Diary of a New Age


 This story takes place in a universe similar to our won. But one major pivotal point in this universe took a turn for the deadly. Back in the late sixties in our Universe the Stonewall Riots was the pivotal point that started the decriminalization of Homosexual people. as such that one single point was the start of the freedoms we enjoy now and the freedoms we are working for.


In the universe this story takes place, this pivotal point turned deadly. the police and responding national guard units opened fire and slaughtered every single person. blood lust was high and the forces moves through the city and killed every Homosexual they could find.


And in the aftermath, the courts and talking heads that kept the masses informed turned a blind eye to the events. those responsible for the atrocities were never punished. this led to the creation of the mind set that if you wanted to kill someone target a Homosexual as they were not considered people. Only abominations to be eradicated.


In the days leading up to the opening of the story, civil war was months if not weeks away as more and more closeted homosexual and bisexual people gathered and planned the complete and utter overthrow of the government.


But before events could take place a strange  green wave of energy bombarded the Earth and destroyed everything in its path that had an electrical current going through it. And it is here that our story starts


July 14 the day it all ended, and it was also the day a new beginning was thrust upon the world.


Rated M for mature. For descriptions of sex acts between males. Slavery and non consensual sexual acts




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