Chapter 96

















Chapter 96

"Theo," Gene whispered in shock. "This might be crossing the line you hoped you never would approach, let alone cross," his words were a half plea, half concern.


Looking at Aaron, Theo said, "I have several questions before I ask for your fleets help." Seeing Aaron nod he started, "From what you've said, the Omega Protocols can take any male human and alter them to a fully functioning Alteran, whether they were gay to start with or not." Seeing Aaron nod his head Theo asked, "How many people do we need to have a stable, viable population that will see our race flourish?"


"Fifty thousand," Aaron told him as he wondered if Theo was going to ask what he thought he was. "A race would need fifty thousand unrelated individuals to have enough genetic diversity that they would flourish as you put it."


"Unrelated..." Theo mused as he looked back at the monitor that highlighted the number they had rescued. Wincing as he realized that with this rescue they had increased their numbers to a mere twenty thousand, he asked the first thing he needed to have built before he could request to borrow the fleet, "Is it possible to have a base deep inside the moon created? One, that its only purpose is to enact the Omega Protocols on those we place in the Bio-tubes for alteration?"


"Why the Moon? Why not take advantage of the medical center here on Mars?" Aaron asked, as he thought the request was easily done.


Slightly surprised at not thinking about it, Theo said as he pulled up information on the computer, "Well, Pete expanded our facility on the moon, so we could make sure we kept Humans off of Mars." Scrolling through the information he admitted, "To tell the truth, I have no clue on what we have available to us now that you finished the Colony base." Looking at Aaron he sent him a wry smile, "I pretty much got out of bed yesterday morning to only one dome of the colony completed and working, so I am not used to thinking I have a whole colony built and ready to be used."


Pointing to the monitor Theo asked, "This dome is labeled as medical, just how many Bio-tubes are in the medical dome again?"


Pulling up the information on his P.A.D.D., Aaron said, "There are five thousand Bio-tubes, along with the same number of Bio-beds. But that dome also houses the incubatory, that is ten thousand artificial wombs, along with the gene banks." Thinking about what Theo wanted to accomplish Aaron said, "I have a pretty good idea of what you are thinking, so let me ask you this, if you did have a dedicated facility to enact the Omega Protocols at, what are you wanting to do?"


"I was hoping to ask you to let me borrow the fleet so I could snatch another twenty five thousand or so male humans from Earth before you left." Theo looked at Aaron and explained what he wanted to do, "From what you've told me happens under the Omega Protocols, any human that we alter, will end up knowing they are Alteran, and be fully educated as if they were born in your Kingdom. Which means that after alteration I could increase our numbers with close to forty thousand trained Alteran's. We would not have to wait until they learn the skills of their chosen trade, which means that we are a viable power from the get go."


Looking up at the ceiling as he thought of different ways to accomplish what Theo wanted, Aaron came up with a plan. "I understand the reasoning behind your wanting a lunar base. But truthfully I'm not all that comfortable with having Alteran technology so close to a planet that is embroiled in a war backed by the enemy of Alteran's. So what I propose is this, we will destroy the lunar base, and create a sub-basement under the medical dome that can be set up for Omega Alterations. It will expand your ability to alter people from five thousand to ten thousand. We can also install two more buffers in the sub-basement so you can hold thirty thousand in the buffers until there is a Bio-tube free for alteration."


"More than I thought," Theo mused out loud as he returned to looking up at the main monitor. "During the opening salvo of the war on Earth, we have an opportunity to rescue and...well, let’s not mince words, abduct quite a few humans so they can be altered." Looking at his lover, Gene he said, "While I still think a bio-weapon would be useful," seeing Gene frown he held up a hand and told him, "I will keep that idea on the back burner, unless a human from Earth attacks us on Mars. If they do, nothing will stop me from decimating nine tenths of the population infesting the Earth."


Turning back to his brother he asked, "Is this something you would be willing to do for us? Will you build the new alteration center and allow me to borrow your fleet so I can grab as many male humans as possible so they can be altered?"


"Yes," Aaron said as he turned towards the pickup. "Damien..."


"I've been listening in," Damien said with a smile. "I already sent one of my ships to the back side of the moon and they will begin removing the lunar base. To answer your next question," he giggled. "I can have the new Omega center built and ready for the first patient in sixteen hours. But I can have the interlaced buffers in place in an hour and a half."


"Thank you love," Aaron grinned and ordered, "Admiral. Have the fleet return to Earth orbit, starting in California have sensors scan for bio-signs of males under the age of twenty-five. Transport those you find to the buffers. Divide the fleet up so you have several ships at each of the hot spots in the United States, remove endangered male youth that would have ended up dying."


"Above all," Theo interjected, "remain unseen."


"Right away your Majesty," Joe grinned as he snapped off a salute.


"Maybe we should return to Mars, so your people can find you if they need you," Aaron suggested as he brought up the image of the Mars command center. Staring at the image only long enough to find an out of the way place to port to, Aaron ported the three of them down.


Slowly looking around and taking in the room, Theo wondered how the others found it since he had no idea this place was here. Following Aaron down the steps, he nodded at the people manning desks as he walked down the steps. Stepping down on the main floor of the auditorium styled command center he saw that no matter where he looked there were screens showing information or live feeds of ships or teams in action.


Touching his brother’s shoulder, thus breaking his contemplations, Aaron traced a command on the desk while Theo watched. Logging in he kept his voice low as he told his brother, "From here we can not only see what is going on, but through this desk, we have a direct link to the CORE. During any action or mission, from this spot you can make split second decisions and guide your people off Mars. Even on Mar’s if there was an emergency this command center is the hub that you will lead your people from."


Pointing to the large screen to the right he grinned, "As you can see, Damien has already removed all the mass needed to create the large cavern that will house the Omega center. The MRB's are building the channels for the power cables and CORE links. Once those are done, he will start replicating and installing the equipment in place."


"What are those big blocky structures being built?" Theo asked as he pointed to the left side of the screen.


"Those are the Interlaced Buffers," Aaron informed him. "Once those are online, the fleet ships can download their cargo directly into the buffers without having to use the transporters to beam them down before placing them in the buffers. Jorge is very familiar with the transporter technology built into the med bay. So later he can walk you through it as he brings the first of your recruits out of the buffers and places them into the Bio-tubes."


Leaning against the desk Aaron sighed, "I know you were hoping to learn how to use all the wonderful toys we are leaving you with, but because of the way the Omega Protocols are going to be used, all those released from the alteration cycle will be just as familiar as any of my people with all the technology. So you are going to have to spend some time in the CORE so the system can download into your mind the information on how to work all this wonderful tech. Unfortunately, the rest of your original group are going to have to play catch up."


"Wonderful," Gene said sarcastically.


Huffing instead of laughing, Aaron sent a sly grin towards his brother, "The only exception to the rule is that any Stranton may access the CORE. So, if my brother gets off his lazy ass and bonds with you, you can go with him and have the CORE implant the information in your mind."


"Just what is involved in Bonding with Gene?" Theo asked. He had never given it a thought that they could marry, because on Earth that was something denied to gay people.


Pulling his P.A.D.D. out and pulling up the recording of Shoji's joining he handed it over. When the recording started to show the section where Shoji and Riku's energy started to merge he told them, "It was at this point that the energy of their gifts allowed what makes them, them, that it is possible to merge the two so they are joined as one. As you can see this is more than symbolic words, by merging the two energies they are in fact one. They share their gifts to a point and their minds."


Staring at Gene after the recording finished, Theo pathed, "Would you join with me my love?"


"Yes," Gene said without hesitating. "And I think it should be in front of everyone in the habitat dome."


Grinning, Aaron rubbed his hands together as he called for Pete and Kenny to meet them on level seven of the first dome.





Smiling happily as he noticed how aroused both Theo and Gene were, and smelling faintly of salt and the oil Kenny and Pete had rubbed into their bodies, he gazed over the crowd that had gathered in the field on level five of the first dome. Moving over so he could stand in front of them, Aaron held a hand above their faces and reached with his mind for theirs; checking the strength of their minds before porting a pair of braided wire bands to his hand, each band had a small red diamond in the center. Placing one on Theo's head with the diamond centered, he nodded in satisfaction as the diamond glowed before taking the second band and placing it on Gene's head. Leaning forward Aaron kissed each of them, both were leaking and extremely aroused, evidence that Pete and Kenny had went that extra bit to make sure they were ready.

"I am Aaron Stranton, King of the Alteran People; who comes before me wishing to be joined, mind, body and soul?" Looking over at Kenny, Aaron did not have to prompt him to begin.

Kenny led Theo to the end of the bed and placed him on the side opposite of where Aaron had moved to, "I present Theo Stranton, brother to Aaron Stranton, Leader of the Alteran race in this dimension, he comes before you to be joined to Gene Nelson of his own free will." Kissing him, Kenny moved to the foot of the bed and waited as Theo turned his lust filled gaze onto Gene.

 Xon smiled as he stepped to the foot of the bed on Theo's side after kissing Theo, "I am Xon Stranton, I witness this joining, I stand for the clans."

Riker noticed the diamond glowing brighter and he moved to the head of the bed, after kissing Theo just like Xon did he said, "I am Riker, I witness this joining, I stand for Theo's friends."

Major Lance Invectus moved to Theo's side and instead of kissing him he saluted him as he said proudly, "I am Major Lance Invectus, I stand witness to this joining of my leader, I stand here for every Alteran who wished to be where I am."

Moving around behind Theo as the three witness's took three steps back, Aaron smiled and nodded at Pete who led Gene to where he was a standing a moment ago, "I Present Gene Nelson, he comes before you to be joined with Theo Stranton of his own free will." Kissing Gene deeply, Pete grinned at him and moved to the head of the bed.

Aaron turned to look at Damien who moved forward, "I am Damien Stranton, I witness this joining, I witness this joining for clan Stranton."

Nodding at Damien with a smile, Aaron looked at the crowd and smiled as one walked to the foot of the bed, stopping to kiss Gene soundly, "I am Steve Cunningham, I witness this joining, I stand for those that have been rescued and will be rescued."

The final person walked over and kissed Gene and winced at the intensity from gems were glowing brightly, "I am Zander Barrows, I witness this joining," getting a pathed prompt as he looked at the couple as he smiled, "I stand for the children to be born in love."

Moving around to Gene's side as the three stepped back like Theo's witnesse’s had, Aaron held out his hand taking the lube that Kenny was holding out to him. Kinetically lifting the two, he placed them on the mattress covered stone table, "Kneel and face your future bonded." Once both were kneeling, faces bare centimeters from each other, Aaron felt for their minds and told them, "In your minds as you kiss with your entire being, your souls shall touch and merge." The sound of wind rushing through the dome was heard as Theo and Gene kissed, activating the gestalt link Aaron drew some of the power and started to feed it to the two lovers and their gems brightened as if miniature suns had been created; above them energy swirled about the two slowly as if slapping each other, playfully danced about.

Finally as the kiss dissolved into passion and heat of physical lust, the energy slapped against each other a moment longer before merging to swirl around both young men as one bright red energy mass. Reaching behind Gene, Aaron started to lube and loosen the tight hole as he prepared him to be entered for the first time by his newly bonded.  Once Gene was ready, Aaron reached over and lubed Theo up and reading from his mind the way he wished to enter Gene for the first time, Aaron pulled Gene down so he was on his back and kept his hand on Theo's hard erection, keeping it from rubbing on Gene's flesh, and as they were lost in the kiss, he positioned Theo and slowly let the hard tip of the hard cock slip past the inner ring before holding both teens from letting their need move too fast.

"Your minds are joined as one," Aaron told them as he moved back after Theo was all the way inside his lover. "Your souls are joined," Aaron smiled as the energy pulsed in time to their heartbeats, "Now let your bodies join."

Theo barely registered the words being spoken as he kissed his lover, as he kissed Gene and felt a hot rush caress his skin, he and Gene's minds merged deeply with each other and as he kissed Gene, he felt his lips kissing himself, as he felt his hard taut stiffness enter his lover he felt it enter him, all thought was gone as the feeling coursed through both their bodies, as he started to thrust in and out, slowly at first before picking up speed, not stopping as he reached climax and fired his load deep inside Gene, his climax only caused him to pick up speed.

Aaron smiled as he felt Theo and Gene create the bond as Theo fired the first of many loads he would before it was all over. Taking the bottle of lube back that he had given Pete to hold, Aaron poured some on his fingers and slipped one inside Theo as the young man groaned out his passion as he came once again. Having to wait until Theo was finished Aaron continued to work the spasming hole, stretching in preparation for his lover to finally enter him, completing the bond. Prepared, Aaron touched his mind to the merged mind to find out how Gene wanted Theo and got back a picture of Theo on his back.

Ignoring the tingling from the energy on his arms Aaron slowly pulled Theo out of Gene and moved him up before bending up Gene's hard cock and guiding it to Theo, once he had laid down fully with Gene inside him, Aaron smiled, "Mind, Body and Soul...We witness your joining." Reaching out with both hands Aaron grabbed at the energy and kinetically forced it inside the two young men causing Gene to scream out as he climaxed inside Theo, while Theo fired his seed all over Gene's chest.

Ritual finished for the most part, Aaron let the two do as they wanted and grinned as Gene maneuvered Theo so he was on his side and really started to pick up the pace. Letting his fingers trail through Theo's cum as it ran down Gene's chest, Aaron fed it to Gene and Theo, "A true joining of mind," Aaron placed some of the cum on both their foreheads, "of body," he placed some of the cum over both their hearts. Before scooping up the last of the cum he could find and placed it on their lips, "And joining of souls."

Reaching out with his mind, Aaron ported the two to Theo's bed so they could finish in the privacy of their own room; they looked like they would be lost in lust for several hours yet. Grinning as he looked around at the smiling faces in the crowd, he peeked down and saw how hard they all were, "Theo Stranton and Gene Nelson are now joined."

Major Invectus stepped forward, and looked over at the Clan who stood for Theo's family and his voice challenged him, "So witnessed."

Grinning at the ritual challenge Xon repeated the words, "So witnessed."

Holding the bottle of lube, Aaron gave it one last look before making sure the lid was closed and ported it to the two lovers, so they could have something to keep things going, before accepting the wet towel Kenny handed him. Once he had finished cleaning up he faced the crowd, "The energy you saw merge and join back with Theo and Gene has joined them in ways that a non-Alteran can never be part of.  Marriage between Alteran's does not have to be between just two people, but the bonding...the joining of Alteran's is one of my most prized duties. And from what I have learned of my brother, it will be one of his.  If you search through the system, you will find everything you wanted to know about what is involved in marriage between Alteran's. When you are ready search out Theo, or someone else you dearly wish to officiate for you and become one with your love or loves."



"It's time for us to go," Aaron said two days later as he glanced over to his brother. Knowing Xon and Pete had joined them he asked them, "Xon would you and Pete make sure Nate gets ported up to the DK-01. We'll wait until we get back home before taking Nate out of the bio-tube." Moving over to Theo's side he stared for a brief moment into his eyes before pulling him into a hug. Touching their foreheads together he pathed, "This is the only order I will ever give you Jimmy," Aaron used his brother’s birth name to show how serious he was. "If the Army of God wins; if they gain control of the Earth. I want you to go into the CORE and trigger the hostile bug out protocol. I want you to tell the CORE that you call on the first, you call on the last to come to the One in his time of need. This code phrase will have the CORE send a signal to me in my dimension." Staring into Theo's eyes he told him, "I will come with every warship at my command including the world killer. I won't let my people, let alone my brother go through what I did before I created the means to reset the timeline. No one should have to go through that."

"I promise," Theo said as he hugged his older brother. It was strange he thought, finding family, even if they were not from this dimension, now that he had a brother he did not want to lose him. He did not want to let go.

Turning around and spotting the bio-tube with his son in it gone, Aaron smiled at Kenny and gave a nod of his head towards the door, "Let's gather everyone in the dome and say our good-byes." Walking out of the med center with his arm around Kenny, his brother at his side, Aaron did his best to commit to memory every single feature of the colony world that his brother had been able to create before they showed up. Sending an open pathed message to everyone on Mars he told them to meet on the second level of the dome so they could say farewell for now.

Standing at the railing of the seventh level, looking at the two groups gathered on the next level down, Aaron smiled as he pulled his brother close. He saw Theo's group look as startled as his people, in their need for pomp and ceremony because of their military background come to attention with a yell.

"Attention on Deck," Joe, admiral of the fleet, yelled out. Nodding at his ensign he waited until the old fashioned pipe whistle had finished ringing out in the silence. "Altare One is arriving. All hail his Majesty, Aaron Stranton, Prime of Clan Stranton, King and leader of the Empire of Altare." Waiting a second as every one of his people snapped a salute towards Aaron he followed suit and bowed his head, "My King."

"See what I have to put up with, "Aaron whispered out of the side of his mouth to break Theo's shell shocked expression. Nodding his head at his people as his eyes met each one, he waited until they relaxed to what they called parade rest. Personally, he thought they looked like they were about to sit on something rather unpleasant, but he was not about to take away from their pomp and ceremony. After all they might come up with something rather more embarrassing if he did. "What you have done here, in this dimension is nothing short of miraculous. I know on the one hand that what you have accomplished here was to give yourselves a chance of a better life, but what you have done to make sure my son had everything he needed so he could be rescued, to be reunited with his family, is something that will stay with me for a long time. What we have done for your fledgling colony is just a small token of our gratitude, in reality, what we did we would do for any of our people. No matter what dimension or planet they were on."

"I know very well the drive each and everyone of you have. It is the same drive that I see every morning as I look at my lovers, my Clan as they go about their day," Aaron told them as he felt their pride in what they had accomplished rise. "As I stand here, about to say goodbye, for now. I should worry about you, my people being left behind. But I'm not. I know I leave you in good hands. Theo will lead you with a strong conviction that only one of my family can." Seeing the questioning looks he smiled as he pulled Theo closer to the rail. "Theo reminded Fred of someone. His mannerisms and habits felt familiar to him. So he scanned his DNA profile and found something both wondrous and exciting. This dimension developed so different from the one we came from. In this dimension I was killed long before I could find the key to creating our people; but where in my dimension my younger brother was the one who died, here he was the one to live. And by some divine intervention the Winds only know the reason for, he was the first person my son altered to bring our race into existence in this dimension. Theo is my brother. And a Stranton once more leads our people into the future, a future that is in good hands."  Chuckling silently at the sputtering his brother was doing, he pulled him in front of him and his voice echoed off the walls of the dome, "I give you Theo Stranton, King of the Alteran people in this dimension."

"LONG LIVE THE KING," Joe yelled out, along with all of his people. Grinning at the rare chance of embarrassing another Stranton, he led the cry of welcome that was taken up wholeheartedly by Theo's people. After the traditional three renditions he nodded at the pathed message Aaron sent him; he turned to face his people, "Attention on deck." When everyone had snapped to attention he glanced over his shoulder at Aaron briefly, "Action stations, All hands prepare for Portation to the dimensional terminus." With that he, along with the crew of the fleet ported back to their ships.

Turning Theo around, Aaron gave him a sad smile as he kissed him on the forehead, giving Theo the secret to the dragons, his parting words loud enough for Theo's people to pick up on, "Lead wisely my brother, but above all," Aaron assumed his plasma dragon form and roared before disappearing, "Do so as only a Dragon Lord can."

To the shock of all of those assembled, Gene included, a ghost of a dragon formed around Theo as he raised his hand to wave goodbye.



Appearing on the bridge of the DK-01, Aaron stared at the view screen showing Mars below them, giving a final mental goodbye he sat down and unlocked the gestalt generator, "All hands prepare to Port to Centauri Prime. Port in Three...Two...Port."

Seeing Aaron with his eyes closed, Xon gave him a moment before moving to his side and breaking the silence, "How much of our technology do you want us to build into the city on Centauri Prime for Theo and his people?"

Considering it for a moment, Aaron focused on what Xon was asking, telling him, "Everything, minus the ability to travel through dimensions. Speaking of dimensional traveling," Aaron looked over at the screen that showed Pete looking back at him, "You did destroy the beacon Nate built? Correct?"

"Oh, yes," Pete nodded his head as he added, "as soon as you showed up in this dimension I recycled that piece of badly tuned excuse for technology. Nate and I will have to have a serious conversation on what constitutes properly working tech."

Smiling sadly, Aaron gave a small nod as he caught on one of the screens massive amounts of MRB's descending on Centauri Prime. Knowing that the second fleet, which he had left behind in this system when they ported towards Earth would have already finished the system wide protections, he told Xon as he stood up, "I'm going to record a message for Jimmy. How long until everything is built?"

Glancing at the terminal display off to one side, Xon told Aaron, "Twelve hours."

Nodding that he heard Xon, Aaron ported to the secure computer Core deep in the world destroyer's innards. Once there he closed his eyes and centered himself. Leaving his brother behind, even if he was not the same person from his dimension, was harder than he let show. It did not help matters that he had two conflicting sets of memories of that day. When Aaron 1.0 went back in time he must have tried to stop his brothers death, but in the end he failed as his brother was killed in the crossfire of government agents attacking the terrorist cell that was trying to set off the bomb that originally killed his brother in the first timeline.

Sighing, his head bowed, Aaron called out, "Identify and confirm..."

Showing some self-preservation instincts, the CORE responded with a simple, "Identity confirmed...Aaron Stranton; Prime of Clan Stranton..."

"Record, and download to CORE bunker Centauri Prime this dimension," Aaron said in an emotionless voice. "Trigger playback, if then scenario one." Taking a deep breath, Aaron looked at the pick-up and with a grim face and tone said, "This message was set to trigger if you have triggered the bug out protocols, little brother. Since you have I will explain what has been set into motion. A signal has been sent to me in our home dimension. At this moment I am crewing the world destroyer and will soon be on my way through the dimensions to your side. This time when the DK-01 enters the Earth system, I will sterilize it. Nothing will be left behind. In the meantime, a modified step off station, one that has warp capable engines is on the way to Mars orbit. At the time of this recording only one has been created, but before we leave this dimension, I will order the CORE to continue building the new step off stations until they number thirty five. Each of the SO-06 stations can hold in an emergency, a quarter of a million people; between the transporter buffers and the open spaces of the station. Use those capabilities to take every male teen and youngster under the age of sixteen from the Earth before I get there; we will force alter them once the Earth system has been sterilized." Shifting his posture he told his brother, "Do not hesitate. By triggering this protocol, you have admitted that the situation is dire, that our people are in danger of being killed. Frankly, when I was faced with this decision back in my dimension it could have gone either way. I was all set to do what I am asking you to do now. But through luck, divine intervention by the Winds, or just plain luck, I managed to find another way. Though, with how rocky our relationship with Earth is at times, my patience has worn thin and I am letting one of my lovers deal with Earth from now on. I have lost the perspective needed to deal with them fairly."

"But, I'm rambling, because my situation is not like yours. The only reason why I even mentioned it is because I did prepare for what you find yourself facing, so I understand," Aaron told him. "Hold on Little brother, I will be there soon." Closing his eyes, Aaron let out a sigh. "End recording. Post recording to all Alteran CORE systems to be triggered by Theo Stranton activating the hostile bug out protocol. I tell you three times..."

"I hear you three times," the CORE responded before noting, "If then trigger set..."

Nodding once, Aaron took a deep breath, "Record, and download to the CORE bunker on Centauri Prime in this dimension. Trigger playback, if then scenario two." Changing his expression to a smile and pushing the darker thoughts away from recording the first scenario, he waved, "Welcome little brother. I mentioned before I left that I would be leaving you a gift behind. And that my gift would be over the top. And it is," he laughed through his grin. "I will leave most of what I have left behind for you to discover on your own, but for now I will tell you that we have created an exact duplicate of our world down on Centauri for you and your people. It will be like I transplanted a copy of our home world here to this dimension, everything we have and use to this point in time will be waiting for you to play with." Adding another chuckle he waved, "I'll remind you that I left the CORE just like it was when I gained control of it. So expect to be embarrassed to all get out. You've done good Jimmy, if you need me you can contact me through the Centauri CORE. Enjoy your life little brother." Nodding his head Aaron told the system, "End recording. Post recording to Centauri Prime CORE system, to be triggered By Theo Stranton arriving on planet through scenario two."

"Scenario Two trigger is as follows," Aaron traced several commands on the lone terminal in the room. "Theo Stranton stepping into the Stranton Clan compound without triggering any bug out procedures. I tell you three times..."

"I hear you three times," the CORE responded as the room went silent once more.



Walking onto the bridge, Aaron looked at the monitors and the faces of his lovers before looking at the pickup. "Now that we have found Pete, and given the means to succeed to those we are leaving behind, I think it is time to go home."


"Way past time," Pete said from the bridge of his second version of the Star Scout.


"Yes," Aaron agreed before getting a mischievous gleam in his eyes. "Well if a certain someone would stay away from Dimensional rifts, we could have been home relaxing after a wondrous eight hour session of sex." Seeing Pete's expression he laughed as he made his way to the command chair and logged in. "IDENTIFY," he said as he sat down.


"Identity confirmed...Aaron Stranton...Emperor of the known dimensions..."


Staring at the ceiling and promising himself that Kevin and he would be doing some heavy reprogramming in the future, he shook his head at Kenny's giggles. "Open the Dimensional path to our originating dimension, take us home."


As the swirling vortex of the dimensional rift cleared to show their dimension he smiled as the fleet started through. "Once the fleet is through, take us home Mr. Brubaker."


"Yes your Majesty," Brubaker said with a nod.


Staring down at the face that was familiar, but yet on the body of a total stranger, Aaron signaled Fred to start the release cycle. As the Regen fluid level dropped in the Bio-tube, Nate settled into the molded imprint in the bottom of the Bio-tube. Glancing at Xon who stood to one side of the Bio-tube he told him, "I'm hoping that Nate will recognize you Xon. That way he will hopefully take the news that his world is no longer."

"I will do my best Aaron," Xon said as he moved closer to the bio-tube. "Though you do know it is possible he will not know me if he or I come from a reset the other does not."

"I know," Aaron whispered as Fred removed the last of the equipment and stepped back. He saw the troubled look on Fred's face; well all of his lovers’ faces. He had made the decision to release Nate here in the Clan compound. As he looked around the room at the faces of his Clan, his lovers, he saw they all had differing looks of unease on their faces. And even without Kenny amplifying everyone’s emotions, he could pick up the fear of being rejected just behind the worry they were all feeling. Moving over so he could sit on the side of the bio-tube, Aaron reached over and caressed Nate's face as he woke him up, "Nate...Nate, wake up. You’re home and safe."

Hearing a voice that he thought was a dream, Nate slowly opened his eyes. Glancing around him he saw he was in a strange room. A medical lab by the looks of things. Looking back at the person who had woken him up by calling his name his eyes widened in shock as he saw his father, just like the images in the database of when he was young and in his prime. "Dad..." he whispered in shock and when his shaking hand reached over and felt warm skin he sobbed out as he launched himself into his father’s arms, "Dad..."

Holding the young man tight against his chest, Aaron sent waves of comfort and love towards his son from another time, careful to control his thoughts so he did not pick up on the truth. That Nate was a survivor of a total reset.

Calming down after several minutes, Nate basked in the comfort and love his dad was sending towards him. As his brain started to process information other than the fact he was in his father’s arms, he pushed away as panic hit him, he had to tell his father what was coming, "Dad," eyes flashing the panic he was feeling he rambled out, "We have to prepare for the humans attack. If you are here looking so young, that means I have a chance to stop the attack before it..."

Placing a finger on Nate's lips, Aaron's sad smile caused his son to look at him in fear, "It's alright Nathaniel. That attack will not happen, cannot happen. The Army of God has been eradicated in this timeline."

Seeing that Nate was confused, Xon moved behind Aaron so he could be seen, "Aaron, your father, succeeded in his attempt to go back in time and change things. This is a new timeline, one where we as a people are flourishing and our enemies have been conquered."

Blinking past his shock, Nate tilted his head as he recognized the tall teen behind his father, "Shawn?" Scrunching up his face as his eyes told him one thing and his memories told him another he let out, "Little Shawney? How?"

"During the time Aaron was traveling back in time and making the changes to reset the timeline, I grew up most likely with tales of Aaron's plan. According to the diary entry I left behind, to stabilize the station we worked off of to prepare for the reset, I crossed into a dimension with an anchor that would create a bubble of stable time around the station. That way when the timeline was reset, my family could make sure Aaron had what he needed here in Centauri to flourish. I was lost in that dimension and trapped, that is until Pete and Aaron discovered me and brought me home. Being out of our dimension saved me when the universe reset itself and moved forward onto a different path."

"But..." Nate tried to understand what he was being told. When it hit him that the man who he was holding onto for dear life was not the man who raised him he recoiled in fear. Trying to push away as he noticed the edged of his vision going dark, he slumped as his mind shut down as it hit him that everything he knew and loved was gone. That instead of saving everyone, everyone he knew was gone.

Sighing as his chin touched his chest, Aaron mumbled, "Well, that could have gone better." Standing up with Nate in his arms, he gazed at his worried lovers, "I'll take him to one of the spare bedrooms so he can sleep it off for now. We'll have to be patient with him as he comes to terms with what has happened."


"Xon?" Pete called out as he spotted his lover walk out of Nate's room. "Any change?"


"No," Xon sighed as he sat down next to Pete in the pit area. Glancing back up to the second level, and Nate's doorway he told him, "I think Aaron might be making a mistake in leaving Nate to his own devices to work through his feelings. Nate has spent the past three days hardly eating as he searches through the system for, whatever answer he is looking for."


Pulling his P.A.D.D. out of the thigh pouch, Pete logged into the system and frowned as he pulled up the search criteria Nate was using, "He's delved into the racial secrets, from there he has researched what looks like major points of divergence from his timeline. Today..." pausing to look at the search results he looked up from his P.A.D.D. to Xon and told him, "Today he has been searching Centauri Prime, the other side of the planet in the wilds. Not sure what he is looking for though."

Opening his mouth to tell Pete they needed to get Aaron to intervene with Nate, Xon snapped his head around when he felt fear descend on him from an outside source. Seeing Kenny racing towards Nate's room he reacted. He ported to Nate's doorway and rushed into the room, expecting to see blood from an attempt of suicide. Instead all he saw was an empty room. Catching Kenny as he barreled into the room in a blind panic he whispered as he hugged Kenny close, "Easy there Kenny. What did you pick up from Nate that has you riled up?"

"He wants to die," Kenny gasped out as he tried to calm his breathing.

Coming into the room behind Tim and Andrew, Kevin heard Pete questioning why Aaron had left Nate alone like he had, "Because," he told them as they turned to face him, "in his fear and anger he invoked the ‘I tell you three times’ order when he demanded Aaron leave him alone to work through his issues without seeing the face of his father on a stranger’s body Clenching his hands into fists until his knuckles went white he growled out, "I came close to actually hitting him that day."

"So that is why you stiffen in anger at the mention of his name," Xon commented as he did not like where his thoughts were telling him Nate was going with his decision.

"He hurt Aaron deeply that day," Kevin sighed as he sat down on the edge of the bed that was obvious had not been slept in.

Spotting the blinking message waiting icon on the terminal screen, David moved past everyone who had come running when they picked up on Kenny's fear and activated it. When the screen cleared and an image of Nate appeared on it everyone turned to see what he had to say.

"Aaron," Nate started before clearing his throat and wiping tears from his eyes. "I want to say I'm sorry for hurting you. Even though physically, biologically you are my father, you are a stranger and that hurts more than I can handle at times, as the memories I have of you...knowing you don't have those memories hurts. And for a single moment I wanted to hurt you back for taking my father’s place."

Ignoring the tears that were falling Nate pointed to the bottom of the screen, towards the desk, "I left some information that explains what I've been going through. I don't belong in this place any longer. And this is not my world. My world was destroyed when the timeline was reset. And I'm okay with that. If it means that all of our people are happy and healthy I am happy. It was one of the things I strived to be able to do as I set my theories into experiments to prove they could work. This world does not want me in it." Holding up a hand as if to stop the denials he shook his head. "I can feel myself being stretched and pulled apart with each passing hour."

"I know you explained what you went through Shawney," Nate told the screen. "But it is different for me. I think what the Kathat in that dimension did to stabilize you changed you slightly. Plus having lost all your memories helped you. My memories on the other hand are doing nothing but hurting me. And without my memories, I'm not me. So that is not an option just so people that are not my people can deal with what I am." A grim look on his face he continued, "I know I am not being fair to you, all of you. But as far as I can see it is my truth."

"I've searched for any trace of what is familiar in this system. I have even gone as far as to try to connect to the Winds," Nate let out a small sob as he closed his eyes and the pain showed on his face. "Even the Winds are silent in this new universe. And I now know why.”

Looking up and at the crowd in front of the screen he told them, "You only have one Prime in this universe. In mine we had hundreds if not thousands in the beginning. And as we found out, it takes a prime joining with the Winds to give them life. To give them a soul. I should not be!"

"This universe is killing me, not figuratively, but in actuality" Nate spat out in anguish. "To be reminded of those who are not the same people I knew and loved is killing me a little each time I see them. To see in their faces and minds that they do not know me tears at my soul." Sitting up straight, his anguish gone as if someone flipped a switch Nate smiled sadly at them, "I overstepped my bounds when it comes to you Shawn. I broke the encryption on your diaries. What those from your timeline forgot, they could not bring the Winds to life in the new universe. For to step outside the bubble your sacrifice created meant they would fade into nothingness, so they could not empower the Winds with a voice. But I can."

As the image on the screen changed, everyone realized this was being sent to them live.

"No," Aaron whispered in horror as he knew what Nate was going to do. He knew one day when it was his time to join the Winds they would gain a voice, but he hoped that would be a long time in the future.

"My older brother discovered a way to turn his being a Prime into the ultimate weapon," Nate told them as he raised his arms out to his sides. "As the humans soon found out during their attempt to eradicate us on Centauri Prime so they could take our planet from us, taking a Prime alive is a death sentence." Glowing as he pulled energy from the environment into him, he started to rise into the air. "The day Jason was captured by the Humans who landed on our world, is the day half of my soul was ripped to shreds. It was the day, you Aaron, my father, decided to discover time travel. So he could change what happened. That day Jason joined the Winds, and on that day one hundred thousand invaders died in a terrible explosion that decimated lands for hundreds of kilometers."

"And on this day a mistake that should never have been allowed to happen is erased," Nate became so bright that the optics on the SE110 he took with him burnt out. "If the Winds are merciful, I will join my family who are waiting for me." Clenching his hands to his chest, Nate triggered the cascade effect and called out in the second before his mass reached critical, "Jason, Dad I am coming. Wait for me."

The resulting explosion burnt off everything in its path, as it raced away from the spot Nate occupied a moment before. Leaving behind nothing but glassy sand.

Aaron collapsed to his knees as he screamed out no so loud the blood vessels around his eyes burst.

On Earth, Richard who had been talking to his grandmother stopped mid word as an incredible feeling of wrongness descended on him. Not able to answer his grandmother’s frantic calls he started to hyperventilate as the feeling of wrongness increased until he felt a tug at his very being. And he knew at that instant without a doubt that Nate was his son, he was the other half that created a wonderful person. And he knew as he screamed out “NO!” at the top of his lungs that his son was dead. Falling to his knees as electrical arcs cascaded from every outlet to create a protective field of energy so no one could get near him he continued to scream in pain and loss, as the connection that he had, told him his son was dead.