Harry Escapes

By Wolfwalker

Chapter 09


Harry Escapes

Rushed through the tunnels of the bank on two carts, Hermione's head was spinning as the fast pace of the roller coaster like ride turned her stomach. Her acrophobia reared its head violently as the cart made another sudden turn, to the right this time. Eyes closed she missed the flashes as they passed through tunnel interfaces as the cart jumped from one tunnel to the next. About to heave, she felt the cart stop and was wondering if it would look bad if she kissed the ground.

"This way," Gravelthorn said as he jumped out of the cart and moved towards the light on the other side of the arch they could see. Leading them into the lobby, he stopped near a tree that had been set up under a skylight near the doors, "You must make a vow to obey the laws of Arttia and honor and keep to the neutrality of the lands. The Enforcer of Peace shall accept your vow."

"Justin," Richard said with awe, "are those what I think they are?" he asked, careful not to insult another intelligent species by accident.

"If you mean a Quetzalcoatl, then yes," Justin said as he stared at the beautiful being out of myths.

"But they're not..." Hermione was interrupted before she could give insult.

Appearing in one of the transport circles, Harry said as he walked towards Gravelthorn, "I hope you were not just about to insult my friend by saying he is not real. Gravelthorn, you activated the emergency beacon. What is wrong?"

"Harry, mrphm, mrphm," Hermione tried to say as her mother’s hand covered her mouth and kept her from saying anything. Glaring at her mother when she looked up, she wilted when her mother hissed at her, "You forgot your promise already. You’re being terribly rude."

Following the finger pointed at the man next to Justin, Harry raised an eyebrow in inquisition before sneering, "Wow such observational skills, look, an adult human. Earth shaking and deserving of an emergency."

"Potter," Gravelthorn so wanted to laugh at Moneypincher's expression. "This one, Finch-Fletchly, brings news of paramount importance. The non-Magical Queen has declared the treaty broken. And knows the location of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and the Ministry. She is planning an attack on those locations."

"She, WHAT?!" Harry kept from yelling, only just, by several fractions of a decibel. Looking at Gravelthorn and then Justin who nodded, he groaned. "Great, just great. You are on your way to the nation’s council then?"

"Yes," Gravelthorn affirmed his assumption. "Then we will take matters to protect our tunnels and evacuate the city."

"Flys Brightly," Harry said as he turned to look at his companion, "Go tell Eldest One I need to speak with him. It is important. Have him meet me at the Heart of Magic’s home."

Looking at the Goblin next to Gravelthorn, Harry asked as he tried to think of what to do, "You are?"

"Moneypincher, Oh Prime Evil," Moneypincher bowed slightly as his mentor grinned.

Smirking, Harry made it obvious he was checking the Goblin out. Nodding his head he told Gravelthorn, "Well, so far, he is one up on you."

"How so?" Gravelthorn asked, even though he did not want to know the answer.

Evil smirk crossing his face, Harry told him as he pulled the pin back out of his collar, "He met me and is still standing." Seeing Gravelthorn’s scowl, his smile turned truly evil, "I can't wait to test him out." Pricking his finger and bringing up a drop of blood he looked at Justin and Hermione and their families. "Someone will escort you to the courtyard at my house. After you've made the vow. I have people to talk to about the shit the old hag is doing." Leaning over he rubbed the blood on a symbol and disappeared in a flash of light.

Looking at the place the prime evil had stood, Moneypincher groaned out, forgetting to switch out of English, "By the great Mowgli, I'm doomed. My ever living soul is doomed."

Laughing hysterically, Gravelthorn ordered, "You know the way to the Tlatoani's house, escort them Moneypincher." Entering the arch to the tunnel his laughter echoed off the walls as he boarded the cart and steered it to the lower tunnels.

Moving forward, Justin saw a bronze plaque just under the branches the Quetzalcoatl was resting on. Reading it through, he was surprised and as he looked up at the Quetzalcoatl and saw the deep intelligence reflected in its eyes he swallowed hard, not only was his magic at risk if he broke neutrality, the Quetzalcoatl could act as judge, jury and executioner. "I, Justin Finch-Fletchly, heir Finch-Fletchly do hereby swear on my magic the following, I will follow all laws of Arttia, I will leave the dark versus light, the black versus white, good versus evil at the wards’ boundary. Magic is magic and intent is what determines if it was used justly. I acknowledge the right of the Enforcers of Peace, the Quetzalcoatl to determine if my actions are neutral and if not, to enact my vow. So I have stated, so I intend, so mote it be." A flash of light surrounded him as he felt, something, settle into his chest.

"How could you," Hermione whispered in horror as she realized what Justin just did. "You could die if you break the vow."

"I could," Justin shrugged as he moved back so his father could take the vow on the plaque for the non-Magical. "But as I don't intend to break the law, or the neutrality of the lands, I won't be in any danger. And if you want to stay, you will be doing the same," he said as he looked at her stubborn face.

After the six had made their vows, the young female doing so reluctantly, Moneypincher motioned with a finger, "Follow me."


Flying at speeds just below causing a sonic boom, Eldest One took no time at all in traveling to the temple of Magic and zipping through the open doorway and entering the audience chamber. Hovering for a moment as he saw Harry sitting in the chair, he would have grinned if his facial expressions allowed as he saw Flys Brightly settle onto Harry’s shoulders, head on top of Harry's and his wings briefly extending before folding up. For a moment, he looked like one of the non-Magical kings of old, with their elaborate feather headdress they used to wear because they could not have the real thing, a companion from his people to help advise them. Settling his long coils under him in the branch filled sand pit, he asked, "Speaker, what emergency befalls us young king?"

"The queen of my old lands," Harry said as he changed a few descriptions so his explanation would be understood by Eldest One, "has declared the treaty with the magical people broken. She," he looked at Eldest One, "plans to attack a school full of children, the shopping district full of mothers and children and the government building of magical Britain. When she does that, she will incite a world war, with weapons that will destroy everything living."

"Do you wish her killed?" Eldest One asked as he took in the situation. That would be the simplest method, to kill everyone that knew the locations to the magical world. Seeing Harry work through the issue by the differing emotions on his face he waited for an answer as he planned how best to send some of his people to Harry's old lands.

"The wards will keep illness and disease away," Harry said after several minutes of silence. "But can they keep out dangerous radiation from the non-Magicals bombs?"

"You expect the non-Magicals to spread disease during their campaign of war?" Eldest One should not have been surprised, it had happened several times throughout history after all. "And explain what is radiation."

How to explain nuclear fallout Harry thought. "Radiation, is an energy that comes from an explosion of a bomb that is powered by harnessing the sun." He struggled to find an answer that would be understood. "While I think the shields will absorb the energy wave..."

"They will," Eldest One assured him with a nod.

"The energy brings with it a sickness, one that kills all it touches," Harry remembered the pictures in the history books of the bombing of Hiroshima. "It also, if it explodes on the ground, poisons the soils so nothing will grow there for thousands of years. Anything that touches the soil, even to fly over, will die from the leftover energy. And what is worse," he said as he looked at Eldest One, "When the bomb explodes on the ground, it lifts the now poisoned soil into the air and it is carried on the wind, falling hundreds of miles away from the original explosion, killing all the land and life it falls upon."

"That is a horror that should not be," Eldest One hissed in shock. "You think this queen will unleash this weapon on the Magicals of your old land?"

"She might, if she is lost to the lust of war," Harry sighed. "But it is not her I'm truly worried about. When she attacks and destroys the Magicals in her lands, the Magicals in other countries will attack back. And several of the larger lands, have those same weapons in larger numbers, and the Magicals ruling those non-Magical lands from the shadows…will order those weapons used. And other lands which have those weapons will detect they are being used and retaliate with their own. The world will die in fire and those that survive will die in agony as the world is plunged into darkness and fallout of thousands of years."

Horrified beyond words, Eldest One looked at several of his people who had come with him and shuddered. There was a way, but would the young king harden is heart to follow through, "There is a way to strengthen the wards. The reason why the Aztec people were so feared and stories carried their deeds to the world. Blood and ritual sacrifice to the Heart of Magic."

Remembering the history he learned in primary, Harry wanted to vomit. The ritual sacrifice of a young still beating heart, cut out of the chest and offered up to the gods, or in reality from what Eldest One was saying, the Heart of Magic. The question was, could he do it. Seeing the people going about their business in the city from his throne, the question became, could he not.

Looking at Dives Recklessly, Harry asked him, "Dives Recklessly, how is your English coming along?"

"Good," Dives Recklessly replied in English, "I be understood."

Nodding his head, Harry told him, "Go to the bank, tell one of the Goblins that it is imperative I speak with Gravelthorn and or one of the nation’s council so I can determine the best way to stop the queen before she does the unthinkable." As Dives Recklessly launched himself in the air and flew through the open door, he looked at Swift Wings and asked him, "Swift Wings, go to Alphonse, the healer from the forest you are friends with, tell him I have need for his advice." Holding up his hand, telling Swift Wings to wait, he told her, "Tell him to go by my house and bring back the people in the courtyard." Looking away from Eldest Ones face, he asked, "How many people can the lands protect?"


Walking around the courtyard, Hermione stopped to peak through the windows she came across to see what was inside Harry's home. He really did have a nice home she thought as she entered the backyard and came to a stop as she saw a much larger building that could be called a palace. Looking around, she saw the house Harry was using must be a guest house to the larger one. The question was, which was Harry's home. The one she saw was well used or the larger one in the back. Or both she thought as she looked through the window and spotted a study with a wall of books, books she was itching to run her fingers along.

"Hermione," Helen called as she went to find where her daughter had gone off to. Seeing her looking into a window, hands around her head as she had her face next to the glass, she sighed, she and Dan should have placed some limits on Hermione's curious nature. To think her daughter had fallen to peeping into people’s houses. "You know," she startled her daughter as she walked up to her, "that would see you arrested back home. Even if it was a friend’s house," looking into her daughter’s face she said harshly, "especially to a friend’s house you've never been to before."

"I wasn't hurting anything," Hermione told her mother in a whine. "I never even went in," she defended herself.

"I know you did not have any friends growing up," Helen sighed as she steered her daughter back to the side of the house and the courtyard. "But, still, I just don't understand where this rude side of you is coming from."

"I'm not rude," Hermione said factually, as she set a stubborn look on her face.

"Yes, yes you are," Justin said as he heard what Hermione said. "Especially to those you call friend. I and the rest of the Hufflepuffs could not believe that you acted that way."

Still smarting from the last time Justin confronted her, Hermione sat down, looked away, afraid to go with her first reaction of telling him to prove it. Because as she found out from last time, he most likely could and she would not like what he had to say.

Walking through the entry arch, Alphonse spotted the six right away, he said when the adults noticed him, "I am Healer Alphonse," they did not need to know his last name he decided. "The Tlatoani summons you, you are to present yourselves in the court chambers."

"Do you know why?" Richard asked as he stood up and brushed his shirt smooth.

"It is to ask you questions about what is happening in the outside lands as he makes a decision on what to do and," looking at Swift Wings for further explanations he nodded as she answered. And wasn't that a surprise he thought, he always assumed Swift Wings was male.

"The Speaker must make a decision on who to save, if any," Swift Wings startled everyone by saying her answer in English.

'Speaker, Tlatoani, just what was Harry involved in,' Hermione thought as she followed behind her parents, lost in thought. Breaking out of her thoughts as she looked around the city as they passed through she asked, "Healer Alphonse, where are we? This looks like one of those ancient dead cities I learned about in primary school."

"Hermione Jane Granger," Dan practically shouted in a scolding tone. "Can you be any more insulting. To call this obviously thriving magical city, dead."

"No insult taken, on my part," Alphonse said without looking back at the group. "We are at the base of the land where north meets south and the tip of the great Amazon jungles where the waters first start."

"But," Hermione said as she worried her lip, "The Amazon does not go that far north."

"And your previous school," Alphonse said in a soft tone, "Hogwarts, to the rest of the world it looked like the school it is, correct?"

"No," Hermione said in awe as it dawned on her. "You hid all this with magic, just like Hogwarts is."

"Yes," Alphonse replied as he neared the foot of the great staircase.

Looking up at the hundreds of stairs, Hermione sighed, this was not going to be fun she thought. A long climb later she and her parents walked up the final step onto the landing and she took a moment to look around, you could see for miles up here. And it was truly spectacular she thought. Almost being knocked down by a Goblin running past, she started to pay attention and walked into the building with everyone else, only to stop and stare in shock at Harry sitting on a throne of all things. And was that Goblin, did she have six breasts, her mind fixated on as it ground to a halt.

Looking up as Alphonse walked in, with him he spotted Hermione and Justin and what must have been their parents. "Alphonse, what do you know about nuclear fallout and ways to treat it?"

Shaking his head, Alphonse quickly dashed Harry's hopes. "There is no way to magically treat radiation poisoning. Legend tells of Arttia having wards that can protect those within from the angry fist of the sun, but the truth is?"

"I was afraid of that," Harry sighed as he looked at the Gold Dust and Gravelthorn. "Gold Dust, we will go with the initial part of your plan. How long will it take you to acquire the commodities?"

"Moments," Gold Dust replied as she lifted a mirror and said to the Goblin warrior on the other side, "Acquire the packages. Deliver them here, alive and in one piece."

"Gravelthorn," Harry said after nodding at Gold Dust, "connect us."

Moving over the large mirror on the wall, Gravelthorn attached a rune inscribed slate to the frame and started to push runes. Soon the mirror clouded up and when it cleared everyone could see the queen sitting behind a desk, talking to several people. Glancing over his shoulder at Potter he received a nod and activated the two-way function of the mirror and a chime was heard.

Seeing the non-Magical queen look around in shock, Harry growled out, "Elizabeth of Hanover, attend me."

"Who?" Elizabeth muttered as she looked around her office at the sound of the chime. When the words, from a child's voice echoed in the room she spotted one of the ornate mirrors cleared and she saw a child sitting on a throne with an elaborate headdress. "How dare you," she hissed out as she sat up proper and glared at the mirror.

"I dare," Harry hissed out as he stared angrily at the woman. "I dare because your actions will cause war to break out. Your actions will cause the death of six billion people. I dare, because as King of the Magical Americas, you bring war to my doorstep."

"Who the hell are you," Prime Minister Graham said in a growl as he stood up from his chair.

"I am," Harry said as he stood up and Flys Brightly extended his wings to halo his head to his shoulders, "I am the Potter of Potter, the Black of Black, the Ruler and King of the Magical Americas, I am the Tlatoani!" Looking at the old woman he said, "Find another way."

"Excuse me," Elizabeth stated not believing her ears.

"I did not stutter you old hag," Harry sneered as he glared at the woman. "A wizard crosses some invisible boundary, outside of your wall at the palace and in a fit you declare the treaty broken and prepare war on Magical kind. You have your troops target the Magical government in Britain, the shopping district, full of women and children and the largest Magical school on the Isles."

Taken aback at the boy’s words, Elizabeth narrowed her eyes and said coldly. "Baron Potter, you not only approach treason to the crown, you tread on it."

"I am not a Baron of your lands Hanover," Harry sneered. "I ordered those lands dissolved and sold. All connection I have to your lands is GONE. Half the Magical people of the world look to me for leadership and protection. Which means I will go to any length to protect my people and lands. And you will FIND ANOTHER WAY," he yelled out.

"No decision has been made, save declaring the treaty invalidated," Elizabeth said coldly.

"That man," Harry said as he pointed at the Prime Minster, "His actions say otherwise. He has drawn up plans of genocide. And when the rest of the Magical world finds out, war will be declared. Your people will die first, then the Magicals not protected. The world will be plunged into the dark ages."

"An age you are familiar with freak," Graham shouted as he tried to think of who leaked his plans.

Holding onto his temper, barely, Harry spat out, "We are talking, through mirrors, face to face, half a world away. I believe you call it video conferencing. Which you have yet to perfect. Magical kind have perfected video conferencing five hundred years ago. You travel from London to New York in under twelve hours. I can do so in three seconds. So don't you dare try to compare our worlds. We are nowhere near as backwards as you think, or assume because of the way some dress."

Moving back to his throne, Harry sat down and glared at Elizabeth. "You are under the impression the Magical races who share this planet, can do nothing against your modern weapons, you are wrong. You are under the impression, if you take out the Magicals in your lands, no one will find out or care, you are wrong. You know nothing about our world or culture and assume you are superior, you are wrong."

"Really," Graham sneered as he scoffed.

"The communist nations, they have half of all nuclear weapons the world currently has," Harry said chilling the people on the other side of the mirror. "Those countries are controlled, completely, by the Magical governments. When they find out you have attacked women and children in an attempt to wipe out Magical kind in your lands. They will order those missiles fired."

Silently fuming, because, Justin silenced her, Hermione turned in horror as she heard cries and pleading from outside. She looked at the two young boys in the cages and recognized the royal princes and wanted to faint.

Hearing the commotion, Harry pointed to a spot in front of his throne, "Place them here, so they can be seen."

"Grandmother," William shouted as she spotted his grandmother in the window.

"What have you done?" Elizabeth whispered in horror at seeing her grandsons caged, like some wild beasts.

"I have ensured you will listen to me," Harry said coldly. "Your Prime Minister has enacted a war that will kill six billion people. All because you threw a tantrum and declared a treaty broken. Because a wizard walked onto the outskirts of your property."

"He was not here to pass through," Elizabeth said angrily.

"I know why Dumbledore was there, and I know what he planned to do," Harry snapped out. "Instead of contacting the Magical government, to have him arrested, you instead planned genocide." Pointing at the pleading boys he said, "Let me tell you in detail what is going to happen if you ignore me. Your oldest grandson, will be controlled, he will know intimately everything he does, but will not be able to stop himself. He will carve the ritual symbols into his younger brother’s flesh. Symbols that will not allow him to go unconscious, ensuring he stays awake for the whole ritual. He will then flay the chest skin off his brother and slowly cut the ribs out of the way. Then he will yank out his brother’s still beating heart where it will be merged with the Heart of Magic, ensuring our Shields are strong enough to withstand the nuclear attack."

Seeing he had horrified everyone on the other side of the mirror and several people on this side, Harry leaned forward, "Blood magic has been practiced in the Americas for thousands of years. And it is the most powerful magic there is." Pointing at the boys he told her coldly, "In the chaos of the nuclear missiles being fired and landing, my people will take thousands from your lands, including all of your family. Every year one of you will be sacrificed the same way to power the shields on my lands. And we will make sure that the oldest of you, perform the sacrifice of the youngest." Leaning back in his chair, hands clasped together in a steeple he said, "And when we get through those of royal blood, we will start with the others we took. And." He said as he glared, "if nuclear winter sets in, those we took will breed like common livestock, so we have enough sacrifices so none of my people will be touched."

"Find...Another...Way," Harry said as he slammed his fist on the arm of his throne.

"We will find you," Graham hissed out in madness. "England does not bow down to terrorists. Kidnappers, royals or not, we will not give in," he spat out with spittle flying.

"You started it," Harry said calmly. Looking at Elizabeth, who was pale and looking like a fish out of water. "You call me a terrorist, I do the same to you. I never planned to destroy the world or commit genocide of several Magical races." Motioning with his hands as if pulling a book open, the mirror widened and he saw several more people in the room, several with red halos around them."

"What do you mean, call off the attack," Elizabeth whisper grew louder as she looked at her Prime Minster. "I never ordered it to begin!"

Moving so she could be seen, Gold Dust told her, "Your military aircraft took off from the shared US base in Germany two hours ago. They were fully loaded with what your people call bunker buster bombs. Copies of their orders were obtained by magical means and their targets are as follows: London, the British Ministry building, London, the Main shopping area. And the third aircraft has orders to take out the School in Scotland forty-eight hours later." Looking at Harry she told him, "Tlatoani, it seems that male knows of the Magical cultures automatic plan if there is an attack. All Magical residents will retreat to Hogwarts, and the safety of the wards, as has happened in the past. This last plane carries a nuclear device that the wards cannot withstand."

"Children, you BITCH," Harry spat out in contempt. "You plan to kill children. How does that make you any different than Hitler???"

"Call them OFF," Harry roared out in anger, hitting the arm of the throne gain, this time cutting himself and blood hit rune arrays. The wards above and surrounded the city changed to red and a magical wave exploded outward.

"Mister Prime Minister," Elizabeth growled out as she started to order, "Call back the planes."

"NO," Graham hissed out, madness evident in his eyes. "No, we finally can kill off those abominations and I'm taking it."

"Guards," Queen Elizabeth hissed out as she waved her hand at the Prime Minster.

"It won't do you any good," Graham laughed.

In a rage, Harry speared the three guards in the room that had a red aura surrounding them, "All Magical within the sound of my voice, HEAR ME. I am the Potter. I am the Black. Oaths given tied to blood obey me."

Harry watched as two of the guards clutched their chest and stumbled. Giving a nod he said, "By oaths given and bound by ties of blood I order you to take control of the Prime Minister."




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