Destiny's Split

                                                Chapter 10






"So," Leo looked at Brendon as they walked down an aisle of cells. "Why me?" he asked as he glanced both ways to see naked teens inside the cells.


"Several reasons," Brendon replied as he walked to the intersection and turned left. Several rows over, he turned right and told Leo what he wanted to know. "The first is that you have not started the conversion yet," he pointed out. "So that means you will react with your old morals when we interview the two males that were taken with your brothers. Another reason would be, that you know them, so you may be able to agitate them into thinking truthful thoughts, we don't have the willpower to house humans indefinitely. They either become Neophytes or they are released," he said as he stopped in front of a cell and looked at the older teen inside.


"Then release me," Mickey demanded as he glared at his captor. Catching sight of Leo he growled out low, "Bastard! I should have known you would be behind this." Seeing Leo was as naked as he was, he scoffed angrily, trying to get under the other teen's skin, "I see you didn't get a better deal for betraying us, to whoever the hell took us."


"I did not betray anyone," Leo said heatedly. "Your brother was the one to betray US," he shouted, hands clenching into fists as he was stopped by the clear door to the cell. "I was not the one to mind fuck you. I was not the one that betrayed his vow to all of us." Face against the Plexiglass door he spat out, "I was not the one who set up my parents, so his brother could get a snack." Hitting the door with his closed fist he spat out, "That was you and your fucking Vampire of a brother." Taking a deep breath he tried to reign in his temper, "If I could, if this cell door was not between us, I would beat you to death. Then ask to have your mangled corpse sent to your brother as a warning."


Brendon raised an eyebrow as he watched the two fight. Dipping into the teen’s thoughts he was pleased that bringing Leo with him worked like he planned. This Mickey character was an open book.


Not able to refute Leo's rant, Mickey instead decided to attack him so he would not have to think about what he helped his brother do. Though if Leo ever found out he helped himself to his mother's pussy while his brother drank from her, he would be killed. "So, seeing you're naked," he pointed to Leo's body. "I have to wonder how many times a day you have to put out. I mean, even my brother, who is straight, wanted to tap that ass." Looking up at his captor he sneered, "Is he a good fuck, or maybe he gives good head."


Chuckling, Brendon shook his head as he watched the teen wind up his Neophyte. He was able to skim off so much as the teen lost control of his emotions.


"I wouldn't know," Leo said snidely as he stood up straight. "He's not invited me to his bed..."


"That is all you're good for," Mickey yelled out. "Being turned into a sex slave. Why, I bet he can make a good buck selling your ass." Moving to the front of the cell, he slammed his hands on the cell door as he spat out, "I bet he can make double by selling your brother's ass. Just the money he can make as he makes you fuck your own brother would be enormous," he said, knowing he was going too far, but too angry to care.


"You would know about fucking your brother," Leo snapped back as he rushed the cell door. Stopping inches from the door he wondered if he could get his hands through the small holes and grab the shit and beat his head against the door. "You never cared about anyone but yourself, Mickey. Such a sad little boy that never had true friends," he hissed out as he pried into Mickey's past.


"Mother Fucker," Mickey screamed out as spittle hit the door. "What does a FAG like you know about friends, huh, I bet everyone else in the group only hangs with you, because you bend over and take it up the ass."


"You're dead Stevens, just like your brother," Leo glared hatefully at a one-time casual friend. "I want to be there..." he stopped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.


"Mickey is it," Brendon said as he stopped the verbal fight by placing a hand on his Neophyte’s shoulder.


"I'll never cooperate with you FAG lovers, so you might as well release me like you said," Mickey demanded as he puffed up his chest.


"Since I never did finish, I suppose I will tell you," Brendon smiled at the teen causing him to be infuriated. "Before I was interrupted, when I mentioned we would release you, I meant to the surface of the moon. Certainly we would not take time to send you back to Earth."


"But...that would kill me," Mickey said as he tried to wrap his mind around the statement.


"Yes, it would," Brendon nodded his head as he smiled at the teen. "We try to get the most use out of you humans, but if it is not going to work, then we cut our losses early and move on."


"You talk as if we are nothing to you," Mickey said slowly as he stared at his captor.


"You aren't," Brendon replied flippantly. "Oh, a few of you catch our interest enough that we consider making you a Neophyte. But to tell the truth, Humans are repulsive beasts," leering at the teen he said coyly, "I think there might be a few of my people with a fetish or two that might want to try you out. But for the most part, as a people we are not into bestiality." Reading the teen’s mind as he wound him up with his words, he grinned as the teen lost it. Murderous rage engulfed the teen’s mind and all his sordid past misdeeds came forth. Typing a few commands on his wrist controller he nodded sadly as the sounds of several guards approached.


Foaming at the mouth, literally, as he pounded against the cell door, trying to break through, Mickey lost himself to madness. Pushed over the edge by his brother’s mind fucking and his captor’s insinuations hitting too close to home.


"Major," the armored guard said as he stopped nearby.


"Every once in a while you get a bad apple from your Harvest, something that would spoil and cause decay of the rest, unless you get rid of it," Brendon glanced at the closest guard and shrugged. "He demands we release him," he pointed to Mickey as he said that. "And him being the spoiled apple, I am more than willing to dispose of one or two to make sure the Harvest is secure." Stopping the metaphors he ordered, "Take him and release him out of the airlock. We won't convert murderers or sexual psychos."


"Right away Major," the guard thumped his fist to his chest as he motioned for his partner to open the cell. Reaching in he grabbed onto and pulled the teen out of the cell by the arm.


Leo watched Mickey being dragged down the aisle kicking and screaming. Yelling at the top of his lungs that he was not going to let them rape him. Yelling that he was not going to stand still as they turned him into a sex slave. As they turned at the intersection he commented, "While I'm pissed at him, I'm not sure I wanted him dead."


Shrugging, Brendon turned to look at the cousin who up to this point had stared silently at them. "His mind is a cesspool. I wouldn't mourn his death, after all he had some fun with your mom as his brother drained her dry. The only thought in his mind when he relived that memory was, it was too bad she died before he had a chance to cum."


"Son of a Bitch," Leo screamed in anger. "I'll kill him," he snarled as he took off down the aisle. Giving chase so he could kill him himself, he slid to a halt as unimaginable pain hit him. Falling to the floor he twitched and spasmed as pain set his nerves on fire.


Sighing, Brendon walked the couple of feet needed so his Neophyte was within the safe zone. Reaching down he grabbed a twitching arm and dragged Leo back towards the cell that housed the other teen, Mickey’s cousin. Leaving Leo to recover by his feet he looked at the teen and asked, "So, Mickey's cousin, what is your name?"


"I'm not like that bastard," John said carefully, not breaking eye contact. "My name is John Callahan and I'm willing to do anything you want, so you don't kill me like that ass."


"Son of a...bitch," Leo's hoarse voice gasped out as tears ran down his face. At this point he couldn't care less if he killed Mickey, all he wanted was it to stop hurting.


"I did give all of you a warning," Brendon said softly as he shook his head sadly. Sending an email from his wrist controller he instead asked John, "How did you end up with that psycho?"


"My uncle, Mickey's dad," John sighed as he sat back down on the bed. "He wanted some extra help this summer and talked my folks into sending me. Or so my dad said when he told me what I was doing this summer. But I'm not sure if it was before or after Karl was turned into a Vampire." Glancing between Leo and the one called Major, he said, "I jumped at the chance to get away, when Mickey suggested we try to join up with Ned and the others, it was a chance to get away from the house and all the Vampire meals being properly aged," he sneered. He would never admit the Vampire used to be his cousin, his cousin died the night he was turned.


"Major," Luke interrupted as he walked up the aisle. Holding up a syringe he asked in confusion, "You needed a painkiller and muscle relaxer?"


"My Neophyte does," Brendon pointed at Leo on the floor quietly sobbing. "He forgot the tether when he tried to chase down the human, being dragged to the airlock."


"And you want me to cut his lesson short?" Luke sounded surprised as he asked the question.


Nodding his head, Brendon looked at Luke, "He had found out the teen that was being dragged to the airlock, raped his mom while the teen’s brother, the Vampire, drained her. He was not in the right frame of mind to remember to stay within seven feet of me at the time."


"I see," Luke said as he pulled the cap off the syringe and knelt down. Grabbing Leo's butt cheek and clasping a large section, he plunged the needle into the flesh and squirted the drug into Leo's ass. Standing up he reiterated, "I should have placed a bet with the others on how long it would take before you had 'issues'."


Looking at the teen inside the cell he shook his head as he chastised Brendon, "You’re not thinking of adding another one already are you? I know you never took part in the claiming for ten years, but twenty-one is a bit much don't you think?"


"Yes, I do," Brendon smirked as he glanced at Luke before pointing to John inside the cell, "He's one of the ones my team rescued with the others. His cousin earned a one way walk to the airlock, but John here says he is willing to do anything to escape the same fate...Why don't you take him?"


"Take me?" John squeaked as he inched back on the bed until he hit the wall behind him.


"Well...with what the Triplets discovered...I think I will," Luke grinned as he felt Brendon slap his shoulder.


"I'll leave you to get acquainted with your new Neophyte," Brendon said as he reached down and helped Leo stand. Once, Leo was somewhat steady on his feet he wrapped an arm around his waist as he led him back towards the portal. "That was not the smartest thing to do," he said as he led Leo away.


"I know that now," Leo whispered as he leaned on Brendon for support.




"They're never going to let us go home," Fred said in his heavy New York accent. "I overheard them dragging another guy down the hallway as they brought me here. He was screaming out that he would not let them rape him, a minute later he is cursing them out saying he will not be a sex slave." Looking at the twenty or so guys in his gang he told them, "There are four members of the Crips along with two of the Scorpions that got caught up in the grab. It is time to pull them in and fight the Mother Fuckers."


"We don't have any weapons though," Spike pointed out as he looked around for anything they could use. "At most we might dig up a few rocks, but..."


"Every once in a while a dude comes inside not wearing those metal suits," Fred pointed at the door by the guards. "See, all we have to do is grab the dude and threaten to break his neck if they don't do as we say. They'll cave, just like the cops do back home," he sounded sure of himself. "Go get the others, we need to plan."


"Now that Brendon has dragged his tired ass in, we can start," Ben said with a smile on his face.


"Hey, you try getting up at two and then again at four in the morning to feed your son," Brendon quickly quipped back. "Then you can complain about being on time." Before sitting down he kissed Dolce and whispered, "You must have been exhausted back when."


"I did have help," Dolce told him. "Seven more months or so and he'll start sleeping more through the night."


"Once the first three of my Neophytes are fully converted, I'll have help too," Brendon shrugged as he turned to Ben and nodded that he was ready.


"First thing we need to discuss," Ben said as he faced Owen. "Owen, I've read through the research notes and I'm more than a bit surprised by the results. So why don't you hit the high points for those that have not had a chance to read your report."


"I can do that," Owen nodded as he sat up straighter. Looking around the table he saw several faces that were eager to hear what he had to say. "First off, I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that a successful conversion is not based on age, but on how far along into puberty they are. Simon as we all know, liked his partners on the young side, just before they entered puberty. So his experiments were not successful. And when he tried to accelerate puberty, he had mixed results. Mostly because the test subjects’ bodies could not handle the rapid growth or drugs. That said, we have successfully converted humans as young as seven...every single time."


"How..." Kevin started to say before stopping and staring at Owen.


"I never did have a chance to finish the research report, because I've only had it a day," Brendon said as he leaned forward. "Which technique was successful?"


"Once Joe provided the Necropsy results, which showed that the test subject died due to enzymatic failure and we discovered that the enzyme that we produce in our saliva was actually critical for a safe smooth conversion, we reran the experiments. We theorize that the reason test subject one dash three from protocol M dash one failed to convert, was the missing enzyme that is produced in our saliva."


"Going over Simon's notes," Owen sighed as he sat back. "And from what we observed from assisting him in his experiments, we discovered that when Simon tried to convert someone he rarely kissed them. And he rarely had them have sex with him other than oral long enough to get him hard so he could fuck them." Giving them a minute to think on what he said, he continued when Ben nodded. "Because Simon converted us, so he did not have to have sex with those well into puberty, my brothers and I went back through our notes and memories to see what we did differently compared to Simon. Each of those we converted had two glaring differences to those Simon attempted to convert. We preferred foreplay, including kissing and mutual sucking, before ending up topping our unconverted partner."


"Going back through the records, we had a success rate of ninety-nine percent," Owen floored them with that information. "The youngest person we converted back then was age thirteen, and from our notes he would have been a level four on the puberty scale. With this new information we started the whole experiment over."


Pulling up the raw data on the computer, Joe glanced at the new protocols. Finding a listing for blood work that had been performed he asked, "Why were you testing your test subjects for hormonal changes?"


"We found out why a forced conversion is so different than a normal one, even if all the steps are technically the same," Owen dropped another shock on the group. "It all boils down to foreplay. Even if the Neophyte is Heterosexual, with enough stimulation and foreplay, their oxytocin hormone levels spike near three hundred percent and certain endorphin levels double." Owen pulled up a file on the computer and displayed it on the main monitor, "This computer simulation, that we created from what we observed, shows how hormone and endorphin levels facilitate the enzymes we produce in opening and preparing a Neophyte's cellular structure for conversion."


After the simulation ended, Owen waited until Ben stopped staring at the empty monitor before continuing, "We attempted to raise hormone and endorphin levels artificially, but the test subjects exhibited forced conversion symptoms. So we used electro stimulation techniques to entice their bodies to produce the hormones needed...and it worked." Looking at Ben he told him, "You can tell Glen, that if he brings his boyfriend to orgasm two times, as close as possible before he infects him, there will be no issue with the conversion."


"Glen will be pleased," Ben smiled. "So you've succeeded in converting someone, the normal way, to what? Level Three?"


Nodding, Owen agreed, "If they are fully into puberty level three, then yes. And by using your idea of I.V. infection at a reduced rate, we successfully converted everyone else." He explained after a pause, "What we did, was to place the test subject in an electro stimulation cycle exactly as we did the older test subjects. They experienced orgasm just like their older counterparts, even though they produced no semen, including elevated endorphin and hormone levels. We added cultured saliva enzymes, orally through a tube into their mouth, while administering the other enzymes through I.V."


"During this hour, we had them hooked up to the electro stimulation and reduced the stimulation used so they experienced orgasm every fifteen minutes." Owen told them after glancing at his notes, "We waited until the hormone and endorphin levels increased to the same level as the older test subjects before injecting the V virus at the rate of fifty million cells over an hour’s time. During that time, the test subjects continues cycling through electro stimulation. Since the test subjects entered normal post infection conversion symptomatology, we repeated the initial protocol every twelve hours." Closing his note pad he finished with, "The test subjects converted successfully in the same seven day time frame as the older test subjects."


"And you didn't lose a single test subject?" Joe asked to make sure there was no problems.


"Not a single one even exhibited signs of forced conversion," Owen said proudly. "The only reason why we did not use test subjects that were younger, is that not a single one of the recorded Neophytes has a brother younger than seven."


"Well done Owen," Ben grinned at the older of the Triplets. "Tell your brothers I am very pleased with what you've done and discovered."


"Thank you, sir. In a way," Owen told him, "what we were able to do...from where we failed before..." Shrugging he trailed off with, "We lost so many before, eleven thousand..."


"It is not your fault, Owen," Dolce told him as he leaned over and pulled Owen from his chair so he could pull him into his lap. Resting his chin on Owen’s shoulder he told him, "Simon's original experiment was flawed. And he suffered from tunnel vision in the end. Just remember all the good he did for us, and that your success was only because you built on what he had already done."


Giving Owen a chance to collect himself, Ben looked at Joe, "What's the status on the future breeders?"


"Well," Joe said as he finished his notes on what Owen had reported. "All the females have had their sensor implants emplaced. My people have not had to deal with any injuries so far, so I assume the Sisters are handling them without an issue. Though," he looked up now that he was finished with his note, "something strange was reported by the healers amongst the Sisters. It seems that the females are just as susceptible to the pheromones the breeders put off during heat as the males are."


"That could be useful," Doug said. "Are you still thinking of getting the females pregnant before blasting their minds?"


"I'm thinking we should breed them with the males," Dolce offered an alternative. "After they've had several children or a replacement is found, we can convert them and turn them into a breeder."


"Why do it that way?" Ben asked as he sent a smile at Owen as he retook his seat.


"If I can say something," Owen jumped in the conversation.


"Of course," Dolce said as he waved at him to go ahead.


"I'm not sure if Joe has noticed it," Owen said. "But my brothers and I went through every record of those that have been converted, including females. We noticed an interesting data point. If the female was pregnant when turned into a breeder, and they were carrying a female child, the child was born as a Sister of Lesbos. Every single time."


"What," Joe almost yelled as he sat up. Pulling the files up he started to skim through them. Not that they had a lot of breeders that were already pregnant. Looking up he told Ben, "He's right. Over the past ten years, of the fifty-nine females that we turned into Breeders, fifteen were pregnant when we harvested them. Of those fifteen, seven had a gay girl child. None of them ever had a female that ended up being a breeder."


"That changes things," Dolce said as he shifted in his chair. Looking at Ben he proposed, "How about we breed the females to the Neophytes before they are converted. And those that end up pregnant with female offspring, we convert them so the Sisters can also benefit from the Harvests."


"They will be able to have children of their own with the new procedure," Ben reminded them. Thinking about Dolce's proposed plan, it would give the Sisters new members and diversify their genetic pool. Nodding to his internal decision he said, "It's a sound idea. But then we would have to raise the males until they were old enough to convert." Seeing Owen about to say something he shook his head no, "Sorry, Owen, but I am not ready to cross the line to experimenting on babies right now."


"I wasn't going to suggest that," Owen said carefully. "What I was going to say is, that we should just infect the females, turning them into Breeders, as a matter of policy once they get pregnant. The boys can go to us, while the girls go to the Sisters. There really is not a good enough reason to keep breeding them in the hopes that they get pregnant with a girl child. Now that we have our answer to the conversion problem, Nick, Carl and I sat down last night and decided our next project would be artificial wombs. We have a few ideas from our research into our DNA structure."


"And," Owen said as he thought about it. "I have to wonder if the original group behind the scientists that created the V virus had already started to research the building of artificial wombs. From reading between the lines so to speak, from the notes Tal's father left with him, some of the questions posed by the group funding the project leads me to believe they were researching the feasibility."


"I'll talk to Bradly about keeping an eye and feeler out for any hints," Brendon said as he made a note to talk to Bradley so he would not forget. Looking up the table at Ben he informed him, "Bradley contacted me this morning, he and his team are planning to take the second facility in," pausing to look up at the clock he said, "actually, he started his attack ten minutes ago."


"Then you need to be in the command center monitoring the situation," Ben told him as he pointed his pen at him. "Pass along Owen's request to look for any info on artificial wombs." As Brendon rose from his chair he added, "Did Bradley keep his ability in Telekinesis?"


"He did, and it got stronger after he was converted. Though, his Pyrokinetics are weaker than most," Brendon confirmed. "Do you want him to harvest the occupants of the facility?"


"Yes, yes I do," Ben said as he made a quick decision, it was a fair trade off he thought. "I am assuming that all the people taken by that agency, to try to breed new Psionic children that they can control, are on the high side of their gifts. Since it has been proven that they will not lose their power after being converted, I think it would benefit us to breed those other powers into our race."


Nodding his head, Brendon started for the door, as he opened the door he said, "I'll let you know the breakdown of powers from those we harvest after the OP is done."


"Let's wrap this up," Ben said after Brendon left. "How soon can we convert all those that are under sixteen?"


"We can start as soon as tomorrow," Joe told him. "Once I get back to medical, I can prep the secondary bays to conversion suites."


"We will bring over everything we used, equipment wise," Owen said quickly. "Unless we go back to Earth though, we only have twenty electro stimulation set ups."


"I'll send a few teams to buy another fifty," Tal smirked at the thought of sending teams into sex shops.


"Start with our group of Neophytes first," Ben told Joe as he stood up. "If anyone needs me, I'll be with Todd as they fill the ocean Biomes."



Stopping on the center platform, in the middle of the command deck, Brendon glanced around before calling out, "Who is monitoring Bradley and Recon Search?"


"I am, Major," one of the communication officers called out from the side of the room.


"Put it up on the main screen please," Brendon ordered as he picked up the headset from where it was hanging on the railing. Before he had a chance to contact Bradley and tell him what Ben wanted him to look for, Bradley contacted command.


"Command...Paladin nine to command...Code Five..." Bradley's voice came over the speaker causing the command staff to jump into action.


"Embarkation room, ready teams to the line. Paladin Nine requests backup...Be advised, you are to go in hot." The communication tech said into his microphone before changing channels, "Portal control. Prepare for emergency extraction of Paladin Nine and reinforcements." Changing the channel one last time his voice carried on the speakers base wide, "Command One to the command center...Command One to the command center."


"Bradley, REPORT," Brendon spoke up as all the monitors in the command center linked with Bradley's team's camera's. Looking at each monitor he saw his people facing off against children. Children who happened to be strong telekinetics from his people getting thrown around.


"The base is secured, at least we thought it was," Bradley said. "Then as we were preparing..." Seeing several of the children advancing on his position he ordered, "Deploy Taser Grenades...Bring those kids down hard."


Watching the main screen, as several large objects were tossed at the kids, Brendon nodded grimly as he watched the Taser's activate and the kids go down, muscles seizing as the electrical charge incapacitated them. "Sedate those kids," he ordered as he looked over his shoulder and told the officer of the watch, "get medical to the embarkation room with sedatives. I want all those kids in that facility sedated and bound before bringing them back."


"I heard you Brendon," Bradley said as he motioned for his team to move to those seizing on the floor telling them to bind them. Moving to a short distance back the way they came he started to place the emergency portal on the wall. As he was doing that he told Brendon, "We secured the labs and computer rooms. I left half the team up there to download the computers before dismantling them so we could take them back with us. We found several rooms, cells really, with teens in them that were being processed. I had the teens secured for transport, then one of them mentioned that there was a hidden facility under the building. When we breached the door, we came under fire from Squishy security, but they were soon rendered to ash, that’s when those kids started to swarm out of the rooms."


Pausing in his report as the ready teams started to run through the portal he told their backup, "Taze the shit out of the little fuckers and make sure they are sedated and bound securely." Bringing up the rear of the backup teams, Bradley continued his report. "Brendon, from what I mined from the director of this facility, this is one of dozens of places around the country set up to breed a Psionic army loyal to some un-named black department of the government. Once we had secured the hidden facility, I was going to call in to see about sending a medical team to retrieve the gene bank we found. They have enough samples and embryos stored here to create almost a thousand Psionics."


Looking over his shoulder, Brendon nodded when he saw Joe was contacting his people. Seeing Ben looking at the monitors he took a deep breath as he watched a pre-teen crush one of the soldiers from the ready response team. Seeing blood splatter and the armored helmet suddenly become the size of small ball he let the rage that engulfed him out. "Burn that Fuck..."


"BELAY THAT," Ben ordered as he stepped next to Brendon. His gaze not leaving the monitor he ordered, "Toss those damned grenades that Dolce's people came up before entering a room. I want all those kids subdued." Seeing the kid go down after four Taser's hit him he pulled Brendon close to his chest as his people moved through the facility. "Sam, resupply the response teams with more of the Taser grenades."


Seeing his medical team moving through the portal, Joe picked up a headset and told them, "Make sure the prisoners are sedated and move them to the cells on the Moon. Keep them restrained to the bed frames until we decide what to do with them." Looking at Ben he said softly, "If need be we can blow the seals on the airlock and decompress that entire facility."


"Who did we lose?" Dolce asked quietly.


"Corporal Nichols," Tal said as he walked into the command center and heard the question. Then he growled out, "My question is, what are we going to do to make the Squishy's pay for killing one of us?"


"We'll discuss that later," Ben said firmly as he glanced over at Tal. "Bradley, you and your team head back to main facility, retrieve those you've captured so far and send them through, let the ready response team finish there. You and your team then bring back the computers and whatever you've found so far. Brendon will meet you at the Embarkation room." Taking the headset off of Brendon he hung it on the railing and as he hugged Brendon to him, he turned, giving him a slight push while telling him, "Go. Make sure Bradley does not blame himself for what happened."


Once Brendon had portaled away Ben sighed. "It seems there are those among the Humans that can do us harm. Dolce," he said as he faced his lover. "I need your people to find a counter if at all possible. Because we can't afford for this weakness to be known by Humans. Or to lose anyone else to a Telekinetic."


"Stan," Ben looked at the officer in charge as he started for the portal. "Empty that facility of anything you think will be useful or you think I should look at...then destroy it. Leave a crater... if you need me, I'll be in medical examining that kid’s mind."


Ben walked into the cell block on the Lunar Base half an hour after making sure Bradley was okay, Dolce and Joe at his side, trying to control the rage he was feeling at the teen who had killed one of his people. Walking down the aisle, looking into the cells for the teen, he finally found him after passing close to forty kids tied to the beds. But Doug had beat him to the teen it looked like. Stopping outside the cell door, he stared at Doug who knelt behind the teen’s head, eyes closed and hands and feelers linking his mind to the teen's. After five minutes, Doug opened his eyes and he demanded, "Well?"


Turning his head, Doug looked at Ben who had no emotions showing on his face and let a couple of his feelers rise from the teen to try to get a taste of what Ben was feeling. Slowly he told him what he had found so far, "From what I have discovered so far, all the kids in the training facility have been indoctrinated through drugs and programming." Frowning he tilted his head as he felt that Ben was fighting for control. "Since we can link directly with their brains, it will be easy to reprogram them to be fanatically loyal to Ben. And only Ben. From the way they were trained it will not be wise to change their loyalty to one person to the three of you."


Releasing the teen, Doug stood up and retracted his feelers. "In terms of what they have been trained for; they have been trained as warriors to fight a war. At first glance at the teen’s mind, it looks like they were trained to fight Vamps. But after digging further into this one’s memories, he had overheard the higher ups talking about how they were the perfect troops to control all the rest of the Squishy's. Training against low level Vamps was just a way to give them muscle memory so they would react to older and stronger humans that would rebel against their leader’s rule."


Looking down at the teen that had never been given a name, he told them, "None of them have ever been given a name other than a designation. This one," he said as he pointed down at the naked teen, "answers to Procon Seven. He is the seventh full term embryo from the mating of the Procon pair. We will have to wait until Joe can get into the computer records to find out who his parents are."


Leaning against the wall, Ben closed his eyes as he sent a silent thanks to Tal's father for having the courage to do what he did back then. To help create their race and destroy all samples and notes of the project. He had a feeling that if the project had gone as intended, the Trans Gens would have ended up mindless drones like these kids. Opening his eyes he asked, "How sure are you that you can program these kids to be loyal to the Trans Gen race and me?"


"Totally," Doug said with conviction. "When we rebuild these kids’ personalities and back stories, so they can function as a person, my people will make sure that they are hard wired so to speak, to have always been loyal to you."


"So, they have been fully trained? Military wise?" Ben asked as he glanced at Joe and Dolce to see what they thought.


"They have," Doug assured Ben. "In fact, the way they were trained with martial arts and their powers will give Todd several ideas for his own training program for the neophytes."


Seeing Ben look at him, Dolce shook his head slightly. "We don't want to convert these teens ourselves. Or have anyone that is held in a higher regard do it.  I suggest we do as Doug laid out, we program the kids like he said, then while converting them using Owen's process, we double the mental conditioning to be loyal to the race and you."


Holding up his hands, Dolce told Ben when he looked at him, "Don't look at me. Unless you want me to come up with a self-destruct mechanism to implant into them. Which I have half a mind to create."


"That would cause problems down the road," Doug was quick to point out.


"I know," Dolce sighed. Looking at Ben he gave his honest opinion, "They could be a hell of a resource. Personally, I would place them with the ready response teams for now." Looking between Joe and Doug he asked, "Can you make sure to implant controls to make sure when they take Neophytes, that they implant the same standard package," he said using his fingers to make quote marks in the air, "that everyone else does." Seeing Joe about to respond he added, "I know we already do that, and it works, but for the kids that have been trained by them," he pointed at the teen, "we need to doubly make sure they follow protocol."


"I don't think that will be a problem," Doug said as he looked to Ben. Talking to Ben directly he said, "These kids have been raised without a sense of self, no self-identity at all. So when we build their back story, and give them a name, we will be in a sense, creating a history of growing up. What I plan," he said as he moved closer to Ben, "is to create memories of them being true born Trans Gen's that were kidnapped from our last Earth base before we abandoned the Earth due to that attack. That we have been searching for them all these years and have finally rescued them."


Looking at Dolce and Joe, Ben asked, "Will that work?


"Our old base in the abandoned mine is still there. The city could be made to look like it was breached," Joe said slowly as the plan formed in his mind. Nodding his head, he smiled at Ben, "That scenario will be easy to stage. Creating the records in the computer is child's play; just use a stand-alone computer that has had the date modified as we create the records, then upload a backup of those records." Looking over at Doug he told him, "Your people would have to create the back stories for all the kids before you start to alter them. That would give Dolce's people time to procure the personal items they were raised with and properly age them that they can unpack from the boxes we archived them in until we could find them and rescue them."


"The only issue I can foresee with that though," Dolce said, "Is they are young enough that they would need to have family."


"How old is the oldest...and the youngest," Ben asked as a plan started to gel in his mind.


"This one is the oldest," Doug said as he pointed to the teen. "He's fifteen. The youngest is five."


Smiling evilly at Bradley's reaction when he heard that, Ben made his decision, "We do both. Anyone over the age of thirteen, we program them to think they were kidnapped at the same time as the fathers of the others, which we've not rescued yet. We give the older ones to Brendon and Bradley and point them in the direction of tearing apart the Psionic facilities."


"Trying to find their parents of the younger ones, who the Squishy's captured when they kidnapped them," Dolce said with a smile and nod.


"Some of these teens are old enough to have sired kids of their own," Joe pointed out. "That will give them added incentive to track down the other facilities."


"They have," Doug confirmed. "This one, he has memories of once a week jacking off into a jar. He also has several memories of him breeding a female to get her pregnant. In fact," he said as he thought about it, "he was punished several times when he laid with a female and she did not get pregnant. So that will help reinforce the knowledge he is one of us, part of a race that is Gay."


Looking at Joe, Ben pushed off the wall, "Do it!" looking over at Doug he added, "Before I change my mind and do something to this teen I would not regret. Make sure you erase from his mind any memory of him killing Corporal Nichols." Looking at Dolce he ordered, "Isolate the video from that OP and remove it from the system and backups. Place it on our system at the compound." Giving the teen one last look, Ben walked out of the cell.


"Are you ready," Ben asked as he whispered into Todd's ear from behind. Laughing when Todd jumped in his seat, he kissed Todd's cheek.


Jumping when he felt breath on his ear, Todd glared at Ben as he glanced behind him. Sighing, because Ben was trying hard to act fun loving, even though a few short hours ago an OP went bad and they lost a person, he nodded, "We are. The teams I sent to Earth have finished putting together the portals yesterday. They deployed the portals and jets this morning, and have cleared the area after we confirmed the links to telemetry are functioning."


Pulling the empty chair next to Todd away from the console, Ben sat down and looked up at the monitors. Taking in the video from the four monitors, Ben stared at the bulky portal gates for several moments before asking, "Just how much of the ocean are you planning on taking?"


"Our best estimates," Todd swiveled in his chair so he could look at Ben directly, "the oceans will drop an inch to an inch and a half worldwide. That will fill the four Biomes to two-thirds."


"That is not as much as I expected," Ben said and quickly added, "I thought you were going for a fill rate of three-quarters on each?"


"Once the science teams actually started to sample the water as they headed for their target area, we found out it just is not safe to take any more than we are. The pollution from before the economy crashed, not to mention all the crap the Squishy's have been dumping since," shrugging he said, "that is the most we can safely harvest without taking pollution along with the clean ocean water we are taking."


"What does that do for the species of fish you planned to introduce?" Ben wondered aloud as he frowned at how quickly the Humans set aside the laws and protections to keep the oceans clean.


"Whatever species and larvae are in the area will be brought over with the ocean water." Todd shrugged again as he twisted back around to face the console. "The rest, we will have to carefully select breeding stock and tag them so they are only used to breed. That way we don't consume the possibly polluted meat."


"Salt water fish stocks are secondary to making sure we have a proper algae bloom to recycle oxygen in the atmosphere though, after all, we have an adequate supply of freshwater stocks," Todd said as he put his headset on. "All stations report ready for go," he called out into the microphone as he started to bring the system out of standby. Nodding his head as each of the stations reported their readiness, he smiled as he flipped the cover of the red button on his console. "We are Go for harvest."


"Biome One prepare for transfer," Todd said as his hands flew across the keyboard as he inputted commands to change the view screen and prepare the monitoring equipment for the sudden influx of ocean water. "Biome One...initiating transfer...NOW," he said as he plunged the red button home.


Watching carefully as water started to rise slowly, then at a faster rate once the water reached the height of the dozen or so portal gates, Ben glanced over at the monitor showing the portals on Earth and saw they were slowly starting to rise from the ocean bottom. "How long until the Biome is full?"


"At this rate," Todd did a quick mental calculation in his head, "About two hours."


Eight hours Ben thought to himself. That was a long time, probably too long. It was long enough they could be noticed and possibly intercepted. "What was your plan of attack?"


"I was planning to fill one after the other, so we could monitor that nothing goes wrong." Todd looked over at Ben and asked, "Why?"


"Eight hours is enough time for us to be discovered if the Squishy's have a satellite or ship pass by." Ben stared at the image of the filling Biome as he said that. "I would prefer to be done in less than half that time if at all possible."


Thinking about it, Todd stared at his console as he thought out loud. "Well, we do have the capability to control all the portals at the same time. It's just a matter of initiating the portals one group at a time. After all, once they are active, the secondary systems power their operation." Looking at Ben he nodded that it was doable. "All stations report Go, No Go, for Biome Two..." splitting the screen of the leftmost monitor and placing the operation of Biome One on it he brought up Biome Two on the center screen as his hands flew across the keyboard once again as he activated systems. "Initiate transfer in three," he called out as he lifted the cover over the red button again. "Three...Two...initiate," he said as he pushed the red button.


Watching the readouts carefully as Biome Two started to fill, Todd waited until the water level had risen to the point it was over the portal frames before telling his team to report readiness on Biome Three.


Once the last Biome was filling, Todd did some calculations and told Ben with a smile, "We should be finished in about three hours at the most. Though we will be limited in activating emergency portals unless we bring down part of the power grid to supply power to the portal system."


"We only have a half dozen teams off world at the moment," Ben told him. "We are not set to deploy action teams in Brazil until the morning, so that should not be a problem." Ben smiled as he stood up and pushed the chair back under the console. "If you need me, I'll be overseeing the claiming." Leaning over and grabbing Todd's head, he turned him slightly so he could give him a passionate kiss. Looking into Todd's eyes as his lips let go he told him, "As soon as you're finished, grab Glenn and help him convert his boyfriend."


"That should be fun," Todd waggled his eyebrows before laughing. "He has been waiting patiently, but I know he longs for the go ahead so they can be together again."


Nodding, Ben started for the claiming pens



Stepping out of the portal, Ben made his way down the corridor and entered his ID code into the pad. Walking through the door after it opened, he joined the guards on the walkway over the claiming pens. He spent several minutes standing and looking down at the milling young men they had harvested from the colleges, observing their behavior for several quiet minutes.


Sensing a presence walking up next to him, Ben kept his gaze on the young men as he asked, "How many of this group have been spoken for?"


"I think all of them sir," Corey replied as he leaned on the railing next to his leader. "We cleared all except six of them. Elrond asked Joe to wait on euthanizing them. He wants to test out his theory of genetic re-engineering, to see if he can correct their conditions first."


Pushing off the railing so he could look at Doctor White, he scrunched up his face in confusion, "Who or what is Elrond?"


Laughing, Corey shook his head, "We're starting to see a lot of those we harvested changing their names once they are converted. They want to stand out by not having human names any longer."


"I see," Ben said slowly as he thought about what he was told as he stared over at the clock. Noting the time, he tabled that info for the next time the command staff met. "Looks like it's time," he said as he tapped a command on his arm controller causing chimes to ring out over the area. Seeing their harvest looking up and around his voice carried over the habitat. As the doors slid open and those who would be claiming from this harvest walked in, his voice sounded curt over the speakers, "Those entering the dome, will be collecting you, either singly or in pairs. If you are a couple and have not already notified the medics, when they gave you your physicals, this is your last chance to stay with your partner. Notify the one who chose you, that you did not disclose your lover so he can make arrangements with the one who did chose your partner. Otherwise you will be separated."


Seeing that they were getting agitated, he activated all of their obedience bands at once. Moving his finger off the controller after a count of three, Ben's voice sounded harsh, "You have no choice in what happens to you. The only choice each of you has, is how much pain you go through if you refuse to cooperate. If you fight back, to where the one who chose you decides it is not worth it, you will be euthanized!" As they got unsteadily to their feet, Ben told them, "I will save those who are taking you as Neophytes the trouble. At all times that you are outside the compound of the one who has taken you, if you do not keep within four feet of them, the obedience bands that you all are wearing will activate at the highest setting."


"Immediate compliance will be rewarded. Disobedience will be punished, you have been warned," Ben told them flatly. "The transfer of the controls to your obedience band to those who have chosen you will happen as soon as they walk out of the habitat. You have been given the only warning you will be given."


There was always a few in each bunch, Ben thought, as he watched several of the Neophytes being chosen, go to the ground as their obedience bands were activated while others were led away without issue. Watching the young men harvested from the colleges be led away, he wondered which would give him more problems, the undercover officers or the high school students.


Half an hour later, Ben started walking down the catwalk, past the divider wall to the smaller section of the dome that housed the undercover officers. As soon as he stopped and looked over the tightly knit group that looked up at him he decided not to play nice. Not bothering to activate the chimes to get their attention, his voice sounded over the speakers. "You were not intended to be harvested. But you became rightful prey when you infiltrated those we planned to harvest. As such, no allowance for disobedience will be tolerated." Making sure his movements could be seen, he activated the obedience bands for a count of five. Lifting his finger off the armband, he waited until they had a chance to catch their breath and for their moans of pain to quiet down before speaking again. As the doors opened and some of his seasoned troops marched in, he told them, "Refusal to cooperate will be met with immediate execution!"


Seeing he had gotten through to several of them, he watched as they were claimed. Waiting and interested in seeing if any of them would test what they thought were the limits, he watched as they were led out, each going to a single soldier. Spotting a commotion off to one side, he was about to tell the guard to end the potential neophyte’s life, when the Sargent, he recognized the rank patch, doing the claiming sent his fist into the stomach of the Neophyte, doubling him over. He watched in satisfaction as the Sargent unbuckled his pants and took the Neophyte then and there. A forced conversion. Looking at Corey, who had followed him to this section of the habitat, after the second Neophyte was ordered to pick up the first one who was now bleeding from his eyes and ears, he never had a chance to ask the question as Corey anticipated what he was going to ask.


"MacMillan has a thing for the guy," Corey smirked as he remembered how uncomfortable the now claimed Neophyte was during the physical exam. Though, MacMillan's comments were...arousing.


"To each his own," Ben shrugged as the last person was led out. Who was he to stop one of his people from having a little fun.


Opening the portal to the hall leading to the next habitat, Ben looked over his shoulder as he heard Corey call out.


"This is where I leave you," smiling, Corey started for the steps to the lower level, "I've claimed a mated pair along with a sibling from this group. Should be fun," he laughed as Ben waved him off.


Lost in thought, Ben entered the larger claiming pen and glanced around the catwalk as he stepped up to the railing and leaned against the rail as he stared at the milling soon to be Neophytes. Looking over those milling near his spot he decided that most of them were still cowed, unsure and scared of what was happening to them. If they could keep them off balance until they had begun the conversion process, all the better.


"Ready to start?" Tal asked as he leaned next to Ben on the railing.


Startled out of his thoughts, Ben smiled before leaning over and capturing Tal's lips with his own. "After this, we should see how many we can fit into our bed," he said as he wiggled his eyebrows with a leer.


Laughing, Tal slapped Ben on the arm, "maybe after we start the siblings of our Neophytes on the conversion process. After all, Glenn is looking forward to draining Martin dry."


"I thought you were going to tell Glenn he could have his way with his boyfriend?" Ben sent Tal a confused look as he clearly remembered telling Tal to help Glenn fuck his boyfriend.


"Martin is in class until three," Tal sighed as he spotted the doors around the pen start to open. "Glenn is on the Lunar base, Todd needed him to help adjust the power core to the portals. He'll be back once the Ocean Biomes are full."


Nodding slowly, Ben stood up. Spotting the door opening he glanced sideways as he told Tal, "It figures. He gets the go ahead and he's not going to be around to jump on it right away."



Seeing all of the doors start to open and none of the people coming through were wearing that strange armor, Fred knew this was their chance. Plastering himself to the wall near the door he was hanging around, he hefted the rock he had spent a long time shaping into a weapon. Seeing an arm with that damned controller on it coming through the doorway, he grabbed it. Swinging the person around so the arm was behind their back, arm twisting up and back, he placed his crude stone blade near their neck and screamed out, "Mother Fuckers! If you don't want him to lose his head," he cut into the guy’s neck a little so he would bleed, "You'll escort me and my friends back to Earth."


Furious, Corey growled as he called up his flames. Hand rising with a flame shaped figure dancing in his palm, he smirked as he felt flames brush up against his clothes. Rubbing his arm that was suddenly released. He turned around as the screams from the human suddenly stilled, before the body turned to ash and fell into a pile. Looking around, he saw several others that had weapons in their hands, flames shot from his arms as he threw his arms forward, toward the attackers, ringing them in a middle of a circle of fire.


Pushing several buttons on his arm controller, Ben's voice boomed around the dome as all those waiting to be claimed fell to the ground as the obedience bands activated. "ENOUGH!" Finger touching the activation button once more, this time to shut the obedience bands down, he controlled his building rage, barely. "All those within the circle of fire are to be spaced! March them to the airlock and eject them."


Ignoring the moans of pain coming from those in the claiming pen and taking in the shaky movements of males trying to get to their feet, Ben glared one last time at the prisoners as the ready response squad grabbed those imprisoned by the flames and dragged their half-conscious bodies towards the doors. Destination, the airlock and a one-way trip to the surface of Mars.


"I'll send some people out to collect their bodies later, so they don't foul up the landscape," Tal said with a shrug as the last of the gang members was dragged out of the Biome. "I'll have to ask Nick if they can be recycled through the system without a problem or if we'll have to burn the bodies."


"I would think it would not be an issue, but Nick will know for sure," Ben agreed as he watched the high schoolers be led away meekly. Shaking his head as an idea came to him, he pushed away from the railing and told Todd, "I'm heading back to the office, I've had an idea on how to punish the humans for their part in Corporal Nichols’ death."










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