Destiny's Split

                                                Chapter  08





Walking down the aisle towards the podium, helm under his arm, Ben smiled or nodded at all the troops he passed as they slammed their right fist to their chest as he approached. Walking up the steps, the sound of fifteen hundred armored feet turning and stomping one foot as they went to attention was almost overwhelmingly loud. Placing his helmet on the podium he moved in front of it and gazed over his gathered troops, three battalions had been gathered for this Harvest, almost half of them untested in combat. "This is the largest harvest we have ever considered undertaking," he said as waved the troops to their seats, "sit people. Now the reason why you are all here at 0400 Earth time, targets four and five are both located at Universities. Target four will be at Eastern Kentucky, while target five will be North Carolina A and T. Recon has marked dorm locations and Gay targets for harvest in each of those campuses, for that reason a portable portal will be set up on each floor of the target dorms."


"Standard procedure for those two locations will be to take the dorms quickly and quietly, so as not to wake the occupants. As you break the door locks, quietly, you will stun the occupants of the room before they have a chance to fully wake, if at all possible. I'm sure some are early risers, or have yet to go to bed. But we want this one to be totally silent." Seeing everyone nod along, Ben continued, "I've assigned each battalion to one of those target location for the simple reason of being able to carry those being Harvested through the portal to be dropped off in the Lunar greenhouse dome. Once the harvest is complete, the portable portals will self-destruct taking the building with them, so make sure you've taken everyone inside. Each of the four recon and two scout teams will be harvesting the Gay targets the forward recon teams have identified. They will return with those they have Harvested via the closest dorm, so be mindful that friendlies will be coming and going."


"There will be a short break after targets four and five have been Harvested," Ben motioned for Tal to come in from offstage. "Targets one through three will be Ithaca High, Westside High and finally we will be Harvesting from a religious boys school. Of all of our targets, the chances of being interrupted are best at Westside and Ithaca."


Chuckling at the shocked look Tal was getting from the troops, Ben said as he hugged Tal to him, "We are going to exaggerate that we are alien."


"No Shit," Dolce mumbled as he looked over at Tal. Standing there in his new Armored uniform, Tal had his feelers out and waving around like a nest of snakes. Which also happened to look like tiny vipers. But that was not all, oh no, Ben had Tal in full makeup, including what had to be some type of prosthesis glued to his very dark red skin. Of course the silver highlights that looked like scales was a nice touch he thought. But the kicker was the eyes, Tal's eyes were a deep gold with a red slit in the center. But the creepiness that was his eyes did not stop there, his eyelids were flickering sideways, instead of up and down like normal.


"Both Tal and I will be in makeup for our respective OP's," Ben grinned at the alien sexy look his lover pulled off. As he spoke up, Tal's feelers turned and looked like they were hissing at him. Laughing he shook his head at Tal's expressive antics. "If we are discovered, Both Tal and I will be prepared to unhelm and talk to those in charge and completely blow the minds of those in charge of the Earther’s law enforcement and government. Several of you," he pointed to the officers sitting in front, "will be outfitted with blood packs, that will allow you to bleed if injured. The blood of course will be bright blue, as the blood samples have been engineered by Joe and his teams to be copper based haemocyanin instead of iron based haemoglobin."


"This will also help confuse the Werewolves, because they have seen and interacted with Dragon recon." Tal grinned as he said that. It had been his idea to go totally alien. "And what they will be shown or watch on the news is a different race entirely. Because if we are discovered, we are going to make sure the incident can not be covered up this time."


"Battalion one will take Eastern Kentucky," Ben said as he stepped away from Tal. "Battalion two will take North Carolina. Dolce will take charge of Battalion one as I get my makeup done, Tal will of course take Battalion two. Portal command is ready for deployment," he said as sections of the wall between the auditorium and the portal debarkation center lowered into the floor.


Dolce stood up and turned around so he was facing the troops, yelling out, "Battalion One, ATTENTION. Once Battalion one had jumped to their feet he smiled before picking up his helm and slamming it home, his voice came over the speakers as he ordered, "DEPLOY..."


Tal waited until Dolce's command had emptied the auditorium before carefully putting his helm on. By this time his battalion had already stood and helmed up, his chuckles coming from his suit’s outer speakers sounded absolutely demonic, "Our turn, DEPLOY..."


Walking out of the empty auditorium chuckling at the thought of what they were going to pull off, Ben found himself behind the Portal command desk, laying back in a chair as he stared at the monitors placed so he could follow along with both Harvests as the technician worked on making him totally alien in appearance.




Walking through the portal Dolce chin clicked his heads up display as he stepped to the side as his troops raced out of the portal and scanned the area for threats. Looking up into the night sky, deep pitch black, no sign of the full moon, he nodded at Ben's timing for choosing the day after the new moon. Seeing the blinking beacons of their target dorms, he clicked on the command channel and said, "Go..."


Activating another feature with a flick of his right cheek, Dolce stood in place and slowly turned around in a circle, as he did so his heads up showed the blue dots representing his troops approaching large red blocks that held their targets. Satisfied that his suit’s microphones were not picking up anything but nocturnal wildlife, he started walking towards the largest dorm that housed only male students. He could set up stations keeping on the ground floor common room, near the portal. Walking through the dorms front door, door fully intact but ripped off its hinges and leaning against he wall, he watched as the couches were pushed to one side so stunned students could be dropped there for the rest of the platoon to pick up and take through the portal. Moving to one side, he leaned against the wall in an out of the way area and switched back and forth through the different helm cams he had access too.


Dolce watched as a young male, dressed only in underwear stepped out of a room that the slight glimpse he had caught looked like a bathroom. He watched as the young male’s eyes widened and his mouth opened as if about to scream, only to crumple to the floor, as he was stunned when the closest trooper touched him. He watched as his troopers broke the door locks by overpowering them as they turned the handles. He saw each occupant of one of the beds turn and shift as their sleep was disturbed by the soft light flooding their rooms. He watched as covers were tossed back, what little clothes the males wore torn off, obedience bands snapped around wrists, before they were hefted onto shoulders and carried to the closest common room where the males were passed off to another trooper who took them through the portal. Flipping to another cam he watched the stunned males being carried through another portal from the embarkation deck and placed on the ground of the Lunar greenhouse.


Flipping cams so he was now watching one of the recon teams, he saw how they stealthily used their enhanced strength to pop the windows out at one of the mixed dorms. He watched the team climb though the window and make its way through the halls silently towards their targets. Smiling at seeing several of their Gay targets in bed with another, he watched as the targets were stripped, obedience bands placed around their wrists before being hefted over shoulders and out of the dorms into the night air.


He snapped his head up when he heard a report of a security patrol moving close to one of the dorms. Activating the cam from the trooper who reported the guards, Dolce zoomed in on the patrol. Seeing that they were students he ordered, "Harvest them."


Forty-five minutes into the Harvest, the battalion commander walked up to Dolce and fist hitting his chest informed him of the status of the OP, "Sir. All recon teams report targets located and Harvested." Sensing the questioning tilt of the armored head he told him, "We completed the Harvest of this dorm fifteen minutes ago. So I sent the platoon to intercept the recon team and take their burdens so they could complete the OP sooner." Looking around the empty room he said, "We are the last to go home through the Portal."


"All right," Dolce said as he pushed himself off the wall. "Return to base, we are T-minus ten seconds to self-destruct," he told his battalion commander as he pushed a button on his suit’s armor, setting the countdown to all the self-destruct devices built into the portal relays. Last through the portal, Dolce noticed the glowing energy buildup around the relays was actually scorching the walls. Once on the Embarkation Deck he looked up at the monitor to see six large fireballs rising into the sky. Watching the shaky image coming from the forward recon cams as they retreated, he nodded his head as he started to release his helmet.



Tal was more of a hands on type of commander. Joining the recon teams as they went after their targets, gazed up at the window, the beacon's signal was coming from that room. The quickest way up to the third floor was by scaling the wall he decided with a grin. Flexing armored hands, he pushed his fingers against the brick and was satisfied when his fingers dug into the brick up to his palms. Nodding his head he climbed slowly up the wall until he was outside the window his targets were behind. Moving his head slowly so he could glance into the room, he saw both males making love to each other, one on top of the other, sliding his dick in and out of the other’s ass. Knowing he had a schedule to keep too, he decided that they would unfortunately not finish giving each other pleasure. Examining the window he found that it could not easily be popped out of its frame. Seeing the next room’s window was open, he moved slowly over to that windowsill and looked in, inside was two more males sleeping peacefully. Clicking the radio on with a flick of his chin he said, "Backup times three to my position, Harvest of four commencing." Pulling the window out of its frame he chucked it as hard as he could and smirked when it went flying across campus in a high arc.


Slipping into the window, though he barely fit, Tal touched the male in the bed under the window with his foot as he came in. Two steps was all it took to be able to stun the other male. Quickly tossing the sheets off them he grabbed two obedience bands off his belt and snapped them around the two's wrists before ripping the clothes from their bodies. Moving to the door he opened it and spotted several of his troopers rushing up the hallway. Stepping into the hallway he pointed over his shoulder before moving to the next door and breaking the lock quickly. Seeing two sets of eyes look up at him as he opened the door, he did not give them a chance to do more than a muffled 'what the hell' before he had them stunned. Snapping the bracelet on both males, he noticed they had completed giving each other pleasure. Making an entry in his wrist com that these two were a pair, Tal told the two troopers standing in the doorway, "These two are ready, and a bonus, our target was making love to someone else, so two for one deal," he said with a grin.


Checking his heads up display, Tal noticed that even with untested troops, they were making very good time, there were no more targets outside of one dorm needing to be Harvested. Walking down the stairs, and out of the dorm, he noticed movement near the tree line. Who the hell is up and about this early in the morning he thought. Moving into the shadows he warned his troops, "Incoming...early morning...joggers," he said as they came close enough to make out. Seeing blue dots on his heads up display rapidly converging on his position, he waited until he could clearly see their faces before deciding what to do. Seeing one of them falter as he looked up at the empty window frame he growled out, "Take them."


He moved quickly, he was in the center of the joggers before they could even think about seeing him, touching every person he passed. Several of the joggers, members of the football team, attacked Tal...only to collapse to the ground stunned as soon as they touched him. Seeing several of the joggers start to flee, right into the arms of his troops. Grabbing the last two obedience bands off his belt and snapping them around the wrist of the closest two, he ordered when he saw several of the troops start to rip the clothes off the males, "Hold off stripping them until the are in one of the dorms, that way we don't leave any trace behind." Nodding when the trooper who had discarded the males’ clothes reach down and pick it up, he too bent over and grabbed one of the males and tossed him over his shoulder. Once all the joggers had been picked up and the area cleared of any sign that they had taken anyone he started to jog towards the closest dorm. Spotting the unit commander as he entered the common room of the dorm, Tal ordered as he jogged past, dropping the clothes he ripped off his captured male as he approached the building, "Recall and then blow the portals commander."


Walking through the portal and into the embarkation deck, Tal grinned and waved as he saw Ben stand up from the makeup chair. Ben made one hell of an intimidating alien he thought as he started down the hall and into the greenhouse dome. Slowing down to a walk, he noticed the milling college students off to one side. Letting his captive slide down his suit, he laid him on the ground near the bushes. Looking up at the milling students, he saw several of them had rocks in their hands. Pushing two buttons on his wrist controller he stood silent and unmoving as they grabbed their arms and fell to the ground in pain. Activating his suit’s external speakers he told them as they started to get control back and look at him, "Your continued pain free environment and health depends on your cooperation. Replace the rocks you have taken from the landscape and behave. If you seek nourishment, place the arm with the obedience band on it, in the small cubicle next to the window there," he pointed to the serving windows. "Food and drink shall be dispensed to you; know this, you must return to the window your tray and utensils and rescan your band, or you will not be dispensed food or drink until you do." That said, Tal turned around and walked out, calling for more troops to guard and start taming those they just Harvested.



Standing in front of the podium once more, Ben stared into the grinning faces looking up at him and Tal. "Not bad looking if I say so myself," he chuckled. Seeing Shiloh, from the sisterhood staring at him in shock, jaw dropped, mouth open he waved his snake appliance covered feelers at her. "For the benefit of the Sisters who were not here for the briefing for locations four and five," he said with a smile and nod at Shiloh. "Location one and two have a high probability of interference and since chances are high that the Earth governments law enforcement and or governors will try to communicate with us through the monitoring devices emplaced at the schools, we have prepared, Tal and I, to unhelm and scare the living shit out of the Squishy's. This achieves two main objectives, though there will be many others."


"The first," Ben said. "Is to send a message that we are a separate species, an alien race as far as Humans are concerned. The second is it will confuse the issue for the Werewolf we have interacted with. Reports that have crossed my desk indicate that the Werewolf or its species is particularly protective of those in the age range of our rightful Harvest. So we will confuse the issue." Seeing the Sisters nod he turned back to the rest of the auditorium, "Locations four and five went without any issues due to the fact we started the OP before the students had a chance to wake up. This will not be the case with the last three locations. Battalion Alpha, you will be with me as we Harvest Ithaca High. Battalion Charlie will follow Tal as he Harvests Westside High. Rapid response squads one and two, Sergeant Commander Kireland will lead you as you Harvest the third location, Charleston Catholic High."


"I expect resistance at location one and two," Ben said as he saw the monitors flicker to life around the room showing the portals going active. "Except for those part of the deception, no resistance will be allowed. You've been issued exploding sodium rounds, center body shots will be the most visually effective in cowing the Squishy's."


"Before I forget," Ben said as he retrieved his helm. "Starting tomorrow, all battalions and troops will be assigned to Nick Highland to help Life Support out with the Biomes and farms. In the meantime, while you are enjoying the downtime, talks will be completed with at least one country, if not two, to give us new hunting and training grounds."


"Sergeant Commander Kireland," Ben called out as he drew in his feelers so he could put his helmet on.


"Sir," Mark jumped to his feet, fist hitting his chest.


"Deploy your teams," Ben said as he placed the helmet on his head, hiding his features.


"Charlie Battalion," Tal cried out as he moved to the edge of the stage. The sound of armored feet hitting the floor was loud so he raised his speaker volume, "Mooove out."


Staring at the troopers standing and looking back at him, Ben nodded his head, "That leaves us. I want the bottom two floors secured hard and fast. Then a top floor downward sweep and grab. Females to be handed over to the Sisters for scanning and selection at the Library on floor two. Staff, those that have followed orders and survived, can be placed with the females." Looking at the monitor screens and seeing the Embarkation room empty he waved a hand over his head and forward, "Deploy."


"RECON," Sydney shouted as he moved to the door. "Move your ass!"




"Goddammit, Phil and I are dealing with explosions on major collage campus's and you pull us away to do what," he glared at the FBI Agent Scott what the fuck his name was. "We have bigger problems than..."


"Have you found evidence of bodies yet?" Scott raised his voice slightly as he sneered at the governor. Seeing the shocked look on the governors’ face he lowered his voice, "I've had my people sending me reports within an hour of the explosions. First fact," he said as the governor sat down heavily. "All the explosions happened to dorms that only housed young men. Second point," he said as he glared at each of the governors in turn. "Not a single body or body part was found, which with the devastation caused by the explosives, we should have easily found body parts several hundred feet away before we got to where the buildings were. And let’s not forget, that my agents reported back that there were quite a few missing students from the other dorms. From dorm rooms that had locked doors that had their locks shattered by pressure."


"Are you saying the Trans Gen's are behind this?" Tildess barked out.


Ignoring the question, Scott pulled a few files out and placed them where he could look at them easily. "My first contact with information about this genetically engineered group was after I was read into the secret after Eagle Junction Virginia was devastated. Since then I have done my best to profile this group." Seeing he had the attention of the governors for now he continued. "In Eagle Junction, the Trans Gen's as you told me they call themselves, interrupted a Vampire hunting party, totally destroying it after several of their kidnapping targets were injured or killed. The video was not clear about that point."


"What the video did make clear," Scott said as he glanced at his papers. "Is that one of their people was taken by the government, thus breaking a treaty for protection against the Vampires that the thirteen of you signed without informing Washington." Seeing no one was going to say anything after he paused he shook his head and went on, "Then we come to Greenville, South Carolina. There they captured young men as hostages. "BUT," he held up a hand and growled out, "another agent of some ultra secret department, supposedly of the government, destroyed those that had been left behind. AND DESTROYED ANY CLUES," he yelled out causing the governors to lean away from him.


"I don't care how he talked his way into the meeting," Scott hissed out. "What I care about is that four thousand some young men were taken, and every clue that could have led us to finding them was destroyed in a cover-up. Now," he said calming down. "Two prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire were found to be empty, but since they were not destroyed, there were enough clues left behind to think the Trans Gen's may have been involved. The only puzzling part that makes me think that those disappearances only might be involved with that group instead of being positive, is that one of the schools emptied was a girls only school. And from everything you have handed me and what I have observed from the confirmed kidnappings, they are not interested in females, at all."


"Now," he said as he shuffled the papers he pulled from the folders so he could refer to the reports, "two colleges have been attacked. Students have come up missing, only male students. Students that we should have found some trace of them being inside the buildings before they blew up. And we have not found any trace."


"Everyone assumed when the kidnappings stopped, that their man was returned to them, this person they called Brendon." Scott shook his head, "They never did give us a timetable on when they would continue taking our children, we assumed that they had stopped. Instead it looks like they have escalated in their choice of targets, sending a message that they can reach anywhere and at the same time." Seeing he had startled them he pointed out, "Both collage campuses where hit within seconds of the other. This shows an impressive ability to coordinate that even our military forces have trouble matching."


"Are you sure," Phil leaned forward as he feverishly prayed he was wrong.


"Positive," Scott said with such finality to his voice Phil fell back in his chair and looked at Tildess.


"Another thing you all seemed to have overlooked," Scott said as he picked up the copy of the treaty and read the line that had left him with chills when he found it. "Inside the treaty all of you signed," he paused for effect. "It states quite clearly that if one of their people are taken," looking up at their faces he said, "it says taken, which leaves so many possibilities open to that one word. It says if one of their people is taken, they will take ten thousand of ours. From our next generation." Putting the paper down he looked at each of the paling faces before saying anything. "As far as they are concerned they have a legal right to do what they are doing, after all," he sneered heavily, "All of you agreed to what would happen if one of their people was taken."


"Son of a bitch," Tildess whispered in horror. "What are we going to do?"


"Oh, it gets worse," Scott almost smiled at their horror and shock. "You all, also agreed to the next line, if one of their people is killed, Tens of thousands of yours will be killed. Killed not taken." Slamming his hand down on the table he spat out, "Did you not read the damn treaty all of you bound your states and people too?"


"The Vampires," Tildess said softly, before ranting. "Were getting out of control. We were getting no help from Washington or the Feds. What were we supposed to do? When a department from Homeland put us in touch with an organization that would help us, we jumped on it. So what if we had to allow this group to recruit from those we could careless if they lived or died."


"We kept up our end of the bargain," Phil slammed his hand on the table. "We allowed them to recruit and they kept the Vampires under control. In fact the reports of Vampire activity for the last ten years was in the single digits. And when we passed the reports onto the Trans Gen's, they took care of it with extreme prejudice." Leaning on his hands as he stood up, he glared at he FBI agent and growled out, "We did not break the treaty," pointing his finger at the agent he spat out in anger, "YOU DID!"


"And now we," Tildess waved around the room, "Have to deal with the fall out. Not to mention the Vampires moving in by the thousands. So don't you sit there all smug and self-righteous and blame us for this mess."




"Sir, sorry for interrupting but we have an emergency," the Governor’s secretary said as she rushed into the room and handed over the note.


Davis took the note and read it as chills ran up and down his spine. He had set things in motion that now that he knew about the part of the treaty he overlooked, frightened him to his soul. Looking up and his hand shaking as he set the note on the table he said, "The Trans Gen's have struck again. And I may have doomed us all with what I set in motion."


"What did you do," Scott asked as he pulled his cell phone out of his pocket.


"I called up the National Guard and set teams in the schools," Davis whispered as horror filled his voice. Looking up he told them, "I ordered them hold off the Trans Gen's as long as they could while backup was dispatched." Whispering so he was barely heard he said, "By any means necessary."


Hitting speed dial as he reached across the table and picked up the note, Scott identified himself when the other end of the call was picked up, "Special Agent Scott Adams, Omega, seven nine five Tango Foxtrot Charlie...Initiate connection between my log in and Ithaca High observation system." Nodding his head when he heard the affirmative from the technician he hung up. Pulling his laptop out of its case and setting it up he logged in. Searching for the gymnasium cameras he sat down and activated the two-way camera's as he watched a long line of students stripping before moving to another line and handing over Identification to be scanned in.



"All troops, Taser fields active," Ben ordered after seeing a second trooper dragging in another undercover plant. He sometimes hating being right, but as soon as they began this Harvest, there had been nothing but trouble. It had started as soon as they stormed the front entrance, one of the recon scouts had noticed what looked like a student making a call as he watched them. Even his teams that had been sent to block off and secure the other exits, had reported eerie, empty hallways at each exit. The students themselves, well they were behaving oddly from the start.


The first thing they noticed was, that only half the students they expected to be there had shown up that day. If it was not for the fact that no one knew that this school was a target until a couple of hours ago Ben would have thought they had been bugged. The second strange occurrence happened when they started to match students with their IDs against the database his recon team had downloaded last night when they set up the portal. Supposed students, with valid ID, could not be matched up with the database. After examining a few of the false students, he could tell there was something off with them, they were too fit, moved with well-trained habits. Looking up into the bleachers where they had segregated the non-students, soldiers his mind told him, at last count there had been over one hundred and he could see that there were more being placed up there.


Moving over to Joe he asked over the command channel, pointing up at the stands that housed the false students, "What do you think the average age of those military or policemen are?"


"You think so too," Joe made a statement instead of a question. "I would estimate from visual exam, that they are between eighteen and twenty-five or so."


Returning the cold glares with a thoughtful look, though it could not be seen because of his helmet, Ben made a decision. "Start moving the students through the portal, we'll get them settled into the greenhouse with the others. Those," he pointed to the other side of the gymnasium, where they had segregated the non-students, "place them in the holding cells until we have time to deal with them."



As the video feed from the high school came up, Scott stared at the strange armored people with a frown. Seeing one of the people being escorted into the gym break away and lunge at one of the armored attackers, he whispered, "No Shit," as the person got near the suited invader, only to have an arc of electricity dance between the two, causing the prisoner to go down as he looked like he had been shocked by a Taser. Then to his shock, another armored figured calmly strode over, bent down and ripped the clothes off the person’s body, tossing the hidden pistol to one side.


Scott leaned forward as he tried to figure out what the machine was that was being run up and down the naked soldier’s body. He noticed the armored figure, after he finished dragged the soldier over to where the rest were being held. Watching for several minutes as students and soldiers were segregated with ease, he finally opened the connection, his voice coming across the school’s speakers, "I would like to speak to whomever is in charge about getting our people back."


Scanning the rafters for the hidden cameras he knew should be there, Ben found it easily enough. Walking over towards the scoreboard, he looked up as he toggled his external speakers, "Why would we hand back those that your government has declared dead?"


Ignoring the answer to the question, because he truly had no answer of what they would do with the teens that had been captured, he instead re-directed the conversation, "Those you are taking right now, they could be returned..."


"And you are going to return Brendon...When?" Ben interrupted, knowing full well that Brendon had orchestrated his own escape.


"Look," Tildess interrupted Scott by talking over him. "You have to understand, we did not break the treaty we had with your people." Moving closer to the laptop he tried to voice his honesty, "We are still not sure what department of the Federal Government snatched your man."


"Enough, Governor," Scott snapped out as he glared at the man. "What will it take to negotiate the release of your hostages?"


Hearing the all clear given, Ben tripped the mute button on his external speakers and told the battalion commander to fall back, to recall the troops and return to the Lunar base. "We have taken no hostages," Ben said after unmuting his suit’s speakers. "What we have taken is ours by right of the treaty, if we have taken more that the treaty allows, that is because it has been proven if we leave any behind, then they will be killed to make sure the world does not know you have broken your word."


"That was not the FBI that did that," Scott tried to keep calm. "That was an agent from one of the Federal departments that ordered that, we had nothing to do with bombing." Seeing a long line of armored troops marching in and into the locker room he tried to get the man to see reason, "Look, I'm sure if we sit down we can work this out. Together we can search for and find your man..."


"Listen here you trumped up experiment that went wrong," Phil growled out as pushed Tildess out of the way so he could see who he was speaking to. "You were created by us to destroy Vampires, not turn on your own people."


"Created by you," Ben sounded highly amused. Glancing around his heads up display and seeing the humans were gone, he reached up and unlatched his helmet with a loud hiss. Slowly picking his helmet up off his head, careful not to dislodge the make up and moving snake prosthetics, he looked up at the camera as he tucked his helmet under one arm. "As if a simple Homo Sapien would have the skill or knowledge to create new life. Do you honestly think that the reports we let leak were true?"


Seeing something out of nightmares staring out of the laptop, Scott recoiled as he saw that the snakes in the creature’s hair seemed to move independently. Swallowing the bile that was threatening to spew out of his mouth, he cringed as he watched the creature blink...sideways. "What the hell are you?" came out of his mouth without thinking about it.


"We are your betters," Ben grinned as he flicked the forked tongue the make up technicians made up for him. "Imagine our surprise when we came up from our cities, as we do every few hundred years and found that you had allowed the blood suckers to flourish. Again imagine our surprise when we discovered a crude attempt to create a super soldier to fight the blood suckers. It was so simple to manipulate things so that we could fight in the open."


"Your man," Tildess swallowed hard, as he stopped looking at the creature. "He should have been easily spotted if...standing out like you do from us," he changed mid-statement to something safer.


"Makeup and prosthetics," Ben twisted the lie around one eighty.


"Commander," Brendon said as he approached Ben, prepared to give his line about his rescue. "Reports from Battalion three, Sir, they report Brendon has escaped and made his way to their location. He is being extracted along with those being Harvested."


"Harvested," Scott hissed out in horror. "Are you telling me that you harvested our children for FOOD??"


Laughing, which sounded demonic, Ben shook his head slowly, "Why would we injure such a valuable resource. No those taken, those Harvested have another purpose to look forward to." Seeing the trooper near the door motion towards the hallway and sign that it was about to get crowded he chuckled again. "The things you Squishy's come up with," putting his helmet back on his voice came out of the speakers once more, "since your forces are prepared to storm the building, I do believe it is time for us to leave. Oh," he said as he glanced back and up from where he had started to follow his troops, "it might be wise to keep your people away from this section of the building. At least until our transport has left; after all we would not want your people injured, would we." Chuckling, Ben turned and continued walking away.


Not even a minute later, the SWAT team stormed the gymnasium. Gun barrels leading the way, Scott listened in as the SWAT team quickly cleared the gym. It was only when the SWAT team opened the door to the locker room that the promised devastation happened. Bright blue light exploded from the open locker room door, a half breath before an explosion ripped the wall inward towards the center of the explosion. Whatever the creatures used to cover their escape caused an implosion. Slamming the laptop lid shut, he glared at the gathered governors, "If that school goes up in flames, before we can collect the evidence and clues left behind..." standing up he finished his threat, "If that happens I personally will put a bullet in each of your heads."


"So it looks like I know which way to begin my search," Brendon said as he walked through the portal. Spotting Tal sitting in a chair and having his getup removed, he giggled at how weird Tal looked.

"You noticed it too," Ben said as he removed his helmet and allowed himself to be escorted to a chair to have the getup removed. "He did seem to know more about our beginnings than he should."


"I take it you were the lucky one that got to spin our confusion," Tal said with a half-pout on his face. That was until one of the technicians pulled at one of the prosthetics and distorted his cheeks.


"I did have fun," Ben grinned as he glanced at Tal and watched his face get pulled this way and that. "What are the numbers," he asked when he spotted Joe walk within his sight range.


"Your battalion brought back nine hundred and eighty-seven males," Joe looked at Ben who had his eyes closed so the technician could remove the makeup. "You also brought back one hundred and twenty-five males that were either soldiers or police officers, they seem to be an equal mix. Tal's battalion brought back one thousand and fifty-four males and finally Mark's rapid response squads brought back eight hundred and seventy-six." Seeing Ben open his eyes and look his way he smirked, "The Sisters brought back ten pregnant females."


"What are the final total for the two collages we Harvested?" Ben asked as he took the towel and finished wiping the makeup off his face.


"Four thousand nine hundred and eighty-six is the final count," Joe told him as Ben stood up.


"Oh, that feels so good," Ben said as his feelers started to wave in an exaggerated motion. "While not painful, having ones feelers covered left me feeling like...let’s leave it, it was uncomfortable." Kissing, Tal as walked around the console. Pulling Joe close, bodies touching he kissed him deeply. Releasing him he looked into Joe's eyes and smiled, "So the question is, when and which do we release to the claiming pens first?"


Looking at the clock Joe saw they still had some time before the debrief started. "My suggestion is to process the ones we harvested from the colleges first. Being older, they would be the group that will give us the most trouble. The high schoolers can wait, as they are still unsure of themselves." Seeing Ben nod his head and consider it, he added, "I also want to start a sperm bank with those we've harvested."


"Why?" Ben mulled over Joe's strange request.


"If, and at the moment every indication is that the fetus's are healthy, Kevin's experiment works out, we will need a steady stream of sperm from human males, or since we have quite a few awaiting processing before they can be claimed, our own sperm bank." Joe laid out his reasons knowing Ben would agree with him.


"That sounds reasona..." Ben trailed off as an article he read last month popped up. Moving over to the computer, he logged into his email program and started to search journal articles, "I know I read..." he mumbled as he pulled up the article from Cambridge University. Skimming it he moved to the side, "Read this."


Reading through the article, Joe saw where Ben was going with his idea. There would have to be some serious research done before he could say one way or another whether it would work, but if it did, it would open up possibilities. Forwarding the email to his account he told Ben, "I'll get Doug to send a team to visit the researchers. But, even if it works, it will be a couple of years before we could even think of utilizing the techniques."


"Alright," Ben said slowly. "For now, go ahead and make sure you get at least two samples from each of those we've harvested before sending them to the claiming pens."


"I'll link the vid of their exam to the sample number," Joe nodded in agreement. "That way we know what the progenitor of the potential child looks like before using the sample. What do you think about keeping a hundred or so of the human females un-converted? We could use them to breed to some of the unconverted males."


Shaking his head no, Ben told him, "That would mean we would have to raise any male children well into puberty before we could convert them. That would be problematic. No, we’ll keep to the way we do things for now. If the research pans out, then we can rework how we do things."


"My Liege," Shiloh called out softly when she saw Ben and Joe start to move towards the auditorium. "Can I have a brief moment before you go to the debrief," seeing Joe start to move away she hastily added, "both of you."


"What can I do for the Sister's, Shiloh?" Ben asked as he stopped near her.


"A few of the Sisters have come to me with an idea," Shiloh started by saying. "From what our medical personnel have gathered from research notes, along with Kevin's experiment, they would like to get pregnant using the unclaimed human males."


"I have no problem with it," Ben said as he looked over at Joe. "Do you think their idea is feasible?"


"You’re hoping that you will get female offspring from breeding with the humans, and that they would be Lesbians?" Joe asked as he thought over what he knew of genetics. Seeing her nod he looked back at Ben who was more informed on how the V virus worked, "When the Sisters use any of our sperm, they always end up having a male child. So it is possible that they could have female offspring using humans. After all human males produce both X and Y chromosomes."


Glancing up at the clock, Ben pushed the decision back, "Let me get the debrief out of the way first. Then we can go to clinic where the breeders that have been impregnated by humans are being kept. After an examination I would be better able to tell you if it would be possible to actually get Lesbian children from the breeding. I would hate to tell you to go for it and any of the female offspring born end up being breeders."


"That would devastate the Sisters who gave birth," Shiloh mentioned as she fell into step with Ben and Joe. "But if there is any hope, I think the Sisters would jump at the chance." After saying that she broke away and going down the steps so she could join her teams.


After Shiloh had joined her teams and was out of earshot, Joe leaned over and whispered, "That article you had me read, if it is might be also possible to take an X chromosome package from an egg and insert it into another."


"That has been done before, successfully," Ben nodded as he recalled some of the other articles he had read. Moving over to the podium he waited for the conversations to die down. He did not have to wait long before all eyes were on him, "I'm going to be brief as I know all of us want to get home. Which," he smiled, "means going back to Mars now." Seeing the smiling faces looking back at him, he grinned. "For the most part, today's OP's went without a single problem, simple snatch and grabs. But after the fields and farms are planted, all of you will be busy once more hunting down and eliminating Vamps."


Standing in front of the podium, and leaning backwards, Ben told them, "Starting tomorrow, for half the day, you will be helping Life Support get caught up. The other half will be training up the new recruits, so that when we hit the field again they will instinctively be able to call up fire to burn a Vamp to ash. First and Second Battalions will work with Life Support from eight until twelve thirty, Battalions three and four will help Life Support from one until five. Nick assures me with the help our military forces provide, along with the new Neophytes, you will be able to resume normal duties in two weeks. Which," he grinned as he pushed off the front of the podium so he was standing up. "By Then we will have a new theater of operations nailed down by then and you can go back to hunting Vamps."


"Last thing before you go home and clean up," Ben told them. "Those we harvested today will be released in this order, First will be those we captured at Ithaca that are military or police plants, we want that group claimed and out of the pens so they don't cause any problems. Second to be released for claiming are those we harvested from the two college campuses. Most of those, once they have been through basic training will most likely be joining Life Support. Lastly, those from the three schools will be able to be claimed. We will move them over to the claiming dome once all the others have been claimed." Finishing up he informed them, "If any of those we harvested caught your eye and you wish to put in a claim on them, whether or not they are ready to be claimed yet, make sure you code their identification number with your name. That's all I have, so unless any of you have a question that needs to be answered now, go on home."


Moving off stage as the sound of fists hitting chests drowned out everything else, Ben motioned for Shiloh to join Joe, along with himself as he made his way to the portal in his old office. Quickly inputting their destination in the panel near the portal, they walked through once the image appeared of the breeding facility on Mars. Looking over at Shiloh as they stopped near the halls’ intersection, "If you would get a couple of the Sisters together and bring the six breeders from Kevin's experiment to the clinic, Joe and I will meet you there."


"Yes, Sir," Shiloh replied with a quick thump of her fist to her chest.


"So," Joe said as they walked into the clinic. "How are you going to determine if the unborn child is going to be a Trans Gen or human? It would be easy to do once they are born, but now?"


"A human pregnancy is around two hundred and eighty days," Ben explained as he pulled the ultrasound machine out of the closet. "Our race on the other hand runs around one hundred and fifty days. So, what I am thinking is, if the pregnancy of the unborn females is in line with our pregnancy rate, they should be one of us. If the pregnancy is slowed down and not as advanced, I would think they would have a greater chance of being born human." Shrugging looked up at the sound of feet approaching, "But I'm thinking maybe we need to create embryos from two female ova to be sure."


"Sisters," Ben called out to recognize the Lesbians herding the breeders into the room. "If you would help the breeders up onto the beds we can see where the pregnancies are."


Pushing the ultrasound machine over to the closest bed, Ben waited until the breeder was secured to the cot before getting within touching distance of the breeder. They had learned from experience, that if the breeder was not tied down before a male got within grabbing distance, that the breeder would attack the male in an attempt to have sex. Squirting some of the warm gel on the breeder’s stomach, he placed the transducer on the breeder’s stomach and started to search for the fetus. Finding the fetus, he moved the probe around until he got a good look at the sex organs. "Male," he announced as Joe made a note in the computerized chart. Wiping the probe with a clean cloth he cleaned up the breeder’s belly before moving to the next breeder.


It was on the third breeder he examined that something different was obvious from the ultrasound. "This one," Ben said as he looked at the monitor. "Who bred this one?"


"Clarence, and it is a healthy boy." Joe said as he looked up from the computer in the center of the room. "Why?" Moving away from the desk he looked at the monitor screen and blurted out, "What the hell is that?"


"So we can rule out Clarence passing along genetic defects," Ben mused as he moved to the next breeder. "Leave that one if you will, I will be coming back to take another look.


Finished with the exams, Ben motioned for the two he had found problems with to be moved next to each other. Adding more gel to the first one, he rescanned the fetus. "We know that those that are pregnant and then are converted, the child is carried to term without any problems. And goes through a normal gestation," he said as he slowly scanned the fetus again. "This fetus, is..."


"Besides being in line with human pregnancy," Joe said as he placed a hand over Ben's and directed the probe to show a different angle. "It is too early to determine if everything is normal without an amniocentesis or waiting a few weeks more. It's just that on the surface..."


"It does not look normal," Ben finished the thought. "Abort this one," decision made he cleaned up the gel with a cloth. "We'll wait until the other breeder is equivalent to eighteen weeks before making a decision."


"This does not bode well for the Sisters wanting girl children, does it?" Shiloh asked hesitantly as she looked at the disappointed faces of her sisters.


"At least for breeding with humans," Ben said as he cleaned up the ultrasound probe. "I have another option that will probably be more satisfactory to the Sisters." Looking up after powering down the ultrasound machine he told them, "About ten years ago or so, a way to take the chromosomes from one egg and insert them into another to fertilize two cows was developed. In fact, once developed it was used often enough with prize winning milk cows to become common place."


Putting the ultrasound machine back, Ben turned and saw hope on a few of the Sisters faces. "Fertility drugs should be avoided at all costs," he told them. "If a Trans Gen female took a fertility drug to increases egg production, they could die as the ovaries tried to mature all of her eggs at once." Leaning against the counter as Joe went to the drug cabinet, "So while a simple procedure, and a pretty good guarantee of the child being Lesbian, it will take some time to collect ova from the Sisters and freeze them for future use."


Looking at her Sisters, Shiloh nodded her head after seeing the eager looks on all their faces. "We shall begin doing that immediately then. Each month, before a Sister has her cycle, our medics shall remove the ova and prepare it for storage. Then in the future when she wishes a child it can easily be done." Placing her fist on her chest she bowed her head slightly, "On behalf of the Sisters of Lesbos, I thank you for giving us hope of children."


Smiling, Ben nodded as he watched Joe insert an I.V. line into the breeder’s arm. "It is only fair that you and your Sisters are able to have children to nurture too." Seeing Joe prepare his instruments he waved as he started for the door, "Joe, I'll see you back at the dome after you’re done."








"So in return for reducing our Vampire numbers to near zero," the Brazilian Minister of Defense said as he scanned through the papers the person who represented a group called Trans Gen had handed him. Looking up from the contract he asked, "So what does this group get out of the deal? I should inform you if you expect payment, then you are wasting both of our times. Our government will not fund a private army to work within our borders, no matter the enemy."


"If you turn to page twenty-nine," Brendon said as he gestured lazily at the treaty. "You will see that we request the right to recruit from the gay and homeless population of your country." With this new treaty he had made sure that no mention of limits were placed on their ability to Harvest desirable recruits.


Neither group is of interest to the government, Jacques thought. In fact, besides the homeless being an embarrassment that more than one department wanted to make disappear, Gay people, he shuddered were an abomination that should be removed from society for the betterment of all. Of course the rest of the government did not hold the same views of those people. Except the president, who kept those views to his close supporters. This had possibilities he thought as he turned to the first page and started to reread it fully this time.


Smiling, Brendon picked up the thoughts of the minster and leaned back in his chair. Just keeping enough contact with the Squishy's mind to cause him to gloss over the consequence's of breaking the treaty. His scouts had spent the last week in Brazil monitoring the different government ministers, so they could approach the right-minded one to take the treaty to the ultra-religious president to sign.


Tapping his fingers on the table as he read, Jacques asked as he started to read page ten, "This part, the part that states you will send undercover operatives into the identified groups, why do you state that your operatives are not to be interfered with?" raising his gaze from the document, he stared at the representative awaiting his answer.


"Our people are not to be taken or injured by any member of your government, no matter how local," Brendon pushed his mind against the Squishy's to make him think he had gotten a satisfactory answer. "We prefer to work behind the scenes, at night or where no one will be able to see us."


Flipping the treaty closed, Jacques laid it on his desk and started to tap his fingers on top of the papers as he considered what had been said and what had been left out. Thinking the thoughts that were entering his mind were his own, he finally nodded. Picking up the phone he dialed the president’s private direct number, "Sir, I have been handed an interesting proposal to deal with the vampire problem plaguing our country. And it will not cost us a single Real..." Listening to the president’s question he answered, "They instead wish to recruit without interference from those that are less fortunate to have no homes and those others," he said the last with a sneer of derision. "Yes, Sir...Five minutes then." Hanging up the phone he looked across at the representative and smiled, "The president will be here shortly."


Smiling, Brendon sat back in the chair and let his body relax. As he did that, he actively dove into the minister’s mind, searching for all reports of Vampire attacks and suspected locations of Vampire nests. Only a couple of minutes had past before the door opened and an older man walked into the room. As soon as the man was handed the treaty, Brendon dove into his mind and took control.


A minute later the president was signing the treaty with a large grin on his face, "I will see to it that your people are given the dossiers that have been compiled on that group of people. You can take your picks or take all of them, it does not matter to upstanding god-fearing citizens." Holding his hand out to shake the other’s hand he told him, "This will be the beginning of a wondrous friendship between our two peoples."

"I thank you for your time today gentlemen," Brendon said with a fake smile plastered on his face as he withdrew from their minds. "Our teams will begin hunting down the Blood Suckers as soon as the sun sets."


Leaving the two happy men behind, Brendon walked quickly out of the office and building. Spotting one of his teammates across the street he made the prearranged sign that all was as it should be, before starting down the block towards the recon vehicle waiting for him. Getting in he glanced over at Roberts, soon to the released, Neophyte, Tim and nodded at him, "Time to go home."


"Between Argentina and Brazil, that is eighty percent of South America," Tim sounded impressed before adding a dig at Brendon, "though, I'm not sure how you can stand it. Bradley did say you were into some pretty strange kink," he chuckled at the expression on Brendon's face as he pulled away from the curb.




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