Destiny's Split


They started out as mankind's answer to Vampires. But when the truth came out a new path was chosen. and those who would serve mankind would instead see mankind serve them.


This story is my first attempt to create an alien race that while they look human, they hardly share any of the morals or traits that Humans do. What Humans would find abhorent, Trans Gens think nothing of it; because Humans are not people.


This is in fact a re-plotted first version of TEEP which will shock many because of the dark themes that run throughout the story. All I did was to include Vampires and Werewolvcs in the plot to fit into a universe that several authors begged me to join. While my story might join with another briefly, it will be more of other authors being able to borrow some of my secondary characters from time to time along with some of my toys.





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