Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter   01

  “And the bronze colored ones are Knuts, there are twenty nine Knuts to a Sickle,” Harry heard Hagrid tell him. Looking around the vault at the sheer wealth, he spotted a row of bags hanging off a hook near and over from the door. Walking past the piles of coins to the hooks, the closer he got to the wall the more an envelope faded into sight. Seeing his name written on it, he glanced over his shoulder towards the door to make sure he was not being seen before he grabbed it.

To our son Harry, the envelope said in neat script.

Slipping the note out from inside, he read the contents and frowned.

Harry, if you are reading this we have been betrayed by all sides in this war.

How do we know this, we left two letters for you, each charmed to appear under certain conditions. And both your godparents knew to step foot inside the vault with you and would have explained this as they raised you.

If neither Sirius Black, your godfather or one from the list in your mothers will has raised you, then you would have entered the vault alone and this letter you now hold would have appeared.

Which brings me back to the opening line we wrote in the letter, we and you have been betrayed.

Inside this pouch is an amulet, it looks like an old fashioned watch. Put it on and place it under your shirt, it will protect you from having your mind read or controlled.

We are very rich and while not titled, as Potter’s could care less about matters of nobility, we do accumulate wealth, knowledge and objects that if the world knew we had them they would do anything, kill anyone, to control us to get their hands on them.

I bet you just looked around your allowance vault and went, ‘what’? Didn’t you. Like I said this a trust or allowance vault. You will find our main vault on the island, where you will find talking portraits of us in the house. We would have downloaded copies of our memories into these portraits once week, so depending on when we were killed will depend on how out of date our portrait memories are.

Now, since you are here to buy your Hogwarts supplies, take three handfuls of the gold coins, and one of each of the others. This will ensure you have enough money for what you are about to buy. Inside the pouch is a list, a list of items that you will need to buy above and beyond what is on your Hogwarts letter.

Once you have done so, and the representative of Hogwarts has left you, use the amulet to travel to the island. To do so all you need to do open the watch cover and pull it sideways, from the hinge side until it clicks, doing so will cause the cover to grow larger and become a doorway. All you will need to do is to step through and pull the back of the watch as if you were closing a door and it will close the portal and return to its normal size.

We look forward to seeing you once you enter the house and travel to the living room where we hang on the wall.

Your Loving Father and Mother

James Ignatius Potter

Lilly Jean Potter

Grabbing the pouch from the hook, Harry quickly took the amulet out and placed it around his neck and stuffed it under his shirt. Finding the list inside the bag he grabbed what his dad told him to and quickly rushed out of the vault. Nodding to the Goblin as he walked out of the vault and over to the cart. Climbing in he answered Hagrid's question on what took so long by saying, “The bag did not want to come off the hook, as it had gotten tangled, so it took a bit to untangle it from the others.”

Nodding at the answer, Hagrid let it be as he felt his head swim as the cart started up again. Stumbling in the sunlight he did not notice the sideways glance that young Harry gave him.

Not having smelled alcohol on Hagrid's breath, Harry glanced sideways up at him and saw the tinge of green, so he must have issues with height or the fast speeds Harry thought, as he glanced down at his list and saw the quick note to buy his supplies in a certain order starting with the trunk. “Are you alright Hagrid?” he asked as he noticed Hagrid stumble. He was beginning to think he had a problem with his ears, being so off balance after what amounted to a roller coaster ride.

“Gringotts carts and me don’t rightly get along,” Hagrid admitted as he tried not to stumble down the stairs.

“Why don’t I get my trunk and meet you at the robe shop in a bit, Harry offered with a grin. “That will give you time to get something to regain your balance. Though you might want to go to someone and have your ears checked. I knew someone at school who acted like you do after they moved too fast. The doctors found out it was something wrong in their ears.”

“Thank you Harry,” Hagrid smiled lightly as it sunk in he said, “Ears huh, something wrong with the ears can cause this?” seeing the nod he harrumphed to himself, “Will wonders never cease,” he mumbled as he started for the Leaky Cauldron and something to calm his nerves.

As Hagrid left him behind, Harry quickly made for the shop that had all kinds of trunks in the window.

Having practically run around the alley to get the things on both lists before Hagrid got back, Harry slowed down as he entered the bookstore and glanced at his list. His parents had written, by taking turns if the handwriting was any indication, what to buy where. And they both told him to ignore the book list and pick up the six books they listed. Following the directions, he went to the second floor and down the aisles to where the note said he could find the books.

Walking out of the bookstore, patting his new belt, which had sucked his shrunken books into it when they touched the one of the compartments on the belt, after they had been shrunk down the clerk, Harry smiled in greeting as Hagrid spotted him. Waiting off to one side for Hagrid to join him he said, “I have two things left to get Hagrid,” he said when Hagrid stopped near him, “my wand and…”

“A pet,” Hagrid beamed before saying, “Why don’t I get you a right good pet while you get your wand.”

“Hagrid,” Harry said carefully, “The Dursley’s will not allow me to get a pet,” waiting for Hagrid to finish telling him he would talk to them he told him, “Hagrid, the last time I had a pet, they made sure I watched as they killed it in front of me, I will not allow anyone to buy or give me an animal so the Dursley's can kill it. I don’t care how many times you talk to them. Unless you plan on staying with me until it is time to go to Hogwarts, no pets.”

“They’d, really do that?” Hagrid asked in a small voice as he paled.

Nodding, Harry told him, “They would and have. And the one time Dudley got a pet and I dared touch it, they made sure it was killed too. So no pet.”

“I’ll wait here for ya Harry,” Hagrid said in a depressed voice. To have Harry’s relatives, his family go so far as to kill an innocent animal. Well, that was not right, it was.

Walking inside and staring at the spot both his mother and father warned him Ollivander liked to hide so he could appear all mysterious, he kept from grinning as the man slunk out of the shadows with a pout on his face.

“Mr. Potter, I expected to see you,” Ollivander said to try to bring back the mystery surrounding him as he gazed at the student. About to expand on the mystery of his craft he frowned when he was offered a slip of parchment. Taking it he read the words slowly as his frown deepened, “What you ask for,” he said slowly as he glanced around the shop to make sure no one was eavesdropping, “is not done. I can sell you a wand, but what is on this slip, I just…”

Interrupting the wand maker, Harry told him, “You are under a vow Mr. Ollivander and while I have no idea what will happen if I follow my dads order, I will, because both my mother and father wrote a note telling me not to buy anything but what was on that slip I handed you. It is bad enough I followed my dads order and ripped pieces of the list off to hand to shop keepers, as that is the first time I have seen his or my mothers writing, but if I followed his order to something that is more precious than gold to me, what makes you think I won’t follow through on his orders for the rest?”

Staring at the Potter boy, Garrick felt uneasy. The boy was supposed to have been raised in the Muggle world by a loving family, but the aura he gave off said differently. “I must, by ministry decree sell you a wand, Mr. Potter. How do you plan to get around that?”

“Do you make training wands? Wands without a core or charms and spells placed on them, so students can learn proper wand movements without issue?” Harry asked his questions as he stared at the old man who shook his head no.

“Sadly, I am prohibited from doing so,” Garrick said as he handed the slip of parchment back over.

Angry, Harry, who had been trained how to hide his emotions by the Dursley’s told him, “I will not speak out loud of what you just did to your vow. Because if I did, we both know what will happen. If anyone asks,” he said as he started for the door, “You were unable to sell me a wand and nothing further, or I will say out loud what you have done, consequences be damned.”

Ollivander hung his head in shame as he watched the Potter boy walk out of his shop. Damn the ministry and damn Dumbledore he thought as he shuffled back to his workroom.

“Got your wand then Harry,” Hagrid said as he stood up when Harry walked out of Ollivander’s.

Not about to tell Hagrid no, after the man told him Ollivander's was the best and only place he considered a wand could be bought, Harry told him, “I have one last stop, which won’t take but a few moments,” as he pointed across the lane to the shop and quickly moved away before Hagrid could stop him.

Five minutes later, Hagrid met Harry outside the shop and not feeling like talking much, escorted Harry out of Diagon Alley and onto Charring Cross road. Once outside the leaky cauldron he handed over the train ticket and told Harry, “The train leaves platform nine and three quarters at eleven in the morning on September first. That be your ticket, so best not be losing it.”

Looking down at the ticket in confusion, Harry opened up the ticket and as he glanced at it he could not find where the train left from, the platform or how to get onto it, nothing truly important. Just a glistening piece of paper stating it was a ticket for the Hogwarts express. Looking back up he started to ask, “Hagrid, where does the train leave…” trailing off as he looked around, he saw Hagrid was gone. He did not even tell him anything important and he dared leave him all alone in with no idea of where he was or how to get home, that is if he was going home. If he knew this was going to happen, he would not have rushed around the alley earlier.

Glancing around and spotting a dingy alley not to far away, he made his way over and winced as the smell of rotting garbage assaulted his nose. Far enough inside to not be seen, he pulled the amulet out from under his shirt and held it in front of him and did as his parents note told him. He opened the front case and pulled sideways towards the hinge. He smiled as the glass suddenly started to grow until it was large enough to step through and an image of a tropical island appeared in the glass. Holding the back of the amulet, he did as told and stepped over the edge of the frame and the fact of walking through the frame caused his hand to close the door as he brought his hand over the edge.

Blinking as he stared at the closed amulet in his hand, Harry was drawn out of his thoughts by the sounds around him. Looking up and then around he found himself on a gazebo terrace overlooking the ocean. Moving around the gazebo, he stopped to gaze for several minutes at the breathtaking view of the ocean before continuing on. As he reached the back of the gazebo he spotted stairs leading up. Walking out onto the landing he saw the huge mansion style house above him.

Climbing the steps, Harry walked around the outside, looking in the windows every now and then and spotted what looked like the living room. Trying the door handle he found it was open and then sneezed as he walked in, the air was stale and smelt dusty. Leaving the doors open he moved around the room and opened windows and doors to the balcony to let fresh air in. Once it smelt a little better he looked at the two pictures over a table with some strange stone bowl on it. Moving closer to the pictures, he noticed right away the name plaques under the paintings. These portraits were of his mother and father. But didn’t the letter tell him they would be able to speak to him. As he got close enough to touch the table the painting of his dad moved.

Waking up, and looking at the portrait of his wife, James glanced down and saw his son. And by the looks of things no one on the list they provided raised their son. “Harry,” he said in hunger as he looked at his child. “I don’t have a lot of time,” he said as he hid his wince at seeing the hurt in his son’s face, “the portrait was damaged as I was downloading an update of my memories during the attack that killed us. So until you learn how to fix the portrait in the cottage, I will have to sleep, so that we don’t fail utterly. As much as I want to find out how things went wrong and why you are wearing what amounts to rags, I don’t dare take the time. This bowl bellow me, is called a pensieve. The rack behind it contains memories of what I would have taught you growing up. It is from my perspective as I was the one being taught by my father. Start at the top left hand corner and move down the rack, don’t spend to much time in the memories as you will forget to eat and sleep and that would be harmful.” Seeing his son nod he smiled, “The middle drawer of the table contains a book, I wrote down everything I thought you needed to know first. I wrote it as if you found yourself surrounded by enemies on all sides, which I am pretty sure is true looking at you. Your mum and I love you so much, and I need to stop taking magic lest I collapse the magic in the portraits forever. So I am sorry my son, I desperately wish I was not leaving you to the wolves, but I must sleep.” With that the portrait went still.

Tears running down his face, Harry reached out and opened the drawer and pulled the book out. Along with the book, there was a small wooden case and he pulled it out to. Opening the lid he saw the item he was denied by Ollivander. Slipping the five rings onto his fingers and thumb, he snapped the cuff around his wrist. Picking up the book, he turned and walked into the house to explore, he would bond with the focus later, after he unpacked and had a meal.


Ten days had passed since arriving at the island house and Harry had done little but eat, sleep and work around the grounds during the day, he would watch two memories before going to bed, which seemed to work best in being able to remember everything and read the book his dad left him. But he had realized early on that the island was sadly lacking in things that would be needed so he could live there full time, after all, he could not eat magic, at least he did not think he could.

Standing up and wiping the sweat off his brow, Harry gazed around the side yard which was the last to be tamed. Even with the assist of magic here and there, it had been hard work, mainly because he did not know much magic at the moment. Imagining the pile of weeds and plants he pulled out of the raised beds floating, he walked them to the area he had decided to build his compost pile in. Looking back he saw row after row of raised beds all neatly mowed around and ready to be planted. Now if he only had the plants to plant he thought. What he needed, besides a trip to Surrey and the plant nursery, he was made to go to all the time to keep those peoples yard in top shape, was one of his family’s house elves. Sadly when he went to the property book, he found deceased next to their name and killed by spell, cast by Severus Snape. He also noticed several items in the possession of one Albus Dumbledore. From reading his parents plans and journals they had written for him, he was not sure they knew where to place Dumbledore, in the category of ally or enemy. But he thought he knew enough to place him and not where one Albus Dumbledore hoped he would.

Being the only one on the island, he pretty quickly decided there was no reason to wear clothes because frankly he could not find a way to wash them. So heading to the outside shower next to the pool, he quickly washed thoroughly before slipping into the pool to practice his swimming, he was starting to get better at swimming. Four laps later, hanging off the side to gaze across the ocean, he thought what he needed to do. Seeds would still be available he thought, as late as it was, they probably would be on sale. Being in the tropics, he could plant the seeds and in a few weeks to several months he could start to harvest the vegetables.

Half swimming, half walking to the other side of the pool, near the steps, Harry stared at the fruit orchard that started just past the raised beds. Until he learned how to properly prune the trees he dared not tame their wild habitats, he did not want them to die after all. Walking up the steps slowly, he slipped into the sandals he found inside and decided a walk down to the gazebo and back would dry him off so he could go in and eat lunch, afterwards he would get dressed and use the mirror to buy what he needed from the nursery.

As he pulled the leftovers out of the cold room, Harry hovered his hand over the plate of food and concentrated on it being the perfect temperature to eat and was rewarded as the plate was enveloped in a red glow. Once the glow disappeared he picked up his fork and started eating. Glancing between bites to the ugly cabinet he bought at the store that sold camping supplies and household items, he saw that half of the glowing jewel like buttons on the top had gone dark. He had gone through half his food supply. But his dads book had told him how important it was to eat as much and as healthy as he could to help his magic fix his problems, so he added a trip to the grocery store to his planned outing today.

Dressed and standing in front of the mirror, Harry went over the instructions for operating the controls one more time, before turning the device on. Grinning as he found himself looking out of the mirror at the alley near the Leaky Cauldron, he placed both hand near the surface and acting as if he was grabbing a rod he pulled them back and was rewarded as the image zoomed out. Laughing as it worked, he placed his hand near the mirror’s surface and this time moved his right hand as if following a road on the map. As his finger reached the top of the mirror, or at least as far as he could reach, he opened all of his fingers and made a motion as if he had grabbed the map and pulled it down, thus exposing a new area. Spotting what looked like a grocers he zoomed in and smiled as he found the perfect place to appear at. Making sure his magical vest was snapped tight, he walked through the mirror and grinned as he felt the colder air greet him.

First trolley full to overflowing, after paying for it with money, his mother must have left in the vault, he casually wheeled it around the corner to the alley where he had appeared and quickly pulled his amulet out and floated his purchases over the edge and into the center of the gazebo before closing the locket and twisting one of the buttons on his vest, changing his appearance so he could go back for another load. His fifth and now sixth trip through the store being heavy on meats, Harry grabbed the last bag and stepped through the edge of the window his amulet created. Staring at the number of bags waiting for him he rearranged them into smaller piles so he could float them up to the kitchen. Floating the meats first, he walked behind the bags as they floated up the stairs. Walking them into the cold room, he moved to the cupboards that his moms instructions told him were freezers. Quickly separating the meats by type he had them in the freezer and on his way back for the rest of the grocery's.

Looking at the pantry, that was not even a fourth filled, Harry folded the last of the paper sacks he had almost had to demand they pack his purchases in instead of the plastic and placed them to one side, he would take them to the compost pile later. Right now he had some seeds to buy, after a quick trip to the vault to pick up some more cash.

“What is that,” Harry mumbled to himself as he spotted a building with the side lot full of plants and trees in neat rows in the lower corner. Manipulating the mirror he smiled as he saw the sign for the garden center, he would not have to go near Surrey and possibly be recognized. Activating the last of the buttons that would change his appearance, at least until they were recharged, Harry strode through the mirror to the out of way place he had found. Walking around to the front of the garden center he almost shivered in delight as his eyes shone as he spotted everything he needed, and most of it was on sale. Rubbing his hands together as he nodded in delight we went up and down the aisles.

“That is a lot of gardening implements,” a clerk said as she spotted the overly full trolley and the frowning man who was looking at it.

“Ive just moved you see,” Harry said carefully like any adult would. “So I need to replace with new, what I had to leave behind.” Seeing the clerk smiling at him he said, “Though, the large glass house that was included with the property was a very nice selling point. Sadly though, it is empty, but I do see you have a sale on seeds, so I plan to stock up. And,” he pointed to the area with books, “I also feel the pull from the books.”

“Tell you what,” the clerk grinned, “I’ll take this up to the side of the cashiers and you head to the books, I’ll pop around with a new trolley and meet you there.”

“Thank you,” Harry smiled at the woman as she walked away. Moving over to the books, he was glad he had restocked his cash supply, he was going to be buying a lot of books it looked like. Especially the ones on what to do with the harvest.

Two more carts later, Harry paid the bill and sighed unseen in relief, while the total was a hefty amount, he had just enough money with him. Using his imagination of what he wanted the clerk to see, he waved his hand at her and she smiled as she thought she was helping load his purchases into the van and thanked her as she walked away with the three trolleys pushed into each other. Stepping through and closing the window behind him, Harry took a moment to look at all he bought with a grin.


Twenty five days since coming to the island and two days until he had to go to Hogwarts, if he was going, Harry threw a robe over his naked body and sat behind the desk and pulled the mirror over. Tapping the activation array, he waited as the mirror cleared to show a very dusty and empty office. As the chime from the other side got louder he frowned, just where was his family’s lawyer? Besides the chime, the ring he was supposed to wear should have vibrated.

Rebecca hearing a chiming from her fathers office through the wall went to investigate. Leaving her office and opening her fathers office she heard and found the sound coming from the mirror her father told her was what he used to contact James Potter. A quick cleaning charm later she was sitting behind the desk and touched the mirror and was shocked to see a young lad staring at her. Seeing the tell tale scar she cleared her throat she said, “Mr. Potter. I never thought I would see or hear from you.”

“Why is that?” Harry asked as he tilted his head. His dads book described Mr. Tibold as being elderly, so this must be his replacement.

“Because Mr. Potter, you, through your guardian dismissed my father as being your representative,” Rebecca let some heat color her voice at the scandal that caused.

“I did no such thing,” Harry said with a frown. “Until twenty five days ago when I escaped slavery, I did not even know about the magical world. So I could not have dismissed your father from the position. Secondly,” as he saw he shocked her, “I would not have done so as my father wrote he trusted your father. And from what I have come to find out, those that can be trusted are few and far between, so to dismiss one would be fool hardy.”

“But the letter carried your blood,” Rebecca told him in confusion.

“Considering those who enslaved me took delight in seeing how much damage I could take so my magic would heal me, there would have been plenty of blood around,” Harry told her in anger. “I am stating clearly that I did not dismiss your father or firm from representing me or my family.”

“But Dad handed over the ring when it was demanded and backed up by a Wizengamot decree,” Rebecca shook her head, truly confused.

“Rebecca if you would,” Grady told his daughter as he stepped into an office he had not stepped foot inside in in almost ten years. Sitting down, he stared at the image before saying, “Mr. Potter, I am Grady Tibold, you fathers lawyer.” Tapping his forefingers of his clasped hands together he said, “There is an easy way to test whether I was illegally dismissed from service.” Seeing the lad nod he held his right hand where it could be seen in the mirror and said, “I Grady Tibold, bound by vow to the Potters, recall the symbol of my office to grace my hand. Do you Harry James Potter, affirm my right to wear your symbol?”

“I do,” Harry said through narrowed eyes as he saw the ring appear around the mans finger.

“So it would seem I was lied too and Magic never acknowledged the change in guardianship over you,” Grady kept his voice calm, yet on the inside he was growling in anger. “Now that I am empowered once again to act in your behalf, what may I do for you?”

“I find myself surrounded by more enemies than my father wrote down,” Harry muttered as he took in the mans appearance. “I need to meet with you and your daughter, if she acts on your behalf,” he finally said. “And now that I have escaped to a place my parents wanted to raise me, I don’t want to let unknown people, no matter how trustworthy my father wrote they were into my safe haven.”

Looking at her father and coming up with a wonderful way of giving all those detractors a bloody nose she spoke up loud enough to be heard, “What if we met you at the Hogwarts Express and rode the train with you. We would have almost seven hours to go over your wishes. It will also give us two days to try to unravel your legal matters.”

“That will work,” Harry nodded slowly as he liked the idea. He would have trusted adult support once they renewed their vow on the ride to Hogwarts. “I would say I would see you at the platform, but Hagrid, who took me shopping after rescuing me, never did tell me where to catch the train or how to recognize and enter platform nine and three quarters.”

“He didn’t?” Rebecca asked as it sunk in as her father told their client.

“Rubeus Hagrid is not qualified or legally allowed to do intakes and escort you to Diagon Alley or to introduce anyone to the Wizarding World,” Grady said through clenched teeth, though he kept his tone even. “Platform nine and three quarters is located behind the wall between platform nine and ten at Kings Cross Station in London. Are you able to find Kings Cross?”

“I can,” Harry said with a nod.

“Then may I suggest we meet at Nine thirty, my daughter and I will reserve a compartment in the first carriage so we may meet undisturbed,” Grady told him. “I shall meet you outside the barrier and escort you through. Once we are on the platform, Rebecca and I will renew the vows of service to you, so you know you are in safe company.”

Reaching for the symbol that turned the mirror off, Harry said, “That will work for me. I will see you in two days.” Touching the symbol and seeing the mirror go blank before showing his image, he moved away from the desk and removed the robe. Stretching, as he felt free of the overly confining and way to warm clothes he walked out of the office, he had preparations to make. Pausing, he added, that and he needed to buy the lumber to build the chicken house he needed to build.




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