Warrior Thief

Chapter 08


Warrior Thief

"The question is," Harry said forcefully as he stared at a glaring Draco Malfoy from his throne-like chair in the Black hall of judgment, "Draco. Is if you wish to remain in the Black family? Even if you wish to retain the Malfoy name and title," waving a hand casually he told him, "a useless thing at the moment, that name is, as the Malfoy family has no home, no funds, and no heirlooms. No way to bribe others or invest money to regrow your lost fortune."

Smiling like a shark lunging for its prey, Harry pointed out to the fuming boy, "Your sire should have taken more time to study history. To study the contract he signed so he could have the honor of marrying your mother," he said to slam his points home. "And, he certainly never should have tried to cast the killing curse at me." Crossing his legs and sitting back he asked, "So your decision needs to be given, NOW."

"Draco," Narcissa whispered as she squeezed her son's shoulder hard enough for him to wince, "if you renounce the Black blood, you will be left a squib at best."

"I will obey," Draco spat out sullenly. "I have no choice. You've won, Potter."

"I play for keeps, Draco," Harry said as he unfolded himself and stood up. "Blood calls to blood, hear and obey. Black blood runs through your veins, as such I command and you will obey. You will investigate and search for a wife that will cleanse your Magic. Be she from a foreign land or from a new blood. You shall sire no less than three children. It is past time to stop the shrinking of the magical world."

Walking past the boy and throwing his magic into him with a glance. He stopped momentarily as Draco fell to his knees as his magic overwhelmed him. "It is time to grow up, Draco. In time, I may help you bring the Malfoy name back. Or, you may choose to contribute and flourish as a Black. One never knows." With that Harry left the hall.

Glancing at the city below them, he walked to the steps and started for his workroom, he still had a few now deceased families to plunder.

Squeezing her son's shoulder and pulling him around to face her, Narcissa sighed as she spotted the petulant glare on her son's face. If she did not nip this in the bud and quickly, Draco could be cast out, or worse. "Draco, I need to show you something." Moving over to the Pensieve, she told the spoiled brat who was her son, "I think it is time for you to see exactly what a Potter does to their enemies. Enter the memory, Draco and experience the ending of Albus Dumbledore."

Hesitating, finger over the sliver rune inscribed stone bowl, Draco felt his mother actually hit the back of his head as he showed glee at knowing the blood traitor was dead and he was able to watch it happen. Looking at his mother in horror, as she had never physically hit him, ever, he recoiled at her words.

Hitting the back of her son's head with her palm, Narcissa was incised at seeing his gleeful expression, "Have the common decency to not express your satisfaction at being able to watch someone die Draco, it is beneath one with Black blood."

Sullenly, Draco put his finger inside the Pensieve and fell into the memory. Looking around as he realized he was in the Wizengamot chambers he watched the happenings in confusion. Coming out of the memory he asked, "Why were so many frightened at the two people with the staffs? I just don't understand what happened."

"Narcissa," Andromeda called out as she entered the hall in search of her sister. "If I could, I would raise from the dead the bastard you were contracted to and kill him slowly all over again."

Sighing, Narcissa replied as she faced her sister, "Since I was not allowed to see the contract, my son was not raised as he should have been or with the knowledge he would have received with a Black upbringing."

"MOTHER," Draco sounded scandalized as he looked at his mother in horror.

"To answer your question, Draco," Andromeda sneered, "so you are informed of knowledge you should have grown up knowing, certainly well before your thirteenth year, those staves you witnessed were the physical manifestation of our Lord's magic. What I carried was magic solidified. Now," she said as she saw the shock on her nephew's face, "I think you should start to see why our Lord should not be crossed."

"But...But...But he's a HALF BLOOD," Draco's stuttered whine came out as he could not comprehend a half blood being more powerful than a pure blood. It went against everything his father had ever told him.

Having slipped back into the hall to retrieve his list, Harry shook his head sadly. Startling the three he said, "I should not be surprised, but, I am. Draco," he said as he looked pointedly at the teen, "you were raised in a pure blood household. Your mother is a Black. You should have at least overheard as bedtime stories at least some of the Magical world's culture and history. To not know about the Envoys or the Sigil of Staves, is beyond reprehensible." Seeing the clueless look on the blond's face, he motioned for them to follow as he left the hall, "Come with me."

Walking up the stairs, past his desk on the balcony and into the office behind the desk, Harry stopped and stared at the metal tapestry until the three had caught up. "This tapestry, Draco," Harry pointed at the wall, "this room," he said as he turned around, "is the heart of the Keep. The Keep being the seat of the Black family's power. From here, The Black can control the fate of every person with Black blood running through their veins. And you know the most damning part, Draco?"

Moving closer to the wall as Harry talked, Draco turned to face him and shook his head no, followed by a whisper of, "No."

"The most damning part," Harry growled out as he sat down behind a small desk, "is the fact I am the first head of the family to even enter the seat of power for the family in five generations. Five generations, the head of the family acted in name only, not in power. And in those five generations, the Black family started the slide to ruin."

Watching Draco look at him in confusion he told him, "Over five generations of Black magic growing weaker because they came up with this pure of blood ideal they followed. Along with the rest of the world."

"But," Draco started to try to defend the beliefs he grew up with.

"Draco," Harry sounded exasperated, "what is you magical index?"

"What?" Draco recoiled to be asked one's magical index was the height of rudeness, it just wasn't done.

"Four hundred and nine, my Lord," Narcissa said to the betrayed look of her son.

Harry got Draco's attention and told him, "From what I have discovered from going through the tapestry, for the Black magical traits to show, one has to have a magical index of at least seven hundred and fifty. Your cousin," he pointed at the wall, "Nymphadora, daughter of Andromeda," he pointed to Andromeda sitting next to Narcissa, "has a magical index of eight hundred and seventy-nine. Which allows her access to the full Black family magic, hence why she is a metamorphmagus. Five generations ago, almost every Black had that gift."

"And yours," Draco said huffily, before remembering who he was talking to, "my Lord?"

"Twelve thousand nine hundred and four," Harry said bluntly. "My father's was six thousand four hundred and nine. His index when he was born was too close to the cut off that the family never fell below, hence the reason he was be-spelled as an infant to only fall in love with a Muggle born. To cleanse his stale magic."

Seeing Draco's pure disbelief, Harry looked at Andromeda and said, "I give you permission to cast the spell to determine my magical index."

Looking at Harry with shock, Andromeda stood up and removed her wand from her sleeve carefully and hesitated. Seeing, Harry nod and gesture for her to get on with it, she cast the spell and almost fell back as thirteen thousand and five hundred and forty-nine hovered over his head. Looking at her wand and the fading numbers she shook her head as her sister and nephew gasped in shock.

"The medi-witches will tell parents that a child can gain up to two hundred points on the magical index scale by the time they hit twenty-one," Harry said to their shocked expressions. Pointing to his chest he said, "And I am proof of the Potter's concept of pure in magic." Staring at Draco who was gaping at him he told him, "I am living proof of why those who believe pure of blood will never amount to much more than being a weak wizard.

"Even if you gain all two hundred points on your index, Draco," Harry told the subdued teen, "you will never reach the threshold needed to activate the blood gifts you should have had from your mother's blood."

"There is a reason why I refused to honor the contract with your father, Draco," Andromeda said after shakily taking her seat. "I found a spell, one that you can cast on prospective partners. A spell that will give a range on the magical index a child sired by you and the one whom you cast the spell on. I cast the spell on your father when Aunt Walburga crowed and informed me that I would be contracted to Lucius."

"You told me the spell told you, if you sired a child by Lucius they would be less powerful than you are," Narcissa broke into the conversation and asked, "what range did the spell actually give you?"

"Two hundred and fifty up to three hundred," Andromeda answered as she speared Draco with her gaze. "And I refused to have a child that had a magical index less than mine. No one who failed the spell's test was allowed to even consider getting close to me to win my love."

Seeing Draco was truly lost, Harry told him, "You will be going back to Hogwarts on Monday. Take the next two days and learn the spell from your Aunt Andromeda, then test potential mates. I already gave you the order not to consider any marriage but to those who could cleanse your magic. That means you cannot sire a child by any woman who the spell does not show would produce a child that would have eight hundred on the index as the lowest range. How many of the pure bloods in Slytherin will fit within that order?"

Seeing him shrug he sent a look at Narcissa, who had narrowed her eyes at her son's crude nonverbal answer. He decided to share his troubles of finding the mother of his future children with Draco. "You will have an easier time of finding a marriage prospect than I will, Draco. You might and probably will find a pure blood to appease your sensibilities from outside Great Britain. I on the other hand am very limited with my options."

"Why is that?" Draco sounded genuinely curious as he had something else to think about for the first time since the conversation started.

"I have to find a mother for my children who has, a magical index of no less than six thousand." Harry sighed as he told Draco, "How many prospects do you think I am going to come across?"

"None," Draco threw himself back in his chair as he blinked in shock. "I don't think you will find anyone with that high of an index, anywhere."

"Six," Harry said with a sigh. "I found six total. All of them from First Nation magic users in America. They kept themselves separate from the European influx of witches and wizards. And they hold to the same philosophy as the Potters do, pure in magic." Reaching into a drawer, he pulled out six photographs and handed them over, "These six young ladies to be precise."

Holding up the top picture, Draco whispered in wonder, "She's beautiful."

"Stunning," Narcissa agreed as she took the picture from Draco. Turning it over she blurted out in shock, "She has an index of eight thousand???"

"Yes," Harry nodded as he took the picture from Andromeda and gazed at it. "She is lovely, and the letter she wrote to introduce herself as her mother sent a letter of intent of setting up a contract was fascinating. Sarah Morning Dove, descends from a long line of Wise Women, going back thousands of years. She is the third daughter of her line and quite accomplished for all she is fourteen-years-old."

"Why aren't you jumping on signing a marriage contract?" Draco asked as he handed over the other stunning pictures to his mother. "Or any of the others for that matter?" he asked after seeing that all of them exceeded the index threshold Harry required.

"All six will be escorted to the Citadel in two weeks' time so we can meet and see how compatible we are," Harry replied with a shrug. "We both have to agree that the child we produce has an acceptable index before we go further. And we can only do that once we are together and each can cast the spells we know on each other.

"Sarah intrigued me and to tell the truth she is a top candidate to hand fast to," Harry explained. Dropping his head to his chest as Draco looked confused he muttered, "If Lucius wasn't already dead..."

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Narcissa informed her son, "Draco, hand fasting allows multiple partners for the purpose of children."

"But why would anyone want more than one wife?" Draco asked in disbelief.

"I have two blood lines to bring back from extinction," Harry sighed. He had to wonder just why Lucius kept his son in the dark about so much that should have been common knowledge amongst the pure bloods. "Even with removing the spells from Alphard and Leopold Potter and their families. Even with removing the spells from the last of the secondary line of Potters, it still leaves only one member of the main branch left...me."

"Where is the Potter Citadel? I think my father would have mentioned the Potters having a place as protected as the Black Keep," Draco asked, then winced as he realized how his question could be taken.

Ignoring the blond's rudeness, Harry pointed up, towards the ceiling, "I had it rebuilt on the island above the Keep."

Coming in from a side hall, Leopold said with a smile, "It has been rebuilt grander than I remember it being. Though that could be because of its location." Seeing the surprised looks he was garnering he bowed slightly, "Leopold Potter at your service."

"I thought the Potters had been decimated so only one remained," Narcissa said as she pointed to Harry.

"As we were attacked and the Citadel under siege," Leopold sighed as he moved a chair over and sat down so he could join the conversation comfortably, "the youngest amongst the family were spelled. My cousin Alphard, not only was he spelled to think he was someone else, his magical index was hidden by a spell that lowered it...to squib levels," he said with a wince. "Then he was inserted into the Muggle world with his wife. Who also agreed to be spelled to keep hidden."

"The Citadel eventually fell," Harry said sadly. "Or at least the public parts of it fell. The invaders never made it to the closed sections or near the seat of power."

"You say 'seat of power' like it is something special, something other than what it sounds like," Draco pointed out as he looked between Harry and the newly introduced Leopold Potter and spotted the similarities easily enough.

"It is because it is," Harry said as he caught Draco's attention. When he had it, he pointed to the wall of names and told him, "That is not just a metal tapestry. It is the very foundation of the Black blood. From that tapestry, I can remove the Black family magic from those listed there, I can cast spells on them, without being in the same country as they are. This room is the Black Seat of Power, within this room I can control all those who have Black blood running through their veins. It is also in this room that the new head of the family is introduced to the Black magic and confirmed."

Looking at Leopold, Harry asked, "Were you looking for me for something that I need to handle right away, or just to plan finding our lost cousin Nathaniel?"

"Actually," Leopold said with a smirk at Draco, "I received a missive from Alphard. He passed along a letter for you as The Black to consider." Handing over the letter to Harry he already knew what was inside, Alphard had informed him of the letter, "The elder Wise Woman of the Dakota Sioux wishes to enter in a handfasting contract with a child of the Black. In the hopes of introducing the ability of a Wise man being born into the tribe."

Looking at the picture offered, Harry glanced at Draco and told Narcissa, "So Draco then."

"Why me?" Draco panicked as he looked at his mother for help.

"She is a little too young for me to consider asking Sirius to enter into a contract with Anna Birdsong," Harry said with a glint in his eye. Handing over the photo to Narcissa he thought about it.

"Do all American witches look this stunning?" Narcissa whispered as she stared at the photo.

"Amongst the First Nation peoples," Harry replied with a resounding, "yes. Once again I bring up the fact they believe in pure of magic, which keeps deformities from taking hold in the children." Hiding his grin as Draco was standing over his mother's shoulders gaping in awe at the photo, he asked, "Do you think you can have Draco's manners to an acceptable level as a noble of the blood of Black by summer?"

"What is wrong with my manners?" Draco sounded indignant while his posture told them he was put out.

Sighing, Narcissa shook her head before telling her son, "And you prove our Lord's point." Staring at her son she was honest, "If I cannot spend enough time with Draco besides holidays? Then no." Seeing her son's expression she stared him down before he said anything.

"There is a caveat to the Hogwarts' charter," Leopold said carefully as all eyes turned to him. "It is meant as a way for the heirs of noble or ancient and noble lines to be tutored in subjects that Hogwarts does not offer. With the death of Dumbledore, you should be able to invoke it."

"The Malfoy family is neither though," Andromeda pointed out.

"But the Blacks are," Harry said with a nod as he looked at Leopold and asked, "would you be willing to tutor young Draco two days a week alongside Colin and Dennis? Narcissa can go over what he should already know two days a week also."

Looking over at Draco, Leopold made a hmmm sound as he narrowed his eyes in thought. Then he finally asked, "Would you, Draco be willing to take what I will teach you to heart. To not waste my time by fighting me at every turn?"

Looking at Harry, Draco hesitated and asked, "Can you explain what the contract would require?"

Glancing back at the letter, Harry told him, "The first born son would be your heir, the second born son would be the heir of Anne Birdsong and any other children would be named as yours. As I require you to sire three children, you would have to sire four due to this contract."

Eyes bugging out, Draco needed time to think and asked, "Colin? Dennis? They are at Hogwarts?" realizing where he heard those names before he blurted out, "You mean the Creevey brothers?"

"Actually they are Potters and now that the spell has been broken on their parents, their magic and names should have changed to reflect that," Leopold informed the teen.

"Why me?" Draco asked as he motioned towards the letter in Harry's hands. "Why do they want children from..." trailing off because he just could not get out 'someone like me'.

Leaning back in his chair, Harry went over again what he had already said...several times, "The First Nation people believe in pure of magic. Meaning that when it comes time to sire children they do everything possible to increase the magical strength of future generations. They carefully scour bloodlines and check the magic index possibilities of a match. To the Wise Women and Wise Men, what they call Wizards and Witches, making sure their magic is as strong as it can be, is paramount. As far as why you," Harry speared the teen with a look, "that would be my decision. They request one of Black blood within two generations to introduce new blood to their people. Reading between the lines," he told him, "they have discovered in their search that Blacks normally sire male children. Your mother's mother was a Black; her husband married into the line, so the three sisters were a rare exception for those of Black blood."

"Oh," Draco said in a small voice as he went back to gazing at the photo. Being honest, without looking away from the photo, he said, "To be honest? I am willing to try, but it will be hard."

Nodding, Harry looked at Leopold and saw that he nodded agreement, "You hold in your hands the possible prize for changing your attitude and ways. But," he startled him and when he looked up he pointed to the wall of lineage behind him, "I can very easily find another Black to take your place. There are several squib teens that as I give them the gift of magic as I recall them to the family that would be more than willing."

Paling, Andromeda whispered out, "You can make a squib magical???"

"Where do you think all the magic goes that is removed from those who deny their blood or are disowned," Harry said with a shrug. "It is returned to the Black seat of power, for those with Black blood. And as The Black, I can gift that magic to another of the Black blood that has none. As long as their blood has been cleansed. Which means the children of squibs."




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