Chapter 01



                      TEEP Chapter 01



Hmm…that kid over there might do he thought, very nice looking too as he pointed the scanner in his direction just as a mob of young teens pushing another in a wheelchair showed up. Glancing down at the screen Aaron went through the different reports being generated and smiled as he noticed the kid was well into puberty and drug and disease free.  Walking closer to the wall he strained to listen to the conversation the teen was having with the others. Smiling when he heard that the teen was a street kid and had propositioned the two around the chair he decided to offer the teen refuge with him in his island nation, or at least it would be a nation once he started to collect and alter the DNA of those who wanted a better life.



Placing the scanner back in the thigh pouch Aaron pulled out a small ear bud communicator and waited to see if the teen would leave with the others, knowing that if he did he would leave briefly to grab his hidden pack that all street kids seemed to have and it had to be hidden around here somewhere he thought as he glanced at the sand looking for the tell tale signs of a buried pack.  Hearing the teen call himself Evan he thought that was a nice name, just maybe he would be open to an invitation to his island, after all he was getting very lonely being the only one around since his future self had faded away with the completion of changing the timeline to something they both hoped would be a better future.



Reaching out with his mind Aaron scanned the surface thoughts of the group and brought his full attention to Evan, he was a survivor that was very clear, not only that he would make a fine companion and a formidable warrior once he became a TEEP as he had a repressed hatred of those that would use young boys as playthings to make money. The others were almost as hard, thought they did not know it yet, he sensed that the one in the wheelchair would end up being the fiercest out of all of them including the guards. Looking a little deeper he realized it was because a few short days ago he had been kidnapped and raped, even though he was not the target because it was a case of mistaken identity, he would be the one to watch out for as he had zero tolerance for abusers and a deep seated need to see justice done by removing those he considered scum permanently. Thinking about it he would also make a good candidate to become a TEEP as he dubbed himself and the future others he would alter to be able to use abilities far outside the normal. He remembered one of his favorite authors giving that nickname to those that had the three T’s. Telepathy, Telekinesis and finally Teleportation, those that were strongest in all three were called Primes, Aaron smiled at the memory of that series of books.



Shaking himself out of his trip down memory lane when he noticed Evan vault over the short wall and run towards one of the boardwalk pillars he walked closer all the while sending out mental waves of trust and reassurance towards the teen. Aaron laughed silently when he saw Evan drop to the ground next to one of the pylons next to the short wall leading to the street and start digging like a terrier after a rabbit. Glancing back he noticed the group Evan was with start to get into a stretch Limo and told Evan “Your friends are getting ready to leave so you might want to hurry up.”



Hearing a voice from behind him Evan froze in fright and after a couple of frightened breaths glanced around and noticed the young guy walking towards him. The beat of his heart slowly started to settle down as for some odd reason he felt no danger from this smiling stranger that was slowly approaching him, pulling his pack closer to his body he instinctively pulled his body around into a lower profile, lessoning the area he could be hit, “I…Mmm…” calming down Evan smiled shyly at the stranger “I have a gig right now maybe later.” After all it was rare for some young dude to seek him out; looking at the tight shorts his eyes bulged ever so slightly at seeing the hint of the nice package barley hidden by the fabric.



Shaking his head as he laughed Aaron held out the communicator ear bud and pointed to the one he wore as he tilted his head sideways, “If it does not work out with your friends my boat is docked at pier thirty three C and we will set sail around noon tomorrow.” Slowly reaching up and flipping the mike down from the ear bud he offered the twin in his hand to Evan “If you need me to rescue you…though I think your new friends will be just what you are looking for, or you need my help use this to contact me anywhere in the world, someone will answer and get in touch with me.”



“After all if it does not work out with your new friends I will be more than happy to offer you a new life off of the streets” Aaron told him as he increased the feelings of trust he was sending towards the teen while extending the communicator towards the tightly balled teen.



Evan slowly reached out and touched the offered device and hesitated before grabbing it and pulling his arm back tight to his body as if he was afraid he would be grabbed. Holding the device he glanced down at his hand and smiled, when they tired of him and put him off the boat at least he had a backup plan to maybe get to a safe place. After all, this dude was very good looking and young to boot. Nodding his head he smiled up in relief when the stranger stepped back and looked over the wall in the direction he had come from.



Aaron glanced over the wall and stared at the group of boys rapidly entering the limo and using his telepathy nudged their playful side thus slowing them down so Evan could have time to catch up with them, “You best hurry as they are almost in the limo and they will leave you behind.”



“Fuck” Evan cursed under his breath as he shot to his feet and started to run towards the wall, after all he had two hundred dollars of their money and he planned to earn every cent of it. As he ran he heard the stranger call out to his retreating back as he threw his pack over the wall “Remember pier thirty three C or use the communicator” waving his hand over his back he screamed out towards the group getting ready to close the door to the limo “WAIT!”



Glancing up at the sky Aaron decided that there was still a couple of hours left before dark and started back down the beach his hand pulling the scanner that outwardly appeared like a palm pilot out of the thigh pocket, after all the independents would disappear with darkness being replaced by those being pimped out, and he was not really interested in dealing with pimps right now. After all he could not guarantee he would not lose it and slaughter the scum thus frightening the very ones he wanted to offer a new life too, thus relieving his loneliness.  Scanning the beach and not seeing anyone he started to walk along the wall so he could keep an eye on the street and quickly became lost in thoughts of the past.



He remembered the day clearly he had just finished reading the news off the internet and had gotten up to head for the shower so he could start his day, shaking his head in disgust Aaron decided it was time to plan for his escape from the country of his birth, he could read between the lines and the new laws being passed all in the name of protecting the children chilled him to the very core of his being. In a few short years once all the laws were in affect it would be open warfare on Gay’s. On the one hand by Gay’s being open and pushing for equal rights and the internet giving them a place to meet and hang out together was a good thing as far as giving Gay’s everywhere a sense of community, but the scary downside was that in this day and age if the climate would ever change to become intolerant it would afford the opposition the ability to quickly round up ninety percent of the gay community. Starting tomorrow he decided that he would start liquidating his holdings and search out a few good friends and move out of the country, most likely somewhere that did not have an extradition treaty with the U.S. letting the hot water cascade down the back of his neck as he ducked under the hot spray so he did not hear the sound of movement in his bedroom, actually the first he knew of someone was in his house was when the shower curtain started to move and reacting quickly he opened the hidden panel near the shower head and grabbed his dagger and spun around ready to disembowel the intruder.



Reacting quickly the future Aaron leapt back as the curtain flew open and his younger self sent the dagger towards his throat, which barely missed, holding up his empty hands he stepped several steps back and called out “Hold on I do not mean you any harm…after all I would not want to harm my past self after all the trouble of sending myself back in time to change the future now would I?”



Aaron froze as he pondered the young man’s words and bringing his arm back so he could strike out again he really looked at the intruder closely, only to see it was a younger version of himself. Still prepared to strike out he decided to at least hear the other out as he went over one more time in his mind the strangers story of time travel, “Go on…explain what you just said.”



Nodding his head the future Aaron slowly opened his hands to show he was not holding anything before saying “I am going to remove my shirt,” shaking his head in silent laughter at his younger selves expression he added “It will help explain my story if I give you solid proof of what I am about to tell you.”


Unbuttoning his shirt and letting it slide down his arms to gather near his feet the future Aaron pushed on a section of his chest releasing a panel that slid up and out of the way exposing the circuitry inside his body, sighing he went on “It all starts about three years from now. You were successful in escaping the religious tyranny that is about to befall this country, and for a while you had a good life. The problem really starts about twenty five years from now, the good old U.S of A.” he sneered in contempt “took over most of the free world and only a few small South American countries were still free, by that time all the gays and bi-sexual’s had been rounded up and they disappeared into what was in the beginning re- education camps…but after it was discovered that there really was a set of genes that determined sexuality they quickly became extermination centers.”



Aaron turned off the water and grabbed the towel off the towel bar started to dry himself one handed all the while holding the dagger with the other as he listened to horror story unfolding in front of him.



“The best and brightest started to flock to your second residence, a hidden fortress community deep in the forests of Paraguay. There those scientist made great leaps in their zeal to find ways to save more of the persecuted. And the weapons and gene alterations they came up with were light years ahead of what anyone else could ever dream of.” The future Aaron explained as he leaned back before sliding up onto the bathroom counter so he was sitting, seeing the dagger still poised to strike he then changed tracks for a moment and recited every single person he had any type of sexual contact with to date and included names ages and addresses, especially expanding the description of the few that he would never tell anyone about even if tortured, once the dagger made its way back to its hiding place and his younger self stepped out of the shower and motioned for him to follow him out into the living room he continued after sitting down across the table form his younger self “most of the people that moved to your hidden retreats availed themselves of the startling new gene therapies developed there. By altering DNA we discovered how to use the three T’s and we called ourselves TEEP’S for the abilities we harnessed.”



Leaning forward intrigued now Aaron whispered in awe “You mean teleportation, telepathy and telekinesis?”



Smiling and nodding his agreement the future Aaron continued “That and more, we also discovered a way to slow down the ravages of time on a person’s body…extending our lifespan by ten times.” Tears started to silently trail down his cheeks “of course at the time we thought of it as great way to fight for freedom with the hope of eventually changing the world back to its former mostly sane self.” Shaking his head to purge the memories threatening to engulf his mind he captured his past self with his eyes. “In the end all it did was make us a bigger target.”



Waving his hand around in a wide arc “Oh there for a hundred years or so we made great strides, pushing back the religious zealots and even freeing several countries,” smiling at the memory. “We even made the leap to move our refuge to Mars, so we were out of reach of the madness down below on the earth, by that time ninety percent of the population was living at the level of medieval serfs. By then I had been injured several times to the point that parts needed to be replaced, making me a cyborg and since I led the resistance I was the king of our new society…reluctantly at first mind you.” Leaning forward future Aaron smirked “I had no problem being the leader but calling me highness and majesty irked me to no end…which only increased the frequency of those titles being bestowed upon me.” He laughed as he sank back into the seat cushions.



Seeing the slight nod and hearing the laughter from his younger self directed his way he became serious once more “I and a few others came up with this brilliant plan to travel back in the past and try to stop the future from happening and nudge it in a different direction.” Looking out the window towards the woods words almost a whisper, “my three closest friends and advisors would be young teens right now…rich young teens and their fathers very powerful in their own right. Without their support we would not have lasted so long or made the strides we did.” Shaking his head and gazing at his younger self once more “I am not about to tell you who they are as I hope in the future you do hook up but now is not the time to get lost in memories. I hope you meet up with them in the future and become as close as we did in my time but I need to get you to the island we created and tell you as much as what we planned before I fade away, if the change is successful…we found out technology and computer records would stay if the timeline was altered but people would not.”



Putting his shirt on and slowly buttoning it up future Aaron locked eyes with his younger self “I hope what I set in motion has a significant effect on the timeline…I guess we will know for sure in seventy two hours when all those responsible for the pain and suffering die in terrible accidents.” Standing, future Aaron motioned for his younger self to do the same “you might want to get some clothes on,” pointing to his cyborg body “I do not have enough original parts left to be able to be a TEEP any longer and we will have to make our way to the lake and our ship the normal way…which means you will have to drive us there.” He laughed as his younger self flipped him the bird before laughing.



Watching him get dressed, future Aaron smiled at the thought of what he planned to do for his younger self, “I will let you choose the new body modifications while we are on board and traveling to the island so you have a look you like, after that we will get started on turning back your body clock to nineteen once more and then all the alterations to your DNA making a one hell of a powerful TEEP and a power to be reckoned with.” Throwing a pair of hiking boots to his younger self he smirked “After all I spent the last seventy years setting up the most advanced technological base on the island and it is about time it’s christened.”



“Hey mister…are you looking for some fun.” The voice of a young dirty blond brought him back to the here and now.



Aaron pulled from his memories looked around and spotted the dirty blond sitting on the wall eyeing him up. Smiling he walked over taking a glance down at his scanner every couple of steps to check the reports. “Hi there handsome, I guess I am.” Eyeing the teen up as he swung both legs over the wall and leaned back slightly giving him an eyeful to his tight shorts and his crotch Aaron gazed for a few moments longer than necessary before looking up and smiling. “How about we sit down over by the ocean and talk about possibilities,” pointing to the empty section of the beach just down from them.



Nodding his head Tim jumped down with a smile and started to walk to the area pointed out “My names Tim, what’s yours?” liking what he was seeing so far of the young man in the oh so tight shorts and clingy t-shirt, he liked it even better when he offered to negotiate out in public leaving him a way to escape if things went bad. Tricks like him were so rare as to be myths, and he was very hot looking to boot unlike the old fat slobs that usually hit on him.



Sitting down and letting his bare feet dig in the wet sand as the tide went in and out Aaron glanced sideways with a smile when Tim sat down just out of reach to his left, his whole body tensed as if he was ready to bolt at a moment’s notice. Turning his upper body sideways he grinned, “Relax Tim I give you my word I will not do anything to you or try to restrain you unless you ask me too.” Adding the last bit incase Tim was one of those that liked to role play, while using his gifts to reassure him mentally that he was safe.



Relaxing just a little Tim looked over at the man and revised his estimate of his age downward by ten years or so, shit he thought he must be eighteen or nineteen tops. “Wow…your hot,” Tim blushed after saying that a little too loud.



Laughing Aaron sat back his arms propping him up as they extended behind him, “Your hot yourself,” he glanced over to the now plump crotch of the teen before glancing down to his own lap and the screen of the scanner propped up near his own crotch. Frowning when he noticed the listing of partially healed breaks in several bones he sat back up picking up the scanner and looked a little closer to the report, seems the life of a street kid was a little more dangerous than he thought, which might explain why Tim was ready to bolt at a moment’s notice.



Scooting a little closer so he could see what was causing his hotness to frown he was a little surprised to see a skeleton on the screen with parts of it flashing in yellow. Shrugging his shoulders he leaned back so his crotch was prominent and turned slightly “if you want to blow me it will cost you twenty and for another ten I will blow you too and for fifty I have a condom you can use on me.”



Aaron was shocked and looked up in surprise as he glanced toward Tim he was being a lot more forward than he would ever be. But then again if he was out on the streets and needed to eat and support himself he would be very hungry and would quickly become bold if he gave himself a truthful answer to the same situation. Letting his face show he was interested he slowly scanned up and down the thin body letting his gaze rest briefly on the growing bulge between Tim’s legs before clearing his throat, “I like what I see…very much so.” He whispered the last as Tim lifted his shirt so the head of his cock peeked out past his waistband.



Sending his senses towards the others mind Aaron glanced at the surface thoughts as he started to talk, “I am tired of waking up alone every morning, and while I know that it is too much to expect to find someone that would be willing to just up and move away to a tropical island with me…” he trailed off as his own erection needed to be adjusted so it was not pointed down and bent at a painful angle, “I guess what I am saying is that I am looking for several teens like me that would like a new life, one where they always have a roof over their head and the chance to make their dream come true.”



Now it was Tim’s turn to frown “Are you trying to bullshit me or something.” Thinking about it he wondered aloud, “oh I get it you are looking for a long term live in butt boy…but what happens to me when you get tired of me?”



Feeling the underlying hope in Tim’s mind Aaron turned so he was facing the teen “what I am looking for today is three or four good looking teens that are drug and disease free…which my scanner shows that you are by the way,” he showed Tim the scanner and scrolled to the section that had the report listed, “what I am proposing is that I open my island up to those that want to change their life…or the direction they are heading in at any rate. By making sure everyone that eventually makes it to the island is drug and disease free there should not be a worry about who you have sex with, I have more money than I could spend in a thousand lifetimes and can afford to create my own utopia…a gay utopia where we rule supreme.” Smiling as he looked at the incoming tide crashing along the shore in gentle waves, “Everyone that joins me in my island refuge will be given every opportunity to become what they always dreamed of being…and I hope that I won’t be as lonely and every once in a while I might even wake up with someone at my side come morning.”



Tim just stared in awe at the young hottie as he went over the offer in his mind, this sounded like a permanent gig, the real question was could he trust him to follow through or would he be like some of the others he had met on the street that just wanted to use him, before he could ask any other questions he noticed the hottie close the scanner and place it in his side pocket and reach up to the thing hanging off his ear and extend down a thin tube towards his mouth.



Feeling a slight buzzing coming from his communicator Aaron reached up and extended the microphone down “Excuse me a moment Tim.” Tapping the side of the communicator lightly “This is Aaron…”



Aaron boy that names sure sounds hot Tim thought to himself as he listened to the one sided conversation, he could barely make out another voice though he could not hear what was being said, that was some fancy cell phone and really small too, adding it to the scanner thingie he saw he decided Aaron was on the up and up, after all it was not like he could continue to evade the gangs much longer or the pimps for that matter.



“That sounds like it will work, I will meet you at the slip in a couple of hours, just after night fall, the cargo is already at the warehouse and ready to be loaded as soon as you tie up.” Aaron was very aware of the thoughts running through Tim’s mind and smiled as he disconnected. “Sorry about that, that was my ship wanting to let me know they are approaching Port Everglades and would be docking shortly…want to go aboard and check him out and maybe join me for supper, no pressure, if you do not want to leave when we set sail tomorrow you can just walk off and the most you are out is a little bit of time. And if we are lucky we might find a few more guys that want to go along.”



“If they are as tired of sleeping on the beach as I am they will.” Tim mumbled a little louder than he thought as he stood up and extended his hand to help his hotness up “Tim…Timothy Buckner, and maybe I might be interested in giving this a shot…at least if you promise I can leave this island at any time I want if things don’t work out.”



Reaching out and grabbing the offered hand as he stood up, “Aaron…Aaron Stranton, and you have my word that if after getting answers to your questions and you decide not to take up my offer you will be on the next vessel off the island and returned back here to Florida, or elsewhere if that is what you want.” Caressing Tim’s wrist as he shook his hand he smiled at the blush and glanced down to see Tim’s cock start to rise once more…oh yes he would defiantly enjoy tasting that he thought.



Tim pulled Aaron’s arm as he started back towards the wall he was sitting on “Come on I need to unbury my backpack so we can go.” Looking towards the sky and the setting sun “We might be able to meet up with Pete and Kevin, I think they will be interested in joining us on a cruise.” He smiled, plus he thought to himself it had been way to long since they three of them got together to have some fun.



“What is it with burying your stuff in the sand; you’re the second one I met tonight that does that?” Aaron asked bemused as he watched Tim move the trash can to the side and start to dig out his backpack.



“My stuff won’t be stolen this way…” shaking the sand off his pack before tossing it onto his shoulder Tim twisted and got a funny expression on his face “Second person? Who else did you talk with…I can’t believe someone would turn down this type of a gig.”


Laughing as he jumped to the top of the wall next to Tim “Some guy named Evan, it seems he had a better offer, though I did give him a way to contact me if things don’t work out for him.” Aaron smiled as he felt an arm snake around his waist in a lopsided hug, which of course he returned enthusiastically.



“About this high” Tim held up his arm to indicate about five feet off the ground “with very dirty blond hair and a killer smile?” as he started to walk down the street towards where his friends liked to hide when it got dark.



Nodding his head even though he could not be seen, then out loud, “Sounds like him, I think his new friends are going to give him a chance to change his life if I read the situation right.” Aaron shrugged before glancing around noticing for the first time how down trodden the area was, several buildings were boarded up and most of the buildings had bars secured to the brick to keep people out. Reaching up slowly he extended the mic just in case he needed to call his car for a hasty retreat.



Looking back over his shoulder he noticed Aaron reach up and extend his phone and smiled “It’s not far too where my friends and I hang after dark, safety in numbers and it makes it easier to post lookouts so we are not caught.” Tim left the rest blank as his face saddened at the thought of what they had to do to survive.



Hearing the dark thoughts run through Tim’s mind Aaron quickened his pace and reached out and pulled him back into his body embracing him briefly and whispering in his ear before letting him go “After tonight this is your past, your future is whatever you want it to be.”



Melting into the embrace that felt so warm and inviting Tim let himself hope for a better future for the first time in a long while before being abruptly shaken out of the embrace by the sounds of fists hitting flesh coming from the alley they were headed for, along with the screams of pain from his friend “SHIT…Pete is in there” he whispered in horror before running to help his friends.



Tapping the side of his communicator as he started to run after Tim “Converge on my position NOW” Aaron ordered as he entered the alley and his blood boiled at seeing several Hispanic looking thugs holding a blond teen while the third smacked the black haired youth. Knowing that the three thugs were not going to leave the alley alive and a quick glance confirming no one else around Aaron teleported in front of the Black haired youth and caught the descending arm before it struck the teen and twisted it out of the way as he reached up with both hands and using a slight bit of the telekinesis broke the thugs neck. Pushing the dead thug to the side so he had an unobstructed view he raised both hands in a throwing gesture causing the two to let go of their captive and fly into the brick wall with a heavy thud. Ignoring the stunned looks from the youths Aaron quickly reached out with his power and stopped the thugs hearts with a brief thought and a nudge of his telekinesis. Hearing the screeching of tires he turned around to see several hummers blocking the alley as his security team arrived before turning back to the frightened teens “It’s safe now guys” pulling his scanner out of his pocket he quickly ran it up and down the black haired teen who was flinching in fear as he gazed over his shoulder. Glancing back behind him to see what the teen was staring at he smiled “there with me…relax your safe now.”



Tim pulled Kevin in close, holding on to him as he sobbed into his shoulder while Aaron scanned Peter with his strange devices all the while reassuring him while holding onto Kevin, relieved that his friends were ok. Glancing down at the bodies on the ground “SHIT…that’s Chico, he’s the chief enforcer for the Rico’s, he’s been trying to get us to mule for him and put out on the side for almost a year now.”



“Scratch three drug dealers” the lead security guard flippantly stated the obvious as he directed his men to tidy up the area, “Make it look like a rival gang took these three out.” Looking at the three teens standing there shocked and shaken before glancing to his boss, “What do you want done with these three boss?”



Assured that most of the teens problems were just deep tissue bruising, Aaron glared at the hired guard for his words, after all they were not his people they were just temporary loans from Vegas, he promised himself he would take care of that real quick by buying out a reliable firm soon. “These three are my guests…Tim gather your friends belongings, we are so out of here.” He finished with a smile at the dark haired teen and was pleased with a pained smile returned in his direction.



“Come one Kevin, help me get Pete’s stuff…don’t worry about his hotness, he is an okay guy that is going to treat us right.” Tim smiled as his words relaxed both teens and he moved off to the dumpsters and reached behind them for the hidden packs, handing them out to Kevin one at a time.



Aaron watched Tim in amusement, “You must be Pete then…” extending his hand to the shaky teen he smiled as he sent out waves of trust towards the other. “My name is Aaron…as you heard,” he giggled. “Let’s get the three of you to the Alteran Prince and get you cleaned up.” He let his eyes travel up and down the bruised body, lingering a few moments on the lads crotch.



Catching himself on Aaron’s arm as he tried to take a step towards the front of the alley and the waiting cars, Pete winced in pain as his muscles protested and he almost fell. Taking a few deep breaths to try to work through the pain he welcomed the arm going around his waist in support, smiling shyly, “Thanks.”



Nodding his head Aaron yelled over his shoulder, before tapping his headset, “Let’s go guys.” Pete listening to the conversation, or at least as much as he could in awe trying to figure out who this powerful hot dude was, “What’s your location…” listening to the answer and nodding his head  as he moved around the hummers, “Make port and tie up now…” waiting for the confirmation he opened the door and held Pete to his side and motioned the other two to get into the armored vehicle, “plans changed and I don’t care if the Prince is seen…it will be dark soon anyways. I will be at the docks in thirty minutes.” Flipping the mic up Aaron helped steady Pete so he could get into the vehicle slowly without jarring his injuries. Once he was in he moved to the door and stood half in and half out with the door close to his body as he glared at the guards, “We are going directly to the docks.” Pointing to the red Hummer, “that one leads the way while the other brings up the rear…move it people.”



Closing the door behind him he once more extended the mic and tapped the side after making sure the partition was up, “Make sure the guards that were assigned to follow me have their memories altered before they leave the docks.” Thinking about it further as he smiled at the shocked looks on his guest’s faces, “before I forget there are a total of five of them, two in the red hummer and three in the gray one, I'll handle the driver of the one I'm in.”



“Holy Shit…who are you, are you some type of super spy or something? Are you going to alter our memories too?” Kevin asked in fright as he leaned back in the seat against Tim frantically looking towards the door and seeing that they were moving he pulled in on himself to make a smaller target.



Shaking his head as he remembered that they did not have the most trusting of lives living on the street Aaron gently and calmly tried to reassure all three of them “No your memories are NOT going to be altered, after all my secrets are safe with the three of you.” Leaning back in the seat and closing his eyes he sent out reassurances as strong as he could as he tasted the thoughts of the three teens in the vehicle with him. “The head of the goon squad was just a little to flippant to be trusted, and when you add in that they are hired temps from out of town…well I am not taking any chances of anyone trying to question us on those scumbags timely deaths.”



Pete giggled at the choice of words and relaxed back into the seat while Tim started to tell them all about the offer Aaron made to him and by association them also. While Tim was doing this Aaron was monitoring the thoughts of the driver and the five guards, so far nothing was out of the ordinary until he listened in on the squad leader’s thoughts. Stiffening ever so slightly he delved deeper after hearing the man’s silent musing of the report to his superiors in the DEA he would be making after his shift was over. It seems that he was a deep undercover agent investigating whether or not the security company he infiltrated provided coverage for drug dealers.



Sending a quick thought to Chris as he smiled at something the boys were laughing about he created a small delayed aneurysm to take out the DEA agent before answering the question Kevin had asked him, “The Alteran Prince is one of my mid size pleasure ships.”



Confused, Kevin leaned over Tim’s lap looking out the window “But we passed the drive leading to the Marina?” he moved back and looked out the back window, watching the road being left behind as they approached the commercial docks. Turning back he looked at Aaron wondering where the hell they were going.



“The Alteran Prince is too long to berth at the Marina and it is too wide to berth at the cruise ship terminal so that is why we are going to the commercial section where the container ships dock, actually we will be going out to the furthest dock where the water is the deepest as the forty four feet near shore is to shallow.” Aaron explained to the inquisitive blond, as he pointed towards the road they had entered and the farthest warehouse along the end of the dock, “The supplies we are going to take on are in warehouse thirty three C.”



Bouncing around in his seat to get a better view Kevin finally settled down a few minutes later as they pulled up to the warehouse and slowly drove through the open door towards the empty dock, disappointed he flopped back in his seat, “I thought we were meeting your ship?” it came out as almost a whine.



Nodding his head Aaron laughed at Kevin’s expression before reaching into his left thigh pocket and pulling out three sets of what looked like sunglasses. Handing them out he placed his finger over his mouth in the universal sign for quiet and whispered, “More of my high tech gadgets. After the goons leave and it gets dark the waiting cargo will be loaded without having to drop the shield and expose the ship to spying eyes.”



Pointing out to the channel Aaron whispered “There he is now, right on time too, which is a good thing as it is time to bail out of this monstrosity.” He finished as he opened the door and stepped out of the armored vehicle, reaching back in so Pete could use his arm to pull himself out as slow as he needed to without hurting himself.



After putting on the glasses Kevin’s mouth opened in shock and little moans of “Oh” could be heard several times as he frantically tried to find the door handle without taking his eyes off the approaching super catamaran. Mindful of the warning to be quiet so to keep the secret of the approaching ship to themselves Tim smiled at Kevin and slipped the glasses down to the end of his nose and looked over them and was astonished to see the ship disappear, placing them back up on the bridge of his nose he smiled in satisfaction when the Alteran Prince swam into focus once more. Catching a glimpse of several of the goons who were giving Kevin strange looks as he danced around the end of the dock Tim called out causing them to break into smiles, “He gets a serious hard on every time he spots one of these big mothers,” he pointed to the cargo ship the next dock over to keep up pretenses.



Aaron smile at Tim’s quick thinking turned to a frown as he caught the stray thought from the goons leader at his distaste of homosexuals, “Come on guys lets go into the office to wait for the Prince to come into port…KEVIN, you can use the bathroom instead of bouncing around trying to hold it in.” The three of them broke out in laughter as the excited blond shot them the middle digits with both hands and sullenly walked over to the group as they walked towards the open door. Leading the way with Pete using his arm for support Aaron motioned for Tim to take over as they walked through the door, closing the door just in time before any of the guards had a chance to follow them inside. Moving over to the desk he activated the cameras and watched the lead guard move off to the side peeking around the different crates almost as if he was memorizing the labels for further study once he left.



Slowly lowering himself into the chair Pete looked at the monitor while Kevin plastered himself to the window and Tim was peeking through the office door blinds, frowning he watched the one guy looking around the warehouse moving some of the boxes around as he looked through them, “Ya know, he sure is being nosy.” He got Aaron's attention by pointing to the corner of the large monitor where the lead guard was prying the lid off of a crate.



Placing the bottle of Advil he had retrieved from the bathroom on the desk in front of Pete along with a glass of water, Aaron frowned as he looked up to where Pete was pointing at the lower corner of the monitor, before he had a chance to start cursing he was interrupted by the bouncing and enthusiastic cries from Kevin, “SON OF A BITCH LOOK AT THAT MOTHER PULLING IN.”



Glancing out of the window briefly Aaron smiled for a moment at the enthusiasm from the young blond before turning back to the monitor and sending a thought to Chris aboard the Prince “Chris I need you over here now, one of these fuckers is a FED and he is opening crates to find out what is inside.”



As soon as the Prince stopped moving its captain set the computer at station keeping and ported himself to the office where Aaron was. Surprising the three boys when he appeared from nowhere who jumped and looked at him wide eyed as he made his way to the door where Aaron was peering out through the blinds, “How do you want to do this your Majesty?”



Sending his mind out past the door Aaron used his gifts to touch the arteries of the men standing near the door causing them to slump  to the floor unconscious, opening the door and stepping out he pointed to the two men,  “These two are yours, modify their memories so that they remember that they never left the warehouse and make them think they were relieved by the next shift, before putting them in their car, we will wake them up as they are leaving. I will take care of the NARC myself…he is about to come down, sadly, with a fatal condition which will unfortunately take hold when he meets with his contact tonight.”



The three boys looked at each in shock at the sudden appearance of the person in the office with them, Pete held up the glass of water and looked at it before putting his nose to the rim and sniffing it, nope not a hint of booze he thought. Sliding his chair back slightly making room for his friends he motioned them over so they could watch what was happening out in the warehouse on the monitors.



Chris knelt down and placing a hand along the unconscious guards face he closed his eyes and concentrated on following the memories back to earlier this afternoon before they followed Aaron out of the warehouse erasing the memories as he went. After a few minutes he was sure that he had gotten them all he slowly moved forward creating a new set of memories to replace the ones he had erased. So there would not be any blank spots in the man’s memories when he talked about this assignment later on over a beer like most loose lipped hired goons. After a good fifteen minutes he moved over to the other guard and started all over again.



“Holy Shit…look at the new guy, he's doing some type of Vulcan mind meld or something to those dudes,” Tim exclaimed as he pointed towards the open door. Pete looked around the corner of the desk and giggled as he tried looking for pointed ears on the new person.



After stepping through the door Aaron ported to just behind the undercover FED and reached out with his mind and froze him in place. Mind like a battering ram he pushed past the soundless screams in the man’s mind from the pain he was causing and severed pathways leading to some of the more damaging memories from this afternoon. Unlike what Chris was doing, all he did was severe connections and implant triggers that would cause the man’s blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels when certain questions were asked. Finished with the sloppy job he had done, the last thing he did before knocking the walking dead man out was to weaken the cerebral artery by thinning the vessel walls to the point it was ready to have a major blow out, one that would be sure to kill the man instantly. Finished he grabbed onto the unconscious man and ported over to the gray hummer and placed him in the passenger seat, looking around he noticed Chris had already loaded the two guards he had knocked out outside the door in the red hummer and he was working on one of the last two that needed to have their minds altered.



Walking outside the warehouse Aaron motioned the last guard inside and just as he walked inside he quickly knocked him out with a mental thrust, but unlike what he had done with the Fed he took his time and was as gentle as he could be as he slowly traced back along the memory synapses erasing and replacing the afternoon with a new set of memories. “This would be so much easier if I had trusted people on staff instead of hired goons,” he commented to Chris as he used a little bit if Kinesis to float the guard over to the driver’s side of the gray hummer.



“Yes, well, I will try to find an outfit you can buy out once we move operations to the west coast,” standing up and closing the door to the back seat he moved out of the way of the slow moving vehicles as they rolled out of the warehouse before starting and he smiled when he saw the drivers jump slightly as they woke up and the hummers leave under their own power. “By the way, when are we moving operations to the west coast? I have a couple of possibilities for docks that can be rented near enough to smaller warehouses where our goods can be held until we come after them.”



Shaking his head in a negative before spotting some vapor trailing along the ground from the section that he had placed the nitrogen storage tanks in this morning Aaron started to walk away and waved Chris off when he started to follow, “Go back to the boys and get to know them. I will take care of the leak…” as he got to the edge of the section of crates he called back “Forgot about renting dock space, concentrate on buying a section of the commercial marina that we can secure and use as a base of operation here in the states.” Walking around the corner he cursed loudly at seeing the lid to the embryo storage was on the floor instead of screwed down tightly. Picking the lid up he waved his hand over top of the tank to clear the vapor before screwing the lid down tight. It looked like that asshole cost him about thirty embryo’s as the nitrogen returned to a gaseous form with the lid off, he would have to wait until they got underway to the island before he would be able to find out which species had been destroyed.



Walking back into the office Chris looked around to the three awed expressions that met his gaze and flinched at the string of cursing that reached their ears as Aaron started to describe the poor linage of the FED, with extreme vivid language to describe his personality. “Hey guys I’m Chris the Captain of the Alteran Prince,” he waved as he walked in and closed the door behind him slightly and sat down on the couch across from the window. Shifting slightly in the cushions he squirmed as the three stared at him as if trying to decide if he was safe to eat or something, “What?”



Pete the brave one looked at Tim who just looked back blankly before turning and asking what was on all their minds, “Are you guys even human…I mean you did the Vulcan mind meld thing to those dudes,” he leaned over the arm of the chair to get a better look at the side of the captains head, “I don’t see any pointed ears though…” he trailed of, Kevin and Tim just looked at their friend in horror for a brief moment before they turned to face the now laughing Captain eager to hear the answer also.



Finally controlling his laughter Chris took a couple of deep breaths as he wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, “You have some imagination kid, I have to hand it to you.” Snorting he settled down and looked into the eager faces. “Before I start on the explanations do all three of you know what DNA is?”



“They're the building blocks that determine things like eye color and such in a person.” Tim offered while the others nodded in agreement, eager to hear this secret, as it must be good considering the start of the explanation started out like most science fiction shows.



Nodding, Chris jumped in, “Right then, what you need to know is that I started my life just like the three of you, a normal everyday unaltered human,” pausing as the three seemed to immediately focus on the word unaltered.



“So you have had your DNA altered…so does that make you like some type of super soldier or something?” Pete asked while Kevin broke in, “what I want to know is what other tricks you can do?”



“I’ll get to that near the end, so let me start at the beginning.” Chris told him before looking out the window as he ordered his thoughts. “About a month ago I along with my lover answered an ad recruiting those with active military backgrounds that the military no longer deemed fit for duty, the two of us were the only ones that answered the ad that have been hired so far, we were being retired from the U.S. military because of being gay.”



“I had just been discharged from the navy and my lover, Joe, would have been too if they had a replacement for him in radiological control as his sub was scheduled to leave the following morning, he had already been chewed out by the fleet commander, but his captain went to bat for him citing the fact there was no replacement available for Joe before they shoved off." Smiling at the e-mail he had gotten the other day informing him that his lover would be back in his arms in a week’s time as they found a replacement and he would be taking over shortly, “So I hired on knowing next to nothing about the position except that I would be captaining the most advanced submersible in the world.”



Kevin pointed out the window towards the dock and the Alteran Prince, “That is not a submarine though.”



Grinning like the cat who ate the proverbial canary Chris leaned forwards and whispered, “Oh yes it is.” Before leaning back in the couch grinning as Kevin did a double take and flew to the window to examine the huge catamaran once more before the story starting up once more brought him back to the desk with a quizzical expression on his face.



“One of the first things we learned is that our new employer was telepathic, among other things, and he had been digging around in our heads to see if we were the type of people he was looking for.” Stopping at seeing the fear filled expressions cross the three faces he quickly added, “just the surface thoughts, nothing deeper as he told us he was not about to dig up our life history just to satisfy his curiosity, he was mainly looking for the ability to be open minded and be loyal.”



“Anyway after assuring us that he did not pry into our minds too deeply, Aaron explained an option he would be giving to all new residents of his island nation…that being, altering our DNA so that we would be able to access some wonderful gifts and some of the other benefits were pretty fantastic.” Chris was grinning now thinking about the extended life span and youthful appearances he and his partner would enjoy for a long time to come.



“So what neat powers did you get, we saw you do the mind meld thing already so what else is there?” Pete was excited being the science fiction nut of the group.



Laughing Chris was really starting to like these boys, so full of questions and excitement, “I got all three of the T’s, I think everyone would get them, just in different strengths.” He shrugged his shoulder as if it did not really matter to him all that much, which in fact it didn’t “Telepathy…Teleportation and Telekinesis. Or pathing, porting and kinesis as we refer to the skills, class one being the strongest and class six the weakest when we bother to compare notes.”



“So what class's are you and what do they mean…Oh yes where do I sign up, I mean how many times do I have to let myself be fucked before I earn…” Pete trailed off face losing all color when the door opened and Aaron walked in and closed the door firmly behind him, locking it from the inside.



“That would be me,” Aaron told them and wanted to laugh at the quizzical stares, “you know the person you need to be asking to join those altered so they can use their gifts.” Seeing their looks of understanding he held up his hand to stop the questions forming, “be very sure about this guys, as once this starts there is no going back…once your DNA has been altered, you are one of us forever. Right now you can decide this life is not something you want and the most that will happen is you forget this ever happened and get a memory of having a wonderful night in bed and get dropped off a couple hundred dollars richer.” Sitting down on the other end of the couch from Chris he added in, “oh there is no paying for this by fucking or being fucked by me, you come to my bed because YOU want too…not to pay me back for anything.”



Closing his eyes he missed the rolling of eyes amongst the three teens as he softly thought out loud, “It’s past time to start actively recruiting, there must be thousands of young gay’s out there in bad situations that would jump at a chance to join us, beside the abilities they would gain from being altered there is the little bonus that our DNA is enough out of alignment with humans that we are immune to almost every disease out there. But most importantly we ARE immune to all the sexual ones out there including HIV. What I am offering is a different way of life, a different set of rules to live by and most importantly…” he opened his eyes and pierced the three with his gaze, “a new society that values a person’s ability, not who they take to bed, and this new society has no patience for bigots and assholes that will use us for their own advantage or world view. ALTERANS BOW DOWN TO NO HETEROSEXUAL!” As his voice rose Aaron stood up and moved to the window to gaze upon the Alteran Prince, “Tonight I want you to think past the obvious things like the powers you would get from being altered. Tonight we will go onboard the Prince and have something to eat then you can get cleaned up and maybe some fooling around in bed if that is what you want, and then tomorrow if you want a new life let me know then.”



Chris stood up and straightening his black dress uniform bowed his head slightly, “By your leave your Majesty, I need to get the remotes started loading the cargo and securing it if we are to be ready to sail in the morning.” Waiting for the nod of head telling him it was okay, he ported back to the bridge of the Prince after seeing Aaron turn his head to look at him and nod in agreement.



“Whoa…what a wicked way to travel,” Pete whispered feeling much better now that the Advil had kicked in, at least he was not as sore as he was before as he got to his feet, though he knew he would feel it in the morning and wondered if he would heal faster when his DNA was altered or if he would feel worse until it was over. His decision had already been made, he was joining as he had nothing else and knew without a doubt he had been lucky so far and would not survive much longer on the streets.



Plastering a smile on his face so he would seem more reassuring to his three guests Aaron laughed as he walked towards the door, “Come on guys let’s get out of here and get something to eat.” He opened the door and walked out into the warehouse heading for the dock.



Tim and the others quickly caught up with him and stopped as Aaron stepped out of the way of a long line of rapidly moving forklift type things racing across the ramp from the Prince, waiting until the fourth such lift cleared the ramp Aaron stepped forward and waved his arm towards the ramp “Welcome…Welcome to the Alteran Prince.” Motioning the others onto the ramp he brought up the rear and did his best to keep the gawkers moving so the lifts would not run them over on their return trip, herding them to the side Aaron took the lead and made for the central spur and the hatch to the circular observation lounge, placing his hand on the glowing panel next to the door he waited until it flashed before dropping his hand, at that point gears could be heard over the hissing noise of the seal being broken as the door slid to one side allowing access. Glancing up at the empty helicopter landing pad he smiled before nudging the boys through the door, “hurry up or Chris will eat all the good stuff.”