Potter's conquer the Wizarding World

Chapter 11

  "Mr. Potter," Minerva called out as she entered what had become known as 'The Lounge'. Spotting Pomona at the table with the translation glass she said, "Pomona. Find anything earth shattering today?"

"Interesting, but not earth shattering as you call it," Pomona said from where she was taking notes of what she was reading. "It is giving me ideas though," she said as she looked up and glanced behind her at Minerva carrying a box.

"Mr. Potter," Minerva said as she approached him. "I have finished going through Albus's things. I have found several that I know belong to your family and now return them to you."

Rage, rage engulfed Harry at seeing what had been stolen in front of him. His magic became an oppressive pressure that nearly drove McGonagall to the floor.

Feeling an overwhelming angry magical wave press on her, Minerva grabbed the side table to keep from being pushed to the floor. It was if someone was using a sustained banisher on her from above.

The castle telling her the young master was in a rage, Dilly popped in and took a second to look around before moving in front of Harry and slamming her hands on her hips and in a scolding voice said loudly, "Young Master beings controlling his temper. Just look at poor Professor Kitty Kat, she beings lookings like she is drowning kitty kat."

Blinking several times as what Dilly said to him sank in, Harry let his rage go and giggled at the image Dilly scolding brought up.

"Young Master needings to be learning there is a time to bes angry," Dilly said in her best scolding voice. "Nows, is young Master going to bes a good young Master?" she asked as she wiggled her finger at him.

"It surprised me Dilly," Harry said with hurt in his voice. "And it makes me so angry that no one will punish those who stole from me."

"Dilly knows," she said softly as she relaxed her posture. "But young Master needs to be aware of hes allies and not bes punishing them at same time."

"I promise to try, but..." Harry stopped when the house elf placed a hand on his arm.

"Dilly knows. Dilly just asks young Master try," she said before popping away.

Looking sheepish at the two professors staring at him, Harry said, "I'm sorry professors for you getting caught up when my magic spills over."

"Quite alright Mr. Potter," Minerva said carefully. Merlin the power the boy radiated when angry was like nothing she had ever felt or heard of. "Just do your best at directing into a single direction." Seeing him tilt his head in thought, she picked up the box and brought it over to where he was sitting. "I just don't know what that man was thinking, to take these from your home like he did."

Looking into the box at a silvery cloak, a black wand on top, several spinning silvery things and a vial of blood, Harry clamped down on his anger before it manifested again. "Do you know the house elves call him, 'Thieving Greybeard'," Harry asked through gritted teeth as he stared at the vial of blood. He had been warned that so many evil things could be done with his blood. And that thief had taken his!

Feeling the pressure start to form, Minerva cleared her throat and loudly called out, "Mr. Potter!" feeling relief when he seemed to draw in the magic, she pulled a chair over with a flick of her wand and sat down. Looking at him she said, "I don't want to anger you with my questions. Or seem to be giving input where it is not wanted," she said. Seeing him nod slowly she said, "I noticed you did not add your name to the list of those staying for Yule." Another nod so she said, "Now that Albus is no longer at Hogwarts, and the stone either, you are quite safe under Hogwart’s wards. But once you leave the wards, and during the trip back to London, you are vulnerable."

"True," Harry admitted before saying, "but I have things I need to do. And I can't do that stuck way out here."

"Maybe we can help," Pomona said as she gathered her papers.

"I have some papers that need to be filed with the department of law enforcement," Harry said carefully. "And I have some shopping I need to do in Muggle London. I have to go to Gringotts bank, to my vault and I wanted to check with a couple of the shops to see if they can order in what I want." Sighing he said, "It would be so much easier if the Wizarding World had a garden center or a grocers."

"I notice you don't eat much when and if you visit the Great Hall for meals," Pomona said when she saw Minerva start to say something. "You'll be happy to note, that with Albus gone, the food served is now potion free. So you don't have to be as careful as you've been."

"I see," Harry said emotionlessly. He fell back on what one of his ancestors had written in a note. Do not show anyone that you do not know what is being talked about. Instead show no emotion and give monosyllabic answers if you have to. Deciding to think about what he had been told, later, he said, "The biggest reason why I don't eat with the others, is I am just now able to eat full normal-sized portions. I was not fed very often or much when I lived with those monsters.

"I swear," Minerva cursed. "If Albus was here I would grab that beard of his and swing his head into the wall, a couple of times, to knock some sense into him."

"So you were not planning on going back to your Muggle relatives then Mr. Potter," Pomona ignored the muttered threats Minerva was spouting in Gaelic.

"Never," Harry replied with some heat. "I have..." pausing and changing what he was going to say, "different arrangements for living now."

"I would be willing to escort Mr. Potter to the garden center, Minerva," Pomona said with excitement. "I would be interested in experiencing such a place."

"And I will be willing to escort you to and from Gringotts and the Ministry," Minerva said with a nod. "As for the other places you wish to go, I believe it can be arranged with a few hours’ notice easily enough."

Frowning in thought, because he did want to find a spot to set up his tent near his family's manor, hidden so he could spend the summer going through the ruins to see what could be salvaged, he was hoping to find the ward stones and re-activate them. Shrugging, because the grounds would be snow covered which was a severe minus in his mind, yet, this time of the year, with the trees losing all their leaves and the ground being barren, it would have been the best time to find a good spot to camp. But to stay here, well, he thought, it was not like he was going to spend much of any time in his tent while camping, he planned to stay on the tropical island his portal led to.

Looking at the two professors with a calculating look, he finally said, "I might be convinced to remain, with the understanding I most likely will be absent from the main part of the castle, except when I have my errands to run. That is the only time you will see me, or even know I am in the castle."

Looking over at the space the house elf had left from, Minerva slowly nodded. "Hopefully, steps can be taken to marginalize Albus during the Yule break." Glancing at Pomona who nodded at her, she said, "Acceptable Mr. Potter, after all it is your holiday too. We, the staff just want to assure ourselves that you are protected, since we know there is a problem that could impact your safety. I plan to use the Yule break to ensure your freedom of movement is not hindered in the future."

"Agreed then," Harry said with a small grin. "Then may I suggest, that right after the train leaves in the morning, would be the best time to go to Gringotts and the Ministry."

"And I would be willing to take you to London the day after," Pomona said with a smile sent towards Harry. "If we get your major shopping out of the way up front, that will leave time for you to organize later excursions once you know what you still need to purchase."

"Thank you Professor," Harry told her as he collected his belongings. "I best be off, I have a few last minute items to research before morning."

"Is it a good idea for Mr. Potter to isolate himself in his rooms during the holiday, Minerva?" Pomona asked, worried for the young man.

"I'm beginning to think that Mr. Potter has a means to leave Hogwarts anytime he wishes," Minerva said slowly as clues started to add up.

"Why do you say that?" Pomona asked as they walked out of the Lounge and started for the great hall.

"He truly was not bothered by changing his plans at the last minute," Minerva said as they approached the steps. "As he said, he was not planning to go back to his relatives, ever. It means, he had prearranged housing, and we know he has access to the Potter place of power. Which he most assuredly was planning to stay at whatever location the place is, now that I think on it. So for him to so easily give up returning to a place he can learn all about his family, tells me, after his statement of not being seen or out of his rooms, that he has a way to leave the castle unnoticed."

"Good morning Mr. Potter," Minerva said as the students started to leave the Great Hall and head towards the train.

"I’ll see what I can bring back from our greenhouses, Harry, that would work in your garden," Neville said as he greeted his head of house. "Professor, happy Yule to you."

After Mr. Longbottom had greeted her and left, Minerva realized that if Mr. Longbottom was bringing back plants to plant in Mr. Potter's garden, then Harry most likely had a trunk that had been expanded with dimensional space runes. "We will Floo to the Leaky Cauldron from my office. After Gringotts, did you need to stop at any of the shops in Diagon Alley?"

"I was hoping to stop at Wizarding Outfitters. I need to see if Mr. Gartner has been able to track down the trees I was looking for. Other than that, I don't think I need to stop anywhere else." Harry answered her question as he walked next to Professor McGonagall to her office.

Stepping into her office and moving to the mantle, Minerva picked up the small pot of floo powder and said, "We will be traveling by Floo. Floo travel is by means of interconnected fireplaces. What you need to do is, take a good pinch of the powder and throw it into the flames. When the flames turn green, step inside and clearly state your destination. In this case it is the Leaky Cauldron. It is important to make sure you state your destination clearly, so enunciation is critical, if you don't want to find yourself somewhere else. I shall go first, so you can see how it is done."

"Alright," Harry said slowly as he took a good pinch of the powder. Glancing at the fireplace with hesitation after the professor had left, he threw the powder in and sure he was going to be burned, stepped into the green flames and called out, "The Leaky Cauldron." Stumbling out of the fireplace, head still spinning, eyes watering as dozens if not hundreds of fireplaces had spun by at an alarming rate, he took several deep breaths to calm his stomach.

Swishing her wand, Minerva banished the soot that had attached itself to Mr. Potter when he flooed. "The trick to Floo travel Mr. Potter, is to narrow your eyes so you can barely see. And even though it feels like you are spinning, you need to take a step as you enter the fireplace, while continuing to step as you leave." Seeing his look that was almost a glare, she told him, "I did not warn you before hand, due to the fact, until you have experienced floo travel, I did not know how it would affect you, to give you suggestions to fix the issue. Everyone is different."

Nodding his head, Harry stood up, "I'm alright now," he said as he patted his pockets to make sure his pouch and travel box were still with him.

"Shall we," Minerva said when she was sure Harry was steady enough to walk. As she nodded to Tom behind the bar, she led Harry to the entrance to the Alley. Tapping the bricks, she said as they walked down the street, "The more you travel by floo, the easier it will get, as you will have refined the technique." Walking into the bank and to a free teller she waited until the Goblin looked up and told him, "Mr. Potter would like to visit his trust vault and get a listing of all vaults and holdings managed by Gringotts."

"And," Breakjaw said as he glanced at the boy, "Mr. Potter, does he have his keys?"

"I have my key," Harry said as he handed it over for examination. "Hagrid said Dumbledore had it when he brought me here in July. If I am supposed to have more than one key, than the thief still has the other."

Stilling, Breakjaw sharply turned to look at the boy. Looking up at the professor who escorted the boy in, he was shocked when she nodded her head when he looked at her. He was further shocked when she asked if there was a way to get a new key for any vaults Mr. Potter’s current key did not fit. "Are you stating, publicly and here before a representative of Gringotts, that Headmaster Dumbledore is a Thief?"

"Former Headmaster," Minerva said vindictively.

"I am," Harry said firmly. "In case there is any question, I know and have proof that Albus Wulfric Dumbledore is a thief. That is not the only thing that criminal is guilty of. And I hate thieves."

"Something we here at Gringotts agree with," Breakjaw said carefully as he looked down at the young wizard. Mulling over the request he finally nodded, saying before jumping off his stool, "Follow me. We will continue this in one of the private rooms."

Following the goblin, Minerva smirked at the shocked faces that had snooping into their conversation. It would soon get back to the Prophet what had been overheard, soon after, it would be front page news. And with the witches and wizards of Britain wanting to hang Albus by his beard, it would deflect Albus's attention from Mr. Potter to protecting his own arse.

Going to the wall behind the desk, Breakjaw ran a finger along the seam of a small door and when it opened, pulled a folder out before moving back to the table, looking at the witch and young wizard he said, "Mr. Potter has several inheritances willed to him by families that felt gratitude for the downfall of the dark lord. As such we at Gringotts placed all monies in his vault, and all books and other items into another vault."

"And his family vault?" Minerva asked as she looked over Mr. Potter's shoulder at the list of families that he had inherited from.

"Closed after it was emptied by Potter house elves within minutes after Mr. Potter's parents had been killed," Breakjaw explained. "Which was for the best it would seem." Seeing them look up at him he said, "Several Ministry officials and Thief Dumbledore," he decided to use the title Mr. Potter bestowed on the meddling fool, "tried to gain access, under the cloak of placing items inside for you."

"Was this before or after, the same Ministry officials and Dumbledore ransacked my family’s manor and destroyed it, when they could not find what they were looking for?" Harry asked heatedly.

"Most likely," Breakjaw glanced at the dates listed for the attempts to gain access to the empty vault, "after."

"Since Vendetta will be called for today," Harry muttered angrily as he shrugged his shoulders, "I'll deal with those not called out later. "I have one last question before going to my money vault, I'll make arrangements later to retrieve and relocate everything in the book vault. How much money has been added to my vault over what is supposed to be there?"

"Your parents set up the vault so after revenue from your investment portfolio," Breakjaw said as he glanced at the figures, "you would have twenty thousand galleons inside by the time you turned eleven. The return on your investments would cover what you removed for schooling and any other incidentals, while still increasing your wealth. That said, to answer your question, your vault contains just shy of two hundred and fifty thousand galleons."

"I see," Harry said as looked up at the ceiling of the room in thought. Ten percent of two hundred and fifty thousand would be around twenty-five thousand, five thousand over what his parents had set up. But Potter family law stated that they could not keep more than ten percent of their fluid worth in Gringotts. "And if I wanted to expand the investment portfolio that my parents set up?"

"You currently see a return of five percent on your investments," Breakjaw said as he watched the young wizard carefully. "Which nets you a revenue stream of one thousand galleons a year."

"And if I invested," Harry said as he looked at the Goblin staring at him. "Say another thirty thousand galleons?"

"It would see an increase of revenue to four thousand galleons a year. That is if we invest it like your portfolio is already set up, in medium risk investments." Breakjaw was intrigued, he wondered what the young wizard was thinking, because it was well known in Gringotts that the Potter family refused to keep more than a certain amount within the bank. Folding his hands in front of him, he watched the young wizard work through his decision.

Coming to a decision, because he knew how much gold he had at home in the vaults, Harry said, "I will need several things. I need three bags of coins, two with two hundred galleons inside the other with five hundred. I will be removing two hundred thousand galleons from my vault," seeing the goblin was not surprised he said, "I will be transferring it to the vault at my home. And finally, any left over funds over twenty thousand galleons is to be used to increase my investment portfolio. Each January first, the amount of my vault will be returned to twenty thousand galleons, the rest can be used to increase my investments. We will revisit this decision upon my sixteenth birthday, to see how well this has worked."

"If there was any doubt you are a Potter, your directions would have dispelled it," Breakjaw said with a nod. "You, even though you do not have your father or grandfather coaching you, have ordered what each Potter has throughout history of Gringotts." Moving to the wall and returning the folder after making a few notes to increase the Potter investment portfolio, he said, "Follow me, I shall escort you to your vault personally."

A thrilling cart ride later, Harry stood inside his vault and nodded his head in agreement when Breakjaw asked to enter to help facilitate the transfer. Taking a small thin wood box out of his messenger bag, Harry tapped the square with the picture of a mound on it with his wand as he set it on the floor of the vault. "Even though this was designed to transport trees and dirt into gardens, in expanded space, this should work for holding the coins until I get home."

"Indeed, Mr. Potter," Breakjaw said as he leaned over and examined the crate. "Let me first fill the bounty bags." Taking the money bags out of his coat pocket, he quickly used a spell to fill them with the correct amounts. Handing them over he said, "The two red pouches, each have two hundred galleons, the blue one has the requested five hundred galleons."

"Thank you Breakjaw," Harry said as he placed them in one of the pockets inside his messenger bag. When he looked back up he saw a steady stream of gold coins entering the crate. When it stopped, he tapped the crate where Mr. Gartner showed him and picked up and returned it to his messenger bag. Another thrill filled ride to the surface he smiled ferally in thanks at the Goblin as they entered the bank.

"May your enemies flee in fear before falling to your blade young Wizard," Breakjaw said as he spotted the Goblin smile on the boy’s face.

"It will be music to my ears, Breakjaw," Harry said as his smile widened. "In business Breakjaw," he said as they separated.

"Shall we get your shopping out of the way Mr. Potter?" Minerva asked as they exited the bank.

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