Harry Escapes

By Wolfwalker

Chapter 03


Pulling away from the curb, Williams moved to the passenger seat and picked the mic off the dash and glanced at Mack. "Before we find someplace to switch, so you can make copies, I need to make a call." Switching frequencies to something only used during war time or terrorists’ attacks, he brought the mic to his mouth and clicked the button and said, "Dispatch, Sergeant Williams, emergent traffic. Code purple, connect me to the top."

"Hold one," dispatch came over the radio. After a few clicks and white noise a voice took over from dispatch and said, "Code Purple puts our forces on alert. Explain."

"I declare a division seven emergency," Williams replied without explaining, hoping against all hope it would work like the lad said. Hearing his division seven declaration being repeated with confusion he started to lose hope, at least until another voice overrode the first.

"Sergeant Williams, you are to meet up with and exchange vehicles at point alpha seven. Bring with you all copies of relevant evidence. Instruction on the final meeting location will be in the vehicle," the female voice said, making sure to enunciate properly. "Do you understand and comply?"

"What the bloody hell is Alpha Seven," Mack swore as turned a corner and entered the motorway.

Waving Mack quiet, Williams pushed the button on the mic and replied, "Understood and will comply."

"Gentlemen," the very proper female voice continued before Williams could shut the radio down. "WE are directing our forces to level two readiness."

Shutting off the radio with an unsteady hand, Williams looked at Mack and answered his question, "That was her Majesty." Taking a deep breath, he let it out slowly before telling Mack, "I need you to head towards Hyde Park Barracks. The only military base with more than six gates is Hyde Park. Alpha Seven refers to the gate number. Better yet," he said as he got up and moved next to Mack, "let’s trade off. That way you can start making copies of what we have so far and the lad’s explanation we got on tape. Things just got a little too real and the lad was spot on."

"Right," Mack said as he took his foot off the gas pedal and prepared to slide out of the way. "Just what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?"


"Albus," Arabella's head screamed out from the headmaster’s fireplace. Looking around she yelled louder, "Albus, get your wrinkled ass in here NOW."

"Arabella my dear," Albus said with a disappointed voice as he entered the office from his bedroom. "Such language, my dear."

"Shut it," Arabella ordered as she talked over Albus's disappointed act. "Harry was taken away by the Constabulary," seeing the confused look on his face she so wanted to growl at him. "The non-Magical Aurors you fool. They took him away and he was bleeding. His relatives," she sneered out the word, "were taken away in chains. Rumor around the neighborhood is the fat slob tried to kill Harry."

"I'm sure your..." Albus started to say before being interrupted once more.

"Shut it, Albus," Arabella wished she could do more than yell at the fool. "I've told you he was not treated right by those beastly people. But your bloody wards are more important than the boy’s health and safety. Well you've cocked it up right this time. It wasn't the locals who took him, it was Scotland Yard."

Grabbing his wand, Albus moved towards the fireplace, "Move to one side Arabella, I'm coming through."

"Not in those clothes Albus," Arabella sounded exasperated. "I've told you time and again you are seventy years out of date. Go towards the Constables dressed like that they will lock you in a mental hospital. Get near Scotland Yard like that and you'll be breaking the Statute," she huffed out.

"Arabella," Albus said her name fiercely as he drew himself up to his full height. "Move."

Shaking her head sadly, Arabella pulled her head out of the fireplace. Reaching up she removed the floo stone and pocketed it. Let the bastard find his own way she decided, she was through. Moving quickly through the house she started to pack everything that held any value to her or would lead to the Wizarding World. Glancing at her Kneazle's she told them, "We need to get out of here as quickly as we can. Help me pack up."

Throwing floo powder into his fireplace as he grumbled about headstrong women, Albus shouted out, "Figs Retreat." Jumping out of the fireplace as his trouser caught fire, he quickly swished his wand and vanished the flames. "What the..." he cursed as he tried again. Growling in rage at being disobeyed, he turned and ran from his office towards the front doors and the Apparation point near the gates.

Seeing Albus running through the school like a dragon was after him, Minerva stared in confusion before deciding to talk to Filius about his upcoming vacation.

Twenty long minutes later, Albus reached the Apparation point and with a crack disappeared from the castle’s grounds. A moment later he reappeared in an alley in Little Whinging near the police station. Deciding on a notice me not charm at the most, he waltzed in through the front doors and started to skim the minds of the officers working near the front desk. Frowning to himself as he picked up on the fact that the operation was handled by Scotland Yard with little and no input from the locals. Which they were quite disgruntled about. Wincing as he picked up thoughts from several individuals from Scotland Yard investigating the officers he had from time to time had to modify their memories, he finally found a person who knew who it was that took Harry away from the protections around his aunt’s home. Leaving the same way he came in, he quietly moved into the alley and Apparated towards London.

Appearing near the home of the Sergeant in charge, Albus walked across the street and knocked on the front door. When it was not answered, he asked a passing child, "Excuse me, do you happen to know if the Williams will be back soon?"

Looking up at the creepy hippy old man, Carl shook his head and rushed away, before the creepy old man could touch him in places his mother told him old man did.

Looking behind him when he heard the sound of wood hitting flesh, Albus tilted his head at the sight of several teens holding sticks. Eyes the sticks and expression on the youths’ faces he asked, "Is there a problem gentlemen?"

"Ya, ya there is," the middle teen said as he hit his cricket bat against his palm. "I have a problem with a dirty old man trying to entice me brother away."

"I assure you my dear boy," Albus said in his most grandfatherly voice. "I am not enticing your brother or anyone else. I was just asking if he knew when the Williams would RETURN," he ended up shouting the last as he ducked the swing of the piece of wood. "There is no need to be violent," he was quick to try to pacify the youth as he palmed the tip of his wand. Seeing the youth was not going to listen to reason he cast a silent petrify and let his anger at being attacked color his voice, "Such anger. No matter, you will not remember this encounter," he said as he pointed his wand tip at the youth, "Obliviate." A quick wave of his hand in the direction of the others had their memory of him removed as he stomped off in a snit. Moving out of sight, he Apparated once more, this time towards London.


After changing vehicles for the third time, Williams sighed as they passed along the last of the copies made from the original recordings. This whole scenario was starting to feel like a bad spy movie, with them as the spy's. Pulling away from the curb, he looked at Mack who was opening the envelope with their next destination. Seeing Mack staring at the page without moving he asked, "Where to now?"

"The Palace," Mack said carefully as he stared at the two lines in the middle of the white paper. "Gate four at nine thirty exactly."

Wincing as he looked at the dash clock, Williams pushed the accelerator down just a little bit more, creeping past the posted speed limit by five kilometers. It was going to be a close thing.

Twenty minutes later, Williams pulled the car up to the gate slowly. Senses on hyper alert, nerves frayed from playing this cat and mouse game all day. Who would have thought that by helping out a young child to get away from abusive guardians would end so nerve-racking. Getting out of the car after a flashlight practically blinded him, he took a moment to look around and spotted a strange old man to one side. Long gray beard nearly to his knees, who in this day and age let their beard go so long he thought as the man stepped towards him and his hand went towards his service weapon. He had been issued it this morning due to the Dursley male being a registered hunter.

"Ah, Mr. Williams," Albus smiled gently as he pushed off the wall. He was trying to catch the man’s eyes so he could read his mind to find out what he had done with Harry.

Eyes zeroing in on the old man holding something in his hand, Williams acted automatically. Before he realized it, he was on one knee, his weapon aimed at the old man’s chest, his finger already pulling the trigger.

Seeing the man, who had vital information and was to meet with the Queen go combat ready, the gate guard hit the alarm button and barked out, "Enemy combatant sighted." As he pulled up his M4 carbine and aimed at the old man he heard one of the soldier boys move past him and address the man.

"Albus Dumbledore," Mage Sergeant Caruthers said as he walked past the barrier. "Go back to your school. Being here breaks all treaties and can and will result in repercussions you are not prepared to accept."

"I can't do that Nathaniel," Albus said as he spotted one of his old students walk towards him. He was more than surprised to see the Muggleborn in an army uniform, he was slightly frightened at the implications. "That man has knowledge I need. He knows the whereabouts of one of my students. For my student’s safety, I need that information so I can see him returned to the protections of his family."

"Why you son of a bitch," Williams muttered as he consciously decided to fire and started to pull the trigger.

"Stand down Sergeant," Caruthers ordered as he spotted the Sergeant's finger moving out of the corner of his eye. Eyes never leaving Dumbledore's he ordered, "Squad One, Evac our principles. Englobe and escort them to the Queen. Her Majesty is waiting for their report." Not hearing movement behind him he barked out, "NOW."

"Now, Albus," Caruthers sneered before aiming his automatic weapon at the headmaster. "Before I report you to the Ministry and her Majesty calls for your head. Or calls for the treaty to be dissolved, LEAVE before I do something I will enjoy." Taking careful aim, eyes spearing the headmaster’s wand hand he took a breath and slowly let it out as he gently pulled back on the trigger.

"You don't know the damage you're causing Nathaniel." Albus pleaded as he saw his death in his former student’s eyes. "It is imperative for the greater good of our world that I find my student. His safety from dark forces of our world is paramount."

"Leave," Caruthers said softly as he was a hair breaths away from fully pulling the trigger of his weapon.

"You have doomed us all," Albus said before turning on the spot and Apparating away.

Moving his finger quickly off the trigger, Caruthers sighed as he lowered his weapon. Hopefully, Albus did not get eye to eye contact with Sergeant Williams. He of course knew who the student was, but Albus in his singular focus of only the Magical world being important, did not realize that Mr. Potter affected both worlds. More so the non-Magical world. Turning and walking back to the barrier he said without looking at the guard, "I remind you sir of the Official Secrets Act. What you witnessed and overheard falls under Section Ten of that act."

"Sir, yes sir," the Guard said with a crisp salute.

Slinging his rifle on his back, Caruthers slid into the front seat of the jeep and drove towards the palace.

Stopping outside an ornate door, the military escort said, "Sergeant..."

Smiling, Williams handed over his weapon butt first, "I know and I would never dream of taking a weapon into the room with her Majesty."

"Thank you sir," the man nodded as he accepted the weapon before motioning with his head for the door guards to open the doors. "She is waiting for you sir."

Trying his best to straighten his clothes and dust off imaginary dirt, Williams took a deep breath and walked through the doors. Spotting her Majesty sitting behind a desk in front of the far wall, he automatically gazed around the room, to assess for danger. Today has brought back more of his instincts from his time in the military than any confrontation with drug dealers he'd been in. Stopping near the desk he bowed and said, "Your Majesty."

Finishing reading through the report the Queen looked up and stared at the two men for a moment before saying, "Gentlemen. Imagine our surprise when we heard this morning the emergency radio come to life. We were further surprised by your declaration of a division seven emergency. Sit," she ordered as she pointed at the two chairs five feet from her desk, "explain just how you came to know that code phrase. Something only the Baron of Wiltshire should know."

"That is who we got the pass phrase from your Majesty," Williams said quickly as he sat down. Holding up the tape that started the whole thing he said, "Everything that happened, that brought us to this point, was recorded. If your Majesty has a video player nearby, you can see it unfold for yourself."

Raising her hand, the queen stared at the innocuous little black plastic shape in the Sergeant's hand before saying, "We wish to see for ourselves what has caused a breach of a treaty nearly five hundred years old."

"Of course Ma'am," a secretary said as she moved away from her desk in the corner and retrieved the tape from the Sergeant and took it to the wall cupboard. Opening it, she turned the television on and inserted the tape and hit the play button as she moved out of the way.

As she watched the tape, the queen's lips became thin in displeasure. The more she watched, the more she was enraged. Finally as the tape ended she looked at the two men and demanded, "And where pray tell, did you leave the Baron?"

"Outside the main branch of the Bank of England, your Majesty," Williams said quickly. "He stated it did not matter who we told as he would be gone, with no trace of his next leg of his journey in twenty minutes."

"We are most displeased," the Queen spat out as she looked at the blank screen on the television. Looking back at the two men she said calmly, "Gentlemen, your families are safe. We had them brought here, to the palace to assure that. Cindy will escort you to the wing of the palace they are staying at. In the morning, all of you shall be escorted to the airport, where you shall be taken to a cruise ship, where you will spend the next month enjoying yourselves without cost to yourselves. At the end of your vacation, you shall be able to pick up your lives seamlessly."

"Thank you, your Majesty," Williams said for both of them. Standing up at the obvious dismissal they followed the young lady out of the room.

Waiting until the two men had left the room, the Queen pushed a small button under her desk and waited. As the door opened and she saw her Mage walk in she asked, "That was Albus Dumbledore you confronted was it not?"

"It was Ma'am," Caruthers said with a bow.

"He has broken the treaty," the Queen said calmly belying her expression of rage.


Apparating away, Albus growled out in rage. Appearing near Hogwart’s wards, he worked hard to control himself. He had taken a calculated risk by staking out the palace. To find out that Muggleborns were actually enlisting and working for the Muggle Military was frightening, their whole world was in danger of discovery, if it had not been exposed to the Muggle government already. Turning and sending an overpowered Reducto towards the ground, he fumed as he controlled his breathing. He had not felt rage like this since the day he and Gellert had fought and his sister had died during the crossfire. A quick turn and he Apparated away towards Harry's friends. Surely he would contact them at some point, then he could collect him and bring him to safety.

Appearing a moment later outside the Granger residence, he walked up the walk and knocked on the door. When it was opened, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Granger, I am Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of your daughter’s school. I was hoping to have a word with your daughter, one of her friends has disappeared and I was hoping she might have some insight into where he would go."

Opening the door, Beth let the eccentric old man into her house and said, "This way Headmaster. We were just sitting down to watch the evening news." Opening the door to the den, she walked in and said to get her daughter’s attention, "Hermione, your headmaster is here to see you. Something about one of your friends being missing."

"Professor," Hermione said as she started to get up but froze and turned to stare at the television as the news report broke into the normal programing.

‘We interrupt your regularly programing to bring you this emergency breaking news.

In a surprising revelation of slavery and abuse. Scotland Yard performed a raid on a seemingly normal house in Little Whinging this afternoon. Inside they found evidence of years of abuse of a child that had been entrusted to his mother’s sister after her and her husband’s murder by a terrorist organization. This was not any normal child though, this child, who should not have ever been placed with his relatives, even if they were his mother’s sister, this child is none other than the Baron of Wiltshire. We must warn our viewers that the footage we are about to show you is violent and nauseating. The footage also contains the Young Baron himself stating for the record he will be leaving the Commonwealth to save his life. And upon reaching his majority of sixteen, will be dissolving his estate, title and lands. He states quite clearly his reasons for abandoning the land of his ancestors.’

"Miss Granger," Albus called out to get the young witch’s attention, away from that wonderful device of moving and speaking pictures. How wonderful what the Muggles can come up with to mimic magic he thought briefly.

"Harry," Hermione breathed out his name in horror as her suspicions played out in front of her.

"Merlin," Albus whispered in shock as he saw Mr. Potter, the student he was searching for on the moving picture box. As the story unfolded he whispered, "No," more as a plea than anything else.

Eyes glued to the picture, Albus paled as young Harry compared himself to bait in a power struggle between him and Tom.

Shaking in fright, Hermione proved why she had been sorted into Gryffindor as she practically flew off the floor as she rushed towards the phone. Knocking the receiver off the cradle she hit nine three times and shouted as she picked up a heavy paperweight, "The man who is in the news report right now, the headmaster of the Baron’s school is here. Send help," she screamed as she threw the paperweight and told her parents, "move. Get away from him before he does something to you."

"Miss Granger," Albus said firmly as he twisted out of the way of a heavy object being thrown his way as he pulled out his wand.

Seeing the headmaster’s wand, Hermione did the only thing she could think off she screamed as loud as she could so the police would hear, "HE’S GOT A GUN."

"Gun," Albus muttered softly as he glanced at his wand. Now why on earth would Miss Granger yell out he had a Muggle weapon. Hearing sirens in the distance growing louder, he picked up a voice from the small device near the wall. A voice telling someone that the intruder had a gun. Paling as he realized that constables were on the way and he was in danger of being caught he did the only thing he could, he Apparated out with a growl of frustration.

Grabbing her parents by the hand, Hermione ran towards the door, "We have got to get out of here in case he comes back.”

Appearing back near Hogwarts, Albus spat out in frustration, "How hard is it to track down one wayward student and return him home."




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