Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter   08

 Seeing their father walking towards his shed, Fred and George quickly rushed over to talk to him where their mother could not hear. “Dad,” Fred called out just loud enough to be heard, “Can we talk to you?”

Smiling at the twins, Aurthur nodded and told them, “How about in my shed. I am assuming you don’t want your mother hearing what you have to say.”

Going inside and pulling over some chairs to sit in, Fred and George looked at each other and George finally sighed as he lost the staring contest, pulling out the gilded envelope he held it up with his hand and said, “We have been invited to spend three days at Harry Potter’s home, the day after Yule. Mom of course will forbid it because Ron is not invited and truthfully the way he acts around Harry, we are lucky he has not set his Law Wizards on him.”

“One day, Draco Malfoy, in proper tradition, apologized publicly to Harry, we are not sure for what, mainly because it is none of our business.” George told his dad. “He did so as family. When Ron saw the two sitting there talking, he stormed over and luckily he could not be heard as he pounded on the barrier screaming at Harry to get away from the slimy Slytherin. He also demanded to be let in so he could protect him. When he was ignored, he got violent and was screaming that he would teach Harry a lesson for ignoring him.”

“I just don’t understand where the whole Slytherin is evil thing comes from.” Fred said in confusion, “You did not raise us that way and we have overheard Mom telling Ron to try harder to befriend Harry so he can steer him away from those from dark family’s. And we caught her telling Ginny stories on how best to brew love potions and add it to a persons food. She even mentioned she snagged you through a love potion.”

“Yes, she did use one to catch my attentions because I was to shy to ask her to go on a date with me,” Aurthur replied with a smile. “But the secret is,” he said as he became concerned at the tears in his sons eyes, “I never took it. I knew what she was doing and it allowed me to be bold, but I never did take the chocolate laced candy. I switched it out.”

“Thats is a relief Fred,” George said as he closed his eyes, “Mom mentioned that it was Amortentia she had used. If she had done that it would make us wraith child's.” Seeing his fathers eyes bulge he nodded, “She would and is teaching Ginny how to brew it to snag her The Boy Who Lived as a husband.”

Seeing their father get angry, Fred said before he could storm out, “We want to accept Harry’s invitation. It is something that is highly mysterious and only four people will be invited, which means speculation is rampant in Hogwarts. This is something that if we refuse, could seriously damage our family.”

“You two can go,” Aurthur said quickly.

“Before you agree, let us tell you what is required,” George told his dad.

“We would be required to take a vow not to tell anyone where Harry lives, or give out any information that could lead one to finding where he lives, what we see, hear or learn while at his house,” Fred told his dad in a serious tone. “We know mum would go screaming banshee at knowing that is required. Taking it as an insult instead of what it is, protecting Harry.”

“Who would be acting as binder of the vow?” Aurthur asked as he considered the implications.

“We asked that,” George replied, “Harry’s Law Wizard would be acting as binder.”

Nodding, as it made sense, Aurthur told the twins, “You still have my permission to go. I think this will be an incredible opportunity for both of you, when would you need to leave and from where?”

Smiling, George answered, “Nine in the morning on the twenty sixth. We would need to be at the office of Law Wizard Tibold a few minutes before. His office is,” looking at that letter with directions he said, “We were just given a floo address,” he shrugged.

Looking up at the ceiling as he leaned back, Aurthur hmmd a few times before saying, “You will need to bring a gift, you mentioned Harry met with Draco Malfoy as family?” seeing the nods he went over the rules of guesting he learned as a boy, not that they followed them much, not with the way Molly was, “being eleven, wine or other spirits would not be appropriate. It does not need to be expensive, just thoughtful and if I remember what my father told me, when I was younger than the two of you, it would be more valuable if it was something needed for house or home. Do either of you know of anything Harry has let slip that he is doing or his hobbies?”

Staring at his brother as he thought about it, Fred finally said, “He mentioned the other day, that when he leaves Hogwarts to go home each night and the weekends that he takes a swim, then works in his garden or orchard, it had been overgrown and,” trailing off as he tried to bring up the memory and stared at his brother.

“It was when we had the discussion with Draco and Neville,” George told him, “It was about how building or doing something without magic gave you a greater sense of accomplishment. He was talking about the chicken house he built by hand, and how he was using magic to fix the fence around the grass fields for the other animals he would be eventually getting,” eyes widening as it hit him he said, “He has not gotten the chickens yet because he does not know where to go to buy them.”

“I think we can spare a rooster and a couple of hens,” Aurthur chuckled. “A lot of Purebloods today would look down on you for giving such a gift, but if I remember guesting traditions right, and I do believe I do, a gift of something needed, including livestock would be better received and thought of, than an expansive bottle of wine.” Standing up he motioned the boys to follow him to the corner of his shed, “Now, what will make this truly spectacular as a gift, is if both of you create a habitat box to transport the chickens in. If you do this right, it will last a long time and be useful for when he wants to bring more livestock to his home.” Pointing to the stack of lumber he told them, “The first thing, is we need to build the crate or box by hand, no magic, otherwise the enchantments we are going to place and the spells we will need to cast on the box will not take.” Smiling as both the boys were eager to learn he felt a certain warmth that he could pass on skills and knowledge he was taught as a boy to his boys.


“Draco,” Narcissa called out to stop he son from going upstairs. “Please join us in the solarium. Your aunt and I would like to ask your opinion on several things. And,” she said as they walked to where Andromeda was waiting for them, “discuss your thoughts on Mr. Potter’s invite.” Seeing the signs of panic in her sons eyes she told him, “I am not denying you the opportunity that invitation holds Draco.” Seeing him relax she waved at the empty chair near Andromeda.

“How are you finding school so far Draco,” Andromeda asked as she sipped at her tea.

Looking between his aunt and mother, Draco hesitated but said, “truthfully?” Seeing his mother nod he said, “transfiguration was my hardest class and I was struggling with it. Then Professor McGonagall started teaching the class differently, she mentioned that Harry mentioned something and it dawned on her, how could she expect us to transfigure one object into another if we had never seen or held that object before, so now I am doing better, particularly well after talking to Harry and following his advice.”

“Which was,” Andromeda asked intrigued to hear the answer.

“If I am having trouble, touch my wand to the item, don’t worry about wand movements, and after I have succeeded, keep doing the transfiguration as fast as possible then move my wand away from the object. Visualization, you have to know what you want your magic to transfigure the object into and intent, you have to intend to superimpose your visualization on the object and add your magic to do so.” Draco tilted his head as he remembered something Harry had said, “it seems, from what Harry said, doing his research, he believes wand movements came about to allow people to be lazy. That the wand movements sidestep good visualization and intent.” Grinning he said proudly, “Our first two transfiguration lessons I can now do wordlessly and by thought and two days ago I finally for the first time felt my magic moving through my body.”

“Interesting, teaching a sixth year concept and technique to first years,” Andromeda said before adding, “And going further.” Looking at Draco she asked, “Why were you told to feel your magic? And by who?”

“Harry told us that finding and feeling our magic was the first step on being able to call it forth without the shortcut of needing a wand to do it for us,” Draco explained what he had been told.

“Lucius,” Narcissa warned her husband, who was late to the meeting, just by the tone of her voice and narrowed eyes that showed displeasure.

Setting the golden goblet down on the table as Lucius fell back into the chair he looked over at his son who exclaimed, “My Goblet.”

“I’ve been looking for that all morning, I wanted to show mother,” Draco said in vexation as he looked at his father.

“Lucius, explain,” Narcissa spat our curtly.

“I woke up early and took the goblet to Gringotts to have it evaluated,” Lucius told them. Wincing at the glare he offered, “I needed to know what level of guesting gift we needed to find.” Seeing he mollified her somewhat he pointed to the goblet and told her, “the goblet is priceless.” Seeing Draco nod with a smile he told him, “As in no one would ever have enough money to have such a work crafted, if we even had someone, including Goblin kind, able to do such crafting.” Looking at his son he asked, “Draco, you said Mr. Potter summoned this?”

“No, Father,” Draco was quick to reply. “Harry called it transmutation. And the only reference I could find was in an old book on Alchemy. But that is not how Harry did it. I watched the goblets grow out of the table.”

“May I?” Andromeda asked as she gestured with her hand towards the goblet. Seeing Draco nod, she picked it up and felt its heft immediately. Tilting the goblet and examining it she noticed the gemstones, their rich color and transparency was incredible. Glancing at Lucius when she placed the goblet back on the table, in front of her nephew she said, “Lucius, what did the Goblins say exactly.”

“The Goblet is pure gold, as in purer than any Goblin can smelt the ore,” Lucius replied. “The gemstones are flawless and also pure, they also, every single one, are diamond. When I asked them to value the goblet, they could not, as they have never even seen such pure materials. I was told there was not enough gold and treasures in all the banks vaults to pay for that Goblet. And,” he dropped his head as he told them, “I was forced, at spear point, to name the craftsman. If it was not for the fact Mr. Potter is feared by Goblin kind because of his Law Wizards, who I had to remind them were the only ones who knew exactly where Mr. Potter resided, I think they would have kidnapped him otherwise.”

“Mr. Potter will need to be warned, as will his Law Wizards,” Narcissa hissed out, quite displeased with her husband at the moment.

“Draco, before we get to the guesting gift, do you know why Mr. Potter gifted you the cup?” Andromeda asked, wanting to make sure her nephew knew the reason why.

“He said it was to remember the meeting,” Draco said as he turned to look at the cup, “it’s a reminder that not all is that it seems. That rudeness and arrogance has a cost, one that I might not be willing to or can afford to pay. It reminds me that there is someone that can wipe me from existence with a single thought.” Seeing his mother nod to his points he added, “It is also proof that Harry values family. It’s also a promise of what I can achieve through loyalty and friendship or what could happen with betrayal.”

“Very good Draco,” Andromeda almost purred in delight that he was so astute. She did not want to burst his bubble so to speak and add one last reason, that to Mr. Potter, the Goblet was trivial, because it was created by magic, to him it might be pretty, but overall useless in the scheme of things.

“In the four months I’ve known Harry,” Draco said as he sat back and frowned in thought. “he’s mentioned through different means, multiple times, that he values hard work, things made by hand with intent over things he can just wave a hand at and create or go out and buy. He said there is a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing as you look over at something, that you built, that, you used your own two hands and you created that, he said it was empowering.”

“We talked him into taking pictures of some of the projects he’s built,” Draco shook his head with a smile, “The chicken house he built, I expected it to be some small boxed in cage, I was wrong. It is magnificent in style and size. It reminded me of pictures of the old glass solarium before you had it rebuilt.” Looking at his mothers surprise he told them, “on the train ride back, he told us he was going to finish fencing off the pasture, so this summer he could get some cattle and a few horses. Not to ride, as he does not know how, but so he can sit on his terrace and look at them racing around the field.”

“May I be excused to make a floo call? I have an idea, but I need to contact the others to see if they are doing what I think they are,” Draco asked and left the table when his mother nodded at him. Ten minutes later he walked back into the room with a worried expression on his face.

“Was your idea incorrect Draco?” Narcissa asked as she saw the worried expression on her sons face.

“No, I was correct, but what the others are doing, I don’t know how,” he told them as he retook his seat, “Fred and George are gifting him with a rooster and five hens for his chicken mansion as they call it. They are crafting the habitat transport box by hand and their father is teaching them to enchant it. Neville, his grandmother is helping him enchant a small four season greenhouse, as Harry has described his seasons as tropical. One day Neville was asking about the orchard Harry has at his estate, he found it strange that there were no fruits grown there that required cold to set fruit, that is when Harry said the coldest temperature ever recorded on his estate was seventy four. He said it was pretty much a constant eighty five during the day and seventy nine at night.”

“The Blacks, while not publicly known for it, the females of the line were all taught and expected to excel in enchanting. Draco if you wish to learn, I will be more than happy to show you,” Narcissa smiled as Andromeda nodded at her.

“If you need to sister, please avail yourself of my library as you introduce Draco to the art of enchanting,” Andromeda smiled as Narcissa, who had a love of enchanting, grinned. Looking at Lucius she asked, “Lucius, how close are you in votes to get rid of Dumbledore. We need so many class's to be brought back, for our world to grow. He has been directly responsible for dropping over a dozen critical class’s.”

“Harry really and I do mean really, does not like the headmaster,” Draco told them as he mentally examined everyones gifts from a new light.

Feeling more comfortable with politics, Lucius sat back and went over where the school board stood. “I do believe, if I bring this up with Augusta, by working together we can reinstate the classes for next year, that gives the board upwards of eight months to find professors.” Looking sick as it set in he said, “And that is going to be the most difficult problem, with Dumbledore being in charge at Hogwarts for over fifty years, we are going to have to scour the world for candidates. Why did we not see this earlier?”

“Is there enough money in the budget to cover the costs Lucius?” Narcissa asked as she knew tuition costs could not be raised too drastically and allow students to be able to afford an education.

“There is plenty of galleons in the budget that go unused each year, more than enough,” Lucius assured her.

“Then why, Father,” Draco said in a calm but angry voice, “Do we have to put up with brooms for lessons that are falling apart and are unsafe. Neville, in one of our first lessons, almost died when his broom malfunctioned and dumped him from near eighty feet up. It was only by Harry’s quick thinking and his ability to do magic differently that he survived. Those brooms look to be near one hundred years old.”

“They are replaced every ten years,” Lucius said slowly as he looked at his son, “They were replaced last year. The board authorized their purchase as a matter of course.”

“Madame Hooch specifically told us after the accident, she has been putting in requests for years and of being denied each time, supposedly the board said there is not money in the budget,” Draco huffed in annoyance.

“Tell me Draco,” Andromeda said sweetly, while looking like a bird of prey about to pounce, “How are you enjoying your new class, the one the board authorized on Wizarding Traditions?”

“What new class?” Draco asked in confusion as he looked at his aunt who was staring at his father.

“Lucius,” Andromeda started by calling out his name.

“I will call an emergency board meeting,” Lucius sighed. Then it hit him, this might be the grounds to get rid of Dumbledore.

“While you get the board to authorize an audit, by Gringotts,” Andromeda told him, “tell the board that I am willing to fill in as professor for the new class for the rest of this school year. It will also allow me to keep an eye on, things. And I remind you, that it only requires two board members be in agreement to cause the start of an audit at Gringotts. And as Draco just told us, his friend Neville, was almost killed,” she sounded scandalized instead of scheming.

“Ladies, Draco,” Lucius said as he stood up from the table, “I must be off.”

Once Lucius had left, Andromeda turned to Draco, “Now Draco, tell us your idea and we can then help you craft the item. After that you should be able to recreate it on your own.”


“Draco,” Harry said in greeting as he tilted his head at the large box being levitated by who he assumed was Lucius Malfoy, Draco’s father. “I am glad you could make it. Everyone else is in the side office waiting and I’ve been told I need to verbally ask if you are willing to take the vow?”

“I am,” Draco said proudly as he took a couple of steps so he was in front of Harry. Extending his hand he felt Harry’s clasp his and he smiled.

“Do you Draco Malfoy, Swear upon the loss of your magic if you betray this vow, do you swear to keep the location of the Potter mansion and the means to get their secret, to divulge to no one, either through word, written or through memory or mind magic?” Grady asked as he held his wand above the to joined hands.

“I do,” Draco said proudly.

“Do you Draco Malfoy swear on the loss of your magic if you betray this vow, to vow to keep what you see hear and learn while at potter Mansion secret, to be divulged to no one by word, written or through memory or mind magic, unless told by Harry James Potter you may divulge it?” Grady asked as he saw Lucius was uncomfortable and that pleased him.

“I do,” Draco repeated himself and saw Harry smile at him.

“Do you Harry James Potter, accept this vow?” Grady asked.

“I so accept the vow and deem it true,” Harry said with a nod.

“I bind this vow,” Grady said as he tapped the clasped hands and watched as golden ropes appeared and sunk into both boys hands.

Glancing at his daughter who had taken control of the box and while everyone was focused on the vow being bound, checked on it, seeing her nod her head and smile he told Draco, “I envy you, being able to spend three days at Potter Mansion. I remember how flabbergasted I was when I was introduced to the mansion by Harry’s grandfather. I know you will enjoy your stay.”

“Mr. Potter,” Lucius went for bold and keeping the feeling of wetting himself secret as the Law Wizards speared him with their gaze, he asked, “I have a question if I may. On the law you changed your vote on. If I could get your opinion on what needs to be done so it may be reworked and brought up again for vote, with you supporting it?”

“Which one?” Harry asked as there were twenty nine of those laws he did not agree with.

“The Werewolf one?” Lucius said as he noticed he seemed to have followed everyone into a side lounge where the rest of Mr. Potter’s holiday guests were waiting and talking.

“That was poorly worded and served only to drive those afflicted with the Werewolf curse into desperation. And desperate people turn criminal or violent,” Harry pointed out. Tilting his head as he thought about it he said, “I give you, that certain jobs should not be held by someone who is cursed, but by denying them any ability to earn an income, denies them the ability to purchase the Wolfs-bane potion which allows them to keep their mind. Or the ability to earn their keep so to speak.”

“If I was drafting that bit of garbage over,” Harry saw Mr. Malfoy wince, “I would have a section that dealt with jobs they can not hold, not all jobs, just those working with children, because their strength is more than normal and they could inadvertently hurt a child. I would also deny them jobs in the medical field, that one is common sense.” He then said, “By making the next part of the law state they may not work the day before or the day of the full moon, that leaves the burden of being prejudiced to the employer, not the Wizengamot.”

“The section that stated they may not live in Wizarding areas, where it would only be possible to hide what they are made no sense. If you place a requirement that to live in the Wizarding community they need to have the means to secure themselves on the full moon and to be administered the wolfs-bane potion, then if they break the law, they can be dealt with fairly and the world would not see Britain as being repressive, but revolutionary.”

“After all, the magic of the cur…” Harry trailed off as he froze as his brain went into overdrive.

Worried, Lucius started to try to get Harry attention, “Mr.”

“HOLD,” Grady hissed out in a loud whisper. “I remind you of your vows.” He said as he glanced at the four pre-teens to teens that were going to visit Harry’s home. “Mr Malfoy you will be making a similar vow,” he demanded. “I have seen his mother do this, Lilly would be talking about something and her mind would pick up on some little fact and everything else fell to the wayside. The last time she did this she created the means to block the killing curse,” he told them which caused Lucius eyes to go wide in shock.

Coming to ten minutes later, Harry said slowly as he integrated the possible solution to the problem, “The curse is magical in nature and is not carried to the children. The curse can only be transmitted through a bite while in the grips of the curse. If Wolfs-bane is administered while most of their magic is suppressed internally, down to five percent, then it is possible for them to remain human during the full moon, and the curse abated, not cured.”

Seeing Harry was not focused on anyone in particular, Grady checked to make sure Rebecca had started the legal quill before he asked, “Harry, the Wizarding world does not have the means to internally suppress a persons magic, did you mean magic suppressing cuffs?”

“Potter’s do,” Harry said as he blinked several times and told Grady who was kneeling so he could look at him in the eyes, “One of the wards around the mansion, can drain and suppress a persons magic for twenty four hours. It leaves an intruder with just enough magic to survive and be questioned, though it does have a lethal setting.”

“And why,” Grady said calmly as he led Harry through a full understanding of his solution, “Do you need to suppress the magic of a person who has Lycanthropy? Isn’t the Wolfs-bane potion enough?”

“If we deny the magic of the curse the ability to have magic to fuel the curse to transform, it will keep them from turning into a Werewolf,” Harry said slowly, “Because without enough magic, the curse is powerless to carry through on its orders. Transform the person into a mindless raging beast, the perfect berserker soldiers.”

Glancing at Rebecca he saw her nod that everything was being transcribed, Grady then asked, “How would you implement the ward? Would you ward a room for the werewolf to pass through?”

Shaking his head no, Harry told him, “I would inscribe it directly on their skull. A bone that if it was removed or vanished would kill them. The ward is a conditional one so it should be easy enough to set the conditions so the pull of the lunar cycle is what activates it. It should be easy enough to set so the rising of the full moon, even though it is daylight at the time, triggers the ward.” Looking at Grady and seeing they were face to face he looked around, “Grady? Why are you kneeling in front of me?”

Standing up with a smile, Grady told Harry, shocking him, “Your mothers gift as a Historical Inventor bred true. You have her gift Harry.” Looking around the room at the awed faces he told them, “If you truly wish to be Harry’s friend, you need to make sure while you are around him, you carry at all times a legal quill and parchment. And if Harry falls into one of these insights, you are to guide him through the conclusions of his statement, like I just did.” Seeing them nod with serious expressions on their faces he turned to Mr. Malfoy and said, “Mr. Malfoy. I must have your vow, Rebecca will act as binder in this instance and Harry, why don’t you and your friends go on home, don’t forget the gifts,” he pointed to the three boxes. “Rebecca if you will escort Mr. Malfoy to your office.” Once they were alone and after closing the door he nodded to Harry.

Pulling his amulet out from under his shirt, Harry opened the face and pulled, once the window was fully enlarged he smiled, “Guys, or if I need to be formal, gentlemen,” he intoned in a proper accent which caused giggles. “After you.” Flicking his finger at the boxes and willing them to float in front of him he followed them through and pulled the door closed behind him.

Once Harry and his guest had gone, Grady quickly moved to Rebecca’s office and said, “You will give me your vow to keep what you learned about Harry James Potter secret on your life and magic,” seeing Lucius stiffen in insult he said in a tone that promised death, “Your only other option is to have your memories of today removed. Mr. Potter must be protected at all costs. The gift, Magic has bestowed on us by allowing a second Historical Inventor to be born so close to the loss of the first one can not be…he must be protected. Do you understand?”

“I do, more than you know,” Lucius nodded before saying, “But you need to accept and bring into the vow my wife Narcissa and her sister Andromeda.”

“Both who have sworn fealty by blood to Harry James Potter and are already beholden to him by blood and magic,” Grady smiled as he was able to flabbergast Lucius. Holding out his hand he told Lucius, “Your vow, then we might,” he said as he glanced down at the forearm of the former death eater, “See about doing something about that ugly little youthful indiscretion.”




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