Chapter 05

Neville sighed in relief when Harry popped out in front of him, “Merlin, Harry I was beginning to lose hope I would find you in time.”

Turning off the summoning crystal Harry turned to his friend who was still sweating nervously, “What’s wrong Neville?”

“The ministry is making trouble again for the twins,” Neville scowled as he sat down n the chair that suddenly appeared next to him. “I have them and their families hidden up at the manor for now, but I think you really need to talk to them.”

Frowning as his anger returned Harry pointed to one of the chairs, “What in Merlin’s name in going on now?”

Gulping, Neville sat quickly as he realized that Harry was not the fun loving uncle to his kids right now, but the destroyer of the most powerful dark lord in history. “I only found out this morning when the twins showed up that the Ministry has been putting pressure on them to reveal the secret to your location. The Ministry has gone as far as to create charges of treason in an attempt to exchange their release for your location, and at least one kidnapping attempt of Fred’s son by Auror’s this week.”

Rubbing his temples as he hissed in pain from the sudden headache Harry stared intently at Neville, “And what has the Ministry been doing to you and your family then Neville?”

Not about to lie to his friend Neville shook his head, “Nothing Harry. After all, as far as the rest of the world knows you only told the Twins you would be in touch with them as you left behind the cooling corpse of Riddle after you killed him and most of his loyal Death Eaters.”

Snorting Harry placed his hand over his closed eyes and sighed, “Time and time again the Wizarding world has to go and prove my point that they are all a bunch of morons.” Looking up at Neville he sighed; “Not an ounce of common sense among the lot of them. How in Merlin’s name do they figure the Twins have my location when my parting words were ‘don’t try to contact me, I’ll contact you when I am ready’ lead them to Fred and George knowing where I am?”

“Hey don’t hex the messenger,” Neville waved his hands in front of him. “I have no clue why those idiots do what they do.”

Calming down as he stared at one of his oldest friends Harry finally asked, “Has the Ministry been putting pressure on you or your family Neville?”

Shaking his head no Neville noticed movement in the distance, leaning forward he strained to see what the two dark dots actually were, “No Harry, not once has anyone from the Ministry even acted like they were the slightest bit suspicious of me or my family. Though I have never given anyone a reason to even think any of the newly introduced plants have anything to do with me other than I was contracted to raise and distribute them. I have been very careful on that.”

Shadow crossing over them Harry glanced up to see Banth circling, coming in for a landing. Smiling as Neville jumped slightly, even after all these years of experiencing Banth visiting Neville was still shocked at the sight of his dragon friend. He sat back rubbing his temples, “I guess I should meet with the twins as soon as possible then, maybe try to find out what is going on and how to deal with those idiots in the Ministry before I lose my temper and show them why it is not very wise to make me upset.”

Seeing the two blobs approaching resolve into people Neville sat back in surprise, “Hey Harry?” Seeing his best friend turn to look at him he pointed over Harry’s shoulder, “Mind telling me who they are? And where they came from?”

Glancing over his shoulder Harry was slightly surprise to see Naruto and if his memory served him right his teacher come over the top of the hill and past his garden. Sighing Harry looked back at Neville, “The young boy is someone who actually found a way to activate a potential portal and make it to Nexus while injured. He comes from a world where those with the ability to use Chakra, which is similar to magic, live side by side with mundane. These Ninja as they call themselves go as far as becoming a warrior society that protects the mundane.” Seeing the shock on his friend’s face he grinned, “They call themselves Shinobi.” Frowning as he looked back he mumbled out, “Naruto has actually had a worse childhood than I did and that is saying something.”

“Harry…” Neville leaned forward excitement building at the unsaid possibilities for his friend. “Does this mean what I think it means?”

“I have no clue Neville.” Harry chuckled as he watched the teacher jump back in surprise as Banth landed. “From what I can tell they manipulate energy through elemental alignment, whereas we manipulate it by will.” Standing up as the hyper bundle of energy headed his way he finished by saying, “I still have a lot more research to do to see if we are genetically compatible…but at least there is hope now for my searches.”

“Nexus-sama…Nexus Nii-san sama,” Naruto yelled out as he jumped so he could hug Harry.

Chuckling at the hyper bundle of energy hugging his abdomen for all he was worth Harry raised an eyebrow towards the teacher that had accompanied Naruto, “I thought there was still several hours left of class before Naruto would be released to come here?”

Bowing his head Iruka could feel the power radiating off of the Nexus lord, “Today was only half a day to give the students a long weekend break so they can enjoy the festival.”

Feeling Naruto flinch with hearing about the festival Harry had a good idea that the villagers were not kind to the blond during this so called festival, “I see.” Smiling at the imp who settled in his lap he looked back at Naruto's teacher, “So I assume Naruto will be spending the weekend here with me.” Feeling the excitement radiate off the hyper bundle he chuckled, “Well in that case he can get a head start on his lessons.”

Glancing up Naruto pouted slightly before hoping down at the chuckle he received, “If I have to.” Looking up slyly he grinned, “Are you going to teach me some super cool Jutsu?”

“Kids,” Harry shook his head with a grin at the others, “Always after the flashy stuff first.” Summoning the report on Naruto's sabotaged education with a wave of his hand he referred to it as he explained the new training schedule Naruto would follow. “Hawk masked Anbu will work with you before school on your physical skills, hand to hand combat along with Kunai and Shuriken. Part of the training he will give you is Chakra control and correcting the hand signs you were not taught correctly. You then will eat a good hearty breakfast with Hawk masked Anbu; he will also teach you how to cook. From there you will head to the academy to where your teacher here,” pointing at Iruka, “will help you learn to read.”

“Most of your troubles in school stem from not being able to read properly,” seeing the boy look down in shame Harry snapped his fingers to get his attention. “Do not feel bad about this Naruto, if the teachers had done their job in the first place you would have learned this important skill. They are the ones that should be shamed and punished not you.” Seeing Naruto was watching him he smiled, “Then you will come here, to my house, and be taught to use your mind by Banth. You will also learn potions and Herbology along with your main weapon.”

“My son will help you with Herbology in the beginning,” Neville grinned as he finally had a way to channel the imps energy into something other than bothering him all the time to bring him to Uncle Harry’s.

“Really,” Naruto looked up with hope on his face, maybe he would get a friend. “Your son will do that for me?”

Laughing Harry nodded his head, “Oh I can pretty much guarantee Terry will want to help you. He loves spending time here and working with the plants while digging in the dirt.” Seeing Iruka hide his shame at the pure hope on Naruto's face he finished the schedule, “You will eat supper here with me before going back home to practice on your own or do homework. But first,” Harry stood up, ‘We need to find you a new house and move the portal so you don’t spend an hour each way to get here.”

“Neville,” Harry glanced over his shoulder as he smiled at Naruto who was jumping up and down in excitement. “I’ll be home for supper, why don’t you bring the families along, we’ll talk after eating.”

“Sounds like a plan Harry,” Neville waved at the group, staying put to finish his drink before leaving.

“You need to burn off some of your energy Naruto,” smiling slyly at the teacher Harry chuckled, “Why don’t you race him back to the portal. I’ll meet you there.”

Nodding seriously Naruto took off yelling, “Come on Iruka-sensei.”


Naruto watched in awe as Nexus-sama traced around the gate with his finger, then to his shock he motioned for it to come forward with his hand…and it did. Not only that, it shrunk down to something that easily fit into Nexus-sama’s pocket, “So cool…”

Iruka of course thought it was more scary than cool.

Eyeing the rock wall of the cave to make sure he had removed the portal correctly, Harry nodded at a job well done before facing the other two. “Alright we might as well step to Konoha my way.” He had not even finished before Naruto had latched onto his arm with a grin, “Iruka, if you touch my arm so you are not left behind…”

Once the man had done as asked Harry teleported them back to the Hokage’s office. Looking around he smirked as he spotted several of the clan heads jaws practically drop to the floor in shock. “Greetings,” glancing around the room he noticed that only two of the people were not outright shocked, the head of the Hyuuga clan and the Hokage. Pulling out several slips of paper that he enlarged once they touched the Hokage’s desk Harry asked, “So…before I can get Naruto's training underway, we need to find him a house. It needs to have an area where he can train, and garden, with room for a greenhouse or two to grow the plants for his potions.” Facing the Hokage he waited for the man to catch up with what he was asking, “So where do we go to find out what is for sale?”

Glancing around the room Sarutobi chuckled at the expressions before contemplating the question, “Unfortunately the Namikaze compound was destroyed during the Kyuubi’s attack ten years ago as it would have been perfect for what you want.”

“So Naruto's father’s home is destroyed,” Harry mused as he felt Naruto stiffen up in shock next to him. “What about the land?”

“The land has not had anyone tend to it in ten years, but it is available.” Looking up at Harry, Sarutobi mused, “but it will take time to build something appropriate for Naruto-kun to live in.”

“That actually will be perfect,” Harry grinned, “I can build the house easily.”

Seeing the Hokage nod his head Hiashi stood up, “If you allow me Hokage-sama, I can escort Nexus-sama and young Naruto to the place Minato’s house once stood.”

Nodding in agreement as he looked over the papers that had been dropped on his desk, Sarutobi waved the man to go ahead, “Thank you Hiashi that will allow me to finish planning the new council with the rest of the clan heads. You already know what I plan to do from our talks last night…that is if you don’t mind Nexus-sama?”

“That’s fine,” Harry waved the man off as he tried to figure out the strange not blind man who had volunteered to guide them.

Thirty minutes later Harry stood staring at the broken wall and gate leading to Naruto's father’s property…Naruto's property now. Sending an overcharged repair charm at the gate and wall he nodded in satisfaction at seeing the pieces of gate flying back into place as the wall started to mend itself.

“Whoa,” Naruto stared at the stones jumping up and merging into the wall, “I need to learn to do that!”

“Maybe,” Harry glanced over at Naruto as he pushed open the gate. “I’m still not sure you can learn my type of manipulation fully.”

“Yeah…Yeah, I know I have to wait until I’m eleven to be tested,” Naruto did not sound in the least bit down about it as he walked up the path towards the large clearing.

Standing in the middle of a large field Harry slowly took in the area, “This will do nicely I think.” Pulling out his shrunken trunk he enlarged it, kneeling in front of it he dug around searching for the tent he had packed away a long time ago. Pulling it out he chuckled as he took in Naruto’s bug eyes along with the Hyuuga’s and Anbu’s shocked expressions. Re-shrinking his trunk and placing it back in his pocket Harry moved to one side and threw the tent on the ground while stepping back as the automatic charms unpacked and set up the tent.

Clapping his hands to get every ones attention Harry motioned for Naruto to come over, “Naruto, you can use this for the next couple of days while your new house is being built.”

Shuffling over to the tent Naruto gave Harry an unreadable expression before ducking his head under the flap. “AUGH…” screaming in shock he quickly jumped up and looked around the tent before walking around it all the while his face had an expression of pouting disbelief on it.

Hiashi wondering what was wrong with the tent walked over as Naruto was examing the outside, stopping every once in a while to poke the tent as if he did not believe it was real. Peaking inside the open flap he quickly righted himself, looking inside once more this time with his Byakugan active he shook his head in disbelief. This was not an illusion, what he was seeing was real.

Walking up to Nexus-sama, Naruto placed a hand tentatively on his arm to get his attention, pointing to the tent he tilted his head and asked, “Um, Nii-san…how come it is bigger on the inside than outside?”

Laughing as the Anbu squad fell all over themselves to look inside the tent Harry escorted Naruto inside. “Well once you start working with Banth on science, he might mention spatial dimensions and expansion,” seeing Naruto was cross eyed from the explanation he hugged him to his side as they entered the tent, “Because I have powerful Jutsu’s.” laughing silently at the serious expression on Naruto’s face as he nodded he pointed out several things, "This is the living room, and as you can see against that wall,” Harry pointed, “there is a kitchen.” Pointing to the two doors, “This model has two bedrooms, which are through those two doors.” Spotting the hawk masked Anbu checking out the kitchen he nudged Naruto towards the bedrooms, “Why don’t you check them out. Chose one to be your bedroom and the other can be where you study, for now. After that maybe Hawk and his squad will take you back to your old apartment and help you bring everything back here. While you’re gone I’m going to walk around the perimeter of your land and put up some special shields so you will be safe here.”

“As you wish Nexus-sama,” the Hawk masked Anbu member bowed his head after closing the refrigerator.

“Um…” Biting his lower lip Naruto thought about it before finally nodding slowly, “Okay Nii-san. But you won’t take long will you?”

“I would think about an hour,” Harry knew Naruto was still wondering if he would up and abandon him. “I should be back in plenty of time to build the Dojo before we have to go home tonight.” Smiling down at him, “I did not forget what this weekend is, or what usually happens. I will make sure your safe,” walking over to the tent flap Harry pointed to the red lever near the opening, “I want to show you something.”

Once Naruto was next to him Harry tapped the lever, “This is the locking mechanism for the tent. Not only will it lock the door, but the tent will become invisible, when that happens the tent flap becomes clear so you can see who is outside.” Tapping the lever once more he looked at Naruto who was staring intently at the lever, “If I am not back before you, then come inside by yourself and pull the lever. You’ll be safe then.”

Touching the lever as if making sure it was real Naruto nodded, “Okay.” Glancing over his shoulder he waved at the Anbu looking around, “Let’s get going, so I can go back to Nexus-sama’s house for supper.”

Chuckling as Naruto and his guards rushed out of the gate Harry picked up several handfuls of stones before taking out a small granite stake from his pocket. Touching one of the stones to the stake he replicated the ward stone with a thought; placing the new ward stake against the wall he used his magic to merge the two together. Smiling when the runic arrays spread around the gate post, quickly doing the opposite gate post just like the first Harry glanced over his shoulder at the white eyed Hyuuga who was following him. “When I first saw you I assumed you were blind,” glancing over his shoulder to see the confused expression on the man’s face he pointed to his own eyes.

Transfiguring another ward stake and merging it into the wall one hundred meters from the gate Harry decided to see if he could get some answers, he could always modify the man’s memory if it came to it. Stopping every one hundred meters to add one of the ward stakes to the wall he finally commented, “Then I thought you were using your Chakra to send out signals to see with. But now I have to wonder if you can’t see perfectly fine and there is some other reason for your eyes to be totally without color. Maybe you and your clan have one of the bloodline gifts this village is famous for.”

“Yes,” Hiashi watched as Nexus-sama did something special to the corner post before turning ninety degrees and staring into the distance. “If you look in the distance you can just make out the next corner post, it is the one covered in the flowering vines.”

“Ah,” Harry squinted as he spotted the post; it had to be almost a couple of Kilometers away, which was a good thing as it would give Naruto a lot of space.

Watching Nexus-sama create another one of what he called ward stakes and stick it in the ground, only to have it enlarge until it was a meter and a half high Hiashi got tired of the silence and decided to trade questions and answers, “My clans bloodline limit allows us to see almost a full three hundred and sixty degrees around us. We can also see through most solid objects and illusions.” Seeing the nod of acknowledgment he asked, “These posts you are creating and emplacing, what are their function?”

“Once all the ward stakes are tied together they will create a shield that will keep anyone from entering Naruto’s compound. The only way onto these lands will be through the gate and with Naruto’s permission,” Harry created another stake and flicked it into the soil where it grew into full size before moving on. “Why are you so interested in Naruto? Or is it me you are interested in?”

Watching the corner post pull itself back together after having the vines dissolve Hiashi finally thought of what to say, “Naruto, well Naruto never really registered to me. I never gave him much thought as the civilian side of the council tried to get him executed, I opposed every attempt not because I knew the boy, but because I knew Minato. And if he said the seal would jail the demon, then who was I to say otherwise.” Shrugging his shoulders he pointed to the next corner post in the distance, “I trusted Minato. I knew that if the boy needed to die for the demon to be killed Minato would have designed the seal that way…and I was right in my thinking it seems.”

Walking silently as he gathered his thoughts Hiashi stared at the sky, “Now that I know Naruto is Minato’s son I am ashamed. Looking at the boy it is as clear as day that he is a child of Minato, but as I said he never came to my attention as a person. Now though to alleviate my shameful actions I will do what I can for Naruto. It goes without saying I shall protect him and his secrets to the best of my ability unless they endanger my clan or Konoha.” Glancing over his shoulder at the glowing stakes he winced, the energy flowing through them hurt his eyes and he knew he would be blinded if he came across the posts when they hit full power with his Byakugan active. “As for my interest in you…frankly you scare me to my very soul. So I interact with you to lesson my fear.”

Glancing over his shoulder in surprise Harry nodded his head; he guessed he really should not be surprised, after all the ministry felt the same way. But the big difference was the Ministry had no intention of getting over their fear.

Waiting until the next corner post had been cleared and rebuilt Hiashi asked his question, “Why are you so interested in us? You spent hours learning about our biology…why?”

Grabbing several more handfuls of pebbles from the ground Harry frowned, three stakes successfully planted later he decided to answer truthfully. “I am the most powerful of my people, so much so I was practically worshipped before the war started. There was one of us that went as evil as one could, he was the most evil of my kind in several thousands of years. He killed my parents shortly after my first birthday in an attempt to kill me before I could threaten him, he failed to kill me. When he seemed to have been destroyed my people hailed me as a hero, they practically elevated me to godhood… they called me ‘The Boy Who Lived’ because I was the only one in all of history to survive a…” searching for a word that he would understand, “Jutsu that killed without fail if it touched you.”

Turning towards the forward wall Harry started planting the ward stakes on the last leg of the box. “What no one knew was that the Evil one had achieved what no other of my kind had, he had achieved immortality. When I had dispatched him as a baby all I really did was to destroy his body allowing him to survive as a spirit until he was strong enough to regain his body, which he did when I turned fifteen.” Shaking his head to clear the memory Harry sped up slightly, “To make a long story short, once he regained a body and restarted the war. I found out how he had anchored his soul to this plane, once I had, I ripped his immortality away from him and shredded his soul…ensuring he was truly dead and gone.”

Another stake planted and activated Harry sighed as he let go of the pain, “If they worshipped me before it was nothing compared to how I was treated after I finished the war.” Glancing at the wide eyed Hyuuga head, “I cannot be with my own kind because I can never be sure the person I am interested in is wanting to be with the true me or only with the image…the power…The Boy Who Destroys with a Thought.” Shaking his head sadly Harry merged the stake with the last corner and started the last section of the wall, “Because I am the Lord and Ruler of Nexus I have access to all the worlds and dimensions possible. I search for a world or dimension I can find someone to share my life with, someone who wants to be with me…me, not everything they think I am.”

“You think you will find what you are looking for here,” Hiashi was surprised at the revelation.

“Maybe,” Harry worked in silence for several long minutes. “I know that Naruto was powerful enough to breach the gates into my lands, activating a potential portal. And at his young age,” he found the tent was still visible so either Naruto was not back yet or he felt safe with his Anbu watchers. Shaking his head he knew there was no way Naruto was ready to feel safe with them. “He intrigued me when I found them in my lands, his situation enraged me.” Holding the last of the ward stakes Harry turned to face the Hyuuga, “You might want to turn so you face the clearing and cover your eyes with your arms. The energy that will be released when I activate the wards will most likely hurt you.”

Staggering as even his arm did not keep out the image of the energy dome as it snapped into place around and above them, taking to heart the words Nexus-sama told him as he recovered he bit down on the whimper of pain as he opened his mouth to ask, “I will keep our conversation from everyone. But what shall I tell the Hokage if he demands an answer, he is my leader?”

Shrugging his shoulders as he spotted Naruto trudging up the road, he along with most of the Anbu were weighted down with packages. “Tell him nothing. Not a single thing I have shared with you endangers Konoha, if he presses tell him to ask me himself.”

“Naruto,” Harry called out when the group got close to the gate. “Did you have things hidden somewhere else…maybe rob a store or three,” he chuckled out.

“Nii-san,” Naruto scolded before pointing to all the stuff being carried, “Ojiisan took me shopping.”

“I see,” Harry nodded, waving his hand he levitated all the packages out of the arms carrying them and gestured with his finger towards the tent, causing the Anbu to go still as their burdens relieved themselves from their arms and were delivered to the tent without their help.

No longer seeing spots Hiashi took a good look at Naruto and saw how happy he was, it practically radiated off the boy, “Naruto.” Calming himself he smiled gently when the boy faced him with a curious expression on his face, “The Hyuuga clan prides itself on our excellent Chakra control. I would like to help you by teaching you to control your Chakra.”

Glancing back at Hawk who nodded, Naruto moved closer to Harry, “Nii-san?” Seeing Harry smile and nod it was okay Naruto remembered his manors that Ojiisan had drilled into him but he never had a chance to use, “Thank you.”

“No, thank you for allowing me to help you,” Hiashi smiled at the grin that grew on Naruto’s face. Those simple words seemed to not only encourage but strengthen the boy, it left him thinking about his daughter and the fact he was doing the wrong thing to encourage her it seemed. “What time should I come by?”

Pulling a crumbled up piece of paper out of his pocket, Naruto screwed up his face as he smoothed it out to check on times again, “My training starts at six in the morning with breakfast and cooking lessons at eight sharp. We are going to start Monday with the schedule so I have a chance to catch up with learning to read this weekend.” He watched the man carefully when he said that to see if he would make fun of him.

“It is no fault of your own Naruto, I will be glad to have a word with your old teachers once Ibiki finishes with them, but I am afraid they will not be in a state to listen to me as they serve time in prison for their treason,” Hiashi smiled as Naruto relaxed, “I shall see you Monday at seven thirty. We shall see where you are in your chakra exercises and capacity before planning the best way for you to gain control over your Chakra.”

“Thank You,” Naruto bowed slightly holding back his excitement because someone else wanted to teach him.

Placing a hand on Naruto’s shoulder Harry looked down at him, “Naruto, since these are your lands and Hiashi is a guest here, the polite thing to do is to escort your guest to the gate when it is time for him to leave.”

Nodding seriously Naruto turned to face Hiashi and nervously looked up at him because he did not know what to do now.

Seeing Naruto’s dilemma Hiashi nodded at Harry before looking at Naruto, “Thank you for having me Naruto.”

Eyes wide as he tried to figure out what to do next Naruto opened the gate and bowed slightly, “Thank you for coming…and…thank you for teaching me.”

Stepping out through the gate Hiashi glanced over his shoulder at the pensive boy, “You did that properly Naruto, as if you had been doing it for years. Good job young one.”

Closing the gate Naruto’s grin as he stood up straighter could have lit up the night sky.






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