Druid Naruto

Chapter 08

Chapter 8

"My Lady," Shizune called as she spotted her friend and master walk out of an office she normally avoided as if it was dripping blood. With Lady Tsunade's phobia of blood, to see her walking out with a frown on her face was startling to say the least.

"Walk with me Shizune," Tsunade ordered as she grabbed Dan's niece's arm and strolled towards the market.

"My Lady," lowering her voice, Shizune asked in worry, "you did not take out another loan did you?"

Shaking her head no, as she scanned the crowds and rooftops, Tsunade said, "No, I won enough to pay all of my debts, everywhere and still have some left over."

"Oh, my," Shizune whispered as she became very worried. Tsunade only won when bad things were about to happen. Speeding up to stay next to her master, she pulled on Tsunade's arm to slow her down when she spotted Shinobi from Iwa converging up ahead of them. The strange thing was, they moved away from them, not towards them.

Quickly steering Shizune down a side street, Tsunade spotted another team of Iwa Shinobi heading towards the outskirts of town. Tapping her apprentice’s arm she took to the roofs and waited for Shizune to join her. She froze as she spotted no less than ten teams of Iwa Shinobi heading towards three red-heads walking towards the edge of the town. Seeing that they were children, she was not about to let Shinobi attack children if she could help it.

"Shizune," Tsunade hissed out as she took off in the directions the Iwa teams were headed. She could strangle the girl she cursed silently as she jumped after her. She was not about to let the last link to her fiance’ die fighting overwhelming odds.

"You know," Naruto said to his clone as the elements warned him of forty people, that tasted the same as the four he had sunk into the earth the last time he had visited, rushing towards him. "Michio is going to tell me 'I told you so' when I get back." Slowing down so his clones could prepare an ambush site and get help, he stared at the forest edge and created a dozen Kage Bushin to help out. Timing it just right, he stopped in the center of the road just as the last Bunshin shaped squirrel finished the seal and infused it with the Chakra it had been created with. Standing in the middle of a protective circle of the seal, he growled out when he saw the headbands of the Shinobi who surrounded him, "You again. I would have thought you learned your lesson last time." Not showing any sign he was worried, he casually glanced at the forty Shinobi surrounding him and hoped that the Uzu clone brought back help soon.

"Spawn of Namikaze," one of the Jounin screamed out in rage at finally having their target in front of them. This time, instead of a Genin team, he had been sent with all Jounin to take the spawn out.

"I told you last time," Naruto spat out in anger. "I am not a Namikaze!" Drawing himself up he glared at the person who confronted him several weeks ago, he said proudly, "I am an Uzumaki."

"The Uzumaki are dead," one of the Jounin chuckled as he smirked. "I know, I helped end that scourge twelve years ago."

"Really," Naruto drawled as he spotted dozens of red-headed Shinobi walking out of the edge of the forest. "You think it was and is easy to kill off the Uzumaki," he laughed as he relaxed now that his family was here.

"Doesn't matter to me if you are a Namikaze or Uzumaki," the Jounin said with an evil grin, "you'll be dead either way. Orders you know," he said flippantly.

"You know, Takane," Sofu said conversationally. Enjoying the surprised and fear-filled looks from the Iwa Shinobi as they spotted them, he said as he flipped his wrist exposing a scroll full of battle arrays, "For a dead man, you sure snore loudly at night."

"Right Sofu, like you don't snore at all," Takane snorted in disbelief as he prepared for battle.

"Boys," Yataro scolded the two as he started to draw seals in the air with his chakra.

"Yes Battle Master Yataro," both replied in unison with grins on their faces.

"Less talk, more killing," Yataro ordered as he nodded at Naruto who raised the shield the clones Henge'd into squirrels had drawn.

Safe inside the shield, Naruto said as his family attacked the Iwa Jounin, "You should have left me alone like I asked. Now you face the wrath of the Uzumaki." Standing inside his shield as he watched his family take out the attackers in awe. He wondered how long before he would be good enough to join in. Not even blinking when one of the Iwa Jounin tried to attack him through the shield, because he knew he was safe, he spotted two Konoha Shinobi join in.

Holding up the bleeding and broken Iwa Shinobi, Yataro asked as he looked at Naruto who was watching them closely, as if memorizing their moves and tactics, "Should we leave one of them alive Uzumaki-sama. To give warning to their Kage, Onoki?"

"You want to let them know we are back and will be going after them?" Naruto asked carefully. Glancing at each of his family's warriors one after another he saw they all nodded in agreement. Toe crossing out one of the lines of the shield he was in so he could walk over to Yataro, he looked at the frightened Jounin in Yataro's hand. "Know this Iwa scum. The Uzumaki were not killed off in your cowardly attack. You might have destroyed our home, but we are back and we will take vengeance. You will pay for attacking and destroying our village and people. Know that none will be left alive when we come for you. You shall be shown the same mercy you showed my people, none."

Nodding his head, he watched Yataro knock the Shinobi out and drop him in a pool of blood and body parts. Naruto turned to see the shell shocked Konoha Shinobi, the taller one who was staring like she had seen a ghost as she looked at Yataro. "Not that I..." shaking his head he started over, "Why would a Konoha Shinobi, from a village that has sent teams to capture or kill me, why would you instead fight to protect me?"

"WHAT?" Shizune screamed in denial. "Konoha has done WHAT?" she growled out the question, quite angry to hear that Konoha sent teams out to kill an ally.

"Little Tsunade," Toru said softly as he recognized Senju Tsunade from when she would visit the hospital to pester him about techniques.

"Toru-sensei," Tsunade muttered in shock. "But I was told you were dead!" Looking at the faces she knew, faces that were not welcoming, she looked at Naruto, the person the battle master called lord and asked, "How?"

"Why should we tell you," Yataro sneered. "After all, Konoha abandoned us when we needed you most."

Shaking her head, still in shock, Tsunade said, "We only got word after the attack started. By the time we got there, it was too late."

"Lies," Yataro barked out to see the surprise in Tsunade's face. "I still have the reply penned by the elders of Konoha, that they were mobilizing to our aid...six days before the first enemy showed up on our outer border."

"WHAT???" Tsunade screamed in rage at knowing some bastard set in motion the killing off of half her family.

"Are you mad because we know what Konoha did? Or are you mad because we are still alive despite everything?" Naruto asked as he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the woman.

"How DARE you," Tsunade yelled as she raised her fist to pound the brat. Only to freeze as a glowing seal appeared in front of her. Turning her head, she gave a look of betrayal as she spotted Yataro holding his hand up, ready to activate the seal.

"I dare much Konoha Shinobi," Naruto spat out. "I lived in that damned village for most of my life. Beaten, starved, overcharged for rotten or poisoned food. Sabotaged in skills in the academy by the teachers who tried to kill me. So yes," he said in anger, "I dare, because I can!"

Backing away from the brat as she lowered her fist, Tsunade stared at the brat and felt red hot rage. Rage directed at the village her grandfather and uncle gave their lives for. "I had no knowledge of any of this," she said through gritted teeth. "But I promise you this, on my word as a Senju, I will get to the bottom of this." Glancing at Toru-sensei and seeing the hurt and betrayal in his expression she hissed out, "Shizune, we're heading back to Konoha. Sensei has some explaining to do. And I have an elder that I need to remove his head, violently."


Walking into the clan hall, Naruto saw Michio's expression and said before he could say anything, "Yeah, I know. But I have obligations I am not willing to let slide, even if most of all of you think being a merchant selling produce is not important."

"It is not that we think it is unimportant," Yataro said carefully as he took a seat after bowing to the Elders in the portrait. "It is more like we wish that you take a team with you. We can protect you and because we have been lost in time for twelve years, we can gather intelligence of what is going on, now, in this time."

"We needed the supplies I bought at the market," Naruto shrugged as they had gone over this same argument yesterday and he had won. Mainly because he was clan head, not because he was right.

"Regardless of who is right or is wrong," the Archivist spoke up before another argument could break out, "the issue we need to discuss is Iwa sending what amounts to a war party into Fire Country to attack Naruto. And what message we send to discourage such behavior in the future."

"Let’s get back to that," Naruto changed the subject. "Let’s start off with how many have safely been removed from the stasis scrolls."

"A total of thirty-five so far," Toru said as he shifted to look at Naruto sitting under the portrait of the Elders. "The remnants of our Shinobi forces. After the last of them are fully healed and released we plan to start to release the others. Who are mostly women and children."

"Once our forces have had a few days to practice, we can send them back to Whirlpool to salvage what we can from the hidden caches of supplies," Takane said from the other side of Sofu. "Your mother, Kushina-sama did wonders in rebuilding the compound, but we will need clothes and other housewares before we can release the others."

"About that," Naruto said with a frown. "I've been thinking about bits I've read in my mother’s journal and think if she found any family, she was planning to move to the First World. So that is what I want to do." Waving his hand around the room he said, "We can use this compound as a base to work out of, here in the Second World. But the family will be relocated to the First World, for protection if nothing else."

"Can the First World support us," Sofu asked as he looked around the table.

"Yes," Michio said firmly. "I spent the better part of twelve and a half years living on the First World, ever since the invasion of Whirlpool broke the link to the gate to the Second World." Getting up from the table and moving to the two books of stocking, he brought them back to the table and opened them. "Kushina-sama spent several years stocking the First World with livestock or game animals." As he slid the books to the person next to him so they could check he said, "Naruto-sama, several months ago, started to introduce birds of prey to the First World."

As the book was passed to him, Yataro flipped through the pages and saw the sheer amount of animals Kushina had moved back to the First World and asked Michio, "Have all the imports thrived?"

"Yes, very much so," Michio said with a smile. Looking at Naruto he said, "except for the huts and livestock buildings near the gate, there is nowhere to live on the First World. The First World gets some extreme seasonal weather, I had to move into the castle during fall and winter, just to survive."

Leaning backwards, head over the back of his chair so he could look up, Naruto asked the Elders, "Is there a reason why we can't move into the castle?"

"As long as the seals and runic arrays, are not damaged, there is no reason why you can't," the Archivist said slowly as he thought about the request. "In the Vault," he said as he looked down at Naruto who was looking up, "there is a large gold capped scroll. It has a map that was made in my time, of the castle, with notations for all the rooms and what they were used for. The castle was built to be a school, but in the twilight years, before the world was split, it housed many families. A large village grew up around the lake as the world became a dangerous place as the poison from the war killed more and more of the world off. It is why the Uzumaki, after the Bijuu cleansed the First World of the poison that killed it off, had a foothold at the castle we could work from, as we worked to bring the First World back to life."

"Wait," Yataro looked up from the book in surprise. "Are you saying the Bijuu originated in the First World?"

"They were created in the First World," the Archivist told them. Passing on what the Master Sage had told him to, he said, "A history lesson is needed. Where to begin?" He asked himself.

"There was a great war in the First World, a world that had billions of people and technological marvels that would seem like magic to us today. When whole countries went to war, the world suffered. And as more and more countries were dragged into the conflict, more terrible weapons were used. Until, one day a weapon was unleashed that destroyed everything in its path, including the country that unleashed it."

"Soon," the Archivist said sadly, "there were nine islands of life left in the First World. And the greatest minds and scientists gathered and created a means to heal and cleanse the world. But their creations would take hundreds of years to do so. So the Master Sage stepped up and created the Second Worlds, one for each island of life left. And each family charged with protecting the way back to the First World, vowed to monitor the cleansing and when the time was right, to bring life back to the world."

"Sometime in the past," the Archivist said in anger, "after the First World was cleansed. A descendant of the Master Sage, broke the now combined Bijuu, into the nine Bijuu they started as. You see, as each of the less damaged areas were cleansed, the Bijuu assigned to that area joined and merged with the neighboring Bijuu, until only one remained at the end, the Juubi. With the world cleansed, the descendant of the Master Sage collected the Juubi, which caused it to break apart into the nine once more, but they were inert. Like storage batteries taking the rays of the sun and collecting it, the Bijuu took the poisons and turned them into Chakra and stored them. For you see, they had a second function, one very important. Once the world had been healed and re-birthed, they were the key to allow the nine of the Second Worlds to rejoin the first."

"Only one of the Bijuu was supposed to be brought to our world," the Archivist said with a firmness of disapproval for what he had learned had happened. "The others were to be given to those who had vowed to protect and guide their world, to be used when the First World was repaired to join the two. Instead, as we know, all the Bijuu were brought here, to the Elemental Nations and released. Perverting and preventing their true purpose from happening."

"Why?" Naruto cried out in pain at hearing what one of his ancestors had done. His mother’s journal mentioned they were descended from the Master Sage.

"We don't know," the Archivist said sadly.

Looking down at his stomach, where the bastardized Uzumaki seal was, Naruto spit out, "And that bastard of a Namikaze removed half the chakra from the Kyuubi and took it with him into the death god’s stomach."


"My Lady, please," Shizune tried once again to calm her master as they approached the gates of Konoha. "Think about what you are doing," she pleaded.

"Oh, I am," Tsunade said ferally. Adding chakra to her fist, she hit the closed gate and blew it off the hinges, sparing a glance at the gate guards who were flabbergasted she said snidely, “Open up… Oh my bad," she said flippantly before stalking towards the Hokage tower.

Anbu, who had been alerted when the gate was breached converged on the location of the intruder. Seeing it was Senju Tsunade, they hesitated as they looked at each other, asking what to do.

Kakashi, in his alter ego of Inu, Anbu Captain, jumped off the roof and into the path of the raging Senju. "Senju-sama," he said carefully. He had just enough time to reinforce his chest with chakra as an arm slammed into him and launched him halfway across the village.

"Out of my way worm," Tsunade growled as she backhanded the Anbu who dared to jump in front of her. Continuing her path of destruction, she let a small amount of anger out as she punched a hole in the wall of the Hokage tower where the door had been but moments before. Glare sending people scurrying out of her way she climbed the steps. Spotting one of the useless Advisor's, Homura by name she remembered, she was next to her in the blink of an eye and had her secured and dangling off the floor by her neck.

Sarutobi looked up as his door exploded into splinters, hand on the handle of his staff. As the dust settled he spotted something he never thought he would see, in the doorway stood Tsunade and one of his old teammates turning purple as she dangled from Tsunade's hand as if she was nothing. Before he could say anything, she spoke, well more like yelled.

"Sensei," Tsunade said the name as it was the most vile thing in the world. "You have some explaining to do?"

"If you will unhand my old teammate and sit down,” Sarutobi said and then watched in horror as Tsunade smiled and shook Homura hard enough to break her neck and dropped her dead body to the floor.

"Sure thing Sensei," Tsunade said in her best ‘I am a psychopath’ voice.

"My...Lady," Shizune whispered in horror as she came running up to the office and almost fell over the body next to her master’s feet.

"TSUNADE," Sarutobi roared as he started to rise, staff coming up to the ready position.

"I am going to go through each of the elders and kill them all," Tsunade said harshly. "That way I don't have to find out which one of them betrayed the Uzumaki by refusing to pass along, six days before the invasion was started, that Whirlpool needed help." Seeing Sarutobi freeze and a look of horror cross his face, she picked up and slammed the chair on the floor, breaking it into many pieces. She stood there, the back of the chair in her hand as she hissed out, "I remind you, that my grandmother was an Uzumaki."

Falling back into his chair, Sarutobi felt the cold hand of death grab his heart. His whisper conveying his horror he asked, "Is your informant sure?"

"Yes," Tsunade hissed as she sensed one of the Anbu move away from them. Hand flicking too fast for the eye to see, the back of the chair hit the Anbu's head, knocking him out.

"Lady Tsunade!" Shizune scolded as she went over to the fallen Anbu and rolled him over. Freezing as she caught sight of the blank white mask with a symbol for Root off to one side, almost unnoticeable if not for the fact she was so close. "Root?" she whispered her question.

"Minato ordered Danzo to disband his Root program," Sarutobi muttered in horror that turned to anger. Turning to the nearest Anbu who had dropped to the floor when Tsunade attacked he ordered, "Tell Ibiki, to remove Danzo from his cell, I want him escorted to my office, NOW!"

"STOP," Tsunade yelled out. "Have him brought to the council chambers." Pointing at the Anbu who had just landed on the window sill she ordered, "YOU, assemble the council and clan heads. We will see how far this treason goes." Sensing the Anbu's fear as he Shunshined away she returned her gaze to her Sensei, "Before they get here and I...talk, to them. You will explain in detail everything one Uzumaki Naruto went through while living in this hell hole."

"Tsunade," Sarutobi tried to get her to see reason, "please, calm down..."

"And, after you have told me everything I want to know, you will escort me to the council chambers, where you will hand over the hat and tell everyone you are a foolish old man and are stepping down. And then, I will clean up this village, before my grandmother’s family blows this village to hell," she barely restrained herself from screaming the last.

"Family?" Sarutobi whispered in shock. He had read the reports, but he had thought Naruto had found a loophole to use, not that he had found family.

"My Lady," Shizune asked the question on everyone’s mind, "why do you believe the twelve Uzumaki that came to Naruto's rescue will attack? And why do you think they will succeed?"

"I recognized Yataro, Battle Master of the Uzumaki clan,” Tsunade said gravely. "But what makes me believe they will win?" she asked then answered her own question, "Because, one of those twelve was a Battle Mage."

"Oh, Fuck," Sarutobi grumbled. He decided then and there he was sending his family away. Then Shizune's words hit him and he asked, "What do you mean rescued?"

"Forty Iwa Jounin, surrounded Naruto and boasted that they were under orders to kill the spawn of Namikaze." Tsunade glared at him and told him, "When he yelled at them he was an Uzumaki, that is when one of them grinned and told him that worked too. He would enjoy killing another Uzumaki." Seeing her Sensei pale she added, just for spite, "That is when an Uzumaki Battle Group walked out of the forest."

We are fucked. Sarutobi thought as looked at the raging Tsunade. Well and truly fucked! "From my investigations, which started a week ago, it started back..."



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