Chapter 12

"Bear," Sarutobi looked at the corner where the head of today's guard detail was positioned. "Go to Naruto's Apothecary and request one of his family members to come to the office please."

"Hokage-sama," Gai bowed his head. "My team requests that we be allowed to go rescue my Eternal Rivals youthful students form those un-youthful criminals."

Shaking his head at the Gai speak the eccentric Jounin used to volunteer to be one of the teams sent to help Naruto, Sarutobi started to shake his head no when the Hyuuga prodigy opened his mouth to agree with his Sensei, "Please allow us to go to Naruto-sama's aid Hokage-sama." Neji bowed his head, "I and the Hyuuga clan owe Naruto a debt that requires me to offer my services. Plus I like Naruto."

Sighing the Third sat down behind his desk, "Alright. Resupply and be back in twenty minutes or you will be left behind."

Nodding his head, Gai turned to his adorable students with a serious look on his face, "You have fifteen minutes to go home and grab your emergency packs along with the weapon scrolls Tenten provided each of you. Move out." With a swirl he was gone.

Team Gai left the room in such speed that the secretary would have sworn they used some new form of Sunshin.

Bear walked into the apothecary careful not to telegraph his battle readiness to the civilians who waited in line to purchase medicines. Moving up along the outside of the line to the counter he kept his movements respectful at all times so as not to cause a panic.

Miharu looked up as the bell above the door jingled signaling another person entering the shop. This morning had been more hectic than normal with all the people coming in with written prescriptions from the medics. It had been his idea after hearing Terry talk about how things were done in his world to suggest to Naruto to make up some forms that the medics could then give to their patients to bring here to the shop to get their potions directly. The medics and Doctors had jumped on the idea because they would not have to buy large quantities of potions in advance and run the risk of not using them before they went bad. Thus losing money in the long run. He had just not taken into account how many people would end up shopping in their store. He was going to need to ask Naruto to have the shop enlarged so they had more counter space to wait on customers.

"Hello honored grandmother," Miharu smiled gently as he never took his eyes off the masked Anbu member making his way through the crowd to the front towards him. "I will be with you in one moment Anbu-san." Looking down at the paper to give himself some time to think over what to do he smiled at the elderly woman as he glanced at the prescription and the money she placed on the counter, "If you would like to sit down and relax honored Grandmother, I will make sure the medicine is brought out to you by my sister."

Handing the prescription to Kimiko, Miharu smiled at the young girl who was beaming up at him because he was her big brother and he told a stranger she was his sister. It would take time before the novelty of having a family again wore off, if ever he thought as he gazed at the bear masked Anbu standing in front of the counter, "And what can I do for you Anbu Bear-san?"

"The Hokage requires the presence of a member of the Namikaze-Uzumaki clan in his office as soon as possible. Your clan leader has need of you."

Frowning, Miharu stared at the masked man for several moments, another thing being an orphan left them with was an intense distrust of strangers requesting their help. It invariably meant pain or heartbreak. "I doubt Naruto would thank me for endangering the clan while he is gone. You do know he is out of the village on a mission don't you? Anbu...san," he looked at the masked man critically , his expression one of disbelief.

"I did not know Naruto had left orders to seclude your clan," Hiashi who had seen the Anbu rush to the apothecary said as he made his presence known.

"Not in so many words," Miharu said slowly as he gestured to the masked man in front of the counter. "But, I don't know him. Or if his mask is real."

"True," Hiashi chuckled at the young one's distrust. "Maybe if Bear explains why you are needed it would put your mind at ease."

"The Hokage has ordered that a member of the clan to be brought to his office," Bear bristled at the distrust being shown to him. "And I will see that his orders are carried out," he growled out as his hand went towards his neck where the handle of his sword was hidden by his hair.

"STAND DOWN," Hiashi roared as he activated his Byakugan.

"ENOUGH," Neville raised his voice as he came from the back room where his son had been delivering todays stock. Glaring at the masked ninja he raised his glowing hand. "If you do not wish to spend the rest of your life as a mouse being hunted by all the cats around town you will explain yourself."

"Dad," Terry came out to see what all the shouting was about. Taking a look at the room and the masked man who Miharu was glaring at along with his father's pissed expression he flipped his hand up and cast, "Stupefy."

Hiashi eyebrows nearly disappeared in shock as the nephew of the celestial one shot some type of red energy bolt from the palm of his hand and the Anbu hit the wall and slid down without moving. It appeared he was unconscious. "I think..." staring into the eyes of the man that was the father of Naruto's friend he sighed. "Miharu, I will personally guarantee your safety. We should go to the Hokage's office to find our what has happened."

"We'll go with you," Neville said through clenched teeth. He wanted to correct his son for stunning the ninja, and yet he held his tongue, Terry knew these people better than he did after all. Hand on Miharu's shoulder Neville wagged his finger at the stunned ninja causing him to float behind them as they left the shop.

Ignoring the looks being sent their way, Neville stiffened when he saw the flash of movement on the roof across the way. Naruto had explained that Ninja used the roof tops as roadways while the civilians and off duty ninja traveled by street. Entering the central tower that housed the Hokage's office Neville and Terry ignored the shocked cries as people caught sight of the floating ninja.

Turning at the sound of the door being opened, Sarutobi smiled as the first youngster Naruto had blood bonded to his clan walked in, "Thank you for coming so quickly young Mih...aru..." trailing off as he spotted the two strangers that walked in with Miharu and the body of his trusted Anbu floating behind them, he hid his sigh. "I will find out why Bear is floating in the air later. Right now I need Miharu to turn the communication mirror into the doorway Naruto said it could be so I can send the reinforcements he needs to him."

Terry's head snapped around to pierce the old man with his stare while Miharu paled, "Naruto's in trouble?"

Before Sarutobi could answer young Miharu, Naruto's face was once again in the mirror and he smiled reassuringly as Naruto answered before he could, "I'm fine Miharu. Terry. And to make sure we stay that way I called for help." Spotting Neville off to one side as he took in the occupants of the room he greeted him by the nickname he had coined after the first lesson Terry's dad had given him without thinking about it, which caused all kinds of shivers to run through the group, "Master of Plants I greet thee."

"Naruto," Neville groaned as his son hid his smile. Then proving why he was Harry's second in command during the war he pierced the blond with a look that demanded answers, "What trouble did you discover? And are you sure that you only need the few people in this room as backup?" his hand encompassed the thirteen people in the room who looked like they were prepared for a fight.

Sighing, Naruto knew that look and shrugged, "They should be more than enough." Looking at his Herbology teacher in the eyes he let some of the rage and contempt he was feeling show, "The 'Client' lied to us. This mission should have been ranked as a 'B' or low 'A' rank. Not something suitable for a Genin team. In reality it could go as high as "S' rank."

"War..." Neville's hiss of displeasure silenced the already hushed room. "How in the name of Merlin's hairy bullocks do you think thirteen people are appropriate then?"

"He's an untrained thug that hires bandits to enforce his will," Naruto told him. He had to convince Neville he knew what he was doing. "The only reason why I say it could turn into an 'S' rank mission is because Gato has seized control of a whole country. We will be liberating it. He has two Missing Nin in his employ that we know about. One is Momochi Zabuza and the other I have no idea about, though they have shown an uncanny ability over ice."

"Ibiki will interrogate Gato to make sure we dismantle his empire and drain him dry of all resources. The hunter team will chase off or capture Zabuza and his accomplice. Or kill them if needed." Naruto nodded his head at the teams who stood up as he called on them. "The two Anbu teams will storm Gato's base, eliminating any all resistance while capturing Gato for Ibiki. And," spotting Team Gai he hid the smile he knew he would have trouble hiding when Kakashi saw who came to his rescue. "Team Gai along with Kakashi and his two Genin will deal with the bandits that are patrolling the towns and terrorizing the villagers. The best way to protect the client is to remove the threat. And charge him double for lying to us."

Waving his hand at the mirror Neville mumbled the enlarging charm under his breath. Once it was large enough for a person to walk through without ducking he motioned to Miharu while lowering his voice so only he could hear him, "You remember what order you need to touch the runes in?"

Moving fast for someone who was not a ninja, Miharu nodded as he touched the mirror while hiding what he was doing with his body. Arm moving over the surface of the mirror he quickly pushed his chakra into the nearly invisible spots to activate the portal. Stepping back when the mirror shimmered he sighed in relief when he felt Terry's arm around him. "It's open."

Neville had to hand it to these ninja, as soon as the mirror rippled and looked like a doorway they were through and the office was empty save for the five of them and the floating Anbu.

Sitting down in his chair, Sarutobi spared a glance at Bear who was floating to one side of the room where one of the other Anbu had pushed him. Packing his pipe to gain more time to order his thoughts he lit up and waited for the tobacco to hit his system before asking, "Now that Naruto has the help he needs, would someone mind telling me why Bear is floating and why he looks like he is dead?"


Seeing the questioning looks the client and his daughter was giving them, Kakashi stared at his two Genin in thought. He had watched as they tried to come to grips with Naruto's actions, and for the most part failing to come up with an explanation. Then again he knew Naruto was at Jounin level and even he was disturbed by Naruto's storming off into his tent in rage after ripping his shirt. At least he had not activated the protections Nexus-sama had woven into the tent as it was manufactured.

"Kakashi-sensei," Sakura hesitated before asking. "Naruto..." trailing off she quickly remembered Naruto not only was older than them, but had been a Genin while in the Academy, something unheard of as far as she knew. "Should we go check on Naruto?"

"No, I don't think that will be wise right now," Kakashi muttered as he tried to smile at his young Genin. "We should probably give him some time to calm down."

"Never fear my Eternal Rival, team Gai is here to save the day," Gai yelled as he jumped on the porch and stood in the doorway striking a pose.

"Gai?" Kakashi muttered in horror as he whipped around to face the door. He paled further when he spotted several teams of Anbu walking behind the head of the Torture and Interrogation department. The scared form of Ibiki set off a cold feeling that settled in his stomach. "Ibiki?"

When Kakashi approached him, Ibiki lowered his voice so Kakashi's team would not overhear them. "You screwed up Kakashi. Not only that, you now have several very important people that are pissed off at you wanting to talk to you."

Shivering at the tone that led to visions of torture, Kakashi ignored the visions of doom his brain was generating and asked, "Why the overkill with the backup?" correctly assuming that said teams were here as part of his mission.

"Your client lied," Ibiki growled out as glared at the pale bridge builder on the porch. "This mission is a High A class if not a true S class."

"WHAT," Kakashi added his own displeasure being directed to the bridge builder.

"You have new orders Kakashi," Naruto entered the conversation as he hooked his mask to the belt of his pants. "Team Gai along with your two Genin are to clear the village of Gato's thugs...Permanently. While you are doing that Ibiki and his Anbu will be taking care of Gato and his main base of thugs. The Hunter team will take care of the missing nin," glancing at the Hunter Team, Naruto pointed back the way they came. "Fifteen minutes walk due south. You will find a crater that used to be a lake, that was were we were ambushed."

Bowing their heads the hunter team jumped away. They knew their mission and would carry it out.

All the while Kakashi stared at his third student in shock. There on his breast, where the pocket he had ripped off in anger, there for all to see was the badge that proclaimed Naruto as the sixth Hokage. Mind shutting down as he just could not process what he was seeing he walked back to his team.

Staring at the bridge builder who was shifting from foot to foot, Naruto asked in a cold voice, "Where can we find Gato?"

"H...He has a private office in a warehouse on the other side of the island," Tazuna stammered as he felt as if he was looking into the eyes of death himself.

Ibiki nodded as he made several hand signs and walked towards the woods. The Anbu teams flickering from the clearing.

Sasuke stared at Naruto unable to keep the jealous hate filled glare off his face, ignoring the gibbering his pink haired team mate was doing as Naruto fixed his mask of office to his face. A mask that proclaimed to the world that he was the Sixth Hokage of Konohagakure.

"Gai...Kakashi...It's time," Naruto told them as he leapt backwards and disappeared into the trees.

Five minutes later Naruto stood on the roof of one of the buildings in the center of town as he watched Gai's team take down the roving bandit patrols. He noted with some satisfaction that they worked smoothly with teamwork that showed how well they had been trained. Glancing to Kakashi's team he winced as more times than not Kakashi had to jump in to save Sasuke because he was not paying attention or to keep the pink one from being killed when she froze at being confronted. Kakashi was not going to like the after action report from his point of view when the time came.

Seeing that things were well in hand, Naruto flickered to where the Anbu squads were dealing with the thugs on the other side of the island, arriving at the docks Ibiki had placed one of his beacons at so he could home in and join them for first hand intel. Reaching out and palming the beacon when he arrived, Naruto calmly walked down the dock towards the sounds of fighting. Hand flicking to the side without looking, the Kunai he had released found itself buried up to the hilt in the thugs forehead. A whispered word later the Kunai was back in his hand, clean as if it had never been used.

Gato watched the strange masked short guy walk through the bodies of his guards without looking down. At the same time the masked guy stepped over the bodies as if they were not there. As blood trickled down his face he continued to babble in fright, all his secrets spilling out of his mouth in fear.

Seeing Naruto walking towards them, Ibiki had to admit that the young man cast a frightening visage. The way he walked through all the death that was surrounding him without breaking stride or even acknowledging what was around him was awe inspiring."Hokage-sama," he bowed his head. "We should be finished here fifteen minutes from now."

"Masterfully done Ibiki," Naruto's voice changed by the mask to hide his identity bounced off the walls as he did not break stride. Glancing at the wealth showcased in the office he walked past the man and his prisoner. As he walked out the door he ordered, "Seize everything of value. We might as well be compensated for our work here tonight."

Standing on top of the warehouse, Naruto was soon joined by the captain of the hunter team he had released to deal with Zabuza. Without looking at the man he asked, "is it done?"

"Zabuza has been made ineffective Hokage-sama," the Hunter nin told him. "But there were complications that made it unwise to kill the missing nin. Instead he and his accomplice have been taken prisoner."

"Why," Naruto turned to face the hunter nin.

"Zabuza's accomplice is a Hyouton user," the hunter nin replied. "He is most likely the last of that bloodline."

"An interesting development," Naruto mused. "We'll send them back to Konoha through the mirror when you get them back to the bridge builders residence." Changing the subject as he watched the Anbu flit back and forth, using the Sunshin to carry away large objects he asked, "Do we by chance have a Yamanaka with us?"

"Two that I know of Hokage-sama. May I ask why?" The hunter nin inquired, wondering why that clan.

"I need them to walk the minds of Kakashi's Genin, Uchiha and Haruno, to remove all memory of me being the Sixth Hokage," Naruto told him as the first rays of dawn started to shimmer across the water in the distance.

"It will be done Hokage-sama," The Hunter nin told him before flickering away.

As dawn broke, Naruto sighed as he removed his mask and entered the clearing around the bridge builders house. Wave was free, and as the civilians woke up to start their day they would find their oppressors dead. The big question in his mind was would they be able to keep their freedom, or would the next thug that swam into town take them over once more. Sighing he glanced at Kakashi's still form, his teams sensei was radiating anger as the Yamanaka mind walked his two team mates.He might not like it but it was necessary if those two had a chance to grow as Shinobi.

Spotting Naruto walking into the camp, Kakashi strode over, "Naruto..."

"I'm sorry Kakashi, but those two can not keep their memories of me being the sixth Hokage," Naruto told him before he had a chance to try to change his mind.

"I..." nodding his head Kakashi had to agree. "I agree. Why?"

"Why what Kakashi?" Naruto asked when the Jounin hesitated.

"Why was I not informed of your true status?" Kakashi asked quietly.

"No one was supposed to know," Naruto turned to look the man in the face. "If it was not for the fact that you kept the change of mission level from me you would not have known in the fashion you found out. As it is when Nii-san finds out that you almost made me break my promise to him, well it is going to be very uncomfortable to be you for a while."

Wincing at the vision that warning brought to mind, Kakashi had to wonder if he would be spending time being chased by different pets in and around Konoha while transformed into some small rodent.

Naruto putting the fear of Nii-san into his team leader, smiled as he entered his tent to change. Only to stop and stare as piles upon piles of wealth overflowed his furniture and spilled on the floor. "Right now I don't want to know," he mumbled as he carefully made his way around the piles and into his bedroom and its hot shower that waited for him.

Stepping out of his tent now that he was clean and in new clothes, Naruto spotted Zabuza and his friend secured with chakra binding seals off to one side. But his eyes were on the people on the porch, the bridge builders family. Walking up to them he made his displeasure known. "You lied to us. A lie that could have gotten people hurt or even all of you killed. Without knowing the truth we sent the wrong people to protect you."

Looking at the ground in shame, Tazuna nodded slowly, "I know." Looking up at the imposing young man in front of him he explained, "It was all we could do to come up with the money for the C rank we hired you for. I...We did not know you sent children on C Rank missions."

"And it never crossed your mind to lay your cards on the table and make payments," Naruto's voice had gotten louder by the end.

Shaking his head no, Tazuna fell to his knees, "I'm sorry. All I can offer in my defense was that I was truly desperate. Without the bridge we as a people would have died if not worse." Head on the floorboard he told him, "I will make it up to you I promise."

Sighing as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, Naruto waved Gai over, "Gai and his team will spend a week here to make sure we did in fact get all the bandits and no one decides to try to move in when it comes out Gato is dead. Someone from Konoha will be by with the new mission payment amount and a schedule for repayment. Nothing that will knock you back down as you struggle to get back on your feet. But none the less you will be charged appropriately."

Walking away from the group, Naruto stopped in front of the prisoners and stared at them for several moments before coming to a decision. It was probably morally wrong on some level,but these two did attack them. "The two of you will be transfered back to Konoha and I would use the time spent waiting for me to interrogate both of you to think long and hard on how you can make yourselves useful to our village. After all your future comfort depends on how well you cooperate."

Zabuza said nothing as he watched the boy walk away. A boy that he had quickly noticed all the rest of the Ninja deferred too. He had no doubts that what they had been told was true, that as long as they had use they would be treated fairly. Glancing at Haku, a boy that he had taken in to be nothing but his tool to use, he decided it was time to rethink things. Especially since that boy had the power to turn water hot enough to burn.






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