Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter  11 

Standing in front of the mirror, Harry told his friends, “The only exception to to the vow you all have taken, covering what you have seen, heard or learned this weekend you can discuss, is the idea of setting up a store and your products,” seeing them all nod seriously and fidgeting as they wore clothes again for the first time in three days, he moved to the mirror, “One last secret, this mirror, is not only a way to look at places far away, it is also a means to travel.” Seeing their wide eyed shocked expression he moved one of the tiles to active and focused in on Grady’s office. Tapping the rune icon he told them as he stepped through first, “follow me.”

Hearing voices, Grady moved to the store room that Harry had told him they would be returning to once the visit was over and smiled as he spotted all five now sported runic traps on their heads. Harry had found friends then, they had passed his tests, whatever they were. “Gentlemen,” he cleared his throat with a smile, “Draco, your parents, Neville your grandmother and Fred and George your father are all waiting in the outer office for you.” Seeing Draco’s concerned look he chuckled, “Surprisingly, without bloodshed.”

Walking over to Grady, Harry handed him a folder, “The ward scheme and condition modifiers that you need to incorporate into the ward. Properly applied, by trusted people, along with the wolfs-bane potion, should see the end of people affected by the curse transforming into mindless beasts intent on death and destruction.”

“Thank you, Harry, I know just who to get to head up this project,” Grady told him as he took the file and glanced at the contents in the folder quickly.

“Draco,” Lucius started to say sternly as he took one look at his son and the tattoo on his forehead. Only to stop as his wife squeezed his arm in warning.

“Draco, dear,” Narcissa said questioningly as she tapped her own forehead on the spot her son had been marked.

“Ah,” Harry said as he walked into the conversation and the stares of his four new friends were sending his way, asking what they could tell their parents by the look of it. “Those would be my doing, or more factual, my mothers doing. Each of your sons has been given the same protection my mother gave me. They are now protected against the killing curse.” Giving them a moment to get over their shock he smiled, “If by chance they were to be hit by that curse, the trap on their foreheads would snare the curse, leaving them unharmed.” Staring at the adults he told them, “I protect my friends.”

“And we appreciate it,” Augusta said with a smile as she looked at her grandson with pride.

“As do I,” Arthur said as he hugged his sons. Looking over at Lucius he said, “After sitting down and discussing your proposed law and the reasons behind it, I can say I will support it as long as it includes the provision for protecting and accepting those parents of Muggleborn who are truly welcoming of our world.” Seeing he had shocked Lucius, he chuckled as he told his boys, “Fred, George, time to get home, before your mother worries herself into one of her fits.”

Mouth slightly open, Lucius stared as Arthur walked his sons to the fireplace and flooed home. Looking to his wife he whispered, still in shock, “Did that just happen?”

Laughing, Narcissa rose to her feet and pulled her son into a gently hug and released him before telling her husband, “As my sister and I have told you time and time again Lucius, fully explaining and compromise can see what you want to happen succeed. Come, Draco,” she said as she led her son to the floo connection, “Andromeda and her family are coming over for lunch.”

After everyone had left, Harry found a chair and sat down and looked over at Grady and Rebecca and asked, “Did you have a chance to work on our future project? I thought I remembered having some property in Hogsmeade.”

“Briefly and you do,” Grady replied before pulling one of the chairs over and sitting down across from Harry. “By the time June rolls around, we will have a solid outline of the new business and all the paperwork signed, sealed and ready to be signed so to speak.”

“By using the land you already own on the outskirts of Hogsmeade,” Rebecca added in as she sat down to join them, “we can have the building built and ready to open in a months time. Even though your note said you had an expected opening date of August, I expanded on your idea of buying all the display samples for the shops initial set up and if you can get your friends to provide working models by March, we can open in April. I also took the liberty of visiting a farm store in the Muggle world and you will be happy to note that they do sell small livestock out of the store besides the equipment needed to take care of said livestock. I picked up a catalog and a few books for you to look at to create magical versions for sale.”

“Thank you,” Harry grinned as he accepted the books and catalog from Rebecca. Flipping through the pages of the catalog briefly, he asked, “do either of you have anything we need to go over before we pick up our regular Sunday meetings in just over a week?”

“No,” Grady replied with a shake of his head. “I do want to warn you, the school board has seen fit to take the headmaster to task. So you will have a new class that is mandatory to attend and Hogsmeade weekends are back to monthly once more. And if rumor is true, the audit by Gringotts has found the,” pausing to chose the correct word he said, “misplaced monies and new brooms have been bought for the flying classes.”

“Misplaced? Not stolen?” Harry asked as he stood up and pulled his amulet out from under his shirt so he could go home.

“It seems the monies were placed in a discretionary fund, for emergencies that cropped up so the headmaster did not have to contact the school board for permission to spend funds,” Grady frowned as he told Harry that.

Shaking his head sadly, Harry told them, “I’m glad I am only there for this year. Even with the elective classes, I think I prefer tutors over staying at Hogwarts full time. And I don’t stay there full time as it is.” Opening the way home he waved and told them, “I will see you at our regular meeting then.”

“Tutors?” Rebecca questioned as she stood so she could start for her office. “That might be for the best and I can expand the plans of the building Harry wants to build to include several classrooms so he can stay in contact with his friends.”


“Minerva,” Bathsheba smiled in greeting as she sat down across from the other heads of house for the meeting to go over house business before the students arrived later that night. “It is interesting to participate in things from this end,” smiling in greeting at Filius and Pomona she told them, “it has been eye opening to say the least.”

“Lets get started,” Albus trailed off as he waltzed into the room and spotted professor Babbling sitting with the other heads of house. Having already lost the argument at the beginning of the year he decided to ignore her. “As you all know, the board has seen fit to overrule me in several matters and we need to work out a schedule so we have enough professors in Hogsmeade each month, now that the students will be allowed to expand on the thrice yearly visits to the village.”

Frowning, Minerva was not about to let Albus get away with any more shenanigans, “As you well know Albus, and until recently, the staff had not been informed of, the board ordered the return of the monthly Hogsmeade visits ten years ago. So don’t try to blame this on some oversight or act all put out over the fact the school board is making sure their changes are actually implemented for once.”

“Minerva,” Albus said sternly as he looked over his glasses at his deputy with a frown.

“Don’t you Minerva me, Albus,” Minerva huffed out in anger. “I do not like being ambushed over issues that I know nothing about that the board was led to believe had been implemented. By me no less,” she growled out.

“If you find you are unable to handle the duties of deputy head,” Albus threatened only to rock back in shock as the woman had the audacity to laugh at him. She actually laughed at his threat.

“Albus, you believe you have some say in my appointment,” Minerva laughed. Shaking her head she told him with a hiss of anger, “I was reminded that I was appointed deputy head by the school board and they and they alone have the right to hire and fire the deputy and head position.” Pointing her finger at him she told him, “Enough of your foolishness. You will find that with the school board sitting down with each of us and explaining in depth their wishes and our true responsibilities, you no longer can act like a king sitting back on his throne ordering us around and keeping us in the dark.” Seeing she had shocked him by the flabbergasted look on his face she told him, “I have already sat down with the other professors and worked up a fair and equatable schedule for Hogsmeade weekends. And I have already cleaned and prepared the new traditions professor’s quarters. We were lucky to find a candidate at this late date.”

“Who?” dared, Albus left off as he stared at Minerva.

“Andromeda Tonks, nee Black,” Minerva smirked as Albus paled. “She chose to ride the train with the students and will arrive when they do. I do believe she planned to sit down and start teaching our traditions along the way.”

“No,” Albus whispered in horror as he realized his choice for an inept professor had been neatly sidestepped. The Blacks were steeped in dark traditions, “I won’t have it,” he commanded as he rose from his seat, intent on intercepting the boards choice, “I will not allow another dark ritual to be performed in Hogwarts.”

“When did Hogwarts host a dark ritual?” Filius asked in curiosity.

“Halloween, when Mr. Potter performed that necromantic ritual,” Albus spit out in anger. “I forbid that long ago for a reason.”

“Are you feeling alright Albus,” Pomona asked as she looked at the headmaster strangely.

“Albus, you should know that what Mr. Potter did was not dark, nor was it light,” Filius said as he looked at Albus in disgust. “It had nothing to do with necromancy either, so where you are getting these erroneous ideas I have no clue.”

Rounding on Filius, Albus growled out, “I banned those dark traditions long ago, after I took over as headmaster, just like all those traditions which are so called steeped in the light, but are dark in nature. Which meant all of them.”

“HEADMASTER,” Pomona raised her voice in disapproval. “How dare you. History has long taught us only those that are dark lords, those who intended to control others, ban traditions that are all about balance and maintaining balance in magic.” Rising she looked at Minerva and told her, “We are done here, I will be flooing the Ministry to inform them we have a Dark Lord in the castle.”

Taken aback, Albus paled as the four heads of house left the room, backs straight and wearing an aura of disapproval. He was not a dark lord. Did they not see he was a champion for the light.


Walking into the great hall, Harry, with Neville, Draco and the twins one step behind him, all five of them stopped and stared as Aurors chased down and attempted to stun the headmaster, who happened to be screaming that he was not a dark lord, that he couldn’t be a dark lord as he was the lord of light. Seeing the headmaster fall to a backhand by Hagrid and be stunned by professor McGonagall, Harry, who was wide eyed. looked at his friends who were as equally shocked as he was by their expressions.

“Neville dear,” Augusta said as she startled the five standing just inside the doorway. Smiling as they stepped out of the way she led the other school board members into the Great Hall. Stopping near the head table as the Aurors roused the headmaster she shook her head sadly as Albus got to his feet, magic suppression cuffs binding his hands, “Albus,” she got his attention with her harsh tone, “The board has voted, you are fired. We will have a house elf pack only your personal belongings and have them sent to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement so you can retrieve them. That is if they let you go,” glaring at him as she tilted her head slightly she added, “After all, I understand you have been branded a Dark Lord. They might just send you through the veil.”

“And save a lot of heartache,” Lucius mumbled on the loud side. Watching the former headmaster be led away in shame, he cleared his throat when all the students had seated themselves, “The board has an announcement, so please sit and listen carefully.” Letting the students have a chance to settle down, he nodded his head in Augusta’s direction and waited until she walked behind the table and stood in front of the chair Albus favored before continuing, “Until a new headmaster or headmistress is is hired, Madam Longbottom shall fill the role of headmistress.”

Clapping her hands, Augusta said clearly, “Let the meal begin.” As the food appeared, she sat down and glanced slightly to her right and lowered her voice, “Minerva, if you and the other heads of house will join me in the heads office after the students are settled down for the night, I would appreciate it. Also, before the school year is out, you will be offered the position of headmistress, if you so chose to accept, so think long and hard before giving your answer.”

“Interesting,” Fred whispered as he sat with his friends and Harry.

“Very telling,” George corrected his twin as he pointed at him. Looking back at Draco and picking up the conversation from the train ride he asked, “your enchanted invention, Draco, is it separate from the stall you built or is it all one enchantment?”

Looking up from the small notebook Harry had given all of them to write down their ideas in, Draco told them, “The stall is just that a stall. I replaced a section of the wall with my enchanted potion dispenser. Why?”

“We’ve been looking through the farm catalog Harry showed us,” Fred leaned forward so he would not be overheard, “the Muggle farm store this catalog comes from sells portable stalls. They come in four separate panels that get bolted together.” Glancing down at his math he said, “If I converted the Muggle money to galleons correctly, they cost twenty five galleons.”

“That’s outrage…” trailing off Draco looked at Harry and said, “This is what you meant when you told us we were underpricing our inventions.”

“Yes,” Harry nodded. “Granted, some transfiguration and rune work to make the transfiguration permanent can see it done for next to nothing.” Pointing to Fred who had the catalog he said, “I saw the picture and write up of the stall Fred just mentioned, since it is portable, it is nowhere near the sturdy construction of the one you gifted me with. But he is right, just because it costs you next to nothing to build, does not mean you should not charge for the stall on top of the potion dispenser.”

Looking up from his own catalog, Neville sighed, “there is one and only one greenhouse supplier in the magical world and I have just found out that they are buying Muggle built greenhouses and using magic to alter them. They are charging ten times the cost of what the Muggle built greenhouses cost them to begin with. All they are doing is spelling them to build themselves from the trunk they come in and to seal themselves, magically fusing the glass to the frames.” Looking at Harry he said, “I’ve been looking into what it takes to magically expand a greenhouse and while we do not have books on the subject, Gran was intrigued by the idea, enough so she will be buying them on her way home. And, she told me that she will hunt down someone who can teach me to do space expansions charms so I can do it myself.”

“In a way,” George said as he looked at his brother who nodded back at him, “What is involved in our habitats uses a modified space expansion charm. If you are willing to share what you learn with us, we will copy the books we used to create expanded space and show you what we did.”

“That will get you started now, Neville,” Fred said when he saw Neville smile and nod. Looking back at Harry he said, “After we eat, when Harry shows us the room we can use, George and I can start creating several samples for the new store. We can, now that we have several ideas of how to design the habitats into pet homes, can have several built by March, the question is, can the two of you have samples of a working model done so there is something displayed in the new store by March?”

“I think I have the most inventory that I have to buy outright,” Neville mused as he referred to his order from he had been filling out. “I’ve been saving up, but Gran told me that she was willing to allow me to take a loan out of my trust vault for this endeavor. But I had to show her my plan and even without charging myself interest I have to pay my vault back within two years. So I will have the seeds, tools enchanted and several greenhouses I can set up inside the shop and once I get them expanded and enchanted, I will be able to offer plants to go with everything else. I can mostly be ready by the end of the month, all I am waiting for is the shop being built.” Looking at Draco he asked, “what about you Draco, are you going to buy your initial potions stock or make it yourself?”

“Mother and Aunt Andromeda told me to ask Harry’s potions tutor for a lead on who to contact to buy from,” Draco told them with a slight frown of concentration on his face. “It is going to be several years before I am ready to do any brewing for profit. I considered talking to my godfather, Professor Snape, but mother told me that would not be wise.” Glancing sideways at Harry to see if he was angry at the mention of his godfather he relaxed when he showed no emotion. “I brought enough material to enchant three dispensers for large animals and one small one for pets. Aunt Andromeda mentioned that it would be the smaller ones for pets that would sell the best, but I am waiting for the shipment of the right size metal for enchanting the pet size ones.” Going back to the initial question he finished with, “I can be ready with my samples by the end of the month. It is the potions to stock them with that is going to take the longest.”

“Madam Zalinka,” Harry looked over at Draco as he told him, “will be here on Monday, you can ask her about finding someone then. That gives you time to follow up with who she recommends.” Standing up from the table he said, “Since we are all done with dinner, why don’t I lead you to the room I use for potions and that you can use as a workshop.”




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