Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter  6

“Mr. Potter, Harry, can we talk,” Draco said as he walked up to the person he needed to apologize to.

Turning and seeing Draco dressed in dress robes and being formal, Harry nodded as he moved his hand down his body, changing into the richest formal robes he could think of. “Do you wish to converse in the open but private or in privacy?”

“Open but private if you would,” Draco said as his eyes popped out at seeing Harry transform into a regal noble before his very eyes.

Smiling, pleased that he could pull off the Ming the Destroyer look, Harry gestured to the area outside the great hall. Moving to the large open space between the two sets of doors, one to the great hall the other to outside the castle, he felt like showing off, so created two chairs, one more throne like than the other and a small table between them. Taking the large chair and twirling his finger around while thinking of a barrier being formed that was visible but transparent that would not let sound out or people in, he sat back and told Draco, “I think everyone will soon know we are talking, but not what about,” he chuckled at the end.

Trying not to show surprise, but failing, Draco took a small container out of the folds of his robes and placed it on the table, tapping it with his wand, it resized to show a small tray of nibbles his mom had given him under a stasis spell. He did not even have to use the finite spell, the tray had been charmed to return to normal with the touch of a wand. “I notice you always check the food before eating and several dishes glowing orange, which I assume means something, as you never eat them, I will not take offense if you check the nibbles.”

Doing so Harry smiled when nothing glowed, tapping the table, causing it to grow ever so much smaller, not enough to be noticed he concentrated on creating the fanciest bejeweled goblets he could remember seeing. After the two goblets formed he pulled a flask from his belt and poured the juice into the goblets, “This juice blend is from my orchard, I hope you like it.”

Learning back in his chair as he picked up and made a show of nibbling on the nibbles and drinking out of the goblet, Harry without moving his lips much, said in amusement, “Do you think they are impressed enough?”

“I’m impressed enough,” Draco whispered behind his goblet. “But if you look through the doors, most of students at the Slytherin and Ravenclaw tables are watching us.” Taking a sip from his goblet he said, “This juice is very good and goes with the lobster so well.” Turning slightly after placing his goblet on the table he said, “I must apologize for my rudeness while on the train. For a moment I channeled my fathers arrogance as mother calls it, and forgot what she had drilled into me as I grew up, for that I am truly sorry, cousin.” Pulling out an envelope he handed it over and relaxed when it was accepted.

“I understand and accept your apology, Draco,” Harry said the required words as he took the envelope. Raising one eyebrow he wondered what gift could be in a letter, not that he needed or expected a gift mind you. Running his finger along the seal while thinking of vibration if any thing harmful was detected, he was about to open the envelope when he noticed a red head storming their way. Using the envelope as a pointer he said, “I dare say, he looks put out over something. He’s a Weasley isn’t he?”

Tilting his head, Draco felt a vicious thrill run through him and opened his mouth and closed it quickly. Remembering the lecture his mother had given him when she dropped off his dress robes and tray of nibbles, instead he said, “I believe Ron is not pleased that I am sitting with you.” Picking up the goblet, he hid his smile as he took a sip of the juice as Ron grew angrier at spotting the goblet he was drinking out of.

“The whole slimy Slytherin thing,” Harry sighed as he ignored the red head pounding on the barrier. Pulling the slip of parchment out of the envelope he smiled. It was directions on where to go to be able to be directed to getting replacement house elves. Evidently it was a secret passed down in the oldest of houses. “Thank you Draco, your gift is both thoughtful and welcome.” Seeing him slump with a sigh of relief he touched the envelope to his belt compartment and felt it be sucked inside as it was grabbed from his fingers.

“Ah, two more of the ginger breed,” Harry said almost giggling as the two twins went to their brother and told him off. “At lest these two try to be amusing, though sadly, as self proclaimed pranksters, I find them plebeian.” Not able to hold onto the ultra snobby attitude he broke down laughing, though he kept upright and tried to hide it behind his goblet.

“Oh my,” Draco said in between his laughter, he had spotted one of the twins grabbing Ron’s ear and dragging him away by it. When the other twin bowed with his arms going out, he raised his goblet in a toast and nodded with a smile. “I meant to ask,” he said as he shifted slightly so he could look at Harry easily, “where do you spend your time? I never see you outside class or at meals.”

“Every spare minute I have, I spend it at home,” Harry told him as he refilled his goblet. Offering and refiling Draco’s goblet with juice when he nodded, he sat back and told him, “the juice we are drinking is from a blend of fruits from a section of the orchard I recently reclaimed. With the murder of my families house elves, some parts of the estate went wild and it has been hard but rewarding work taming them. There is something empowering of looking back at a hard days work and knowing that ‘I did that’. Of course after a hard days work, sitting on the terrace as I watch the sun set over the ocean is unbelievable too.”

“I don’t remember hearing of any of the Potter properties being on the coast,” Draco said with a frown of confusion, “Isn’t the terrace this time of the year too cold?”

“My home is on a tropical island,” Harry smiled as once again Draco’s eyes bugged out. “Evidently from what Grady, my senior Law Wizard said from when he visited, there are five islands that I own under the barrier dome to keep them hidden from the outside world. I have a few more chores to get out of the way before I am ready to invite select individuals for a weekend visit. The nibbles were delicious Draco,” he said as he tapped his finger on the tray and made it shrink with a thought. Draining the last of his juice he touched the goblets base to his belt to be stored as the belt sucked it inside the compartment. Standing up he told Draco, “Keep the Goblet, as a reminder of this meeting.” Waving his hand after Draco stood, both the chairs and table dissolved into sparkles leaving a pile of dust behind.

“Conjuration does not leave anything behind when it is canceled or fades out,” Draco said as he stared at the pile of dust that quickly formed into a ball before flashing away.

“That wasn’t conjuration or transfiguration,” Harry said as he changed out of his flashy robes with another wave, “It was transmutation. And what I do, unless I cancel it in a certain way, is permanent. So no worries, your goblet will last as long as you do. Now if you will excuse me,” he tilted his head at the blond, “I have an errand to run.” Grinning as he walked away, leaving behind a flustered blond, he started down the hall only to pass the twin red heads hovering over something.

Going down one floor, he found the portrait with a bowl fruit on it and pulled the letter out of his vest pocket to read once again. Tickling the pear of all things, he smiled as the pear turned into a door handle. Opening the door and walking down the steps, he soon found himself in the kitchen. Ignoring the squeals of delight, at a young master as the house elves called students, entering the room, he found the table in the far corner and took a seat. Double checking the instructions on the parchment, he looked around and locked eyes with an old looking house elf who was starring t him from the corner, “I am Harry James Potter. My families house elves were murdered before I was born and I seek knowledge on replacing them. My mansion is large and the islands I live on more than a single person can take care of and I seek how to give a home to needy house elves that wish a family.”

Moving off his stool, the elderly house elf walked slowly over to the young master who was asking to bond with his kind. “Young Master seeks house elves to bond to his family? Young master is being young master, where is old master, young masters father?”

“Dead,” Harry said sadly, “My parents were killed by a dark lord during the war. I am just now rejoining the magical world and have a choice, either learn magic or take care of my home. I don’t seem to be able to do both, not with the amount of work that has to be done to fix nine years of neglect.”

After watching the old elf stare at him, tilting his head this way and that, Harry slid off the bench seat and pulled his amulet out and opened the doorway to the house elves shock, “If you are able to help, I would appreciate it.” Stepping though the window he disappeared with a click of a door closing. Quickly going to his island attire, which was bare skin, he stretched and sighed in relief. A quick swim and then he had some more work in the orchards to do.

“George,” Fred whispered from where they were spying on Harry from the steps, “I think it is time to introduce ourselves to the mystery that is Harry Potter.”

“And warn him about Ron,” George pointed out, “I just don’t get where the evil Slytherin idea came from, that is not how we were raised. I doubt he ever gets his wish of being friends with Harry.”

“You did notice how they took tea in the entry, was as family,” George pointed out as he turned to follow Fred up the stairs. “That alone is not going to go over well with Ron. Not that he bothered to learn any of our traditions.”

“I don’t foresee calm or quiet times brother dear,” Fred said as he checked the map before entering the hallway.

“Dad,” George said firmly as he closed the portrait door behind them, “Dad needs to be informed and we can let him handle it. What I want to know, is why Harry looks mildly amused when he sees us?”

“Good question brother mine,” Fred said as he walked next to his brother, if they hurried they had enough time to get their books before class.


“Law Wizard Tibold,” Albus greeted the man with pleasantries instead of growling out like he wanted to, “May I ask why you are gracing our fine school today?”

“Cut the bullshite Dumbledore,” Grady snapped out. “I am picking up my client for a lunch meeting. At the conclusion and upon dropping him off back at the castle, I will be collecting all properties that are in your possession that belong to or came from the Potter family. If they are not here and ready for me, I will summon a demon and have the castle searched stone by stone until all the property is found. I will not be ignored any longer,” he told the headmaster darkly.

“Tsk, Tsk, what would your client think of you placing the students in danger like that,” Albus said as he narrowed his eyes in contempt.

“I would say it is about time,” Harry said as he walked out of the castle and nodded in greeting at Grady. “It is my property, it belongs to my family and to have you continually push off returning it; I have to wonder what the press would say. And headmaster,” he said before the headmaster could walk away, “The wards you placed around my parents vacation cottage, they best be removed by this afternoon, so I can get inside and retrieve my families belongings. I am tired of living under a death sentence.”

Paling, Albus almost stuttered as he asked, “Death Sentence? I’m sure you will have a long and healthy life ahead of you my…Mr. Potter,” he changed as the Law Wizard’s black aura became visible with his anger.

“Until I can release the killing curse in stasis in the rune trap on my forehead, I doubt that headmaster. And until I can gain access to the cottage to retrieve the device my mum created to do that, then no,” Harry glared at the headmaster, “I can not plan on a long and healthy life.”

“Lilly found a way to block the un-blockable killing curse,” Albus whispered in shock.

“I’m here aren’t I,” Harry said flippantly. “I expect the wards to be gone in two hours time headmaster, if not I will let the Law Wizards do to you what they will. I am tired of hearing of a man in your position trying to not return stolen property.”

Smirking as his eyes flashed evilly, Grady said as he placed a hand on Harry’s shoulder to nudge him, “Come Mr. Potter, we have a lovely lunch waiting for us. The rest of the Law Wizarding team have organized this weeks work into blocks to best get through them quickly.”

Overhearing the whole conversation, Minerva stepped out from where she was out of sight, “Albus,” she called out. “I don’t care what excuse you have told yourself. You will follow me to your office and you will gather up everything that belongs to the Potter family, no matter how it came into your possession and we will travel to Godric's Hollow to await Mr. Potter’s arrival. If what Mr. Potter said turns out to be true, I will not allow you to damage the relationship Mr. Potter has to the Magical world to the point he refuses to share the means his mother came up with to defeat the killing curse.”

Being three steps above Albus, Minerva struck, hand grabbing his ear through his hair, she grabbed on and twisted it as she dragged him screaming into the castle. Tired of his screams she said sternly, “Then you shouldn’t have been a stubborn old goat and immediately complied.”

As they walked down the path to Hogsmeade, Grady told Harry, “I’m sorry Harry, but I have bad news about your godfather. And I have answers to the questions you posed the other day. Which would you prefer I start with first?”

“Sirius Black,” Harry told him as he glanced to see the sadness on Grady’s face.

“Sirius Black was innocent of the crimes he was accused of,” Grady said sadly. “He was so badly damaged and barely had much sanity left as I viewed his memories. He never received a trial and the three people we know were involved have been burned at the stake. A punishment so horrific that politicians are quaking in their boots as they scramble to get out of our way. It will be a long time before any other person is thrown into Azkaban without a trial. His memories were so damaged,” he sighed, “but I was able to find out his intentions regarding your naming ceremony, with permission from his head of house, Arcturus Black, you were made Liege Lord of all of family Black. And unfortunately I was unable to find out positively if it was indeed Dumbledore that cast the Fidelius or not. The memory was to fragmented. But it appears so.”

“So he is innocent and he was released then,” Harry sounded unsure and did not know what to feel.

“During his time in Azkaban, not only did the Dementor's fragment his mind, but the guards tortured him,” Grady winced. “Making it all but impossible for him to resist the demon food from affecting him. The last sliver of sanity he had left, when he found out you were now safe and that he was not able to be healed and how damaged he was,” Sighing he said, “there is no easy way to say this, so I will just blurt it out. Before he could become catatonic and waste away, he willed his magic to stop his heart. He died by his command, not by torture.”

Giving Harry a few moments to deal with the news Grady added, “I lost my temper and in my anger, I ordered the Dementor's to feast on those who dared torture a prisoner, all those who tortured Sirius are now dead.”

“Truthfully,” Harry said as he entered the village and allowed Grady to steer him to one side, “I don’t know if I should be feeling anything or not, he was never part of my life, so it is like hearing of a strangers death. Not the mind blowing rage I would expect to feel. Does that sound bad?”

“No,” Grady told him as he opened up the room they had rented for this meeting. “His life and death did not really touch you, so it is not surprising you don’t feel anything.” Seeing Harry examine the occupants of the room, he told him, “Today, the guild leaders wanted to introduce themselves to you. Do you know why the Law Wizard Guild is beholden to your family?”

Nodding once, Harry said, “Yes, that was explained in one of Grandfathers lessons to dad. I watched the memory twice to make sure I knew everything I needed to know. Potters created and are the only source of the means that you can safely summon Demons to this realm. Without that means, while you could still summon a demon, you could easily be overpowered and the Demon would escape. We also hold the power of appeal for guild members if they are judged to have summoned a Demon without proper cause or control.”

“Correct, Mr. Potter,” Grady said with a smile. “In return for your service, we provide as many Law Wizards for your use as needed and always have one bound to your family at all times. That honor as fallen to my family for the past two hundred years.”

“Are you in need of me linking more rings to the source?” Harry asked as he glanced over at the guild members he did not know, “Since it has been nine almost ten years since you have been able to have access to one of my family.”

“Your father linked three dozen rings before his death, we still have six left as not many pass the tests,” Buford replied. “By summer that may change and we might need more rings to be linked. But if so, we will pass the request and rings through Grady or Rebecca as is proper.”

“Alight,” Harry said as he stared at the stacks of paperwork, looking at Rebecca he almost whined, “you’ve only had a week. This is more than last time.”

Laughing, Rebecca told Harry, “The good thing is that this is almost all of it. After we make it through this, your holdings should be handled in Britain and we will only have the odd decision to make and our weekly meeting can be more of a discussion of what is going on in the world, Wizengamot meetings and changing investments.”

Sighing, Harry pulled over one of the chairs and said, “Lets get this started then. What’s first?”

“These three stacks,” Rebecca told him as she watched his eyes go wide. “For the most part they are rental agreements for property you own and rent out, but we need signatures authorizing inspections and repairs as needed. This small stack,” she placed a hand on eight folders, “is for rentals that are of dubious nature since Dumbledore signed them. These, we want to really go into detail of these with you.”


Four hours later, and one tasty meal, Harry felt he had a good handle on his estate and investments. Placing a hand on the long rope and with a whispered warning on how to travel by portkey without falling arse over teakettle, the entire group of sixteen Law Wizards along with himself appeared in Godric's Hollow, near the statue proclaiming this a national monument.

Taking one look at the statue Harry muttered, “that is sick and disgusting. How dare they glorify my parents murder.”

Paling as he counted sixteen Law Wizards with Mr. Potter, Albus felt a shiver of sheer fear. Surreptitiously, he hoped, he dropped the invisibility cloak into the box and missed Minerva’s glare of hatred directed his way. “As requested,” he said as he pointed to the box, “I apologize for being so obstinate in returning Mr. Potter’s rightful belongings.” Seeing one of the other Law Wizards take the box and start to compare the items inside with a list, he winced, he should have expected it. He had forgotten, the Potters were one of the few that linked all their belongings to a book of inventory. “We waited until you appeared before dropping the wards, to make sure the cottage was not left unprotected. After I drop the wards, I will leave you in Minerva’s capable hands.” And, as he was not sure he could deal with the fright sixteen Law Wizards caused, he had a bottle of fire whiskey that was whispering ‘drink me’ in his desk he needed to commune with.

Moving to the cottage where he had hidden the ward stone under a Fidelius, he quickly dismantled the wards. “That is my part done. The wards are down, I bid you good luck in finding what you search for.” With that he moved past the gate and Apparated out.

“If you find anything missing,” Minerva hissed out, “Let me know so I can strip it out of the old goats hide.” Moving back to allow the Law Wizards to enter the cottage she asked, “Mr. Potter do you know where the object or device you are looking for is located?”

“Possibly my nursery, but more than most likely, mums workroom,” Harry told her as they walked inside the cottage and he took in the destruction and spell damage, it was extensive. “And mums workroom should be,” he said as he looked around and made his way to the kitchen. Moving to the end cupboard he placed a hand on the door to keep it closed and pulled on the handle, when it drew out he twisted it to the left before pushing it back in. Once he had done that he pulled the door straight back and pointed to the steps leading down, “Mum’s lab is down those steps.” Seeing Grady start for the steps he said, “I probably should go down first, mums protections can be…” he winced, “creative, painfully so.”

At the bottom step he placed his hand on the box on the wall the memory his mother left behind showed him how to deactivate the lethal protections. She had left him a memory of everything in the lab and how to gain entrance. Spotting a dozen focus cuffs like the one that was left for him in a box on a side table, he glanced over his shoulder and said, “Wait here until I go to the other side of the room and deactivate the rest of the protections.”

Moving to the table and glancing back to make sure he had not been disobeyed, he closed the lid of the box and slid it into his belt compartment along with the book of notes on how to create more of them. Moving to the opposite wall he moved back into sight and said, “Its now safe for you to come down.”

First down the steps, Grady looked around the room and tried to comprehend what he was seeing. There was shelf after shelf of books, most looked hand written by the cover bindings. They were the same type you could buy in Scriveners. If it wasn’t books, the shelves were full of items, inventions more than likely. He asked as Rebecca and McGonagall stepped off the stairway, “Where do we start?”

“My word,” Minerva said as her hand went to her mouth to cover it unconsciously. “Is any of this even safe to shrink down?”

“I, don’t, know,” Harry said as he moved over to the main work bench and the dodecahedron sitting on it. “Better be safe and just box it up carefully, he said as he picked up the instructions next to the object that would strip the killing curse out of his scar.

“Is that?” Minerva hesitated to ask as she walked over to where Mr. Potter was focusing so hard on an object on the table.

“It is,” Harry smiled as he read through the instructions mum left for Sirius on how to use the remover. And a note on which shelf the book she wrote explaining on how to duplicate both the array and the dodecahedron. Picking up the dodecahedron and looking at all the symbols on each face he moved over to the mirror to match the one on his head to one of the faces.

“How sure are you?” Minerva asked as she felt nervous with Mr. Potter picking up the object and examining it.

“Mum left me a memory of her going into the lab, thats how I knew how to find it and turn off the protections, I watched her do that in the memory.” Harry told her as he found the one he needed that matched his scar. “She also moved in front of this mirror and explained to me what she did and how to use the device and how the tests she did proved it worked. Probably to put me at ease.” Holding the correct face up to his head, he allowed it to shift and align itself before grabbing onto it had and pressing it to his head. Closing his eyes he saw a flash of green through his eyelids and then nothing. Opening his eyes he pulled the dodecahedron away and grinned as the protection array was fully drawn once more.

“My word,” Minerva whispered as she felt faint. Mr. Potters famous scar was gone and in its place was a elaborate runic array.

Moving over to the seep stone on the table, Harry carefully placed the glowing and pulsing dodecahedron, activation face down. Once the seep stone started to crackle and glow he turned to see everyone looking at him with a stunned expression on their faces. “What?”

Opening and closing his mouth several times, Grady shook his head and said, “How are we going to pack all of this?”

Hand over his shirt, Harry said slowly, “I have a way.” Glancing at Professor McGonagall he said, “But I’m sorry professor, unless you are bound to me I can’t allow you to see it.”

“Perfectly understandable Mr. Potter, I will go upstairs and make sure everything has been packed,” Minerva told him with smile.

When he was sure she was gone, Harry pulled his amulet out from under his shirt and opened the front and pulled it sideways, after it was large enough to walk through he said, “If we can levitate the shelves through the window, I can later put them in the workroom at the mansion.”

“A much better way to get to the islands than what your grandfather had us go through, I suspect your mother had a hand in this,” Grady told him as he started to levitate the first book shelf over and through the window, twenty minutes later, all that was left was the table with the dodecahedron. “Is it safe to move the table?”

A burst of his magic causing the ward stone to float up from the floor and attach to the bottom of the table Harry said, “It is now.” Looking around as the cottage groaned, he closed the window and replaced his amulet under his shirt once the table was through. Hearing the groaning again he said, “We might want to leave now.”

Making their way out of the house, they joined the other Law Wizards and the professor just as the back of the house let go and crashed.

“Mr. Potter are you alright?” Minerva asked as she rushed over to check on him. Seeing him nod she asked, “What in Merlin's name happened?”

“I removed the ward stone,” Harry said with a shrug. Evidently the wards was the only thing keeping the cottage stable. Looking at the statue and giving it a glare he said as he pointed at thing, “Unless the ministry pays back rent and then buys the property, that thing goes.” Seeing the professors shock he added, “They could have had the decency to build it off my property.”

“Mr. Potter, Rebecca said as she held out the box with the shrunken trunks in it, “The entire contents of the cottage.”

“Thank you,” Harry said softly as he cradled the box to his chest.

“Minerva,” Grady said as he went over to Mr. Potter, “We will see Mr. Potter home. Mr. Potter have you ever experienced Apparation before?” He asked as everyone started to Apparate out. Once it was just the two of them he said, “Why don’t you go just inside the cottage and leave your way and I will see you next Sunday.” Waiting until he was sure Harry had left he Apparated back to the office.




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