HP of Mars

                                             Chapter 23  

Chapter 23

"Welcome to Sutherland Manor," Kensington said as he bowed slightly after his Grace’s guests stepped through the Floo. Spotting the vulture on top of the Dowager Longbottom's hat the only outward sign of surprise was the raising of one eyebrow. "If you would follow me, his Grace will be landing shortly."

"Landing?" Augusta questioned as she followed the man towards the back of the manor.

"Yes, Kensington nodded firmly. "His Grace will be landing his ship in the back garden. While he had originally planned to take you to Mars another way. Events have transpired to change those plans. The Weasley children, the ones his Grace invited to spend part of the holidays with all of you, already arrived and are waiting in the back."

"William," Augusta greeted the eldest Weasley boy standing at the edge of a grassy lawn with three of his younger brothers.

Aware of who this woman was socially, Bill bowed his head slightly and chose the more personal reply, "Dowager Longbottom, good morning." Spotting a dark spot in the sky, over the Dowager Longbottom's head, he said, "His Grace is approaching now, he should be landing shortly."

"Landing?" Augusta questioned with a frown. She did not like being in the dark, and as she listened in as the younger Weasley's excitedly told Neville about the ship they would soon be riding in she stared at the large ship floating above as it rotated slowly in place before landing. She was surprised as the youngest Weasley boy held out an arm to stop Neville from approaching, telling him they needed to wait until the door opened so they knew the wards were down.

Leaving the ship, Harry glanced over his shoulder at the beaming smile on Brian's face, he had piloted the ship from Mars, with him in the co-pilot seat. And he had whooped with joy when they entered the moon’s orbit and made their way to the manor. "We will be returning as soon as I get everyone on board. And you can do the return trip if you want." He laughed at Brian's “Hell yes” as he walked out of the ship. Seeing, the Regent of the Earldom of Hereford, staring at him oddly, he spotted Neville looking at him with a just as confused expression on his face as his grandmother. "Bill," he greeted the curse breaker, "I see your mother was convinced to let Ron, Fred and George spend sometime with me."

Snorting, Bill rolled his eyes as he told Harry, "I was only able to convince her to let them come by telling her I was going along. Even when she heard, Dowager Longbottom was coming with Neville, she refused to listen to reason. It was only when Dad stepped in and told her to be quiet, before she implied insult on the wrong person, that she relented."

"I see," Harry said as he caught the expression on Neville's grandmother’s face. It did not bode well for Molly Weasley by the looks of things. "Go on aboard, we will join you in a moment." Facing Neville's grandmother he said, "Regent Hereford, I hope Kensington informed you of a change in plans."

"Yes, your Grace, he did," Augusta said as she took a moment to calm down that his Grace had given her.

"I had originally planned to travel by portal, but with the relocation of the Japanese magical people to the Potter Lands, we need to change to the ship my Grandfather Charlus built…"

Freezing, Augusta stared in shock as what his Grace said sank in. Merlin she thought, the ICW and the world were in an uproar with the disappearance of every Japanese magical. To find out they had relocated en masse to the Potter Lands was shocking, to further the shock, she was under vow not to relay the information. Because it came from his Grace.

While Regent Longbottom was working through her thoughts, Harry turned to Neville, "Hey, Neville. How is Madam Pomfrey as Headmistress?"

"Fair," Neville mused before saying, "she certainly is more hands on than Dumbledore was. And the professors are more relaxed now that they have less classes to teach, what with the new professors and all. Though," he let out a frown at Harry, "I and Theodore and Susan could have done without the extra work you caused."

Pointing at Neville's smirking grandmother, Harry smirked, "You've got the wrong guy, the cause of your extra work is standing right there."

Following Harry's finger, Neville gave his grandmother a look, "Gran, how could you," he scolded before chuckling? "At least I actually feel like learning what is involved with being an Earl."

Turning serious for a moment, Harry nodded in agreement before saying, "I wanted to warn you, before you met him or any of the Aunts, it seems the rumor of my father's family being so small, was false. My cousin Brian, from the secondary line of the Potters is on board. And there are multiple Potter aunt and uncles now living with me at the manor."

"My word," Augusta said in surprise. To know that his Grace was not the last Potter was comforting.

"That's great Harry, now you don't have to go back to those Muggles," Neville grinned at his friend’s good fortune. Missing his grandmother’s scowl at his words.

Looking at Kensington who had a bag in his hands, Harry scowled, "Is that more mail for me?" taking the bag he asked, "How much this time?"

"Only a few thousand this time your Grace," Kensington smiled as his words made his Grace scowl. "Most, as I skimmed them, are from universities adding to or asking to modify their proposal for research space. It seems your words to the news media was listened to and taken under advisement."

Sighing, Harry nodded and said, "I'll hand this off to the Aunts. They have come up with a system to deal with all this stuff." Turning to Neville and his grandmother he said, "Ready, Neville?" Seeing a nod, he said as he started for the ship, "Let’s get a move on then."

Dumbledore, Augusta thought darkly. He had a lot to answer for. He had assured the Wizengamot that there were no more Potters besides his Grace. But as quickly as they had been found and she assumed verified, he purposely lied. The law was clear, any magical relative was to gain custody of a magical child over any Muggle relative. She almost missed it Neville started to follow Harry back to the ship.

Seeing the strange seats as she walked through the door, Augusta looked at his Grace for clarification.

"They might look strange from what you are used too, but they are comfortable and you won't be in them long," Harry answered the unspoken question before saying as the door closed, "Please sit and relax. I need to get up front and help Brian pilot the ship. The trip should take us ten minutes or so. I'm sure Bill can answer any questions you have. Now if you will excuse me," he said with a slight bow before moving up front and taking the co-pilots seat.

"Too bad we can't just activate the portkey once out of the atmosphere anymore," Harry said to Brian as the ship rose into the air and rotated to make sure no other craft were not in the way.

"I'm glad that Major Willis mentioned that the other governments were using the satellites to try to find your base on the moon. Tracking the ship every time you left the Earth to return to Mars. Otherwise," he said as he pushed the power levers up to the halfway point and pulled back slightly on the yoke, "they would really be after you to give them working copies of the family's inventions." Seeing Harry scowling angrily he asked, "Engage the portkey on the backside of the moon?"

"Yes," Harry hissed the reply before calming down. "Kensington told me about the call from the United Nations Security Council. Demanding to be connected to me."

"Yes," Brian scowled, Father mentioned Grandmother was livid over what was said. "When several of the nations threatened to shoot your ship down, she reminded them that Great Britain was a nuclear nation and she would not hesitate to launch our missiles against the country who dared to attack you. By the way, did Dad talk to you about immigration?"

"Yes he did," Harry sighed. "In principle, I've agreed. And Aurea is pulling the requests from British Muggle born and their family's as the first ones to be allowed to move to Mars. A roll of sorts will be created and kept that anyone can access, mostly reporters I think, listing those who have been approved to immigrate by name, or if they so choose, only by country."

"Smart," Brian said as they approached the moon and he started to maneuver towards the backside, out of sight from any possible Earth based monitoring device. Once they were out of sight, he touched the portkey button and moved all the controls to charging mode as bright light flooded the ship from the hanger.

"Well done," Harry grinned at Brian before pulling the lever that controlled the door. Standing up he looked at the eager faces looking at him and said, "We're here. Welcome to the Potter Lands of Mars. You can get your first look of the red planet as soon as you step out of the ship." Walking towards the door, he was almost run over as Fred and George raced to get outside.

Ron, moving to the large window separating them from the red sand, finally turned to look back at Harry and asked, "I don't see much in the way of a Quidditch pitch mate."

Laughing, Harry shook his head no, before getting everyone’s attention, "If you will follow me, we can leave the hanger and meet the carriages that will take us to the manor." Leading the way to and through the portal, he grinned as he watched everyone’s faces as they felt the magic of the Potter Lands for the first time. He was still amused at the expression as the first time he saw the first Japanese settlers when they arrived. Though, he mused, none of this lot fell to their knees in tears of happiness. Wonder why? Making a mental note to ask Grandfather Stephan about it, he waved towards the topless carriages and Bisby who was driving the carriage.

Once everyone had climbed in the carriage, Harry climbed up near the front and sat down next to Bisby, facing the back instead of the front and said once the carriage started moving, "Ron, I know you might not be interested, but with just an hour until lunch, I thought we would take a quick tour of the manor and grounds near the greenhouses before we eat. Then you guys can hit the broom shed if you want, while I escort Neville and Dowager Longbottom through the greenhouses to give them an idea of what is in there. After supper, I can join you in flying for a bit."

As the carriage came through the trees, everyone caught sight of a huge castle. Ron looked at Harry and pointed over Harry's shoulder, sounding incredulous he said, "That is not a manor. That is a castle."

Shrugging, Harry said, "Castle, manor, they both have more rooms than one person can use." Looking over his shoulder his sigh could be heard, "In this case, I use most of the rooms in there."

"Good Morning Neville, Bill," Harry said as walked into the dining room for breakfast. Smiling at Bill he said, "I would have asked where Ron and the twins were, but I saw them zipping around the back garden on my way down." As his breakfast appeared in front of him he said, "Thank you Dilly." Looking at Neville, who had paused in eating to look at him he chuckled, "Dilly is the head of the Little Ones, he insists it is part of his duties to serve my meals to me, unless we are having a meal that is served home style, in large bowls or platters." Seeing Neville nod he asked, "Is your grandmother running late, or has she eaten already?"

"She noticed Master Shiroshi and his students coming out of the greenhouse," Neville said as he put his fork down so he could talk. "We had tried to make arrangements to start buying some of his harvests a year ago, with no luck." Seeing Harry's questioning look, he told him, "The Longbottom's, on the magical side of things, are one of the largest importers of magical plants and plant products for potions in Britain."

"I don't think Master Shiroshi is going to have an excess to sell for a bit," Harry said out loud what Neville probably already knew.

"There is one certain ingredient Gran was looking for," Neville said softly, before gathering his courage and telling Harry, "My parents are in the long-term care ward of St. Mungo's. The Blood Moss we are trying to buy, is only grown in Japan, deep in the mountains. One of the old texts the healers who are taking care of my parents uncovered, had a potion that could help return them to their minds, but we still have two ingredients to track down. I think that is why she jumped at a chance to come here and teach your house elves how to take care of the greenhouses. When you mentioned you have plants long thought lost, she was hoping to find the ingredients needed to cure my parents."

"I see," Harry said as he glanced up at the clock, "before I head to my first lesson of the day and you join your grandmother, how is the search going for finding heirs to the lost noble lines?"

"We might have found an heir for the Tamworth family, the Count of Chadwick," Neville said as he used his napkin to wipe his mouth, before putting it on his plate, signaling he was done, which caused it to disappear. "The problem is, the obvious line died out near fifty years ago. So the non-magical lands have been sold off or taken back by the crown. And the magical lands and vaults, the ministry ransacked and took too. So if we install a new Head of family, it will be to an empty title."

Frowning, Harry thought out loud, "There should be records somewhere of what was taken or should have been part of the estate." Looking at Bill he asked, "Bill, did the cruse breaking teams retrieve all the Gringotts’ records?"

"We did your Grace," Bill nodded as he pulled a small notepad out of his pocket. He had seen how Harry carried around small spiral-bound notepad, to keep important information on hand and copied him, "We, last week, finished up retrieving everything, from vaults to Goblin homes. Any old vaults that had nothing but money in them were recorded and deposited in one vault." Looking at Neville he told him, "IF you can give me a vault number or even the last head of the line, I can at least check the records to see what if anything was left in their family’s vault. I can even check with Desirae, she cataloged all books and belongings the Goblins had hoarded that belonged to Wizards. Most of them had names attached to them."

"It sounds like there may be money and heirlooms, Neville." Harry said as he stood up, he was going to be late for his lesson. "I'll get with Sarah or Steven and see if there is a certain amount of money that comes with a crown bestowed title. I can use the main funds reclaimed from the Goblins to fund an amount of what should have been given today to a new title. As far as lands, they will have to buy them back themselves. Now I'm late for my lesson and need to rush, I'll see all of you at lunch."

Watching Bill flip through his notebook, Neville asked when he noticed Bill had stopped a certain page, "Did you find something?"

Looking at Neville he told him, "This notebook is linked to the others that my team carry. I found mention of the Tamworth vault, vault four hundred and seven. Inside was five thousand galleons and heirlooms that were placed in crates seventeen eleven through seventeen nineteen. Dan, one of my team members who is good at researching and matching old records, found that the last recorded count of the vault was twelve thousand Galleons, four hundred Sickles and nine hundred and ninety Knuts. While not super rich, the new heir will be well off to a good start."

"That," Neville paused as a smile crossed his face, "is extremely helpful. Wait here, I'm going to run back to my room to get my notes. Maybe you can find out if the other families had a vault and how much is left for them when we find a new heir."

"Master Shiroshi," Augusta spoke up as soon as she was at a dignified distance so she would not have to raise her voice.

Looking up from his clipboard, Shiroshi said in English, "Yes. May this one help you?"

"I was hoping I could convince you to sell a small amount of processed Blood Moss for a potion to help my son and his wife," Augusta said firmly and to the point.

"Ah, Dowager Augusta Longbottom," Shiroshi bowed slightly after he identified the woman. "The first try at the potion did not work then?"

"First, time?" Augusta asked slowly, before saying, "To my knowledge, the potion has not been attempted yet. I need to procure the blood moss and root from the tenticular brain plant."

"This is troubling," Shiroshi said as he looked at the woman and saw only truth in her face. "I sent both ingredients to St. Mungo's soon after receiving your request last year." Looking over his shoulder he barked out, "Aki," he raised his voice as he spotted his journeyman apprentice.

Rushing to his master's side, Aki bowed low and said, "How may this one serve Master."

"You delivered the ingredients to St. Mungo's last year," Shiroshi stated a fact before asking, "Who did you hand them to?"

Standing up and looking Master Shiroshi in the eye, so he could gage the truthfulness of his answer, he said, "I handed the ingredients to Healer Michaelson. The British Minister, Cornelius Fudge thanked me personally for delivering the needed ingredients to heal, who he called, Hero's." Looking scared as he glanced at the woman he asked, "Did I do wrong?"

Waving Aki away, Shiroshi said, "No, we just wished conformation on you received the ingredients." Seeing the anger cross the woman’s face he held up a hand telling Aki to hold. As he made a statement, "I assume, correctly, no, that the ingredients did not in fact go to where they were intended."

"No," Augusta hissed out in anger. Mumbling she growled out, "If Fudge had not already died from Harry ripping his magic from him after he attempted to kill his Grace, I would kill the bastard."

Stilling, Shiroshi very aware of his Grace’s first name, stood up fully and leaned forward as he stared intently at the woman. His magic pinging at what he heard he barked out, "AKI, go to Kenchi at Miroshi village, have him gather the clan heads. Someone dared to make an attempt on the Emperor."

"Hai," Aki said as he Apparated towards the Stonehenge portals.

Waving his wand, Shiroshi conjured a bench and table, and said forcefully, "Sit, sit and tell story of attempt on Emperor's life by dead Minister."

Staring at Master Shiroshi, Augusta hid her shock well at finding out his Grace had become the Emperor of the Japanese Magicals. Nodding her head, she sat down and smoothed her skirts, "Should I start at when Fudge's undersecretary brought Dementor's into the Wizengamot chambers and ordered them to Kiss his Grace, or when Fudge, ordered his Grace taken into custody to be dealt with?"

Apoplectic with rage, Shiroshi ground out, "Start at beginning, yes. The Samurai must know who to go after to protect the Emperor."





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