Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter 12  

 “You,” Cornelius called out as he saw a first year, Gryffindor by her robes, “where can I find Mr. Potter?”

Stopping at hearing someone call out, Hermione turned to look at the group of adults, four of them in crimson red robes and shrugged, “I have no idea. Now, I need to get moving so I am not late for class, excuse me.”

“Now hold on…Girl,” Deloris sneered in distaste at having to talk to the obvious un-pure child. Seeing the girl glance at her in confusion she told her, “Minister Fudge does not have all day to hunt down a random student. So tell the minster where he…Mr. Potter is, as you evidently are going to class and being a Gryffindor himself he will be joining you.”

Looking confused, Hermione shook her head after a minute, “Harry is not in any of my classes. And I am not sure where you got the idea Harry was sorted into Gryffindor, but you are incorrect. The sorting hat refused to sort him, stating he was to remain outside the house drama. Whatever that means.” Turning away she quickly hurried away so she would not be late for transfiguration.

“Not a Gryffindor? But both his parents were Gryffindor's,” Cornelius said in confusion. Stomping away towards the headmasters office, he told his escort, “fine, we will get to the bottom of this after we talk to Albus.”

An hour later, in a near rage for being denied entry to the headmasters office, Cornelius and his escorts stalked the halls looking for the blasted man or Potter, whichever came first.

“Cornelius,” Augusta called out as she narrowed her eyes in distaste at seeing his undersecretary, “what earth shaking event has brought you to Hogwarts?”

“Augusta,” Cornelius frowned in confusion as he spotted the Longbottom regent. “What are you doing here?”

“I am on the school board,” Augusta told him primly. “I do from time to time make sure the boards wishes are followed by doing inspections. As per our remit,” she told him as she looked down on him for being questioning her. “As I said, what are you doing here, with Aurors no less?”

“I do believe you did not just question the Minister, Augusta,” Deloris said in a sickly sweet voice that her eyes showed her true feelings.

Turning to glare at the woman, Augusta told her, “I never have given you leave to call me by my first name. So kindly do not take either that tone or that familiarity with me.” Seeing the witch scowl angrily at being taken to task she turned and faced the minister, “I will not repeat myself. As the duly elected member of the Hogwarts board in charge of Hogwarts inspections I am well within my rights to question any non student who comes onto the grounds. And I should not have to remind you, though I obviously am, that Hogwarts is not under the jurisdiction of the Ministry and by you bringing a squad of Aurors into the building uninvited and walking around without checking in, I would be within my rights to have the wards remove you.” Seeing she made her point she asked, “what do you want?”

Gulping, then drawing himself up, Cornelius said officiously, “I will be seeing Mr. Potter. The Ministry has concerns that need to be addressed.”

“Then take it up with his Law Wizard,” Augusta snapped out, “as is proper!”

“Now see here,” Deloris growled out. How dare this witch interfere with the minister. “You have no right to…” trailing off as the suits of armor stepped off their pedestals as the woman she was berating snapped her fingers, she took a step back.

“I have every right,” Augusta said clearly. Turning away from Umbridge she narrowed her eyes at the minister, “Cornelius, being the minister does not mean you are above the law. No matter how much you fantasize you are so.” Seeing Cornelius back up a step as the armor moved closer she told him, “I am very aware of how many laws you are breaking by attempting to meet with Mr. Potter without his guardian present. Not to mention, that by confronting him, and you would have been confronting him,” she pointed at the Auror squad behind the minster, “as there is no other way to take such a meeting where you bring a squad of Aurors to see that your view is taken, is enough that I will be contacting Amelia to investigate your abuse of authority. Now leave, before I get angry and have the castle eject you.”

Huffing angrily, Cornelius turned around and walked away. Grumbling under his breath as he walked down the stairs at being sent away like some errant first year, he dared not go against Augusta or she would make his life hell as she was in cahoots with the Potter proxy on the Wizengamot. If he made her angry enough she might even team her faction up with that damned Law Wizard.

Halfway down the stairs from the third floor, Cornelius spotted professor McGonagall walking down the hall, calling out to stop the witch, “Minerva, a moment if you please.”

Stopping and turning around, Minerva hid her surprise at the minster being here and wondered what that fool, Albus, had done now. “Can I help you Minister?”

Glancing over his shoulder to make sure Augusta was not behind them, Cornelius nodded and asked, “Do you know where I can find Mr. Potter? I have a few questions that I was hoping he could help with.”

Eyebrows rising, Minerva hesitated before saying, “I believe he is in his workroom waiting for his potions tutor to show up.”

“And why,” Deloris asked with disapproval, “Does Mr. Potter have his own Potion Tutor when Hogwarts has a professor of potions who happens to have mastery? Why does Mr. Potter feel he should be given special privileges?”

“Maybe, Deloris,” Minerva hissed out in displeasure of being questioned, “It has to do with Severus being a registered enemy of the Potter Family. Something you should know as you are undersecretary.” Looking over the rim of her glasses, she scowled as she told her, “I should not have to do your job for you. If you can’t keep up with what you are supposed to know, then find a new job.” Turning to walk away, she stopped and glanced over her shoulder when Cornelius called after her.

“Professor,” Cornelius called out hiding his frown at not being obeyed, “Where is this workroom that Mr. Potter is in?”

Turning and pointing behind the minister, Minerva told him, “the third corridor on the right, then the first left and down the hall. Now if you excuse me,” she hissed menacingly, “I am quite busy and have work to do.”

Flicking his finger at his Auror guards, Cornelius turned around and followed the directions given. Ten minutes later he was walking into a classroom that he thought was abandoned long ago, only to see it was clean and several workstations set up and the person he was looking for over by a potions station. Ignoring the other two occupants of the room as not important, he pompously called out, “Ah, Mr. Potter at last. It took some time to find you.”

Hand stilling as he wrote notes on the potion they were supposed to be brewing today, Harry glanced behind him to see who was calling for him and frowned as he spotted a man in a bowler hat along with a large woman wearing pink. But it was not the two people who caused him to be alarmed, it was the six people in red robes that glared at him that had him ready to defend himself. “One moment while I finish this note,” he said as he turned his back on them while subtly waving a hand to raise a shield to protect himself. Pulling his linked notebook over he quickly wrote a note asking for help, telling Rebecca he was in danger. Hoping Rebecca or Grady could get here in time he put his pen down and turned around to face his enemies.

“Mr. Potter do you know who I am?” Cornelius asked.

“No, should I,” Harry said calmly as he glanced at Draco and Neville to see if they had any idea of who these people were.

“I am the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge,” Cornelius said pompously.

“Good for you,” Harry told him before pointing out, “The position you hold is Minister for Magic, not ‘of’. But that does not explain what you want or why you are bothering me as I prepare for my lesson?”

Glaring at the half blood who dared question his betters, Deloris said, “I don’t think you just corrected one of your betters now did you?”

“Betters?” Draco sneered as he could not hold back any longer.

“Be quiet boy,” Deloris rounded on the twit who dared to contradict her.

“Oh,” Draco said as his eyes flashed in anger, “Maybe I should introduce you to YOUR betters,” he said. Pointing to his chest he said, “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy, Heir of the Noble Malfoy family.” Pointing to Neville he said, “Longbottom, Neville Longbottom, Heir to the Ancient and Noble house of Longbottom.” Pointing to Harry and enjoying the oafs shock he told her, “Lord Harry James Potter, Lord of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, heir to the Ancient and Noble house of Black and Atlantean Mage.” Stepping around the table and acting every bit the spoiled brat his father attempted to raise him as, he spit out, “And you are one Deloris Jane Umbridge, of the Minor house of Umbridge. So you don’t get to come in here and tell us who our betters are,” eyes locking with each of the adults he sneered, “none of you are our betters.”

As Draco introduced him by his title, Harry ran his hand down his clothes and changed into his Ming the Destroyer ceremonial robes. Turning sideways he picked up his pen and wrote in large letters on the linked notebook ‘HELP’ before pocketing his pen and gathering his notebooks and slipping them into one of the pockets of his outer robe to make a quick getaway.

Taken aback by Lucius’s son, Cornelius stepped back before gathering his courage and facing Potter once more. “Mr. Potter I am here to talk to you about the cure that you discovered for Werewolves and how it would be best for the Ministry to take over, after all, we know who best to give this gift to.”

“No,” Harry told him with a frown on his face. “If that is all, I have a lesson to prepare for, so have a pleasant day.”

“Now see here,” Cornelius sputtered as he grew angry, “I am the Minister of Magic and if I determine your discovery will be taken by the ministry then you shall comply or I will have you arrested.”

Glancing at Neville to see if he heard what he thought he had heard coming from the Minister mouth, Draco snapped around at the Minister’s next foolish words.

“In fact I have determined that your parents inventions would be better kept safe in our hands. You will turn over all notes and inventions your mother, a true Historical Inventor created,” Cornelius ordered as he stood up straight, hoping to cow the boy.

“Oh,” Neville said all wide eyed as he reached down and activated the emergency signal his grandmother gave him before he returned to Hogwarts, “this is not going to end well.” Quickly following Draco who moved to stand with Harry, he pulled his wand and readied himself to…do something if spells started flying.

Looking the Minister in the eye, Draco told him, “When I tell my father what you have done and are attempting to do to the Lord of an Ancient and Noble house, what do you think he is going to do? Besides pulling all support and his friends support from you.”

Waving his hand and summoning the strongest demonic wall of shimmering energy to act as a shield, Harry started to get mad as the Minister shouted for his people to arrest them.

It was into that chaos that Augusta, Minerva and Grady followed by several dozen Law Wizards ran into the room.

Taking one look around and seeing the demonic shield, Grady bellowed, “ENOUGH! STAND DOWN OR DIE!” his shouted threat having the desired effect, he was more than happy when everyone whirled around to face him.

“How dare you, I’ll see you kissed for this,” Deloris shouted as she turned around to see who had dared to interfere. Catching sight of Law Wizards, several of them, she paled. As she opened her mouth to try to bluff her way out of the situation she found herself in, she disappeared.

Pulling demonic energy from the shield in front of Harry, Grady created and altered a summoning circle under the loud mouthed witch and sent her to the demon realm. Rounding on Fudge as he opened his mouth to complain he told him through gritted teeth, ”One word, just one word out of your mouth and you will find yourself joining your undersecretary in the demon realm.” Looking past the fools to Harry who was relieved yet still angry he asked, “What happened here Harry?”

Pointing his finger at Fudge he told Grady, “This person stormed into the room and demanded I hand over the curative I came up with to deal with the Werewolf curse. Then he, in his arrogance, demanded I turn over all my mothers inventions and notes.” Listening to Neville’s hurried whisper he added, “He demanded I hand over my family magic to him and the Ministry to handle.”

“I see,” Grady hissed out as his voice carried the wind of the arctic in it as he turned to face the Minister and his lackeys. “Augusta, as you are a member of the Wizengamot, would you be so kind as to call a mandatory emergency meeting. My fellow Law Wizards and I wish to…confront, the Minister’s deeds in front of the full assembly. So there is no shred of doubt of what the penalty is for such a breach of the law of this magnitude.” Gesturing to his fellows he told them, “take them into custody. We will deal with them shortly.”

Glaring at the men who she had ordered out of Hogwarts, Augusta waited until they were gone before rushing towards her grandson. Only to stop as the Law Wizard thrust his arm in front of her and halted her rush.

“Harry,” Grady waved a hand at the shield after the fools were escorted out, “would you be so kind as to release your energy shield.” Relieved when Harry took a couple of deep breaths and waved his hand and the shield went down, he asked, “Are you going to be alright to work on potions? Or should I intercept Madam Zalinka and have her reschedule?”

“I’ll be fine,” Harry said as he calmed down. “As soon as my lesson is over, I’m heading home though,” he warned.

“I will of course make sure Mr. Potter is fine and no more interruptions mar his day,” Buford assured Grady as he stepped through the door and moved over to one of the desks and conjured a comfortable chair so he could sit down.

“Guild Leader,” Grady bowed his head slightly before motioning for the rest of the Law Wizards to join him as he left. As classes had just let out, students scattered as the dozen or so Law Wizards following him marched through the halls. As soon as he reached the wards, he spared a glance at his fellows and Apparated to the Ministry building.

Hearing multiple sounds of Apparation, Clarance stood up from his chair behind the security desk and started to ask for the persons wand and froze in fright at seeing the glowing pins on more Law Wizards than he thought were in existence. Falling back in his chair he slouched down as a dozen people marched by him and hoped if he did not meet their eyes they would not notice him.

Smiling evilly as ministry workers scattered as they boarded the elevator, Grady mentally prepared himself for what was to come.

An hour after Grady had entered the Wizengamot chambers, the last of the members had entered and taken their seats. Opening his eyes at the sound of the door being closed, he glanced to his right and nodded while saying, “Bring in the prisoner.”

“Unhand me this instant,” Cornelius bellowed as he was dragged into the Wizengamot chamber. Being tossed to the floor, he paled as he realized he was inside one of those damned summing circles. When this was all over he was going to see to it that Law Wizards were declared Dark Lords with a kill on sight order on them.

Standing up and making his way to the floor, to the prosecutors table and joining Amelia, Lucius asked in barely controlled fury, “What has that fool done?” enraged that his easily controlled pawn did something without permission.

Glancing at his daughter in the Potter seat, Grady began, “to answer your question,” he said as he glanced at Lucius, “he attempted to arrest our client, Harry James Potter, Lord Potter and Heir Black when he refused to hand over records and samples of inventions created by his families magic. This is in direct violation of Percival -Vs- Bulgaria in fourteen nineteen, where it was codified that family magic was that, it belonged to that family and it could not coerced or stolen by any entity, no matter their position.”

Looking around and seeing the horrified expressions, Grady added, “Cornelius Fudge also has violated the law codified on May the Ninth of sixteen ten. He took armed ministry employees,” pointing to the Aurors bound near the wall, “onto the grounds controlled by Hogwarts and when told to leave, he ignored the order and instead hunted down and cornered a student, one Lord Harry James Potter in an attempt to steal his family’s secrets and magic.” Raising his voice to be heard over the frantic angry whispers he told them, “he also,” he said as the room went quiet, “Attempted to arrest the lord of one and heir to another ancient and noble house when he did not get his way.”

Into the silence of shock his words caused he told them, “His undersecretary dared to raise a wand against duly Guilded members of the Law Wizards and was sent directly to the Demon Realm for her impertinence of raising a wand against not only one of us, but twenty four of us.” Waiting for several moments for that to sink in and just as the whispers started up again he said loudly, “As such, the prisoner will now, before all of you, be served his punishment.”

Switching to the Demon language Grady called out, “All those who deem his guilt step froward and say so.” Eyes not leaving those assembled nobles and members of the Wizengamot he nodded as each of the Law Wizards who had responded to Harry’s plea of help stepped forward and spoke in the language that caused each of the Witch’s and Wizards in the room to flinch in fear. As the last Law Wizard agreed to Fudge’s guilt he said, “So be it.”

Looking at Cornelius he told him, “Your guilt was never in any doubt as you were caught in the act. Your pathetic attempts to bluster your way out of breaking the law due to your position was failed from the start.” Switching to the Demon language he summoned a mid level Demon and pointed to Fudge and told it, “Lunch.”

As the Demon took its time eating the offering and eyeing up the rest of the mortals in the room, Grady ignored the smells of witch's and wizards soiling themselves in fear. Instead he told them, as he looked like he randomly pointed to Lucius Malfoy, “We temporarily elevate him to the position of Minister.” Turning and looking at Lucius he chilled him with his words, “If you wish to remain minister after the remaining term of,” jerking his thumb over his shoulder at the Demon, “my friends lunch, then you may. But until then, strict adherence to the law will be required, lest I rename you ‘dinner’ and call another of my friends. Your charge is the betterment of all magical kind, no matter their blood status.” And won’t that be a perfect punishment for the man he inwardly smiled in glee. Feeling his summoned Demon had finished the meal he had provided, he sent it back to its realm before it tried to resist or break free.

Starting for the doors of the room, as every Law Wizard joined him in walking in unison, Grady told them, “We will be watching. Remember, the client is sacrosanct…as is the law.”

Leaning back in the Potter Seat, Rebecca smiled as she watched half the Wizengamot flee in fear while staring at Lucius Malfoy, who’s mouth was moving but no sound was coming out. Her father would laugh long and hard when she presented the memory to him later that night.




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