could start building his base he thought.  Standing up he ignored the human retching behind the counter as he disengaged his mind from its cesspool it called a mind. The more time he spent in these primitive creatures minds the more disgusted he became. The things these breeders wanted to do with female humans were sickening. Surely there were a few Gay people around during this time period. Unless, of course, the Army of God had taken control and started their genocide policy. A disturbing thought to investigate another day he decided as he walked out of the café.

Walking around behind the café, he found an out of way place to port away without being seen. Arriving in the warehouse he had found from the decommissioned naval base pictures of on the internet he nodded his head as he turned around and took in his surroundings. This would be the perfect place to build his habitat he thought as he stared up at the ceiling several stories above him. Seeing what looked like an office in the distance he started walking towards it, ever watchful for security cameras or anything of the like. Looking through the window he noticed the dust covering everything. This place had been abandoned for a long time it looked like, which would be perfect for his plans. Porting into the office he finally relaxed enough to let the tears flow. If he was anyone else he would have broken down when he realized just when and where he was, but being Aaron’s son he had been exposed to a lot of planning sessions and was expected to think on his feet. Luckily, although his dad never pushed him to do or achieve anything more than he was comfortable with, he would need every ounce of that training to get back home.

Using a combination of kinesis and porting to get rid of the dust covering the furniture in the inner office, Nate sat down and leaned back in the chair and took several deep breaths, letting them out slowly. Going over his options he mentally checked them off as he planned his next moves. First step, freedom and a secure location to work out of: check. Second step, food and water.  Well he knew where to get that and, closing his eyes to concentrate he ported some of the food and drinks he had spotted at the internet café to the desk in front of him. Sustenance to be able to survive: check.

Resources, he thought, that was next on his list of things to do. He had a secure, for the moment, until he could reinforce the building, location to work out of. He had a plan to get the building materials to build his habitat and he still had his gifts so he could port to a location the humans could not get to him. He really should have paid more attention to the bio-sciences class when he was still in school, he would have to rely on the information in his P.A.D.D. to build a suitable biome to keep a breathable atmosphere in the habitat.

Pulling out his P.A.D.D. he brought up some survival buildings he had preloaded, just in case, and went through the best designs that would work for his situation. Porting the empty dishes and water bottle to the alley behind the café, he finally stopped scrolling through the options and decided on the large dome greenhouse structure he found. It was originally designed as an underwater facility, but the sheer amount of space that was contained within the dome was unbelievable. Not to mention, this was the only design that had the complete list of what was needed to be planted in the biome to make sure it could support Alteran life.

As he made notes of what he needed and in what order they needed to be produced in, Nate wondered what he was going to do about sex.  On the one hand his people were an offshoot of the humans in ages past; on the other, humans disgusted him. But he had found out, once he hit fourteen and discovered the joys of sex with someone else, that it was hard to give up especially when you are used to having sex several times a day. Bestiality was not really his thing, but was it truly bestiality? Granted any human he had sex with was not Alteran, they did not have the stamina or biology his people did, but… hand falling to the medallion around his neck he realized he did have a small reservoir of nanites that, in theory, with the right equipment, he could alter a human to become Alteran. He would have to think on it further, maybe see if he could be aroused by some delightful male flesh if he ignored the fact they were human. For now he needed to secure an area where he could get some sleep. Tomorrow would be the start of a new day, and he would need to be well rested with all the porting he would have to do.


Morning came far too early, Nate thought as he shifted on the couch he had found in the second floor office. The night before he had used more energy than he thought he would just securing the building, making sure the large doors could not move by using kinesis to jam the tracks. Throwing off the blanket he had ported from the hospital, Nate picked his head up off the similarly pilfered pillow and rubbed his eyes. The day was going to be a long one he thought, so the sooner he found a place to get food the better.

Pulling out the lone SE110 he had on him when he fell into the dimensional portal, he activated it with a push of kinesis and synced it up with his P.A.D.D.  Finger directing it by tracing on the screen, he sent it out the window and to the outskirts of the base. Soon he had the SE110 dashing down streets and zipping in and out of doors until he found a market. Directing the SE110 to stay near the ceiling he stared at the screen as he ported several pastries to the desk he was working at.  Biting into the sweet pastry he slowly took in all the colorful offerings, porting anything that caught his fancy to the desk top. Taking a sip of orange juice he had ported over he winced at how sweet it was. Did these humans not have any sense of taste; did they have to put sugar in everything they made?

Taking a bite of the meat, some sort of pig he thought by the taste, Nate directed the SE110 out the door and high into the air. Overlaying a map of the area he had downloaded from the internet yesterday he ported the SE110 to the steel plant, setting the alarm function of the program operating the probe to warn him when it arrived. Pulling up the plans for the dome he started to list what he would need to have built and in what lengths so he would be ready once he had control of a few of the workers at the steel mill so they could make his supply of support beams.

Half an hour later, list long since finished, Nate sat at the desk, components he had pulled from his pack strewn across it as he slowly built the override he would need to install on the rover. Part one of his plan required that he take control of the rover tonight. From there he would need to port the rover to the site his people had used in his dimension to build the Mars base. Once the rover was at the new location, he could make sure the cave system was the same.  If it was, and it should be, he could install the dome over one of the craters where section ninety one ten used to be in his world. A small closed ended cavern system that would be easy to seal so it would hold a breathable atmosphere. The question was, he thought, how to go about making one of these primitive gasoline engines work in an environment that lacked sufficient oxygen to allow it to function properly.

Mind racing as he thought of possibilities and discarded them just as easily, Nate decided that in the beginning he would have to seal the air intake on the machines and use compressed air. It should work and, if he tested it on a small engine that would generate electricity, he could set up some work lights in the tunnels as he sprayed on the Ceramacrete sealant to the walls. Which brought up his next stop this morning, he needed to find a lab that could create the additive. As the warning beep sounded he switched to the video feed from the SE110 and smiled as he saw one of the workers sitting in front of a computer. He would be able to find his next target easily enough without having to go back to that café thing.

Porting to the spot behind the worker he saw from the SE110’s feed, he quickly took control of the human’s mind before it knew he was even here. Examining the man’s mind he shook his head as he made sure the room was secure and that he had gone unnoticed. Implanting commands in the man’s mind was easy, though his stomach was starting to growl telling him he was burning a lot of calories. Porting another one of those pastries from where he had been working on his transmission circuits, Nate ate it slowly as he implanted the recipe to be used to create his support beams into the man’s mind. Ignoring the man’s conversation, he had built a fantasy world that the man was experiencing that mimicked a meeting with a new client, he paid attention to the man’s mumbling when he said that the first of the support beams would be ready for delivery on Monday, three days from now.  Pulling up an image of a chemical factory not too far away that should be able to create his additive, Nate ported away.

Several hours later, Nate finished eating the fourth rather tasty steak sandwich and sat back in his chair. He had gotten a lot accomplished this morning and he was eager to get to Mars to see what he had to work with. He had a good supply of the additive, altered so it could be sprayed on in a fiberglass mix, of which he also had a good supply. He had collected several large compressed tanks of air, he giggled at the looks that must have crossed the guards faces when they noticed the large forty foot by ten foot around tanks had gone missing, and between the three of them it should allow him to pressurize one of the tunnels so he could work without having to worry about a suit breach.

What had him happy though was the find from the internet; they had primitive robots that he could repurpose as assemblers. So a trip to one of the computer stores, where he could procure several of the latest and greatest systems that he could tie into each other, ancient by his standards, but workable for now; he should be able to use his P.A.D.D. to program a set of controllers to run the robots. Which meant he thought, as he pulled a pad of paper over he had grabbed from one of the desks at his fourth stop of the morning to write on, another list was in order. Pausing as he finished the list he spoke for the first time in days, “Two months. If everything goes without a hitch, it will be two months before I can move to Mars and start building the tech I need without having to fear being discovered.” Looking out the window at the darkening sky he mumbled, “That is a long time to be alone, without anyone to talk to.”


Taking a break two weeks later Nate was walking down the path of one of the more hard to get to parks in the bay area trying to focus on something other than the fact he really needed to slow down. He had lost twenty pounds he could ill afford to lose, like all Strantons he never had more than two percent of body fat to begin with. If he could not find a way to increase the calories he ate, he would soon be too sick to continue building the base, and that was something he could ill afford to happen. Granted in another three weeks the majority of building using Kinesis would be over with, but he doubted he had another week before he would be seriously too weak to port around. And that would leave him vulnerable, something to be avoided at all costs.

Hence why he was strolling in the park instead of raising the last section of the dome roof on Mars.

“No…Please don’t, we didn’t do anything to you,” a voice that sounded young and male carried on the night air.

Stopping on the path, Nate tilted his head as he tried to tell where the voice was coming from. He really shouldn’t get involved, but something about the panic that was carried with the voice stopped him from ignoring it. Hearing what sounded like flesh hitting flesh from off the path, in the wooded area to the left, he crept through the trees silently. Coming to a small clearing, Nate spotted several older human males beating a younger one. Scanning the clearing carefully he noticed another young male lying on the ground with one of the older males ripping at the first one’s pants. He really should not get involved he thought, even if the younger males were about to be raped. After all they were…

“Fags like the two of you will enjoy my big cock splitting you open,” one of the thugs muttered as he laughed at the pleading he was hearing from the fag still standing. “After all, we finally have a president who knows what deviant sub-human animals all of you freaks are. Hell, the cops will probably give me a medal as I turn over your well fucked asses to them so they can sell you to some rich bastard in another country.”

Nate saw red. Stepping into the clearing he made his presence known, “You disgusting pieces of filth need to leave before I get any angrier than I am right now.”


“Oh look boys, another fag come to have his ass split open,” Clyde crowed as he spotted the kid that tried to stop them from having a little fun. “Come here pretty boy and my friends will not rough you up,” he laughed as he made the comment. He thought he was being generous, after all everyone knew fags liked to take it up the ass, and he suspected they liked it rough too.

Enraged, Nate waved his hand and using kinesis threw the loud mouthed thug into a tree, his body sliding down after the sound of breaking bones filled the night air.

“Why you son of a bitch,” T-man screamed as he pulled a gun and aimed it at the freak.

Seeing what looked like a hand weapon, Nate clenched his fist and crushed the thug’s heart with his gift. Just as quickly he locked eyes with the last two thugs and broke their necks as he used his kinesis to twist their heads around in a circle. With the attackers down and no longer among the living, he asked the kid who had run to his friend’s side, “Are you okay?”

Theo nodded his head as he tried to get Gene to wake up. Not getting a response he started to panic as hot tears ran downs his face. “Gene? Come on Gene, wake up please,” he whispered. Afraid that if he was too loud the cops would find them, or another group of bashers.

Sighing, Nate pulled out his P.A.D.D. and the small scanner and moved over so he could kneel next to the unconscious kid. Running the scanner over Gene he noticed the slight swelling of the kid’s brain. A concussion at least, but it did not look to serious. Luckily for Gene, as he ran the scanner over the rest of the kid’s body, he noticed the damage was contained to bruising, nothing more. Putting his scanner back in his pouch he looked at the kid staring at him, “Your friend will be alright after he wakes up. More than likely he will have a headache he and be extremely sore for the next couple of days.”

“Who are you?” Theo whispered as he tried to figure out what kind of equipment the guy used. He looked to be their age, but he let out as he tried to figure out what to do, “Are you even from this world?”

“No,” Nate answered truthfully. Watching the kid carefully and skimming his mind. The other kid on the ground was his boyfriend and it looked like they had run away because the leader of this country was in the process of rounding up gay people. “And to answer the next question you are going to ask, no I am not human.”

Mouth moving, but not able to say anything Theo wondered if he had been hit harder than he thought. Because the kid did not just tell him he was an alien, did he? Mind finally reaching its limits Theo noticed his vision go gray around the edges before he passed out.

Nate sighed, the two of them would probably end up killed if he left them here, and while that was the smart thing to do, he remembered something his father had mentioned; how much he had wished he had been able to save all the gay kids he had left behind when he moved out of the United States. So many of the young kids that had thought they would be safe coming out into the open were the ones targeted by the government in the beginning. Dad had always wondered how different things would have turned out if he had a much larger group of gay people to pull on when they discovered the means to alter themselves.

Mind made up, Nate hesitated as he prepared to port the three of them to his Mars base, or at least the sealed tunnel section. Reaching over he unsnapped and unzipped both teens’ pants and pulled their undershorts down. Seeing that they were indeed male he let out a mental sigh of relief, for a second he had a horrifying thought that once he had ported the three of them to his base he would find the teens were females. As he touched both teens he closed his eyes and ported to Mars, appearing in the section he had partitioned off to hold the heat in. Moving to the small dresser he had ported out of a store somewhere he poured some water from the pitcher into a bowl and grabbed the soap and wash cloth. Quickly stripping the kid who had the concussion he gently soaped him up and washed him thoroughly before using kinesis to levitate him to his bed. Placing him under the covers he changed the dirty water out and repeated what he had done to the first kid with the second, Theo was the name he picked up from the kid’s mind.

Realizing he had become slightly aroused at washing the two teens, Nate poured the dirty water into the bucket and walked out of the bedroom, the two houseguests safely tucked in behind him. Thoughts in turmoil as he walked out the partitioned area and down the tunnel to the area he had set up with grow lights and marsh plants, he poured the water into the first section’s holding area. It would eventually flow through the swamp and water filtering plants and be filtered, coming out the end to the small pond as fresh water to be cleaned and reused. Setting the bucket down near the plant filter, he walked down the tunnel towards the glass window in the airlock wall. Staring out at the unfinished dome, he levitated the last beams in place and directed the small assemblers he had modified after taking them from a lab in Japan, to fuse them to the rest. As the final beam floated into place, Nate had a feeling his dad would be proud of him. Doing something he always felt he should have done, saving the gay teens because they were targeted first, but never did because he had cut all ties with his old country after leaving.


Groaning, Gene rolled over and had to fight down the nausea that hit him. Cracking open an eye he saw Theo sleeping next to him. Realizing they were in a bed, he opened his eyes further to try to see if he could find out where they were. Sitting up carefully he fought down another wave of nausea; as his stomach settled down he became aware of another need, he had to pee pretty badly. Slowly looking around the room so his head, which felt like it was going to explode, did not move to fast and bring on another bout of nausea, he saw a note on the lamp near the bedside with an arrow pointing down.  Use this to pee in, the note said. Spotting one of those hospital bedside pee bottles he did as the note told him and brought the urinal over and, as he slid the blanket down, that was when he noticed he was naked. Urge to empty his bladder greater than his fright, he quickly sighed in relief as he pointed the end of his dick into the bottle and relaxed, letting his bladder empty into the bottle.

Hearing the sound of water, Theo opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Gene sitting on the side of the bed. The sound of water was coming from him, so he must be pissing into something he thought. He hoped he left room or had another bottle, because he realized he needed to take a piss too.  When the sound of peeing died down he asked quietly, so not to startle Gene, “Are you alright?”

Putting the bottle back on the nightstand, Gene turned slowly and told Theo, “I feel like crap; like I was hit by a car or something. But I’m alive, what happened? How did we get away? And where are we?”

“Is there room in that bottle for me to add to it?” Theo asked as he sat up and noticed he too was naked.

Pointing past Theo’s shoulder to the other bed side table and the bottle with the same note he found on his side of the bed, he told him, “You have your own, it looks like.”

Glancing behind him, Theo was relieved to find he had his very own empty pee bottle. Slipping from under the covers he stood up and grabbed the bottle, placed the end of his penis into it and sighed audible as he let fly. Putting the now near full bottle back on the table he sat back on the bed and faced Gene, “What is the last thing you remember?”

“Getting jumped by those gang bangers. They wanted too…” trailing off as his hand went to his backside, to his hole, he sighed when he felt it was normal, not stretched out or sore like had had been raped. “They were going to fuck us,” he said in horror.


“They were stopped,” Theo said, though he left off that their rescuer killed the gang members. “Someone who looked to be our age stopped them. He must have brought us here somehow,” he trailed off as he remembered the last thing he had been told. The kid was not human.

Seeing the look on Theo’s face, Gene was worried. Maybe they needed to find their clothes and escape. He looked like they had traded one set of captors for another. “What is wrong?”

“He had this gadget that allowed him to look inside your body, like your skin was not there,” Theo said slowly as he looked up at Gene. “The last thing I remember him saying was he was not from Earth.”

“I’m not,” Nate said as he walked into the room, helmet of the spacesuit under his right arm. Sitting it down on the table near the door he took in the expressions on the two teens’ faces and grinned. Porting out of the spacesuit he chuckled as they eyes glazed over, picking up the suit he draped it over the table and stretched. The thing was hot and cramped. Shrugging as he poured some water into the bowl he grabbed a clean washcloth and soap and started to wash the sweat off his body. “I’m not that different than the two of you, but I am not human like you.” Glancing over his shoulder, washcloth full of suds as he soaped up his back where he could reach, he told them, “I was involved in a dimensional accident, and I found myself on Earth in the past.”

“Not human?” Gene said slowly as his eyes took in the kid’s naked body. Everything looked like the same stuff they had. This kind had to be putting them on, trying to sell them a story. Glancing at the spacesuit he had to wonder though, that looked like the real thing. And how he got out of it…

“Who are you?” Theo asked as he watched the teen wash himself. He had to wonder if there was a reason why he just did not shower. Why go to the bother of taking a sponge bath?

“My name is Nathanial Stranton, of Clan Stranton of the Kingdom of Altare,” Nate said as he started to rinse the soap off his body. “And no, Gene,” he said as he turned to face the teen, “I am not spouting bullshit like you are thinking. Among other things I’m a telepath.”

“Prove it!” Gene demanded as he stared at the naked kid.

“Alright,” Nate nodded as he thought about the observation bubble he had first built to house the telescope he used to watch Earth. It had since fallen out of use because he noticed right away that there was nothing in orbit around Earth that could spot his base. “We can’t stay long, because it is getting cold on the surface. Not to mention we are not dressed for the cold.” Walking over to the two on the bed he reached out an arm. “Place a hand or finger on my arm and I’ll teleport us to the observation bubble. You can see for yourselves where you are.”

Hesitating, Gene looked at Theo before touching Nate’s, that is if that was the kids name, arm. Blinking back the spots that appeared before his eyes he shivered as the sudden cold hit his bare skin. Looking around at the glass walled room he stared at the red desert and the NASA emblazoned rover on the other side of the wall. Shaking his head he heard Theo whisper that they were not on Earth any more. Turning to face Theo he saw his boyfriend was looking through a telescope, touching the side wall he instantly pulled back his fingers. It was like touching ice he thought.

Giving the two a moment longer to look around, Nate touched both of them and ported them back to the airlock in the tunnel he had made his temporary home in. Warmer now, he sighed quietly as the two moved over to stand by the window and look out at the assemblers moving sheets of half formed Ionosin around, attaching the sheets to the support beams. It looked like they had another two hours of welding to do before he would have to go out and move the next layer of panels into place.

Gene noticed right away they were bouncier than they should be. Taking a small jump, one that back on Earth he would have barely made it four inches off the ground, he found himself passing the window as his eyes widened in shock. “What the fuck?” he screamed out in panic.

Reaching up, Nate caught Gene’s leg and pulled him down gently. Once the teen’s feet were firmly on the floor once more he told him, “It will be another two weeks before I get the gravity generators built so they can be installed, so we are stuck with point three eight of normal gravity. Which means we will have to spend several hours on Earth each day so we don’t lose too much bone mass.”

“We are really on Mars,” Gene whispered as it sunk in. looking at Nate he took a step back, “And you are really an Alien?”

Wincing slightly, Nate told him, “Not an alien, just not Human like you are.” Sighing he waved at them to follow, “Let’s go get something to eat.” Walking back down the tunnel, which still had some cold spots he told the two, “I only got full power up and running last night. So there is bound to be some spots in the tunnel that are still chilly.”

“I noticed,” Theo muttered as he hit another cold spot. He felt like his balls had been sucked up inside him with how cold he was. Sighing in relief when they approached what looked like one of those living machines he had read about while he still had a home, he let the warm humid air caress his body as he started to thaw.

Pointing to the table with food on it, Nate told them, “Help yourselves to whatever. I’m not sure what some of this stuff is, but it’s not bad.” Grabbing a chunk of pig he put it on a plate with some of the steamed vegetables he served himself.”

“Dude,” gene looked at Nate with wide eyes. “Do you have a thing for ham or something?”

“Oh, is that what this is called?” Nate said as he waved the chunk of pig above his plate. Seeing the nod he shrugged, “Maybe that’s something the two of you can do for me.” Seeing he had their interest he smiled slightly, “I have a higher metabolism than you do; I’ve lost about twenty pounds because I am not getting enough calories. I have no clue what most of the food stuff I’ve found is, so I have no way of knowing if it is giving me what I need.”

“You do look pretty skinny,” Theo said as he suddenly noticed how skinny Nate was. He could see Nate’s ribs clearly but he had assumed it was normal; maybe they could help him out as a way of thanking him. “You might want to try one of the health food stores, they have high protein drinks and bars that body builders use to gain muscle mass.”

“That might help,” Nate mused. “Next time we are on Earth I’ll ask you to point out one of these stores to me.”

“You can always eat junk food,” Gene offered. “A lot of calories in that stuff, I know if you eat too much you can get fat.”

“I tried some of the food they call junk food, too sweet for me,” Nate grimaced as the memory hit him.

“So,” gene took a look around the area they were in. “you’re stranded here in our world. How long have you been here?”

“Three weeks,” Nate sighed as he sat on the edge of the containment wall. “It will be another three weeks before the dome you saw through the airlock will be finished and ready to be aired up.” Thinking about it he told them, “More like have the air exchanged with something breathable. It’s going to take a week just to bring it up to temperature. Then, once it is, I will spend another two week just planting all the trees and plants in it so the oxygen will be kept fresh. Once that is done I can get on with building the technology I need to build, so I can build the equipment I need to be able to produce the parts I need to bring the technology available to me up to the needed level, just to build a beacon to let my people know where I am. Not to mention being able to search for a way home myself.”

Rinsing his plate off by the tap over this end of the pond filter, Nate was reminded of something, “Before I forget, I know we are still somewhat primitive right now, but the toilet is on the side of this planter. You can empty those bottles in it and rinse them out at this tap. Just don’t drink the water coming out of it, it’s not been purified for drinking but it is safe for washing.”

“So,” gene asked slowly as he washed his plate and spotted the toilet. “What are we going to do about clothes, I assume ours is being washed or something.”

“I’ll get some for you when I head back to Earth to pick up the next shipment of equipment and supplies,” Nate said as he stared down the tunnel as he thought about offering the teens a place with him. “While I’m gone I am going to let you have access to part of the computer network I’ve created, it has some of the history of my people on it.” Turning to face the two he told them, “The only reason why I’m even considering telling you this is because my medical scans told me you are gay. All eight genetic clusters that determine a person’s sexuality in both of you are positive for being gay.”

Seeing their panicked look he told them before they had a chance to run away, not that they could go anywhere, “My people only have one sex, male. So to my mind, the two of you being gay, it makes you one step above the humans which I’ve always considered to be nothing but beasts.”

“How do you have kids if you are all guys,” Theo heard the part about a race of gay people and that was the only thing that came to mind right away.

“We long ago perfected artificial wombs,” Nate smiled as he prayed to the winds that he would be able to get back to Chris. One day they promised each other they would father a child together. “It is easy for two fathers to go to the infirmary and make love while cells are extracted so a son can be conceived.”

“Cool,” Theo whispered in awe as he looked at Gene, his boyfriend in a new way. Wondering what a son created by the two of them would be like.

Pointing to the partitioned off area at an angle from them, “That is my temporary living quarters; until the dome is finished and the house is built that is. I’ll have to bring up another bed unless you don’t mind sharing for a while.” Nate mumbled loud enough to be heard, not that he realized it, “It would be nice to wake up next to someone. It’s been lonely.” Shaking his head he smiled at them, “Right, I need to go to the power plant and kick the output up a notch, now that I know it is working without problems. I had to resort to a small nuclear reactor to get enough power to make this place run. Go ahead and make a note of sizes that you both wear, I’ll grab a couple of changes of clothes and bring it back with me.”

“You’re doing a lot for us,” Gene said slowly. He had picked up on how lonely Nate was in his mumble, “Does this mean you are going to let us stay here for now, because if it does, we’ll do whatever we can to help out. It’s not safe for gay people back on Earth right now.”

“You can stay as long as you like,” Nate shrugged. He had heard the comment the thug had made and now he decided he needed to do some research. If this dimension’s version of the Army of God were just showing themselves, he just might have to seriously think about making his father’s wistful wish come true, at least in this dimension. “We’ll talk when I get back in a few minutes. I’m sure after you go through the computer while I’m gone you’ll have more questions for me.” Waving at the two he ported to the other tunnel, where he had built the pebble reactor.

Blinking, then taking a step and waving his arm through the space Nate had just been standing in a heartbeat before, Gene slowly turned to face Theo, “I’m not sure how much more I can take before my brain shuts down and I go running down this tunnel screaming.”

“I know,” Theo moved over so he could hug Gene. Holding him in his arms he let some of the fear he had been bottling up out.  “I was so scared we were going to be killed last night. When you went down and I could not get you to wake up after Nate took care of the guys who attacked us…I…”

“Shhh,” Gene whispered as he felt hot tears fall on his shoulder. “We are safe now. That is the important thing. And as strange as it is, we might have a chance at a good life now. Maybe we can convince this Nate to leave us here on Mars after he finds a way home. After all he would have already built a place that we can survive in.”

“Maybe we can talk him into saving a few others,” Theo added as he smiled and rubbed the tears off his face. “That way, once he goes home we won’t be lonely.”

“Come on,” Gene smiled after kissing Theo on the lips. “Let’s go empty those bottles before he gets back and make our lists. We can work on a way to ask him to save a few of our friends later, once we prove we can be a great help to him.  We can use that as the basis of asking him to save more of us.”


Staring at the readouts, Nate wished for the thirteenth time since the plant went live that he had access to some of the elements he took for granted back home. Without element 136, which when used in the fusion reactor turned into element 137 and back to element 136 when cooled, there was no way to create a working fusion reactor. So he was stuck using a nuclear reactor, but at least the design for the pellet reactor he was using was safe. Noticing the reactor was holding steady at two percent capacity, he decided tomorrow would be filled with installing the rest of the heating and power units to the tunnels. In fact if he stopped by that one factory in Indonesia he might see how far along they had come with his order, that and to reinforce the mental controls he had placed on all of the employees of that factory.

Since the readings were what they should have been, Nate ported back to the filtering pond and walked into the temporary dwelling, “I’m back. Did you have a chance to get the list written out that I asked for?”

“We did,” Gene handed over the short list with their sizes on it. He had included shoe sizes and a list of toiletries he was hoping could be picked up at the same time. “We tried to pick generic names for some of the items instead of brand names; I thought it would be easier on you since you might not be familiar with what is available here on Earth.”

Looking at the list Nate did not see anything that should give him any trouble though some of the things listed on it he was clueless on what it was used for. “Very true,” he told them as he slipped into his uniform. The good thing was his uniform was made out of material that resisted dirt and body stains, so a good shake and hanging it up to air was enough to clean it. Finger running along the seam to seal it, he pocketed the list. Moving over to the computer, he pushed some of the wires out of the way, “Don’t mind the wires, I was trying to make the computer less ancient by cascading them in series.”

“Ancient?” Theo whispered as he stared at the four top of the line CPUs sitting on the old desk.

Nodding his head, Nate waved his P.A.D.D. which he put in his thigh pouch, “This computer has the processing power to run every computerized piece of equipment on the Earth, all at one time. It would take about five percent of its processing capacity to do that. So much of the technology I need to recreate is based off this computer system. That’s why I have to build the technology to be able to build the assembler line that can produce the components to build this type of system.” Pointing to the clock he told them, “I should be back in about three hours, give or take half an hour”

“I’ll port the clothes and such to the table near the pond filter shortly,” Nate told them. “But to tell the truth; where I come from we only wear clothing when we need protection or have to be out and about on worlds that have a colder climate than back home.” Minding his manners he walked back out the door after waving at his two guests, porting down to Earth once he had closed the door.