Destiny's Split

                                                Chapter 09



Chapter 9


Knock, Knock.


Looking up from his desk, Ben saw Brendon standing in his doorway, "You do know you don't have to knock, don't you?" Thinking better of it he said, "unless you're bringing me bad news. If it is bad news, make an appointment for next century," he chuckled as he said that. Motioning Brendon in he told him, "Sit." Finishing the report in front of him, he set it aside and sat back as he looked at Brendon, "So what's on your mind?"


"Well," Brendon said as went with the important news first. "Bradley and I traced back the facility we escaped from. Unfortunately, it seems when we dug a little deeper into the operation, we uncovered several eugenic facilities working independently." Putting a finger up to emphasis the point he told him, "We lucked out. Bradley found the second facility that all the pregnant girls, along with several guys had been transferred to the night we broke out. Actually," he said as he leaned back in the chair, "Bradley spotted one of the guys that was in the facility with him hiding out in one of the alleys a mile or so from the burned out facility. It was when he read his mind that he found the location of the second facility. He's leading a team there as we speak."


"Is there a reason Bradley is leading your team, not you?" Ben said careful not to come across as anything but curious.


"Joe didn't tell you?" Brendon frowned as he hid his smile at being able to be the first one to tell Ben. "I start Paternity leave today." Wait for it, he thought as he smiled when Ben looked shocked.


"What!" Ben half-shouted as it sunk in that Brendon was a father. Then as he counted backwards to conception he frowned. The frown quickly turned to a scowl, as a cold chill gripped his chest, Brendon went missing after conceiving a son. A son that could have grown up without a father and he would have known nothing about it.


"Brendon," Ben said as he wiped all emotion off his face and locked his mind down. "Please tell me that you took a facilitator or two with you. Please tell me you did not go alone?" Seeing Brendon's sheepish yet stubborn expression, he dropped his head into his hands and groaned. From between his hands he said, "Brendon, whether you need the help getting aroused or not, the facilitator also acts as godparent to the child in case you are injured or the unthinkable happens. That way the child would have someone there to claim him thirty days after his birth."


Looking up at Brendon he sighed, "You, my dear Brendon are part of our family. You were Dolce's first Neophyte, the first person he transformed into one of us. You know how the rest of our people look at those we convert, how they always defer to the few we personally convert. How they look up to us and those we have converted, you..." Moving around his desk so he could pull Brendon into a hug he lowered his voice, "Dolce might have been the one to make you one of us, but each of us wish you would move back into the compound, instead of visiting from time to time and making love with us."


Pulling Brendon's head against his shoulder he whispered into Brendon's ear, "Your son is the first new child of our family. None of us have even given a thought to having a son...well Tal and I that is." Grinning as he felt Brendon chuckle he smiled down at the top of Brendon's head. "Joe and Dolce had sons the old fashioned way." Pausing he said, "They turned out alright, even if they are mischievous overachievers."


"I wanted to do something just for me," Brendon hesitated as he explained his thinking. "I wanted to prove to myself that I could have a son and raise him the way he should be. To play with hold him when he got be there for him no matter what..."


"Oh Brendon," Ben sighed as he rocked Brendon slowly. "You can do all that and more...but you do not have to do it alone."


"Bradley will help," Brendon said in his defense.


"I'm sure he will," Ben hugged Brendon as he said that. "Are you and Bradley pairing off?" Feeling Brendon's shake his head no and mumble no, he refrained from saying 'Oh Brendon' again. "I happen to know you built a pretty spectacular biome, even if it is only two hectares in size. Kissing the top of Brendon's head before leaning back he told him, "A perfect place to raise a son. Plenty of room to roam around and explore. And as far as help in raising your son, I know five of your occasional lovers, who once they get over the shock of you keeping this a secret, are going to demand to be part of your son’s life. Though when you tell Nick, you better be holding your son, so he does not punch you."


"I never meant to hurt any of you guys," Brendon said as he looked up. "I just wanted a son."


Capturing Brendon's lips and kissing him gently, Ben released his lips and stared into Brendon's eyes. "I know you didn't intend to," but now you have to deal with the consequences of your secrecy he left unsaid. "Go on, go pick-up your son and take him home. and your son will be at our biome for supper tonight. No excuses. After all we have a new member of our family to get to know." Giving Brendon a gentle push off his lap, he smiled as Brendon waved and walked out of his office.


Once Brendon was gone, he quickly made his way around his desk and connected to Joe's office. Not giving Joe time to greet him he blurted out, "Just when were you going to tell us that Brendon was picking up his son today?"


"WHAT," Joe screamed as he looked at the serious expression on Ben's face. Grumbling about stubborn fools, he went to his computer and pulled up the list of children being released from the infirmary now that they had spent a month breastfeeding to make sure the baby received a full immunity from the mother’s milk. Scrolling down the list he came to a name, Brendon's name and muttered, "That little Shit." Looking back up at Ben he growled out, "He impregnated the breeder all by himself. He never took anyone with him so the system never alerted anyone to the fact the child was not going to the Creche."


"We need to fix that," Ben pointed out. "And we need to make sure no one else falls through the cracks."


Reading further Joe looked horrified when he saw the date Brendon got the breeder pregnant. "Ben," he said softly, "You are going to have to rethink deployment for..."


"I'm already doing that," Ben told him as he shook his head and gestured with his hand. "We never even considered it to tell you the truth. The number of people taking advantage of the breeders has always been small. Now though, we added five hundred and some new breeders, not to mention that we added over fourteen thousand from our Harvests. So I expect more people will avail themselves of the breeders to start families. So starting today," Ben sighed as he finished the order and emailed it to everyone, "Once a person impregnates a breeder they will be barred from any job related operation that would take them to Earth."


"Frankly," Ben said honestly as he looked at Joe. "When Brendon told me he was picking up his son, it scared me to death. If he had not been able to make his own escape, his son could have grown up without his father...and we would never have known there was a member of our family that needed to be brought home." Driving home his point he said, "And that would have sent a message to the rest of our people that they would not be expected to raise their offspring because we don't care to raise ours."


Nodding along, Joe sighed as he sat back in his chair, "We do seem to set the example everyone else follows." Hearing footsteps approaching he told Ben, "I'll talk to you later. It looks like the first of the fathers who are here to pick-up their sons is arriving."


"Love," Tal said as he walked into Ben's office, interrupting his video call. Catching Joe on the other end of the call briefly he looked back at his lover and asked as he waved his tablet with the email on it in the air, "Is there something going on I need to know about?"


Interesting Brendon thought to himself as he watched a group of a dozen males that had kept themselves apart from the rest. It looked like they were having a heated discussion if their body language was any indicator. The group just elevated itself to intriguing he decided as one of the males looked up at him and waved to get his attention. Nodding at the male as he made eye contact he asked the guard who stopped next to him as he pointed at the group, "Do you know how long that has been going on?"


Looking down at the group of twelve, Ralph said, "That group formed pretty quickly. Actually, now that I think about it," he said as he frowned in thought, "the group formed up even before they walked into the dome. They came in together and immediately moved away from the others, keeping to themselves." Pointing to the group that was approaching them he said, "They've been pretty much in a heated discussion ever since the announcement went out about how the government has listed them as dead and to contact the nearest guard if they had family back on Earth that relied on them to keep them safe."


Seeing the twelve males had moved so they were directly below them, Brendon nodded at Ralph, "Well it looks like we are going to find out what they want." Eyeing each of the twelve males up he finally called down to them as he pointed to the door to the right of where he was standing, "Move over to door, you'll be escorted to a room to meet me."


Seeing the guard next to the person who looked like he was one of the ones in charge, Leo waved back that he heard and told his friends, "Well, for better or worse, let’s ask them to rescue our families." Glancing at the door their captor indicated, he saw the armored person look up above them at the two people on the catwalk before turning to focus on the group. Hiding his nervousness he led the rest of his friends towards the armored person.


As the group approached him, Ken entered a few commands on his wrist computer including one to open the door. His mechanically filtered voice sounded over the speakers of his suit as he ordered them to go in, "Twenty meters in on the left is the room you will be met in. Do not attempt to go further than that room or you will suffer the pain of activation of your obedience bands.


Nodding quickly, Leo glanced back at the rest of his friends and saw they were nodding their heads just as fast as he did. Taking in everything he could as he walked down the tunnel, he reached out and dragged his hand over the surface of the tunnel, so smooth he thought as he felt the tunnel wall almost like glass. Spotting the room they had been told to go in, he led his friends into the room and was shocked when he saw couches. The only place they had to sit, beside the ground, out in the place they were being kept was the tables that were near the food slots. Sitting down, gingerly, he opened his mouth several times to say something, but each time he tried nothing came out, so he waited silently.


Pausing at the door, Brendon transferred control of the groups’ obedience bands to his wrist controller from the log in screen outside the room. Eyebrow raising as he entered the room and saw all twelve sitting on the edges of the couches, practically sitting at attention, he made his way to the single lounge chair in the room and sat down. Making himself comfortable as he relaxed back in the chair he watched the emotions playing across all twelve faces. "The twelve of you I've found intriguing," he said as he used a finger to emphasis his point. "I've been told all twelve of you walked in together and immediately headed off to be by yourselves. Which means not only did each of you know each other, but you have some type of bond."


"Um," Leo said when the guy paused. "We were told that if we had underage family members that needed rescued to tell you guys." Waving his hand to encompass his friends he said, "We do. And they will run out of food soon," he told the guy as he stared into his eyes, pleading for him to help.


Frowning as he listened to the soon to be Neophyte tell him they were family and needed their siblings rescued, Brendon tried to find any resemblance between them, and failed. He finally asked, "Where are they and why will they run out of food?"


"We had a plan in case one of us disappeared," Clay spoke up. Head rising from the floor where he had been staring he told him, "If that happened, the person’s sibling who disappeared would make their way to an old abandoned house in the middle of the woods. While from the outside, the house looks like it is about to fall apart, but inside we fixed it up so we could live in it if we needed to."


"We stocked it with a week’s worth of food, enough for half of us to live off of," Leo sighed. "We never figured that all of us would be taken out at the same time."


"It sounds like all of you have a common enemy," Brendon said as he got dragged into the mystery surrounding the twelve. "So you created a fall back point in case one of you were taken, what was the plan?"


"If one of us never showed up at the fall back point after we heard they were missing," Leo explained. "The rest of us would fortify the house as we searched for the missing person. If we found evidence that they were dead or after two days of searching we found no sign of them, the rest of us would gather up everyone and race for Mexico. We should have been out of his range if we crossed the border."


"His range?" Brendon scrunched up his face as he asked.


"Fucking Stevens," Clay spat out. "He killed or took control of several of our parents. All so he could get us to come to him willingly. He wanted us to join his nest he said. Like some kind of fucking cult."


"Nest?" Brendon growled as he practically came up out of the chair as rage reared its ugly head. "All of you have been targeted by a Vampire?"


"He was my best friend before he became one of those things," Dave growled out as he pounded his fist into his hand. "He was one of us...Before I came home after his so called funeral and found him ripping the throat out of my naked sister. He actually had the nerve to smile at me as he slipped his boner out of her and asked me to join him."


Rubbing his eyes, Brendon controlled the urge to hunt. "Tell me where your siblings are...All of them are male right?" he asked as he looked up at the group of Neophytes.


Raising his hand, Carl shook his head, "I have a sister, though not all of us have siblings. But we each vowed to take care of each other in case of..." he trailed off as the guy zeroed in on him as he talked.


"Right," Brendon said without emotion on his face. Touching several buttons on his arm controller the wall on one side of the room lit up. Looking at the monitor he turned slightly in the chair so he could be seen clearly.


Noticing one of the main monitors change over, Oscar saw his boss looking at him and he was not alone. It looked like he had a group of Neophytes with him. "Sir...Major, what can I do for you?"


"I need two ready response teams for a retrieval. There is the possibility of Vamp involvement," Brendon said as he turned his head slightly at hearing one of the Neophytes murmur 'Major'. Looking at Leo he asked, "Where are your family members holed up?"


"Um," Leo stuttered in shock at finding out the guy they were talking to was a Major in some type of military unit. "The house has no street have to get there by boat. It is on the South Carolina side of the Savannah River, east of Augusta. The nearest road is Nickle Road..." Trailing off he shrugged, "I could lead you there, but it is isolated from roads and such, that is why we picked it."


Pulling up a satellite image of Augusta, Oscar zoomed in and followed the river north.


"There," Leo interrupted. As the image halted he told whoever was controlling the map, "Go east from the sandbar at the widest part of the river. That crossing is the shallowest, and the current is slowest at that point, even the youngest of us could walk and swim across. There," he pointed as the dense stand of green appeared in the center of the farmer’s fields. "Those trees, the house is in the middle of those trees."


Zooming in, Oscar could not find a trace of any house due to how dense the trees were, he murmured as he looked at the location icons of their roving teams, "A good location, not able to be seen from the air or satellite. Major," he said as he looked up from his station, "the closest team with a portal beacon is forty minutes out. And I'm alerting the commanders of the ready teams."


"Thank you Oscar," Brendon smiled. "Contact me when the portal is deployed."


"Yes sir," Oscar said as the connection closed.


"Why?" Clay asked as the room quieted once more. Seeing the guy look at them he asked again, "Why did you take us?"


"We did not target you deliberately," Brendon began. "We had a treaty with your government, one that benefited both sides. We kept the Vampires under control in the thirteen states that signed the treaty, and we could recruit freely amongst those Humans in those states. Then they broke the treaty when their agents captured one of our people." Seeing he had their attention he told them, "The treaty had a clause in it that set a penalty to your government if they broke it. If they took one of our people we would take ten thousand from their next generation, if they kill one of our people we will kill off hundreds of thousands of theirs. A simple deterrent to keep our people safe as we carried out missions on Earth. Until in their arrogance, one of the government agencies broke the treaty."


"So...what...we were taken as hostages until you got your guy back?" Clay sounded incredulous. Their whole plan and world went up in flames because some agent overstepped their bounds?


"Hostages?" Brendon shook his head no. "Your government decided on declaring those we harvested dead, they reported it was done by terrorists, after we hit the first school. So there is no going back. Not that we had planned to give those we took back." His words were met with silence as all twelve looked shocked, then devastated by what he told them.


"They will eventually find us, you can't keep hidden ten thousand people, even if those in charge say we are dead. Ten thousand people are just too many to keep hidden," Alex said softly at first, voice rising with certainty at the end.


"If we were on Earth...maybe," Brendon said quickly. "But as you saw when you walked into the dome, you are on the moon. The Lunar surface. But in reality," he said with a smile, "once chosen as a Neophyte, you will be relocated to our home...on Mars." Waving his hand around the room he told them, "The lunar base you are currently enjoying, is nothing but a forward base for my people."


"And just who are your people," Clay spat out in frustration.


"We call ourselves, Trans Gen's." Brendon said proudly. "We are Homo Superior Homens."


"You're not Human?" Leo whispered in shock. "How..."


"You will be taught how our race came about, along with our history, once you've been taken as a Neophyte." Brendon looked at each of them and saw several looked curious.


"You've used the word 'harvested' and 'neophyte' several times when referring to us," Kent said as he sat forward. "I know what each of those words mean, from the dictionary that is, but only Neophyte, which means newly converted, is usually associated with people."


"True," Brendon smirked as he sat back so he could watch their expressions. Hand near the activation button for their obedience bands he told them, "We are not Human, you are correct," he looked at Leo when he said that. Looking over at the person who asked about Harvesting he told him, "We do plan to convert you, all of you," he said as he met each of their eyes. "We have the ability to elevate your genetics to match ours, so once you are converted you will no longer be Human, but a Trans Gen like us."


"And how do you plan to do that?" Clay said as visions of being tied down and tubes in his body as they cut him open danced in his head.


Chuckling as he caught the image in the teen’s mind, Brendon shook his head as he freaked them out by telling them, "Not like you are thinking of, that is for sure. No," he told them after they settled down, "our bodies produce a..." Thinking about the best way to describe it, he settled on, "Our bodies produce the enzymes and genetic modifiers to...convert...a normal Human into one of our people. We do this through, sex."


"And if we don't happen to be Gay?" Clay plastered a fake sneer on his face at the thought.


"It doesn't matter," Brendon said matter-of-factly. "You will be converted whether you enjoy the experience or not."


"So you got us to tell you how to find our siblings so you can fuck them too?" Kent whispered out, not sure what to think about what was going to happen to them.


"Eventually," Brendon answered as he looked at the teen who asked the question. Shrugging his shoulders he told them, "I can think of dozens of gruesome outcomes to your siblings' situation without trying. Isn't it better for them to live a happy and long life, safe from Vampires and abuse they would end up being exposed to on Earth?"


"Are you telling us after rescuing our family members we are going to be spilt up?" Leo asked as he noticed the guy was checking each of them out.


"No," Brendon looked up from where he was staring at a few crotches, several of which had the cock he was looking at, at half-mast. "No, our policy is to always keep families together. When you are claimed, the person doing so will know up front that they will also be claiming you brother or brothers along with you. That until they are old enough to be converted they will have to raise them and guide them, to see to their needs..." Waving a hand around the room, he said, "Once again all of you are doing something intriguing, something almost all the others don't. Even if they are gay, here I've told you, you will soon be having sex with one of my people and from that act you will be infected with a virus variant that will convert you into one of my people...and you brush over it like it is not important. This group is different from those I've interacted with before. Why?"


Hesitating on answering, Leo looked at his friends and saw them nod in resignation. He sighed when Kent told him to go ahead and tell him, "Years ago we built a family by choice. It started as a way to protect each other, and from there it grew into a true family that would do anything for each other. I think the main reason we all are ignoring the upcoming sex. Is for the fact we all have sex with each other already."


Seeing he surprised the guy Leo smiled, "Several of us are gay, several of us are questioning, several are straight and the others could care less as long as it feels good. It binds us in a way that is better than marriage to our way of thinking."


"It started as a way to protect Lester and me," Sam said as he waved his hand to get the guys attention. "We were found out as Gay early on and the bullying got so bad Lester almost was killed. That was until Kent interfered. He put the fear of god so to speak in the bullies, not to mention they pissed themselves when he shot the hat off the one's head."


"All of us have sex with each other, even if we normally prefer girls," Kent told him. "I know if I need to get off because my girl teased me too much and I refused to go all the way with her, one of the guys would take care of me without a question. Just as they know if they wanted or needed relief I would not only be there for them, but bend over."


"In fact," Leo added. "We all agreed, that any sexual partners outside of our group has to be voted on by the group as a whole. If we don't think the person being dated is trustworthy enough or worth including in our family, then there will be no sex."


"And how has that worked for you so far," Brendon asked, honestly curious at the answer.


"Surprisingly well," Alex chimed in. "I was the closest to finding someone I wanted to fuck. But when I asked the guys to consider it, they found out some pretty nasty shit she got up to with her boyfriends. And since I did not want to get trapped in her plans to get pregnant so she could blackmail me, I broke up with her in the cafeteria. I made sure the whole school knew what she was planning and had done to others before she even started to date me. I think each of my family spent hours making love to me that weekend to make sure I knew I was loved and had recovered."


"Our vow to each other includes taking care of our brothers and Carl’s sister," Leo told Brendon. "We vowed to be there and take care of each others’ brothers and Sandy if something happened to the older brother." A grave expression on his face he shared a secret that they had not told another person outside the group, "While we might come from solid middle class backgrounds, one that anyone would assume we were not looking for our next meal, the fact of the matter is some of us were. All of us were not from a normal non-abusive home. Whether that was physical, sexual or verbal abuse, we all protected to the best of our abilities our younger brothers and Sandy. We made sure there was enough to eat, that they and us had a safe place to sleep at night."


"That we had clean clothes and supplies for school," Kent added in. "Between the twelve of us, we provided everything a parent or lover should for the other and our younger siblings."


"Hell," Norman said with a smile. "Once it was known who we protected and how tight we were, no one messed with us or our siblings. No one wanted to find out how far we would go to protect what was ours," he felt good to be able to say that to someone outside the group.


"Are your younger brothers included in your..." Brendon trailed off as he saw several nods.


"If they want to fool around with any of us they can," Stan smiled as he nodded. "They just had to agree to do everything in their power to protect us as we do the same to protect them."


"Everyone of the younger ones agreed to it easily enough," Leo shrugged. "We had plans that would have seen all of us out of the country in a couple of years. Away from our parents and family that treat us like shit."


Brendon mulled that last comment over in his mind before asking, "All of you have more siblings that are not part of your group, don't you?"


"Yes," Clay hissed out in anger. "And my fucking step-sisters can burn in hell for the way they have treated me and my brother." Pointing to Herb and Sam and ending up pointing at Stan he said, "Between us, we have another nine step or blood siblings that are not worth the time of day. If we could get away with it we would have slit their throats long ago for what some of them have done to us." Pointing at Stan he growled out, "Stan's step-mom and sister have made it a point of raping him every chance they get. Of course," he said sarcastically, "they don't see it that way. And as everyone knows, a man can't be raped by a woman."


Blinking at the venom in the teen’s voice, Brendon decided he liked the teen’s spunk.


"Now," Leo got the guys attention. "Stevens, who was one of us in the beginning, back when there was only the abusive home environments we had to deal with, was killed. We thought it was by his drunk of an old man, but when he came to us several nights later, as a Vampire, we found out the old stories of things going bump in the night were true. Worse yet, for us, he remembered the vow we had taken and had decided the best way to keep to it was by us becoming Vampires and joining his newly forming nest."


"He even went and killed off my abusive parents," Chaim said. "Thinking I would be thankful and want to join up with him now that I was free." Shaking his head his voice going soft, "As if I would want to join the un-dead and give up us."


"He is the reason we started to lay in supplies and prepare to escape sooner than planned." Alton sounded ashamed as he said, "Sandy also decided the best way to keep out of his clutches was to get pregnant. Because from research and what we could find, Vampires won't touch a pregnant person. So Sandy broke up with her girlfriend and I have no clue which one of us she is going to ask to be the only guy she has sex with."


Wincing, Brendon hated to burst the teen's bubble but said, "That rumor is false. In fact Vampires think the blood of pregnant women is something of a delicacy. I think they started that rumor so their targets would take the bait and get pregnant."


"Shit," Alton whispered before being grabbed into a hug by Nate, who was sitting next to him on the couch.


"When was Stevens turned?" Brendon asked as he tried to piece together their story.


"Ten days ago," Leo said with a sigh. "Most of us were so stressed out over the situation I was going to bring up at the next get together the possibility of leaving in two weeks for Mexico."


"Why Mexico," Brendon wondered out loud as he glanced at the clock. His people should almost be in place and ready to go.


"I was able to buy, by using my grandparent’s inheritance, a house and land in a remote area," Chaim said as he glanced the way the guy was and saw the clock. It must be getting close to time if the guy was watching the clock closely.


"Major," Oscar interrupted the conversation. Seeing his boss look at him through the video feed he said, "The portal is active and the teams are ready to deploy."


Nodding his head, Brendon asked, "Are there any Sisters in the group or nearby?"


Looking at the ready teams, Oscar was about to say no when he felt a presence over his shoulder. Glancing back he saw one of the Sisters and moved so she could be seen clearly.


"Major," Audrey said as soon as she had a clear path to the video pickup. "What can the Sisters of Lesbos do for you?"


"One of those being retrieved, a girl named Sandy," Brendon told her, "Will most likely be joining the Sisters as soon as you have retrieved her. I was hoping for a friendly face or two to help calm her fears."


"As you command, Major," Audrey pulled herself to attention. "I shall suit up and catch up with the recon teams before they make contact."


Watching the Sister move out of sight, Brendon looked at Oscar and nodded. "Give the Sister sixty seconds then deploy."



"So," Pierson drawled out as he looked at the others that had gathered at the fall back point their big brothers had set up in case something went wrong. "I know the plan was to go to Mexico, to the house Chaim bought. But now," his breath hitched. "No one ever planned for everyone to be taken out in one shot but us."


Sitting down gingerly, because she was very sore, Sandy made sure to cross her legs and clamp down on her vaginal muscles, because by all that was holy, she was not going through that again. Even if Tom was gentle and did his best to make sure she at least did not hurt, if not enjoy it, she would take her chances with the Vampire if she did not catch. Once as comfortable as she was going to be she looked at Ned, "We have enough food for another day, two if we cut back on what we each eat."


"If the river was not as polluted as it is," Ned sighed as he leaned his head back so he could look up through the trees at the sky. "There is quite a bit on money stashed in the house, but without a way to get to the store it is worthless," he said as he threw a stick at the trees in frustration. "We thought we planned for everything," his laugh filled with pain and sounding like a person holding onto his last shred of sanity.


"Terrorists," Pierson shook his head as he watched the younger guys huddled together. Looking back up at Ned he commented, "Does anyone else find it strange that only guys were taken. They left behind the teachers and girls. I would have thought the girls would have been the first to be taken so they could, for their troops."


"If it was an attack, wouldn't there be damage to the school and street?" Henry asked from his spot sandwiched between Gabriel and Marshal.


"I biked by the high school on my way here," Ned said slowly as he closed his eyes. It was only now that they were truly worried. Forty-eight hours, the plan called for them to move out after forty-eight hours. Everyone agreed to that, so if they were able, their older brothers should have made every attempt to get to them...if they could. "I just don't know Henry." Holding up a hand, he shook his head, "Both of you make very good points. The thing is, we isolated ourselves so quickly we don't have a clue on what is going on, or what they've found out. All we do know is that none of our older brothers made it here to the hideout. Not a single one."


"He's right you know," Kent said as he stared at the television. Looking back at the rest of his friends he said, "We never did make a plan to deal with none of us not showing up."


"It's not like you could plan for being taken by aliens," Brendon pointed out. "I honestly think you've done a damn fine job so far."


"Tell your people to ask to see Mr. Stone Nuts," Leo said as he looked at the guy that they had been talking to. Seeing how armed to the teeth the rescue team was, he did not want any of them hurt if they tried to fight. "It's a password Pierson and I use when I send someone to pick him up. That way he knows I'm the one who sent them."


"Understood," Oscar called out as he contacted the retrieval team. "Recon nine, be advised, password is a query to see Mr. Stone Nuts. A person named Ned should respond to that phrase."


"I have to give it to you," Brendon said with a grin. "I doubt anyone else would even consider using that phrase."




Jumping when he heard a branch being stepped on, Pierson frantically searched the woods for any sign they had been found. Though secretly he was hoping it was one of their brothers finally coming to get them.


"Hello the camp," Allen called out as he stepped off of the branch he deliberately stepped on. "I'm hoping to find a Mr. Stone Nuts, I've been told if I came here I could find..."


"Where's Leo?" Pierson practically screamed as he launched himself from the log he was sitting on. Facing the direction the voice came from he saw a guy his brothers age, about six foot tall with brown hair step into the clearing.


"Safe," Allen said as he walked into the clearing. Listening to his ear bud he told them, "The Twelve are secure." Seeing almost all of them relax he wondered why the brothers of this group he was supposed to rescue were so paranoid.


"So they aren't dead?" Pierson mumbled a little on the loud side.


"No," Allen confirmed with a shake of his head. "That lie was created by the government so they would not have to deal with the outrage when it became known they were the cause of all the disappearances."


"The government grabbed all those guys?" Ned exclaimed in anger. Eyes narrowing he stared at the stranger as if he was a liar.


Allen shrugged as he looked around the clearing. Staring at the house he told the kid, "I said they were the cause, not that they did grab the high schoolers." Looking back at the kids he counted heads to make sure that the nine kids he was sent to retrieve were all there. "So it looks like all nine that Leo said I would find here made it. Anyone else around that you need to grab before we leave?"


"Just Micky and his cousin," Pierson pointed to the house. "They are finishing cleaning up and getting dressed."


"Can I talk to them," Leo asked as he stared at the screen. "The only Micky I know lives two streets over and was never part of the bug out plan."


Brendon looked between Leo and Oscar for a moment before nodding his head, "Oscar, relay the audio from my location to Allen's com."


Bringing a finger up to his right ear, Allen listened to the orders being given by Brendon and pulled out his com. Holding it in the palm of his hand after touching the button to activate it they all heard a voice coming from the speakers. "Piers," Leo's voice came across the small communicator being held by Allen. "Just how did Micky and his cousin end up with all of you?"


"Leo," Pierson breathed a sigh of relief at hearing his brothers voice. Taking a deep breath he looked at the house to make sure Micky or his cousin was not in hearing. "They followed us to the river. And blackmailed their way to the fall back point. Saying that if we did not let them come with us they would find Stevens and show him where we went. We had no choice but to bring them with us."


"Are the two males inside the dwelling a danger to our mission?" Allen's voice went cold as he asked the question, eyes never leaving the house.


"YES," Ned and Pierson said at the same time.


Looking back at the groups of kids, Allen nodded. "Do not be frightened, I brought a retrieval team with me, and, they shall deal with those two." Raising an arm up, he made a circular motion with his hand and jerked his finger towards the house. "Two probable hostiles inside," his voice echoed in the clearing.


Pierson was about to ask what the guy meant when he let out a whispered, "Whoa!" Out of the woods, tons of armored people rushed the house. Big ass guns leading the way.


"Holy Shit," Ned let out as he fell back to the log and sat down heavily.


"Emergency extraction," Allen called out as he glanced over his shoulder at the approaching armored figure. Smiling he called out, "Audrey, Sister, your charge is sitting here," he pointed at the girl. "Though it seems we did not get here in time. She has taken the bait the Vampires spew and has attempted to get pregnant."


"Bait?" Tom whispered in horror as he looked over at Sandy. If the rumor was not true then he and she... paling he saw her look at him and mouthed, 'I'm so sorry'.


Hearing the sounds of yelling and then a zap, Allen smiled when a minute later two of the scouts exited the house with two very naked males over their shoulders.


"Portal is up sir," one of the scouts called out.


Bringing his com up Allen changed frequency with a slide of his finger and ordered, "Recon Zeta...We are status hot extraction. I repeat we are hot extraction. Burn it to the ground and resume patrol." Looking back at the kids who were staring at him he smiled, "Sandy, if you will go with Audrey to the portal, she can make sure there are no trackers on you before we leave." Giving them a moment to leave he looked into the wide eyes staring at him, "This might seem strange, but I need each of you to strip down out of your clothes before we check you for tracking devices that the state government likes to implant in people or their clothes. They do it through your school," he told them when they just stared at him.


"Once you are cleared of tracking devices, we can go through the portal and you can be reunited with your brothers," Allen told them. Seeing a few of the older ones hesitate he clapped his hands to startle them, "Get a move mission is to bring you to your brothers safe and sound, that does not mean you have to be awake and mobile."


Glaring at the guy, Pierson slowly pulled his shirt off and tossed it at the feet of the guy. He was unbuttoning his jeans when he stopped and blinked in shock when the strange device in the guys hands beeped when he ran it over Gabe's underwear.


"Like I said," Allen smirked at the older boys. "The government likes to keep track of its people." Motioning the kid over whose underwear was bugged, he ran the scanner up and down the kid and nodded with relief the kid was clear. He would have hated to zap the kid to scramble the tracking bug, but if he had to he would. Seeing the kid reach for his clothes he shook his head, "You'll get new clothes once through the portal. We don't want to take any chances," he said as he pointed towards the portal on the wall of the house.


"What would happen if the tracker was in one of us," Ned asked, frightened that if they were tagged they would be left behind.


"I would be forced to fire off my Taser and zap your ass," Allen said as he spared a glance at the teen. Seeing he was frightened he softened his stance, "Something neither of us wants to happen, but the electricity of the Taser would scramble the tracker." Running his scanner over the naked youth he smiled, "But so far it looks like they have not had a chance to implant you with trackers. Let's go," he herded the teens towards the portal.


"Where are they taking them?" Kent asked as he watched their brothers walk into the portal.


"They will be taken to medical just like you were," Brendon said as he stood up. Facing the monitor he told the on duty crew, "Thanks for a job well done. I'm off duty for the next month, but if you need me just com."


"So," Lester said as he looked at the guy who kicked off the rescue of their brothers. "When you said they are going to medical, does that mean they are going to go through what we did?"


"OH, yes," Brendon laughed as he saw the expressions on their faces.


"Well, I can see that going over well," Leo said with a deadpan expression.



"How long before we can see our brothers?" Sam asked as Leo interrupted him.


"More to the point I think," Leo sent an apologetic look towards Sam. "Now that our brothers have been rescued, and with your promise not to break up brothers...but what about us," he waved around the room at each of his friends. "Are you going to break the twelve of us up? Is there..."


"All of you are in a unique situation," Brendon pointed out. "Except for our leader and his family, I doubt any others would consider taking on what amounts to twenty Neophytes at once." Seeing them start to panic he held up a hand to shush them up, "Before you panic," he told them, "I have decided to claim all of you for my own. You all will be kept together. BUT," he warned them, "that means I will be having sex with each and every one of you. It means you will cooperate and come to me willingly. And finally," he said, "It also means that you will have to deal with my one month old son, and I don't need to mention what would happen if one of you hurt him, do I?"


"No, you don't," Leo said forcefully. "But, I want you to know we would never do anything to hurt a baby. And if it means we get to stay together...well like we said, all of us have sex with each other already and all of us enjoy the sex."


"A lot," Alex grinned as he wiggled his ass at Stan.


Smiling at Alex, Brendon typed out a command on his wrist computer and turned to face the monitor when it turned on.


"Major," Luke smiled at Brendon. "Not any problems with your son I hope?"


Laughing, Brendon shook his head no, "Everything is fine with Brent. He's off with Todd right now while I went to the claiming pens to see about finally claiming a Neophyte."


"Good, good," Luke smiled back. "So what can I do for you then?"


"You should be getting or just received a group of males retrieved from Earth," Brendon said.


"Yes," Luke said as he looked over his shoulder. "Two males were brought in stunned and show signs of being mind fucked by a Vamp. A female was brought in and one of the Sisters is waiting to take her to their Biome and eight males escorted in by Tal's, Allen."


"Those are the ones," Brendon confirmed. "I need the eight males that were brought in under their own power to be sent to my Biome once they've been cleared. The other two, once they're cleared, place in detention until I have a chance to decide if they should be placed in the claiming pen or not."


"I can do that," Luke grinned as he looked around Brendon's shoulder and saw the large number of Neophytes standing there. "Holy...Good grief, Brendon, you're going to wear it out having sex with all those Neophytes."


Looking over his shoulder at the group, he smiled as he turned back to the video pickup. "I am so going to enjoy myself though," he chuckled.


"Right," Luke made a few notes in the computer records for the eight new Harvests. "I'll shuffle them off to your Biome in about an hour, as long as I don't find any issues."


"Thanks, Luke," Brendon cut the connection and turned to face his Neophytes. "Now that your brothers will be sent over to my place, we can get introductions out of the way before making our way to my Biome." Seeing he had their attention he typed a command into his wrist controller claiming the twelve Neophytes in front of him. He also altered the punishment auto activation program, adding three feet to the limit they could be from him, after all, being twelve of them they could not all stay within four feet of him at all times.


"Let's start with my name," Brendon said as he motioned them to their feet. "I am Major Brendon Savage, commander of the Recon Harvest Teams. You may call me Major when you're in class or Brendon outside the classroom or off duty. The first thing you need to know, is that until we are in my Biome, you can not be more than seven feet from me at any time once we leave this room and outside my Biome. To do so will see the obedience band all of you are wearing activate. And I've seen the band take down a six foot six football player within seconds of him leaving the safe zone."


Seeing them all nod vigorously Brendon smiled, "Now if you'll follow me I'll explain the rest of the rules you will need to live under." Turning and making his way to the doorway he took a left once he exited the room, "Since I will be converting you three at a time, the rest of you can continue to have fun with your brothers. Once converted you will not have sex with anyone but those that have been converted." Glancing over his shoulder at the tight packed group following him he told them, "This is for the protection of those younger than sixteen. For those under sixteen, it depends on how mature and how far into puberty they are on how we convert them to our genome."


Stopping near a portal, Brendon pointed out the transport, "If you look closely, you'll see something that looks strange until you know what it is. This door frame placed on the wall is one of our Portals. With the proper code and identification you can go anyplace on Mars or the Lunar base just by typing in your destination on the panel next to the door. And before you get any ideas, which I know you won't because of your siblings not being here," he looked at them and shrugged. "I have to explain it to you even if you have agreed to be converted." Holding up his wrist with its controller fastened on he told them, "This wrist computer or controller will only work for a Trans Gen. It won't work for humans, your bodies do not produce the correct type of energy that activates the power functions."


Typing in his log-in ID on the wall panel Brendon told them, "You also need to be wearing a controller, which you will get after being converted, to activate the computer touch panel. Now, my Biome address is Alpha seven eight nine." Finishing by connecting the portal to his Biome, the portal snapped to life and the doorway was filled with the image of a tropical garden. "Once activated, the portal links the portal you are dialing from with the destination portal. If you are really interested in learning fold space math, I'll talk to Todd and ask him to tutor you." Waving his hand at the portal he said, "After you."


Last one through the portal, Brendon smiled at the tightly group Neophytes. "You can relax now, this is my Biome so you don't need to keep within seven feet of me at all times. Now, if you follow me," he said as he weaved through the group so he was in front of them. "My Biome is two Hectares in size, or right about five acres. That is the middle part of the Biome, the outside of the houses so to speak." Breaking out into the clearing and walking past the gardens he pointed to the north wall, "If you look at the wall up ahead, you'll see the opening to the ground floor and windows as you look up. I planned my Biome to mimic Ben's, our leader’s, Biome. All of the housing is in the walls of the Biome, leaving the area open and free to hold the gardens and plants."


Stopping near the picnic tables he waved to them to find a place to sit. Climbing up so he could sit on the top of the nearest picnic table he looked them over as they found seats. Brendon waited until everyone was looking at him before continuing, "Each of you can chose a bedroom later. The second thing you need to know, is that, as a society we are military based. Once converted, each of you will go through a six week basic training course where you will master your new genome, your body and the telepathy and Pyrokinetics you will gain once you are one of us." Holding up his hand he called up a flame to dance in his hands, smiling at the whispered 'cool' and 'alright' he released the hold on his feelers. As his feelers were waving in the air he listened in on their thoughts as they stared at him.


Flames dancing on the palm of his hand, while his feelers were dancing around his hair, Brendon almost laughed at their thoughts. "Proof that our race is alien to what you know." Tightening his hold on his feelers, they weaved in with his hair until they were tight against his scalp once more. Flame snuffed out as he closed his hand, he looked at each of his Neophytes waiting to see if anyone was brave enough to ask questions.


"What were those silver hair like things that are under your hair?" Leo pointed to Brendon's head as he asked.


"Those are a Trans Gen's 'Feelers', they are what allow us to be telepaths," Brendon was glad he did not bet over if someone would ask, he would have lost. "Our feelers also allow us to pass on knowledge...or take knowledge from someone that is tops in their field."


"Wait," Herbert waved his hand. "Are you telling me, that if I am one of your people, those 'Feelers' would allow me take the knowledge from a skilled surgeon and I would be a skilled surgeon?"


Nodding his head, Brendon smiled as he answered, "Yes. You would get his knowledge and skills when you mined his mind for knowledge. It would take a couple of hours at most. Doug, who you will meet later, is in charge of information mining. If we don't already have someone that is skilled and knowledgeable in what you want to do, that is the person to go to, to arrange a trip to Earth to find someone who does have that knowledge."


"Let’s get back on target with what you need to know," Brendon saw that they were starting to get very excited. "Normally at the end of your basic training, you are no longer a Neophyte and at that point choose your profession. At that point, for those not raised by the founders of our race, you normally would also be able to move out into your own place. Whether it is a Biome you have designed and had built, or into one of the apartment's in one of the cities. But, you were claimed by me, and I was turned by one of the founders. So that means a different set of rules apply to all of you."


Talking in circles, because he had never claimed a Neophyte before, Brendon shook his head as he told them, "Let's start with a brief outline, one what you will learn in your history of our race class. Ben Talbot is the leader of our people; he is also the Founder of our race. He was the first person to undergo conversion to a Trans Gen. It was accomplished through a vaccine that Tal's father developed and injected into him without his permission." Seeing the astonished looks being sent his way he smiled, "A group of scientists were hired to come up with a way to alter a normal human and create a super soldier that was unstoppable and could hunt to extinction Vampires."


"But the people involved had a hidden objective," Brendon half snarled. "They wanted to use the super soldiers to eradicate Gay people. Tal's father, when he found out, instead of objecting and slowing the progress, decided to take control of the project and secretly changed the goals. You see he knew Tal was Gay, so he planned to protect Gay people by tying the alterations to the Gay genome."


"Dolce and Joe were the last two to use the vaccine to be altered, and between the three of them, through sex, they founded our race. Not only did they create our race, they created the outline of our culture." Brendon turned morass as he brought up Simon, "They are our leaders and make up the command council. But the last person who could be considered to be one of our founders, is Simon."


"Simon, took the outline of our culture that Ben and the others came up with and solidified into something we embraced," Brendon said softly, the pain he felt showing in his voice. "While Ben converted Tal and Joe and Dolce's boys, Simon converted thousands as he explored and experimented on the best way to transform someone into one of us. He also gave up his life to make sure those that worked with him and his and their Neophytes escaped the Earth government." Looking up at the Biomes ceiling he shook off the sadness that threatened to engulf him, "Simon had a harsher view of humans than Ben did."


"Notice I said did," Brendon looked back and speared them with a look that was unreadable. "The only reason I've outlined the Founders is that they hardly ever convert someone. And those they do, the rest of race look up to. And I was the first person Dolce converted, so I am held in a higher standing, which means now that you are my Neophytes, part of my family once converted, you will be too."


Standing up and taking his clothes off after hearing voices, Brendon smiled as all eyes were drawn to his hard cock, "Your brothers are about to join us. And for the rest of the afternoon, you can enjoy each others bodies as I go around fondling each of you, maybe even insert one of your hard cocks into another one of you. Then before supper, I'll pick two of you to have sex with and start your conversion. The third person I have sex with I'll let yourselves decide."


Standing back as the group that was being led by Luke saw their brothers and ran towards them, Brendon narrowed his eyes as he saw Alex with the two youngest hanging off of him. He saw Alex kiss each one and not only how hard he was, but that he was leaking. It looked like they had another Simon on their hands and he would need to make sure that he was one of the ones he picked tonight. "I take it there were not any problems," he said when Luke stopped next to him.


"Just the normal amount of embarrassment that comes with the electro-stimulation with a couple of them," Luke smirked. Pointing over towards one of the teens he said, "That Ned Reeves kid, he almost overfilled my collection bottle with one orgasm. He's going to be several mouthfuls at least," he chuckled quietly so the Neophytes did not hear. "I sent you their physicals, I'm not sure if you've been keeping up with the Triplets experiment or not," he looked over at Brendon to see him shake his head no. "I sent a brief synopsis of the outcome along with the physicals, I'm sure you guys will go over it more at the command staff meeting, but it all boils down to being able to convert all of them, even the younger ones, safely."


"I'll get right on the report after sending the Neophytes to bed," Brendon assured him. "It will give me something to read while I feed Brent in the middle of the night." Seeing that they had taken his suggestion of an orgy to heart, he glanced at Luke, "Thanks for bringing the Neophytes over for me."


"I set their obedience bands to your controller," Luke told him. "I need to get back, so have fun," he said as he started back towards the portal. Shaking his head he wondered just how Brendon was going to handle so many at once.






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