Druid Naruto

Chapter 04

 A profitable day Naruto thought as he smiled. Once again he had sold out early, it was not surprising really, none of the other vendors could match his quality or freshness. After all, they could not seal their harvest moments after it had been picked like he could.

Waving at the merchants on either side of him, Naruto and his henge'd clone took off to do some shopping before heading home. Heading for the bakery he was not as carefree as his smile and expression proclaimed. Right before he packed up for the day, one of the Earth elementals told him he was being spied on by ninja. He still was not sure where they were, but if the feeling of someone staring at him was any indication, they were still following him.

Waving as he walked into the bakery he greeted the young girl behind the counter, "Ohayo, Ayaka-san."

Grin breaking across her face as she jumped up and down in excitement, Ayaka ran over to Naruto and gave him a hug. Her mother had told her the Shinobi merchant would be coming by to pick up bread, and she couldn't wait to see him make his purchases poof away. It was so cool.

"Ayaka-chan," Kimiko called out with a smile on her face. "Let Naruto-san go dear." Turning to face Naruto she shook her head, "One of these days you are not going to sell out before the market closes."

Laughing as he tussled the young girl’s hair before she ran back to her mother, Naruto grinned, "Ha, like that will ever happen." Moving closer to the counter he told her, "I brought triple the amount of produce from what I originally brought when I started to sell at the market, and I still sold out before the market closed."

"That’s because all your produce shows signs of just being picked," Kimiko laughed as she pulled several loaves of bread out of a basket she set aside and placed them on the counter. "How do you do it?"

Unrolling a scroll and placing the bread on one of the arrays, Naruto pulsed his chakra into the array causing it to seal away the bread. "I suppose I do have an advantage most merchants don't. I can seal my produce into scrolls the moment it is picked." Spotting some sweet buns in the case he pointed to them, "I'll take the rest of those delicious sweet buns. My extended family is coming this weekend, they'll love them." And he thought Michio would, he had to have been without some of the comforts of home while doing his duty on the First World. Sealing the sweet buns along with one of the loaves of bread into a separate scroll, he grinned as Ayaka clapped and giggled. Handing over the money he waved goodbye.

Walking out of the shop, Naruto frowned in confusion as his clone handed over the livestock scroll without a word and took off without saying anything. Watching his disguised clone run around the corner he looked around slowly as he walked down the street. Something was wrong, and due to the use of Uzi clones, there was no way for him to find out what had happened to cause his clone to go off on its own. Stopping near the portal and kneeling down to adjust the strap of his sandal, he sent a plea to the earth elements to look around and tell him who was stalking him.

"Who calls?" a voice tasting of heat and copper responded.

Hiding his shock, because Naruto never thought an upper level elemental would answer his call. Choosing his words carefully he sent back a request, "Danger stalks me, this one humbly requests enlightenment." Feeling the elemental consider his request he reached into his pouch, fingers flicking past small vials until he found the one he was looking for. Pulling it out of the pouch he spilled it on the ground, "For you, even if you cannot help." Smiling as the white powder was quickly absorbed into the ground, he recapped the small bottle and slipped it into his pouch.

The elemental of Copper, felt surprise as the young Druid offered it pure Silica freely, something that would purify and strengthen its power. Deciding that the young one was honorable it decided to help. Reaching out through to surrounding soil, it felt six with higher concentrations of metal on their persons near the young druid. Making sure there were no more, it felt four more some distance away. "Ten with my cousin’s element on them stalk you young Druid. Four near those that reach for the sky, and six moving close to your location."

"Many thanks to you," Naruto thanked the elemental before standing. It looked like there were two separate groups after him. The question was, did he allow them to confront him, or should he portal away. The decision was taken from him when a group of Shinobi dropped to the street around him.

"Prepare to meet Kami, spawn of Namikaze," the Iwa Jounin barked out as he brandished a kunai.

Tilting his head so he could keep track of those moving behind him, Naruto slowly stalled for time, "Seriously? You are confronting me because of my sperm donor?" Pulling his necklace out of his shirt as a distraction he made sure the Iwa nin saw it. "While I share your disdain for the sperm donor," he activated the array he had slipped out of his pocket, "I am unwilling to be punished for something he did."

Shrugging as the shock tag went off, Naruto knelt to the ground once more. As the ninja sank into the ground up to their sideburns, he told the leader of the group as his friends stripped the six of every single atom of metal, "I am a UZUMAKI!! Next time, I will not go easy on you if you call me by that man's name." Poking the man in the forehead he growled out, "Attack me again, will only piss me off. And a pissed off Uzumaki is not something even a Kage is willing to go against."

Huffing as he walked out of the village, Naruto wondered when the next group of idiots would confront him. Spotting an array hastily drawn in the dirt, he stopped. Lips drawn into a thin line he slowly scanned the forest on either side of the road. He knew where his clone went now. It must have felt this group was a bigger threat to him than the Iwa Shinobi, either that or it did not know about them. Crossing his arms, he waited for someone to show themselves. Sandaled foot tapping the ground the only sign of his impatience.

Seeing their target waiting for them, Shim motioned for his team to surround their target. Landing on the ground in a quick Sunshin he noticed right away their target was not surprised. He almost looked impatient. "Uzumaki Naruto, by order of the Hokage you will surrender yourself to us, where you will be returned to Konoha."

Eyes narrowed in anger, Naruto let his killing intent leak out scaring the Genin. Hands clenching into fists several times he was beyond pissed. And a pissed Uzumaki practitioner of the way of the Druids was frightening. Eyes never leaving the Jounin's face his rage-filled response caused his clone to activate several of the arrays, thus ensuring the Genin were taken out of the fight before it began. "NO," hate showed on his face as he used the rage that filled him. Runic arrays drawing themselves in the air as his chakra answered his intentions without direction. "You and your damnable Hokage have no jurisdiction over me."

"How dare you! You are not even fit to speak his name," the Jounin shot out as spittle went flying. Deciding that he could kill the Demon as easily as capture it, he flung his kunai at the vessel as he rapidly started to do hand seals for one of his more deadly Jutsu. Before he could finish his instincts warned him of an incoming attack and he jumped to the side. Just as a bolt of lightning hit the ground where he was standing. Extending his senses in the hopes of finding his attacker he glanced around the forest when he felt nothing. No one, other than the brat in front of him, had a chakra signature.

Mind grinding to a halt as it hit him that there should be three more chakra sources besides the two of them, he quickly searched for his Genin. Spotting them unmoving on the ground, rage hit him as he took in their crumpled forms. Turning back so he could kill the demon he threw the kunai wrapped with an explosive note just as he finally noticed the sealing arrays being formed in the air. Rage was quickly replaced with fear. He never thought that the boy truly was an Uzumaki. He always thought it was a ploy to keep people from attacking the boy. But here, now, he was faced with an Uzumaki in battle...and he was not going to survive.

Pushing the kunai away with the help of a gust of wind, Naruto saw fear cross the Jounin's face. And that frightened him, there was no way he was able to go against a Jounin, his skills just were too far behind the mans. Knowing if he wanted to live he would have to do the unthinkable, he charged chakra into his foot and slammed it down on the array in front of him.

A moment later it seemed as if the world exploded. Every array his clone had placed around the clearing went off at the same time. Added to the effect was that every array forming in the air in front of him completed and went off along with those on the ground. Nothing could live through that, at least not if they were standing he thought.

His gaze fell onto the three Genin as the smoked cleared. They were injured but still alive. Letting out a breath he had been holding in, he looked where the Jounin had been standing before the arrays went off. Doing his best to hold in his lunch and breakfast at what he was seeing he stared at the Jounin in shock. The man who attacked him with intent to kill him lay there in three pieces. Three bloody pieces.

"You were Lucky Boss," the clone said as he limped out of the underbrush, several large scrolls in his arms. Unrolling the scrolls next to each of the injured Genin, he carefully rolled them onto a scroll. Looking over at the original who had not moved, he winced. "Naruto...NARUTO," finally getting through to the original, he waved a finger at the injured Genin, "if you don't want them to die, you need to get over here and charge the array's so they will be placed in stasis."

Nodding slowly, Naruto quickly channeled chakra into the stasis scrolls. Three poofs of energy later he rolled up the three scrolls silently. The three teens safe in stasis until he decided what to do with them. Hearing his clone clear his throat he looked over his shoulder at the scroll next to his clone. The scroll had the pieces of his attacker on it.

"We both know this is an act of war against the clan. Just as we both know it will not be easy dealing with your first kill." The clone sighed as prepared to activate the scroll by using the chakra it was made up of, "If I were you, and I am," he smiled gently at the original, "I would go talk to Michio. While the elders can help, Michio most likely has recent enough memories to help you deal with it." After saying what was needed, he pushed what chakra was remaining on keeping him corporeal into the scroll. Sealing the remains into the paper and dispelling with a poof of smoke.

Sighing Naruto moved over to where the scroll was rolled out and picked up the one end. Rolling it up as he tried not to think about what he had done, he decided he really did give the best advice. Not to mention he had all those sweet rolls he wanted to give to Michio anyways. Looking around to see if anyone was watching, he grasped his pendant with his free hand. Not sensing or seeing anyone around he channeled chakra into the pendant, opening a portal to home.
"Everyone deals with their first kill differently," Michio told his clan head as they sat next to the campfire. "I remember my dad talking to me, he told me there is a difference between being ordered to kill a target and killing an opponent that is trying to kill you. ‘Self-defense’," turning to look at Naruto he said, "your opponent lost his life because 'he' attacked you. You did not go looking for a fight, nor did you set out to kill him."

Seeing Naruto was taking what he said to heart, he broached a subject he had been thinking about for years, he eased into the conversation with, "The more troublesome aspect of what you've told me is the fact a Konoha team attacked you. The real question is, did they do so on orders of the Hokage, or were they taking the initiative?"

Shaking his head slowly, Naruto eventually ended up shrugging, "I don't know. I've replayed the attack in my mind quite a few times. Not that I could help myself from doing so. The clone I sent to the academy, well, if something goes wrong, I will have no clue what happened other than the clone dispelled."

"That is the terrible downside to using the Uzi Clone," Michio frowned. "There is another clone technique we Uzumaki's would use, but it too has its drawbacks. Though you would get the memories of what the clone learned when it dispelled."

"I know," Naruto sighed. "Rei Sensei taught me the Kage Bushin along with the Uzi clone. But I decided that it was not worth the chance that bad habits or misinformation would make it back to me if I used a Kage Bushin to send to the academy."

"Plus, the Uzi Clone has more of an independent mindset when it comes to unforeseen problems," Michio nodded. "Maybe you should send a Kage Bushin to meet with the Hokage, that way you will get the information back if something happens." Seeing Naruto nod with his recommendation he smiled, "One thing that stood out from what you told me happened, you said seals started to appear in front of you in the air."

Nodding, Naruto said, "I was so mad, that all it took was thinking about protecting myself for the seals to be drawn by chakra."

"That is a sign of a Battle Mage," Michio told him. "You need to talk to the Archivist to make sure he teaches you to properly handle that gift. Otherwise you could possibly hurt your allies during a fight."

"As soon as I get back and send a clone to trade places with the Uzi clone, I promise," Naruto nodded his head.

"Good." Michio smiled down at the head of his clan, "Why don't you give me the livestock scroll, I'll release the hawks into the pen as soon as it is finished being built tonight. That way you can make sure your clone trades places before it meets up with the Hokage."

"Alright," Naruto said slowly as he dug into his pouch and pulled the livestock scroll out. Double-checking he had the right one he handed it over. Pulling out a second scroll he held it out, "This one has some fresh baked bread and some sweet rolls in it. I thought you might want a taste of home, I figured you might be tired of the simple foods you've been eating."

"Thank you, Naruto," Michio took the scroll gently. A smile breaking out on his face he felt a hitch in his chest, a hitch that felt of family.

"I'll stop by in a couple of days," Naruto said as he stood up and started for the portal arch. "Tomiko Sensei wants to start to teach me to connect with some of the higher-level elements tomorrow. So I probably will be too tired to come back so I can get a good look at the castle."

Making up his mind to go back to the Second World, Michio waved goodbye, "The castle is not going anywhere, you have time to check it out after you learn what you need to."
Creating a Kage Bunshin, Naruto handed over the four scrolls containing the body of his attacker and his three Genin. Looking at the clone who did look far stupider than an Uzu Clone, he told it, "Take those scrolls to the Hokage and find out why I was attacked." Watching the clone nod and rush out of the Hall of Learning he went to the journal and started to pen his entry. Mind half on the entry, the other half wondering what the next predator he should introduce should be. Maybe he should stick with birds of prey for now he thought?

Naruto's clone rushed out of the Hall of Learning, hopped across the edge of the whirlpool and raced through the streets towards the portal room. Laughing as the stone bridge formed as he approached the whirlpool guarding the portal room, he whispered his thanks to the element of water as he ran across the bridge. Finding the symbol that led to the location closest to the Hokage tower, he traced the spiral with the minimum amount of chakra possible to activate it. Looking around the alley he ended up in, he noticed the smoke rising from key locations around the village. Making sure the four scrolls were tightly held in his hands, he slipped into the tower and kept to the shadows as he climbed the steps to the Hokage's office.

Not finding the old man in his office, the clone of Naruto scowled as it scratched its head with one of the scrolls. Heading back into the hallway he barely heard shouting from down the leftmost hallway and followed the noise. Peeking into the room, he frowned as he spotted the Uzu clone inside a barrier seal glaring at the group of people on the right side of the room. Knowing he was only a clone, so he should be safe enough he strode into the room causing it to descend into chaos once more when he was spotted.

"How?" Sarutobi muttered out when another Naruto walked into the room and stopped next to the one who was already there. Reaching out with his senses he blurted out, "Both of you have chakra. How is this possible?"

"I'm a clone," the Kage Bunshin said dryly as he looked at around the room before taking in the ash near the Uzu clone’s feet. "So things have descended to that level have they?"

"So far, all I have had to take out is the seals rented to the civilians," the Uzu clone said. Seeing the four scrolls in the other clone’s hand he said, "What happened that you needed to use those scrolls for?"

"The boss was attacked by two groups of Shinobi," the Kage Bunshin said with a shrug. "These four, out of the ten who attacked, these four waited until the Iwa group was defeated before making themselves known. The team leader of this group decided that since he had orders to take the boss into custody, he would deliver his dead body to the Hokage. Most likely blaming the Iwa nin for his death. His students are still alive, if barely. Sealed inside stasis scrolls, but the Jounin was killed for his attempt."

The Uzu clone of Naruto scowled as he turned to glare at the Hokage, "First you send a capture team after me, now a death squad?" Pulling another handful of red seals out of his pocket he readied to destroy all Uzumaki seals within Konoha.

Jumping to his feet, Sarutobi yelled out, "WAIT!" Seeing the original Naruto look up at him he pleaded, "I did tell my Shinobi to keep an eye out for you. You went missing three months ago, so I told all my Shinobi to keep an eye out for you, thinking you had been kidnapped." Staring at the four scrolls in the clone’s hands with trepidation he pointed to the scrolls, "I never gave any order to harm you. Even at the loosest interpretation of my orders, you should only have been approached and asked why you were where you were found."

The Kage Bunshin of Naruto tilted his head as he stared at the old man pleading his case. Coming to a decision he walked over to the desk the old man was sitting at and gently placed three of the scrolls down, "These three are injured, alive, but injured in the backlash of the attack their teacher tried to unleash on me." Seeing the grim expression on the old man’s face he told him, "They are unsealed like any other storage scroll, I would just make sure you do it at the hospital so they can get treated. Oh, the scrolls will self-destruct so you can't copy the stasis seal."

"This one," he tossed the last scroll none to gently onto the desk, "contains the Jounin that attacked the boss. Well the pieces that was left of him anyway," he shrugged as he moved back near the Uzu clone. Looking at the other clone he said, "While I am not the best judge of who is lying to me, the old man looked like he was telling the truth."

"Yes it appears that way," the Uzu clone grudgingly admitted. "Still, that leaves his order to harass me outside of Konoha to be explained. Go ahead and dispel," grinning evilly at the council he said, "let the original know what has transpired so far. Return to him the memory that I have removed myself from the academy and my intention of returning to him shortly. If I do not return within the hour or dispel let him know that war has been declared against the Uzumaki clan and to go ahead with his plans."

Nodding its head, the Kage Bunshin dispelled leaving the Uzu clone alone with a room full of shocked people.

"Kage Bunshin? But how?" Sarutobi muttered as he turned away from the scrolls to stare at the clone in the center of the room.

"Since my clan gifted the technique to this village, it should be self-evident old man," the Uzu clone said in disgust. Before the Hokage had a chance to get a grip on what he had been told he told him in a harsh voice, "I am a civilian, Clan Head or not, I still am not under the Hokage's authority as a Ninja. So I would frown upon any more harassment by your orders."

"May I ask a question?" Aburame Shibi said in the quiet, as everyone had looked to The Third to see what he was going to say in his defense.

Turning to look at the man with a hood over his head and wearing sunglasses, Naruto nodded his head slowly, "You may."

"It can be assumed due to your skills in the clone Jutsu that you are being taught," Shibi said unemotionally. "Take in the knowledge that you have of your family," seeing the looks of confusion on several faces he explained. "You state you are the clan head, which leads one to believe that there is more Uzumaki than just you." Pointing to the ring and necklace Naruto wore he said, "The evidence that you are in touch with other Uzumaki is staring us in the face, the symbols of the Uzumaki clan that you wear."

"I am, there are," Naruto said before saying, "and your question?"

"It is evident that you have lost your patience, evident by the destruction of the seals rented from your family by the civilians," Shibi started. "It is also evident you have lost your patience and trust for Konoha. My question is, do you still plan to become a Shinobi of Konoha?"

"If I had to answer that right now," the Uzu clone mused, "I would say no. So I won't answer right now. Ask me again when it is time for my age mates to graduate. Maybe by then, if you stop lying to me, I might change my mind." Pocketing the tags, he shrugged at the old man's wince when he heard what he said. Looking at the old man he said, "Leave me the hell alone old man. I'm not one of your Shinobi that you can order around, I'm a civilian. And," waving a hand at the civilians on the right side of the room he sneered, "if I won't let them order me around, what makes you think I'll let you?"

"Even if we agree that you are a clan head," Homura sneered back. "The blatant disrespect you've shown to Hokage-sama is..."

"Naruto," Sarutobi interrupted his adviser before she said something offensive. "Why do you even need to leave the village? Surely you can buy everything you need here in the village?"

"Sure, if I want to pay twice the going rate for something the merchant has to go to their dumpster to retrieve," Naruto scoffed at the old man. "That is if the garbage they sell me is not poisoned in the first place. That, or they kick me out of their shop so I can't buy anything." Shaking his head no, he said, "No, until I started to buy my groceries outside of the village in the markets I sell the produce I grow myself at, heck, I never knew milk was not supposed to be chunky and have no smell."

Glaring at the civilians gathered in the room, Sarutobi hid his sigh, "I'm sorry Naruto. Why didn't you say anything?"

"I tried," Naruto pointed his finger at the old man. "You then lectured me on how to create a budget and spend my money wisely."

Hanging his head in shame, Sarutobi recalled that conversation. To his shame, he never really listened to what Naruto told him, he assumed he had no idea on how to manage his money. "Your father would be ashamed at what I've allowed to happen to you," he muttered.

Stopping near the old man's desk, Naruto shrugged, "I could care less, really. The opinion of the Sperm Donor, that my mother allowed to get her pregnant, with how I should have been treated means nothing to me."

"How can you say that?" Homura shouted in anger at the disrespect the Yondaime's son was showing his father.

"The simple fact that he has not been around, or that he refused to allow his name to be attached to my own is proof that he was only good for one thing. To provide his sperm so my mother could have me," Naruto drawled out as he glanced over his shoulder at the old hag. Not a single one of them needed to know that he knew who his father was, since they were so intent on keeping him in the dark. Seeing he had shocked her, he nodded once before starting for the door once again, "A warning. If I do not return to the original, he will know without a shadow of a doubt that the village is intent on erasing the last of the Uzumaki from the world; just as this village delayed coming to our aid when called, that is until it was too late to do anything. That fact was clearly documented in the clan journals at our compound by my mother, and her father the previous clan head."

Shouting erupted behind Naruto as he left the chambers, Sarutobi let it go on for a full minute before the rage he had been holding back erupted. Letting his killing intent flood the room, he looked up at the gasps from the civilian side and ratcheted his killing intent up by several magnitudes before growling out, "Shut up. The next word I hear out of anyone’s mouth, without first asking you a direct question, it will mean your head is removed from your body."

Seeing one of his Anbu walk into the room while glancing over his shoulder in distraction he spat out, "Frog, report!"

"Um," Frog stuttered as he glanced back at the hallway after looking at his Hokage. "Uzumaki just disappeared in a flash of light..."


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