Chapter 10

Harry shook his head as he listened to Naruto's Jounin Sensei give the order to use everything possible to kill him. All over a stupid test. Seems he was not the only one who thought Kakashi had made a major blunder by the sounds of disbelief coming from the two others in the room.

"Hokage-sama," Hiashi sputtered out, eyes wide in disbelief. "No disrespect is meant...but are you sure it is wise to allow Kakashi to lead a Genin team so soon after being released from Anbu?"

Shaking his head sadly, Sarutobi winced as he watched Naruto kick Kakashi into one of the trees after using the flash flicker technique to instantly appear behind Kakashi. "I sometimes wonder myself," he told them as he tapped down the tobacco he finished putting in his pipe.

"Oh this is going to hurt," Harry chuckled as he watched Naruto unseal two shock sticks.

Eyes not leaving Kakashi, Naruto pulsed a small amount of chakra into the seals on both sides of his pants pocket. Catching the two thin metal rods released from the seals he flicked both wrists extending the rods with a click before channeling chakra into them. Smiling evilly he briefly crossed them causing them to spark as the electricity that was running through them arced.

"Oh shit," Kakashi muttered as he picked himself off the ground and winced in pain as he saw Naruto release some strange metal rods from seals. Kami above, Naruto was a Juggernaut; his skills were on the same level as his. Seeing the arcing across the two rods he quickly Shunshined out of the area, "Maybe I need to play with the other two for a while."

Sensing the direction his Sensei was going in Naruto twirled the twin shock sticks and slammed the two ends together shooting out a bolt of lightning about where he thought Kakashi would appear.

Danger senses kicking into overdrive Kakashi replaced himself with tree branch in the nick of time. Goggling as the branch was fried by lightning before it exploded he looked over his shoulder to see Naruto twirling those twin rods before touching the ends once more. "Son of a ..." Kakashi got out as he took off as if the hounds of hell were following him, because from his point of view they were.

Nodding his head after making his point Naruto smiled as he flickered away, he had a game of cat and mouse to continue after all.

"Hokage-sama," Hiashi pointed to the image on the wall in awe, "Those are not the skills of a Genin. Naruto is more skilled than most of our Chuunin."

Glancing over at the Ryuu, Sarutobi saw he was very pleased.

"And to think Naruto has yet to show his more dangerous skills," Harry smiled in pride. Watching Naruto take off after his Sensei he slowly shook his head, "Kakashi better not ignore his surroundings as Naruto just went into hunter mode."

Naruto looked at the unconscious Kunoichi want to be as he contemplated leaving her under the Genjutsu or not. Finally deciding she was supposed to be a teammate and one did not leave teammates behind he glanced at his shock stick with a grin. Checking the area to see if anyone was watching he shrugged before pushing the smallest amount of chakra possible into the rod and touching the pink haired harpies shoulder with it.


Holding back his chuckle as Sakura jumped up after being shocked he tilted his head to the side and looked at her blankly, "You do know you fell for one of the simplest Genjutsu's out there, right?"

"Naruto you Bastard," Sakura shouted in anger before falling over backwards to avoid the metal stick coming her way.

"Now if you are through giving our position away to the enemy," Naruto glared hatefully at her. "Fall back to the clearing; we're going to regroup there." Not waiting for her to acknowledge his orders he flickered towards where he sensed Sasuke and Kakashi fighting.

Crouching in the branches above the clearing where the two were fighting Naruto shook his head sadly as he watched the Uchiha lost in rage. His attacks were sloppy and obvious. Sighing as he watched Kakashi use the head hunter Jutsu on the Uchiha he had to wonder how in the name of Nii-san he even graduated. Twirling his shock sticks he grinned when Kakashi looked up and around frantically before using the Shunshin to retreat. Jumping to the ground he closed his eyes, reaching out with his senses to find Kakashi as he touched the shock sticks to the seals sealing them back inside the thigh seals on his pants.

"You're an idiot," Naruto knelt down and using wind chakra started to unbury his teammate.

"What do you know about it," Sasuke gritted his teeth in anger. Once again he was easily beaten, all that hard work did nothing.

Shrugging Naruto would have given up on his teammate, but orders were orders, "I know Sakura fell for the simplest Genjutsu around. I know the whole test is designed to separate us to see if we can overcome the lies inherent in the test to work together for the objective." Helping Sasuke out of the hole he backed the boy up until he hit his back against one of the trees.

"I know both of you are idiots for not staying around and helping me as I attacked Kakashi," Naruto gritted out as he focused his killing intent on the stuck up bastard. "After all, all Kakashi has to do is keep us from getting the bells, so there was no reason to go and hide like the two of you did."

"Idiot," Sasuke growled out as he tried to push back only to be stopped once more.

"After all Sasuke, Kakashi just has to destroy the bells for us to fail," Naruto backed up as he tilted his head after finding Kakashi approaching the clearing they started in. "All active Genin teams are comprised of 3 Genin and one Jounin Sensei...Always." Deciding on the best way to end this Naruto flickered away leaving behind a pissed off Uchiha.

Flickering behind Kakashi, Naruto activated the stunner array Nii-san had tattooed on his shoulder with a pulse of chakra and touched Kakashi on the back of the neck before he realized he was there. Grabbing the two bells, he grabbed onto his unconscious Sensei and flickered to the training area and started to tie Kakashi up to the training log.

Sarutobi let his pipe fall from his mouth as he stared at the image in shock. Naruto just took out an Anbu Captain without any problem, unbelievable. And according to Ryuu-sama, Naruto had not unleashed his true skills. Definitely Jounin material, but he needed Naruto where he was for now, so... Glancing at Naruto's file he noticed he only needed a few missions before he would automatically be promoted for merit. So if he promoted Naruto to Chuunin now and then to Jounin around the time of the Chuunin exams he would get the necessary leadership missions under his belt to be promoted to Jounin for merit. Nodding his head at his decision he signed and stamped the promotion, back dating it, now all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the fireworks.


Glancing up at Kakashi as he limped into his office late, Sarutobi smirked at him, Kakashi looked like he had been through a war and spit out...after being chewed up. "Now that Kakashi has graced us with his presence we can continue. Team six?"

"Team six did not pass Hokage-sama, in fact I recommend that the Kunoichi hopeful Kimi be stricken from the program. She is nothing but a fan girl that has no skills. After repeated attempts to wake her up to the life of a Shinobi of Konoha were met with derision on her part I failed them."

"I see," Sarutobi muttered as he glanced at the exhausted Kakashi. "Team seven?"

"Team Seven," Kakashi shuddered, "Passes."

Chuckling, the Third nodded as he made a notation before sitting back and folding his hands over the files. "Kurenai and Asuma already informed me their teams passed yesterday. For those of you that did not pass a team please have the evaluation reports on my desk by noon tomorrow, new teams status will be updated tomorrow and you will be free to start accepting missions. Dismissed."

Kakashi hesitated as the others left, looking up he coughed softly, "Hokage-sama if I may? I have several questions concerning my team that need clarification."

Pointing to the empty chair in front of his desk Sarutobi pulled his pipe out of his drawer and started to fill it. When he blew the first bit of smoke out after lighting it he nodded towards Kakashi, "Go ahead."

Deciding to go for it Kakashi waved his arms as he began, "I had to use every skill at my disposal to keep Naruto away from me. Not only that, but I could tell he was holding back. There is no way Naruto is a newly minted Genin." Seeing the Sandaime nod at him he stilled as he wondered if he was agreeing with him that Naruto was more than a Genin or that it was true he was a Genin. Falling into the chair with a grimace as his wounds protested he sighed uncomfortably, "Hokage-sama, Please...."

Seeing that Kakashi was truly troubled and figuring out he was questioning his skills the Third relaxed back into his chair deciding to tell a somewhat truthful version of Naruto's skills. "Naruto has not been a Genin for a long time now," grinning slyly as he moved the backdated promotion paperwork to one side he gave a quick glance at the bound after action reports he had been going back through that Naruto had handed in for the past two months. "Naruto is in fact a Chuunin nearing Jounin promotion due to merit assigned an undercover mission as a Genin to your team," looking out the window for a brief moment he shrugged.

"" Kakashi spit out as he tried to deal with two conflicting images, the one the reports he had read over on his new team and the actual real life facts of said member of...Wait a minute he thought. Sitting up stiffly he stared intently at the Hokage, "Sir, how is it possible for Naruto to have gained these skills if..."

"Two years ago young Naruto could not even read and had been sabotaged so badly you mean?" Sarutobi asked as he leaned his chair back and he relaxed. Seeing the nod he shrugged, "The Ryuu. He and his friends have the power to implant knowledge and skills directly into a person's mind. Not to mention Naruto has a stubborn streak greater than his father, that along with a deep seated desire to learn..." Pushing away the feelings of failure when it came to Minato's son he took comfort in the fact Naruto was getting the love and attention he deserved now.

"I see," Kakashi muttered as he thought about what he had been told.

"In all things you will treat Naruto as any other Genin until I tell you otherwise. Also, while not on out of village missions Naruto will still be taking on his weekly B-Rank mission for the Clans or Ibiki's department." Sarutobi grinned at the surprised look on Kakashi's face, "Secretly you are to groom him in the leadership skills needed for him making Jounin by the time the next Chunin exam comes along."

"Make no mistake Hattake," Harry told him sternly as he dropped the disillusion field he had wrapped around himself. "I will continue to train Naruto to ensure you or anyone else does not sabotage him ever again." Seeing the shocked look and fear cross the Jounin's face he nodded to Sarutobi, "for your sake I hope you take that warning to heart. It is the only one that will be given after all." Leaving this time, Harry disappeared from sight.


Sasuke did not notice that Kakashi had left; he was still staring at Naruto with an unreadable expression on his face as he ran over the test one more time in his mind. Naruto had shown not only skills he had never shown before but those two rods were like nothing seen or read about. A slip of memory danced in the front of his mind, the words of the Hokage yesterday played back once more and he took on a calculating expression as he asked Naruto a question that everyone ignored yesterday, "Naruto? Just how long have you been a Genin? You knew things about the test, the true test we were never taught by Iruka." Coming up with a plan to get the training he deserved he nodded, "And another thing. Now that we are team mates, where do you want to hold team meetings? Or maybe we should just trade off between your training grounds and mine."

Naruto stared at Sasuke for several minutes while watching Sakura out of the corner of his eye look at the two of them in shock. finally after the silence got to be a bit much he decided misdirection was called for while he tried to come up with an answer to the last question, "Well, I am older than most of all of the rest in the class."

Sakura grimaced as if in great pain as she whispered out, "You're not the dead last everyone thinks you are. You've not failed the graduation test three times have you?"

Shaking his head no, Naruto shrugged as he decided that if he let them use his training grounds every once in a while he would have a chance to inscribe the seal he and Stormryder had come up with. "Truthfully, I've only taken the graduation test once," looking back at Sasuke who was staring back at him, "I don't have a problem with trading off training grounds. The only thing is I have to let you through the wards around my place each time, otherwise...well the last trespasser that tripped the wards Nii-san placed around my clan estate died as the wards reacted to him."

Not understanding a thing Naruto said Sakura looked at him as if he had invented the words to confuse her on purpose, "Stop spouting off nonsense. Just tell us what time you're going to unlock the gate so Sasuke-kun can practice."

Ignoring his pink haired teammate Naruto flipped the band up covering his watch so he could check the time. He needed to get a move on so he could meet...

Breaking into Naruto's thoughts Sasuke demanded eager to start learning the blond's secrets, "How about now? Naruto, I believe your place is closer of the two. We can get in three or four hours of training at least."

"Tomorrow," Naruto shook his head no. "I've got plans that can't be pushed back," looking at the two and seeing the hint of anger in the Uchiha's features before it was carefully hidden he started to walk away. "See both of you tomorrow; hopefully Kakashi won't be several hours late again. If he is we can start our teamwork training early...Later."

Fuming at being brushed off, Sasuke watched the blond walk away before deciding if he would not train with him, he would at least spy on the blond. And maybe he would learn some of the techniques he had been denied.

Sakura bit the bottom of her lip as she tried to wrap her mind around the concept of a powerful and smart Naruto. It just boggled the mind that Naruto had been a Genin all along, she struggled with the image he portrayed during the past year or so and what she witnessed and was told. Seeing her Sasuke-kun trailing after Naruto, she decided she needed to follow along so she could help her true love spy on Naruto.

Shaking his head at the two idiots that thought they were following him unknown, Naruto pushed them to the back of his mind as he waved at the excited group of kids waiting in the orphanage play ground. "Hey guys, let's go over by the swings where we can sit down and talk." Hopping the small fence he led the way to the tree's and the swing sets. Sitting down, back against the pole he motioned for the group to sit down.

Sasuke stared at Naruto in confusion as the youngsters sat down around him; the eagerness that was pouring off the three of them was almost visible. Not understanding what the not idiot. Trying to figure out the blond he tilted his head sideways as he listened in. turning slightly with a frown on his face as the last member of his team, the useless fan-girl crouched down next to him, breaking a small stick as she did so. Throwing her a glare he almost missed the start of the conversation. After hearing Naruto say he was looking at adopting the orphans into his clan he once again became confused. Whatever Naruto was talking about he had never heard before, not only that, to be able to give another his bloodline limit was the stuff of fantasy...right?

Naruto smiled at the group of kids that were practically hanging on every word he spoke, "I know what it is like to live in one of the orphanages. Not only that I know just how painful it is when adults come to look for a son or daughter to adopt and their eyes pass over you as if you never existed." Shaking his head to get rid of the unwanted memories, he told himself that they were from the times before Nii-san. Now he had a family and...just what were those idiots up to back there he thought as he caught Sakura and Sasuke stomp through the underbrush. No stealth skills at all.

"So," Naruto stood up and smiled down at the young kids. "By joining my family, you will have to work hard to master some Shinobi skills because of the larger than normal chakra reserves you will receive when you blood bond to my clan. It is up to you to decide if you join the ninja ranks to use your skills, or you can just use them to protect the family."

One little boy looked up at Naruto with an almost worshipful awe in his eyes, "We would get our own room? A place we can keep our own stuff? Like...Like...Like real kids with families do?"

Hiding the wince Naruto knelt down so he could look the youngster in the eyes, "Yes Kinjero. If you join my clan you get everything real families have and more."

Kinjero felt this strange feeling in his chest as he jumped up and hugged Naruto around the legs. Looking over his shoulder as he started running to the orphanage he yelled out, "You Wait. Me get all my stuff."

Chuckling sadly, Naruto looked up at the sky to hide the start of tears. The youngster reminded him so much of himself back when he was four, saying a silent prayer of thanks to Nii-san he looked at the other kids looking back at him with hope on their faces. "Go on and get your things if you want to join Kinjero and come live with me and my family."

Sitting back on the swing, this time facing the forest Naruto gave the appearance to the world of a content young man lost in his thoughts. Knowing his team mates were in hearing range he let his voice carry to the idiots, "You know Uchiha I never will understand the avenger mentality. You spouted off about killing that man and rebuilding your clan," turning to stare directly at the hidden duo his eyes turned cold and hard. "I would have thought by rebuilding your clan now, by training up your new members you would realize how strong that makes you." Hearing the cries of excitement from behind him, Naruto stood up and ignored the two hiding for those that only wanted a little bit of love so they could blossom.


Lost in deep thought the last Uchiha never felt the blow that knocked him out.

Making sure his badge of office was still visible, Naruto slowly scanned the area for signs that someone had seen him knock out Sasuke. Not seeing anyone around and his senses telling him no one was near enough to discover what he did, he bent down and dragged his teammate up off the ground and slung him over one shoulder before flickering to Sasuke's apartment.

Glancing around the dreary mausoleum, Naruto realized Sasuke still lived in the clan heads house. The same house his parents were murdered in and where Sasuke had confronted his brother after the massacre. No wonder the idiot was such stick in the mud, how he could live with the ghosts of his parents all around him and stay at least part way sane was mind boggling.

Stripping his target Naruto let his eyes trail across the Uchiha's crotch and snickered, "Yeah right. If only the civilians could see the 'Great Uchiha' and how tiny it really is." Putting his instruments down on the table he brought over he let the snickers die down as he rolled the Uchiha brat over. "Nii-san..."

"You do realize that Sasuke is still only twelve?" shaking his head in amusement Harry sat down next to Sasuke on the bed. "Though with all the physical conditioning and exercise he does I would have thought he would have started puberty at least." Placing several healing potions on the table for Naruto's use he placed his hand on the back of Sasuke's head and sent a stunner through the boy to keep him deeply asleep.

Looking down at his preparations while unfolding the copy of the seal design he had drawn up with Stormryder's help. Propping it near the head of his subject Naruto took a deep breath and steeled himself for what he was about to do.

Cutting his finger, Naruto counted out let twelve drops of his blood into the vial holding the specially designed sealing ink he had brewed that morning. Swirling the liquid as he watched in detached satisfaction as the ink glowed a bright golden color before settling down to a steady glow he nodded to himself. Picking up the scalpel he quickly made an incision at the hairline of Sasuke's right ear and widening it to the other side of his head, ending at the left ear. Pouring the potion into the bleeding incision he watched in fascination as the bleeding stopped with a sizzle.

Pulling the skin back to expose the white skull Naruto quickly used one of the potion soaked gauze pads to dry the skull. Seeing Nii-san nod at him that he was doing fine he dipped his brush into the ink and started to draw the seal.

Twenty minutes later he stared at the finished runic array before glancing back at Harry, "It looks like it was drawn right. What do you think Nii-san? Should I power it up?"

Giving the design a critical once over Harry nodded his head, "Good job Naruto. I see you even took into account if something happened to you that your clan can control the seal. That way if you are out on a mission and Sasuke goes bat shit insane while in the village someone will be around that can take control of him." Sitting back he let his hands trail softly across the firm butt of the Uchiha boy, smirking at the thought of making the boy uncomfortable if he was awake.

Nodding his head then chuckling at the evil look crossing his Nii-san's face, Naruto placed a finger on the edge of the seal and channeled chakra into it. Satisfied as the seal glowed blue before seeping into the bone itself, "Well that's done. If Sasuke ever decides to go traitor I can turn off his mind and control him like a puppet." Glancing at his Nii-san as he cleaned up the area and pulled the skin back down so it could be healed, "you never know Nii-san. By that time he might be old enough to be trained as a boy toy. Then maybe you won't be so grouchy all the time."

Swinging his hand at the back of Naruto's head Harry chuckled as he let his finger trail along the incision, closing it with a mental Episky spell. "Careful Blondie, Keep that up and I'm telling Terry you're perving on your younger teammate."

Throwing his Nii-san a fearful look Naruto whispered out in horror, "Play nice Nii-san." Sighing he put all his tools away and rolled the Uchiha over and pulled the covers up over his nakedness, "I just want you to be happy you know."

Waving his hand causing the Furo lid to be pushed off, along with a wet towel leaving a trail of spots on the floor to the bedroom, Harry nodded his head in satisfaction as he modified Sasuke's memories as the wet towel landed on the futon. Nudging the wet towel into the covers he pulled Naruto close and Apparated back to the Namikaze compound.

"I know you mean well Naruto," Harry slid the door closed behind them as they stopped at the landing in front of the deep well like hole. "But you can't just throw people at me in the hopes I can find someone to have sex with. Most of the people here in Konoha are scared shitless of me, and while a little slap and tickle bondage might be fun. It's not my thing long term." Taking a step off the ledge Harry floated down the nine hundred feet to the compound entry; standing near the gateway he pulled Naruto into a hug. "Go get some rest; after all you've had a hard day with the blood bonding and all. Not to mention sealing the Uchiha just a little bit ago." Letting go he placed a kiss on Naruto's head, "I'll see you in a couple of days if not sooner.

"Night Nii-san," Naruto yawned back with a smile.






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