Warrior Thief

Chapter 0

Warrior Thief

"What is the meaning of this?" Lord Nott yelled as he stood from his seat. Looking down at the two cloaked figures walking into the Wizengamot chambers he wanted the two out of the chambers as quickly as possible. He was one of the few who knew exactly what those white staffs really meant and he did not want it to pass.

Ignoring the bellowing, Leopold kept his pace steady, bleached white oak stave hitting the floor each time his left foot moved. His compatriot's stave keeping in time to his own. Seeing several Aurors rush to stop them through the security charm on his cowl, he pulsed his magic through the stave, causing a wave of force to explode as the tip of the stave touched the floor, shoving the Aurors into the wall. His voice boomed around the chambers, even though he never raised his voice, "I carry the Sigil of the Potter. To interfere...is death. This has been laid down since the time of Merlin." Tilting his head to look at the one who objected and called for his removal, he lifted his stave and a solid beam of magic shot out and hit the man causing him to scream in pain. Lowering his stave after a full minute, he hit the floor with the tip, causing the chamber to reverberate with a boom. "I carry the Sigil of the Potter, will you hear me?"

As the chamber went quiet, only broken by hushed whispers of fear when the silence grew too much, Amelia saw the confusion and started to stand when the man, she knew it was a man by the voice, demanded to know if they would listen once more.

"I carry the Sigil of the Potter, will you HEAR?" Leopold asked once more, raising his voice at the end and placing a bit of impatience into the word.

Seeing no one else was going to say anything, Amelia stood fully and answered, "We will hear. But...why should..." she trailed off as one of the oldest lords stood and waved her silent.

Standing up before Bones made a phenomenal mistake, Augustus, waved a hand over his neck, indicating for her to be silent. "Most of our members are too young to know what you carry and what it means," he said as he swallowed hard when the cowled figure turned to look at him. "An envoy carrying a properly imbued magical Sigil may not be touched, harmed by spell or magic and can never be swain from their duty. To do so is instant death that not only is legal, but enforced by magic itself." Gazing around the chambers at his fellow lords he said, "They will only ask one question. And from the response, to that question, they either leave after making a declaration of war," seeing a red pulsing of magic coming from where the stave touched the floor he grew frightened, "or allow those he posed his question to..." pausing as the magic continued to pulse in a ring of red, like the rings of a stone dropped into the lake, "redress the grievance. No other choices fall before us." Pointing to Bones he said with a sigh, "Amelia Bones, head of the department of magical law enforcement has preempted the choice of this body," sitting down he said, "we will now listen."

"Potters are not and have never been a part of this Body," Lord Nott said in anger as he pulled himself to his feet by grabbing the bench seat.

Tilting his head, Leopold told him, "Potter's have viewed this body with Disdain since its inception. That does not change with the current Potter. Nor does it change the fact that the Potter sent a message from the Citadel that you are now bound to hear."

Letting the room remain silent for several minutes he turned in place to notice who was missing, several member's seats were empty, those he knew had fallen victim to the drums of war. But the seat he knew should have been filled and was not was that of the Minister for Magic. The fool had felt only the first touch of warning from his Lord. He should have been here. Finally he faced Amelia Bones and told them why he had been sent, "You stand ready to place on trial one Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore this very morning. We have questions that require answers. We have questions that shall prove one way or another if a Dark Lord ruled over your children. We have questions, that once we get the answers we expect will require that I complete the order given to me. I shall shred the magic and soul of Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore and witness as he dies unable to continue the cycle to Magic."

Shaken, Amelia stood there mouth slightly open as her eyes widened as fear settled into her soul. She had heard stories, told by her parents growing up, that if she was not good, the judges would come and shred her magic and soul for being bad. Faced here, and now with the very childhood nightmares she had been told, she swayed on the verge of passing out.

"And your Companion?" the Dowager Longbottom said as she stood and pointed to the black cloaked individual standing next to the messenger of the Potter.

Smiling like an apex predator mid lunge on its prey, Andromeda lifted and hit her stave to the floor once. Her voice boomed through the chamber as she said, "I carry the Sigil of the Black, will you hear?"

As the female voice said the same thing as the man, Amelia muttered, "Oh Fuck," as she fell back into her seat as it became too much for her and she closed her eyes and let her mind reset through oblivion.

After several minutes of silence, Augustus sighed and his voice rang out clearly, "We will hear, voice of the Black."

Waking up in time to hear the woman tell them why she was here, Amelia froze in fright once more. How many had been sent to hell on Earth without being convicted?

Lifting her stave and bringing it down hard on the floor, causing a massive burst of magic, she smiled as a large Pensieve was now in front of her. And this one was not like any other, because it could be used to project the memory to an entire room. Tilting only as far as she needed to see that there was indeed a memory inside she started, "A Black of the blood has been imprisoned within Azkaban without a proper trial or conviction for nigh onto twelve years. Since this government has refused to do its sworn duty, the Black has tried Sirius Orion Black. Let the memory of the trial be seen," she said as she reached out a finger and touched a rune on the Pensieve allowing it to play the memory.

As the memory died, Andromeda turned slowly to take in the expression of the faces of the lords in the chamber. Most were horrified, though several looked calculating, most likely wondering how to capitalize on the knowledge. "Outside the Keep, the Black's word is law. But it can be fought and disregarded. Inside the Keep, the Black's word is absolute. It can only be obeyed." Turning to face Crouch, who had imprisoned Sirius she said in a calmer voice than she actually felt, "Bartemius Crouch Senior...Blood calls to Blood. The Black of the blood has questions, you have the answers. Step forwards and reveal them."

"I refuse," Bartemius said quickly, ignoring the pull at his magic when the cloaked woman called for him. "I have nothing to say to the likes of such a dark witch, or head of family. Begone."

Looking up at the ceiling as her rage flared, Andromeda listened the words being whispered through the earring she wore, an earring that led directly back to the Black and her family head. Looking at Crouch she said carefully, "You have Black blood running through your magic and veins. The Black calls you forth and demands you answer."

"Not enough to matter," Bartemius scoffed. "And by your own words, your dark lord Black can be disobeyed. And since I do not have enough of a tie to that tainted blood, I refuse to listen or bow down to him."

"So be it," Harry said softly as he moved over to the wall with the metal tapestry on it. Twisting the Black ring around so it was on his palm side he placed his hand over Bartemius Crouch's name, "Let's see how he likes having the Black magic removed." Hand glowing he said, "Disowned be dead and word as you deny your blood. So I deny Black Magic and blood to you. I cast you out."

Lifting her stave and slamming it on the floor three times in rapid succession, Andromeda hit the floor with her stave with each word she spoke to the glowing man who denied his heritage. "To deny your heritage is sacrilege. To deny your blood is folly. As you deny the Black blood and magic running through your veins, so does the Black. He casts you out and calls for your Black heritage to forsake you."

Screaming as he grabbed his chest, Bartemius fell to the chamber's floor and rolled to the center to the feet of the envoys. Panting and gasping for breath, he lifted his head in shock and stared at the cowled figure as she told him, "You have been cast out. Your magic returned to the heritage you denied." And with that he passed out as half his magic left him...forever.

Hitting her stave one last time on the floor, Andromeda watched as the burst of magic lifted the traitor up and threw him from the chambers. Stilling she looked at the shocked expressions and waited for them to bring up the redress, but she knew she would most likely have to prompt them in the end.

Ten minutes of silence later, Amelia, head in her hands said loud enough to be picked up by everyone, "What now? Why the wait?"

"The redress," Augustus whispered before stating loudly, "the Ministry of Magic must make restitution for the grievance."

"Absolutely not," Cornelius shouted. He and Lucius had snuck in during the Pensieve presentation and now he stood. "You will hand over that criminal to be kissed or suffer his fate. I don't care what stupid sign you carry, you are not above the law."

Seeing the woman start to lift her stave, Amelia cried out as she rounded on the Minister, "Cornelius, SHUT UP!" huffing she told him, "You are not the final arbitrator of what is lawful or not. Or if it is legal or not. You are the Minister, nothing more," she sent a 'Silencio' at him before calming down. Looking at the two cowled figures she said, "What does the Black require to balance the scales?"

"The death of all those involved and the forfeiture of their estates," Andromeda said cruelly to the chamber's shock.

As the lords in the chamber considered the demands, Lucius shook his head at the fool of a Minister who was throwing a temper tantrum. He was jumping up and down and waving his arms around like a madman. As they discussed, tried to come up with a counter proposal, they missed the fact a table popped into existence in front of the two envoys or the book that was upon it, open to a very damning page.

Looking down at the table that was not there a moment ago, Andromeda spotted the open book and as she read the passage she could not help herself and silenced the chamber with her exclamation, "REALLY? How stupid can one person be?" she said as she motioned for Leopold to look at the passage.

Reading the marked passage his Lord had sent to them, Leopold growled in anger. Written proof, the fool actually wrote down everything, he had taken bribes to do and how much it cost to buy his service. Trading a look with Andromeda he rounded on the lords in the chamber and shouted, "ENOUGH!" After all eyes turned to look at him he stated, "The Black's demands are not to be debated...or countered. You will acquiesce or suffer the consequences." As several people started to protest he told them harshly, "I am so close to losing my temper and ending you all." Pointing his stave towards the side door he demanded, "Bring in the prisoner."

Looking over at Madam Bones, who nodded back at him, Dawlish opened the door and scowled as he told the two guards, "Bring him in."

Walking in with his dignity surrounding him like a cloak, Albus smiled and nodded to those faces he recognized and he knew owed him favors. Stumbling slightly as he was tossed carelessly into a chair he turned to face the front of the courtroom with a grandfatherly expression half formed on his face as he spotted two cloaked people wielding bone white staves. His expression went from one of going along with a child's play to one of calculating intent. "What is going on here?" he tried to demand only to be told to be quiet.

"Really," Leopold stated in incredulity. "You left him in and with access to robes of his own design. Robes that even I can see have runes embroidered into them." Making a show of letting everyone see just why it was not a good idea to leave a prisoner access to his chosen robes, he touched a rune on his robes, done in almost the same color as the cloth and caught the potion vial that popped out. "I hope I need no further explanations for you to see how unwise this was." Walking towards the desk in front of the chair, he placed the unbreakable vial in front of the prisoner and told him, "You will drink the contents of that vial before being questioned."

"My good man," Albus said in a grandfatherly voice as he eyed the vial warily. "Surely we can be more civilized than to potion a defendant before they are even tried for their supposed crime."

"If you have not taken any potions to bypass the truth today, this will not purge any potions from you," Leopold told him snidely.

"And if I refuse?" Albus said in a dangerous voice.

"Then I will just kill you where you sit, either way my task will have been completed," Leopold said with a grin, which could not be seen.

Taken aback at the man's words, Albus looked around the chambers, looking for supporters and saw that there were not enough that he could call on them to stop this. Sighing in great exaggeration he picked up the vial and swallowed the contents. Placing the vial down on the desk and giving the man a glare promising that he would get even. Only to grab his head and scream out in pain as his mind was attacked.

"What did you give him?" Amelia bellowed as she came around her table and rushed to Albus's side.

"A potion of Potter design," Leopold said in a gleeful voice. "One to remove any and all Occluding barriers he may have built in his lifetime. Of course," he said casually, "it has a side effect of purging any potions taken in the past twelve hours. Since he is not doubled over and spewing said potions, I can be assured nothing is in his system."

"Why?" Amelia asked as she motioned for her Aurors to help Albus back in his seat.

"He is a renown Occlumans, as such he could bypass Veritruserum easily by occluding the memories associated with the answer to the question I ask. By temporally removing the barriers he has built, the Veritruserum will work without a flaw," Leopold explained as he pulled a crystal vial with a clear liquid in it out of his pocket.

"I've never heard of such a thing before," Amelia said in a worry as she was motioned to move out of the way.

"I carry the Sigil of the Potter, questions will be asked," Leopold said as Dumbledore glared at him now that the pain was gone.

"I carry the Sigil of the Black," Andromeda said as she took the offered Veritruserum vial. "Questions will be asked."

"I refuse," Albus shouted as he struggled to stand only to have the table slammed into his chest causing him to fall back in his chair.

"To refuse is to die," Leopold said as he picked up his stave and started to swing it in a circle as magic started to gather to the wood. "Which I will be glad to carry out," he said as the stave was now glowing with magic he stopped its swing as a blade of magic formed from the end and pointed it towards Dumbledore.

"WAIT," Albus shouted out in fear as the blade of magic came closer to his chest and his struggles to get away failed. Glaring hatefully at the two cowled figures he spat out, "I will answer your illegal damned questions."

Sending a spell to freeze Dumbledore in place, Andromeda made a production of dribbling the required dosage of Veritruserum in his mouth before waving a hand and releasing the man from her spell.

"What, have you done?" Albus slurred out before his head hit his chest and his eyes glazed over as he picked his head up to stare lifelessly at the front wall.

"Speak," Andromeda ordered as the potion took affect, "what is your true name?"

"Albus Wulfric Dumbledore," Albus said in a toneless voice.

Stilling, Leopold tilted his head slightly as he heard his lord ask him to ask for clarification from Dumbledore. "Why do you sign and tell the world you are Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore?"

"So I am not held to any magical vows or contracts," Albus said in the same toneless voice, ignorant of the chaos his declaration caused.

"Were you the one to cast the Fidelius charm hiding James and Lily Potter from the world?" Andromeda took over once more. They had wondered why Dumbledore seemed to add a further middle name after finding his birth record in the Dumbledore vault they had liberated and now they knew.

"Yes," Dumbledore replied.

"Who was made the secret keeper by the spell you cast?" Andromeda asked carefully as she readied herself to pounce.

"Peter Pettigrew," Albus's words once more caused chaos to reign in the chamber.

"And yet you let the world believe Sirius Orion Black was the secret keeper, why?" Andromeda asked pointedly

"So no one would ask questions when he was sent to Azkaban," Albus replied as he stared aimlessly.

"Should this have not come out at his trial?" Andromeda asked as she turned to take in the shocked looks of the members of the Wizengamot.

"I arranged it so Sirius never received a trial, I had him sent directly to Azkaban from where he was captured," Albus replied, once more damning himself in the process.

"Why send Sirius Black to Azkaban?" Andromeda asked as she stared at Fudge's shocked face.

"He was the Potter boy's godfather, I could not allow him to derail my plans for the boy," Albus said as he started to become aware just a little bit and to start to fight the affects of the potion.

"You sealed the wills of James and Lilly Potter, why?" Leopold asked as he once again started to gather magic to the stave.

"They had listed their true secret keeper within the will and forbid under pain of magic placing their son with Lilly's murderous sister," Albus said with the hint of emotion leaking into his reply.

"How long," Leopold's voice turned arctic, "have you been working on the downfall of the Potter family?"

"Ever since I was twenty-one and Gellert and I came up with a plan to rule the world," Albus said with heat as he moved his head to stare hatefully at the cowled man who revealed his plans. Potion mostly out of his system he demanded, "Who are you? Who are you to judge me? I who rule this world."

Stave snapping to a halt mid-circle, Leopold lunged forward and sunk the blade of magic into Dumbledore's chest and replied, "Your death."

As Albus screamed in pain, Andromeda started to swing her stave in a circular motion, gathering magic, until her stave also grew a blade and stopping behind Dumbledore she took a step and lunged forward, blade entering the man's back. Nodding her head once at Leopold she incanted at the same time he did, "[[magic shred]]."

As Albus screamed in pain. Small bursts of magic left him in the form of blue lightning. After several minutes, where the pain became worse than the Cruciatus without the relief of falling unconscious, the blades of magic were withdrawn.

As one, Andromeda and Leopold started to circle Dumbledore's gasping body. Stave thumping in time to their steps as their free hand traced Runic symbols in the air. Their magic fueling the symbol, leaving it glowing in the air for all to see. After their thirteenth pass, the symbols were thick enough that their glowing was obscuring Dumbledore. Finally, stopping across from each other, they started to once again gather magic by swinging their staves in a circular motion. Every time the stave started to glow brightly, they slammed the end on the floor, causing magic to crackle and creep along the floor in a strange almost alive lightning display. On the thirteenth cycle of gathering ambient magic, when the staves hit the floor, the gathered magic jumped from the floor to the hovering runic symbols in a great lightning display followed by a crack of thunder.

As the smoke and magic cleared, Leopold faced the frightened minister and his voice reverberated around the chamber, "It is done." Motioning for Andromeda to precede him, he started for the chamber doors.

"You...You...You killed him!" Cornelius finally shouted after a stuttering start. Seeing he was being ignored he shouted, "Aurors...stop them. At all costs. I'll see the two of you get the KISS for this." A second later he grabbed his neck and fell back into his chair, foam from the poison starting to bubble up as he took his last breaths.

Up in the stands, several Wizengamot members who had been listed by Harry as enemies to his family, also grabbed their necks as the darts from his blowgun hit home. Lowering the blowgun, he walked back from the terminus, knowing the chaos he had just sown as his two voices left the chambers.

"The question is," Harry said forcefully as he stared at a glaring Draco Malfoy from his throne-like chair in the Black hall of judgment, "Draco, whether you wish to remain in the Black family? Even if you wish to retain the Malfoy name and title," waving a hand casually he told him, "a useless thing at the moment as the Malfoy family has no home, no funds, and no heirlooms. No way to bribe others or invest money to regrow your lost fortune."

Smiling like a shark lunging for its prey, Harry pointed out to the fuming boy, "Your sire should have taken more time to study history,. To study the contract he signed so he could have the honor of marrying your mother," he said to slam his points home. "And, he certainly never should have tried to cast the killing curse at me." Crossing his legs and sitting back he asked, "So your decision needs to be given, NOW."

"Draco," Narcissa whispered as she squeezed her son's shoulder hard enough for him to wince, "if you renounce the Black blood, you will be left a squib at best."

"I will obey," Draco spat out sullenly. "I have no choice. You've won, Potter."

"I play for keeps, Draco," Harry said as he unfolded himself and stood up. "Blood calls to blood, hear and obey. Black blood runs through your veins, as such I command and you will obey. You will investigate and search for a wife that will cleanse your Magic. Be she from a foreign land or from a new blood. You shall sire no less than three children. It is past time to stop the shrinking of the magical world."

Walking past the boy and throwing his magic into him with a glance. He stopped momentarily as he fell to his knees as his magic overwhelmed him. "It is time to grow up Draco. In time I may help you bring the Malfoy name back. Or, you may choose to contribute and flourish as a Black. One never knows." With that Harry left the hall.




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