Harry's Island Realm

                                             Chapter 13  

Entering the great hall with a handful of invites to his home, Harry spotted his friends in deep discussion on what new items to add to the shop, which had been a rousing success so far and which items needed to be explained better to shoppers for them to sell. Deciding to deliver the invites to those who were new to his island first, he moved over to Greengrass and nodded at Tracy, “Miss Greengrass. May I have a moment of your time,” he said formally as the girl in question turned to him in slight shock. Handing over the invite he told her, “I will be hosting a small event at my home, if you chose to join us. Of course the same rules that Draco was informed of at the end of last term apply if you wish to accept the invitation.”

Opening the invitation, Daphne raised an eyebrow in shock, in her hands was one of the most coveted invites of the year. No the next few years she thought as she glanced around the crisp parchment to see the first four of Harry’s guests planning the next new thing to be released to the world. A bare two months after spending a few days at Potters mysterious estate they had become instant icons to the Magical world with the release of their inventions. Rumor had it that Draco had nearly tripled his trust vault in a bare few months. Nodding her head she smiled back at Harry, “I will talk it over with my parents, I am sure they will be open to me spending a day at your home. And thank you, Harry for thinking of me.”

Smiling at Daphne, Harry made his way over to Susan and Hannah and handed each of the girls one of the invites. “Miss Bones, Miss Abbot,” he told them as they accepted the parchment from him, “These are the official notice of an invitation to my home this summer. the day is listed and both of you will need to take a vow to not share any knowledge of where I live or anything you find out while with me that day. If your parents or guardians have any questions they may contact my Law Wizard, I do hope you can attend.”

“Thank you Harry,” Susan beamed up at Harry as he nodded and walked away. Putting her head next to Hannah’s, who was shocked and in awe, she whispered plans to her friend on what to wear and wondering what Harry’s house was like.

Spotting cousin Dora, he nodded at her with a smile when she caught his eye and nodded. He had handed her the invite two days before, hoping she would come so the adults would feel relaxed knowing someone older was with their daughters and nothing inappropriate could be insinuated.

Moving to the table with his friends, Harry handed each of them an invitation, this one different from the girls, “Guys,” he told them as he sat down, “inside is the invitation for a week long stay on my island. Though the second day of the stay, that Saturday, I have invited females of the species to join us,” he grinned at his choice of words, “so you will need to bring casual but comfortable clothes. Your invitations of course are for that Friday morning. Fred, George,” he looked at the twins, “Neither of you brought a plus one to the Halloween dinner, so I did not invite any girls that you might know,” seeing Fred open his mouth he smiled and made a shushing motion, “I have two more single day invitations, male or female, it does not matter to me who you bring as your plus one,” trailing off he added, “Well except for your brother Ron that is.” Smiling at the twins laughter he pushed over the last two invites and told them, “All you need to do is fill in the empty spot for your guests names and inform Grady of your chosen person, who will inform me.”

Stepping back from the table he told them, “Since classes are over for the year, I am leaving, so I won’t see you until you visit or when I stop by the shop to check on things or,” he looked at Neville and grinned, “Shop for plants for my gardens. Enjoy the train ride home. If you need to contact me for anything, get a hold of Grady and he will pass on the message to me and I will get back to you. I will see all of you in a couple of weeks, I have some interesting things planned for us.” Waving as he walked away, he quickly made his way to his classroom to leave.

Except, several professors were waiting for him by the door, tilting his head Harry asked, hoping the answer was no, “Is there something I can do for all of you before I leave?”

Being elected spokeswoman, Bathsheba handed over next years class schedule and Mr. Potter’s grades, “We are hoping to entice you to return next year. As you can see, we have found a way so you would only spend half of each day here during the week and you can spend the rest of the time at your estate. The second page of course has your grades.”

Flipping to the second page, Harry smiled at his test results, quite good overall. Spotting the reduced amount of what his tuition would be, he nodded to himself that it was reasonable. It did help that after Dumbledore was removed as headmaster the first thing the school did was refund a part of his tuition. “Tentatively, you understand,” he told them as they stared at him with hopeful expressions, “I can agree to this. But I need to check a few things first. I will have Rebecca contact you within a week with confirmation.” Seeing their smiles he told them, “Professors, I hope you have a good summer.” A few minutes later, he had entered the classroom he had commandeered for the year and walked up the steps to the private quarters and once the door was closed he traveled home.


“After we finish lunch,” Harry told Draco, Neville and the twins after they had stripped off their clothes in the Gazebo and folded them up, “We will be taking the boat out for a fly around the islands.”

“Wait,” Fred said quickly when Harry paused, “Your boat flies?”

Nodding and grinning, Harry replied, “Yes it does. And so far I’ve not taken it on long fights, but it is amazing. After that,” he paused before saying mysteriously, “It depends on what happens during our flight.” Starting up the stairs to the pool, he told them before walking past the pool and into the kitchen through the patio doors, “after you finish dropping your things off in your rooms, I’m going down to the gazebo, and down the stairs to the boat dock to ready the boat. I won’t be long and will be back in time for lunch that Mazy will have ready for us.”

“How many house elves came looking for a family, Harry?” Draco asked before Harry could rush away.

“Four,” Harry replied with a grin, “last month. It has made things so much easier, but they tell me I still need three or four more before they feel like they have things well handled. Mazy is in charge of the kitchens and if you need help with something call out for Bisby. Now, I will be back before you get unpacked, I just need to check that everything I need has been placed on the boat.”

Lunch finished and leftovers in the cold room thanks to Mazy, Harry and his friends walked down past the pool and past the gazebo and into the boat house. As they climbed into the boat and found a seat, he opened the doors and jumped on board and crossed the nose of the boat and swung down into the captains seat. “A rule you need to follow, while the boat is stable and will not tip over, do not lean over the side to much, as you can fall off. And that would be a very bad thing.” Touching a button with a rune for power on it, he smiled as the boat slid effortlessly out into the water. Touching another button next to it with the rune for air on it he grinned as the boat took to the air.

Whooping in delight, Harry grinned as the boat picked up speed and he turned the wheel so they were heading inland, over the woods and the barn, “Look smart guys. Count the cattle as we fly past, if there are not six out there munching away I will head back to the docks so we can find out what went wrong.” Pulling back on the speed throttle the boat slowed down and sailed calmly over the pasture and he heard the twins counting loudly, once they reached six and yelled out all accounted for he braced himself and with one hand on the throttle yelled, “Brace yourself.” Giving them to a three count he slammed the throttle forward and the boat lurched forward before slamming him back as it zoomed away. Laughing in glee at the wind rushing past his face he took them to near the top of the barrier done and slowed down to a near hover, slowly starting to circle in ever wider circles as he descended.

Noticing the other four had moved up next to and behind him, Harry told them, “This is the Potter estate, my island home. These five islands and the waters between them and inside the dome are my home.” Enjoying the silence of his companions, he lowered them down over the next twenty minutes until they could clearly see the structures on the other islands.

“What in Merlin’s name is that?” Draco asked as he pointed to the spire coming out of the water in front of them.

“The Spires of Atlantis,” Harry said softly. As he heard their gasps of shock he told them, “Non Magicals have myths about Atlantis and it sinking. Magicals have legends about Atlantis and it being destroyed, after being hidden. Potter’s, well we have books written by my ancestors going all the way back to the times of Atlantis. The hidden part of the legends are true, the destruction, not so much.”

“Not, so, much,” Draco said with a pause between each word as he stared at Harry as if he said something so very stupid.

Not as shocked as the others, Neville spotted a sprawling complex on one of the outer islands and asked, “Harry, what is that?” He asked as he pointed to the side and the complex of white sparkling buildings.

Moving to where Neville pointed, Harry pulled back on the throttles so the boats movement was stopped. Hovering above the shore of the island Harry gazed at the complex in question and told Neville, “My mum wrote that it was the Atlantean Royal Academy of Mage Craft. The wards, after all this time are still as strong as the day hundreds walked those paths. Mum found the way onto the grounds and it was within those halls she discovered the means to make me a Mage. It was also within those buildings mum found the dangers of being a Historical Inventor. Surrounded by lost and forgotten knowledge, her gift activated constantly. If it was not for my dad realizing what was happening and dragging her away, she could have died there from exhaustion. She wrote pages and pages of theories about why it happened and she finally decided that it was because she was not a Mage that she was so effected.”

“As much as I want to walk those halls,” Neville said as he gazed at the mythical academy longingly, “I am not about to endanger Harry,” he said as he looked at his shocked friends, “and our only way home just to sate my curiosity.”

“Agreed,” the twins said in unison.

Lowering the boat until it was a fraction of an inch above the water, Harry disengaged flight mode. As the boat bobbed in the water he turned and sat so he could look at his friends, “I brought you out here to show you some incredible history of our world and to make you an offer. Once I read in my mums book about the history of that island and what she hoped to one day bring back, I decided I would be rebuilding the order of Atlantean Mage's. And since the four of you passed the final test for me to be able to trust you completely, I brought you here to ask if you wish to be the first of those I will give the means to become a Mage.”

“You think we would refuse?” Draco asked incredulously as he saw Harry grin and shake his head no.

“I do have to ask and show you what is one of the possible prizes,” Harry pointed behind his friends at the island housing the Academy. Turning around and starting the boat moving towards the dock, he told them, “There is a downside to being a Mage when it was common knowledge you were not one to begin with. From my end I am willing to deal with the fallout when it becomes known I can give someone the power of a Mage, but you will have to think about what it means for you. You will do magic differently and you will end up like I was, bored while at Hogwarts.”

“But it will give us more time for our own projects and building our business,” Fred pointed out quickly.

“We can come up with an acceptable story to tell everyone when we go back to Hogwarts,” George told Harry as he turned and pointed to the island that was fading from sight, “But I for one want to walk those halls and learn from what we find there. Maybe,” he said as he turned to look at Harry with a gleam of excitement in his eyes, “We can find out where they went.”

Slowing down as he approached the boat shed, Harry pulled inside and quickly waved a hand to tie the boat up. Jumping out after everyone climbed onto the dock he said, “After dinner, I will bond you with the means to make you a Mage. Just remember that the girls show up tomorrow and you might have some issues with your magic picking up on your thoughts and acting.”

“Then,” Neville said as they walked through the Gazebo, “Why don’t we wait until tomorrow night after the girls have left. By waiting, the secret will not get out until the end of summer and the start of the new term.”

“Makes sense,” Harry nodded as he started up the stairs. Once he reached the pool deck he walked over to one of the lounge chairs and sat down.


“Good morning, young ladies,” Harry greeted the girls with a grin and noticed one guy with them and quickly added, “And gentleman.” Looking over at the young man the twins age he asked, “I assume you are either Fred or George’s plus one.”

Smiling Lee nodded and said, “Fred’s. Lee Jordon, honored to spend the day at your home and more than willing to submit to whatever vow is required.”

Nodding his head, Harry glanced over at Grady who told him, “we are waiting for two more to show up. One of them is Susan Bones the other George said he mentioned the possibility of him being his plus one.”

Nodding his head, Harry said, ”The oldest Weasley brother, Bill. A curse breaker just out of his apprenticeship and in consideration for Gringotts. Fred and George mentioned they truly hoped he would be able to come.” Seeing cousin Andromeda and Narcissa sitting in the corner he moved over and in a lower voice asked after greeting the two women, “Cousins. I hope there is not an issue that Draco needs to attend to?” as he looked at cousin Narcissa she smiled.

Smiling at Harry, Narcissa shook her head no and told him, “No, Andromeda and I will be heading to Paris, for a day of shopping once,” looking at Nymphadora and grinning evilly as the girl looked at her, “Cassiopeia has left.” Laughing softly as she called her niece by her middle name, she told her, “your reasonings as you asked to be not called by your first name were well thought out dear, so I will use your middle name which is still a good solid acceptable name in society. I thought your argument that until you made a name for yourself that demanded respect, your first name could cause those who are uncouth to think they can take liberties or assume you are not powerful, reasonable. Though I do agree with your mother, when you get back, we will teach you family magic, then if some ruffian thinks they can take liberties, they will be sadly in for a world of hurt.”

“And once your father makes the final cut for Law Wizard,” Andromeda said as she looked over at her daughter, “no one will dare make an assumption about you like that again.”

“Let me accept Dora’s vow now, so you can get on with your day then,” Harry offered as he held out his hand to Nymphadora. As she took it he told her with a grin, “Your full name will be used, so no faces please.”

Seeing Harry start to accept the vows of secrecy, Rebecca moved over to act as binder. Seeing both of them look at her she started, “Do you Nymphadora Cassiopeia Tonks, Swear upon the loss of your magic if you betray this vow, do you swear to keep the location of the Potter mansion and the means to get their secret, to divulge to no one, either through word, written or through memory or mind magic?” she asked as he held his wand above the to joined hands.

“I do,” Nymphadora said without wincing at her full name bing used.

“Do you Nymphadora Cassiopeia Tonks swear on the loss of your magic if you betray this vow, to vow to keep what you see hear and learn while at Potter Mansion secret, to be divulged to no one by word, written or through memory or mind magic, unless told by Harry James Potter you may divulge it?” Rebecca asked as she saw Andromeda and Narcissa looked quite pleased.

“I do,” Nymphadora repeated herself and saw Harry smile in sympathy at her.

“Do you Harry James Potter, accept this vow?” Rebecca asked formally.

“I so accept the vow and deem it true,” Harry said with a nod.

“I bind this vow,” Rebecca said as she tapped the clasped hands and watched as golden ropes appeared and sunk into both of their hands.

Having come into the room as the vow was given, Amelia frowned, she was not comfortable with the wording of the vow. Glancing at Grady and then his daughter who was also a Law wizard she decided not to voice her objections just yet. Watching as Susan rushed to Hannah's side and started chatting excitedly she moved to one side as Bill Weasley walked into the room and joined the line of those giving their vows to young Mr. Potter.

Spotting the uncomfortable looks on Amelia’s face, Andromeda glanced at Narcissa who nodded back and she said as they rose from their seats, “Dora dear, I will stop by on our way home to pick you up. Your aunt and I will discuss your summer training and give you your options as the three of us go out for supper.” Moving over to Amelia she lowered her voice, “You look uncomfortable. Young Harry did ensure nothing could be seen as improper, he has my Nymphadora as escort for the young ladies and Mr. Weasley for the young men.I can assure you they will be safe and nothing will be seen as improper.”

“That was the least of my worries,” Amelia admitted as she watched her niece take the vow.

“Ah,” Grady said as he entered the conversation. “Would it help if you knew that the Potter Manson is not within the jurisdiction of any of the ministries, it never has been and never will be.” Seeing her alarm he also told her, “It is also the most heavily warded place on this planet. If James and Lily had not been trapped in that cottage, they would still be alive as they could have escaped to the Potter Mansion and have been safe. Whoever cast the Fidelius trapped them in that cottage and with both the Potters and Sirius dead, only the secret keeper knows who the caster was.” Letting anger cloud his voice he spat out, “And that person is responsible for the deaths of James and Lilly, even though Voldemort cast the final blow, as when he attacked, they could not escape.”

“Another question I will have to pose to Dumbledore then before his trial,” Amelia sighed as she hoped he was not a party to the betrayal but in her heart knew he probably was, being a Dark Lord and all. Looking over at Susan talking to Hannah she called out, “Susan, have fun, I’ll see you tonight.”

After the adults left, except for Grady who held a long thin box, Harry told them, “We’ll be leaving in a second so gather anything you brought with you.” Walking over to Grady he glanced at the box and spotted the guild emblem before looking up at his Law Wizard and asked, “are these rings the Guild needs linked to the source?”

“Yes,” Grady replied with his voice low enough not to be overheard just like Harry’s. “If you can do so sometime in the next month,” he trailed off as Harry nodded and accepted the box.

“Bill, Lee, Ladies,” Harry said in a louder tone so he could be heard clearly as he faced the group that could be friends instead of acquaintances and pulled out his amulet, opening the doorway he told them, “If you would step through.”


“Today was more tiring than I thought it would be,” Draco said as he joined Harry on the terrace so they could watch the sunset.

As soon as Fred, George and Neville joined them, Harry got up and ducked into his bedroom to bring back the tray he had placed the four focuses on. Creating a table to place the tray on he faced his four friends and told them, “this is the last chance you have of backing out. Once I bind the gem of the Mage to you, there is no going back.”

Looking at the other three, Neville said, “I think I can speak for all of us, Harry, we are not going to back out. We discussed this earlier and have even come up with a vow we are willing to follow as a Mage, so we don’t go Evil. Notice I did not say dark.”

Nodding, Harry picked up the first of the foci and asked, “Who’s first?”

“I am,” Draco told him as he stood up and went over to where Harry was standing and knelt in front of him. “What do I need to do?”

“Hold out your dominant hand,” Harry told him as he looked down at Draco. Slipping the gem embedded with chains and rings onto Draco’s hand, he told him, “If you are going to make a vow before I bind this to you, you need to do it now.”

“I Draco Lucius Malfoy, hearby swear on my life and magic to obey the laws of Atlantis and hold myself as a guardian of magic. So I say, so I swear.”

“So witnessed,” Harry said as he touched Draco’s shoulder and deadened the nerves before waving his hand and flaying the skin and muscles of Draco’s hand open and as gemmed focus sunk into Draco’s flesh he pushed his magic into the wound, after adding a drop of his blood, “I bind the cuff of the Mage to your body and core,” weaving his magic around the wound he created, he willed it to close, making sure not a drop of blood was lost the whole time. Looking at Draco he told him, “Call up your magic and bind thyself with thou’s magic.”

Stepping back as Draco was engulfed in magic and started to glow, Harry went and picked up the next cuff and turned around and smiled while saying, “Next.”

Having placed the last of his friends in their beds to finish binding to the cuff of a Mage in peace, Harry moved back to the railing of the terrace outside his bedroom and gazed at the ocean as the sun started to sink below the waters. An illusion, he knew, as the planet rotated away from the sun, but it did look like the sun sank into the water. Reflecting back over the past few months and tonights surprising revelations as he bound his four friends as Mage's, he could not help but smile as he wondered what the rest of the summer and the new school year would bring.




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