Warrior Thief

Chapter 05

 After increasing his wealth tenfold in the past week, Harry had made a good start on his list of enemies. Placing the newspaper down on the desk, that Dobby had taken to going to the Alley each morning to get for him to keep up with the goings on in Magical Britain, he smiled. Dumbledore had been arrested for murder. What pleased him though, was the speculation found on the inside, on page ten of the paper. More and more Purebloods were reporting being robbed. Though, several names he had read, he was sure they were laying false claims, because he had not touched their things.

Standing up and moving to the balcony to look over the city, he let his thoughts roam. It was into his thoughts of wanting people to talk to that Dobby popped in with several elves at his side. Glancing over his shoulder at the sound of popping, he saw three elves he did not know standing with Dobby. "Dobby?" he made his name a question as he waved a hand at the three unknown elves.

"Dobby being bringing three elves wishing to be bondings to Potter Family," Dobby said with a grin and bow of his head. "They be taking Master’s token."

Having read up on house elves and bonding after Dobby had told him he had left tokens behind, Harry smiled as he walked away from the balcony and walked around the house elves Dobby had brought. They looked young and as he examined them with his enchanted glasses, looking at their magic, they had not been free for long. "Tell me thy name and skill."

Taking a step forward and curtseying, the first elf said, "I be's Misty, I a general elf."

The second elf stepped forward and bowed and told him, "I be's Conk, I be's a garden elf."

The last elf stepped forward and bowed while saying, "I be's Lob, I be's a farming elf."

Who in their right mind, Harry thought as he took in the names of the three elves. Scrunching up his face it hit him, their names were plays on sea creatures. "What happened to your family?" He asked as he went over the memory of the binding ritual he found in an old book.

"Bad wizard killed Master and Mistress along with young Master two days ago," Misty said in tears as the other two slumped in shame. Nodding his head, Harry decided he would bind them first, then ask to see an image of the man who killed their family. "You three have taken my token," he said. "Misty, Conk, and Lob," smiling at the play on lobster he told them, "do you come to me of your own free will? Do you come to me to bind yourself to my family line? The Potter Line. If so, step forward and let my blood bind you and yours to mine," he said as he willed a cut to appear on his finger as he ran his family ring over it.

As the first elf stepped forward eagerly, he said as she knelt in front of him, "Blood calls to blood. With my blood, you become part of my family, with my blood you bind yourself to my blood. If you do this of your free will, drink," he said as he offered her the bleeding finger. As she put his finger in her mouth, he felt her magic shift and in a flash of light bind to his bloodline.

When Misty stood, her clothes had changed and were clean. She looked down at her uniform in pleasure as she spotted the Potter crest embroidered on her left chest. Smiling as she felt her magic sing, she felt joy as she watched her family bond with the Potter.

After the last elf, Lob had bonded to his line, Harry looked at Dobby and told him, "Dobby, please show Misty, Conk and Lob around the city and castle. Also don't forget the island lands above us, where the gardens and farms are located," he added with a smile. "Then you can finish delivering the letters I penned this morning, don't be seen," he added with a smile as Dobby eagerly almost danced in joy at being assigned work.

"Kreacher, please bring me the Black family parchment," Harry called out. He did not need to ask his newest elves who their old family was nor who had killed them. As he bound them to his line he his magic informed him of those two facts. And he was not pleased. The Toftys were an old family, five generations ago, a Tofty had married into the Potters. Sitting back down at the table, he felt an urge to sweep the dishes off the table and over the edge as his anger took hold. Pulling himself back, only just, he pushed the tray to one side as Kreacher popped in.

"Kreacher has Master’s parchment and...fountain," he said with a tilt of his head. When he got a nod back he finished with a small smile, "Pen. Does Master wish for Kreacher to wait?"

"Yes," Harry said tonelessly with a nod and a half smile. Quickly penning the letter, he affixed his seal magically and folded the letter. Looking at Kreacher he told him, "Take this to Narcissa...nee Black," he finally decided to forgo her married name for now. Until he made a decision one way or the other. "I don't care if you are seen, but you are not to answer any questions." Picking up small pouch of floo powder, he handed it over, "When she agrees to come, you are to hand her this and tell her to toss it to the floor and step into the flames that will arise, she will find herself at the Keep."

"Kreacher does as Master commands," he said with a bow as he held on tightly to the letter and pouch of black fire as he popped out.


"What?" Lucius growled out as an unknown elf popped into the drawing room and approached his wife. "Who is your master elf?" he demanded as he drew his wand from his cane.

Looking at Lucius Malfoy as if he was as simpleton, Kreacher glanced down at the Black family crest proudly displayed on his uniform. Extending the letter his master gave him towards Missy Narcissa he ignored the bore.

"Lucius, hold," Narcissa hissed in warning as she spotted the Black family crest on the elve’s uniform. Taking the offered letter her eyes about popped out of her head as she noticed how it was addressed. Glancing at her husband, she had to wonder what he had done to piss off the head of her family.

Narcissa, nee Black,

Daughter of the Ancient and Noble Black family. Notice my child, that I did not address you with the name of your spouse. I hold such rage in my heart right now towards your contracted husband, that I dare not associate you with that bastard. To do so would find me taking my rage out on him and ultimately you and your son.

But that does not mean I am not going to punish him. But before I do so, I wish input from a daughter of the Black that would end up being effected by said punishment.

Daughter of Black, if you have not foresworn your blood, as your elder sister Bellatrix has, then I command thee to attend me.

Tell Kreacher you will obey and he will hand over the Black flames which will bring you to the Keep. The Ancestral seat of family Black. The flames will only work for those that have Black blood running through their veins, that does include your son. But be warned, if you bring him and he angers me, he shall be punished in such a way he will beg for the comfort of a Crucio.

So daughter of Black, the Black calls for a Black, will you heed the call of blood calling to blood, or will you throw away your heritage. Your decision, NOW!"

In Magic

Harry James Potter

Potter of Potter

Black of Black

"What have you done Lucius?" Narcissa hissed out in rage as she glanced around the elf to glare at her husband.

"I...What do you mean dear," Lucius tried to stall for time to think of what he could have done to raise the famous Black temper that his wife had inherited.

"Lord Black demands my presence as he decides your punishment," Narcissa raged as she picked up her wand and sparks emitted in her anger. Spearing the elf with her gaze she demanded, "What..." seeing the elf frown and glare as his mouth all but disappeared in disapproval she flew back in her chair, "The Black has commanded you to be silent to my questions. That is only done when..." sending her husband one last look that promised so much pain she held out her hand, "I as a daughter of Black will obey. I require the Black Flames."

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Kreacher extended his hand and as he opened it, a small pouch lay in the center of his hand. As Narcissa picked it up he said, "I shall tell Master you are on your way," finished, he popped out after sending an unreadable glance at Lucius. He had recognized the furniture they sat in, it belonged to the Toftys.

"When...If I return, Lucius," Narcissa said as she stood up. "We will be having a long conversation." With her warning given she threw the pouch on the floor where it erupted in pitch black flames. Stepping into the flames she was transported to the Keep. Leaving behind her angered husband.

Arriving at the Keep facing an ornate arch, Narcissa stared in horror as a nightmare out of family history was before her. She had heard descriptions of the Black family court and what she was seeing matched perfectly. And it frightened her to her very core to find herself here.

Popping behind the shivering witch, Dobby took a moment before stepping forward and causing her to jump in fright as he spoke, "This way, daughter of Black," he said causing her to jump and turn around to face him. Pointing to one side he led the way towards the steps leading down.

Relieved that she was being led away from the court, Narcissa pulled herself together as she followed the elf towards the steps. Of course she recognized Dobby right away and wondered why he was here. Lucius had told her he had died. Following behind the house elf she stepped off the last step and paused as she spotted an ornate desk off to one side on the balcony. Keeping her questions to herself for now, she curtsied before taking the offered chair.

Glancing up from the marriage contract he was reading when he heard footsteps, Harry spotted Dobby leading Narcissa nee Black over. Waving a hand at the seat across from him, he went back to reading the last page of the contract. Putting the contract down with a frown, he slid it over the desk to Narcissa, "Before we begin, in case you have not seen the marriage contract that bound Lucius Malfoy to you, I suggest you read it. Then we will discuss the actions I will be taking against the Malfoy line."

Shaking hand reaching for the parchment, Narcissa always wanted to know what the contract said, but Aunt Walburga refused. Telling her it was none of her business. Now though as she took in the dark expression on her lord’s face, she would read through it and commit it to memory.

Sitting back in his chair as he stared at the steps as Kreacher led a person, who could only be Andromeda nee Black towards him he gestured to the other chair as the scowling woman closed the distance.

Instead of sitting, Andromeda quite tersely said, "I was thrown out of the Black family. By what right do you demand my presence?"

"You were not disowned," Harry said flatly as he gestured to the chair once more. "If you were, your magic would have been forfeit and you would have been left a squib. Now SIT," he raised his voice at the last command as he glared at the woman.

Taking the chair she had been ordered into and pulling it back, she sat in it gingerly, Andromeda winced as the young man's stare intimidated her like no other. "I did not know my Lord," she said with a bow of her head.

"I find the misinformation that the last five generations of the Black family was taught, enraging," Harry finally said before the silence got to great. "The master tapestry, inscribed in Mithril, hangs in the office though those doors," he said as he pointed to the office off the balcony. "It is only there, that any changes to the family can be made. This," he tapped the top of his desk, "is the seat of power of the Black family. As such, the head of the family, his words are absolute. But only HERE. Out there," he waved at the transmuted metal ceiling above him, "his word is law and can be disobeyed to those who are unwise."

"Imagine my surprise when I found out the last head of the family visited the Keep five generations ago. Imagine my surprise as I studied the tapestry to discover how I was elevated to the headship of the Black family and I found what had been done to the family." Glaring at Andromeda he softened his words, "Imagine my surprise at seeing your name, Andromeda nee Black leading to your daughter. A daughter who had the full and complete Black family magic bestowed upon her."

Seeing Narcissa put the contract down on his desk and the anger in her eyes as she looked over the city he said calmly, "I talked long and through the week with the portraits of the head of the family in these halls to discover what went wrong. It only reinforced what I learned about the Potter family and their ways and traditions." Seeing both women looking at him intently he told them, "The head of the Potter family, like most lines, studied his family bloodline and cast spells on the children, ensuring they would only fall and marry those from bloodlines he approved off. Including those that had blood new to magic."

Seeing their surprise he sighed as he told them, "The Potter family has never had a squib born to their line since the founding of the family when our name was Peverall." Crossing his hands and placing them on his stomach he leaned back and rocked his chair, "The Potters have always held themselves apart from the Wizarding world. Most feared us for the longest time, for when we went to war we totally destroyed out enemies, physically, psychologically and monetarily. And when they had nothing left to live for we granted them death. As my mother’s squib and Muggle family are learning now," he added with heat.

Sitting back up, he placed his hands on the desk and speared Andromeda with his eyes, "Andromeda nee Black, married to Theodore Tonks, mother to Nymphadora Tonks, your probation from the family is lifted. You have proven through actions, that your decision to take clean blood to sire children with was the correct one. All vaults and rights are returned to your control once more."

Being enveloped in a flash of magic, Andromeda did not know what to think, let alone say. So she just gaped in shock at the head of her family calling her home.

Seeing he had overwhelmed her, he looked at Narcissa and said, "Narcissa nee Black, doest thou realize why I am enraged at thy contracted husband?"

"I am my Lord," Narcissa swallowed hard at the formal archaic language the head of her family was using. "I had no idea of the contents of the contract. While I can plead ignorance, I know that is not the Black way. I throw myself on my Lord’s mercy, swift that it shall be."

Broken out of her shock by her oh so proper sister’s words, Andromeda asked in horror, "What did Walburga and Lucius do?"

"I was required to take primacy in the relationship when it came to children." Nodding her head at her sister’s look, she spat out, "The contract stated I was to give birth to two children, one who would join the Black line as a Black. After I fell pregnant with Draco, Lucius refused to lay with me. He took great pleasure in reminding me I would lay barren because he willed it." Looking at the head of her family she told him in a half plea, "Before today, I never saw or knew the contents of the marriage contract."

Nodding his head, Harry so wanted to relax and comfort the woman, but he needed to remain harsh and judgmental during this interview. Looking to Andromeda he asked, "Tell me, what is the magical index of your daughter, the one who proved your decision to marry the new blood was wise?"

Half-grimacing, half-gulping, Andromeda saw her sister stiffen. "Eight hundred and seventy-nine my Lord Black."

Interesting, Harry thought as he glanced at Narcissa who slumped and whispered out, "Four hundred and nine my Lord Black."

Sighing, Andromeda slumped in the chair, "I knew Lucius would be a bad match, but to have my worst fears confirmed..."

"What?" Narcissa almost shouted as she twisted in her chair to look at her sister.

"When I heard about Walburga was considering contract me to Malfoy as a third year, I researched in the library and came across an old spell which I cast on him one night," Andromeda explained. "It came back stating any children we would have would be magically weaker than my own magical index six hundred and forty-nine. Any suitor that approached me, well I cast the same spell and only gave those a chance that would have resulted in a powerful child." Shrugging she sighed, "Mercenary of me I know, but I wanted a magical child," she said as she looked at the head of her family.

"Which just proves that the Potter was right," Harry said simply. "I only have one issue with your marriage to your husband," seeing her close down he pointed at her as he said, "you only had one child."

Surprised, Andromeda sat up abruptly and once more gapped at the head of her family. "I...I...What?" she asked in confusion.

"When a magical couple only has one child, each generation grows smaller...by half," Harry shocked them. "My mother was quite vocal in her journals and the stupidity of the Wizarding world and how it looked down on those who had more than one child. If she had lived she had planned to have four children, according to the words she wrote. My father was not as endeared with the idea, but she would have won in the end I think. My grandfather’s spell would have seen to it."

Looking at Narcissa he asked in a low voice, "What do you wish to do about the broken contract with the Malfoy family?"

Barely hearing the question, Narcissa frowned as she thought about what she wanted to do. "May I have leave to ask a few questions my Lord?" seeing his nod she closed her eyes and took a breath before just blurting out the most possibly offensive one she wished to ask, "My son and yourself do not have the best of relations. I do love my son, but from what I have heard him complaining and scheming about, I fear you would not let him into the Black Family." Seeing that he was not going to take the hint offered she asked, "What do I or my son, need to do to have him recognized as a Black when you dissolve the contract?"

"Other than Draco becoming a Catamite for my use?" Harry asked in amusement and Narcissa's wince.

"If that is what my lord requires, then so be it," Narcissa said as she winced.

"You may use that as a punishment if you fail to train him to be a proper Black," Harry informed her, not bothered either way at using Draco that way. "But, I shall choose his contracted wife, by using Potter methods and Andromeda's spell. I refuse to let him sire children that has a Magical index below seven hundred. I plan to bring both families back to prominence. As it is, it will take months to retrieve and remove the spells on Potter family members when the Potters fell under attack."

Nodding her head, Narcissa took a deep breath and let it out slowly in relief. "Can I ask, what Lucius has done to enrage you so, other than to break the marriage contract?"

"Two days ago," Harry went less formal as his rage rose, "Lucius killed the Tofty family, thus ending their line. The furniture you sat in as you received my letter, came from their family estate." Seeing Narcissa go still he spat out, "What is not known to the general public, is that five generations ago, a Potter maiden married into the Tofty family. He killed Potter Kin. That alone would be worthy of calling war on his line."

"You say that like the killing of the Toftys is part of a long line offenses," Andromeda pointed out.

"Last year, after he smuggled a possessed diary that took over a girl into Hogwarts, which released a basilisk to roam and terrorize the school," Harry told them with flames practically coming out of his eyes, "when his schemes failed and he was taken to task and his part was discovered, he attempted to cast the killing curse on me. It was only the fast thinking of Dobby, who he had released from service in his rage, unknowingly, that he failed back then."

"I see," Narcissa said through slit-eyes. Turning and looking at her sister, she finally said, "Numbers don't lie do they sister." Sighing she said in defeat, "I do not know if I can lie with a Muggle born."

"Then have a child with a half blood, or a foreign Pureblood Narcissa," Andromeda said quickly. "I welcome the opportunity to teach you the spell I used."

"A spell that will see much use in the coming years," Harry added with a small smile. Looking at Andromeda he asked, "How much trouble will your husband give you over the issue of having another child?"

"Ted," Andromeda mused as she sat back in the chair once more. "Ted was content at having a single child. I think it comes from being an only child himself. He might not be happy when he finds out I am pregnant again. When the time comes, but I doubt he will leave me because of it." Locking at Harry contemplatively she asked, "Do you require this child to be a Black in name?"

Thinning about it, Harry said, "As long as the child has Black as the middle name, then no I don't." Opening the right-hand drawer, he pulled out two pouches of Black flames and placed them in the center of his desk. "I have been keeping up with the happenings in the Wizarding world, so I know of Dumbledore's arrest. Still," he said as he looked at Narcissa, "Draco needs to be pulled from Hogwarts and brought to the Keep. Where he will be tutored in what it means to be a Black." Seeing Narcissa about to say something he held up a hand, "He can easily miss a week of school. Or nine days seeing as tomorrow is Friday." Standing up he said, "Know this, my midnight tonight, the Malfoy fortune will be gone. Lucius Malfoy will be locked out of the Manor the next time he leaves the Black Family home that was given for his use with your marriage. You have until noon tomorrow to plan and scheme as you will. At noon, the contract will be dissolved and the first part of the Black vengeance will come due. When he finally wishes for death, then his name will be struck from my list of enemies as he dies by my blade. Too weak and pitiful to move as the blade slides home."

Halfway out of her seat, Andromeda froze as it came to her that her Lord was behind the sudden loses in the Wizarding world. She blurted out, "The Potters have gone to war..."

"Yes," Harry said simply with a nod.

"So this would be a bad time to tell you the Ministry plans to auction off the Tofty estate this Saturday," Narcissa winced as she told the head of her family what the ministry was planning on doing to one of his families’ estates.



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