Chapter  90




Stepping outside the airlock door for the first time since the dome had been finished; Nate looked around at all the gray dirt. More like sand, he thought. It had taken another week after the assemblers had lasered the last panel in place before he had all the heating towers ported up and anchored to the rock floor deep under the sandy soil. Once they were up and power lines had been run he had turned them on.  It took another week before the temperature was stable enough to work outside the tunnel safely. Today, well today they would start installing the gravity generators. Once that was done he could give the ground a good soaking with biologically infused rain that would introduce the bacteria and microbes to the soil needed for plant growth.

The same assemblers he had the humans build that removed the excess sulfur from the soil, also laid the Ceramacrete channels for the power lines, and seeded the soil with certain minerals it lacked as it churned it up. All the extra sulfur was sent to one of the factories he had used to create the Ionosin walls for the houses in the habitat tunnel. He had them sell it so they could afford to order in more supplies to build what he needed. Theo and Gene had been instrumental in advancing his plans. He had time to get the second and third assembler lines built, and tooled to produce the components needed to finally be able to create the tech he was used to working with. A full two months early. Hearing the airlock door open he greeted them, "Good morning."

"Nate, where do you spend the night?" Theo had been elected spokesman for both of them. "When you brought us here you told us we would have to share a bed for sleeping, and since that night you've never slept in your bed. It's like we kicked you out of your bedroom."

"I've been sleeping in the tunnel that houses the reactor," Nate said softly as he looked down at the ground. "I did try to sleep next to you in the beginning." Looking at them he told them, "I want to say up front, it is not you; I just have an issue sleeping next to humans. Moving to the platform with the stack of gravity generators on it, he explained, "I think it is time for me to share some history form my dimension with both of you. It should help you understand why I consider most humans to be no better than animals to be put down."

Placing the first generator in the housing he snapped the power line into it. When it started to hum he closed and secured the lid before moving to the next one.  Glancing to either side of him, he saw Theo and Gene on either side of him copying his actions. "In my dimension it all started a couple of years ago your time. My father, seeing the state of things to come sold everything and bought a small valley in Bolivia. A private place he could research to his heart's content and not be afraid the anti-gay feelings that were rising would bother him. And, according to what he has told us while growing up numerous times, his first mistake was to cut off all ties to the outside world. Because of the isolation he made huge strides in genetic engineering, having completely decoded the Human genome right before he moved. He never did share his findings with the rest of the world because he was afraid of what they would do when it came out he had discovered being Gay was genetic and controlled by eight specific clusters of genes."

"During this time, when he was making huge strides and discoveries, a religious and intolerant government came into power in the United States, and because of the way the Internet allowed gay people to connect and come out of hiding and demand equal rights under the law, Gay people for the first time became a trackable group that could be traced to each individual. It took time, but laws were put into place that made Gays non-people."

"But," Theo stopped walking to the next generator housing in shock, "but that is what is going on, on Earth, right now."

"I know," Nate said as he looked back at Theo. "If what happened in my dimension follows the same path it is about to get much worse on Earth."

"One of the first discoveries my father made, and actually implemented on himself before anyone else, was a genetic change that slowed down his aging process." Nate moved to the next location for a gravity generator, making Theo and Gene catch up so they could hear. "While he planned changes that would alter him so he was no longer human, the United States fell to the theological tyrants. You have to understand," he explained, "my father did not know what was going on. Because of his isolation he had thought he had time to come up with rock solid alterations to change the human race into something greater. To give them abilities only found in science fiction; the ability to teleport, to move things with the power of one's mind, telekinesis, and finally the ability to talk mind to mind, telepathy. And he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams." Taking the next generator off a new platform he placed it in the housing and hooked it up. As he screwed the cover down he continued. "Then the first refugee showed up in his valley; half dead, a victim of the abusive regime that had replaced the democracy of a once great country. The refugee had horror stories of what had happened during the years of isolation while my father had been making the discovery of a lifetime."

"Because he had already modified himself with the alterations he had created he was able to read from the man's mind what he had gone through, which was a good thing because he did not survive more than a few days after being found." Moving to the next housing he checked to make sure Theo and gene were still with him. "When he found out what was going on in the outside world, he opened his valley up to the gay people on the run from an oppressive regime. And after a couple of years, heterosexuals started to show up in his valley. They had escaped as the regime had targeted them because they were different, or had the potential to have a child who was gay. You see, sometime in the years they had taken over, the new government found some of my father's research and duplicated it to prove him a liar, but instead they found out he had been correct. So they started to test people, and if they had the potential to have a child that would be one of those godless abominations, in other words gay, they would be put to death as defective."

"During this time of country wide cleansing the new government killed off millions of people," Nate ported a bottle of water from the refrigerator and offered Theo and Gene one too. After taking care of his dry mouth he looked at both of them when Gene asked a question.

"Why did other countries not try to stop what was going on?" Gene asked as he started to have a bad feeling about the story he was hearing, like it was a glimpse of the future of their world.

"One of the countries did try," Nate told him. "When the first troops landed on U.S. soil they were slaughtered. Not only that, but the country was obliterated by nuclear bombs." Moving back to placing the generators he picked up where he left off.

"When the old US changed its name to God's Holy Land, my father and the others started to search for a means to leave the planet." Nate smiled as he looked at the mountains outside the dome in the distance, "In fact this base is on the very spot the first Mars colony was founded by my father and the others. That's why I have such detailed plans on the tunnels around here."

Getting back to the history lesson, Nate moved to the fifth platform with waiting generators on it, "During this time while the scientists were trying to find the means to leave the Earth, my father altered most of the people who had flocked to his valley. They had a small reprieve during the short nuclear winter that enveloped the world, but the new Holy Land came through it stronger than ever and with an army that started to conquer every other country it came across. Their goal was to rule the world under one god, and religion. And they were able to."

"The first betrayal happened when some of the heterosexuals that had been altered decided that the Holy Land had some good ideas. Mainly that gay people were unnatural and should not be allowed to have all the same rights as normal people. That betrayal started my father down the road that led him to distrust straight people, and led him to eliminate his enemies by using his gifts. He then went back to the lab and tied the abilities he had worked so hard on creating to the genes that determined if a person was gay or not."

"Soon after that they escaped to Mars leaving the world behind to fall into medieval times," Nate sighed as he moved to the next platform. "Ten years went by and the new cities grew. Technology was developed and they advanced in leaps and bounds, but underneath another betrayal was festering. You see two cities were built, and my father moved to the one where this colony is being created."

"During the time they were building their new world, using spaceships they had created, both cities visited Earth for supplies and refugees frequently. My Father's people only rescued those gay people they found, and when he brought them back he would alter them with his new version of the upgrades he created. That was the start of a new race of beings as he had made sure that each person's DNA would pass down the changes so that any children would be born with the gifts. He also tweaked it so they would be born male."

"Somehow the other city found out what he was doing and leaked technology to the zealots on earth, which allowed them to attack the colonies on Mars." Nate decided after two more platforms they would be finished for the day. "Because of the amount of people who had been altered in the city my father founded, they used their telekinesis to divert the missiles sent their way. Unfortunately the first city, the city who had allowed some of their ships to fall into the zealots' hands, died; every person in the city lost their lives. Because of that betrayal, my father openly attacked Earth, destroying the ships they had gotten their hands on. But they had already started to build others so a new race was on, a race to find another world to live on."

"Flash forward several hundred years, and my people had found a new home world, not only that they had created the artificial wombs and we settled down to a peaceful life of research and exploration. We had thought we left the humans behind long ago and they could not reach us. We were wrong," Nate growled out with hate.

"They found you, didn't they?" Gene whispered in horror. By the amount of hatred in Nate's voice he knew the answer before he even asked.

"They did," Nate closed his eyes and let the tears he had refused to let fall on that day fall now. "Two months before I had my accident and found myself here, the humans attacked us. Their nuclear bombs took out ninety percent of our population before we even knew they were in our system, including my family. My father had survived because he was deep inside the planet doing maintenance on the core. From that day we put every mind to work on finding a way to go back into the past to stop the human warships before they had a chance to attack us. The dimensional portal I was working on was the first step in creating a way to traverse into the past."

"Which seems to have worked if your being back here is anything to go by," Theo spoke up for the first time since the history lesson started. "But you did not intend to end up in this dimension, so what went wrong?"

"I remember an explosion from the console behind me, then nothing until I woke up here in your dimension," Nate answered as he took the last gravity generator from the platform and installed it. Standing up and stretching he smiled as he saw how much they had accomplished. "We should be able to finish this in another day, day and a half, it looks like. Your help has been invaluable."

"You don't hate us, do you?" Gene asked as he looked at Nate's face to see if he was going to lie to them.

"No," Nate was quick to say as he looked at the serious expression on Gene's face." At first I was uncomfortable around you but I knew you were gay. So that made me more comfortable. Then you shattered my preconceived notions by jumping in and making this place your home; even going so far as to try to find solutions for my problems with the lack of proper nutrition for my metabolism." Shaking his head he smiled at them, "Soon after I rescued the two of you a thought hit me, my father would have done everything he could have to help you because you were gay, he would have considered you one of us."

"Then I realized he would have seen the situation on Earth as an opportunity to do what he had failed to do before," Nate told them. "I realized he would have taken this dimensional accident as his chance to do something he always wished he could have done, if he had not cut himself off from the world to do his research. I decided he would have wanted me to help you, and as you planned on how best to rescue gay people from what we fear is going to happen, I researched each night before falling asleep in the database on a way to truly make you part of my people like my father would consider both of you."

"You mean..?" Gene asked, trying to keep from hoping.

"I am not my father," Nate told them as he motioned for them to go back to the habitat tunnel. "I had no interest in healing or genetics. Father was alright with that, as he wanted us to be the best we wanted to be at what interested us. But I think I have found a way to make you like me, to make both of you Alteran," looking back at them he saw wonder on their faces and added, "If you want that is. But you have to understand if you go through with this you will not be human any longer. I have to warn you, I think what I came up will work, but I can't be one hundred percent sure. I do know it won't do you any harm."

Thinking about it as they made their way through the airlock and into the tunnel, Theo opened and closed his mouth several times as he looked at Gene to see what he thought about the offer. Seeing he was just as shocked as he was he asked Nate, "Do we have to give you our answer right now? Can we go for a walk through the dome so we can talk about it? This is something we need to be sure of, because I get the feeling from what you've said this is a one way street."

"It is," Nate agreed with Theo's comment about there not being any going back once the change was started. "Another thing to keep in mind, you would be the first, if you decided to go through with it, but every other person we rescue would go through with the same procedure. Once we start to bring people up here to live, we would alter them so there were like both of you. You would be the leaders and fathers of a new race in this dimension. Don't forget, while I will do my best to mentor you, to see you have as much of our technology at your disposal as possible, all I want is to go home to my dimension and family."

"We'll give you our answer shortly," Gene gave Nate a smiled and hand around Theo's waist steered them back out of the airlock and into the dome.

Once they had moved far enough away from the airlock, Theo broke the silence, "WE always knew Nate was going to go home one day."

"True," Gene looked up through the clear roof of the dome, towards the mountain range and it red dusty swirls, "and we hoped to make this our home. I never expected to be able to go back with Nate to his dimension. Did you?"

"No," Theo was quick to answer. "This is our home, and truth be told his offer excites me." Deciding some mindless labor was what he needed while thinking and talking this over, he started to install the gravity generators around the platform they had stopped near.

"Me too," Gene told him as he smiled at Theo going back to work. He always did think better when he was doing physical labor. "MY question is, if we do this, can we handle being the founders of a new race? You would be the leader of a new people."

"ME?" What about you?' Theo stopped, gravity generator in his hands to glare at his boyfriend.

"I'm willing to be your second in command, the other half of your team, but there should only be one leader. Of the two of us, you are the more level headed one."

"But," Theo protest was cut off as Gene interrupted him; he snapped the power cable into the gravity generator and put the lid back on the casing when it started to hum.

"NO!" Gene said as he took another generator off the cart. "I have a temper, we both know that. I would not be a good person to run a new world. I don't have the patience to do the job the way it needs to be done. I will help out, do as much as you ask me to do, but it has to be you that runs this place. It has to be you that has the final say."

"Do you really think I can do this?" Theo asked from where he was putting the next generator in its housing.

"I know you can do this," Gene said with conviction, "but that doesn't mean I will sit back and let you do it all by yourself. I will help as much as I can."

"If we do this," Theo sat back on his haunches as he looked up at Gene, "we are going to have to go into this with Nate's attitude. Humans are not people; they can't be if we are going to do what we need to do to build a new race."

"It's not like most of those down on Earth consider us people," Gene looked away so Theo would not see the tears forming. "If they did, they would not be so quick to try to beat us to death."

"So we do this then?" Theo asked as he stood up and moved to Gene's side and wiped the tears away. "We do this together."

"Together," Gene kissed his boyfriend. Waving at the rest of the generators he smiled, "We might as well get the rest of these put in before heading back."

Seeing the two walk towards the table, Nate called them over to eat, "I ported in some Chinese. We can eat and I'll answer any questions you have that you need to make your decision."

"We don't have questions as much as making sure that we will have what we need to not only survive, but flourish once you go home," Theo told him as he spooned some fried rice onto his plate.

Skimming Theo's thoughts, Nate smiled. They wanted to go through with this even knowing it was not a sure thing. They just wanted to make sure that they had the technology and knowledge that was as close to his dimensions before he went him. They did not want to be stuck in this system if something went wrong without the means to protect themselves.

"I'm willing to build a Computer CORE that is similar to what we use back home," Nate started laying out what he was willing to give them. "I will download everything stored on my P.A.D.D. into it so you have a pretty good knowledge base to work with. You will just have to learn what is in there on your own. Some of the technology that will be included in the system you won't be able to use until you build a few ships and make a trip to a few systems for raw material. Fusion reactors being one of the things you won't be able to build, until you can mine another system for the element needed."

"Anything I've built, of course, will be left behind for your use," Nate paused to take a drink. "I should have several more assembler lines in operations by then. Right now, I have the one that is making the gravity generators.  If we open up the rest of the tunnel system it will need to continue running for another six months. The second line is creating the chips and circuits that all my technology is based upon so that one will probably never be shut down. Right now the third is taking half of the production from the second line and building assemblers to not only tool the other three lines I need to set up, but to mine the raw minerals needed to keep the lines operating. The other half of those assemblers are building the other three production lines I need to build what I need."

"I can, when the fourth line is up and running, do a short run of weapons. Both hand held and orbital platforms that can be placed between Earth and Mars so in the future nothing the humans fire off at you makes it here," Nate would also see about making a few planet buster missiles. That would give them the option to take out a continent or two.

"Since my father never lived past his college years in this universe, I'm willing to give you pretty much everything my people have at our disposal, technological and information wise," Nate told them. "But with the understanding that it never falls into human hands, and you build up your race's numbers to a level that you will thrive. I'll even divert a few components coming off the assembler line to build a small clinic, including our artificial wombs. I can build them, but I have no idea how to use them. So you will have to find someone to learn that from the information I'll have downloaded into your computer core." Smiling at their excitement he told them, "A lot of our technology requires Element 136 to function. Actually element 136 is required for fusion reactors, which are needed to handle the power requirements our technology requires."

"So, our goal after learning how to build and use the technology you will leave us in the computer, should be to go out and find the resources that we need to build the technology from the plans and information you leave us." Seeing Nate nod, Theo told him, "That is more than fair. After all, we will appreciate it more if we don't have everything handed to us."

Good answer, Nate thought. "So I can assume you want to go through with being altered?"

"Yes, we do," Theo said firmly for both Gene and himself.

"Once we finish installing the gravity generators, I'll start the procedure that will alter both of you." Nate told them, "That gives me time to get the Nanites responsible for gene alterations programed alongside finishing the building of the bio-bed that we'll need."

"Something to look forward to," Theo grinned as he grabbed Gene's hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. "How long do you think it will take to finish installing the gravity generators?"

"Another three days should see the last of them installed," Nate answered. "During the time we will be finishing installing the generators, the assemblers will be building the towers that will house the air exchange vents along with the life support module intakes."

Gene crossed his eyes as he tried to understand what the hell Nate was talking about, "I think I need to do some serious studying while I am being altered. I have no clue what all that means, but I do know it is important for our survival, which means I need to know what all is involved."

"There is one problem with that," Nate told him as he finished his dinner, "You will be unconscious for the week it takes to alter you to the Alteran genome. What I've read up on the procedure states clearly that unless we have four or five months for the slower method, which can cause intermittent pain, the best way to alter someone is to place them in the alteration tank and let the computer control the speed of the alteration. The upside to doing it this way is the fact your bodies would be healed to perfect health during the process."

"So we would sleep for a week?" Theo asked. When he saw Nate nod he brought up a point, that he was sure had been taken into account, but he wanted to know, "How are you going to get past the fact Humans usually die if they go more than three days without water?"

"That along with the fact you will need a super form of nutrition during the alteration process is taken care of by the tubes that will be inserted into your bodies," Nate said as he looked at his P.A.D.D. for clarification.

"You're going to probe us?" Gene laughed as he made a reference to an old televisions show and some crackpot conspiracy theorists.

Skimming Gene's mind to find out what the hell the teen was referencing, Nate shook his head when he found the answer. "I'll leave any probing to your boyfriend," he told him and smirked when Gene spit out a mouthful of water. He had waited until he started to take a drink before saying that. Then, getting serious, he told them, "I'm sure my father or any of the other people from my dimension who are involved in the medical field could give you all the proper terms and what not, but from my uneducated standpoint this is what will happen. A tube will be inserted into your ass to remove waste so the fluid you will be suspended in does not get fouled. Another tube will be inserted into your lungs so you can breathe while being in the fluid. Several small ones will be inserted in the crook of your arm that will provide the needed fluid and nutrition your body will require. Sensors will also be attached to monitor you as the process does what it needs to do to alter your genome. That is the best explanation I can come up with because I have no clue what all happens, something I plan to rectify once I get back home; but except for my part of hooking up wires and tubes, the computer will do all the rest."

"Absolutely comforting," Gene said sarcastically looking at Theo who looked amused by his reaction.


Nate looked down at his best effort to build Bio-Tubes with his current technology. They were very primitive, no streamlined housings that hid the power and control lines. No, these monstrosities were as ugly as two heterosexual humans breeding, he thought. But what was important, as he checked the P.A.D.D. that was running the alteration process, was the system worked. Eight days ago, when they had finished installing the last gravity generator in its housing in the bio-dome, he had suggested that Theo and Gene wash up and spend the rest of the day making love to each other until they were too sore to move. He had hid his grin when he told them it would help the alteration process. He was pretty sure Theo caught onto the fact that he was kidding, but if the loud moans and sounds coming from the bedroom was any indication they had exhausted themselves. While they were sleeping he slipped into the room and gave them something to deepen their sleep to something that resembled a coma. From there he ported them to the makeshift med lab and prepped them for alteration.

He had made a decision to imprint into the CORE a series of commands that would be implemented in each and every person altered to the Alteran Genome. The first was that they would never use their gifts against his people, and the second was that each and every one of them would be loyal to Theo as the leader of the new Alteran nation in this dimension. He had thought long and hard about that when he first started to investigate what was involved in altering humans, and in the end he decided, just like his father found out, that implanting a command to be loyal to the leader was prudent; especially since it did not carry over to natural born Alterans.

During the seven days Theo and Gene were being altered, a lot had been accomplished in the fledgling base. Organic material had been ported up and incorporated with the Martian soil that the assemblers had purified of the excess sulfur compounds. There had been three rain cycles to hydrate the soil to something that would support life, the last being something more than the several hour long mists of the first two. Grass seed had been planted throughout the dome in the areas set aside for lawns and several gardens had been planted with seed for vegetables. This morning he had planted several hundred tropical fruit trees using his kinetics along with several hundred flowering shrubs.

Inside the habitat tunnel he had directed the assemblers to start building the apartments, and he had to work hard to keep ahead of their need for supplies that he was constantly porting up from the Earth's surface. If it was not for the fact he had taken Theo's advice and re-created the high calorie drink his people used in his dimension he would have collapsed long ago. He had managed to add a kilo or two to his body since he started drinking them a couple of dozen times a day. Now that the Isolinear chips were coming off the line by the hundreds, he had been able to build the CORE system that would run this colony. The fact the chips were the size of his hand instead of his thumbnail was just one of the frustrations that he had to deal with in re-creating his technology during the past three months.

Seeing that the alteration cycle had been completed, he tapped the option to bring the two out of the bio-tubes. As the fluid drained away he knew that with two more Alterans helping out, the colony base would be completed in a third of the time. He would be able to create his beacon almost a year earlier than he had hoped for, and he knew, once these two were out and about, they would be actively searching out people that could be brought here and altered. As each new Alteran was added to their numbers, the speed would increase on completing their list of objectives that needed to be finished before the colony was thriving.

Removing the tubes from Theo, Nate hoped the young teen would be up to filling his father's shoes in this dimension. The hopes of an entire race being re-born rested on Theo's shoulders now. Placing his hands on either side of Theo's head he downloaded into his mind everything he knew about how his gifts worked. Once he had finished he went over to Gene and repeated the steps he had taken with Theo.

Noticing he was not only hard but leaking like crazy, Nate decided to move off to the shower to take care of his body's urge. Leaning against the wall as he rode his orgasm, he had to admit it had been the most intense one he had had since falling into this dimension. He had to wonder if the fact there were two other Alterans now was really that big of a difference. He would have to sit down and really examine his feelings, because as he stared at his cum going down the drain, he would have to say it did.

As he removed the wires to the sensors, Nate knew these two were off limits, but he was looking forward to the day they rescued someone who was not seeing someone else and would be willing to fool around. Moving the two kinetically to separate beds on the other side of the med lab, he pulled a sheet over them and called out, "Theo...Gene, time to wake up."

Hearing his name being called, Theo shifted on the bed and noticed something was off. Moving his hand over to where Gene should be sleeping he found the edge of the bed. That is strange, he thought. Gene had gone to sleep curled up to his right side, now he was not there. Cracking an eye open he noticed Gene laying on another bed near him. Opening both eyes he looked around the room and spotted that he was not where he fell asleep. Spotting Nate pulling his P.A.D.D. out of some weird contraption he asked, "Where are we?"

"You're in the med bay," Nate slid his P.A.D.D. into his thigh pouch and started to hook the cables up to the main CORE controller. From now on the CORE computer would handle any alterations. "Your next question will most likely be how long, both of you have been here seven days. You are now fully Alteran," looking up at both of them he sent mentally, "Can you hear me?"

"Why would you ask if I can hear you?" Theo gave Nate a funny look. Then it hit him as he stared at Nate's face, which had not moved, "I heard you in my mind."

"We did?" Gene asked as he looked at the awe struck expression on his boyfriend's face. He had heard Nate ask the question, but because his back was to him he did not see what Theo was it looked like.

"You did," Nate confirmed. "One of your new gifts you will have to master in the coming days is telepathy. I did a data dump directly into your minds that is everything I know about the three gifts and how to use them."

"What the hell happened to my dick?" Gene almost shouted as he threw the sheet back and had started to get to his feet, only to stop and stare at his favorite toy. It did not look like it did before he was altered.

"You are no longer circumcised," Nate shrugged. He did not know what the big deal was. Back in his dimension, no one had their foreskin cut off, "Your body was healed of all injuries. In fact, you are now exactly how your DNA says you should be." He shrugged as he waved for them to follow him, "Theo is a good centimeter and a half taller, and Gene, you had the most dramatic change to your body."

I can see that," Theo said as he looked up slightly to look into Gene's eyes. Gene had always been on the short side and he knew that it bothered his boyfriend that he was shorter than the rest of his age mates. Holding Gene's hand as they walked behind Nate through the outer edge of the dome, he spotted the green here and there of plant life. There was not much, but it was a start, and now that they were awake they could take over planting the bio-dome and get it green faster. Passing the air lock they noticed right away more changes, the shower had been dismantled and the bedroom had been changed. It was now a full-fledged kitchen.

"The first of the apartments is ready to be occupied," Nate told them as he walked past the old bedroom towards the bed in the tunnel. "I moved the bedroom into your apartment. There is some furniture and stuff too. Your apartment is different, as it has an access panel to the control junctions."

"So if something were to happen we have control of the power," Theo said as he followed Nate into the apartment. Looking around the living room he was intrigued when Nate headed for the steps leading up. He then remembered that the roofs of the apartments were supposed to be gardens. Stepping onto the roof he was shocked to see the green grass around the stone looking patio. All around them were flowering shrubs and planter boxes filled with small plants. "Nice," he whispered as he took in the garden. Feeling the grass under his bare feet, he walked to the short wall he looked over to see more apartments lining both sides of the tunnels. It looked like a quarter of the tunnel had apartments in it now, and ever four or so buildings there was a square with a small park and what sounded like a water feature.

"You've been busy," Gene commented as he looked over the wall and down the tunnel.

"The assemblers have been," Nate said as he pulled one of the chairs out from the table and sat down. "I did take the time to plant the garden and make sure the watering system was hooked up and working correctly. Once all the gardens are planted, the air won't taste so metallic."

Tearing his gaze away from the apartments being put up, Theo returned to the table and sat down. He studied Nate's face for a while before saying anything, "Before we were altered, Gene and I had several long discussion in between all the sex we had. One of the things we decided on was to start recruiting as soon as we mastered our powers. We figure the more of us there are, the faster this world would be built."

"What we need to know," Gene cut in, "is what needs to be accomplished before you can create your beacon?"

"While you might luck out and have your people find you soon after the beacon is activated," Theo picked up the point they were making, "We still think there will be time to make sure this world is fully self-sufficient before you are rescued, especially with more of us being Alteran and helping to get things done."

"The assemblers are expanding the observation dome I took both of you too when I proved to you we were on Mars," Nate said slowly as he went over what he needed to do before creating the beacon. "Until that is done, there is not anything else to do. The electronic assembler line is already programmed to create the equipment I need. The foundry on Earth that is creating the Ionosin sheets has already started to mold the ring which will house the beacon." Shaking his head he looked at them with a thankful smile, "I think everything that can be done is being done right now. It will be another week before I can start to put the beacon together at least."

"So what do we need to do right now?" Gene asked. "What is the next major project on the list we need to tackle?"

"We are assuming it will be another few days before we need to plant the bio-dome," Theo added in.

"In between the two of you mastering your gifts," Nate said as he thought about what should be started next. "Starting tomorrow, every other assembler off the line will be one of the mining types so we can start to create the metals we need right here on Mars, instead of relying on Earth based factories." Looking at the notes he had made on his P.A.D.D. he told them, "I guess the very next thing needing to be done is the sealing of the tunnel that leads to the next canyon over from this one. That will be where the assemblers will be building the factories in a few weeks' time. You can program the assemblers to start spraying the Ceramacrete sealer, even direct them from the terminal downstairs."

"To change the subject," Theo said as he stood up from where he was leaning against the wall. "I noticed the kitchen as we walked through the apartment. Is the pantry stocked with food?"

"I did that this morning," Nate told him as he looked over to see what Theo was up to.

"Right," Theo nodded as he started for the stairs leading downstairs. "While Gene starts the assemblers sealing the tunnel, I will make something to eat for all of us. When Gene has finished programming the assemblers, we will start to plant each of the rooftop gardens. That should give us plenty of practice using some of our gifts with short range targets, to get use to using our new powers."

"Once you tire yourself out," Nate told them as he stood and prepared to port over to the area the assembler lines where housed. "I did hook up the plumbing to this apartment, so take a hot shower and head to bed. Even though you've slept for a week, you'll tire easily today and you need to get back onto a proper daytime, night-time schedule. I have quite a bit of flora scheduled to be ported up tomorrow, enough to do a quarter of the bio-dome and finish off the roof top gardens for half of the apartments that have been put up so far. So you'll need a good night's sleep as I'm planning on training your gifts with all the porting we'll need to do in the morning."

"Are you going to join us for supper?" Gene asked as he pushed his chair under the table and started to follow Theo down the stairs.

Shaking his head no, Nate told him as he walked down behind Gene, "Afraid not. I have some projects that need to be seen to right now. I ate a sandwich followed by two of the high calorie shakes before waking both of you up, so I'm good for now."

Turning so he could look Nate in the eye, Theo told him, "I want you to know that you are welcome in our bed at night, so you don't have to sleep alone anymore. We are not human any longer, so you should not have any problems with joining us."

"I'll keep that in mind," Nate grinned as he waved at Theo before porting away. No, he would not be having issues because they were human, but sleeping with the two of them might not be a good idea because now he would be horny and able to follow through, he did not want to get between the two of them.


Theo frowned when he woke up the next morning. Nate had once again opted to sleep with the power generator instead of in his bed, which was the bed they were using. Kissing Gene awake, he rolled out of bed once he was sure his boyfriend would not go back to sleep on him. As much as a long hot shower sounded divine, he instead poured some warm water into the sink and did a quick wash up with a wash cloth and soap. He'd save his three minute shower for later tonight, after he had gotten all dirty from planting the rooftop gardens. That was something he was going to bring up with Nate this morning, water was in short supply at the moment. But if they sealed the cavern to the south of them, along with its tunnels, they could use it as a water reservoir. In fact they could port purified water up from Earth to fill it, then by mining for ice they could be assured they had more than enough water for their use.

Scowling at the washcloth Theo handed him, Gene quickly gave himself a sponge bath, just like Theo had done before, allowing the water to run down the drain. He assumed it went to the plant filter setup, which would not be able to handle many more people. So that left them needing to build another. The question was, where to put it. "If we shower together tonight, that will give us a full six minutes of hot water," he smirked in his lover's direction, waggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

"I'll start breakfast while you start programming the assemblers to begin sealing the tunnel," Theo stopped near the bathroom doorway and glanced over at his lover who was bent over, his nice, firm ass looked inviting with his globes spread...shaking his head he put those thoughts on hold, otherwise they would not get any work done this morning. "I never asked," seeing Gene look at him through his legs, he grinned, "Do you even know how to program the assemblers?"

"I've watched Nate do it a few times," Gene said as he looked through his legs from where he had leaned over to dry his lower legs. "It is pretty straightforward, log onto the assembler you want to control, then chose from the drop down menu of commands to activate what you want it to do. Then tell it where to do its job by highlighting the map," he left off that he was not sure how to find the assembler type he needed.

"Alright," Theo was impressed that Gene knew how to do all that from watching Nate do it a few times. "Omelets sound good to you?"

"Sounds great," gene smiled as he draped the towel over the bar near the sink so it would have a chance to dry. "I'll see you in a few minutes."

Fifteen minutes later, Theo glanced through the door towards the living room where he knew the terminal was located. Gene should have been finished by now. Placing the last omelet on the plate, he walked through the doorway and saw Gene staring at the screen. From here he could see it was showing something other than what Gene was supposed to be doing. Walking up behind his lover he realized he was picking up on Gene's thoughts, and he was not happy if the cursing he was hearing was anything to go by. Hand on Gene's shoulder; he stared over his shoulder at the screen for several minutes, his brain not letting him register what he was seeing.

There on the screen was a live feed from a warehouse that showed a large group of people being herded through different caged areas by armed guards, who had no problem with shooting people if they did not obey their orders it seemed. Staring at the man who had just been shot, Theo scowled as he saw the large open area where the people were forced to strip down. The exam, if you could call it that, it looked more like something out of an S & M film he had heard descriptions of.

"Where did you find this?" Theo asked softly, unable to tear his eyes away from the horrifying scene unfolding before his eyes. This looked exactly like the movies about the Holocaust they watched in history class. "Tell me this is some taped movie that you hacked into?"

"It's live," Gene said through clenched teeth. "I found a feed from some spy device that Nate left on Earth. Before I saw the people being shoved into that warehouse, I saw it was stationed near the old military base on the other side of the bay. I was going to direct it to the cruising area to see if I could spot anyone that we might think about rescuing, but then I saw these trucks pull in and these people dressed in black with those military weapons force them into the building. When I directed the spy device into the building through a vent in the roof, I found this," he waved his hand at the screen.

Seeing a younger guy brutally searched, Theo asked, "Is there any way to activate something so we can hear what is going on down there?"

"I'm not sure," Gene said as he tore his eyes away from the screen and examined the command interface available to him. Seeing something that might work he touched the terminal and was rewarded with the sounds of screams of pain, along with pleas of those being herded through the cages to be let go.

Spotting a group of people on a second floor cat walk, Theo pointed them out and without thinking about it sent mentally to Gene to move the spy device closer so he could hear what they were saying.

"So many deviants," the one guy on the right sneered in distaste. "And to think there are several thousand more on their way."

"Is the cover story in place?" the man in the middle asked as he stared at the lines of people being moved through the detention center.

"Our agents in the field have made it a point to select several homeless people that are singing our praises for the new homeless initiative. They have been careful to only select families with young children who cannot be seen as deviant to show to the press. As far as the country will be told, the new homeless initiative will house the homeless and give them the jobs they need to be able to feed their families."

"It is a good cover for rounding up any of those Godless gay deviants while we are at it." The person on the left said as he looked at his notepad. "I just had no idea there was so many of them out there."

"We've known for years there were more than people thought," the man in the middle said. "All you had to do is search the Internet and you could see how numerous they truly were. But, while the Internet gave them what they thought was a powerful voice, it also let us track and identify them." Looking at his watch he turned to walk away, "The first of the freighters will be arriving in an hour. Once we have those things loaded on board, it will be up to the captains to make sure they are all properly disposed of while out at sea."

Chuckling, the man on the right gave one last look at the line of things being herded below him, "The tree-huggers should be pleased with us. After all, we are feeding some of those endangered species, so their new food source should allow them to survive the fact the fish stocks we need are dwindling."

"Did he just say what I thought he said?" Gene asked slowly as he directed the spy device to the window where more trucks were pulling in.

"So," Nate said as he followed the rage filled thoughts into the apartment. "We have proof that some version of the Army of God from my dimension is active in this one." Seeing that the trucks unloading young people, teens and young kids he looked at Theo and Gene who were staring at him. "We can save the teens and those young kids, but the rest I'm afraid are too old to take the alterations safely."

"So we let the humans kill them," Gene huffed in anger. Feeling a hand on his shoulder he glanced up at Theo who with one look told him to back down. "Sorry, I read into what you said."

"Understandable," Nate sighed as he stared at the screen. "I was the first to use that warehouse as a base when I discovered that not only was I in the past, but on Earth in another dimension. What those guards probably don't know is that there is a gas line that runs under that warehouse. In fact, there is a room under the basement that all the other buildings near this one feed of that gas line. I found it while looking for the best place to hide in case of a wandering guard finding his way into the warehouse."

"So we blow the building up after letting those they've processed escape?" Theo said as he looked at Nate. "They won't be able to use it, or the dock, again if we do it right."

"While the two of you are planning the destruction of an old military base," Gene interrupted them and pointed to the screen. "We have a more pressing concern, one that has several hundred kids involved."