Harry Escapes

By Wolfwalker

Chapter 10

"Imperio," Carl intoned as he felt his magic obey without his input.

"What the hell," Caruthers yelled as he pulled his wand and pointed it at Carl. Before he could do anything, he found himself disarmed, bound in ropes and unable to move.

Ignoring his boss, Carl ordered in a harsh voice, "Minister, contact the planes and tell them to abort, to return to base."

"I can't do that," Graham said in a toneless voice and glazed eyes. "The radios have been removed from the planes."

"Shit," Carl swore as he grimaced. There had to be a failsafe, there always was. He asked, "What is the failsafe for those planes?"

"There is none," Graham replied as he stared straight ahead without moving.

"Our pilots would not undertake a mission under those conditions," the Queen said as she stared at the Wizards with distrust. The vows they swore on their life and magic were so easily bypassed and she did not like that one bit.

Nodding his head, Carl asked, "Who is flying those planes if it is not British soldiers?"

"Jihadist from the East," Graham replied, he so wanted to smirk if he would have had the freedom to do so. "I planned to make sure no one could stop me, could stop the planes."

After listening to the interrogation, Harry went through several emotions rapidly; fear, anger, then fear before rage encompassed him again, leaning forward, his bloody hand activated several rune arrays on the throne as he growled out, "Those planes must be stopped. Shoot them down."

"Order the military to shoot the planes down Minister," Carl ordered as he scowled at the man. He never once thought the man would go so far as to attack his own people just to get to the Magicals.


As the Queen stared on in horror, her secretary pulled a gun and shot the Minister before he could finish reaching for the phone. As she watched her secretary start to point the gun under her chin she saw a red light hit her before she slumped to the ground.

"Has everyone gone crazy," Caruthers practically yelled out as he struggled in the conjured ropes.

"Heal him," Harry ordered as he jumped off his throne and approached the mirror.

"Sir," Carl said in confusion, "he's dead. Shot in the heart."

"Not quite," the head Unspeakable said as she Apparated into the room. Called by the alarms going off in her department and her vow pulling at her. Pulling her hood down, Augusta looked at the mirror and bowed her head as she greeted Harry, "Tlatoani, Lord of the Unspeakables, I heed your call. All my fellow Unspeakable leaders have heard your call to war and have acted to secure the governments, Magical or Mundane."

Looking at Carl she told him, "Watch and learn." Moving over to the fallen body of the minister, she pointed her wand at the bullet wound and mumbled the incantation to knit the skin and repair the blood vessels. "Crucio," she briefly cast causing the Minister's body to arch and his heart to start beating once more. The last thing she did before she stood up was to cut her finger and drip a drop of blood into the almost healed chest wound. "Blood. Blood of life obey me. By my will, your will obeys. Stand and obey."

"Blood magic is illegal," Caruthers hissed in shook as he stared at the Unspeakable in horror as the minister picked himself up off the ground and stood up and looked around.

"What??? How???" Graham questioned as he looked around and felt the hole in his shirt. Looking at his bloody fingers he sent a confused look at the Queen who was speechless with shock.

Moving in front of the minister, Augusta said, "By my Blood, Magic and Will, Obey my words."

"Yes Mistress," Graham said automatically as he bowed his head. "What is your will?"

"The planes that are on their way to attack the magical community, order their destruction," Augusta growled out as she reflected Harry's rage at the idea of an attack.

Moving to the phone, Graham ignored the queen as he picked up the phone and dialed a number. When it was answered he said, "Alpha, Foxtrot, Papa, Tango, Nine, Seven, Five. Three planes have been hijacked from Germany and are on their way to England. IFF codes November, Charlie, Foxtrot, Eight, Charlie, Two. They are terrorist controlled and fully armed with bunker buster and nuclear weapons. They are to be engaged and shot down before they reach our coastline General." Nodding his head when he got an acknowledgment he hung up the phone and said, "It is done. They shall shortly be found and shot down."

Tapping her wand on her arm, Augusta nodded her head as she lost her temper at the sputtering the man who was wrapped up in conjured ropes. "Oh, shut the hell up Caruthers. As an Unspeakable, all I have done is not only legal, but required. Or were you hoping war would break out?" Staring at the man she said, "You’re Muggleborn. So you should have felt the vow call for obedience," moving closer as she waved her wand in certain pattern around the man she shook her head sadly, "You never went to one of the magical schools, instead you were tutored by others. Most likely so you could avoid the vow you would have taken automatically by accepting sponsorship to one of the magical schools." Looking through the mirror at Potter she finished with, "And the Potter family sponsors all Muggleborns to Magical society, making them liege lord to all new bloods."

As Harry went back to the throne and sat down, he noticed other reflective surfaces on the walls light up and clear with a gray hooded person on the other end.

"Tlatoani, the United States Government, both Magical and Mundane are at your command." The man then removed his hood and stared in awe at Potter. Never once believing this day would come.

"Tlatoani," the gray robed figure removed his hood and bowed, "The Russian compact has been brought under your command."

"Tlatoani," a gray robed woman said with a bow, "The People’s Republic is now under control, I await your command."

Country after country reported in, each Unspeakable removing their hood and bowing to him, Harry looked at Eldest One with surprise in his expression.

"I, my people have no knowledge of this," Eldest One hissed as he shook his head. Looking at the mirrors he switched to English and asked, "How is it that the Tlatoani has warriors all over the world? As far as I know, all his people and the last Tlatoani died due to the plague brought to these lands by the Spanish."

"And that is why, Great One, that the guardians of the throne built a new order," the Spanish Unspeakable said with a bow. "Several teams of Guardians were in the European lands, hunting down a lead on the thief when the plague was unleashed. Knowing they could not return, and as one of their number fell into prophecy, they built anew. A new order of guardians, the Unspeakables, our mandate is to ensure the Magical world is policed. We ensure that no government goes rogue, killing off Magical kind. And above all, we have vowed..."

Augusta picked up the explanation, "On our magic and life, to heed the call of the Tlatoani whom we serve." Going to one knee she said with heartfelt glee, "My Magic, My Life, My Blood is yours to command."

Looking between the mirrors at all the kneeling people in gray, Harry did not know what to say.

Seeing Harry was shocked and almost on information overload, Justin looked at his father before moving towards Harry. Placing his wand near the foot of the throne, he went to one knee and said into a shocked face, "My Magic, My Life, My Blood, is yours to command Potter." Waving his arm behind him at all the mirrors he said, "Use me, my family and all of them to bring sanity and peace to the world." Looking into Potter’s eyes who was staring at him he told him, "The soul chilling feeling of fear as we were on the run, so we were not killed or worse, because of who we were was unbearable. You, right now have the power, even if you don't want it, to change things. Please..."

Looking at all the people kneeling in the room, Harry was torn. He had no idea what to do. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, he speared the female Goblin, Gold Dust with a stare as she moved away from the wall.

"Tlatoani, he who my people call the Prime Evil, hear me," Gold Dust said regally as she glanced at her slate with the Goblin council chamber on it. "The nation's troops await your orders."

"So many trust you Speaker," Eldest One told him with smile. "Trust in yourself. Hide our world until you feel comfortable with what you wish to see done."

Learning back in his chair, Harry nodded at Eldest One’s suggestion. "Hear me," he said after a minute of silence. "Our world is to remain hidden. Those in the Mundane world that know of us, if they have ties to our world need to be spelled not to betray us. If they have no ties, they need to have the memory of us removed. Those that must have knowledge of our world, they are to be blood bound. No exceptions." Looking at the Queen he hissed out in displeasure, "Hanover, a new deal will be brokered. A treaty if you will. Expect my agents shortly. Until then, your grandsons will remain here. They will be treated as guests as long as parole is given and followed." Waving his hand, Gold Dust disengage the mirrors.

Once he was alone, except those here in person he sighed as he saw the indignant expression on Hermione's face. "I don't want to hear it Granger. Your advice has not been asked for so I could care less if you agree with what I've done or not. Evidently, all of the magical world was depending on me to stop the madness. Not sure how that came about, but I'll deal with it later." Looking at Justin he shook his head, "Get up Justin, it seems you just joined the Guardians of the Throne. So I will have to find out who to send you to," he said with a frown.

Standing up and starting for the door, Harry said, "Alphonse, if I can impose on you, please find the Granger's and Justin's family houses." Stopping in the arch of the door he called out over his shoulder without looking back, "Gravelthorn. I'm in a pissy mood. I need some haggling to calm my nerves and to amuse me. You’re elected. Bring that virgin, Moneypincher, with you and come to my house. I have deals to make." Laughing evilly as he walked out he missed Gravelthorn falling to his knees in tears.

Moving to the kneeling Goblin, Gold Dust prayed for his soul, "May the great Mowgli protect your soul from the Prime Evil. Go my brave male, into the breach once more. May, Mowgli protect you."




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