Potter's conquer the Wizarding World

Chapter 10

 "Should we wait for Quirness to show up before starting?" Pomona asked as Professor Kettleburn settled into his chair with his favorite tea.

"No," Minerva said with a tight-lipped frown. "He will be replaced after the holidays with someone who is not afraid of his own shadow and can actually be understood by the students."

"Albus is not going to like that when he gets back," Poppy said, pointing out the drama that action would cause.

"Albus has no say," Minerva said as she looked at her colleagues. "Albus is no longer headmaster. Hogwarts itself has removed him for endangering the children."

"We are here to discuss the changes that will be enacted," Filius told the stunned group. "Including the syllabus."

"What's wrong with the way we teach our classes?" Bathsheba sounded affronted at the insinuation.

"Shall we start with your class and teaching methods, Bathsheba?" Severus growled out as his eyes flashed dangerously.

"There is nothing wrong with the way I teach or the curriculum I set, the Owl and Newt results will back me up," Bathsheba spat out in a growl.

"Really, dear," Pomona said from next to Filius. "So you see nothing wrong with berating a student and not even giving them a chance to defend themselves, instead, yelling at them to do things your way, or leave."

"That does seem to be counterproductive to finding out where the problem is and steering the student to the correct conclusions," Filius mused.

"Not when a first year has the audacity to think they can take an elective course and think they know more than they do," Bathsheba snapped out. "At least he had the common sense to leave, hopefully he got the idea Runes is not for him and does not try to come back as a third year."


"You stupid arrogant woman," Severus sneered out after Minerva slammed a book on the table. "Did it ever cross the minuscule thing you call a mind that he might have had a reason for why his interpretation differed from yours? During your descent into dunderhood, did you ever even think for once to try to let him explain his side?"

"Did you even bring up your objections that Mr. Potter was in your class to me," Minerva continued the attack on her colleague.

"Mr. Potter has in his possession a family heirloom that translates any written text," Filius said as he looked at Bathsheba as if she was something that needed to be removed from the bottom of his shoe.

"Rumors," Bathsheba scoffed. "Fanciful rumors, as I told Mr. Bainfield when he brought the story to me. As if there existed a way to use runes to create such a device."

"It exists, you stupid woman," Severus growled out as he sneered at the woman.

"Severus," Minerva scolded. "There is no point in repeated insults to Bathsheba. If you can't be creative enough to not repeat yourself, then it is a sad day indeed," she admonished her fellow head of house before turning to the Ancient Rune professor who looked betrayed. "The item does exist. We," she waved her hand at her fellow heads of house, "have used and tested it thoroughly. Including using it to translate my mother’s journal that is in old Gaelic."

"Mr. Potter was not driven out of your class by you dear," Pomona said driving the nail home. "He told Severus when he explained his side of the story and proved it through the use of his family heirloom, the only reason he took your class was to be taught how to draw and inscribe Runes. He wanted to be able to actually build some of the fantastic things his family could."

"Mr. Potter, accepted a tutor," Severus said with some glee. "One who will gear his lessons on what Mr. Potter actually wants to know."

"But," Bathsheba started to protest, only to be cut off.

"Mr. Potter does not trust adults, he has had ten years of training in the fact adults cannot be trusted," Filius said sadly.

"A failing I lay at Albus's feet, Filius," Minerva pointed out.

"What that means for you, you imbecilic woman," Severus sneered to hide the grin when Minerva gave him an approving nod. "Is that Mr. Potter now ranks you with all the adults in his life who are not to be trusted. Any chance you had to even see the translation glass in use, is now gone. Any chance you would have had to be known as the mentor to the one who brought back lost knowledge, is gone."

Being the best out of the four heads of house in drawing runes, Filius leaned over and quickly sketched into the top of the table the receiving rune. Moving a few feet away he quickly sketched the rune array that was in contention before asking, "So if we are to believe you, over the translation through the Potter family heirloom, this array will explode spectacularly, yes?"

"Filius," Bathsheba sounded panicked. "You'll kill us all, you fool."

"Fool am I?" Filius asked as he extended a finger to the section that Mr. Higgins pointed out. Touching it as Bathsheba screamed and jumped behind the chair, he stared at her as the receiving rune made a ringing sound.

Looking over the chair when nothing happened, Bathsheba stared in incomprehension as the bell was ringing from the flashing rune on the table. "But...But...That, is not possible."

"Only if that array is what you claim it is, not what Mr. Potter and his translation glass proved it to be," Filius said clearly. Moving around the chair and examining the rune cluster, Bathsheba spit out, "This is not possible. All recorded interactions with this runic array has caused it to explode."

Looking at the end of his finger, Filius said, "My finger does not look exploded to me."

Looking at Filius in exasperation, Bathsheba said slowly, "Every witch or wizard who tried to activate the rune, it EXPLODED ON THEM."

"And how often did the array 'explode' when someone pressed their finger on it?" Filius asked as he tried to steer her to the correct conclusion.

"Never," Bathsheba sounded scandalized. "You never, ever touch with your bare flesh an unknown runic array. And since we lost the knowledge of how to read the language..." she trailed off as their argument caught up to her.

"Ah, the shoe drops," Filius said as the Ancient Runes professor realized their point. "And the sad thing is, you will never have access to the device because of your treatment of Mr. Potter. One has to wonder how many other students have been so discouraged from learning, because you refuse to hear why they came to that conclusion."

"Or how many breakthroughs we have stifled, because it has always been done that way, or it is common knowledge that it is impossible," Minerva sighed.

"Mr. Potter, because of a complete breakdown on the parts of the head of houses, created his own timetable," Severus said as he steepled his fingers so he could look at them. "He also sat through every elective course Hogwarts offers, long enough to hear the course objectives." Looking at his colleagues who were nodding along that they had been visited by Mr. Potter, he shocked them, "It is telling that he only chose two of the electives as being worthy. Or the fact he only continues with one."

"I've found Mr. Potter to be insightful and his questions are eye opening," Professor Kettleburn said. As he glanced over to Bathsheba he said, "I too, after reading his first essay had concerns and questions on why he had come to the wrong conclusions. At first I thought it was my failing as a teacher, that he just did not grasp what I was trying to say." Putting his empty cup down he said, "When I discussed his essay with him, I learned that he was using references from his personal library. He was using books at least a thousand years old as references. Books that when I was allowed to examine them, I realized had more detailed knowledge on the creature being reported on than I even believed to exist. Including how best to breed for certain traits."

"Oh, my," Pomona whispered in awe. "I've not set any truly research worthy assignments yet. I have to wonder what Mr. Potter could bring to the potting table so to speak."

"I know Mr. Potter was teaching Mr. Longbottom a tree transplanting spell," Severus said with a shrug. "When Mr. Longbottom failed at it, he realized Mr. Longbottom had a mismatched wand."

"Does anyone know how extensive Mr. Potter's library is?" Filius asked in curiosity. Seeing Severus hesitate he turned to him and asked, "Severus? You know something?"

"Yes," Severus said slowly as he tried to decide if he should share or not. "If you really want to know, ask again after we have finished." That way he would only tell a select few that he knew could keep their mouths shut.

"Moving on," Minerva nodded her head at Severus. "Charity, the largest syllabus change next to history, will be to your class."

"Really, Minerva," Charity said snobbishly. "I don't see why. After all, the course, approved by the Ministry mind you, has served us well for near a hundred years."

"And that is the point," Minerva snapped back. "The course has not been updated in years. Tell me Charity," she asked as she back in her chair, "when was the last time you visited the Muggle world?"

"WHAT," Charity shouted in outrage. "Why should a pure blood lower themselves to actually step amongst those beasts."

"And you just proved our point," Severus hissed out with a glare at the woman. "As I have been told, and went to the Muggle world to see for myself, what you are teaching your students gives them an incorrect view of the Muggle world. Those that pass your course think they are prepared, and when they go into the Muggle world they are lucky they are not killed outright or potioned in a long term mental ward."

"You don't know what you are talking about Severus," Charity said snootily.

"I grew up in the Muggle world," Severus growled out as he clenched his hand around his wand. The urge to hex the witch was strong. "Tell me, oh so informed and fountain of knowledge on all things Muggle, when did the Muggles harness the power of the sun?"

Scoffing, Charity looked at Poppy and said, "Madam Pomfrey, you might want to examine our resident potion professor for brain damage, I'm afraid the fumes have gotten to him."

"Muggles harnessed the power of the sun in 1945," Filius sighed as he rubbed his temples to stave off the forming headache. He had thought Severus was overstating the problem when he had brought it up, but now it looked like he was understating it. "Muggles developed a weapon, something called an atomic bomb, that for a brief second harness the power of the sun, the explosion when that happens can destroy everything for miles, even through wards. The American Muggles have used the bomb twice during their war with Japan. Two bombs destroyed millions."

"No," Charity looked horrified.

"I have had to instruct my Ravenclaw's in the correct way to dress while in the Muggle world too many times," Filius sighed as he closed his eyes. "Minerva and I are the ones who do the Muggle born intakes. And the only reason Minerva can get away with what she wears, is due to her apparent age." Seeing Minerva's look, he shrugged. "I apologize Minerva, but while your dress is acceptable, because you look old, like someone’s grandmother, your dress is only acceptable for someone of a poorer station in life. Not one that would install prestige to an old venerated magical school like Hogwarts. Muggles from prestigious schools dress to impress, which your sadly out of date clothing choice does not."

"And you know this how?" Charity sneered at the half blood as she tried to keep what little pride she had left intact. "If this happened all that while ago, why was it never mentioned in History of Magic class?"

"That was our next problem child," Pomona said with a put-upon sigh. "Nothing is being taught in History past the late seventeen hundreds."

"Binn's will be removed by the end of the day," the Hat said from the shelf it had been watching and listening in to the meeting from.

Shocked, Charity, glanced up at the sound of the voice and blurted out, "What does the Sorting Hat have to do with anything?'

"I am the voice of Hogwarts," the Hat said with an angry swish of fabric. "Another one who refuses to read Hogwarts a History." The Hat said sarcastically. "As I said, Binn's will be removed by day’s end. Which leaves the problem of finding a suitable replacement. And for the Muggle Studies class, Hogwarts suggests finding a Muggle born that recently graduated to fill the role."

"You don't have the authority to fire me," Charity said as she rose form her chair. "Only the headmaster can fire me, for cause. I don't see a headmaster around, do you?" she glared at Minerva.

Pointing up at the Hat, Minerva smirked, "Charity, meet the headmaster. Hogwarts has taken back control."

"I'll take this to the board, they won't let you get away with this," Charity hissed in outrage.

"Be my guest," the Hat shrugged its fabric. "Not that it will do them any good. They have no say in the running of Hogwarts. Never have. I never understood why so many past Headmasters listened to the pompous bags of wind." Mouth rip surprisingly showing a frown, the Hat said, "Hogwarts is not controlled by any outside body. The founders when they set up the wards made sure if it. And because of actions of the previous Headmaster and his predecessor, Hogwarts has taken control, as the founders planned for, if it came to the students being endangered."

"Of course Hogwarts could do nothing for all the classes that have been discontinued that never should have been," the Hat said with an obvious scowl.

"We will revisit that later," Minerva said as she wiggled her finger at the Hat. Turning back to Charity she told her, "I want you out of the castle within an hour. It will be announced at breakfast that your class is canceled until the new term starts." Sighing she said, "Heavens forbid the seventh years graduate with the wrong ideas you put in their heads."

"It is hard enough to shove the correct information into their heads as it is," Severus sighed loudly.

"I was wondering," Aurora said after Charity stormed out. "Why Mr. Potter never showed up for my class. I never said anything because I assumed my class was left off on purpose to allow him to take elective courses, but..."

"I will ask him first thing in the morning," Minerva said before slumping, "I do hope it is because of an oversight and not because he finds the curriculum as something he had taken years ago like Arithmancy.'

"WHAT?" Septima Raised her voice as she sat up suddenly.

"Mr. Potter informed me," Severus sighed. Potter was becoming a headache inducing quality tonight. "That when he sat through your course outline, up to the Owls, he found it strange that Magical raised were so far behind in maths. Evidently Muggles teach what you do in the first two years of schooling in their schools. What you teach is something he learned three years ago."

"Oh shit," Septima muttered as she slumped back in her chair. "And here I thought he decided the class was too hard." Thinking about it she winced, "It would explain why most of the Muggle Born's seem to always be ahead of everyone else."

"All of you are looking at the revelations as dooming," the Sorting Hat said when the room became quiet in contemplation. "But, you should rather think of this as an opportunity to make a huge leap in innovation. For too long has the Wizarding World been satisfied with the status quo. No real innovation has happened in over one hundred years. And that, Hogwarts lays at Dumbledore's feet. He is the direct cause of Wizarding Society backsliding." Seeing angry expression on everyone’s face, the Hat knew he had done what was set out to do and went silent and still.

Seeing the Hat become inanimate, Minerva said, "We do have an opportunity here. As Kettleburn pointed out, Mr. Potter has access to knowledge thought lost, if we can keep his good will and buckle down and research with an open mind, just think of how far we can take our craft, if we build on what was lost."

"I suggest, that we use the Yule break to examine what we know to be and what we have always assumed was correct, to see if we can try to come to a different conclusion if we had access to another source, that on the surface disagrees with what we have always assumed to be true," Minerva said as she ended the meeting.

As the other professors headed out, Septima asked, "Minerva, do you think I can get a hold of the books Muggles use to teach their students?"

"I will see what I can do Septima," Minerva said with a nod. When it was only the four heads of house left, she looked at Severus and said, "You avoided answering Filius question earlier."

Nodding his head, Severus's next words shocked them all to their core. "From what Mr. Potter has described to me in passing, besides having access to the Potter place of power, which is rumored to be vast, knowledge of long lost spells, I believe he has custody of, through his mother, of the Library of Alexandria."


Looking over, Severus raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the Charms Master who had fallen off his chair.

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