Destiny's Split

                                                Chapter  07





"So how do you want to do this?" Ben asked Joe as he leaned on the upper railing overlooking the fear filled faces of those they had Harvested two days ago, his eyes cataloging those that were going to be the troublemakers. They were easily picked out by how they bullied others around the food lines. Then there were those who were coupled up, they were also easy to spot, they isolated themselves behind the trees or shrubbery.


"I was thinking we could normally slip Robert in with the students so he could get a feel for what they are thinking," Joe started his thoughts by saying that. "With this group since they are a closed group, that would not work at all." Looking over at Ben he shrugged before looking up at through the top of the dome to stare at the Earth, "My teams are preparing to examine each of them before they are transferred to the claiming dome on Mars. Those under sixteen will be separated and placed in the holding pens by age for Owen to use. Subject to keeping couples together of course."


Blinking at Joe's rambling, Ben asked, "Is something wrong? You’re rambling."


"Logistics is getting to me I guess," Joe admitted. "Pretty much the rest of the base is being or has been portaled to Mars by now and trying to get together field kits and supplies to bring them back here is a hassle. I had hoped to be well into the physicals by now."


"Why in the world," Ben started before going to the wall and opening a channel to main medical on Mars. "Belay that order to prepare to examine those harvested on the moon in situ. Prepare to receive Harvested on Mars. After their physical they can be released directly to the claiming pens." Closing the connection he stared at Joe for a minute, who was looking at him with a strange expression on his face. "Problem one taken care of lover. Now to take care of problem two," he smiled as he entered an order to the computer. Smiling when he saw the guards who were patrolling the upper catwalk stop and read the message that scrolled across their arm bands, then direct their scanners to take the information from the obedience bands on the couples who were keeping away from the main group, "The obvious couples will be logged in so we can offer them as a pair for claiming, any we miss because they are keeping up appearances can be found out after they become Neophytes. Their handlers can make arrangements to get them together after they've been converted if need be."


"Makes sense," Joe said as he relaxed and moved over to the wall near Ben. "How do you plan to handle the females we Harvested? After all there are, what? Six hundred and thirty of them."


"I'm not sure if Owen caught this yet, he probably has and did not think to mention it thinking I picked up on it," Ben said as he started to walk towards the other side of the walkway, so he could make his announcement from over the food window. "The original V virus that the three of us were injected with is not the same as what he collected from the volunteers to culture. There is a slight difference in the RNA to DNA makeup. Not enough to make a difference in the long run, I think, but Owen has cultured enough doses of V virus to be able to infect all the females at once with the load they would have been infected with if they had been fucked by one of us."


"So we have two variants of the same virus?" Joe asked as he watched the crowd gather below them.


Nodding his head yes, Ben said as he watched the crowd gather, "Only one of them will be used. The original strain that is being cultured from what was left from Harold's vial will be halted at twenty-five doses. The culture and virus vials will then be placed in a frozen containment freezer in the vault at our compound. The equipment and all traces of the original culture then will be destroyed. We will only use the version that was cultured from what the Triplets extracted from the semen of volunteers."


"Why the distinction between the two cultures?" Joe wanted to know.


"I'm not willing to take the chance that the pure strain would be injected into a heterosexual, I have no idea what would happen," Ben said as he glanced at Joe. "I do know that the strain that our bodies generate will make someone Gay, but even Harold was not sure his original design would change the sexuality of the recipient, he was sure though, that all those who were infected afterwards, by those infected already would end up Gay."


"I sometimes wonder if I should have taken you up on your offer to download Harold's knowledge," Joe shook his head with a sigh. "But then I have so much on my plate right now, I don't think I could manage the triplets on top of that. They might have snuck a few experiments past me because I would be overloaded."


Snickering Ben stood and stretched, notice the crowd that had gathered cringed, "True. I have from time to time had to firmly ask them what the hell they were thinking." Seeing that the guards on his level were signaling that all had been gathered for his announcement he gave one last look at Joe before saying, "It's show time."


Pressing the button that brought the lower screens to life, so his image could be seen clearly and heard, Ben looked down at soon to be neophytes. "Someone thought it was a good idea to collect questions from you," shaking his head he told them, "even though it will not change things, I have chosen three of the questions and will answer them. For one simple reason," he held up a hand to stop any murmurs of satisfaction. "Question one, are you aliens?" Releasing his control over his feelers, he smiled as he felt them slide away from the skin of his skull and move his hair out of the way as they unfurled. Standing with his telepathic feelers waving and moving like independent snakes, he picked up on the emotions and thoughts of the hundreds of teens below. "I think that one is obvious, don't you," he half smirked half sneered at them. "My people call themselves Trans Gen, we would be classified as Homo Superior Homem, that means you are beneath us on the evolutionary scale, amongst others."


"Why did you kidnap us? That was another questions I thought was pertinent," Ben said as he continued to walk the teens’ thoughts. "We had an accord, a treaty if you will with the Earth government, thirteen states to be exact. The treaty was broken when one off our own was taken." Glaring down at the crowd hew snapped out, "As I told the government when we took the first town, if you take one of ours, we will take ten thousand of yours." Pointing to the crowd he told them, "You bring the total up to sixty-two hundred. The rest that will be Harvested shall be in a few of your Earth days." Smiling at the fear his choice of words inspired he had them thinking they were being fattened up for the table.


"Which brings us to the third question," Ben said as the Portal opened off to the side. "What do you plan to do with us?" Smile leaving his face he took a deep breath. Now that he had installed the proper fear into them, cowing those who had been taught from a young age they were born to lead, to control the masses he told them, "Each of you will walk through the portal to our medical center where you will be given a thorough physical. Once we have assured ourselves that we have found out everything that physically makes you who you are, you will be released into another tropical dome like this one. Except that dome is on our home, Mars." Mentally telling Joe to tag a couple of troublemakers to be used as examples later on he finished up. "Know that your continuing comfort while you are our guests depends on how cooperative you are." Seeing the crowd look at each other he also told them, "And the last thing I will tell you is this. We value above all else same sex couples, if you are coupled with another, tell the person doing the physical so you can be kept together and given every opportunity to continue to explore pleasure with each other. The food service window in this dome is now closed and will not be reopened, so if you do not come through the portal you will starve."


"Isn't that just the Damnedest thing," One of the agents said as he pointed to the television and its breaking news broadcast.


Special agent Scott Adams slowed to a stop when he overheard the exclamation. Ducking his head into the room he stared at the television screen as a cold feeling washed over him.


"To repeat our early announcement for those who might just now be tuning in," the broadcast announcer said as he stared at the camera. "Early this morning as students started to arrive at the exclusive New Hampshire Preparatory Academy to join their fellow students for class, they arrived to find the school and dorms empty. Not a soul was in sight. Frantic searches of the grounds by the arriving students and their parents found no sign of foul play, no sign of forced entry and no sign of any of the students or faculty that make this school their home."


"As you can see," the announcer said as they cut to a live feed from the school. "Hundreds of volunteers are arriving to join the search of the woods and fields around the school." Changing to a picture of the gymnasium and the piles of clothes and wallets he added, "The only clue to add to the mystery of the disappearance of eight hundred and fifty-eight students along with thirty-two adults that oversee the students who live at the Academy, is this strange pile of clothing, along with a pile of student identification. Police have no clues on why these piles of garments were formed, but have stated that the pile is made up of enough clothing it is assumed the nightwear belongs to the missing students and staff."


Scott felt an icy chill grip his heart as he watched the cameras pan across the gymnasium. This was an exact match to what had happened when the Trans Gen's kidnapped the students from the two high schools in South Carolina. "Fuck," he muttered as he stormed out of the room, intent on catching the quickest flight to New Hampshire before that prick Voice or his henchman got involved. There were clues to be had and now he had a chance to examine them.


If he had stayed longer he would have caught the newest breaking news. The reporter was beside himself when the local affiliate broke in stating that the all girls academy fifteen miles away was a duplicate scene to what they had been dealing with. Some bright deputy had decided to check in on the girls school to make sure they were notified of the mystery and prepared just in case. He had found that St. Mary’s students had also disappeared in the same strange manner.


Seeing two of the teens standing in the hallway outside the exam room, holding hands and looking frightened and hesitant, Joe motioned them into the exam room. "One of you lay down on the table. You can continue to hold hands as I draw blood and start the exam. You should be familiar with most of the exam if you've seen an Earth medic." Moving over to the table he glanced over his shoulder to see one of the teens had climbed up on the exam table and laid down. His friend was griping his hand and looking at his back fearfully.


"You are not going to probe us are you," Darren asked fearfully in a whispered voice.


Hiding his chuckles, Joe cleared any emotion off his face and shook his head as he turned around. "Do you want me to?" If you only knew you are close to the truth he thought. Seeing the shocked expression he did let the chuckle out, "The first thing I am going to do is to take a few samples. Blood first then saliva, I'll save the semen sample until both of you are examined so you can help each other out." Grinning at the intense shade of red both turned he held out his hand, "I need to scan the arm with your obedience band to start."


Darren hesitantly lifted his right arm and held it up. Watching closely as the alien waved some strange device over his wrist. Hearing the device beep, he asked quietly, "what is an obedience band and what will it do to me?" Seeing his name pop up on the computer screen he looked down at the bracelet and saw no identifying marks, so how did they know who he was?


"Some will say it is a training tool," Joe said as he prepared to draw blood from the teen. "In reality, the band allows us to administer electrical shocks to you if you misbehave. It is very painful and has several different levels of pain that can be administered depending on how defiant you are to our orders. This will hurt a bit," he said as he uncapped the needle and slipped it inside the teen’s vein.


"At least he is honest about it hurting," Kirk muttered as he squeezed Darren's hand.


"If I expect truth and cooperation from you, I should do so first," Joe said as he finished filling the blood vials. Placing a small port line onto the catheter he taped it down. "I need to draw one more sample for a hormone panel once you are close to orgasming. To determine where you are on the puberty scale," seeing the blushes were back, he swiveled around in his seat and placed the blood samples in the analyzer, once finished he turned back and popped the rubber stopper on one of the black topped vials and handed it over, "gather some spit and fill at least a third of the vial before putting the stopper back in, when you’re finished hand it back," he told the teen.


"Now we will start the physical part of the exam," Joe said as he pulled the keyboard over and started to enter the obvious stats, height, weight, hair color and birthmarks. Picking up a soft tape measure he embarrassed the teen again when he picked up his flaccid cock and measured its length and girth. Ignoring the intake of breath, he entered the information before picking up a set of digital calipers and hefting the teens balls sack, moving each testicle around so he could take measurements he glanced at the teen’s friend who had a look of shock on his face. Entering the information he pulled a glove on and told the teen, "Pick up your legs so your feet are flat on the table as close to your butt as possible."


"What are you going to do?" Darren asked as he flashed back to his question of being probed.


"A rectal exam to check on your prostate," Joe kept calm and professional, even though he wanted to laugh at the teen’s expression. "Once I'm done I can either let your friend help you out with getting an erection, or insert a small transducer type plug into your rectum to stimulate your prostate. Once you’re hard I will once again measure the length and girth of your cock before handing over a vial so you can shoot your semen into it."


"Um," Darren's eyes got large. Looking at Kirk he frantically tried to think of a way out of what he was being asked to do.


"I'll help him," Kirk said. He did not want anyone but him getting Darren all hot and bothered.


"Alright," Joe nodded as he motioned for him to start. "While you get him hard I'm going to prepare the sample container. Assuming you are familiar with each others responses, I want you to place the end of the container over the tip of his penis when he is about to come. Try to catch all of his load," he instructed as he placed the container on the teen’s stomach and watched."


"Um," Darren said as he felt Kirk's hand gently squeeze and fondle his dick. Feeling self-conscious he mumbled, "I'm not sure I can get it up with someone watching us."


"Close your eyes and think of the last time the two of you fooled around then," Joe shrugged. He was probably the only one willing to let couples help each other out, the rest of his staff would just insert the vibrating plug and wait for the obvious conclusion that would happen when the prostate was stimulated.


Leaning over and kissing Darren on his lips as he used his free hand to pull his head around, Kirk whispered into his ear as he started to nibble on it, "Concentrate on me Darren, and only me."


Closing his eyes, Darren tried to do that, to forget one of the aliens was in the room and watching him get a hand job so he could collect a vial of his Cum. Kissing Kirk back he felt himself grow hard, hands reaching down and finding Kirk's hard cock he moaned as he lost himself to Kirk's attentions.


Seeing that the teen was hard and leaking pre-cum, Joe reached over and measured the teen’s cock once more, both the length and girth now that he was hard. Once he had the figures he moved back to his seat and prepared the tablet by pulling up the questionnaire form as he waited for the teen to shoot his load.


Giving one last lingering kiss, all the while using his hands to screw the vial’s cap back on, Kirk slowly moved away from Darren who was panting from his orgasm; as the guy who was giving them their exam removed the tube from Darren's arm and taped a bandage over it.


Taking the vial, Joe smiled at the teen and told him, "If you want, you can use your mouth or tongue to clean up anything that missed the container." Looking down at the teen who looked like he so wanted to Cum he warned him, "You have to wait your turn, so no Cumming until I say so."


"Now then," Joe said as the teen was now clean and his breathing was back to normal and looking at him. Picking up the hardened tablet computer he handed it over, "Go ahead and sit back down if you will, your friend will need both hands free for this next part, you can keep hold of his thigh if you want. But most of all I need you to calm down so you go soft until I need you to be aroused." Staring at the teen until he did as told, he looked at the teen laying down and told him, "there is a small stylus you can use to answer the questions on the side of the tablet. Your friend can't see your answer, nor will he find out. So be very truthful in your answers."


Looking at the first question, Darren paled before blushing. The first question asked how old he was when he had his first erection that he had not made himself go hard. And from there it became more personal and involved, including questions about his first time and how far he had gone with each and every lover having a line to have their name placed in. Glancing down and seeing Kirk with his head on the table, looking to the side so he could not see his face, he glanced back at the alien doctor and saw he was tapping one hand near the armband that controlled the pain band on his wrist. He had seen an example of it being activated, now that he knew the band on his wrist was the culprit and not alien mind powers, mindful of the admonishment to be totally truthful he started to answer the questions. Fifteen minutes later and totally embarrassed, he handed the table over with a whisper, "I've finished."


Having followed along on the computer screen as the teen answered the questions, Joe accepted the tablet. "You can switch places now," he told them, "and since you know what went on there is no need for me to repeat the instructions?"


Nodding his head as he gulped, Kirk switched spots with Darren, giving him a hug as he did so.


Coming down from shooting the biggest and hardest load of his life, Kirk felt the guy tape the bandage over the spot the blood was drawn from. Taking the offered tablet he now knew why Darren was so embarrassed. Mortified, he glanced down at Darren who gave him a sad smile, before turning away so he could have the illusion of privacy and started to answer the questions.


Testing done, Joe stood and motioned for the teen to get up, "The hard and embarrassing part is over. I'll escort you to the dome where you will be staying until someone decides to house you for your stay," he half lied. Moving over to the portal, he logged in and dialed the claiming pens, once the portal was active he pointed and told the two teens, "You've been cleared by medical, so go on in and get something to eat."


Once the two had walked through the portal he looked over at the line and said, "Next." Seeing a single person walk over he grinned, this should be fun he thought.




"That was the most embarrassing thing I've ever gone through," Kirk said as he took Darren's hand and walked down the path between the tall plants and trees. Glancing over at Darren he told him, "I am not going to ask about any of the questions we were asked, I told you when we first hooked up that it did matter how experienced you were. I am comfortable with everything we've done and am quite happy to be the bottom in our friendship."


"Is that all we are," Darren said as he hid the hurt in his voice.


"In the beginning," Kirk said carefully. "What we have was a way to release tension and give ourselves some pleasure." Feeling Darren try to draw his hand away he held on and pulled, "But we've been together more than a year now, and even though we both agreed that when we graduated this year we would walk away without any regrets...I think we were both foolish and fooling ourselves," he said as they entered a meadow and he spotted the food window. Pulling Darren around so they were face to face he looked into Darren's eyes, "Leaving you when we graduated would have been the biggest mistake I ever made, even with the promise we made to each other. Now though," he said as he leaned his forehead against Darren's, "we've been kidnapped by Aliens, ones who have all but told us the only way to get preferential treatment is by being in a same sex relationship. Nose touching nose he whispered, "WE are in a same a same sex relationship, one I don't plan to end any time soon, even if we get out of this, it is far too late to think of walking away from you. It was too late the moment you slid inside me for the first time, taking care to be gentle and making sure I felt nothing but pleasure, not pain."


Kissing Kirk, stopping him from saying anything else, Darren let go of Kirk's lips after a minute. Looking into his eyes and seeing he was sincere he smiled, "Me too, the not being able to walk away from us at the end of the year." Starting for the food window, he pulled Kirk behind him as he grinned.

Once he stood in front of the window, he placed his wrist with the band on it into the slot and was rewarded with a tray of food sliding out of the now open window. Taking his tray he waited until Kirk had his before moving over to one of the tables and sitting down. Unscrewing the lid to his drink, he stop mid-motion, the plastic bottle halfway to his mouth as he caught a glimpse of the glass wall of the dome they were in. Across the way, past the glass wall was blowing red sand.


"What are you..." Kirk started saying as he looked over his shoulder to see what Darren was looking at, "SHIT, they didn't lie. We are on Mars." Breaking away from the view, he got Darren's attention by snapping his fingers in front of his face, "We need to finish quickly so you can make love to me in front of one of their cameras. We need to cement into their minds that we are together as a couple before the rest of the school gets here.


Plumping up slightly at the thought of sliding in and out of Kirk, Darren nodded his head and finished taking a drink of the water. Standing up he grabbed his tray and told Kirk, "Come on, we can finish eating later, after we've made out." Knowing very well that if they left the trays on the table someone could hide them, if they did not return it and get scanned in they would not get their next meal until they did, so he was not willing to take any chances.







"Why are you dragging me to Glenn's room?" Carl half whined as his brother half dragged him by his arm down the hall.


"It's been almost three weeks and you've not taken my suggestion, so," Max glanced at his brother Carl. Glen and I made arrangements for you to join in the fun this morning, he said as he opened Glen's door.


Skidding to s stop inside the room, about to protest that he was straight dammit, Carl was shocked as he saw Martin fucking Jayden. Jayden was moaning in pleasure with his legs up in the air, over Martin’s shoulders as Martin was thrusting in and out of Jayden. Not noticing he was being dragged closer to the bed, he felt his body start to respond. He never felt the hands unbuttoning his pants, or his feet being raised one at a time as his pants and underwear was slipped off his legs, that was how entranced he was with what he was seeing.


Grinning, Glen looked up at Max from the floor where he had knelt to take off Carl's pants, to see Max had quickly stripped out of his clothes and was hard and throbbing. Seeing Max's intense stare towards him, he quickly had Carl lubed up, behind Martin and pushed home so his body started to thrust in and out on its own. Moving over to Max he pulled his head down so he could reach those luscious lips and forgot all about his boyfriend and the others fucking each other senseless a few feet away.


An hour later, Glen looked at the clock and kissed Max one last time, "I've got to go if I am going to meet Ben and the rest of the council so I can go with them."


Looking over at Martin and his brother going at it, Max nodded as he asked, "So today starts the experiment? I hope it works out like you hope, so you and Martin can finally be back together." Mumbling as he saw Jayden move behind his brother so he could fuck him he mumbled, "And maybe I can get my brother converted and settled too."



"Tal, Dolce, Joe, Ben," the Triplets said as they slammed a fist to their chest. Spotting someone else standing near Ben that he did not know he looked questioningly at Ben.

"This is Glen," Ben said as he pulled his Neophyte forward. "He expressed an interest in the tests you are doing since they are important to him."


"How so," Nick asked as he contemplated the unknown person.


"My boyfriend is fourteen," Glen said as he shrugged. "So this experiment is important to me."


"Alright," Owen said as he dismissed Glen being there from his mind as he nodded for his brother Nick to start.


"So, we will start this experiment with those closest in age to being available to be converted, the fifteen-year-olds. Using the modified Tanner Scale that Joe developed, which includes hormone levels to determine physical maturation, we have set up a proof of theory trial. This test will involve all of the Tanner Stage puberty levels except level one."


"And there was only one in this harvest that was classified as puberty stage two," Vic added in.


"We will be testing three different infection methods and virus levels," Nick said as he motioned for them to follow him into the other room where the test subjects were restrained to the beds, legs secured into stirrups so their anuses were easily accessed. Stopping near the first four he explained, "Group one shall have an initial dose of the virus inserted into them based on weight per viral load."


"With all of the test subjects we will follow the standards we use for infection the normal way," Owen chimed in. "After initial infection, and upon gaining consciousness again, the subject will receive another dose of the virus. Then they will receive a dose twice a day until they are converted or expire in failure."


"The second group," Nick took over once again. "Will start out the same, they will receive an initial dose of the virus based on weight, then every dose afterwards will be based on the viral load which is the same as a Trans Gen will ejaculate into a Neophyte."


"Based on discussions with Tal on how the four of you infect someone," Vic said. "This group will be re-infected three times a day. They also will be milked before and after the viral load is inserted."


Standing in front of the third group of test subjects, Owen described what this groups test parameters were. "The third group, will also start the same as the others. An initial viral load will be inserted into the anuses while they are being face fucked by our Neophytes. Who volunteered, just so you know. They will not be allowed to cum into the subject’s mouths, it is only meant as a way to start the enzyme that opens the body to the V cells to gain entry. Then upon awakening they will be fucked by one of the apprentices and follow what we do in claiming a Neophyte."


"This is the most dangerous set of parameters," Owen said as he moved towards the center of the room where Ben and the others were standing. "Except of the initial viral load, this is almost the same procedure Simon followed. The only difference being Simon tended to infect those at the lower end of the modified Tanner Scale, puberty level one and two."


"You're not like Simon are you," Owen rounded on Glen as he finished outlining the experiments procedures.


"No," Glen shook his head, "Martin is quite advanced for his age. In fact, in the three years we've been together...he was the one to initiate sex in the beginning. I was babysitting him while his parents were away and I woke up as he finished sitting on my hard cock. I have to admit he was so tight I almost blew right then and there, but he was happy, he showed me the couple of drops of clear liquid dripping from his prick after he came. I was thirteen, he was just gone eleven. I was never happier when he could start to shoot a good amount when he came, so tasty," he smiled as he licked his lips without thinking.


"Just making sure," Owen said as he looked at Ben. "Simon was a beautiful person in the beginning," shuddering he stared at Glen, "But in his zeal to find a way to atone for losing his boyfriend the way he did, he wasted close to eleven thousand test subjects."


"Glen's only interest in the experiment is being able to have his boyfriend back," Joe assured the Triplets. "Martin is a solid three on the puberty scale, on the verge of achieving level four."


"Ah," Vic nodded for the three of them. "Well, if this experiment does what our theory hopes for, we can begin with age fourteen in a week."


"Thank you," Glen smiled shyly at the three. Moving over to the test subjects he looked them over, he could see the fear hidden under the defiance. "Besides their puberty scale, how did you chose your test subjects," he asked, curious to find out the answer.


"These ten were the ones giving the medics the most trouble," Owen said as he glared back at the defiant face. Luckily each of the test subjects had a gag to keep them quiet.


Trailing a finger lazily down the male test subject’s neck and circling his nipple several times, Glen looked over at Owen and asked, as the test subject shuddered under his finger, "So what do we need to do to start?"


"Eager aren't we," Ben chuckled as he motioned for Owen to begin.


"Recorders on," Owen said as he looked at his brothers. Moving to the first test subject he said as he picked up a large vial of the cultured virus he said as he drew up the virus into a syringe, "Test subject one dash one of experiment M fifteen one. Age of test subject is fifteen standard Earth years, height five foot nine inches, weight sixty-three kilos. The subject falls into puberty level four, borderline level five on the modified scale after sperm count," he recited the facts for the record as he removed the needle from the syringe. "Initial dose of V cells for subject one dash one is the same as if biologically generated, a dose of two hundred and fifty trillion cells per milliliter."


Dipping the top of the syringe into lube, Owen moved between the test subject’s legs and inserted the syringe into the teen’s anus. All the while ignoring the muffled screams and the body twisting and lifting of the test subject’s ass to try to keep the syringe away. Plunging the plunger home, he said, "Viral load inserted at eleven nineteen Mars Local Time."


Moving to the test subject’s head, he stared at the teen’s eyes, waiting for any signs of infection. "Note," he said after three minutes. "Subject one dash one, at eleven twenty-three Mars Local Time, is exhibiting the start of signs of a forced conversion. Sclera of the eyes indicates rapid hypertension and vascular leakage associated with forced conversion. Patient now exhibits blood leakage from nose, mouth, eyes and ears." Slapping the test subject’s face lightly and pinching its nipples quite hard he said, "Eleven twenty-four Mars Local Time, Subject one dash one has gone unconscious. So far test subject one dash one is exhibiting typical forced conversion symptoms. Moving to test subject one dash two."



Once the first group had been infected, Ben went around and examined each test subject closely. Each of the test subjects looked they were undergoing forced conversion. "From all the reports I read that Simon sent," he said as he watched subject one dash four start to pale, "Only twenty percent of those age fifteen survived." Moving closer to the test subject who was having issues; he looked over the tests that were used to determine the puberty level and pointed out, "Even at an older age, Simon would have been drawn to this one due to his puberty level. If I remember correctly, Simon always had his test subjects blow him as he did them. His subjects seemed to last longer before becoming ill due to the fact he never fucked them, so the virus was only inserted through oral sex."


Drawing up a dose of enzyme, Joe moved over and injected it into the test subject, in hopes that it would help. "This probably is too late to have any effect, but since the test subject is failing, it won't do any harm." Even before he finished injecting the enzyme into the test subject’s blood stream, the subject had stopped breathing. "I'll have my teams do a necropsy to find out exactly what went wrong, maybe we can find out why his body rejected the V cells."


Looking down at the puberty stage two in group two, Ben made a decision, "Owen, this one, change the parameters of the test so he has a slow steady supply of enzyme inserted into his blood stream at least an hour before you infect him."


"I'll set the I.V. drip up," Joe quickly volunteered as he moved to the supply cabinet.


"What are you thinking, sir," Owen said slowly as he examined the test subject as he finished strapping the electro-stimulator bands around the last subject’s penis.


"Since this subject’s V cell load will be drastically reduced," Ben said as he read through the medical report. Looking at the hormone levels and sperm count he finally finished his thought, "I want to add a fourth protocol to this round of testing. Administer a continuous enzyme drip for the first hour, then add in the V cells into the I.V. at the rate of fifty million cells per millimeter. If the subject enters normal symptomatology of being converted, then my sudden thought has potential."


"Do you want the V cell infusion to continue through conclusion?" Joe asked as he inserted the needle into the subject’s arm and hung the I.V. bag.

"I do," Ben agreed quickly. "We'll keep an eye on this one; if this works for someone who has been borderline malnourished most of his life before gaining a scholarship and getting a steady supply of high quality foods and exercise, then it might just work those that are Puberty level two."


"Right," Owen nodded once as he looked over at his brother, "Nick that was recorded right?"


"Yes, of course," Nick nodded as he started to draw up the last of the first dose of the V cells by weight and starting at half-strength and setting it down on the metal side table near the last subject.


"Then let's get group two started," Owen said as he moved to the first test subject. "Experiment M dash two, he said as he reached over and turned on the electro-stimulator. "Test subject two dash one, age fifteen, puberty scale level four. Height five foot ten, weight sixty-five kilos. Test subject will be subjected to electro-stimulation of reproductive organ until orgasm before viral insertion and then once more after."


"Parameters for experiment M dash two is as follows," Owen said clinically as he ignored the frightened look from the test subject. "Test subject will receive a sliding scale of V cells based on weight after test subject has first orgasm. V cells then will be administered rectally and electro-stimulation turned back on until another orgasm is brought about. After initial viral load, test subject will be re-infected every eight hours with the viral load of two hundred and fifty trillion cells per millimeter. Test subject shall be brought to orgasm before and after each insertion of new V cells."


Seeing the test subject's penis swell and orgasm, sperm reaching near the teen’s neck, Owen picked up the syringe after turning the stimulator off. "Test subject two dash one having achieved orgasm and in the state known as post-orgasmic bliss shall now have one hundred and eighty trillion V cells inserted by syringe into the rectum through the anus." Lubing up the end of the syringe, he inserted it slowly into the test subject’s ass once his knuckles hit ass cheeks he pushed the plunger home. "Initial V load inserted at eleven fifty-five Mars Local Time. Electro-stimulator reactivated," he said as he turned the stimulator back on. Before moving to the next patient.


Five minutes later, Vic turned off the stimulator on subject two dash one after he had finished Cumming. Giving the test subject a fast exam he noted for the recorders, "Test subject two dash one, exam after post infection orgasm. Subject appears to be exhibiting signs of onset of normal conversion; post-orgasmic bliss has resulted in standard unconsciousness as the Viral load beings infection."


Seeing the Triplets Neophytes walk in, Ben looked around the room and saw that something had been overlooked, looking at Owen and the Triplets he told them, "Before you start the third group, you need to make sure all the test subjects undergo the standard mental conditioning."


Blinking, Owen looked at his brothers who looked at him sheepishly, sighing he motioned for them to get started, "I did forget that. If they do transition through conversion they do need that," shaking his head he moved over to the last test subject he just left and let his feelers free from confinement. Sighing in relief, as if a muscle finally was stretched and relaxed, he leaned over, face near the subject’s head his feelers snapped out and speared through the test subject’s hair and into the outer layer of skin. Mind to mind, he started the conditioning all Neophytes went through, including an altered version of the test subject volunteering and not experiencing any fear over the procedure. While he was doing this he sent his brothers a quick mental message on what he was doing.


After all the test subjects had been mentally altered, he once again stood in front of the last group of three test subjects. "Experiment M dash three. The last group of three fifteen-year-old humans. These test subjects shall be subjected to the following protocols," he said. "Test subjects have been fitted with O-ring gags to allow oral sex without danger to the volunteers who have agreed to face fuck them. The volunteers will not be ejaculating into the test subjects’ mouths, instead the oral sex is designed to introduce the enzyme a Trans Gen produces to enter the test subject along the normal route. While the test subjects are being subjected to enzyme absorption, a modified V cell load, based on subject’s weight, shall be inserted into the test subject’s anus. Upon re-awakening the volunteer who up to now has kept themselves aroused by enforced oral sex, shall perform full insertive anal sex with the test subject. Ejaculation of biologically produced V cells at this time will occur."


Motioning for the three Neophytes who volunteered to start, Owen waited fifteen minutes for enough enzymes to be absorbed before picking up the syringe Nick had prepared. "Test subject three dash one, age fifteen, height five foot nine, weight sixty kilo’s, level four on the puberty. Test subject has been subjected to twenty minutes of enzyme absorption and will now receive the first dose of one hundred and forty trillion V cells," he said as he inserted the syringe and pushed the plunger down. Looking at the clock he said out loud for the recorders, "Initial viral load inserted at twelve twenty-nine Mars Local Time."


After waiting for the last test subject to be infected, Ben, who had been watching and thinking about the fourth protocol he had added to the experiment said, "Owen, pull three more test subjects from the pen. Choose two that are at puberty level three and one from level four. Set them up like this one," he said as he tapped the chest of the test subject with the I.V. Follow the fifty million cell protocol through I.V. drip mixed with Enzyme until conversion is complete or expiration of test subject."


"Yes, sir," Owen nodded as he looked over his shoulder, "Nick, Tal if you would."


"Three more test subjects coming right up," Vic grinned as and Nick walked out of the room.


"Keep me updated, at least every eight hours," Ben said as he looked over at Joe. "Joe if you would let me know as soon as the necropsy is done and your findings," he ordered as he grabbed Glen's arm and started to walk out of the room. Once in the hallway he looked at Glen and said, "Don't get Martin’s hopes up yet, not until the testing is over and the rest of the age group is converted by whichever means works the best."


"I miss him," Glen whispered as he looked into Ben's eyes. "I miss his taste, the way his cock would slide in and out of my mouth before he would fill my mouth with his load. I miss the way his ass feels on my cock as I slowly slid inside of him before fucking. I miss the way his cock felt in my ass after I came down from blowing my load inside his ass," he said as his breath hitched.


Pulling Glen into his arms, he kissed him slowly, "Soon, if this works like we hope, it won't be much longer Glen."







"So," Max smirked at his brother at lunch. "It was not as bad as you thought was it?"


"Fine," Carl rolled his eyes at his brother, "I'll admit that Martin has a tight ass that I can't wait to tap again, happy now?"


"And Jayden?" Max smirked as he watched his brother hang his head as he blushed. Moving over so he could throw an arm over his brother’s shoulder he told him, "I'm not making fun of you, not really. I just want to know that you enjoyed yourself and are comfortable with everything you did."


"I was a virgin," Carl looked up at his brother as he told him that. "I'm still straight, at least until they get to me. I was about to push Jayden off when he stuck his dick up my ass, but then he touched a spot inside of me and the wave of pleasure that caused made me forgot all about pushing him away. Yes I liked the sex, yes I will do it again, it's not like I'll have a chance at a girl will I?" He sounded resigned and resentful when he said that.


"Well," Max hesitated before jumping in, oh well he thought, the worst that will happen is someone will take it out on my ass. "Now that you've actually had sex with a guy and liked it, like I thought you would, I'll talk to Dolce this afternoon to see if I can take you to visit one of the breeders tomorrow, then you can experience sex with a female before being converted. Though," he held up a hand at Carl's excitement, stopping him from saying anything. "If you do this, if I get permission to take you there, you will be getting the breeder I let you fuck pregnant. So if you are sure you are willing to have that happen so you can try out a female, I'll see about arranging it."


"I..." Carl trailed off as Max stopped him from agreeing. Paling at hearing he could have sex with a girl if he got her pregnant he swallowed hard. "Pregnant?" he whispered out as he gulped.


Nodding his head, Max shrugged, "Yes pregnant. When Dolce took me from the claiming pens, he met up with Ben and Joe before taking us to a different dome filled with girls in heat. They call females that carry their children breeders because they only have the mind of a toddler. That and they want to have sex all the time," he told his brother. Shifting so he could look at his brother’s face he told him, "It is all part of an experiment, they wanted to find out if a normal human could impregnate one of their breeders and have a viable child, one that might grow up to be a breeder. So far, the getting pregnant by a human part worked for sure."


Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, Carl sent a funny look towards Max, "So if it is a girl, it will not mentally grow up, and if it is a boy what then?"


"First, the breeders, while looking like a hot girl, they are not human either." Max said as he scrunched up his face in thought, "I've been told that now that I am a Trans Gen, I can only have sons, my body will not produce X sperm, only Y. So that is the reason why there are no female born...let me rephrase that because there are female Trans Gen, they are called the Sisters of Lesbos; an order of Lesbians. The issue is that, only having male children which will always be a Trans Gen..."


"It sounds like you are confusing your brother Max," Ben said as he joined them at the picnic table. "I overheard part of your conversation when I came out here for the command staff meeting." Seeing both of them start to get up he waved them back, "No sit, you can stay, there is nothing we are going to be talking about that needs to remain a secret."


Looking over at Carl, Ben started the explanation over, "You already know that we are a genetically engineered race, and the history about how we came about, from sitting in on the lessons your brother sat through." Seeing Carl nod he waved his hand around the compound dome, "The command staff, consisting of Dolce, Joe and their kids, along with me are the only Trans Gen that are willing to house siblings of our Neophytes. If your brother had been claimed by anyone else, you would have been stuck in Harvest pen until you were old enough to be claimed. There you would have been...housed, is the best word, kept alive, but not interacting with anyone beside your fellow young humans. Because you’re not people in the minds of everyone else."


"Are there any people in the pens now?" Carl hesitated to ask, but did anyway.


"A couple of dozen," Ben shrugged before continuing. "The only reason why I am mentioning this is to let you know how well off you are. And even though your brother forced you to lose your virginity when you did not take him up on his suggestion, he does have your interests in mind. Now then," he smiled at the shellshocked teen. "Since we are genetically engineered, one of the scientists who worked on the original project felt being female should preclude being part of the warrior race they were building, so he altered the genetics so we could only produce sperm that would create males. He figured that they could tell the warriors who to get pregnant, so they could keep control over their creation. Luckily for us, Harold had other plans."


"So you have a race of beings, of aliens that can never reproduce the female of the species," Ben saw Carl nod his head. "So Harold, in secret, because he was altering the virus so everyone who was infected would be gay. The group who started the project was going to destroy all the vampires, then turn their creation on gay people and exterminate them..."


"I remember that," Carl nodded. "He wanted to protect his Gay son, and if I have it right, did not like that his project was going to be misused like the backers planned."


"Right," Tal smiled at Carl as he walked over and took a seat at the table. "I remember Dad coming home after finding out what his bosses planned. He was frantic in trying to find a place to move to that would be out of reach of his creations, when he could not find anywhere, that is when he decided to slow down the final release and change it."


"So," Ben continued. "The virus does allow females to be converted and keep their mind and actually have our powers, but, they have to be gay, be a Lesbian. To continue our race we harvest female humans and infect them with the Virus our bodies produce. Almost all of them have their minds blasted back to that of a toddler and become a breeder, allowing us to continue our race. Which brings us full circle," he smiled at Carl, "to why we would even think of allowing humans to get our Breeders pregnant. Eventually we would like to not have to Harvest from Earth, to take young humans and convert them. Don't get me wrong," he said as he waved his hand around the picnic area, "we will still have controlled Harvest to bring in new blood, but not in the thousands like we are now."


"Unless another one of us is taken," Joe said as he joined in.


"True" Ben nodded. "Unless they take another one of us, after this next scheduled Harvest we will go back to recruiting from Gay youth like before." Seeing Dolce's three, arm in arm with Joe's boys, he smiled at them and waved. Picking up his tablet he checked the breeding pens and saw that there were a couple of breeders in season that probably would not get pregnant this time around, so he told Max, "There are a couple of breeders in heat, that will be ignored because of the influx of those needing to be claimed, so you can take your brother and any of the others who can produce sperm and let them have fun anytime today."


"Come on," Max said as he stood up ands reached over for Carl. "Let’s get Jayden and maybe Martin and go let you lose your other V card." Pulling his brother to his feet, he grinned at the embarrassed look in his face.


Chuckling as Max dragged his brother away so he could go off to have sex, Ben looked over at Joe and asked, "Might as well start with Medical, do you have any word yet the cause of death?"


"Well, my team is really just getting started, but gross examination seems to show that he died of shock," Joe told him. "It will be a couple of days until the tests are done so we know why he went into shock, what the cause was."


"Would it help if we sent a team to mine the minds of the CDC team that was in charge of tracking down the outbreak that Simon caused?" Robert asked his dad.


"It might," Joe mused before saying, "Getting our hands on their data and test results would probably help more. That way we don't have to re-run useless tests, which takes time." He shrugged before moving on, "Physicals have been completed on those harvested from the boys prep academy, four hundred and eighty-three have been released to the claiming dome. My recommendation for the three hundred and seventy-five that are in the holding domes by age, is either convert them if the experiment shows success or submerge them into heavy training until they reach a level they can be placed in the claiming dome."


"So you agree the protocols that this experiment is running under is sufficient to know for certain who can be and can not be converted?" Nick, Joe's oldest son and the one in charge of life support asked.


"With the parameters for testing that Ben and the Triplets came up with," Joe nodded, "yes I believe we will have our answer. The only puzzling thing is, that the puberty level has to be an artificial imposed limit, virus's, even genetically engineered ones, don't act like the V cells do from what we have observed."


"Brendon is going to track down any leads he can find on the original organization that created the virus and all its subsidiaries," Ben told them. "Hopefully he can find any backup data or records. His orders are to sterilize as he goes, since there is a very good chance the people who snatched him are or were part of the original group that created the V virus."


"I'll make sure he knows to let us know when he is close, so I can have a Strike Team standing by," Tal said as he made a note on his tablet. Seeing Ben looking at him after he finished he gave his report, "Cross training with the Sisters of Lesbos has gone surprisingly well. They have integrated into the teams effectively and will be ready by the next Harvest. Now on the Neophytes that will be released from basic training in two weeks," he said as he leaned back and grabbed his leg to balance himself. "Technically we will have enough people to field another four battalions when they are released. Practically I can only add two battalions due to not having enough experienced people to pair them up with. As it is almost everyone in the two original battalions will be getting a promotion after this next OP."


"I've already promoted and split up Scout Team Dragon," Tal glanced down at his tablet to make sure this was the last thing he needed to cover. "Once those four create teams and are ready to go into the field, I'll promote and break up the other teams. I did give them all notice that this was in the works, so they could prepare and search for new recruits they could work with and train up."


"I've been thinking of a new training grounds for our troops," Ben said as he nodded in acknowledgment of Tal's report. "Brazil has a particularly nasty Vamp problem, on top of a homeless youth explosion. Once things have settled down, I will open talks with their government."


"City and Jungle warfare training," Tal grinned as he said, "I am going to like that."


"Masochist," Kevin teased. "Schooling and basic training wise," he told Ben, "have been trouble free. And I expect it to stay that way. Though," he looked over at Todd, "Todd, if you can fit into your schedule another training cavern, I'd like to create a jungle cavern for training purposes."


"I can do that in two weeks," Todd said as he looked at his tablet and scheduled projects. Adding Kevin's request he looked back up and started his report, "We are fully moved and settled. All the improvements and expansions for our people are done, so we have room for another hundred thousand people without problem. For the next week we will be creating the caverns that will house the water biomes and agriculture caverns."


"What we are running out of, which is making my people slow down," Todd said with a frown. "Is the parts to create the portal infrastructure. And I am going to need have Rob's people build at least two more power generating stations."


"We doubled the number we had on Copernicus base," Robert said in surprise. "We can't be nearing total output on those plants."


"It's distance that is the factor," Todd sighed as he sent the info to Rob's tablet. "While you are right we are not close to using half capacity of the plants, if I do build all the portals and place them where all the different departments say they need them..."


"You'll reach capacity quickly," Robert said as he looked over the file. "A month, I need a good month to be able to bring online two more power plants."


"Is this going to cause us problems?" Ben asked as he looked between Robert and Todd.


"In getting the domes and caverns set up and going," Todd shook his head. "No, it will just mean, until the new power plants are online and I have enough Portal frames built, each of the caverns will have to deal with one Portal for a while."


"We can certainly deal with that," Ben agreed. "Dolce, Nick, then Doug and we can wrap things up."


"I'll make it easy," Doug grinned. "I have nothing planned or to report. All knowledge mining trips are on hold until this class of Neophytes settle in and chose a field."


"Alright," Ben turned to look at Dolce.


"I've a simple report too," Dolce said. "All research is on hold, unless it was a critical juncture. Instead we are heavily involves in development and will be for the next four months. Once the base is complete and fully outfitted, then we will once again research things to scare the, living crap out of you."


"Great," Ben said sarcastically. "I have at least four months where I don't need to tear my hair out as I try to deal with crazy ideas." After the laughter died down he looked at Nick, "Your teams have been the busiest, how are they getting along?"


"Not well," Nick admitted. "One of the main things I wanted to talk to you about was the manpower problems my people have. I have a solution, but it would involve using the military troops."


"I'll have them where you need them the morning after the Harvest," Tal said quickly. "That will give you a couple of days to figure out where to slot in an extra five thousand people."


"That will be a big help," Nick sighed in relief. "I can probably give them back in two to three weeks, once everything is planted and the livestock settled in."


"There is no hurry," Tal assured him. "All of us need to eat and breath, so if we have to, we can rotate the troops through weekly."


"You can expect the next batch of Neophytes to be available to you too," Ben said as he looked at Kevin who was nodding his head. "Harvest four will bring us quite a few Neophytes, most likely eight or nine thousand, depending on my final selection of the five targets." Tapping his finger on the table as he thought about it he smiled, "I'll make sure one of the targets is in a larger farming community." Looking around the picnic tables he asked, "Anything else?" Seeing the shakes of heads in the negative he stood up, "Then I suggest we track down our Neophytes, head towards the kitchen so we can eat before holding an Orgy." Smiling at the laughter, he started for the house.




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