Warrior Thief

Chapter 06

 "Dobby has found Master's Dogfather," Dobby said as he popped in several hours after the Black sisters had left.

Looking up from his chair in front of the crystal tunnel controller, that he was using to finish cleaning out the empty rooms in Hogwarts, Harry scrunched up his face in confusion. "Why are you calling Sirius my Dogfather, Dobby?"

"Because Master’s Dogfather is being in his dog form," Dobby said with a couple of rapid nods.

Thinking about what Dobby was saying, Harry tried to come up with something that made sense. How could Sirius have a dog form? Unless, "Dobby can some Witches and Wizards turn into animals?"

"Yes, Master Harry Sir," Dobby nodded in excitement that his master understood.

"I see," he said as he twisted crystals and the tunnel left Hogwarts to appear inside Gringotts. Might as well get started emptying the Malfoy vaults he thought. "And he did not come with you, why?"

Ears drooping, Dobby scuffled his foot on the flagstone and replied, "Master’s Dogfather, refuses to turn back to humans and listen. Though he dids eat meal I brings him."

"I see," Harry said through clenched teeth as he finally found the Malfoy crest on one of the vaults. Extending the tunnel through the door he plunged the blue crystals home, creating the terminus so he could remove things via the tunnel. "Please bring me the paper that creates Howlers. And when I finish penning a proper response I want you to take it to him. If he still refuses to take the pouch, you are to stun him and throw him into the Black flames. I'll deal with him, here in the Keep’s court if that happens."

Nodding his head, eyes bugging out as the disdain was palpable, Dobby popped away, only to return a few seconds later with the required items.

Taking the parchment, Harry quickly wrote his orders and added magic to the parchment until it was red. He had researched Howlers after Ron had received one at Hogwarts, so he knew how they were made and how to activate them. Parchment now red, he handed it back to Dobby and told him, "Take that back if you will. And bring the mangy cur to me one way or the other."

"Dobby do," Dobby said quickly with bugged out eyes as he popped away before the loud screeching letter went off in his hand.

"Kreacher," Harry called out with a sigh of frustration. Sliding out of the chair, he walked over to the terminus and stared at the piles of gold and silver coins on the other side.

"Master calls his Kreacher," Kreacher said as he popped into the workshop and moved over next to the tunnel to join Master in staring at the wealth. "Much coins to be liberated," he said in a gleeful voice.

"That it is, Kreacher," harry chuckled. "I would like you to empty the vault. And make two equal piles so I can place half in each investment vault. Half to the Potters, half to the Blacks. Also if you find any trace of any other vaults, pleases let me know so we can liberated that vault too." Giggling as Kreacher jumped up and down in joy he said as he started to walk away, "If you need me, I'll be upstairs, most likely in the courtroom, dealing with Sirius Black."

Freezing mid jump for a second, Kreacher nodded his head before eagerly tossing his magic through the terminus, "As Master commands."

Walking up the two flights of stairs and through the arch into the Black courtroom, he frowned as he sat on the throne in front of the shackles chained to the floor.

Ten minutes later, one stunning curse, one levitation through the Black flames and dragging the stunned Wizard by the leg into the courtroom later, Dobby's eyes went wide as he spotted Master sitting on the throne with a glare that promised pain on his face as he spotted his Dogfather. Snapping his fingers, he had the man shackled and bowed, "As Master commanded Dogfather is here." Looking up he said, "Though Dogfather still refused to come, so Dobby stunned him like ordered."

"Thank you Dobby," Harry said with a smile before rubbing his temples. "Why, oh why do you have to make things complicated Sirius," he said in a near whisper before telling Dobby, "Wake him up."

Jumping up as he came awake, Sirius realized he was chained to the floor. Spitting out as he stared at the young man on the Throne, "Who are you and where am I?"

Making a gesture with his hand, he mumbled, "Brighter," causing the lights to increase. Ignoring Sirius exclamation of "James" he said, "Sirius Orion Black," he saw the man stiffen in shock, "I will be the one asking questions. And if I find the answers not to my liking, I shall rip the magic out of you, leaving you a squib. Which I will have dropped off in the Muggle world, where they think you are a psychotic escaped mass murderer."

Seeing he had truly shocked the man he intoned, "Blood calls to Blood. As the Black I call on the magic of my blood to command your obedience."

Feeling his magic react, Sirius gasped as his magic rose up and repaired the mental damage years of exposer to Dementor's caused. Blinking back the spots from the pain, he looked around and paled as he realized he was inside the mythical Black courtroom. And his godson, was sitting on the throne of judgment, how did he escape only to end up in madness he wondered.

Seeing awareness return to the man’s eyes, Harry said, "By my command of the Black blood, hear me and obey. The truth shall you speak and only to my questions until release."

Fighting his magic as he tried to ask his godson what was going on, Sirius finally relented as his body’s weak state gave out. Falling to his knees, he nodded his head that he was ready.

Staring mercilessly at the man who was supposed to raise him in case of his parents demise, Harry let him suffer in silence for several more minutes before asking, "Who betrayed my parents and my location to Voldemort?"

Looking up at Harry, who looked down on him like some god of judgment of old, Sirius finally let out a sob as he said, "Peter was the secret keeper. He betrayed your parents to Voldemort." Not feeling his magic shutting him up he continued, "That night, as I was riding my bike to check up on Peter, I felt the ring your mother enchanted warm up." He paused to take a breath, "I knew then, that they were under attack. And if they were under attack, it could only be because Peter gave them up. The way the Fidelius worked, he had to give them up willingly. I got there too late," he cried in pain. Tears falling, he sobbed for several minutes before he was brought back to the here and now.

Fingers intertwined, index fingers up and resting on his bottom lip, Harry took in Sirius's words as the man broke down into sobs. After several minutes he asked, "Why did you abandon me?"

"I didn't mean to," Sirius sobbed. "I was coming out of your parents’ cottage and spotted Hagrid walking towards me. I was confused, how did Hagrid know where your house was? He was never let into the secret, even though Dumbledore insisted both he and those he approved off being let into the secret. James told him to go hang, too many people knowing the secret meant it was not a secret. Hagrid demanded I hand you over. And...and..." sounding confused he said as he stared at the floor and tried to figure out why he did hand Harry over, "why did I hand you over? Up until Hagrid touched me, I was refusing. Telling him I was your godfather and that James and Lily made me promise to take care of you if something happened to them." Grabbing his head he growled out, "Why, why did I hand you over? I was refusing."

"So Dumbledore's man be-spelled you," Harry said in anger. "And this did not come out at your trial, why?"

"I was never given one," Sirius said as he tried to get over his confusion.

A burst of magic exploded out of Harry as his anger became visible for a brief moment. Standing up he waved his hand at Sirius, releasing the chains. "I am the Black," he hissed out in rage. "Your blood and magic will obey," he said as he stalked down the steps towards the man who was looking up at him in fear. "You will be escorted to a room, where you will bathe and clean yourself until your skin and hair shines from cleanliness. You will eat the meals brought to you and take the potions offered." Looking down at the man as his feet he said, "In a few days, after you've recovered somewhat, we'll talk again." With that he walked out leaving the man crying on the floor.

"Dogfather, being coming with Dobby," Dobby said gently to the broken man.


"Bartemius," Amelia hissed out as she threw open the man’s door and it slammed into the wall. Pounding sounded as her hands slapped down onto his desk as she leaned threatening over him, "Where are the records for Sirius Black’s trial?"

"There aren't any," Barty senior said without thinking about it as he looked up. Gulping audibly as he stared into the eyes of the head of the department of law enforcement, he felt a sudden Dementor like chill descend on the room. "He admitted his guilt, Amelia," he quickly tried to defend himself as the room seemed to grow colder.

"Just what I need when Potter is on the warpath," Amelia groaned out loud as she pushed herself off the desk.

"What does an underage Harry Potter have to do with anything," Barty asked in confusion as he tried to finish the conversation so he could leave the country before he was arrested.

"Because," Amelia said as she grabbed the bridge of her nose, "the man you threw into Azkaban without a trial is Potter’s sworn godfather. And," she waved the letter that started her whole headache off, "HE is demanding answers and trial records. WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE!" stopping at the door frame she threw over her shoulder, "Oh, and Barty, when he comes for you...and he will come for you, make no mistake on that, we can only hope his anger is vented on you and does not spill over into the Ministry itself."

Leaving the shaken man behind, Amelia stalked the halls towards the lift, people scrambling out of her way as she approached. Taking several deep breaths as she ignored the secretary outside Fudge's office she once again threw a door open and stalked inside.

"Amelia," Cornelius exclaimed in shock as the head of the department of law enforcement barged into his office.

"Hem, hem," Deloris tisked in displeasure as she glared at Amelia for barging in. "I hope the emergency is so life threatening you could not use proper decorum Amelia."

Glaring at the pink clothed woman, Amelia hissed out, "You never have been given leave to use my first name so informally Miss Umbridge. And last I looked, it is not up to you to determine what constitutes an emergency." Turning to face Cornelius she told him, "You need to rescind the kiss on sight order for Black immediately."

"What? Why would I do that?" Cornelius stuttered out as she shook his head. "Black escaped Azkaban, and I will not be seen as doing nothing to protect Magical Britain. Now see here," he started before leaning as far away from Amelia Bones as he could when she slammed her hands down on his desk.

"Cornelius," Amelia growled out as her eyes narrowed, "Black never received a trial. So you being seen as doing something, equates as murdering the heir of the Black family."

"Nonsense, Amelia," Cornelius sounded imperious as he stated, "Black was convicted and sent to Azkaban for being the right-hand man of You Know Who, everyone knows this." Waving her off he told her, "Continue this nonsense and I will be forced to..."


Cornelius screamed and jumped as several vases around his office exploded. Hand over his chest to calm his racing heart he glared at Amelia, as if daring her to admit her magic went out of control.

"Minister Fudge," Amelia said carefully as she glared at the man, "I came from Bartemius Crouch's office directly here. He admitted Black never received a trial, that he threw the man directly into Azkaban illegally, without a trial. When this gets out," she said, only to be interrupted.

"NO, No, no, this is not going to get out. I will not be known as the Minister to bring the ministry down," Cornelius spat out. "I don't care if Black is guilty or in some demented world, innocent. When the Dementor's catch him he will be given the kiss!"

"You can't order the kiss to an innocent MAN," Amelia shouted back.

"Black is guilty," Cornelius countered as his anger caused him to stand up. "He's guilty and everyone will sleep easier when he is dead. No one thinks he is innocent and it is going to stay that way, have I made myself clear Amelia?"

"No one thinks he is innocent you say," Amelia said sweetly as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Then you can respond to the letter from Mr. Potter demanding the trial records for his sworn godfather. Because from what he said, HE thinks his godfather is innocent."

"Hem, Hem," Deloris interrupted as she put herself between her beloved Cornelius and that bitch, Bones. "I don't think the opinion of a half blood bastard really counts, do you Amelia?" She asked dangerously.

"Yes I do," Amelia said with certainty as she glared at the officious little woman. "And so will the Wizarding world when it gets out. After all, if you've forgotten, no one wins when a Potter goes to war."

"You need a vacation if you think some hyped up half blood bastard, birthed by that Mudblood WHORE that trapped a Pureblood like," trailing off as she swatted her neck where some damned insect had the audacity to bite her, Deloris started to sway. Then choke as foam started to bubble up and out of her mouth before her muscles seized and she fell over dead.

Sighing as she glared at the minster who was cowering in the corner, "Should I mention, that not only has Mr. Potter taken up the mantle of Potter of Potter, but also Black of Black." Glancing at the dead body she shook her head as even she did not believe what she was about to say, but the evidence said different, "And has access to the means of war his ancestors are feared for. Rescind the order Cornelius, or I fear you are next."

Lowering the blow pipe form his mouth, Harry moved over to the table Dobby had set up near the tunnel controls and added Minster Fudge's name to the list. Instead of getting smaller, his list seemed to be growing longer.


"Mr. and Mrs. Creevy," Harry said as he stood as the two people he invited walked down the beach towards him, "Thank you for coming."

"Your man said it was imperative we meet, something about my boys," Donald Creevy said as he look askance at the young man at the table.

"It is," Harry nodded as he waved at the two chairs across from him, "Please sit." Sitting down when the frantic parents did, he told them, "At the moment, to the best of my knowledge, they are both fine and at Hogwarts. But I came across information that is troubling and we needed to speak."

Picking up two long cases and placing the appropriate ones in front of each of the Creevys he said after opening each of them, "Do you recognize these?"

Glancing at the contents of the box, Donald was confused, "They look like the wands my boys bought. Why?"

"Please, pick them up," Harry gestured for them to do as he asked. "Both of you have been be-spelled and those wands will break the spell."

Glancing back down to the box and the wand within, Donald shook his head no. Something about that wand, something called to him and yet, at the same time demanded he stay away.

Not seeing a reason not to, Katherine reached into the box and retrieved the wand. Only to gasp as a flash of magic enveloped her as the spell was broken. Staring at her wand as her memory returned she looked around the area and noticed they were on an island instead of inside the Warren. Seeing her husband staring at her in shock she told him, "Alphard, just pick up your wand." Seeing her husband was confused she scowled at him and told him in a low dangerous voice, "Alphard Potter, pick up your wand right now or you will be sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future."

Seeing the man was torn, Harry sighed. He should have expected this he thought as he put the hand with the Potter ring on it in front of his face. "Blood calls to blood. The Potter commands those of his blood. You will obey. Pick up the wand," he told the man who stiffened as his blood forced him to do as ordered.

As the light around Alphard died down, he looked around as his memories returned. Looking at the young man wearing the Potter ring he asked in confusion, "Why are we not in the Warren?" looking around at the beach he looked back at the head of his family, "The last thing I remember is choosing to go into hiding under suppression charms. Where are we?"

"To answer your first question," Harry sighed as he leaned back in the chair, "We are on an unplottable and hidden island in the Devil’s Triangle owned by the Blacks before they forgot its location. As far as the Potter Warren," he winced as he remembered seeing it for the first time, "it is mostly destroyed. I salvaged the hidden vaults and war rooms, but the catacombs are collapsed as the attackers were driven back and killed."

"So we won?" Alphard said as he closed his eyes in pain.

"We did," Harry said with a nod. "Though, we were driven to near extinction. I am the last of the main line Potters, and there are a few more Potters still under the enchantments I am tracking down."

"What now my Lord," Kaitlynn asked in a near whisper. She was not as affected at the news since she married into the Potters.

"Now," Harry stood up and smiled down at the two, "since I am the Black of Black as well as the Potter of Potter, I have blood bound the protections to myself. Which means that you can enter the Black Keep without issue. Now, it is time to come home. I'll send Dobby and Kreacher to pack up everything at your house and move you into one of the houses inside the Keep."


"Wha..." Sirius stuttered as he woke up and focused on the two witches in the room. Rubbing his eyes, he took another look and asked in his confusion, "Andromeda, Narcissa, what are you doing here? And without bloodshed."

Chuckling, Andromeda looked up from Narcissa's candidates for testing, "Sirius. It is good to see you awake."

Pushing himself up and back, Sirius looked at his two cousins and asked, "What are you both doing here?"

"You do remember what has happened after you escaped Azkaban, right?" Narcissa asked slowly. Seeing his nod she told him, "We asked the Black permission to be here when you woke up to help you deal with your ordeal and freedom."

"I'm free?" Sirius asked in wonder as he looked between his to cousins for answers.

"You are free as in no longer imprisoned in Azkaban," Andromeda sighed. "But as far as being declared free by the Ministry...Fudge refuses to listen and Lord Black in his role as Lord Potter has declared war on the Ministry." She shivered as she saw the list he was working off of and the names that had already been scratched through...

"Where is Harry?" Sirius asked. Changing the subject because he did not want to even contemplate the fact his godson was waging a war. And winning it too from what it sounded like.

"He is currently settling in some Potter family members he broke the suppression enchantments on," Narcissa sounded surprised to her own ears. "Anyway," she smiled at her cousin and told him, "I understand, that tomorrow if you can stay awake more than an hour at a time, you will be allowed out of your room. If so, you can stay with me at the manor." Frowning she asked, "Sirius do you know why there is an exact copy of the Manor Lucius received as part of my marriage?"

"All the Black properties have an exact duplicate here at the Keep," Sirius was quick to tell her. "Something about..." trailing off he said, "you know, I am not sure I remember what Grandfather Arcturus told me about that."

"Because," Harry said as he entered the room and heard the question, so he answered it when Sirius couldn't, "the main Black wards are centered here, in the Keep, not at the actual property. That is why the Black family is said to have unbeatable wards. From here," he said as he pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down, "the head of the family can raise, reinforce or even augment the wards around one of the Black properties." Looking at Sirius he asked, "How are you feeling Sirius?"

"Better," Sirius said slowly as he took in his godson. "But," he paused as he twisted his head around to look at Harry, "confused as hell. How did you need up as the Black? According to dear old mother, may she roast in hell for eternity, you have to be a Pureblood to be accepted by the Black Magic."

"According to the portrait of Arcturus Black, the previous Black of the Black," Harry scowled at his godfather, "he added his blood to the potion used in my naming ritual, with the intention of me being the new Heir to the Black family since you refused to have anything to do with the Black family after running from your parents when you were sixteen. So I have you to punish for saddling me with being the Black." Glaring at the cowering man he added, "After all I have yet to start your punishment for letting Dumbledore be-spell you." Grinning evilly he said, causing the man to faint, "I think I'll hand over the first part of your punishment to Andromeda. After she casts a few spells, we can put you out to stud. After all, we need some more Black babies running around."



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