Warrior Thief

Chapter  9

 Taking his glasses off and rubbing his tired eyes, Harry so wanted to sigh as the last of the former Black family squib teens left the terrace with their parents. While the thirteen-year-old Ned was open to having magic, his parents were set against it, so much so he had to resort on calling for them to obey by demanding they obey the lord of their blood. In the end, he had his way and Ned would be learning magic and magical culture in an extreme crash course from Leopold so he would be ready by summer, when Anna Birdsong would make her way to the Keep with her parents. If Draco did not learn to behave as a Black should, then Ned would be offered to Anna as a match, his parents be damned.

Looking over at the wall of mithril, at the tapestry of names of those who have Black Blood, Harry knew if Draco learned what he needed to know as a Black and changed his attitude he could boost Draco's magical index to near eight hundred, the real question was, could Draco truly change and embrace being a Black? If not, Ned would be made available to Anna to sire children for the Dakota Sioux. Making a note to open a trust vault for the three teens he had brought back into the family, he leaned back and contemplated the past two weeks.

"Heavy thoughts, Harry?" Sirius asked as he took one of the seats across from Harry and leaned back in the chair and tried to relax. So far, he had connected, if only slightly with his godson as he reconnected with his cousins. And truth be told he was glad Grandfather skipped over him and Reggie to give Harry the headship of the family.

"Not really," Harry replied as he looked at Sirius who looked healthier and was staring to look like a human instead of a skeleton with skin hanging off their bones. "It has been a long two weeks and I think I finally have everything related to the Black line that has been ignored for so long dealt with." Examining Sirius closely, he smirked as he told him, "Narcissa tells me that you are well enough to travel outside the Keep. Alphard will be escorting you later this morning to the Healers in France for a complete checkup, after all," he waited until Sirius picked up a glass and took a drink before saying, "I can't very well put you out to stud if your wand can't fire off spells, now can I." Quickly raising his hand and bringing to life a shield to protect the desk and himself, he so wanted to laugh at the expression on his godfathers face as he tried, unsuccessfully, to clear the water from his lungs, having been shocked to the point he inhaled his drink instead of swallowing.

Coughing after choking, Sirius glared at his godson and was about to round on him for pranking him when he saw the determination in Harry's eyes. Merlin be damned he thought, he was not joking. "Stud," he whispered out in shock as his mind told him Harry was not in any way shape or form kidding.

Nodding his head slowly, Harry told his godfather, "Yes, I can order you as the Black to sire children, or you can do your duty to the family and find an appropriate Witch to have children with, no less than three children that you sire is acceptable." Seeing Sirius's mouth moving but no sounds coming out, he leaned forward and almost hissed in anger, "I find what the Black family has done to itself and the madness that was allowed to take hold infuriating. The Black family will rise once more and if need be," he said as he stood up to glare down at the cowering man, "I will use my power as the Black to call forth the magic from each and every Black left to see to it the family does not die." Sending a gaze that told his godfather he would damn him to the pits of hell if needed, he spat out, "Even if that is not what you truly wish. Your mother and coward of a father notwithstanding, the Black family will return to the ways and traditions that has served it well for generations. We will ignore the last five generations that have done the best to destroy this family in their arrogance and false sense of superiority, thinking they were the pinnacle of magic."

"After all," Alphard said as he walked into the office in search of his lord and Sirius, "everyone should know that the Potter's are the pinnacle of magic. After all," he smiled, looking like a predator thinking about its next meal in joy, "No one has ever won against a Potter who goes to war. Just ask the current Ministry after our Lord reminded them of what a Potter could do when vexed." Looking at Harry he winked before saying, "my Lord, the object of my search seems to have found himself in your office, by your leave, we have an appointment with the healers we need to be off to."

Eyes laughing, Harry nodded his head seriously and told his cousin, "By all means, we can't put the old man out to stud without checking that things work properly, now can we?"

Head hanging, Sirius did not see the gleam of mischief in his godsons’ eyes as he stood up and meekly followed Alphard out of the room. He was so doomed he thought. DOOMED!


Glancing away from his conversation, with the elders of the Wise Men and Women who had sent letters of interest in facilitating a bonding with himself, along with photographs and letters from the young lady in question, as fire flamed to life in the arch on the beach, Harry smiled as Sarah Morning Dove and her parents and tribal elders walked through the flames and onto the beach. All of his guests were now here he thought as the almost stalking gait of the young lady brought to meet with him caught his attention. "Elders, Ladies," he smiled as he bowed his head in their direction, "Sarah, our last guest has arrived. If you will excuse me for one moment," he said, "I will greet her and her family and rejoin you shortly, so everyone can be introduced."

Walking towards the group who had spotted him and started his way, Harry bowed his head and greeted them, "Elders, Miss Morning Dove and parents, be welcome to my home. May you find shelter and respite while in my lands."

"Well said young one, well said," the oldest member of the party said with a smile. "You have studied our ways well enough to do a passable greeting."

Nodding his head, Harry's grin was infectious, "This way please, I would like to introduce you to everyone, though I am sure you know the other elders from the other prospective nations." Gesturing for Sarah to walk with him, he turned and started for the area everyone had gathered and offered up, "at first, I thought I could do with one general greeting, but further research proved that idea wrong. What I found the most intriguing was the fact that while living in the same country, you have kept your nations cultures and traditions alive while incorporating and embracing the new." Looking back at the elder who had spoken he told him, "something I, as the Black and Potter, wholeheartedly agree with."

Smiling, Sarah felt relief and the stirrings of hope that the bonding would be a good thing. When her mother had approached her and explained the possible match that she and the elders wished to make, at first, she hesitated, not knowing what type of person this Potter would be. Would he be like so many others and disregard her traditions as worthless she had questioned herself in her hesitation after hearing the plans. Then she had wondered if she was to be bonded to some old decrepit man and used as a broodmare. Now it seemed she had made so many assumptions. The young man she had been brought to meet was nothing she had been imagining. And the sheer power he exuded was so intoxicating she was itching to pull out her focus and cast the compatibility spells she had religiously been practicing. Realizing she had missed the greeting and introductions to the elders of the other nations and they were moving on to her prospective bonded's family she mentally smacked herself for getting lost in thought. Sparing a glance at her mother she felt relief that she had not embarrassed herself with her musings.

"We will start with the Potter family first," Harry said as he led the group over to where both Black and Potter families lined up, "Alphard Potter and his wife, Kaitlynn," he waved a hand at the couple as he introduced them. "Their children, currently are on their way home from Hogwarts and will be joining us later, for dinner." Moving to the next couple he introduced his other cousin, "Leopold Potter, his wife Natasha and their son Sergei." After everyone had traded welcomes, he told them, smile leaving his face, "there is still one more Potter that was hidden in the non-magical world we are searching for, so introductions will have to wait until we find him and welcome him home."

Moving over, Harry started with the Black family, "I would like to introduce you to the eldest Black sister, Andromeda Tonks, her husband Ted and their daughter Nymphadora. Andromeda will be casting the two spells on each of us to determine our current power index and the potential index any children we have together will have." Catching the rage filled glare sent his way at mentioning her name he pulled on his Black magic and nipped any rebellion in the bud, "Nymphadora Tonks," pausing until the girl glared at him he ordered as he pushed his magic into her causing her to fall to her knees, "Nymphadora, a name that suits you due to your Black traits and if you were not so stubborn or stupid you would embrace your name and make it your own. Know this, as the Black I will not allow any rebellion over something as simple as a name. You will embrace the name your parents gave you and make it your own...am I understood?"

Having trouble breathing, Tonks nodded her head rapidly and when she got a glare in return she quickly said, "Yes my Lord. I understand and will obey the words of the head of my family."

Hissing under her breath as she glanced at her husband and then her daughter, Andromeda was not pleased, "Nymphadora, I warned you the Black would not allow your tantrums." Shaking her head in exasperation she apologized to the guests they were being introduced to, "I must apologize for my rebellious daughters’ behavior. Please be assured it will be corrected."

Two spots down from his cousin, Draco sympathized with his older cousin. He had been on the receiving end of Potters magic before when he was slightly miffed at him and he vowed to do everything in his power to make sure he never ended up on the ground by an angry look like his cousins just was.

Relaxing his magic's punishing effects once Nymphadora capitulated, Harry nodded and waved at Narcissa, "May I introduce Narcissa Black Malfoy, a recent widow and her son Draco. Narcissa is the youngest of the current Black sisters and an invaluable member of the Black family."

Hiding her pleased start at the introduction, Narcissa bowed towards the group instead of the curtsy she was used to and said in her best cultured voice, "I welcome you to the Potter and Black lands and hope for a long and profitable alliance." Glancing at the younger man with the group, she was suddenly infatuated and vowed to talk to her lord about him, a child from such a strong virile man...she shivered in delight at the thought of bedding him...over and over again.

"Here we have Patricia Thompson, her son Ned Black and his cousin Andrew Black," Harry introduced the two Squibs turned Magical. "Two sons who had been lost to the world and have been found and welcomed home." Smiling at the two young teens as they tried to be proper in welcoming his guests he wanted to laugh as they tried so hard to be proper.

"And lastly," Harry said as he sent his godfather a glare that told him to behave or else, "We get to the only son left of the main Black line, my godfather Sirius Black. Until recently he had been held captive by those wishing to see this family end." Grinning mischievously, he added, "I will be searching for an appropriate bonded for him shortly, it is past time he settles down and gives the Black line a new generation." Seeing Sirius pale slightly he nodded, his work was done. If Sirius did not get off his ass and actively start to look for someone to be with and finally heal the rest of the way, well his joking threat of putting him out to stud would come true...with a vengeance. He would get a child out of the man before the end of the year, one way or another.

Once introductions had been done Harry raised his voice slightly as everyone gathered around, "Before we head to the Potter Keep, I need to let you through the wards. Any who attempt to leave this beach, your arrival area, well, the wards would leave nothing left to clean up." Pulling up his magic, using the method the portrait of his great grandfather had instructed him on, he pulsed as his magic became a visible cloud surrounding him, as he looked each of his guests in the eye he said, voice echoing in magic, "To my guests and those they brought with them, enter as friends." As he spoke the word friends, his magic reached out and touched each and every one of those he had made eye contact with. Smiling he told them, "It is now safe to pass through the wards and I invite you to my home. Please join me and my family as we enjoy the midday meal."

An enjoyable meal filled with talk and fascinating tidbits from the lives of the possible bond mates, Harry spared a glance and caught Andromeda's eye and nodded his head as he stood, "Ladies," he said with a smile, "it is time. If you would join me one at a time, Andromeda will cast the index and progeny spells upon us and you or the elders can then follow up with your spells. Then and only then can we take discussions further." Holding out a hand he said with a smile, "Miss Morning Dove, if you would join me."

"Gladly, Lord Potter," Sarah replied as she stood and took his hand so she could be led to the area in the center of the tables left empty for this purpose.

Standing up and smoothing out her robes, Andromeda carefully pulled her wand out of her sleeve as she stopped next to the couple and asked, "If you are ready My lord Black,?" seeing him nod she quickly cast the spell and her eyes widened slightly as her face showed the shock and awe at the numbers above the couple."

Above her lord, the number thirteen thousand five hundred and seventy-two. Harry's magic was still growing at a fantastic rate. But as she glanced over towards the second number, she wanted to go back in time several generations and curse the fools that were her family. The young woman's magical index was just over eight thousand. Something not heard of in British Magicals since the times of Merlin. Seeing the pleased looks on the young woman’s parents faces she glanced over at her husband and decided there and then she would be getting pregnant that very night. Stepping back and waving the elder of the girl’s tribe forward she said, "Elder if you would."

Moving forward with a smile, Wounded Eagle, the Shaman of the Lakota nation and grandfather to Sarah Morning Dove, used his staff to cast the spell. As he took int eh numbers he could not help to smiling triumphantly at seeing the range any children his granddaughter and the powerful young man would have. His great grandchildren would have the power spoken of in legends. The power of the very nature spirits themselves, the avatars of magic.

Spotting the disappointed looks on the rest of the girls faces along with their families, Harry was quick to tell them, "I will be entering contracts under Hand-fasting rules. As such, being the Black of the Black and the Potter of the Potter residing in the same person I will need multiple partners to bring my families back from the brink. I also have decided, that in this case I will except offers to hand-fast from all six if they can agree to the unique life and situation, they will find themselves in. I do not want strife in my family. No jealousy, envy or any of the other negative emotions can rule the minds of those I hand-fast too. If this is acceptable to all, then this is a formality more than anything."

Stepping forward, grandmother Crow, elder of the Shoshone asked, "Then how will you determine who will inherit the families?"

"Upon the birth of my sons, the one who has the highest magical index shall stand in line to become the Potter of the Potter," Harry replied as he turned to look at her. "Potter family law is clear when it comes to inheriting the mantle of Potter." Seeing her nod he told them as he looked at each of the elders in turn, "As far as the Black of the Black, while I would be within my rights to declare the next most powerful son as heir, I will wait to declare the heir until they reach their sixteenth birthday. After all, being raised in the traditions and cultures of both nations, any of my other sons could decide to fall in love with the culture of the First Nations and wish to settle outside the Black Lands. The next Black of Black must fall in love with the Black family and be willing to take a firm hand to its members." Pointing past Andromeda to where Draco stood, he added, "To the point they have no hesitation in taking control of a Black by blood to see to it the family prospers. No matter the wishes of that family member."

Standing next to Anna Birdsong, the person who would possibly be his wife, Draco watched as the Elders talked amongst their-selves as each of the daughters brought for consideration were tested for their magical index and then through the spells which would determine what any child of that couple could produce. Frown on his face he turned slightly and asked in a tone unlike his self, "I understand from Harry...the Lord Black, what your tribe...nation..." wincing as Anna looked at him as he stumbled over the word to use, "they wish to contract you to..." swallowing hard he blurted out, "me, possibly, to gain men with the power of magic." Waving a finger in Harry's direction he asked bluntly, "But I am nowhere near, in anyone’s dream or realm, to the shear Magic Harry has. Why would you consider hand-fasting to me, when there are others more powerful?"

Amused, but not showing so, Anna told him, "Simple really. I was the one that was put in charge of researching the names of the candidates that we were given to us by Lord Black. And while your cousins are magical once more, they did not grow up immersed in magical culture," turning to look at Draco she told him, "But more importantly for what my people are trying to achieve, is the fact that in the past, the Malfoy line was cursed to only produce sons. Most likely in the hopes of destroying the family as the infighting to gain headship of the family turned violent." Seeing his eyes widen she added, "When you add that to the Black line mostly producing men, you were the top choice." Laughter in her eyes as she started to walk away, she told him, "Plus, after meeting you, you are easy on the eyes."


Sitting at his desk on the balcony overlooking the underground city that was the Black Keep, he mused on the day. He had ended up contracting to hand-fast to four of the six young ladies that had been presented that morning. All in all, he thought his family would rise to be a power once more.

Turning his head slightly as movement down below caught his eye, he had to smile as he watched Narcissa, Draco's mother walk arm in arm with one of the young warriors that had been part of the escort of the elders of the Shoshone people. Her stumbling lust filled request to gain permission to bed the young man was both frightening on some level and at the same time totally ridiculous. He had just enough control not to laugh as he told her she did not need permission to date or even have a fling or two. He sobered up quickly as her response was, she planned to get a child out of the man if she had permission had him deep in thought before he gave his permission. He never did care about race or ethnicity, all he needed to know was the child, if conceived would not only gain the black family magical traits, but would be the first to breach the index at one thousand. That was enough for him.

Sirius on the other hand, he sighed as rubbed his tired eyes. Sirius was a teen trapped in a man’s body. The damage of being imprisoned for near 13 years with guards torturing his soul every day. He just knew that he would need to breed him like a farmer breed his prized bull as he was just not mature enough mentally to be trusted to do his duty as requested without orders. He would have to have Andromeda take care of finding the appropriate witch for Sirius to have a child with.

And speaking of Andromeda he thought with a fond smile, the announcement she made that she was expecting another child thrilled him. Nymphadora's reaction was one that had him once again bringing the girl to her knees as he let his magic punish her, Andromeda's, Ted though, he was totally stunned and he would keep an eye on him over the coming weeks to make sure there would be no issue. After all Andromeda shared with him later in private that she was considering one more child after this one, especially and ignoring the spoiled antics of their first born.

And the final though he let circulate in his mind as he cleared the top of his desk, placing all the papers in the drawers, was the pleading missive from the Ministry of Magic. A plea that was nothing more than a letter suing for peace at any cost. They were willing to do anything, concede anything, if only he would stop his war. Standing up he decided he would sleep on it before coming to a decision, after all, he only had two more names on his long list needing his attentions. And neither of those men were part of the Ministry.

All in all, he thought in satisfaction as he pushed his chair in and started for the steps up to the main castle, he was pretty sure his ancestors would be proud of him for once again making sure the world shivered in fright at the thought of a Potter making war.




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